Oh my god that is gross. Her intestines were actually hanging out of her butt? Oh my GOD... *shiver*

Since yesterday I have been really gassy... farting every two seconds... it is so annoying

My science teacher gives us these problem of the days each week that have to do with science. So, today, below the ones he'd written, somebody, I don't know who, wrote "Why do people get gassy after eating beans" and "what are farts made out of." lol

Has anyone gone to the bathroom in a store fitting room?

Hi!I would like to hear about having a mess and shit when watching a movie!!!


Ive posted here before and have been quiet for awhile,so I thought Id pass along this little story thats sort of funny.
When I was in school I remember in the 6th grade this one boy had put up his hand to ask to be excused to the bathroom. The teacher,Ms. Davis was the grouchy sort and didnt like to have her "class disruped" for things like a bathroom break and most everyone knew you might as well just hold it until recess or lunch or end of the day. So hes waving his hand back and forth and the teacher says, "Andrew, put down your hand"!. We are about to have a test now and it must be completed before the end of class. So the poor boy got to sit there and hold it the best he can. Hes squirming and wiggling and sitting on the edge of the seat, sliding back and forth. Andrew is holding his crotch and squeezing his legs tightly. He puts up his hand again, and the old bag just ignores him totally. Instead shes counting out printed test papers for each row of students.They pass the test papers back and all get ready for taking of this test. Andrew is squeezing his peter now and is ready to wet his pants any second. Suddenly he gets up and walks up to the teachers desk and stands there for a minute to get her attention.
Hes standing there by the left side of her desk holding his peter and his crotch and obivious in misery. A little wet patch appears on his pants. She ignore him and instead finally just says, "sit down, you should have gone to the boys room during the last break". Andrew stands there for a few seconds more, then, as an last act of desperation goes and unzips his fly, fishes out his penis and at the same time his pee starts to splash out- into her waste basket, making a spraying metallic sound on its inside. That teachers eyes like got big as she sat there seeing this happen. Then just as sudden, Andrews pee spraying stopped. She say, "what do you think you are doing?" His response was only, sorry I hadda go and was going to have an accident. Her action then was to send him out of the room, down to the principals office . She then followed him out the door down the hall. Everyone had a snicker and laugh, some sort of loud and some giggles by the girls.

It turns out, the janitor came and took away the waste basket, bringing another one. Just before the end of classes for the afternoon Andrew retuns to the classroom and sits in the back of the room. Nothing more was said. The next day all returned to normal, and during the course of the morning, one girl put up her hand to be excused, and the teacher says, "yes, Marcie, you make go". I guess that Andrew showed her!
Although I had been in a classroom where every year thru Jr. High, that was an accident of some sort, no one will ever forget pullin it out on Ms. Davis that Day.......Donnie M
. I would post other incidents if there is any interest.........

My wife has a garden and a flowerbed. Whenever she has to go,she shits in a plastic bucket and carries it ouside. She uses her shit as fertilizer.

Re: Question
Briefs are much better to be wearing since they keep it in place, except for the watery ones. Boxers allow it to run down your legs into your shoes and leaving a trail

I am a 19 year old boy from Sweden. At the highschool I go to, there are a lot of small bathrooms (never more than 2 stalls in each) instead of one big bathroom with many stalls. This is kind of bad, because it is very rare that somebody else is shitting at the same time. Most guys at my school are too shy to take a shit at school. I donīt know why because the stalls have doors and everything.
I took a nice shit in one of the bathrooms yesterday. As usual the other stall was empty. When I had finished I stood by the sink washing my hands and this guy comes in. He goes into the stall where I had just been and stops at the door to check if the smell is too bad. After a couple of seconds he goes in and starts to pee. I have never seen anybody do like that before.
Anyway this is a great forum!
Bye, Gustav.

Hi everybody! The night of my really bad diarrhea, Patsy and Renee had to take me to the hospital. I guess I either got food poisoning, or a bad case of the flu, but it was coming out all ends! Iím still a bit wobbly because I was running such a high fever, so sorry, no good poop stories to report. Renee has been getting lots of mom practice, babying me. Iíve only had juice, light toast, and chicken soup for the last 2 days. My poops have only been little plop-plops. When I had the chills really bad, Patsy and Renee both curled up next to me and helped keep me warm. I love them both so much. However, at the hospital, I had to squirt into a bedpan in the presence of a male nurse, and I cried because it smelled bad and I was so humiliated. I grimaced and grunted painfully while I crapped. It wasnít his fault, he didnít have time to leave before it started coming out, but he was very nice to me, and talked about our crazy weather, and all the things he likes to do to keep my m! ind off of my predicament. Man, I was so sick!

