This is a story that I must share with you. And this story is true. None of this is made up. This experience is something that will probably shock a lot of you out there. I guess this was one of the coolest things that ever happened to me. So read on. This is a very good story. A classic that's happened in my life. Some of you probably won't believe me, but this is totally true. All of this is true!...

Hi, my name is Cory. And I live in Dayton, Ohio. I have friends that live up in the northern part of Ohio, such as Bowling Green and Toledo. That is because I used to be from that area. Well, last summer, when I was up in Toledo visiting some of my old buddies (Mark, Ryan, Ashley, and Megan), I ended up getting the surprise of my life. One day, we were just chilling and hanging out with one of Megan's friends who I didn't know. Little did I know that Megan's friend Andrea, was practically best friends with Katie(a celebrity in her early 20's, best known as the girl who plays ???????? on ???????? ??????). We were all sitting over at Megan's house, and Andrea told us and Megan that her friend Katie was coming over. Well, we didn't think anything of it, and neither did I. Nevertheless, Mark and Ryan ended up leaving, as they wanted to go watch a game. They wanted me to come, and I told them that I wanted to come too (I had no idea that this Katie girl was goi! ng to be Katie ??????). So I told them that "yeah, I'll go". But then Megan and Ashley were like "no, don't go. we hardly get to see you, since you live in Dayton now". And then Megan asked Andrea "do you mind if Cory stays here and hangs with us. We hardly get to see him". Andrea then said something like "uh Meg, it's your house. Like duh. I don't mind. Besides, Cory ain't all that bad.". And then she smiled at me. I was stuck between a rock and a hardplace now. But I did tell myself that I had seen Mark and Ryan more during the weekend, so I figured it would only be fair to stay with Ashley and Megan, and Megan's friend Andrea. Hehehe, it ended up being a good choice.

So I told Mark and Ryan to go on, that it would only be fair to spend some more time with Ash and Meg. And they were like "okay, that's cool. we'll catch you tonight or sometime tomorrow". I was like, cooooool, we'll do that. They ended up leaving, and Megan ended up going into the bathroom (to pee I think). Ashley ended up going into the other room to get something to drink or something, and I was alone with Andrea for a minute or two. This is when Andrea told me that I may be surprised when her friend comes over. I was like... "why?". She then asked me "have you ever heard of katie ????????". I was like "yeah, so what. She's cute I guess" (which she is of course!!!). Andrea then told me that Katie ?????? was one of her best and newest friends, and that was who was coming over. I was like, HOLY SHOOOOT!!!, if you know what I mean.

Well, time passed by, and Andrea was wondering if Katie had got lost. Katie had never been over to Megan's house before, but had met her once (according to Megan who I had asked this once she came back into the room). Ashley had never met her though. Andrea said "oh well, I guess she isn't going to show up. Either that or she is lost and didn't listen to my directions that I gave her very carefully". She then told Megan "your house is so easy to find. I wonder how she could be lost". Well, it was at this very point about, when the doorbell rang. WOW, I was so excited! ----- And then it happened! Andrea answered the door, and in came Katie ??????. WOWWWWWW, did she look like a babe or what! Geez, she looked cuter than she does on tv. Andrea then introduced her to Ashley and myself, and then asked katie if she remembered Megan. Katie said yeah, of course. When she introduced her to me, I stuck out my hand and said "pleasure to meet you katie, you're quite a talented actress". She shook my hand and smiled, and semi-blushed actually and said "oh thank you. i'm alright I guess. It's fun though. But nice to meet you too Cory" Or something like that.

Well, we all ended up sitting down somehow in the living room. We all had a can of pop too (even Katie). It was Megan, Andrea, Katie, myself (sitting next to Katie, WOOO HOOO!), and then Ashley in that order if I remember correctly. But I was definitely sitting next to Katie, hehehe.

