I read Austin's comment on toilets on ships, trains,
and airplanes that use a vacuum flush system and that if your ass makes too good a seal with the seat, it can literally suck your
intestines out. I definitely remember reading a small item in a big-city reputable newspaper several years ago about this happening to an elderly woman on a cruise ship.

I found that article on the vacuum toilet and the elderly woman. It was UPI in San Francisco Chronicle Friday, March 6, 1987:

In a bizarre tragedy that "almost defies belief," an elderly woman had her intestines sucked out by a vacuum toilet aboard a cruise ship last September, a doctor reported in a letter to a medical journal Thursday (the Journal of the American Medical -Association (JAMA): JAMA March 6, 1987 257(9):1177)

Dr. J. Brendan Wynne, an orthopedic physician with the Osteopathic Medical Center in Philadelphia, said he wrote the letter to the American Medical Association to alert physicians and the public to the possible dangers of vacuum toilets, which are common aboard ships and airplanes.

"Whether this occurrence represents a malfunction of this particular vacuum system, or if this could occur with any vacuum type of toilet, I do not know," he said. "But it certainly bears further investigation."

"I realize this almost defies belief," Wynne acknowledged in a telephone interview. "Our friends wouldn't believe us when we told them and I've never heard of anything like it."

Wynne said he was vacationing aboard the Greek-registered Pegasus docked near Vancouver, British Columbia, on Sept. 22 when he responded to an emergency call aboard the ship's loudspeaker.

Wynne's wife, a registered nurse, said that when the ship's mate told them what had happened, "we thought she was hysterical."

But when the couple arrived at the woman's cabin, they found her lying on a bunk with "several feet of small intestine'' trailing behind her, Wynne said.

The woman, 70 years old and slightly obese, was alert but obviously in pain, he said. She told him that she had flushed the toilet while seated and the suction had "pulled everything out."

"Apparently," Wynne said, "her buttocks and thighs completely occluded the opening of the toilet seat, causing the full force of the vacuum to be applied to the (pelvic) area."

Wynne said the woman kept repeating, "Why didn't anybody warn me?"

A multilingual sign posted next to the toilet read in English, "This toilet operates on a vacuum system. Please do not throw any object except toilet paper."

Wynne speculated that because the woman was elderly, her pelvic muscles may have been weakened or she may have had pelvic surgery, both of which could have contributed to the accident. He said the only other cases of evisceration he has heard about occured in car accidents or falls from a great height.

Although Wynne said he did not know what happened to the woman after an ambulance crew responded to the emergency call, a check with Vancouver authorities confirmed the woman was taken to the Royal Columbian Hospital.

Dan VanKeeken, director of communications for Royal Columbian, said the woman, a Phoenix resident, was admitted to the hospital, where she was treated for 10 days and released. VanKeeken said no other information was available about the woman's present whereabouts, "but the nurse said she left looking pretty good."

Sam Malad, a spokesman for the now-defunct Neptune Cruises, which booked passengers aboard the Pegasus to accommondate overflow from Expo 86, called the incident a "real human tragedy" but said he did not know if any precautions have since been taken.

"I'm pretty sure some sort of warning is already there about not flushing when you're sitting down," he said. "I mean, that vacuum is pretty strong."

Malad said he did not know whether a lawsuit had been filed as a result of the incident.

New York representatives for Epirotiki Lines, owner of Pegasus, defered inquiries to their home office in Athens, where no one could be reached for comment. The Pegasus is currently on a South American cruise.

Ring Stretcher
Hi all! Glad you liked my outdoor shit story. I'm really enjoying shitting big ones and can't wait to do another giant log outdoors again. Hopefully boyfriend will be with me the next time. It took some straiing to get it out, but felt alot better than some of my lumpy "adobe logs" as my boyfriend calls them.

Does anyone watch Jackass? This cute guy, Bam, broke his buttbone and at the hospital they showed his X-ray and you could see his genitals quite clearly plus a load of shit inside his intestines. He said, "Make sure MTV get this." It was so funny.
Another time one of them went snorkeling in a sewage treatment tank.

No fantastic shit stories to report. When I have one I'll be sure to report it.

Hi to Bryian, Kim, Anne the bus driver, Buzzy and everybody else!

The other day my mom caught me with a big poo in my panties. I did it at the mall, tried to hold on till I got home but couldn't. She knew right away what I had done and as soon as we got home was like "Nikki, did you poop your panties again?"

Lifting up the back of my litle skirt I guess I was caught out enough. Anyway I made with the tears and know what? She actually felt sorry for me. Go figure eh.


