Hi, everyone, hope you're all well and enjoying life.

Jan (OK) - Nice story about taking a healthy dump in the fields. Reading about or watching a lady dropping logs outdoors is a real turn on. Look forward to your next post.

Kim and Scott - You can check out my 'Vettes anytime, Kim. In fact, if you did, I would not only give you a ride, but I would let you drive. As long as you can handle a stick shift, you'd be OK.
The tournaments that I refer to are amateur scratch bowling tournaments. My sons and I end up participating in about 3 a month, some of which are a little far, even if you average 100 mph on the interstates. Hope that answers your question.

Thursday, I got a late start to work. I skipped my run, had a large breakfast and headed out to a client that I have averaged about 3 days a week at for the last 3 and 1/2 years. I was driving my '01 'Vette westbound on the Tappan Zee Bridge, when Mother Nature put her gentle hand on my lower abs. It's a good thing the office isn't that far into Rockland County, or I would have been in trouble. So I speeded things up and pulled into the parking lot, just in time. I dropped off my stuff at my desk, turned on the desktop and headed for the Men's Room. The Mens and Ladies Rooms are right next to each other, with the water and coffee facilities right outside, so there can be a crowd outside. This morning one of the lady consultants I work with was by the water cooler, with one of the admin assistants. I greeted them as I walked hurriedly into the Men's Room. I didn't care if the women heard anything, since I know them both well, and they along with me and several othrs in our group joke about toilet issues quite a bit. I went into the first stall (there are only 2), closed the door, dropped my drawers and sat. With little effort, I passed a really good sized log, that made no noise at it made its exit. While I peed into the bowl, I looked in and saw a long, thick monster curled up in the water. I wiped up, fixed my slacks, flushed and washed up. On the way out the the litle AA, who I sat next to until late last year, goes, "Feel better?', the little stinker. "Like a million bucks! You should have seen the skid marks in the dumper", I replied. With that the other gal laughed, while the AA said "Rich, you are so bad, you dirty old man!" I just laughed and returned to my desk. When she started working here about 2 and 1/2 years ago, she was always cracking about bathroom habits, but in a fun way. That got a bunch of us started and we kid each other about it frequently. Of course, we tease her incessantly, and she replies with how bad, or terrible we are. But then she smiles so we know it's all in fun. About a year and a half ago, she went on a new diet. She would be at her desk, turn around, look at us with this goofy face and say "Gotta run to the ladies room!!", and bolt from her chair. When she returned, we would get a graphic description of her episode. This continued for about 3 weeks, until her body adjusted to the increased fiber intake. Late last spring at an after work event, she asked me to stand guard, while she went to shit in the woods. A sudden noise caused me to turn around, and when I did, I saw a long and quite thick turd snaking its way thru her pink asshole, while she gripped her cute pale butt cheeks. I later inspected her output and it was quite impressive, to say the least.
At about 10 AM, I went to refill my H2O bottle, and I noticed that the consultant who sits behind me was not at her desk. As I filled up my bottle, the lady con came out of the head, waving her hand. "Good thing you're not going in there, I just laid a real stinker". That got me laughing, and as we stood there chatting, the little AA came by and walked in to Ladies' Room. "Whew, it smells in here!", she said. My co-worker laughed, as we heard the AA close a stall door, and then there was the rustling of clothes and silence. BRRRRPPPPP!, AH!, echoed from the head. Then a loud crackling noise started, continued and ended with a POP! and another grunt. A long pee followed, then silence, then another crackle followed by another grunt. The joyroll started to rattle as a long strip of TP was removed, then there was some wiping, 2 flushes, water running at the sink, and out she came. "Hi, cutie, how'd it all come out?", I said. This caused my co-worker to really laugh, but the AA! looked at me and said "Rich, you are so bad, so terrible I....", but she started laughing also, and couldn't complet the sentence. I just walked back to my desk and got to work.
Half an hour later, I get an e-mail from her. 'Just FYI, that was one of the best craps I had in a while. Everything came out just great, it filled the bowl, and it really stunk! By the way, you should have seen the skid marks I left!". I cracked up, and my co-worker turned around, read the e-mail and started laughing.
At noon, I went out for my walk, camera in hand. Yes, this client is near my favorite rail line, and I go train hunting at lunch. As I got to the area where the AA sits, I got by the door, opened it looked ater and said "Hey, Fart Shack, how's your colon?". She got up from her desk, grinning from ear to ear, came towards me and said "Rich, will you stop it? I'm going to get you for this!" I just ran outside and went for an enjoyable walk.