Paul: I donít think youíre crazy! I agree with you that it is very sexy to see a man or a woman on the toilet. However, I always try to use caution whenever I bring up the subject to someone who hasnít expressed any interest. When I first met Renee, I brought it up very slowly. I hope you find someone who shares your interests.

Louise: Iíll practice some more. It feels really strange to do this, but like I said, I do a lot of hiking and camping, and could sure use the ease. They have special hiking shorts for women with a zippered crotch. Someoneís looking out for us gals, huh? Me and Jake have hit a slowing down period. Not my choice, but thatís the way it goes I guess. I think he needs a little room right now. Thatís cool, because heís a wonderful guy, a real, old fashioned Texas gentleman. But, heís been very good to me, and just needs some space.

Steve: I donít know about Latinas being shy about pooping, but my sisters sure arenít. Weíve never discussed it before and I donít know if they take a special thrill from it like me. Iíve never brought up the subject of my video to them, but I did show them this site and they liked it.

Simon: I should call you My Special Simon so I wonít get you confused with another poster here. Thank you hon, you do say the sweetest things to a woman! And you still want to marry me? How special a man who can give his heart to another so generously like that. I enjoyed every second of my poop I did for you, I only wish you couldíve been there for real. Iíd love to be walking in the woods, find a little spot and take a nice, steamy one for you. Iíd stretch my shorts and panties down over my little brown butt and push out a nice pile just for you. Of course, you'd have to wipe me. When I'm in the outdoors, I love having a man take care of me. Youíre such a sweetie. Now Iím curious about those posts of yours that didnít make it. Hmmm, Iíll just have to think about them, and you later....

PV: Thanks for my return kiss, I try to imagine it warm and wet against my cheek. Thanks also for calling me Malita, a name my closest friends use for me. Well, I donít have long brown limbs. Iím a rather compact model, so youíll just have to settle for short brown limbs on white sheets. Honey, it sounds like the burrito was working just fine for you. Isnít it fun to hold on to your load for awhile? And what a beautiful one it was too! I can just picture you, gorgeous red hair, white thighs, grunting, puffing until finally....oooonnhhh...K-plooop, a beautiful turd from the lovely PV. Iíll fluff a pillow for you tonight.

RJOGGER: Thank you for your very lovely words. Iíll bet that you are a beautiful man the way you work out and stay strong, Iíll bet the ladies are hot for you too, huh? I think I would be one of them!
I wished I couldíve been there for your morning dump behind a tree. Iíll bet you were glorious, all pumped from running, handsome, and very male. I love men when they sweat from working out. One day last week I saw a guy at the gym get off a treadmill, and he was dripping wet. I kept smiling at him until he finally looked my way and smiled back. That is absolutely fantastic about maintaining your weight though the years! Your philosophy of life is wonderful too, I also try to live each day to the fullest. Your wife sounds beautiful. 5í2Ē, boy sheís a whole inch taller than me! Of what people is she?

Rizzo: Hi hon! Iím glad you had a nice birthday! You live on the other side huh? Gee, I was hoping weíd take a nice hike through the gorgeous green of the Pacific Northwest someday soon. But, youíre right. Meeting here is special too. I do think you are a lovely man and it suits you to live where you do. You strike me as a fine, European artist, and have a inwardly creative air about you like Hemingway, or Van Gogh, and I am very proud to know you.

Logger: Wow! Are you a famous artist?! That is so wonderful! Do you ever sketch ladies going to the bathroom? Itís cool having a celebrity on here!

Ring Stretcher: Thatís sexy the way your boyfriend calls your creations ďadobe logsĒ. You write some beautiful things, what a honey you are!

Kim and Scott: Wow! Kim, that was beautiful the way Scott carried you upstairs like that! This must be some hot video youíve got! You certainly are an exciting poop queen, thatís for sure! A cheerleader too? Mmmmm...Nice description of your turd like a runaway train. I like the way Scott calls you ďKimmyĒ. Iíve thought of you that way myself.

Well, I guess Iíve taken up a lot of room here, donít want to hog the forum. Iím feeling much better now, and am even up to going to the gym. Iíll probably just walk the track for awhile listening to my music. But I do plan to eat a big dinner for a nice jumbo crap tomorrow. Iíve been dreaming of lasagne!!! Tommorrowís menu: Carmalita Crap Italiano!


Rizzo: Thank you for toasting me on my birthday. I didn't know you lived in a different time zone, so I guess our birthdays ran togehter all right. It was a great day for me. Jake painted a portrait of Patsy which was just beautiful! She's beautiful anyway, and it was great that he could capture her so well. Carmalita got me some clothes for when I start expanding more, and a CD. Patsy got me and her a room at the beach for a weekend. So, it's been nice.
Carmalita's little hospital adventure scared the life out of us both! She was so sick it terrified us! That poor little thing. We both felt really bad about teasing her that night, but we didn't know.

