Hi everyone,wow I eat entirely too much.I have come to this conclusion I am a glutton,and I need help.a couple days ago I ate an entire pot of beef stew,I mean a huge pot!I literaly could not move for three hours I ate so much.Then Larry comes over to take me out for dinner.I ate a slab of ribs and all the trimmins.This morning I woke up and had to take a seriously mean shit.Igot up out of bed being careful not to wake Larry.I made it to the bathroom closed the door pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet.A loud booming fart pierced the still morning air,followed by a deluge of long hot loudly crackling shit.I tried to flush but the first log was too thick and packed the bottom of the bowl shut.Another booming fart followed by my hole opening wide and literaly pumping pound after pound of shit into the small toilet under me.I stood up to look in the bowl,there was a massive amount of crap and an enormous turd laying curled around the top in which I could clearly see carro ts,potatoes,and peas that had not been digested the fact that Larry was now up and trying to ge in to use the bathroom.I told him to get me a butcher knife out of the kitchen.He brought it and I quickly opened the door grabbed the knife and slammed the door in his face!I began the task of cutting up the huge turds and flushing them down a section at a time.I think I need help as my eating is out of control!

In answer to a question about having two doors between a toilet and a kitchen. Up until very recently you would need 2 doors, but the builidng regulation have changed just over 2 years ago and you now only need 1 door.

I had many fond memories of my father. When I was in my teens he had a job that required him to travel a lot. Still, he managed to find time to spend with myself and my sisters. I particularly cherished the quality time he spent just with me. I recall one time, when I was 10 years old, when my Dad took me to a doctor's appointment and we went to have some ice cream at a place near the doctor's office. As we were about to leave when my stomach began to hurt and I felt a big urge to poop. At that time I was afraid to poop in a public restroom, but I couldn't wait this time. There was a bathroom in the back of the ice cream place, and I rushed in. It was a single-occupancy bathroom. I was having trouble locking the door, so I called out to my Dad, who was waiting for me at the table, to come here and stand guard. He asked why, and I said the door can't lock, so he agreed and shut the door.

I sat down but I couldn't push anything out at first. I had to strain, and it finally started to come out but very slowly. I continued to strain to push it out for a couple of minutes. It seemed forever, but it slowly made its way out, then it plopped into the water, making a splash big enough to get my butt wet. Another big piece of poop came out, a little faster but still slowly, then suddenly it flew out like a torpedo. Then I made a big fart and pushed out a cascade of little pieces the size of Milk Duds but hard as marbles. My Dad asked if I was all right, and I said I think so, then a cramp hit me, and I shrieked as I let go a massive wave of soft poop. My Dad opened the door and rushed in to see if I was OK. He shut the door and said I could have locked it by pushing the button. I flushed the toilet while sitting.

My Dad asked if I was all right. I said yes, it was a relief, and that I was almost finished. He rubbed my back, kissed my forehead, and turned around to let me finish. After I wiped myself clean, flushed and washed my hands, we left the bathroom. Immediately we ran into Gina, a girl in my class who I didn't like. We nodded to each other, and my Dad said hi to Gina. He taught us to be nice to everyone, even those we might not like.

From that point on, I felt less hesitant to use public bathrooms to poop. Dad showed me it was all right, and he even gave myself and my sisters tips on how to be careful when using a strange place such a public restroom. Even though that particular incident happened over 20 years ago, it seemed like it happened only yesterday. I love my Dad and I will miss him dearly.

el duderino
when i crap, i always get blood on the paper when i wipe. its only like the first couple of wipes, and its just a dot of blood 1/2-1 inch this bad, or is it normal? does it happen to anybody else here?? please help me!!!!!!!

RANDI (southern Indiana)
Hi again all:
Here are some things that i forgot to put in my earlier
post. It's hard to believe that some of the other women here
have poos that measure three fingers across. I would be crying
if I tried toto pass one that big.
I was in my local high school and just found that they have
cameras in the area of the sports cases and new toliets there.
I read all the stories everyday and theyy keep getting better
Later everyone!