See, I told ya! Traveling guy saw one! I think the two
poor victims I heard about were in third world countries so
I don't think it's very common. I just love to pass on little
trivia whenever I remember it.


It's hard to describe without a picture, but on my hand it's
about 1 1/4 inches from the web, towards the wrist. If you
picture your thumb and forefinger as a 'V', its right at the
base of the 'V' . Also, thanks for the compliment. Since
UNISEX bathrooms are new and most people are sensitive
about using them, I try to be very considerate and not let my
hormones get the best of me. If we all are polite and not act
like a bunch of pervs, people will get comfortable with using
them and we will get to participate in some social change.

TO JULIE You Rock Baby !

MOVIES Detroit Rock City has gotta get a four star!


I think the director wanted to do a poo scene but was afraid
if he got too graphic it would get edited out. There is clearly
a sink in the background and she is definately sitting on
something. She also makes a little grunt while she is talking.
I think the concept is that she is having labor pains but she
thinks its bathroom pains. This is pretty common with
pregnant women. If you see it you will have no doubt about
what she's up to, it's just a little more subtle.


I tried this one two days ago, but I just got too urgent and had to use the park outhouse.
Boring! So this my successful nature dump story. Hiking in Colorado has to be one of the
best things around. The trees and rocks are just incredible. I decided to go up Mt. Falcon.
It is a long, winding trail, and you can climb up several hundred feet in a relatively short
time. I was most of the way up the mountain, knowing that my load was near and noticing
that there was not a soul around. It is one of the few places that you can actually see
several square miles around you and not one human being. I love it! I could have squatted
right there in full view and no one would even know! But I wasn't going to do that, I was
going to find a special spot. As always, I watch for the best poo spots along any trail,
since I may need one and to see if others have used them. Right when I found the best
one, some motion caught the corner of my eye. A red haired, fifties-ish lady came hiking
down from above. I had really found the only good place to poo and I wondered if she had
been waiting to see someone use it. A long lost cousin of PV perhaps? Who knows. I just
let her pass because you can't know stuff like that unless you can talk a while with them. I
continued to the top of the mountain and down the other side of it. Now the view was
really spectacular! Not only that, my urge was getting spectacular. I really had to take a
power-shit! The problem was that the trail was narrow and the mountain was steep. You
could not really leave the trail. I didn't want to just unload in the middle of the trail
because people get wierd about the idea of ruining the natural beauty, and there was not
one scrap of paper the size of a postage stamp for ten miles. I was in trouble. Finally, I
decided to climb up the hillside a few yards. I found a rock with a beautiful view and sat
on it. I pulled down my black shorts and moved my gray T-shirt out of the way. I then
started the brown flow that seemed to last forever. It started out smooth and got bubbly
and crackly towards the end. It was truly enormous for me. It never broke off and lasted
15 or 20 seconds. Stretched out it would have been 16 to 18 inches, but it just made one
big blob. It was a #381, with #3 size, #3 consistency, broken ends and "gas bubbley"
texture. I then used the ultimate toilet paper: The blue shop towel. I call them Ultimate
Blues. I always keep them in my truck because they also are great for cleaning stuff up (ha
ha). I felt like I lost ten pounds. I moved a few feet away and just sat there, exhausted
from the climb and the massive shit. I buried my ultimate blue since I wasn't going to be
the one to trash out all that virgin beauty, and finished a great day on the mountain.

Jenny A.
One night at an outdoor concert my 6 year old Daughter was bursting to go. I took her to a portaloo where there were long queues. She said she could not wait. I took her away from there and asked if she wanted to go home. She did not want to do that so I then said do you want to wait in line again or do it on the ground or in your pants. She decided she would go in her pants, so she stood there,looked at me,and so she wet her pants completely. Nobody else noticed and by the time we left it was dark anyway.

el duderino
i forgot to add, its only after i take a big shit that i get the bleeding...i can always feel my poop stretching my hole, like my hole is abnormally small or that possible??