RANDI (southern Indiana)
Is it warm enough weather that you can wear yor short skirts
with knickers(panties)? Please keep those stories coming,but be
carful where you poo.
I've had a few colon irragations when I was younger and I liked
them. It was also the same time that I started using tampons in
my rectum so my next poo would be dry. I haate the "runs".
Does anyone know how these women I see on some of the porno
boards get a gaping anus? My poos have been normal recently.
One bad that I've done is to leave poo in the women's shower
locker drain where i swim at noon. I hope that I don't get in
Will post more later. Happy poos everyone!


Ben: Great story about what happened with the girl at the movie theater. I think that what you did for her was awesome - you risked embarassing yourself just so she would feel less upset. That's really cool.

Could you please reply to the questions in my last post? If you want people to read and reply to your posts, then when they do you should reply to theirs too you know!

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Well done for doing the standing pee!
Yeah, I bet you will find it very good for when you are hiking.
I am not really a walking person like you are, but I do
like to play in lots of sports activities. If I hiked like
you do I bet I would stand and pee as well. Put some
practice in and tell me how well you do.

JEFF A - Well I bet you would be an honourary member of the
WSPC as an 'approved friendly male' just like Steve is!
Are you getting better? I hope so. xx

PV - Hi!!! Sorry I have taken ages to write.
The Scotland trip was very nice for most of the time, we
stayed with my friend again who has the indoor swimming pool.
We spent every afternoon in the pool with water and fruity
drinks to keep us going, and I do mean keep us going. We
had a bucket at the side of the pool that we used to have a
wee in when we wanted, just like we did at Christmas time.
Half the time I crouched over the bucket and weed into it,
and sometimes I stood up over it. I did not try to wee into
it from a few feet away or any clever stunts like that LOL
but standing over the bucket was a lot of fun.
The last day got a bit silly, and because my friend said that
the day after, she would be changing the water, we weed into
the pool quite a few times when we wanted. Steve stood at the
side of the pool with his nozzle in his hand and wee straight
out into the water in front of me. I really liked watching him
do that, it was very exciting for me. I twice stood by the
pool and had a nice wee forwards into the water. I got a really
good distance too! The last time, I stood on my right foot and
I held my left leg right up so I weed into the water like that,
and Steve had a good look from down below me. LOL That last day
we did a bit more than just swim in the pool! What a lovely
memory, I wish I cold tell you more of that.
The second from last day, my friend even came into the pool
with us and went bare just like us! She even shared our bucket
with us when she said she needed a wee wee, but she sat right
down on it so we could not see her weeing but we could hear it



There have been lots of good posts about pooping scenes in movies. To all you experts out there, what is the very BEST pooping scene you have seen in a movie?

Greetings All.

To Carmalita,
Indeed I did have the pleasure of the company of a Spanish girl student during the few months she was over here in England. From how you describe yourself, she was definitely lighter in skin colour, but ever so sultry. Like a paler version of yourself! In toilet matters, she was really quite shy when it came to crapping, but was very open with me when she wanted to urinate. A lovely latina, just like yourself! This was over 14 years ago now, obviously a long time before Louise came into my life as my girlfriend. We did not keep in touch, but I hope she is well and happy with her life.

To PV,
I appreciate you comments with regard to Louise's toilet performance. To date I have not seen any other postings which have mad any reference to the Colours, Weights and Measures page. Not that I expected to see any!
Before I finish, I should just tell you that I joined Louise and her mother at the local pool again last night. There was the usual weeing session at the steel wall urinal in the gents' toilet. Observing the senior diva's focussed, high pressure stream, I cannot help but wonder what her peak flow rate is. Did you, by any chance, see my most recent report on the subject of flow rates?
I hope to be able to post again before the end of next week, but until we speak again, take care.