To Curious: Elderly(HA! HA!)? You think that my wife and I are elderly (LOL!)? That is the funniest thing I have heard in quite some time. As I write this reply I can't help but laugh! I mean, we are both 53, certainly middle aged, but (pause for an even BIGGER LAUGH!!!!!!!) elderly is far off for us. We may have more years than many who post to this site, but we aren't ready for the old folks home anytime soon. We still carry on like a couple of college seniors, as do most of our "elderly" friends (LOL!) I think that age is a state of mind, and you can be elderly at 23 as easily as at 83.

But to reply to your "curiosity": Yes, my wife and I both participate in an annual slide stool test, and have done so since age 30. We feel it is just part of a complete annual check-up. Recently, we each had a colonoscopy, to ensure that all was in order, since colon cancer has reared its ugly head in both of our families. The low fat high fiber diet we both follow has a pleasant side (great pooping) and a practical side (might help prevent colon problems). No, I do not "get a charge" from handling stool samples. Watching, listening to, or reading about a lady pooping turns me on almost as much as great sex, but handling crap is not one of my favorite pastimes. I 'll leave that to you young wippersnappers.

Rich, the now "elderly" RJOGGER (HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!)

To SanD: I loved your story about you best buddy. So when you were at Taco bell were you in the bathroom with him the whole time? did you get to see every thing?

To Ring Stretcher: Thanks for liking my posts....i didn't know that they were that good, don't usally get alot of compliments from them. Which one did you like??

To Danny: Loved your story about being at the story and having to poop in the diaper. I also liked the one when your were changing at the beach.

To every one...there is a 2nd post that says Bryian and that is not me...i don't remember posting that. Is there another Bryian out there?? please say something to let me know im not crazy

I like the new pictures...she sorta looks like someone who i worked with at this job i used to have a long time ago.

No new shiting stories to post on, haven't been in about 3 days(since thurs).

To Jordan: I think what turned my poop green was those flaming hot cheetos. When I eat them my gut just feels like its on fire. And to your other question I pooped at school twice since I'he been in school,{not counting the accident I had in Kindergarden}. Sorry for not posting to you sooner but I had a friend spend the night and I didn't want him to find out, and when he left I forgot to post to you.

To Riing Stretcher: I two have always wanted to try to take a dump outside but I just to shy.

I had a sorta weird experience today. I was in the park and had to crap. I went to the restroom that has 3 doorless stalls, 2 right next to each other and the 3rd located across the room, facing the other 2. I chose the large next to the other one. I started crapping and anothe guy came in and took the one next to me and proceeded to crap. Then this guy and his little girl came in. Apparently she needed to go. Instead of taking the stall at the other side of the room, he saw that the other 2 were occupied and just decided to wait for one of them. I was wearing a tank top that didn't extend much past my waist, and I always crap with my pants and underwear at my ankles, so I was pretty much exposed to everyone coming in. The little girl was just sorta looking at us curiously as we were crapping, farting, etc.. Then another guy came in and had to use the other toilet. He dropped his pants and underwear and sat on the toilet across from us. The man and his little girl were standin! g about 3 feet in front of the other guy's toilet. Finally the guy to my right left and and the man took the little girl to that toilet. She looked to be only about 3 years old, but it still felt sorta weird being exposed to her. Her being able to see me crap, my underwear at my ankles, my "junk" hanging out.

Sorry I've been away awhile; what a bunch of fantastic posts I see! The episodes of my FAVORITE subject, ladies pumping out HUGE logs, seem to be getting "bigger and better" all the time! Some of the lengths, and widths too of the mammoth beast logs described here are "stretching" the limits of my imagination! Boy, what I wouldn't give to see some of these behemoth single turds being birthed by any, some or all of you fantastically gifted ladies!! These stories are the dreams of a lifetime, and also a tremendous tease, because I am, in real life, a world renowned successful artist. I would like nothing better than to be able to paint a series of paintings of each and all of you "log queens" in the midst of your "greatest" session! Wow!