Lots of folks here have regullar buddy dumps. I especially enjoy the coed ones -- an experience I have not had. But I did have one with my cousins when we out camping one Spring day. We were delegated the firewood chore and while out collecting (my 10 and 11 year old cousins and I) they said they both had to go number 2 and so did I. We went one at a time so we could watch each other. First went cousin John, the older one. He dropped his pants to his knees, stuck out his bottom (not a deep squat) and almost immediately his asshole swelled and a smooth, fat light brown turd emerged at a steady pace. It stopped after about 6 inches, sticking straight out. "Unhhhh, Unnnhhh," John pushed and another 4 inches emerged, tapered off quickly and the solid mass dropped to the leaves with a thud. We gave John some paper and as he wiped Tommy unzipped his shorts and pulled out his little peter for a wee. He sent the stream arching high for about 20 seconds and as soon as he was finished h! e positioned himself over John's deposit and began to strain. He let a couple of farts, pfffft, pfft pfffft. John and I kneeled down behind him the better to see the operation and watched as his hole puckered in and out. "Unnnh' gronted Tommy. He pushed again and we saw the tip of his brown log poke out then go back in. "It's a fat one!" he said. He pushed again and a nobby fat log started out. After about 3 inches it broke off, but we sould see the rest stretching his hole wide. "GGGnnnnnnhhhh" said Tommmy, and the rest of his massive fat jobbie started out. Piece broke off but it kept coming. In all it wasn't as long as John's but I bet it weighted as much. It was darker in color. As Tommy wiped, I had my shorts comptletely off. Thank goodness it was still too early Spring for the Jersey mosquitos to be out. I sort of stood but jutted my backsid out and spread my cheeks to give my cousins a better view. I had to push a few times. Blasted a huge fart "Blaaaat" followed by a f! ew small ones "phhht, phhht" a my own fat turd started to emerge. "Here it comes, guys" I announced proudly and my jobbied slid out slowly in one huge piece, lumpy at the beginning but t smoothed out and dropped next to my cousins' big loads.
"Where the hell are you kids!" my uncle called. I pulled up my shorts in a jiff, we collected our piles of wood and strode ack to camp. Boy did we feel better!

I also witnessed a buddy dump, also on a camping trip. That's a story for next time.

Re: your Mark Twain quote: did you know he wrote one of the funniest stories "1601" about farting? The story is in Queen Elizabeth I's court where someone has just cut a silent but deadly. In the language of Shakespeare the Queen questions each of the courtiers, men and women. Their responses and finger pointing are hilarious.
There aren't a lot of references to or favorite subject in classical literature but I wonder if our scholars out there have any citations they would like to share. There is, of course, the scene in Portnoy's Complaint, but that book is borderline prurient and I am not referring to hyat kind of stuff.

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post. recently my father went to a business meeting and he took my mother along with him. this left me in the house all alone so i called my boyfriend scott over. scott said he would be over in a few minutes as we hung up the phone. at the time i was wearing a white spandex top,tight blue jeans and white sandal high heeled shoes on my feet but i quickly went into my bedroom and changed into my yellow spandex top that said "stay healthy .keep fit" on the front in big black letters and yellow thong bikini bottoms. i was also barefoot . with long hanging blond hair in back and a yellow headband around my head. i then waited for scott to arrive. he arrived soon wearing a white tank top,black exercise pants and white sneakers. scott and i then exercised in the basement for awhile. when we were done we were starving so i ordered two pizza pies . one cheese and one pepperoni to be delivered to my door. when the pizza arrived sco! tt and i pigged out. when the pizza was all done i felt a huge,solid motion coming on! my ass was quivering in my thong just aching to blast this monsterous beast out! this was not surprising that i had to have a log so bad because i had an enormous breakfast earlier of scrambled eggs,three waffles,a bagel,10 breakfast sausages, a banana and a big glass of orange juice.i told scott i had to squeeze out a massive torpedo but first i had a little fun with him in the kitchen as i flashed him my 200 watt cover girl smile and gave my hair a sexy shake as i quickly took off my clothes landed neatly at my feet. scott took off his clothes too and surprisingly picked me up off my feet .cradling me in his arms as he carried me all the way upstairs to my bathroom. scott and i have to do this sorta thing more often!haha! when we entered the bathroom scott put me down. i then thought of an idea as i knelt my nude body on the bathrooms countertop and told scott to get some old ! newspaper and put them on the floor and get my camcorder. scott did what he was told by putting the paper on the floor and getting the camcorder. i wanted scott to film me blasting out a log while kneeling on the bathrooms countertop. scott has seen me before shoot out logs on the toilet ,even facing away from him kneeling on the toilet but never while on the bathrooms countertop until now! "ready when you are honey!" scott said smiling pointing the camcorder on me."ok scott. you can begin filming now!i said smiling as i began to push. my ass then quivered excitedly as my ring expanded real wide. i knew this log was going to be an absolute monster! as i started to push it out of me. i then pushed harder as my log grew bigger and bigger and my ring expanded wider and wider! i then squeezed harder as my log grew to an incredible size! "wow! kimmy your squeezing out another monster log from your ass!" scott said excitedly "yes scott" i replied as i kept pushing my ever-growing t! urd out! this log was like a runaway train their was no stopping it now as i closed my eyes and squeezed real hard. really airing my log out this time! as i wiggled my log filled ass from side to side teasing the hell out of scott! i then took a deep breath moaning "OOOOOOHHHHH" as i blasted out an enormous, hugely thick torpedo onto the newspapered floor.. "wow" scott said as he looked at my log and quickly went to get the measuring tape. when scott came back he measured my log at 21 inches long. 4 inches thick. 21x4 baby not a bad sized log for a sexy,little college blond cheerleader huh? i may be little but i shit log looked like a salami in front of a deli it was soo enormous and thick! scott then took the newspaper with my log on it and slipped it into the bowl. i then asked scott to hand me some toilet paper. he did so as i then aroused scott some more by wiping my ass with my ass sticking out at him while i knelt on the bathrooms countertop.I was moaning in pleas! ure all the while. after this i put the used paper in the bowl and flushed. scott and i then enjoyed a bath together. after this we saw the camcorder tape of me shooting out a log. it was fun seeing my nude quivering body bang out a log right at you like it was a 3-D movie!haha! hoped ya liked the story. love,kim and scott
TO PV-hello my friend. when carmalita told you she was teased because of her color. this is not unusual. most colored people including my black boyfriend scott has suffered racism. there is not as much racism as their used to be but much needs to be done still. just so you know pv! be well!
TO ERIC B.-thanks for liking our stories and printing em out too! thats very flattering. your a nice guy.
TO LOGGER-your a nice guy also. so you are a famous artist huh? maybe one day i can pose in the buff for you and you can paint me blasting out one of my mammoth beasts!haha! i am sure we would both get a thrill from this! JOHN(VT) a fellow poster wants me to pose for a "Shit illustrated magazine later but after this i would be glad to pose for you! its nice to be in demand.I tell you you would need a lot of brown paint to fully paint my superlogs!haha. and by the way my boyfriend scott draws catoons and pictures . hes not a pro but hes really good! well logger take care of yourself and thanks for liking the big pooping ladies so much.
plus- thanks to my other admirers on this site for pumping me up(no pun intended) with your flattering comments about me and my posts. thanks! bye now!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, toilet people!