Anyways, time passed by. And we had been talking for about 30 minutes or so. I went off to the other room to get something to drink, and Andrea and Megan decided to go back in the back yard and shoot hoops (Megan was like all state in high school by the way), and they asked Katie and Ashley to join them. Ashley went, and Katie said that she'll be out after she uses the bathoom. She then asked Megan where the bathroom was, and Megan pointed it out to her, and Katie was like "yeah, I could of figured that out. I'm such an idiot". Anyways, I was in the other room in the kitchen getting something to drink when they were asking Katie to join them and she said she had to go to the bathroom. I could overhear it all. Then, Megan came in to the kitchen and told me to come out and shoot with them, and I was like "yeah, I'll be out soon. I'm going to finish this drink in here and then pee" Meg was like "cool, we'll see you out in a few minutes". Well, they went out, and it was at this time that I heard Katie close the bathroom door. The (downstairs) bathroom was kind of hidden actually, it was back in the hallway ... way down the hall and to the left. So I knew I could walk down there, and nobody would be able to see me from the backyard, or even inside, unless if they walked down the hallway. Well, I hurried up and got to the bathroom door (about 5 seconds after I had heard Katie close the door). She closed it all the way and shut it of course, but I could hear it all. I heard her unzip her pants and I heard the sound of her pants and then what sounded like panties drop. I then got on the floor and looked under the door. OH MY GOD! I could see her panties. White too! I could actually see the bottom half of her almost, and could see that it looked like she was leaning over. I then started to hear the sound of peeing, and she just let it flow. It was really REALLLY loud! Then I heard the sound stop and it was silent for about a second, and then I heard a fart. It was a short tight hizzing type of fart. WOW, this was so exciting! I heard another fart, and this time I heard a real silent type of moan out of her. I then heard a little grunt, and then another and WOW, she was pooping!!!! I heard a piece of poop drop into the toilet, and then another smaller one that made lesser noice. She then grunted again, and pushed out another pretty loud turd (medium size I guess). Then she grunted quite loudly, and again, and then a softer grunt, and then like a LOUD grunt, and then a BIG piece of poop dropped into the toilet, followed by a pretty loud moan in relief. That is when the smell started to hit. WOW, I could smell her poop from outside the door. Oh my god, I was about to die. I now knew that I wanted to do something daring. I just couldn't take this anymore. This was too hott!!! I remember that I was in the other room when she told the girls that she had to go. So I thought, hey, I'll just say tha! t I thought that she was outside with the girls. So there it happened. I silently got off the floor, and could still hear the sound of another piece of poop dropping into the toilet. She was still pooping. So I just didn't think, and decided to make loud footsteps, hold my crotch (to act like I had to pee REAL BAD!), and I opened the door. WOW! There she was on the toilet, and totally exposed. I could see it all, and her most intimate private. The very first second, she looked up in so much SHOCK, and was like "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, oh my Goddd". I was like "OH MY GOD Katie, I'm so sorry. I thought you were outside with the gang. I'm so sorry, I just have to pee like SOOOO BADLY. I'll go into the bathroom upstairs. Katie, I am so sorry". And then as I turned away to close the door, I could hear her say "next time knock please, cuz there might be somewhen in there! Geez."