Bye fow now,


I had this really strange dream last night that i was at this restaurant and this 4 year old girl was in my party and im not sure who she was and she said to her mommy that she didn't feel good or something then she was crying and her mother would have taken her home to the bathroom but i was still eating. Then i check out her diaper(she had one on) and there was this loose shit every where and it even started coming out of her mouth. Then i go into the bathroom and wash up and i was the only one in there and i notice there were a few stalls and a few urinals. The one stall had 2 toilets in side of the stall(double). The other one was a single one. Then i started misnterprtation the booths in the restaurants as open toilets. It was weird.

My main point is the double stalls. Has any one come across any thing like that where there are 2 toilets in one stall?? And what is the purpose of them if you are alone and not with a buddy? And if so has someone used one with a friend. I belive when i was younger i used one with my father. There was this mens room at the local library that had a double stall at one time. I belive they took it out. Let me know if im not the only one thats knows of a such thing.

I had another good shit last night i was online around 6:30(i had eaten about 90 minutes prior).I go into the bathroom and sit down and let out another 12" log and it was really soft and solid. I must have wiped 12 times cause it was messy

To Chris: Loved your story man!!!!

To ALANA: I liked your story it was good, but if i were you i would have quit that job if the boss made you pay money and stuff

I don't like that new picture

To the person posting to me. Don't be afraid to post your name. I was scared at first but the people here are cool. Tell me what you think of my post.

I remember when I was a student at a northern university, I used to use the old Science Library. The female toilets were sited directly above the male toilets. Since the floor between was only light wood construction and the outlet pipes passed under the ceiling in the male cubicle, you can imagine the sound insulation was quite poor! I spent many a happy hour in there. You would hear footsteps and the outer door of the women's toilet open. Then whoever she was would walk across to one of the two stalls above and enter, locking the door behind her. Often there would be just the tinkle of a wee, but sometimes you would hear a thud or plop from a short fat or egg shaped turd dropping into the pan. The quick ones would immediately wipe, flush, wash their hands and depart. Presumably some women strictly limit their time (without emptying their bowel properly) so that anyone waiting for them thinks they've just peed. The downside must be that they have to always be popping out hard nuggets every time they go to the toilet, since they never get a proper clear-out. One evening I was patiently waiting and was rewarded when a woman entered the cubicle above, pulled her pants down and squatted on the pot. After a quick tinkle there was silence for a while, then a 'floomph' as a long turd must have slid into the water. This was followed by two loud thuds/plops as two more shorter turds fell from her bottom into the bowl. I heard her reach for the paper and beat a hasty retreat out of the mens' room into the library lobby. Pretending to look at the catalogue, I saw the lady responsible for my enjoyment. Nicely rounded with a big arse and red hair. She was wearing a sweater and a green skirt. Probably about 22-23. They merged the science and arts libraries not long after in a new building. Sadly the Sclience Library and its loos are used for storage only now.

Hi all,

Couple of interesting bits. Yesterday was very busy, and with lots of coming and going around the house I found myself bursting for a wee an no access to the bathroom. In no way discouraged, I went very discretely around behind the garage at the bottom of the garden and had a big standing wee right there!

A month or two back (I meant to post about this long ago) I saw something surprising on TV. One Sunday afternoon I was waiting for a show to come on, and caught the last few minutes of an episode of the Australian TV series "The Man From Snowy River."

The scene involved a stand-off in the street of a small bush town. Evidently the whole scene was captured in one take, as behind one of the principals was a horse and cart. The horse was a stallion and his male equipment was not only "deployed" but he was urinating! This is probably pretty rare -- that an erect stallion would be shown on TV at all is unusual, and for his urination ("staling" I believe in equastrian/veterinary terms -- Penny, am I right?) to be left uncensored is double so. It was a heavy, strong stream, distinctly visible, and when the shot cut back to the actor for his next lines the stallion was finishing his wee, flexing his penis so it flipped back and forth in a very jaunty fashion!