EL DUDERINO, Whether the doctor is a friend of the family or not should not prevent you from seeing him in confidence about something that could be important, and what's more important than your health?
I'm sure he won't discuss your visit with anyone else; he's not allowed to discuss patient's consultations with friends anyway.
Please go and see him, put your mind at rest, and find out what was wrong and hopefully avoid it happening again! Best wishes!

MATTHEW, Sorry you're having problems with piles. I saw a documentary on British tv where someone had the banding method and was cured and never had any more problems.
Did you see a specialist? the one I saw said we all have haemorrhoids but the differences is the degree to which they affect us by getting inflamed or moving down and usually as a aresult of a tough bowel movement. Are you having constipated turds which cause the problem?
My advice would be to not give up and keep on until you get satisfaction either by conventional medicine, high fibre diet and lots of water to drink, or trying alternative therapists.
It's a case of not being fobbed off and told you'll have to live with it as a doctor told me once! He had had an operation himself which wasn't successful, but the banding method should work, and if it didn't in your case, perhaps there's another one they missed.
I wish you well but know how frustrating these things are when there seems to be no cure. be prepared to pay for treatment if that's the only way, but check it out first.

AUSTIN, You said the toilets you found where they were two to a cubicle were 5" apart!! Sounds great and that must be for those of us who like company when we shit!
I've heard of double toilet cubicles in some night clubs, and a friend who visited Germany some years ago found one like that, but 5" apart! WOW!!

DAZZ, Hi! Glad you've got your cistern replaced. Mine went once; it had a leak, and a replacement old fashioned white porcelain cistern I had to relace it cost quit a lot, so these plumbing jobs are expensive.
Like you say, toilets in Australia certainly seem to have been designed with loud bum-splashing plopping in mind! I wish there were still as many of that type in Britain!
I would think a 10" drop from seat level to water trap is the usual depth on the older ones here, but a whole foot drop as you mention must increase enjoyment!
I really envy you with such consistent bum-splashing but you do drop good sized logs! Mine are still rather small, but I do get a fair sprinkling of toilet water on my toilet muscle when I drop mine, but isn't there a variety in where the water splashes up? Sometimes on one buttock, then the next turd splashes up the arse or the other buttock, sometimes just behind or on the balls or the thighs towards the front but I'd love a few good splashes on my dick as some toilets seem to provide!
I still remember once about 10 years ago, sitting on a metal toilet and dropping a fair sized turd and getting the best splash of my life, my entire toilet zone was drenched! Ecstacy!!