My heart was pumping very fast at this point. I thought, "oh no, what are the girls gonna think when she tells them this." And then I thought "oh yeah, I remember telling Megan in the kitchen that I would be right out after I would pee. I'll just tell her that I had to go so bad, and I thought Katie was out with them". Well, anyways, I got back up by the door to continue to listen, because I was wanting to hear her wipe. I heard nothing. It was probably because Katie was still in the state of shock. I decided to get back on the floor and look under the door to see what she was doing. Well, she was still on the pot. And then I heard another grunt (it was about time), and then another grunt, and then about 2 more pieces of poop fell into the toilet together. Then I heard a BIG FART (I almost laughed out loud here, oh my god, I'm glad I didn't), and then I heard a moan. WOW, I think She was totally relieved from that fart from what I could hear. Anyways, she was done ! after this. And then I heard her get some toilet paper from the roll, tear it off, and then I could hear her wipe. She then tore off some more paper and wiped some more. She did this a third time, and I thought it would be a good idea to get off the floor now. She tore some more off a 4th time and wiped again. And then a 5th time. WOW! She was sure wiping! She then tore off more paper a 6th time and wiped. And then a 7th and wiped again! Then I could hear her flush the toilet, and I just decided to walk real fast and got out of there. She must of washed her hands because she hadn't opened the door (and of course she did, I'm sure all celebrities wash their hands after they take a dump). I was hiding in the living room waiting to hear the door open. Then I would quickly run upstairs. Well, after about 2 minutes, she finally opened the bathroom door (she must of washed her hands, and then looked at herself in the mirror and fixer her hair for a minute or so, who really knows). When I heard her open the door, I jetted up the stairs, and I hurried up into the bathroom, closed the door real quietly, and then I peed (because I did have to go, but not that badly. But I went anyways). I decided to wait for about 3 minutes, and then come down. My plan was to tell them out back that I had been paged after I had peed, and I had to call my friend Brett from back near home. Well, to my surprise, once I came downstairs, I noticed Katie sitting in the living room. It was like she was waiting for me to get down or something. Well, as I noticed her sitting there, I said to her "Katie, I am so sorry. I don't think you know how badly I feel for this. You must think I'm some sick guy or something, but honestly.. I thought you were outside and I had to go so bad". She was like "I believe you and everything. I guess it's cool. I didn't mean to get a little upset over it. It was kind of funny how you were grabbing your crotch. You must of really had to PEE!!!" I was like, wow, she's talking about my crotch, hehehe. I told her that I was so relieved once I went, and how I barely made it upstairs. She then said "I'm sorry". And I was like, "No, it's not your fault. I mean, you had to go to, and you made it there 1st". She was like "boy did I ever have to go". Boy did I know about that! WOWWWW!!! She then told me that everything was going to be alright, and then she got this red embarrasing look on her face. She then told me "Cory, I don't know how to say this. But this is kind of embarrasing. But I was looking for the lysol or something in there and I couldn't find it. I don't want Megan to come in and see that I had sort of stunk up her bathroom" I was like, WOWWWWW!!!! I then laughed, and said.. "um, yeah I think I know where it is. I'll go get it". And she was like "wait, don't go in there. you might die" I started to laugh again, and I was so excited by this time, and I was like, "hey, we a! ll stink up the bathroom at times. in fact, we all do this all the time". she laughed a little, but to summarize the whole conversation here, she was soooooo embarrased and red faced. I then said I'll be right back, and walked into the bathroom, and looked behind me. She did not follow me. I then noticed that the bathroom had a "STRONG" stench of poop smell. In fact, her poop didn't smell all that bad. It was healthy like and was real strong too. I then looked into the toilet and I could see a skid mark in there. There was also a piece of paper that was still floating in the bowl with some poop stain on it, and that must of not of flushed down with the rest of the wastes. I thought, WOW!!!, she must of done this massive poop, and didn't notice that everything didn't flush down. I then looked around and around for some lysol or something, and couldn't find anything. Katie then walked in and asked me if I could find it. I told her that I was still looking, and she t! hen said "gosh it stinks in here. i'm sorry about this". and i was like "hey, i stunk up her bathroom before in here. she didn't seem to mind" i only said this to comfort katie. but truth is, i never pooped in that bathroom before. only the upstairs one before, but who cares about that.

well, we looked together, and then finally i found some potpourri spray from way back under the sink cabinet. i then grabbed it out, and katie grabbed it out of my hands, said thanks, and started to spray it all over. she then sprayed some into the toilet, and then said, ewwwwwwww, and I was like "what, what's ewwwwww?" and she was like "nothing. it's nothing." i think she must of been talking about the skid mark in the toilet and the paper with some of her poop stain on it that she had wiped out of her butt, because that's what she was looking at when she was spraying the spray stuff in there, and she just didn't want to admit what she was saying ewwwww too. I guess she didn't look into the bowl after she was done, and this was the first time that she noticed the skid mark, and the piece of paper that was still in there with a poop stain on it. i then noticed that she flushed the toilet, and then she said, "i'll spray some more in this area", and she did. But little di d she know that I did notice the skid mark and the poop stained piece of paper that was in there. we then walked out together, and out to the backyard to play basketball with the rest of the gang. she never told any of the girls about what happened, and i never heard from any of them about it, or from katie about it again. i have only seen katie one more time since that incident, which was over at andrea's house the very next day. after i left andrea's that day (the last day of my trip up north to see my old buddies), i then told andrea bye, and katie bye (who was over there). katie then shook my hand and said it was nice to meet me. i then told her that i hope to see her again the next summer that i come up to see my friends. she said, "yeah, that would be totally coooool. come up and visit. tell meg and andrea that you want them to call me and have me come over". And yes, I will do that. This summer, I am going up to visit them all again for another 3-4 days, and I look forward to having Meg get Andrea to get Katie over. I just want to hang out with her again. She's a sweetheart in person, and fun to be around. It's fun being around a cute celebrity of the opposite sex who is exactly around your ago. GOSH!!!, what an experience! Please, everybody, post your replies and responses to this. And ask me questions. I'll try to get on here to reply to them. I'm out now. Cory

Hi DONNIE M. The action of that little boy in class was the perfect thing to do: pee into the waste paper basket. That sure seemed to have caught the attention of the head of school in the end. It was similar with me. After I had pooped my pants and other children had had accidents in class, the teachers suddenly became more lenient when it came to allowing pupils to go to the bathroom. It took something drastic to change attitudes, didn't it?