Whilst this last does not address human peeing, it certainly addresses the attitudes of society toward excretory functions -- keep in mind some countries would like to put dogs and horses into pants because they are considered by some unseemly to live naked around humans (what ludicrous rubbish...) while here in Aus a stallion can stale on a Sunday afternoon family show...



Anne (the former bus driver). It sounds as though you've been busy, changing jobs etc. A directorship is a good catch. Well done!

I enjoyed reading your account of the big motion you had on your first day in the new job. It's obviously a good thing they've got the old fashioned loos that can cope with your 'product.' Also it sounds to me as though you hadn't been for a wee all morning either.

Glad you've made a good friend in Diane. Friendship is a good thing. Treasure it. However, as someone who cares about you I would counsel against making any rash decisions or putting all your eggs (no pun intended!) in one basket for the time being. Better to wait and see how things develop.

I look forward to hearing about more of your experiences, especially the 'buddy dumping' etc.

Yesterday I posted a reply but it seems not to have 'made it' for some reason. I guess that either there was something the Moderator didn't like (although I can't think what) or I failed to submit it correctly.

Best wishes

Hi there everyone. I've read a number of posts but never posted before but thought i'd share an experience which happened to me earlier. I'm 24, straight, and work for a marketing company in the UK.

I was out visiting a client and got involved in a long rather tedious meeting in their board room with two other females. As they kept plying me with coffee I soon needed a wee. After a while of trying to hold it in without looking too obvious I decided I would have to excuse myself. Fortunately they were understanding and one of the girls said she needed a wee too and would show me where the ladies was.

I followed her into the ladies and there was only one cubicle and Sarah (that was her name) asked if I minded if she went first as she was desperate. As the 'guest' I agreed and stood by the basin even though I was on the verge of wetting my knickers. To my surprise Sarah went into the cubicle but didn't close the door. I found myself staring at her as she lifted up her blue skirt and pulled her knickers down to her knees. As she started to wee I quickly looked away but Sarah kept talking and didn't seem at all concerned. She finished her wee and wiped herself before pulling her knickers up and lowering her skirt.

I then went into the cubicle and Sarah leaned against the door, still talking. I wanted to shut the door as I'm fairly shy but she was making it difficult and still talking about the meeting so as I was so desperate I just thought oh what the heck. I quickly lifted up my short black skirt and pulled my tights and knickers down and immediately started to wee. Whilst sarah was not obviously looking at me I noticed her occasional glance between my legs as i weed. I quickly finished and wiped myself before pulling up my knickers and tights and straghtening my skirt.

We then returned to the meeting as if nothing unusual had happened and the business was concluded fairly swiftly although I was sure that sarah kept glancing at me perhaps trying to look up my skirt so i made sure i sat with my legs tightly crossed for the rest of the meeting.

Thats all for now

I havent posted for some time, we have moved house as my husband is now a partner in a new practice, that and my computer being damaged in the move, the hard disk wouldnt boot up and all on it was lost. Now money being a bit tight for the first month in a new home I had to wait to buy another one. Hubby has his own for work but wouldnt want this type of posting on it.

So now back on the web I am glad to be in touch again. I understand that for a short while the pictures were a bit more explicit showing the motions the girls had passed as well as the lady who had done it. Now however we seem to have gone back to girls sitting on the pan without showing their jobbies.

Now the main toilet in the house we have moved to has a wonderful old fashioned white toilet pan, the original fitted I feel with a long deep water filled sump and slight crazing on the enamel. The "KURSPLOONK!" sounds are first class and, with the high mounted cistern it can cope with my panbusters needing only two flushes to shift the big jobbie without the need of throwing buckets of water down the pan.

Owing to the foot and mouth crisis my hockey matches have been all over the shop,some rearranged from away to home fixtures, some postponed or cancelled.