Peeping Tom
I wrote to you BEN I was in a hurry and forgot to write my name.

MICHEAL H. : If i had a big accident (like having very noisy and smelly diahrea) i would on purpose pee my pants too and pretend to faint so it looks like some illnes or something
then a little later i will stand up and tell everyone i am OK and walk off
You will see me here often


Eric B.
My last few posts havn't made it for whatever reasons...think I've complied, butyou never know. So here goes again................. BUZZY: loved your jogger buddy dump story...didn't think I'd be as excited by guys but guess the anatomy's the same, and what comes out is also. Maybe I'll have a similar opportunity someday. ALANA: Your great poop story with all the sounds; I used to go into public toilets also just to hear them. This is still my most wonderful memories, and what gets me hottest quickest! Find I'm viewing people in a different potential poopmates! CARMALITA: Thanks for thinking of me...I do you also, when I'm reading one of your stories while doing you-know-what! Simon's was great and I can imagine you being with me too! Here's a story about an experience I had in Mazatlan a few years ago; I'd gone with a group of people that I'd gotten to know through some workshops I'd done in Calif. and spent a week on the beach ! having a great time & eating a lot of Mexican food, and kinda neglected my body in the process, to the point that I had probably the worst case of constipation I'd ever experienced, and at the end of the trip realized I hadn't had a bm in six days! So I told myself I wasn't going to get back on a plane with all that shit stored up in me, and vowed to sit until I shit! My roommate and lover at that time was handy, so I asked her if she could help me go, and sat on the toilet and pulled my legs up to my chest to get more leverage and began to push; I felt the hard mass inside my rectum and pressed down with my finger just above my anus to try and relax my ring, and she massaged my ???? while telling me to "Push...push..." I couldn't get it more than an inch past my ring, and when I let up to breathe it went back in. I got really desparate, and was still hugging my legs with my ass fully exposed, and couldn't think of anything else to try, so I asked her if she'd try and ! manually work it out...somehow she managed to get past my ring and pulled while I pushed SO hard, my ring expanding beyond its previous limits, until it S L O W L Y emerged, all 14 inches in one chunk; by this time I was literally shaking and shouting "Oh yes...yes...uhhhhhhhhhhh!! It finally plopped into the toilet and hard as a rock. Well, you can appreciate I was SO grateful to my friend as I could never have gotten it out on my own. She said after it dropped."You were a blocked up baby." WHEW! I was surprised and pleased when she wiped me tenderly; it was wonderful to be taken care of so lovingly. We're no longer together but I see her and her husband every few months, and although I've never told her how much I appreciated her help, I will have to now after having recalled it from my memory. DAZZ: Great story about your turn-on while shitting...I get those also from time to time...that's a good reason to hold onto one's prostate! Mine is somewhat enlarged! which creates some really good sensations with hard movements. KIM & SCOTT: Which of your stories excite me? ALL OF THEM! They're a permanent part of my portfolio now. Keep 'em coming! RING STRETCHER: Can your stories even get better? YES! Your latest gets a distinguished service award! I remember going into beach restrooms when I was a kid..I'd wait until I REALLY had to go bad so I could perform for anyone who happened to be listening...and perform I did! Might have won an academy award for some of them...... Well, bye for now..............


That movie scene was allstar dude! I wish I would
have had that kind of chivalry at your age! Sounds like you
made a good friend there!