To AUSTIN… yesterday when I came into the bathroom my wife was sitting on the edge of the empty bathtub after having her shower. She was drying her toes with a towel when I asked her to hold up her hands. I felt for the acupressure points between index finger and thumb as you described and squeezed gently. She asked me what I was intending to do, and I explained that this exercise should work like a laxative and that I had read about it. (This site is my little secret). Oh my, she said, I hope it doesn’t make me poop into the bathtub! After a few seconds I let go and she proceeded to lift her other foot to dry. In bending forward she let a thundering fart into the bathtub. It reverbrated and echoed around the bathroom. Talk about wrap around sound, or better, BBRRRAAAPPP around sound. Wow, it seems to be working already, she exclaimed with a giggle, and turning around looked into the bathtub if the blast had left some brown spots! It had not after all.

You know, I like having guests on board my boat. Explaining to the ladies how the head works is half the fun! My wife usually feels slightly seasick during the first hours of a trip and therefore she does not like to go below to the confines of the head. She sits on the teak capping of the bulwark between two lifeline stanchions with her feet on the side deck, pushing her bottom under the lifeline and over the side and holding on to the handrail conveniently fixed to the cabin roof in front of her. It is very comfortable, she says, and often pees into the sea like that when there are no other boats near. It is possible to sit two people between two stanchions like that for peeing cheek-to-cheek, so to say! What prospects for the imagination!

Oh CARMALITA dear! I had not realized how sick you have been! Hospitalized too! And that involves giving up all dignity as you have to let strangers administer to your needs. I hope you will be one hundred percent OK agin very soon! But comparing me with Hemingway and Van Gogh is laying it on a bit thick, don’t you think? I know you wish to say something nice and I thank you for that, but I am not a brilliant writer, nor a painter! The thing I usually paint is the boat’s bottom with black anti-fouling, and that is slapped on with a three inch paint brush! No art there!!
I did however do the whole of the interior of the boat with my own hands: bunks, lockers, folding cabin table, navigation area, galley, engine installation, electrics, hot and cold pressurized water, refrigeration, cabin heater…..and so on and so forth.
So, my dear, get well and be hugged by Rizzo!

I think women are cute when they're seated on the toilet, especially if they're shy about making tinkling noises. Girlfriends of mine were shy about this until I led the way, leaving the bathroom door open when I pissed, making loud splashing noises.

I am soooooooooooo embarrassed. I peed in the bed. I was dreaming I was peeing and then I noticed that my pants were warm. Well no one knows and how should I take out the smell and stain???

Eric B.
Wasn't going to post today, but wanted to express my sympathy to Carmalita for her recent illness; I've never had anything that bad so can't really identify, but you have my love & best wishes for a full recovery. Sounded at the end of your post that you were getting back to your old self..takes the body awhile to repair itself after such a trauma. Glad you were so well taken care of. About shitting in hospitals...when I was in my late 20's I had to have an operation for a pilonidal cyst, which occurs just above the anal opening on the lower spine, so they had to give me a drug that prevented me from going in order to prevent any risk of infection after surgery. So I had the operation, and had to stay in the hospital for a week, during which time I never even felt the urge, when on the last day everything that had built up finally came down into my rectum at once...boy it was really something! They had a portable toilet in the room and my roommate helped me get on it; I think everyone in the place could have heard me, as I grunted away with abandon and pushed out a long, smooth log which plopped with a loud noise into the pan under the toilet. I can't remember a time when I felt a greater relief after a bm. A couple of years after that I had a recurrence and had to have it repeated, but the shitting episode wasn't, fortunately. By the way, just saw my first buddy dump...on a tape of gay men shitting...these two had their arms around each other and took one together....really great seeing such comradeship and intimacy expressed. Maybe someday I'll have such an experience, but for now can dream about it, and read all these wonderful posts! Later........

Partly for personal reasons and also because I need to spend less time in cyberspace in order to focus on other priorities and commitments, I will not be posting or stopping by here for the foreseeable future. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have shown me kindness and friendship here - and especially given good advice when I've needed it. In particular I wouls like to thank Tony, Nicola, Carol and, last but not least, Anne (the former bus driver). Good luck in the next phase of your life Anne!

Perhaps one day I may be able to drop by again. In the meantime, however, goodbye and best wishes to everyone.


Nnonymous (male)
I was in year three at my old school. My class goes from 12:30 to 5:30 and it was exam day for Maths. At 1:00, I felt my pooh coming out but I held it in. THen at 4:00 I felt that it was gone so I stood up to get something then suddenly, it came out. Nobody knew exceept my friend.

When I was in year four. I had to shit but I held it in because at school we didn't have TP. Then after an hour or so, I couldn't hold it in so I let it rip in my shorts. I just used sheets of writing paper to wipe my bum.