Jane: I'm very sorry about your father. Thank you for commenting about my baby, yes I'm very excited. I've decided that I want to know the baby's sex for planning, so after my ultrasound I'll let everyone know!

Anyway, I'm in a rush again, it's the wee hours of the morning. I'm posting right after Carmalita who's in the shower.

Love to you all,

Jeff A
Hi all, I'm still recovering, but getting there. I've had some rather hard things to go through lately, but I'm ok.

JANE: It was great to hear from you again. You sound good, I'm glad you're back.

STEVE: Thanks for the note. I'm sure my posts did sound rather medicated. Thinking of you made me think of Chin Na. Do you have any experience with this? Do you think it resembles Aikido in any way? It's always been something that fascinates me. I remember from my Shao Lin days, my instructor was excellent in the Praying Mantis style. He'd get so low to the ground he redefined leg muscles and strength! I'm so tall that he suggested I concentrate on elements of White Crane, Cobra, and Tiger styles, as there are lots of long movements to them. Especially jumps.
Like you Steve, I also had a Mexican girlfriend. She was so gorgeous she took my breath away every time I saw her! She'd put on her makeup in the morning and I'd say "Why bother?! You don't need it!" She was also very dark skinned, and small, and took some very tasty dumps, but always in private behind a closed door. One of my favorite things was to listen to her grunt. She was the most enthusiastic grunter I've ever heard. She'd even get the look of pain on her face.
There were times when she'd let me come in, but she mostly liked her privacy.

LOUISE: I'm thrilled to be an honorary "male" member of the WSPC! Do I get a charter card or something? Since I've been standing up peeing all my life, I think I should earn my passage. I'm going to pee straight up in the air and try not to get wet. You're a sweetheart Louise, Steve is a lucky man indeed.

RENEE: How was your birthday, and how are you and the baby doing? Did Carmalita give you a turd with candles in it like she promised? How old are you now? You must be very busy with mom stuff, we don't get to hear from you anymore. Say hi to Patsy for me, okay?

RIZZO: Thank you again for such an enormous compliment! I think you're the best, and agree that meeting on here has been truly enlightening.

CARMALITA: I loved that story about you and the woman in the doorless stall. I tried hard, and could just imagine the scenario. It was very hot! I also agree with PV that your description of yourself pooping with a long brown tail was also very hot, as was the post you wrote to Simon. You are really something! I must admit though, I've always suspected you like girls a little more than you've let on. That's cool. You're still man crazy though, I can see that! That's something that can't be faked! It's my opinion that you just love everybody. I have to agree with many of the other people in here that you are a genuinely sweet person, and as exciting as your stories are to read, it's very nice just to hear from you as Carmalita the person. You write the sexiest damned stories ever, and you describe like a maniac! Your humor is wonderful, and you have a big heart which in turn has stolen mine. All the best to you.

KIM AND SCOTT: To Kim, you are my other favorite poop queen! I just think you're wonderful and gorgeous! You have so many great stories, I can't keep up with them all. I do have some of yours clipped out as well. This new one about the pooping on the newspaper was definitely hot! Maybe I should have a poop queen collection, huh? I agree with John VT, you should do the magazine! I have a question for you. When you push out those great big logs of yours, do you ever clog the toilet? I'd love to see you squatting in the bushes. You're a babe!

Well, I guess that's it for now.

When I was 14 years old, I often wet my bed an my panties. So my parents took diapers everywhere they go with. One day we went swimming. I weared a white bikini. Then I suddenly had to go to bathroom but there were so much peoples n a row. So I decided to do it in the water. I jumped in and let it come out. I feelt good after I've done but then I had to realize that there was a huge yellow spot on my bikini slip. My parents saw that and put diaper's over my bikini. I couldn't belive and I blamed me in front of many many classmates who were also there. Then I had to shit and wantet to go to the toilet but my parents said that they wanted to go home and I should took my B.M. in the diaper's. I did and when we arrived at home and I put off the diaper's I saw my bikini in full brown. And if it won't be enough my friend, Jenny, visited me and saw me in this brown bikini...I was so embaressed...


Hi everybody. I've been reading through these posts the past few weeks and find them wonderful. I'm posting for the first time.

First off, I LOVED the pics at the top the last few days! The blonde over the sink still sticks in my mind-I'd love to watch someone go like that. The thin dark haired beauty the day before (squatting over a container of some sort) was very nice too. Was that her poop in the container?-it was something dark in the photo, but I couldn't tell for sure.