I know of two places in Austin that have two toilets
together. They are both down by the university and get
some good looking customers. I wrote about one of them in
my previous posts. It is at a coffee shop that has a bathroom
with two toilets side by side and a sink. The room is purple
with some kind of goddess from India mural on the wall.
Oddly enough it has a steel x patterned floor. There is also
another bathroom there with one toilet. Both bathrooms
have locks on the doors for people that want them, but they
are not designated as "Women's" or "Men's". The clientelle
varies widely throughout the week. On friday/Sat nights, it's
live music with the headbangers. On weekday mornings it's
more the artsy intellectual crowd, and on week nights its the
super-perfect yuppie crowd. I'm sure there is a lot of buddy-
dumping that goes on there but I haven't seen a lot of it.
When it gets too busy, people chicken out and lock the
buddy bathroom door.
The other one I know of is just up the street from
the coffee house and it is in a nightclub. I discovered it by
accident one night. Back in my hard-drinking youth, I
started the habit of using the Ladie's room if the Men's was
full ( I could always blame it on the alcohol). So anyway, I
went into the Ladies' room and found just two toilets side
by side. They were only 5 inches apart at the most!
Unfortunately, I was alone so I just peed and got out.
Sometime later I talked to a girl who had used it. She said a
total stranger had sat down next to her and they did their
business together. I didn't want to sound too eager so I
didn't pry too much. She didn't sound like it offended her or
anything, and it even sounded like the two of them did some
bonding while sitting with their asses almost touching!
Wouldn't it be fun to be a fly on the wall in there!
Also, I've always had this dream that when I get
the time I'm going to make my own toilets for my sailboat. I
already made an elaborately decorated seat years ago, but
that's a whole other Oprah. What I want to do someday is
make several nice looking toilets that custom fit into the
lockers under the boat cushions in the cabin. The cushions
form a sofa in the shape of a "U". There are probably six
lockers under the cushions. This way you just lift your
cushion up and there's your toilet! I wanted to put some of
that marble-looking counter-top stuff under the cushions
with some nice red oak toilet seats. I can't see a need to
make any more than three, but you could make all six if you
went nuts. I would also have to make a storage tank of
some kind or maybe each one has its own. If I got that all
up and nice and clean, it would be possible to have a "Poo
Party" in the cabin. Food for thought anyway!


I have to say my favorite poop scene is in "Twenty-one". There is no attempt to
hide what she is doing, and in fact, the scene makes you feel like a close friend of hers that
is actually in there with her. I also managed buy a copy of "Manny and Lo" from
ButtBuster this weekend. That one is fantastic! The story is just great and there are several
bathroom scenes. Right at the beginning, both of them pee in a field btween the doors of
their station wagon. Then there is a scene where Manny is sitting down on something next
to the tub, for just enough time to tinkle. And last, Lo is most likely sitting down for a
dump (with the bathroom sink clearly in the background) while Manny comes up and talks
to her through the window. There is even a slight strain in her voice for a second.

Hey, cute masthead, though very prim with her pants up -- I know that gal, she's Tori from "????." Irish lass with an insatiable appetite for rear-end attention... (Mr Moderator, please snip this intro if it doesn't make the grade!)

CARMALITA -- Oh, darling, you are so sweet! What a delicious experience it would be to spend an afternoon at the beach with you (after feasting the previous evening, of course! Speaking of which, I had Mexican today -- a big burrito with spicy rice and corn chips. Let's see how it processes through!) You make me feel so good, and I appreciate your kind words so much. I'm honoured that you can confide in me, and it makes me smile to know there are such lovely girls who entertain bi-thoughts in the world. I shall see you in my mind's eye when I head for bed in about ten minutes! Mm-mmmm! (I hope our dear, hard-working Moderator let's that bit through!) Oh -- and your pooping exploit for Simon got me about as hot as can be as well. How you do describe things!

STEVE -- Hi Steve! yes, I did read your last post on the technics of peak-flow -- it was very well pursued! I love your droll descriptions of he incredibly exciting spectacle of yourself and some very lovely women fronting up to the urinal -- "senior diva," that's a respectful and very powerful description of a wonderful woman -- well done!