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been working on a school project. To Jordan: You've never eaten flaming hot cheetos. Well there like crunchy cheetos but they are really really hot. There red and if you eat to many it feels like your toung is on fire. To Jordan: Man you came close to having a big accident. Good thing you had an ausome friend who understood your situation. Also my brother has baseball practice every other day so I ride my bike down there and have a dump in the baseball dimonds rest room. Its helping me get over my fear. Maybe sometime I'll post my accident I had in kindergarden.

I had the biggest accident I've ever had. I was walking down the sreet from my friends. I was holding my crotch trying to keep it in. Until I couldn't hold it any longer. It was really bad. It drenched my boxers. I got home and took a shower and threw my boxers in some water to make it look like I accidently nocked them in some water. Also the guy who weres during the day. Does anybody else do it?

Hey, everyone:

I just did something-hilarious! I took some month-old Cappuccino, that I got from the gas-station in the US, that has a tiger for a trademark (guess which one that is), about a month-ago, and put it into the toilet that I share w/ my roommates. We should be in for an interesting/fun time, when they get back, tonight. Because, to the untrained-eye, (that would make everyone but myself, in this case) it looks just like someone had one massive-loose bowel-movement. In other-words, diarrhea! To "top it off", there was some of the coffee, that was still semi-solid, so I poured that mess along the sides of the bowl, mimicking an individual bending-forward, slightly, when they had this-explosion, and dripping their "softserve-crap", onto the front-inside rim of the bowl. Top that, all of you. I have an idea: I think tnat it would be fun, to try a similar-stunt, @ work. The tricky-part, will be smuggling the evidence into the bathroom, without being-seen, or, wor! se-yet, splashing some of it onto my-pants! You know how bad it is when you get some water on your pants if you do a sloppy job of washing your hands, after using the restroom, right? Well, that would be nothing, compared to the feeling of people thinking that you have crapped-yourself. Can I get a witness, from those of you who have, actually, crapped-yourselves (had an "accident")? Top that, Carmalita! Or, have I given you an idea? How about you Rjogger? Would you, or have you pulled something like this?


We grow our own food come summertime, vegetables, peppers, corn, cukes, whathave you. Anything other than on the hoof.

Wildlife tries to thieve from us. We put up deterrents.

Early in the morning, Linda goes out there. Late at night, I do. We keep track of where we poop and pee on a grid of the garden so that an area isn't over given and we don't step in each other's poop.

This really keeps wild animals away, they are afraid of the poop and pee smell. However, the flies are not. Neither the 'skeeters. Linda says she is attacked verociously in the mornings by 'skeeters and deerflies. The horseflies only come out in the sun; these are big bastards. Deerflies are smaller but have as much of a bite. Linda says she squats to poop and pee and before it hits the ground--there are the flies! You'd think they'd be thankful but no, they bite her! She's given them her poop and now they want blood. Offer them some pee, nope. They bite.

I go out at night, around 2 in the morning. Mostly it's after beer drinking so it's a gushy delivery. At that time of night there are no flies, just skeeters. They are attracted to the smell I'm sure, for I am dressed in long sleeves and jeans. The only bare skin is my head and butt. They like my butt. I scratch for a couple days later.

The foragers, the deer, elk and whatever probably just lurk in the woods and watch. They don't like human smells, you can't get more graphic than shit or pee. They grumble. I'll bet they cheer the 'skeeters and flies on.

Best of it all is harvest time. MMmmmm. Big tomatoes, look at that corn! We sell it at a Green Market and are sold out within 2 hours. If only the people knew our fertilizing system. Our plants grow from our pee and poop.

Better than store-bought...

I've looked at this sight for a little while, and I've decided to finally post here. I'll start off by saying that I spent five years in a federal pennitentery for drunk driving, and went to the hole twice. The first time I went to the hole, was after I punched a guy who threatened me. When they put you in the hole, they put you in there naked. The hole is a room the size of a bathroom. The floor is concrete, there is no light except from when they open the door. And the door isn't barred, it's solid. And in the hole, there's no bathroom facilities, except for a barred drain in the middle of the room the size of your fist. The drain however is usually covered in human excrement, so the urine and other feces in the cell can't escape. They put you in there and leave you for several days. For me it was four. Well, anyway, the first day, I got some bad food I guess, and I had stomach trouble. I tried to find a place to shit, but it was dark. I had a corner to myself, to sleep in, ! all the other corners had piles of crap or piss in them. I walked to the center of the cell, squatted, and sprayed diarrhea on the floor, over the drain. Some splattered on my feet, but the majority of it went on the floor. I had three more diarrhea dumps, then went to sleep. I would say the stench and the filth is the worst thing about it. Whatever you do the first day stays with you till your out. And the piss makes a puddle all around the cell and takes a while to drain out.