CARMALITA-I love your posts, they always make me so hot!!! I fantasize about watching a cute Latina take a dump. Would be so nice to see it coming out of you as I stroke your gorgeous thighs! mmmm!!!
You're the best!

Question: Someone posted a few days ago about a toilet scene in "Detroit Rock City," where a woman apparently goes into a stall and pees and farts. Does anyone know how far it goes? Does she take a full scale shit in the movie, or is it just farting. I'm very curious...

Finally, any advice on how to approach my girlfriend about watching her poop? I fantasize about it so much, but I guess she'll think I'm weird if I ask. We've been going out a few months-I've listened to her shit through the door, which has been hot too, but I'd love to watch this blonde voluptous cutie go. Any advice on how (or if) to proceed would be great.

Thanks everyone for all your great posts. I look forward to reading more and more!


A friend of mine showed me this site a couple of months ago and I have been reading the posts. But it was not until last Saturday that I saw something that I could write about. I was shooting hoops at at park by my house, when another dude shows up with a ball and starts to shoot as well. After a while he asked if I wanted to play some one on one. He looked a couple of years older than me, may be 18 or 19, but I figured it would be fun. But here is the weird part. A couple of times, when I was attempting two steal the ball, I thought I saw a dark spot forming on the front of his red sweat shorts. Also, once, when he ran in for a lay up I thought I saw a few drops of water fall out of the leg of his shorts and onto the ground. I figured it was just sweat, since it was pretty warm out. But a few minutes later, while I was trying to set up a shot, I noticed that the dark spot on his shorts had gotten bigger. Then I started thinking to myself, is this dude pissing himself! . Well, I missed the shot, and he rebounded. As he moved passed me, I again saw something drip out of his shorts and hit the court. As I turned around and moved into cover while he was dribbling the ball, I saw that the front of his shorts were turning dark red. Suddenly I see that he was dribbling more than just the ball. I stopped and was like dude man, you're whizzing yourself, why don't you go use a tree or something. He was like, nah no need, I'm almost empty. Well he left a hell of puddle for being almost empty. Anyway, we finished the game, and his shorts were almost dry by the time we were done. I did not have the balls to ask him why he peed himself. Maybe I'll ask if I ever see him again.

Eric B.
PLUNGING PLOP GUY: Re your reply to Voi Toi about videos; there are many available of just the act, no porn involved, and they are fully legal to my knowledge. Too bad I can't refer you to sources on this forum, or send you any that I have, but the rules forbid contact. You might try and find a site that advertises them for sale. KIM & SCOTT: Automatic "print" again! Would that I ever find someone as willing to participate in your kind of fun & games. LUC: Your buddy dumps with your cousins were just my ticket! Reminded me of a time when I was about 13, I guess, and had stopped at a campground with my parents. I went to the restroom to take a shower, and there was another kid in a stall taking a shit, so I went in the adjoining one and sat, just to hear him go, and heard him groan and grunt; he was obviously very constipated and not having any success, so I asked him if I could help; he didn't answer me at first but kept groaning and straining--afte! r a minute or two guess he got desparate and asked me what I could do; he said he hadn't gone in 4 days and it was just too hard to pass, so I told him I could help by pressing down on his ass just above his hole;I went in and applied pressure to his crack and felt the huge lump of shit aching to come out; he pushed and strained until we finally got it past his ring, and he yelled in pain as the biggest hunk I'd ever seen came slowly out. I couldn't believe a kid my age could have produced it! Then I felt I needed to go also, and he helped me as I pushed as hard as I could. So this was my one and only experience buddy dumping, and I always wondered if he was as excited as I was by the process. Bye for now......

Look that woman is sqatting in a hotel hallway

To Tom: I liked your was good. Did scott know who you were when you saw him 30 years later??

To Ring Stretcher: I watch Jackass...but i haven't seen that episode..It sounds coool

To Luc: I enjoyed your story about you and your cousins buddy dumping while out camping.

To kim and scott: I loved your story. i hope you don't mind me asking this question...what would happen if your parents came home?? would they care?? would you continue on? or would you hide scott?? Does scott ever shit in front of you??

To Question: If you had an accident in your pants it would be better to have it in briefs..but i prefer boxers.

To Kyle: I loved your story about watching that basball player taking a dump, then you had to. Did you use the same stall that the player was using?? And did you buddy dump??

To Justin: I loved your story about you having to shit and the young guy coming in the bathroom and his kid had to shit....loved it!! and then you got to dump with him.