LOUISE -- Hi honey! Well, that Scotland trip even defeated the last, and the pool sure got a heavy workout again! No snow to pee in this time round? I'd love to take a shot at a pool like that. And wow! what a treat for Steve (for you both I should think!) when your friend joined you for some serious skinny-dippin' -- and weed with you both as well! Sigh -- such delicious times -- envy!

RINGSTRETCHER -- Now THAT was the kind of poo I was hoping for at the beach. You've got me all envious, you monster-poo producing cutie!

DON -- Now that's Avoidant Paruresis at work. It's an awful condition, isn't it? In my own case, when I was younger I would not have had a hope of emptying my bladder without a stall, no matter how much distress I was in. Yuck -- those who don't suffer from it don't know how lucky they are!

My best to all,


kim and scott
greetings all!
TO CAROL-Hello !it was me(KIM) who asked you the size of your biggest log. thanks for answering. my biggestlog so far is 28 inches long. 4 inches thick.
TO RINGSTRETCHER-Hello! loved your story and the size of your log. 26 inches long. 3.5 inches thick. wow! girl. a sexy girl who squeezes out enormous logs.sounds just like ME!!! your giving me real competition in this department girl.keep em up.
TO CURIOUS-i am certainly not a doctor or researcher but like jeff A. i am more interested in seeing a regular person poop rather than a celebrity. hey! i would not mind sitting on the examination table with my legs raised up,bending my knees up to my chin and blasting out a huge log and let all my admirers play research doctor and examine my logs for size,thickness,length and weight. and they can also take pictures of me and my huge log if they want to!how does that sound JOHN(VT) -interested?haha
TO NICOLA AND ANNE THE FORMER BUSDRIVER-welcome back after a long absence. i was just going to cry out for you two to post something. thanks for doing so!
TO JK-thanks for liking my posts.I like your last one. especially when you said in the ladies room the ladies left their huge logs there with toilet paper all around unflushed. that sounds like me but i bag my toilet paper and let the next person see my enormous log in full without any paper. do you think these ladies did not flush on purpose or just forgot.? i do this sort of thing on purpose!! and im surprised how many people have been turned on when they see my gigantic,thick log in the toilet unflushed!!
TO CARMALITA-thanks for the very kind words. scott and i adore you!(Like many others here) i love the fact that you are so popular here and gorgeous and your not full of yourself either.! i think thats amazing. you still remain that sweet girl that we love! thanks for that honey! i always loved people like you who act like this. and yes i do look like a young cheryl ladd in looks and in height. thanks for calling her a beauty. i think shes a beauty also!be well carmalita!
TO RJOGGER-thanks for saying i can check out your vettes anytime. and thanks for letting me drive one too! i appreciate that.and i can drive stick! you are a kind man! and thanks for explaining the tournament you went to. and yes you answered all my questiones did you catch my last post when i did a huge log in my spandextights?. check back if you missed it. i think that you would like it.!
plus their are some april birthdays here.scott and i wish happy birthdays to you all! as a matter of fact my boyfriend scotts is april ?? th. i am now 22 years old and scott is a little older then me(hes a little shy in revealing his age. forgive em)well so long now. keep up the great posts all!

Sunday, April 29, 2001

michael h.
sorry i didnt introduce myself im 15/m and i have a question for everyone how would you handle having a big accident in public?
-michael h

A club that I belonged to in high school planned a trip to West Point, a 3 hour trip by school bus from Upstate New York. I had a bad case of constipation for 2 days before. My mother insisted that I have an enema. It cleaned me out. The morning that we left I peed and peed when I got up. I didn't pay attention. Apparently the enema had hydrated my body. We drove to the school and a half hour later we were on our way. We had traveled about an hour when I felt the pressure building up in my bladder. By the time another hour went by I was in pain. I was too shy to ask for a rest stop. Besides in h.s. I had had episodes of pee shyness. Finally, about a half hour later someone mentioned a stop to get something to eat. Within 10 minutes we saw a diner and stopped. I was the first off the bus. I could barely walk. I was desperate enough to ask a waitress where the men's room was. I found it and in a rush went to the urinal. I peed and peed before one of my friends came in. "Wow, you! must have had to go bad." I said, "You'll never know how bad!"
The bursting bladder usually took place at the end of an 8 hour school day. I had been kidded about my bashful bladder and stopped trying to use the boy's room. I was good at holding my pee all day. But not on that trip.