So, most guys in Australia have a good chance of having their arses splashed on the toilet; there must be some great sounds heard in public toilets! I wish there were much more here as there must have been not all that many years ago, but there wasn't the internet around then for us to talk about such interesting topics!
Glad you're feeling better, and hope you find some strong toilet paper to feel against your balls when you sit on the toilet, and keep eating beans as I do!
As regards legislation for dual flushing cisterns, that might apply to non-residential buildings here, otherwise in the home there's no contol on water efficiency, but there's a move towards water metering so the financial savings will probably be an incentive to reduce consumption.
Great plopping and reverberating farts and plops in your bathroom!

VOY TOI, I'd love to know more about video films such as you describe! I've visited one or two web sites that claim to feature
a toilet web-cam but all that happens is you waste time looking at a toilet with no-one using it!
I was naiive enough to imagine it was a live recording and that at any moment someone would appear and sit on it and use it, but has someone really fixed up a camera in these toilets or is it a con?
Anyway, as regards any toilet activity videos, I'd have thought they'd all be porn-related but if there are some just showing people using them , that sounds fascinating, if only to see what different techniques people use.

All for now, good healthy and happy toileting to everyone! P P G

If I had an accident in my pants would it be better to be wearing briefs or be wearing boxers?

LOUISE: Thanks for taking the time to say hi to me, made me feel a whole lot better. You're right I now feel a lot more comfortable about weeing in front of people, even thought I've still only done it twice.

Nothing very interesting has happened today, I've been in my office all day. I did go for a #2 earlier and my boss was in the ladies just washing her hands. She said hi as I went into the cubicle, and started asking me about this months sales. I was tempted to leave the door open but wasn't sure about how she would take it so I shut the door and started chatting back as I pulled up my skirt. I started to wee and then my poo came at an alarming rate and when it landed in the bowl I'm sure Jackie (my boss) hesitated but then carried on talking without any comment.

After I pulled my knickers up and flushed I came out of the stall and Jackie was waiting by the basins asking me about one thing and another. I must have been blushing as she asked me why i was all flustered. Does anyone else have this problem when 'going' in public?

Shawn, I agree letting a load go while standing is better than sitting. One you have more room and two gravity helps let load slide and it can move to let more out also.

Hi to all of you!

The last few days were spent at sea in my boat with my wife and our little dog. To the curious: the dog poops on to the forward side decks. It cannot fall over the side because bulwarks like low walls go all around the forward part of the boat. A little pink plastic shovel and a bucket with sea water are the tools for the ensuing clean-up.
To CARMALITA, thanks for your wet kiss! Your are a sweet and exciting gal for sure! I hope your brown soup soon turns into solid jobbies again!
To RENEE, thanks for your good wishes! I would not have mentioned it, but taking the time differences into account, you were still celebrating the end of your birthday when mine was already beginning! So I considered the celebrations as simultaneous! By the way, I toasted to you with very dark red wine. We had grilled salmon and steamed cabbage with new potatoes on the 25th. My wife is such a good cook. I am soooooooooooo lucky! She baked whole meal grainy bread with pumpkin seeds in her electric bread cooker. The poops that such bread produces are spectacular! I wish you, Patsy and your unorthodox family all the best!
To JEFF A. Thanks to you too, a person I would really love to meet. But meeting you here is far better than never having met you at all!
To STEVE.. your measurements of flow rates must have been interesting to conduct! Louise does have an impressive stream! And now I read that she even peed into the pool standing on one leg and pulling up the other: A variation on the scissors way of peeing into a sink? Wow, I would have loved to have been in the pool with you!
PV dear, I was thinking about you on Friday night! We had sailed to one of our favourite spots some thirty miles (nautical) down the coast. I got up after midnight to check if the anchor was holding and saw that the anchor chain seemed to glow light blue below the surface of the sea! Plankton! So I decided to give the sea a test pee! Right there leaning against the pulpit with the wind fanning my fuzzy bum! (My wife says I have a perky butt!) The effect was not as spectacular as I have described before, but the last drops produced little blue flashes in the sea.
We saw no dolphins the next days however, because the weather turned nasty and cold with high winds, rain and hail. Back in the office everything seems to be swaying after a few days on the boat. I have difficulties in peeing into the toilet bowl, need to sit down for better aim!
I hope you are continuing to recondition your reflexes with success! Your now famous beach wees do show that you can let go on command! Perfect control at your finger tips! (How true, how true!)
I wonder how Kendal is getting on. Love to you from Rizzo.
To AUSTIN.. your reflections on boat toilets, everyone his toilet under the settee, made me grin. What an idea! The toilet on board my boat is a Lavac type and flushes out through the hull into the sea. Over at this side of the Atlantic regulations about discharge are not that strict. As long as the poops of two million people go directly into the sea with only very few treatment plants in operation things will not change.
To BEN; to wet yourself in the movies in order to make your friend feel less embarrassed is touching. I donít think I would have had the guts to do that, you know!
And to CAROL Housewife, that account of your big one in the bucket was gorgeous! And the fart in the office: it should be part of every management course!!!
To all the others I have failed to mention, but who write the most entertaining posts I say: keep the posts rolling! Rizzo