Last night i was laying in bed when all of a sudden i decide to give my self a suppository as i hadn't had to shit in a few days...About 15 minutes after i inserted it up my a-hole...i began to feel like i had to i decided i would get an old pair of briefs that i don't wear any more.(i don't wear briefs any more...unless i do something like this). I put them on and went into the bathroom and i sat on the toilet and pooped in my old briefs...then when i felt done i squashed my shit up my butt...and then i put it in the toilet and i put my dirty briefs in the sink and washed them by hand till the stain was almost out then i let them dry in my room and threw them back in a drawer. I'm a boxers kind of guy.

STEVE -- That was a lovely tet-a-tet wee in the park for you and Louise. I can see it so clearly! Yes, safety first, no unescorted escaped if there's a maniac on the loose.

RIZZO -- That was a lovely night out on the boat, and I can imagine clearly how it would have been to see the bioluminscence. I've only been lucky enough to see it from underwater on a night dive, a brilliantly-glowing green fire in the water. And I know about everything swimming around when you're on dry land -- I once got so seasick it took two weeks for my middle ear to come right. I was not clued into the standing pee in those days, which is just as well!

KIM -- That's awful, to verbally abuse a person in such a way. It's a meanness that would never have crossed my mind, and it speaks to how base the human race really can be. YUCK. On a happier note, i loved your off-the-counter poo, that must have been spectacular beyond words! And -- this'll make you laugh -- as you got to the point of describing how you wiggled you poo-filled backside in the air as it was all coming out, I automatically started wiggling my own, almost uncontrollably! I'm still grinning! Well done, dear, another amazing performance. BTW, can I subscribe to Shits Illustrated yet? :-) Hahahahaha!!!

All my best,

PS: Got another pee little escapade to report, will write it up very soon!

To Plunging Plop Guy
I also have mild hemerrhoids. A few years ago, they used to bleed whenever I went for a shit, so I tried only to go once per day. But over the last 4 years my diet has become more healthy. I eat a lot of fiber, fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread, and the consistency of my turds has totally changed. They are now rather soft, and fall out of my poop-chute rather than being pushed out. This means that they are quite small because they fall apart as they fall, so the water gets very cloudy and poopy, with very few well-defined turds. But the net result of this is that my hemerrhoids never bleed, just itch occasionally (which can be embarrassing...), and I can shit as often as I need, which sometimes is three times a day and often is two.

This one is pretty funny and takes place at a Billion dollar

We should rig our boats up, invite everybody from here, and
have a poo regatta!


Thanks PETE! You were all over that one, Bud! And to the
rest of you: See, I told Yuz!


I don't know about you folks but after reading about
all these exotic shit stories, the last thing I want to do is go
alone to an uneventful dump. I have to at least call
somebody on the cell phone! Ha Ha ! I've gotta think of
some kind of new and unusual situation to get into!


This is the story of Mickey. My handsome but too wild friend
Marcus, my sort of girlfriend Mickey, and I went out on my sailboat for an afternoon. We were all in high school at the time, and I had only had my boat a few months. Mickey was in drama club and had a gigantic set of hooters. She had reddish brown hair and was the one I officially lost my virginity to. It was early in the spring, and our beautiful sunny day had turned cold and overcast. None of us brought jackets so I anchored in a cove so we could go below
and warm up. As I mentioned before, the cabin only has one room that serves all purposes.We had been there a couple of hours and Mickey apologetically declared she needed to use the toilet. She said she had been constipated for a few days and that she'd better try while she felt she could. I trained her on my portable toilet operation and closed the curtain that divided the cabin in half ( Teaching Chicks how to crap in the plastic pottie is half the fun! ). I could see her feet under the curtain but she was only three feet or so from
me. Marcus was laying on the other side of the cabin and he didn't seem grossed out at all by her request. She sat down and released a long, loud stream of pee that she must have been holding all day. She then started puffing slightly and gave out a grunt occasionally.
Normally women on the toilet were a turn on for me, but for some odd reason her grunting turned me off. Isn't it strange how something that subtle can change the moment? Anyway, I like grunting now and would love to have her repeat the performance. She didn't make much of a smell, but she kept dropping off bunny poops every few seconds.
She was truly toiling away with effort. This lasted a good twenty minutes. Worn out, she finally finished and apologized again when she opened the curtain. She sighed in relief and took her place between us. Marcus and I weren't bothered a bit and had been just laying there with our eyes closed the whole time. I'm sure we both peed once or twice but neither of us had to dump. We finished out our trip and headed for home.

Hi Everyone

So glad you think so sweetie!

I'm at work at the minute but it's Friday so it's very quiet and I thought I'd drop by. I'm in the office this morning and have just come back from the ladies. We have a very strict dress code which says that all the girls have to wear smart suits in the office.