A buddy and I were traveling through San Luis Obispo early one morning and we both needed to use the bathroom pretty badly. I needed to piss and he needed to crap. We spotted a Taco Bell and pulled in. I entered the restroom and to my surprise, so did my friend Anthony. I started to use the urinal and he said, "Sorry man, but I really gotta go." It was one of those single seater restrooms with a sink, toilet and urinal. I looked over to say OK, and he was putting those toilet protector things on the seat. I had finished at the urinal and went to the sink to wash up. Since the sink was across from the toilet, I was able to see Anthony in the reflection of the mirror. I had never seen him crap before, but he was a good-looking guy I was kinda curious how he did it. Luckily for me, he leaned forward, looking at the floor, so I could check him out pretty easily. He's a bit short and the toilet was one of those tall handicapped units, so he looked like he was on his toes. He had his heels against the bottom of the toilet. He also pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles, instead of leaving them at his thighs. More freedom that way. I was surprised to see that he wore colored briefs. I always figured him to be a boxers guy. I dried my hands, and he said "Man that felt good." I started to leave just as he was getting some toilet paper. I tried to lock the door for him, but it was one of those that unlocks automatically if you don't hold the button in from the inside. I looked up to tell him the door doesn't lock, just in time to see him standing, bent over, wiping. He stopped mid-wipe and said no problem, he's almost done. Unfortunately, we didn't have any more experiences like that on the rest of our trip.

Ring Stretcher
Hi Ben--I'll talk to ya!

Bryian--keep up the good posts.

Buzzy--would you like to see a pretty girl like me having another one of my gigantic craps?

Boyfriend and I have made a video of a couple of my bigger productions coming out of me. I love crapping so much! The joy and sensation of relief when a monster log crashes out of me after lots of effort is second to none!

Yesterday while I was at the beach wearing a red two piece bikini with my long dark brown hair gently swaying in the breeze, I had the sensation of a big log building up in me. The sensation became obvious an hour later so I went to the restrooms but there were too many people around in line so I went walking up in the woods at the top of the dunes for some privacy. After making sure nobody was around I pulled my bottom off and placed in on a log and slightly squatted behind a tree. I moaned as my hole opened and closed several times as the tip tried to emerge, scared that it was going to be too big or hurt too much. It had to come out sooner or later, so I got into serious pushing mode and a thick smooth turd started coming out. My ring stretched wider and I pushed harder, biting my lower lip with effort. "Uhhhhhhhh!" I went as I could see a thick fat turd coming into view between my legs. I stopped and rested, smelling the sweet outdoorsy smell of the water, flow! ers and air. Two squirrels nearby chased eachother up and down a tree. The sunlight was refllecting off my gold anklet that I admired for several minutes until I reached down and felt my ring--it was stretched really wide and tight. As I bore down I could feel it expand a little more and moaned with delight. My fingers dug into the tree and my pretty toes curled into the soft ground as I grunted and strained hard to push the rest out. I pissed a little, it was mostly clear and there was little crap smell from my hanging turd, fortunately. My body trembled with effort has my little hole quivered from being stretched open so wide. My eyes were getting watery from straining. "C'mon, please just come out" I said aloud to myself. "Ooooooo" I moaned. I stopped, shifted my posistion, took a deep breath and gave one last mighty push, shooting the behemoth turd on the ground. It landed heavily and I moaned in intense pleasure of relief on getting it out. My body was still tr! embling from using so much effort. The monster turd was about 26 inches long, in one piece, and about 3.5 inches thick. Part of it glistened in the sun like it was covered with my juices. My abdomen looked flatter, also.
I admired it for awhile, proud that I could move something so large out of my body through such a tiny opening. After covering it up with leaves and sand I felt so fantastic and empty that I jumped into the water and had a relaxing swim.