Good morning, Carmalita -
I see you haven't posted in a couple of days and I'm already missing your wonderful stories. I see there is another Simon here so I hope you can tell which one is which. I am the one who you pooped for and now wants to marry you! How I'd love us to be walking through the woods when you decide to squat down and deliver one of your monster poops and then ask me to wipe you. Heaven! Take care now!

Friday night before going to bed I was sitting on the toilet. I had been constipated for the last four days. Usually when this happens my wife gives me a glycerine suppository.If that doesn't work, a Fleet enema. Then I'm alright. Sometimes for months. But for some reason I was being difficult and didn't want anything this time. My wife comes into the bathroom to brush he teeth, sees me sitting there and says "If you're still having trouble I wish you'd let me give you something. I don't know what the big deal is all of a sudden." I mumbled something about it starting to break up and I'll be alright in the morning. I then went to bed.

When my wife came into the bedroom, she had a suppository with her. She pulled the covers off me and said "come on hon, let me insert this before we go to sleep. You've gone long enough without having a BM." I asked if I "had to". She said "yea, come on it'll won't hurt and it'll make you feel a lot better." I still had my underpants on so she started pulling them off. I turned on my side, pulled them down the rest of the way, and she stuck it up there for me. Saying that "We should have done this the other day. It's ridiculous that you let in get this bad."

She turned off the light and as she was getting into bed, I told her it feels like it wants to come out already. She took my hand and told me lay close to her and try to relax and keep it in for a while. "Because if it didn't work, I was going to get an enema in the morning." Then said something about wishing she had of picked one up for me when she was out earlier.

Anyway, she was right. Laying with her helped me to relax. Although I could still feel the thing sitting in my rectum, It no longer felt like it was going to come right out. I became errect. And to make a long story short, we made love.

When we were through, we were holding each other and she asked me "why don't you go sit on the john for a little while. That suppository should be working." I really didn't want to because I didn't feel a great urge to go. I just want to lay with her. But she said "come on I'll go with you." She took my hand and we walked nude into the bathroom. I went a little. Mostly small balls with a lot of gas. She told me to wipe. And said "lets go back to be bed and we'll see how you feel in the morning."

My wife got up early to run some erraands. I was half awake when she walked into the bedroom around 10 o'clock. She asked if I'd been to the bathroom yet. I shook my head no. She then said "I picked up an enema for you. Lets get it over with so we can enjoy our day off." I said "okay, but let me pee first."

When I returned to the bedroom she took the fleet out of it's box, removed the cap and told me to lie on the bed with my butt in the air like last time. She was real nice about it. Telling me things like "it won't hurt," and "it'll make me feel better" and "I'll stay with you"

I was still nude from the night before. So I assumed the position. She gently inserted the tip, squeezed the medicine up my rectum, put the empty bottle aside, squeezed my butt cheeks to help me retain the enema. Then she rubbed me and was talking to me to help me relax so I could keep it in long enough to do some good.

When I couldn't hold it any longer, I ran to the bathroom. I barely sat down and it just exploded out of me. I don't think I ever pooped so much in my life. When I was through, my wife, who rubbed my stomach while I was going because I had cramps, told me that if I ever let myself get that plugged up again, I'm going to get her foot up my a** instead of an enema.

Hi Louise,

Oh, I'd have paid money to be there and sharing your poolside adventures! Mm-mmm! We could have had a "staling" contest across the pool when it was time to change the water...

Yes, I really enjoyed the wee behind the garage. I remembered having filled that bucket last year, the one I forgot until it fermented! And I thought, heck, give the ground some nitrogen... I popped round back and had a big, easy flow in the sunshine.