To Gustav: Hi, I'm 19 years old also. When I went to high school (I'm in junior college now) the bathrooms were similar to what you described. I went to a private all-boys school, and most bathrooms there had only 1 or 2 toilet stalls, but with doors. At my school as well, most guys never liked to take a shit at school. I don't know if they were too shy or what. But some were like me and just had the attitude that everyone craps, so when you have to go you do it. I had no problem shitting at school. Sometimes, after taking a big dump, I left the toilet unflushed for the next person to see my turds. Bye for now, please tell more stories!

Traveling Guy
AUSTIN - By jove, I've found the sweet spot on the palm between thumb and first finger! I could feel some slight movement in the gut right away. After about a while I had to fart a lot, but didn't have to poop. I'll try it again sometime when know I'll be needing to dump soon, say within the hour, and see what that does. Have any of you ladies tried this? Did you get good results? Maybe this explains why I often have to take a dump after riding my mountain bike (besides the good effects of exercise). The bike has the usual hard rubber handlebar grips and you get a lot of vibration to the palms when you ride off street.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'll never dump again on a vacuum pot. I'm too slim for my butt to form a vacuum seal, but just the thought of a mis-timed flush freaks me out. THWOOOP!!

Peeping Tom
Loved that story Donnnie M please post more.

To DONNIE M. : I thought your story about the boy peeing in the wastebasket was funny...Guess he was desparate to go. Did he get in trouble or get suspended from school??

To Aarron: Loved the story of the dude wizzing him self on purpose. Did you like him?? or was it cool that he was doing it? or you don't like him??

To Eric B.: I loved your buddy dumping story. Did any one see you help this guy shit?? were there doors or no doors in the stall? did your parents find out about this??

Wow it looks like that girl is squatting in her room...about to do something

Last night i got bored so i decided to do the soap up the ass trick. Any way, i got my bar of soap scraped some soap off, lubed up my finger and put the soap on my finger and i inserted it up my a-hole. Then i got dressed while i was waiting for it to work....when all of a sudden i thought it would be cool to watch my shit coming out. I went down stairs and found me a hand held mirror(don't have one upstairs). I got it and went back upstairs then about 5 min later i felt it really starting to work and i was determining how i was gonna do this(which was the best way to see it). I tryied it in the sink near the big mirror...i couldn't see any thing so i got down and i layed some toilet paper on the floor. I bent over and fixed my mirror so i could see and then it started....The shit started coming out, i had a few little balls. I loved watching my a-hole expand. I wiped about 6 times, Then i went to bed. Any body else do this?
This morning i awoke pretty early, around 7am...then about 7:45 as i was reading the paper i got a sudden urge to shit. It was pretty urget, so i left what i was doing...and went upstairs to the bathroom and i sat down on the toilet(this time) and began to push. It was a bit loose, then i wiped 5 or 6 times then i flushed and went back to what i was doing.

For the last 2 days, i've been having long posts...i've been really enjoying the stories latly. Bye

I learned to hold my urine for hours after I learned in middle school when I was 13 that my bladder had increased nicely in size and by measuring the contents of a very full bladder after holding for 8 or 9 hours I found that I could contain about 800-900 ml.With my 3 closest friends I usually drive home at holiday times. (I do the driving since I have the only auto.) It is a 9 hour trip. So I don't need to stop and go. Usually after driving for 5 hours or so one or other of my friends asks for a rest stop. The other two go also. But while we got something to eat and drink, one time, one of my friends asked me how come you don't have to piss. I said I hold a lot and normally only piss two or three times a day. At that stop I had a 1000 ml. soda. In an hour I felt the need to piss, but as I usually do held on. Others, who drank that much,in another hour needed to go. One said he was bursting, and please stop. I drove on. A half hour later he was deperate. We were off the main h! ighway and
finally went by a wooded area. We went to the first row of trees and stood together pissing. They finished in about a minute. I kept going for another minute and a half. They were amazed. It was the first time in two years of friendship that they saw me piss. I too was greatly relieved, but disappointed that I didn't hold on and keep my reputation as the guy who never pees.
More pee stories please.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone, The last few days have produced some very interesting posts so I'll try to respond to some of them.