In college, some friends and I went on an outing, just for fun. Everyone was having a good time, laughing, drinking, playing football, except Bryan. He had some sort of stomach flu (?) and actually vomited a few times. He didn't look so good. He then got that familiar rumbling in his stomach telling him that he needed to take a crap. Unfortunately, we were out in the middle of nowhere. It would have taken about 45 minutes to reach a bathroom. He was feeling pretty uncomfortable. We all watched as he suddenly ran up a hill about 20 yards away and started unfastening his belt in front of the lone tree. He barely had his pants and underwear to his knees when he leaned his back against the tree and let loose a large load of crap. He was at a bit of an angle to us so we could see some of the poop dropping to the ground. He was just about relaxing when we all came up with a great idea. We ran up the hill and gathered around Bryan, while one of the other guys took a picture of us! . Bryan was a good sport about it all, even though he was in a somewhat embarrassing position. As I stood next to him, I saw that he did indeed drop quite a load. I also glanced at his underwear, since they were at his knees, and saw that he did make it in time. His briefs were still nice and white. We left him alone to finish up, although I did volunteer to bring him back some napkins to wipe. I went back to the group and discreetely watched as he wiped. He looked pretty funny, squatting while wiping, while his cock and balls barely hovered above the ground. After he got dressed, he came back down and laughed "That sucked, man."

I have been reading this forum with interest off and on for a while and now I have something to contribute.

I am in my 20s and I am a diaper wearer. I have been a sleep wetter for a few years and I find that it is better for me to wear disposable adult diapers to bed rather than wet the bed. I wet the bed only about once or twice per week. It is hard to tell sometimes if I wet the diaper by accident or I half woke and wet in the middle of the night now, as I have been wearing these diapers for a while, I have become used to wearing them. If I am not doing anything in the morning I stay wearing them until I have a shower. I will not deny that I like wearing them, that is a topic that I wont talk about because this is not really the place for that.

Well I had an experience today that I know that you may find interesting. I woke this morning at 4am and I was wet from an accident so I changed into a new diaper. When I woke up at 8am I was dry. I did not work today so I went to the supermarket to get some milk for breakfast. I was still wearing my diapers becase I could not be bothered getting changed.

When I was in the store I was struck by a real bad urge to poop. I never have any problems controling this and I was at the register but I was fighting the urge real bad. When I was done I went to the toilets. Unfortunately they were really busy. I am too ashamed of the fact that I wear a diaper to go into the stall and do a poop. The noise that the tapes make when you tear them off is too noisy. The other people in the room would hear the noise and know that I was wearing a diaper.

I decided that I would wait till I got home before pooping. On the way home I all of a sudden got real sweaty from fighting the urge, then at the lights crossing the road, I just could not fight it any longer and I was struck still as I pooped in my diaper. It was one of the biggest poops I think I have ever done. It is the first time in ages that I have had a pooping accident. I am pretty sure that it would have been obvious to the people around me that I had had an accident. The seat of my pants had expanded and swollen right up. As I was pooping, I lost control of my bladder and totally wet myself too. The diapers that I wear really bulk up when they are wet.

When I got home I took my pants off and then my dirty diaper. It was so bad I had to have a shower to get clean.

I have had lots of accidents when I was younger and I would love to share them with you all sometime.

Great forum.