Did a nice jobbie this morning, indeed a nice buddy dump with my husband. He went first passing a nice big 12 incher, a carrot shaped jobbie with a loud "KUR-SPLOOMP!" as it entered the water. Finished he stood up and I saw it lying there. I then sat on the pan and passed a big curved jobbie of about 14 inches. Both his and mine were about 2.5 inches thick and toffee brown in colour, and a bit knobbly. Mine went "KUR-SPLOOSH!" and ended up next to his. When we pulled the flush both jammed and another flush moved them till only the two pointed ends were visible then a third flush moved them out of the pan.

I cant say I want to copy those deliberately doing a solid motion in their knickers. I have had a few real accidents where I have done a solid jobbie in my panties as I have posted in the past but didnt enjoy this.

All the best, especially to Anne the former bus driver now travel company director, especially in coming out. Good luck to you and Diane in business and your personal life.

Carol -Housewife
Someone asked what was the largest turd I have ever done? So far the record was a lovely big fat single jobbie of 20 inches long and at its thickest 3 inches across. Keith and I measured it afterwards so I know it was that big. You may like to read the story of its being passed.

I work as a Shop Manager having worked my way up from assistant . I enjoy the work, meeting people or all sorts. Now about a year ago I had an accident at work. I was in the warehouse section and one of the staff was trying to get a large box off of a shelf. It shouldnt have been stacked that high. Now they stumbled and I reached out to grab it as it was a high value item. I saved the case intact but fell heavily and twisted my arm. Now this meant a week off work, (and as it wasn't my fault the company paid me comspensation and were very helpful). I had my arm in a sling and for the pain of the pulled muscles the doctor gave me strong painkillers. Now these had a lot of codiene in them and this suppressed peristalsis and made me constipated. I didnt have a motion for 5 days. This didnt bother me although by the end of the week my ???? as a bit swollen. Keith even joked about me "expecting another kid" Now on the Saturday I was doing the laundry with Keith's help when I! felt things moving. I had drank a wine glass of olive oil the night before to lubricate the "poop chute". After breakfast I farted loudly in my knicks and said to Keith, "I think Brownie's on it way and its going to be huge!" The kids were away on a camping holiday with relatives so we were alone. I went to the toilet but then stopped. If my normal sized turds 12 to 14 inches often get stuck then this load, whether it came out in a oner or a number of big jobbies would certainly clog the pan. I mentioned this to Keith who said, "Do it into a bucket then we can bury it in the compost heap if its too big to flush down the toilet pan. Keith pulled down my white panties and I did pee in the pan then got up and as Keith held the bucket I crouched down over it. Now the start of the turd was very fat and knobbly and I had to let my ring slowly stretch. Keith was enjoying the experinence and gave me a commentary as my sphincter domed, then turned brown as the start of the big hard p! oo appeared. I went NNN! UH! UH! NNN! OH! as I slowly pushed it out. The Olive oil coated it and gave it a sheen as Keith remarked. The smell of a solid healthy stool filled the air. It reminded me of the Girls Toilets at school in my teens when lots of the girls went for a poo after eating their school lunches and the air was filled with the smell of good solid poos and the "KER-SPLOONK! KUR-SPLOOSH!" sounds of many girls doing their big jobbies. NNN! UH! OH! NNN! I pushed it out. There was already 12 inches and it still came out. I felt it taper after a few moments more and it finally came to a point and dropped into the bucket with a thud. I then let go a loud fart almost gassing my husband. He was besides himself "Just look at the size of it Carol! Where the hell did all that come from?" Getting my breath back I dryly remarked "Could you please wipe my bum and pull my knickers up as my bum is getting cold? and where the hell did you think it came from, out of my belly, whe! re did you think!" He did this, only one moist wipe being needed to clean off the oily residue from the Olive Oil, then he pulled my knicks up. We then had a look at my jobbie. I have to say even I gasped. I had done it but didnt realise it was that big. The start was dark brown and very knobbly while it got lighter brown along its length being toffee brown at the pointed end. Keith suggested that we measure it and got a tape measure and we gently emptied it out onto a sheet of newspaper. It measured 20 inches (50 cm) end to end and was 3 inches (7.5 cm) at the blunt knobbly start , 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) for most of it length then tapered to a rounded point, it also had a slight curve. My ???? had now gone back to its normal curve. We put the big jobbie back in the bucket, put the paper on the fire and Keith dug a hole in the compost heap, put the jobbie in this andd covered it with compost, knowing that the organisms, beetles, worms etc would soon break down this huge "biomas! s" and convert it into fertiliser for the garden, (I have to say Keith's roses were really good that year). My bumhole throbbed for a while after doing that jobbie I can tell you! Now I have often done that amount of poo but it usually comes out as two jobbies say a fat 12 incher then one 8 or 9 inches long as a second equally fat turd. This isnt a big one that breaks in two as it comes out as the jobbies have straight or rounded ends not ragged. To pass it all in a oner was quite something.