COPROLOGIST, Hi, I was going to ask you whether you have also kept a record of your diet over the years, to see how it correlates with your output, but you've answered that already in your last message!
Glad you've had no more trouble with piles, but when I do soft turds, the result is I often can't get properly clean after and so itch and feel incompletely cleared out with all this soft stuff still clinging to my rectum.
Anyway, the last few days have been much better with bigger turds that drop like they should, but I was told by a specialist that the stools should be large, firm and soft and that is what I want to be doing, not just for health and comfort but I also love dropping good sized turds.
I think I may be overdoing the fibre in my diet, but don't want to have a return to that constipation I recently had again.
I've been told that my problem is due to a very sluggish gut and so when that's working better, I won't need to strain.
Is your itching due to piles, or could it just be due to residual faecal matter on the anus irritating your skin?

LUC, Re. Old English usage on matters relating to the toilet.
After one of the Tudor kings was given a laxative for constipation, it was reported that "At 2 o'clock in the morning, His majesty went to his close stool (Commode), where he had a very fair siege". Interesting way to describe it!

ERIC B. Thanks for the info re. videos of people on toilets shitting. I was going to ask Nick for more info. but you have told me all that can be said on this forum so I'll try to find out more.
Good to know it's not porn orientated and that it's just people on the toilet so I look forward to finding it.
Have you seen any and what do you think of the quality and interest on these videos?
Thanks for the offer of sending one if that could have been possible! If only, but that is the constitution of our forum.
Also, is the sound quality good? That's a major thing with me when it comes to toilet sounds!
Great to read of how you and that other boy helped each other dropping those big hard turds when you were a boy.
It never happened to me when I sometimes went 3 or very rarely, 4 days without going, that the turds were really big and stiff.
I do remember being on a toilet once where there was someone next door I could see through a big hole in the partition working hard on pushing out a large knobbly turd, I could see it sticking out of his arse as he hovered over the toilet, and I thought it was bigger than any I'd ever done!

GUSTAV, Hi! I don't think anyone from Sweden has posted here before and good to hear from you.
I'd be interested to know what sort of toilets you have there.
Are they the ones with a shelf such as are common in Germany where the shit lands only a few inches below your arse and empties out at the front, or the type we use mostly in Britain, where the water trap is a longer drop, and you're more likely to get your arse splashed as it plops in the toilet?
I'd love to know all the details and interested to hear of the 2 to a cubicle toilets you describe.

JUSTIN, Another companionable experience for you in those doorless and partitionless toilets! Great to shit alongside that guy as you both sat there hearing each other's plops!

I heard on a news item yesterday that in Germany, radiators in bathrooms have been rusting and needing replacing in a block of flats, and that tests were made to find out what was the reason for the corrosion.
Tests showed that nitrates from male urine was responsible and that it had sprayed back from the toilet when men had stood there urinating.
Male tenants were asked to ensure that they sat down on the toilet to urinate, or pay for any subsequent replacement of corroded radiators, if such radiators were within 1.28 metres, (4 feet) of the toilet.
This would show that the sprayback effect from German "Washout closets" is such that with the water trap and porcelain being quite shallow, it is not as hygienic as a deeper toilet pan in containing all the urine as it is directed in from a standing user.
I've also noticed the same effect from a syphonic toilet which has similar shape and size. Standing to urinate, I've seen the spray going all over the underside of the seat as it's in the up position, and seen piss landing on the floor.
No, I really don't like syphonic or shallow toilets at all!
As for carpets in bathrooms, or woolly mats round the toilet-Chuck them out! You've nothing to lose but your germs!
If as was found, spray from urinating in a toilet can affect something 4 feet away, I've made sure that I don't have towels too close to the toilet, even though I've got the standard long-drop washdown toilet.
I heard a warning once that it's best to avoid putting the lid down, if you have one, BEFORE flushing, as the gap between the toilet and the lid can force some of the water flushed to project several feet away and deposit e coli bacteria elsewhere.
If you flush with the lid up, there's much less risk of water-borne pathogens travelling so far.

I thought that the account of school-bullying in some doorless toilets was bad enough, but the report of that poor old lady who flushed the vacuum toilet and was accidentally disembowelled must be the worst toilet-related incident I've ever heard of.
I sincerely hope she recovered and that such an event never happened again to anyone else.