Anyway I went into the cubicle and lifted up my short navy skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees. After I had finished I stood up to wipe myself and my knickers fell to the floor. It was only when I went to pull them up I found that the cleaners had obviously just cleaned the floor and my knickers were all damp.

Absolute horror. My skirt is far too short to not wear any knickers, so as a result I'm now sitting at my desk with wet knickers - no jokes please! Well at least it's Friday! take care, love Julie.x

Friday, May 04, 2001

about people getting there guts sucked out: i have read in a book about a experimental toilet that only used on liter of water to flush. This woman of 70 used it and then flushed it while she was sitting on it, getting ONE METER of her intestines sucked out. Aperrently she vacuumd the seat with her bum. And the intestines where still hanging out of her butt. I dont know if she survived i think they probably stuck it back in again.



When I was a boy of about 11 a new kid moved into town from down South, named Scott. Scott had an appetite like a horse and shit in direct proportion. He wasn't fussy either, he'd drop his pants most anyplace and take a shit, they were huge and the smell was like nothing I'd experienced before or since. He'd squat, lean against a tree or sit over a log, toilet paper wasn't a necessity either, if none was available he'd just pull up his pants and be on his way. He lived in town until he graduated from high school. After that I kind of lost track of him. About a year ago I was in a large city down state on business when the urge to take a dump struck. I entered the men's room in a large government building with about 6 stalls. Only one was taken. I sat down and was immediately aware that the other person in the room was having a serious bowel movement, dropping large turds in a rapid succesion and urninating in spurts, he flushed the toilet and began all over again. The smell wa! s very strong and very familiar, I imediately remembered where I'd smelled this unique aroma before. I finished my business and was washing my hands when the other toilet flushed and there was Scott, 30 years older and obviously not under fed, I said hi to him but doubt that he recognised me, but I knew who he was by the distinctive, sour, pungent smell of his ample shit.

Nice pic on the masthead of a girl looking like she is peeing into the sink-looks a bit like Madonna,doesn't it?-I wouldn't be surprised if it WAS her!I'm sure she had done some crazy stuff!
Took a nice dump in the woods eariler this a.m.Got up at 7am and went to 7-11 and had some OJ and felt the cramps as i was riding out to the wild-had a good sushi dinner last nite so it felt like the sushi was ready to come out soon,but it was one of those I could hold til I found the right spot,which i did after awhile-Now i really had to go-As I was getting undressed,I let out 2 short farts and i went over to this big log and I saw an empty 5 gal bucket that was used to put nails in,so i had an idea-I went over and straddled the bucket and as i was squtting down i let out another long fart and as soon as i got my opening anus over the bucket,out came my sushi in 2 really long turds that came out kinda slow and easy-i didn't have to push at all-the 2nd turd came out faster and went to the side of the bucket-then i looked in the bucket and saw 2 long soft turds about 8 in long each-it felt wonderful coming out too!Then i just took in the morning air and walked around for ! about 5-10 mins and i felt more coming down into my poop chute-i let it build up and then went over and squatted over the bucket and looked between my legs as i saw a bunch of soft stuff come out pretty fast with some farts in betwen the turds coming out-it was like soft ice cream-it was a good dump i'll say-didn't see anyone else in the area as i sat there on this bucket-then it started to stink like low tide-this was s smelly BM-then i wiped my butt with handi wipes-it was a messy wipe too-and just as i was starting to get dressed i had to shit agin so i went over to the bucket and sat down and as i was sitting i farted again and out came all this loose stuff that sprayed into the bucket with a long,wet fart at the end-it was like choc syrup on top of the rest of my poop-Sushi really makes me go a lot-don't know why-i was grunting and groaning the whole time as i pooed cause it felt so wonderful-now i knew i was done and wiped again and got dressed and admired my load in th! e bucket 1 more time and biked home and got on the forum to tell you all-esp the ladies( Carmelita,Renee,Penny Lisa Sandra)Wish you were all there-Like RJOGGER did as he did his good poo-Hey RJOGGER you in the N.E .too? where abouts?I may have run into you already!Yes i would like to run into a woman to buddy poo with too,like you!Have a great day all! BYE