To answer the question about farting. Once this resolved a conflict situation. I had to deal with a member of staff who wasn't pulling her weight and had been complained of by other staff. Now this started off as a very hostile interview with her accusing me of bias against her, (she was Afro-Carribean) and of being stuck up and full of myself, a bit harsh as my sister in law is Black and I worked up from the checkout myself. Anyway I felt a build up of gas in my guts and rectum and knew I had to fart. I tried to hold it back but nature took over and I let go a loud dry foghorn blast into my pale blue Sloggis and through my pleated navy blue skirt. Now this broke the tension. The woman, her Union rep and me were all in stiches I was laughing so much I nearly wet myself. The mood changed, from hostility we had all become very amicable and a satisfcatory solution was achieved. I later found out that the woman had told a colleague, "I thought Carol was a fat stuck up bitch un! til she farted in the office and I realised she was as human as the rest of us"

I sometimes get my leg pulled by the other women when I do a big panbuster in the Ladies Staff Toilet at work, the phrase "Manager's Special" having a special meaning though I DONT think anyone would want to buy one of my big jobbies at a knock down special offer price.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone and apologies to the moderator for my impatience for asking you about my post, when I see it's been included after all!

BEN, Don't be disheartened, not having any response to your messages. It doesn't necessarily mean no-one's reading them and you might suddenly find several people respond all at once.
Stay with us and I hope you feel at home here and that you soon get the feeling you belong!

MATT, great encounter in that toilet with the friendly Latino guy and shitting and having a chat with him while you plopped!

DAZZ, I just noticed you said about the toilet seat with a crack in it that could sometimes pinch your bum.
When I had that lodger staying with me years ago, the plastic seat there suddenly had a crack at the back of it. I asked him how it happened and he said "I sat on it!"
I liked that answer, and I decided to take it with me to the local public convenience, and swap it for one of there's.
not very honest of me, but I took it with me in a carrier bag, went into the cubicle and unscrewed the one on the toilet, and put mine in its place and screwed it on.
As I did so I noticed someone's head appear over the partition, and thought it was probably the first time he'd seen anyone do that in a toilet!
My friend thought it brilliant when I got the new one home, and wished I could have asked him to let me see him try it out!
BTW, I see you DID have a long piss in that toilet at work first before your big plops and splashes. BRILLIANT!

Years ago on BBC Television there was a play called "Cathy, come Home!" about homelessness in Britain in the 1960s and which has been repeated several times since.
In one scene based on reality, a mother is in the kitchen of her flat, when the sound of a toilet flushing is followed by a toilet door opening directly into the kitchen as her son of about 20 emerges.
Planning regulations of house design are now, or used to be, that there had to be two doors minimum between a toilet and a kitchen, apparently to avoid contamination of food by cholera, typhoid or other diseases.(So I was told by a builder).
I wonder if anyone else recalls any similar arrangements with a toilet door opening directly on to the kitchen, with or without planning consent, and whether anyone has been in the kitchen and heard a good shit going on?

ANNE, Former bus driver, Good luck in your new job and glad you you've got a great toilet to use there and already had some company!Perhaps the toilets were a deciding factor when taking the job!

Just a short post today, so wish everyone well, and thanks to the moderator for allowing my last post, when I thought it might be a bit too borderline in one part! P P G

Rizzo: Happy birthday to you my lovely friend! I hope it was a good one, you are such a sweet, sweet man. I just light up whenever I see your name here. A man who works with his hands making beautiful things is a most prized man indeed. I don't think anybody would argue that. Here's another big, wet kiss for you.