No new adventures yet, but there's got to be something happening! I'm glad you enjoyed that horsey anecdote -- yes, I did a double-take at what I was seeing, it's pretty rare. They must have adopted a policy of not sanitizing the program but leaving it more or less as it would have been last century -- at least to the extent of not "tidying up" things like that. Many recreations of past times are criticized as too neat... Or maybe they simply missed the problem, or it was the actors' best take on the dialogue, or they couldn't reshoot for other reasons... Whatever, it ended up on air, and I bet some of the social moral wallahs did a few laps of the room!

Happy weeing, darling,


PS: I tell a lie, there is something worth reporting -- it ties in with Coprologist's post about pooing/peeing simultaneously. This morning I knew I needed a really desperate wee and when I thumped down and relaxed I realized I was pooping too. When I was finished weeing I looked into the bowl between my legs and to my amazement there was a good-sized turd down there too. I hadn't *really* noticed it putting in an appearance! Oh, and for the record, in contrast to the lots of ladies who say they draw their panties and other clothing down only just far enough to do their business, I have habitually always dropped things to below the knees, or to my ankles, so I can spread my legs wide. This means I can watch what happens without missing anything, and it's easy to wipe from the front. When wearing kneeboots I find myself having to adjust, as I can't get my things any lower than my knees!

PPS: Cute masthead -- it brings back memories, I've gone on the bathroom floor a fair few times just for fun too!

To Voytoi: I've seen some amateur hidden camera videos of guys taking a shit in public restrooms. I agree that they are real interesting. I often see guys shitting in stalls without doors, but you can't easily stand there and watch and they change the way they shit if someone is observing them. With hidden camera vids, the guys don't know they are being observed and it's real interesting for toilet fans to see the different ways guys do it. Some get almost naked and others keep covered up. Some make all sorts of facial contortions and others are more relaxed. Some read while dumping and others just stare into space. Some use large amounts of TP and wipe until their assholes are real clean. Others use just a small square of TP and I guess they must have real bad skid marks later. Yeah, hidden camera vids are real cool especially those with good sound. I've seen some with overhead cameras so you can see the guy's logs when he stands to wipe or flush.

To Austin: Are you sure that could really happen with a vacuum-type toilet?? I find that hard to beleive. What about astronauts in space? I've learnt about how they go to the bathroom in space, and those toilets use a strong vacuum pump. And it only works if you stay seated, so that there's a suction. If there's no risk of doing that in space, why would it be different on earth?

To Bryian: No, my friend didn't watch me crap that time, and he didn't let me watch him either. We're open with each other about crapping, but not that much open yet. A few times I have seen him taking a crap, but usually only by accident. Most of those times happened when we were at summer camp together and I have a few good stories about that. But I'll save them for another time.

To Ben: Please post more stories soon.

To AUSTIN: I tried that think where your squeeze the muscles inbetween you thumb and first finger. It seemed to work, with in a few min i had a BM. It was fairly small.

I like that new picture...that girl looks like a teenager(like she might be 12) I guess she looks like a 12 y.o because she has pig tails and it looks like she had to pee bad.

Me and buddies recently drove to a nearby town (about an hour away) to watch an away game of our Highschool baseball team. We arrived at the field at the same time as the schoolbus transporting the team. I had to take a dump (we'd left just after lunch) and walked to the restroom at the same time as the baseball team members. They were a little ahead of me. Two guys were pissing at the trough urinal near the entrance to the bathroom so I went to the two doorless stalls. The first one was occupied by a guy taking a leak and I thought there was a guy pissing in the second one. In it, however, there was a guy who I did not know too well starting to pull down his baseball uniform pants and getting ready to take a dump. I started asking him questions about the game etc. and I saw he did not want to sit down on the crapper while I was standing there. He kinda just stood there facing me so I moved a bit away to a position in front of the first stall which was still in use by another guy pissing. Other guys came in and I just kinda moved down so I stood in front of the crapping guy's stall. He was sitting by then and had no choice but to take his shit with me standing there. I asked him some questions about the game, but he seemed shy and answered just yes or no. I heard him fart and strain and then I heard the crackling sound as his first turd started coming out. There were then several loud plops as his turds hit the water. I watched him wipe his butt. He then stood and adjusted the protective device for his balls. He came out and I took a great shit. Several guys walked in on me while I was shitting. It was kinda cute the way this guy was shy about crapping in front of me. After a while, however, he relaxed and talked about the team's prospects for the game. This may have taken his mind off any embarrassment he felt about shitting with another guy watching him.