Eric B.
Hi ya'all..some feedback......... VOY TEL: You asked about hidden cameras in restrooms; I have this tape of a Japanese women's where the camera is obviously candid; the toilets are floor level so the women come in and squat to go; the perspective is such that you see only the rear end and product, mostly peeing but a couple of #2 also. First time I'd ever seen that kind of toilet, but I guess it's more common in other countries than here in USA. Actually squatting is a healthier position; allows the anal muscles to relax allowing the shit to move out easier when it's hard. I once built a squatter for my toilet which had padded sides; I used it to make videos of myself so I could stay up on it longer and balance myself better. If I could figure out a way of getting the Japanese video to you you'd have's quite nice! MIKE T: For your women pooping outside, I remember a time when my girlfriend and I were walking in the woods when she suddenly said "I have to s! hit really bad." Well, she didn't know about my voyeuristic tendencies, but was never inclined to closing the bathroom door so wasn't prudish about letting me watch, and proceeded to lower her pants and squat about 5 feet away and on a slight rise so I got a really good view, and she produced a quite nice brown thick turd that curled down between her legs. This was the first time I'd ever seen a women shit, and it has stuck in my memory; we got married and although I saw her go many times in our 7 years together, I could never tell her of my excitement at the process of watching her. I've alluded to it since (we're still good friends) and may just get up the courage in a couple of weeks when I see her again to tell her how I felt. Which reminds me just how wonderful finding this forum has been, to be able to finally talk about this activity in a positive way after 50 years of hiding it. 'Till next time................

Any other men have a real problem shitting in a doorless stall? I work at a JC penney, and some men can sit there in total confidence,with their pantsdown , shitting and farting I am can I overcome my shame?

To Pee Girl and Pee Queen,
I think you do have a point. While everyone is entitled to have their own preference with regard to discussing toilet matters, and that may well be the faecal side of things, I feel that urination is far too often ignored on this forum. Not totally though - look back at the old pages for postings from Louise and myself. There is also PV in particular, and a number of other posters who have contributed. Even the delightful
little blonde dynamo Kim (she of the huge logs!) has been known to describe her pissing style. What I am saying is "yes please", if you have any pee stories to tell, they will be welcome.

To PV,
' "senior diva," that's a respectful and very powerful description of a wonderful woman -- well done! '
Yes indeed, it is very fitting. She is a highly intelligent and assertive lady, and most deserving of the title.
Last evening, Louise and I took a stroll through the park. The weather was good, with a virtually cloudless sky and nice temperature. As I had been expecting, Louise wanted to water her favourite spot by the bushes, and dragged her knickers down to her knees. Squatting, she looked an absolute picture, a great twisting yellow torrent squirting from between her bronzed thighs. Creating some local flooding, blades of grass projected above the surface of the shallow pool of urine which took its time soaking gradually into the soil. When she had finished, it was my turn. She took aim with my penis at a tree of her choice, and my stream splattered and bounced off the rough bark. Hopefully that will be the first of many such outings, but for the moment I think it best that I accompany her every time.
I have nothing further to add at the moment. Louise and I will have most of our time taken up until the middle of next week, so I will probably post again then.

To Carmalita,
Thanks for the compliment, kind senorita. I did indeed care for the girl, as she was a fine human being. Perhaps it is true that latina women are typically reserved about dumping, if your account of your Aunt Rosa and the behaviour of my former girlfriend are reliable evidence. Possibly others have experiences which contradict such a notion ...
Louise and I do have a very good relationship. I think we communicate very well, both verbally and non-verbally. We have our own interests as individuals, but we have plenty in common too, and importantly, we can laugh at the same things.

Bye for now,


Does anyone know of any movies with good female shtitting or pissign scenes?? the only one i have seen so far is Denise calls up which has an implied shitting scene.

I don't know what happens in the states but most British shopping malls play canned music in the toilets, so you can't hear any noises from adjacent stalls. This is a great disappointment to me, as I like to hear what's going on...

Hi to all of you!

Suddenly there's a girl peeing on the floor, the puddle making its way to a drain; then there's a girl peeing in the sink, but the posts remain the same as the day before!

To CLAIRE, just before I left for a few days sailing I read your post about the London Marathon. Yes, I can just imagine what it was like with all those people around, the queues in front of the loos and nowhere to go in privacy. Poor you! But as you were not alone in your predicament, it probably wasnít that bad. It is a natural thing to have to poop before something exciting like the start of a race. Birds drop a shit just before take off. Lugging useless balast into the air costs energy. Something similar happens to us, the body prepares for running away in flight by releasing excess weight.