Jeff A: Hi hon, how are you these days?! I miss you! Come and talk to me please!

JK: Hi! I'm glad you like my stories! I almost quit posting here after my first one. Nobody seemed to like me. But after my second post, lots of people were talking to me. I don't know of many who are into this subject, so it's nice to see a real normal crowd of wonderful human beings for a change.

John VT: Sometimes I think that the sweetest, most adorable, and downright sexiest man alive could very possibly be living in Vermont. That's you sweetie. I'd love to sit and watch you crap on some Saturday morning. I'd bring you coffee or cocoa, but wouldn't leave during your drop performances. I'd get so excited seeing your thick legs and manly face pushing to get the poop out of your system. With every puff and grunt and strain, I think I'd feel the need to sit on your lap and brush your hair while you poo-pooed for me. Sitting above your turds would be an honor you wonderful man. I do hope you meet somebody that will fulfill those needs for you. I know it's important. I also have that same intensity toward this subject. It's like being plugged into an electrical outlet with a very strong need. I too, didn't meet many people with similar interests. One time when I was 12, a friend of mine was in the bathroom with me while I was fooling around with makeup. She crapped an! d wiped in my presence and at 12, I was crazed! She liked it too.
She felt such a strong need to show me the taboos of her body, and display herself in the most private circumstances. And in the watching, I was so turned on.

Oh, PV: Don't you worry, I'll be visualizing you for sure! I try to anyway. Many nights I fall asleep with you, and a few others here on my mind. I see you with some light spatterings of freckles. Renee has more freckles on her face. A lot! I see you with full pink lips, flattering breasts, and a sweet sparkle. You done put Renee into a headspin with your beach pee marathon story. I love the idea of watching you squat in the bushes. Mmmmm fantasies are fat-free! What a honey you are. I'll bet you'd really be someone to poop with too. I'd love to hear your soft grunts-or even your hard ones. I'd watch turds squeeze out of your ass and worship them, and you! Red hair, hot legs, and you have what it takes to give me a good show. I'm down for it!!! If I'm allowed to make some true confessions here, I have had a few bi experiences, even though I have a very strong liking for men. No, Renee isn't one of them. This woman "Reta" that I wrote about took an awful lot of getting over! . It was a test of my will not to call her. The worst part for me, was I couldn't tell any guys about it. But I can tell you. I feel I can tell you anything. You're very special to me. Here's a kiss from me.