Hi all- I must tell you about my weekend. Hubby and I went to am airshow, he is a private pilot and flies his own plane, so we aften go to these things. We stayed in a B and B in town for the weekend. On the Saturday morning after a good party the night before I had a little case of the gripes and was sitting on the loo in the bathroom of the B and b. I was bucknaked as I was going to shower after dropping my guts. I was busy with a rather rotten load and had stunk the place up somewhat. As I leaned forward to blow more wind and drop more wet poo I heard someone get into the shower next to me. This was not my hubby as I would have seen him come in. I was crapping at full throttle and was not going to stop now. I could see this shape in the shower as the water turned on and the shape proceeded to soap itself. Gender unknown. As my gut was a little tender I just sat and enjoyed the relief of a complete evecuation. The water then stopped and I heard a man say that there must be a! blocked drain somewhere nearby. He dried off and then exited the shower on the otherside to where I was. Very strange me sitting on the pot with a complete stranger just on the otherside of the frosted glass. I wiped and flushed and called my hubby to come and look. We found that the shower was shared by two bathrooms and with a system of locks on both sides you had "privicy". Thinking back it was quite strange yet exciting to be shitting next to the other guy. He never knew.

To ZIP and Mark: I enjoyed your posts about the guys who brought their small daughters into the restroom while you guys were shitting in doorless stalls. This reminded me of an experience I had a few years back. I've posted here before about a beach restroom in Key West. At that time it had two crappers right next to each other without any partitions. One morning I was just getting ready to sit down and take a dump. I was wiping the seat and a guy (about 23 years old) came in with his young son - about 4 I guess. He told me that the kid had to shit and asked if it was OK with me if he stood there to keep an eye on his kid. I told him it was no problem. After he got his kid comfortable on the crapper he began to talk to me about the beach, weather, etc. I farted quite a lot and then slowly eased out my first large turd. His kid was done by then and after he had wiped the kid's butt and pulled up his swim suit, the guy himself sat on the crapper and and we continued our conversation. We were both naked with our swim suits around our ankles. I heard his farts and plops and he heard mine. The kid was just standing next to his dad. We both started wiping our butts at the same time. I wiped sitting and the guy stood up and bent over to wipe. Each time he wiped, his dick kinda jutted forward. He was not bashful at all and even inspected each piece of TP until he was satisfied that his asshole was clean. He wished me a great day and I saw him later with his wife and two kids playing at the waterfront.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

pee queen
Hi Pee Gal!! I'm glad someone else out there wants some pee stories!

I have heaps to share but I dont have that much time right now. Maybe later.

I often experiment by seeing how much I can drink and how long I can hold onto my pee. I used to only do this while I was home and it didnt matter if I had an accident but now I am a bit more confident with myself and I have started sometimes while I am out to drink lots of fluids and see if I can make it home. I am still getting used to it so so far I have managed not to have any accidents.
Do you have any stories to share? I would love to hear them!

And anyone else with pee stories!!! we need more pee on this site!!

Pee_girl, we'd like to hear any stories you have.

I had to shit really bad when I was at the mall. I went to the gentlemens restroom inn JC Penneys, only to find 2 stalls, neither which had doors on them. Normally I would be bashful about using a doorless stall, but I really hadda crap. One toilet was in use, by a salesman who went to a lot of trouble for me to get me a refund on clothes that I had no reciept for. So naturally I said.."hi" to him.....We both farted and pooped. He finished up , lifted his trousers, and flushed. He walked past me while I was wiping. But I stand and wipe, FACING the toilet, so as to conceal my penis. He chuckled as he walked past me, and said : "Moon River'? huh? I chuckled back, and I said "no" "Moon over Miami" LOL we got a good laugh, and a good bowel cleaning for for both of us. Pity the next two men to use the restroom, cuz man we STUNK it up !!!!

Saturday I was at the sports center with my friends. We played a few games but mostly hung out looking for guys. I had to poop pretty bad but my friends didn't want to leave so I tried to hold it until I got home.

After another hour or so I could feel my poop like really pushing and then it started to come out. It was a hard one and so took a long time but finally ended up in the seat of panties. I was wearing blue jeans, they were pretty tight but still none knew what I had done even though we did meet these guys and hung around with them for awhile.

I believe it was Mark Twain who said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. But there is a third: SHITTING. When you've gotta go, you've gotta go! But unlike the other two, shitting is a pleasure. It's almost as good as eating. You can miss a meal without noticing much, but fortunately, I am not one of those persons who misses a shit. I have never been constipated for years. For the last seven years, I have kept a detailed diary of my bowel movements, and only twice in that time have I missed a day doing my business. Today I was so ready to go that I found the shit and the piss coming out of me at the same time. Most people (myself included) when they go to the toilet either drop their first load of shit before pissing, or if the turds are a bit stiff, they piss first before starting to push. It was weird experience to feel both coming out of me at the same time.

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