I once experienced a different and maybe related phenomenon when I could lay a turd on command: marking ďmyĒ territory! It happened when my girl friend (wife to be) and I camped in the wild about 2 kilometres from a small official camping ground where we went to fetch water, and about 12 kilometres away from the next village. We had set up our little tent in a clearing between some juniper trees behind some sand dunes near a glorious beach. We regarded the clearing as ďourĒ front garden. While we were having our late afternoon tea, we heard a car approach on the sandy track that led to where we were. It stopped right in front of our clearing, and a whole french speaking family tumbled out. Although they were 40 metres away, we could overhear them discussing where they would set up their tent, where they would park the car and so forth. We could only see them above their knees, because the ground had a slight hollow over there. The woman in a black single piece bathing suit! seemed to sit on the ground while talking to her husband. After a while they piled back into the car with the obvious intention of returning.
What cheek, we thought! There is enough room for setting up tents for kilometres around, why do they have to come here right next to us? I became all worked up and strode over to where they had pointed that they would set up their tent, pulled my red boxer shorts down over my tanned ginger haired fuzzy thighs, squatted and immediately began pushing out a light brown soft poo that coiled around itself to form a nice pat about 15 cm across with a pointy bit sticking out of the top. Some pee followed and I was done. I wiped with a tissue that I then buried in the sand. The turd looked prettier without the tissue, I thought. Pulling up my pants I noticed that there was a damp pee spot between two foot prints arranged in a V in the sand over where the woman had sat or squatted. She must have pulled the crotch of her bathing suit to one side to mark ďherĒ territory!
A little time later mosquitoes that had been hiding in the branches began attacking us in considerable numbers and we moved our tent quickly to a more exposed spot on higher ground where there was more of a breeze and less bugs. The car did eventually come back, stopped, someone got out, got back in and the car drove off again!
Sorry if anybody minds my going ďmetricĒ today for a change, but it is the system I usually have to deal with.

To JAN from OK, I loved your account of going in the field next to the tractor! How neat of you to drop your poop so that the plough would cover it up! It should be good fertilizer too, shouldnít it? How about having a look to see if the crop will be greener there! Wouldnít it be convenient to keep some tissue in your back pocket for such emergencies? But donít forget to take the tissue out of that back pocket again before your pants go into the washing machine!! A clogged filter would be the result! Looking forward to your next post, Rizzo.

To STEVE, sorry I did not answer your question about the barbecue. After that first great wee the blond girl became somewhat selfconcious and retired behind the bush for her next wees. The girl who had walked far away into the night for her first wee, did not bother to go so far any more and went behind the same bush that all the other girls used. We boys watered the said bush from the front. The roots of that bush must have been drenched with pee in the end! Yes, it was a very memorable barbecue!

To CARMALITA dear, you asked me what part of the country I was from. I suppose you meant the US. Look, I live on the other side of the Atlantic in Old Europe! From where I live to get my feet wet in the sea is less than a five minute walk. But you are only a few mouse clicks away on this site! I just LOVE to read your highly descriptive stories and your kind and sweet words you have for everybody you post to! Hereís a hug from Rizzo!

To STEPHANIE, you poor girl! That outing to the UN must have been a horrible ordeal! But you may consider yourself lucky under the circumstances that you had a teacher with a creative imagination and plenty of plastic bags to help you! And then you were lucky that you could throw up holding the diarrhea in, and only letting that out when you received another plastic bag! When I am that sick, the heaves of my stomach make me spew simultaneously at both ends! And that is a terrible mess if not sitting on a toilet holding a bucket on my lap! I sincerely hope that you have recovered in the meantime! Ah, yes, there is another thing: you probably meant your vulva when you mentioned your vagina. It might be useful to look up the names of the different parts of your anatomy down there, so that when you go to see a gynecologist on day, you will able to communicate better. I wish you all the best, Rizzo!

Wo..... Look at that picture!! See what that girl is doing?? I've done the same exact thing before in my bathroom sink(sit over the sink and clean your butt and or poop in it like it's the toilet).

I have a story for you. I was at work today, and i had to go to this training session(a class) which was about 4 hours long with a few little breaks. There were about 15 people in the class 2 guys(including me) and the rest were ladies. I didn't know any body else because my company is so big it's broken down into departments.I sat down at an empty table since i didn't know any one then a little while later this cute guy comes in who was about my age, maybe a little older and he sat with me the whole time and we were talking a bit. Then i started thinking wouldn't it be cool if he had to shit while there...and i kept thinking of it. During the 1st break i went to the bathroom to pee and i had thought this guy had gone in the bathroom but he didn't. Then a little while later on another break i see him get up and go to the bathroom(the bathroom was right across from the conference room). So i got up and i figured i would go in and see what he was doing and i had to pee a bi! t any way.....Sure enough i go in and he is sitting on the toilet with his pants down to his legs. I stood there at the urinal and peed for a few seconds and i heard him farting and some plopping going on. It sure sounded like things were a bit loose. Then as i was washing up i heard him grab tp then i went out...cause i didn't want him to see me in there. Guess he had to shit because i saw him eating Mcdonalds before the class. This bathroom has one stall in the back and one urinal that has alot of water in it, and 2 sinks. I've been in that bathroom many of times before today. I was also hoping i would have to shit. I wonder if this young dude enjoys his shitting like me

Thursday, May 03, 2001

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