One incident I do remember hearing about on a tv documentary once was about a South American republic where political prisoners were being held in a sports stadium.
One witnees was describing how he saw one of the prisoners being given an enema in the arena, whether he needed one or not I don't know, nor how professionally it was administered.
No aspect of cruelty was mentioned, so hopefully that part was not too bad.
The prisoner was then told he had to wait until a bucket was brought for him to shit into, and that if he excreted the slightest amount on the ground before the bucket was brought to him, the guards would beat him.
They took their time, and in the meantime, as you can imagine, the guy was clenching his buttocks with all his strength to prevent himself letting it out.
I don't know how long they took in bringing the bucket, but the superhuman effort that guy had to perform in standing there with his arse full of loose shit, and his tormentors enjoying the spectacle of his desperation as he tried to hold it in for fear of punishment must be considered another example of man's cruelty in denying another man the right to shit in peace and dignity.

Well, so much for my scientific speculations on toilet hygiene etc and another reminder of cruelty and toilet hazards.

I hope everyone has good healthy, enjoyable and safe visits to the toilet, so until next time, Good Plopping! P P G

oh yeah, and that story of mine, about the old lady that got her guts sucked out, was in germany,to avoid confusion and stuff...

A couple of days ago i was at my buddy's mark place with my buddy's Mark and Tom. We were all happily watching a movie. Tom was a little bit ill a couple of days before. We were watching the movie when suddenly we hear a wet fart. Mark immediatly says: It wasnt me! I said me neither and Tom said: ehh, me neither. With a feeling of distrust we continue watching. Suddenly Tom stands up, and calmly says: Oh man, i think i have crapped my pants. Then he slowly walked towards the bathroom. As he was walking away, we saw on his trousers a BIG BIG BIG wet stain. It smelled like... UGH! Me and Mark looking horrified, Mark turned around and looked at the spot on the sofa where Tom was sitting. An even BIGGER wet smelly diarrhea stain was there! Mark started to gag. He dint puke, but someoene else is going to in a second! Tom came back again, with Marks mum. He said : sorry for all tha.. BLUUUUUUHHHGGGGGGAAAAAAAGGGGGHAAAAAAAAGG!!! He threw up all over the floor and over (ahem) Marks! Nike's. Tom got picked up by his mum later on, after puking a couple more times in a bucket.

He is oke again now,,


Sunday, May 06, 2001

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO CARMALITA-hello.thanks for liking our posts. is there anyone on this site that doesnt love you? are popular girl!!and a great queen pooper .you can call me kim,kimmy or kimberly ok? cant wait for more of your posts!plus do you like the fact that i am a sexy college blond cheerleader? i heard you go MMMMM? just curious.
TO JEFF A.-hello. thanks for liking my stories and calling me wonderful,gorgeeous,and a babe. I appreciate it. you sure know how to flatter a girl!by the way in case you missed my answer on what i look like i resemble cheryl ladd from the tv series charlies angels or trish stratus from pro wrestling.IM THAT TYPE!!and yes jeff you should have a poop queen collection because their are many good stories coming on this site from us! and yes i should start posing nude and banging out my logs for the new "shit illustrated magazine. think it would sell jeff? plus when i push out my huge logs i usually do clog the bowl up. my boyfriend scott then chops up the logs so i can flush the toilet. i do it when i am alone. scott doesnt mind doing it because hes overjoyed to have a supercute blond girlfriend who squeezes out ENORMOUS LOGS!!thanks for liking my posts again .bye now.
TO ERIC B.-hello. thanks for liking my posts. and printing em out is flattering. plus keep looking you may find some one who enjoys playing toilet bowl games like scott and i.
TO BRYIAN-hello. thanks for liking my posts. i had a long mother and daughter talk with my mother on scott. and our risque toilet games and my mom says she would permit it. although long as we do it when my parents are not around . and we dont mess up the house. thats fair deal i think.. everything is going well so far and my parents love my mom is not dumb she knows we have sex too!same rule applies! and yes scott does shit in front of me. and we do buddy dump as you know already! but thats only sometimes scott is shyer than i am and scott prefers to see me get naked and film me banging out my logs instead- which are much bigger then scotts!hope i answered all your questiones.
TO PV-hello. thanks for liking our stories. and your right racism has no place in any society. plus on a lighter note thats funny how you read my article and you started to wiggle your ass too. you are a funny lady and a dear friend to me and scott pv. we adore you !plus when i was airing out my log i was raising my ass up but airing means really pushing it out too and thats what i was doing also honey!plus you can subscribe early to "shit illustrated magazine" but john (VT) and i have yet to begin shooting for this hot mag! i think we would need to hire more camera men to film me because they would have their hands full taking pictures of me and other lovely ladies squeeze out huge logs. and some ladies will be in the buff even. LIKE ME!and me doing this would REALLY TURN UP THE HEAT!!!haha! well pv thanks for liking my posts. be well! bye all.

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