I used to go to the beach and change into my trunks in the restroom. On this particular day, it was particularly crowded, being a holiday and all. I entered the restroom and saw that there was a line of guys inside waiting to use the 3 urinals and 2 doorless stalls. The configuration of the restroom didn't allow you too look into the stall unless you were going to use them. In order to not be in the way of everyone standing in line, I went to the corner of the large handicapped stall and started changing. The guy pissing in the stall left. I told the next guy in line to go ahead, since I was only changing.

This guy was a blonde surfer and was in his wetsuit. He entered his stall and started to peel off his suit. He peeled it down to his knees and sat down to crap. He didn't make much noise, but I could see his neck muscles strain a bit. He looked down at the floor most of the time. He looked pretty cool, sitting there pretty much naked, with his wet suit at his knees. Being dark-haired myself, I always find it fascinating how a blonde's pubic hair is darker than the stuff on his head. He was fast, as he stood to wipe just as I had finished dressing. He started to pull his wet suit back up over his body just as I left.

The other toilet stall also had a guy on it that I could see. He was also mostly naked since no one appeared to be wearing any shirts that day. Unfortunately for him, the line for the toilets started right at his door, so the next 2 guys in line can see him crap from start to finish.

Hey, everyone:

A couple of things: First of all, to Rjogger; being that you & your wife are elderly, do the two of you participate in giving annual stool-samples, to test for the presence of colon cancer? If so, do you get turned on, Rjogger, if, you take your wife's stool-sample to the hospital/lab for her, in addition to your's? Does handling it, even if it is in a container, excite-you?
Also, for those of you who are doctors and or lab technicians: if you are aware that the stool sample that you are about to analyze belongs to a celebrity, would that turn you on, or excite you, in some-way? Especially, if that celebrity is attractive. Which, most are. Also, has the thought ever crossed your mind, of doing something commercial w/ that particular stool-sample? Like selling it, or something. Just curious.


I had this nice afair today(celebration/party). First there was a ceremony, then a party went on at this catering hall. I must have gone to the bathroom 3 or 4 times within 4 hours. I go into the mens room and it was a black and white bathroom and it was pretty dark it there. It was a fancy bathroom. Any way you walk in to find a row of sinks then if you walk straight you will see the stalls a few of the stalls you cant see from the front. There were 5 stalls and the first one said something like "Do not use the stalls for urination" Has any one heard of such a thing?? I think the reason is cause they have those seat covers that go around and you have to push a button and the company doesn't want to have urine on them. Then to the left(near the stalls but not in view is 5 urinals....then if you head out there is an entrance way with about 5 more urinals. The urinals are pretty private cause they have long partions next to them. The first time i was in the rest room there were a few people peeing and there was a guy cleaning the restroom. I washed up(and by the way the sinks are all automatic so are the urinals)The sink handles have a lion or something on them and they are in gold. I was about to exit the bathroom and this boy about 10 or 11 comes in and goes by the was wondering if he was shy? cause he was using the stalls. The stall he picked had that sign on it so i was pretty sure he had read it or atleast seen it. Then im just watching for a min to see if he has t dump and sure enough he does. I see his shoes facing the sinks and his pants dropping down and i even heard a few sounds. Then when i went back the last time there was an middle aged guy pooping in the last stall which was handicapped. Has any one experienced a public bathroom such as this??

Movie of the day: if you like movies with women farting, check out "Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid". There is beautiful blonde woman who farts several times throughout the movie..

Everyone's posts have been great! I just have a quickie post today. I saw "One
Night at McCool's" this morning. It was fun! It also has a bathroom scene in it. Matt
Dillon and the hottie co-star go into the bathroom while talking. She sits down and has a
quick tinkle (no sound of course) and then the movie just keeps on rolling. I even liked
John Goodman in this one (He got on my wrong side when he was with Rosanne Barr
because I thought his portrayal of the american repairman was wimpy and submissive). I
also managed to score my own copy of "Twenty-One" for three bucks at B----Buster! See
ya folks! Keep on postin'!

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