SIMON: Am I really your dream come true? That is the most romantic thing I've ever heard any man say to me before. If you were here, I'd kiss you full on the lips for that! You make my brown skin blush hon. Once I read your note to me, my heart fluttered. I'm a morning girl and had to poop this morning when I was reading it, but decided to hold it. I went all day long without a poop just so I could do it for you when I got home. This poop is after the fact of course, but it was just for you sweet thing, and as I type, the smell is still lingering.
Okay Simon, I'm going to take you into my bathroom with me. I'm afraid it's going to be a rather nasty one, because a sneaky fart slipped out, and it was very creamy, and very raunchy. I know you can take it though. If not, I have some spray perfume on the counter, go ahead and dose the air if you feel you need to. It's Friday night. I've just come home from work and I'm dressed in my charcoal 3 piece suit with split skirt. Underneath I am wearing black pantyhose and matching panties. I pull everything down to my knees and rest my elbows on the tops of my thighs. Last night I ate lots of protein and carbos, (Broiled Salmon, fettucini, broccoli and bread) which give me long and firm squeezings. Ohhh……there went another fart. Ooooh, it's a stinker too. Oh, this is such a hot loaf I have to pinch…it's going to be a fat one. All day long I wanted to go to the ladies room, spread my ass cheeks and get this thing out of me. But, I knew if I held it in, it would be all the better! for you tonight. Now, as I look at you, deep in your eyes, I can see your handsome face. Just relax and breathe sweetheart. Breathe through your nose, I want you to take all of me in. This is going to be so good. My eyes are drops of dark chocolate, wet and twinkling, guarded by heavy black lashes. My nose is wide, and my lips full. I have a mouth full of white teeth, pink gums and spearmint breath. If you see me squint just a little, you'll know my little butthole is opening…Oh yeah, here it comes…..oh….oh….rrrrrnnnnn-nnhhhhhhhhh!….K-PLLLUUUUPPPPLUUP! Oh, what a thick sausage. That one was a three pounder for sure, and it hurt!!! I don't like them that thick! Simon, I want you to look between my legs. Right down there below my black silky triangle. Do you see that big, brown turd floating? Mmmmmmm, that felt so good. I'd say it's as thick as a cucumber, and twice as long. Ohhhh, there's more and I can't hold it….plop-pluuuup-plooop-plop-plop….oaannnhhhhh….k-ploooop-plop-pl! up-plop….Those were healthy! Warm and soft. I felt my ???? shrink as I crapped for you. Mmmmm, smell that hon? That's Carmalita's special scent. I'm awfully stinky huh? I'm awfully crazy too. Wait till I get a few drinks down. After all, it is Friday night. Would you please wipe me baby? I love a man's touch. Finger and thumb, front to back please, that's it….slower,….mmmm, yeah. I like about six good wipes. Show me the yucky paper for my approval. Ewww, those are icky streaks! I'll be putting on some white satin panties and don't want poop skids in them. Not for you. Whew! That was a good one. I feel better. Wanna' go pig out somewhere? Something with a lot of corn in it. Cornball turds really make my butt itch in a hot way when they come out. Now, go pick out a nice ring baby. Goodnight, Simon.

Buzzy: I'd love to poop in the woods with you. It's one of my favorite things. Yes, after a monster breakfast. After I farted a couple of times on the trail, I'd say, "Hey, Buzz, how about over in there? Right by those trees. I think we'd better hurry because I am going to lay some brown concrete." Love you!

Kim and Scott: Kim, you are such a sweetheart. What a nice butt you must have too, to produce such beautiful droppings. Wish I could watch one come out someday. I think you're such a queen pooper. Do you really look like Cheryl Ladd? I always thought she was a stunningly beautifuly woman.

Eric B: I'm thinking about you too tonight. Take care of yourself!


Saturday, April 28, 2001

I would like to share an experience that happened a few months ago I was at a trade fair with a female college she is in her late twenties and very sporty. WE had been very busy and had not much time to leave our stand but we had plenty of coffee and food supplied to us. By the time we had finished all the toilets were closed for cleaning this did not help us at all as we both needed to go urgently. So I suggested we find a place in the car park, once outside the car park was nearly empty and our car was over near some old buildings so we headed for the buildings I got out of sight and just open my trouser and started to pee my college came hurry in past me lifted her skirt and pull down her white knickers I could see her pale bare ass, heart shaped, the round full cheeks slightly spread. She bent forward, her ass lifting somewhat. I heard her moan, saying, "Oh god, do I have to shit!" I was now peeing for a least 2 mins as I finished I looked down to see her fingers pulling h er ass cheeks open and her dark pink asshole, I looked lower as her golden piss splash out from her pussy lips. She then farted. Loud, her piss slowed to a trickle. I tucked myself back in my trouser and said to her that I would leave her in peace to have her shit but she said that ok you can keep a look out for me I’ll be a bit of a time yet
I could see her asshole opening the tip of her round turd started to emerge as she strained her arse hole stretched wider and wider I could not believe my eyes as a light brown turd was emerging it was fat and bumpy. She was grunting each time she tried to push the enormous turd out, the turd slid out further. It was sticking out from her bulging asshole, by about six inches. It hung there, and then it slid out another six inches or so, before it broke off. She groaned, as she farted again, then another turd slipped from her asshole this time a six inches and not so fat. She wiped herself several time then pulled up her knickers and straightened her clothes.
I did remark to her that it was the first time I had ever seen a woman take a shit and it was some load for someone so petite a 13” and 2” dia followed by a 6”pieces.

Hello there! It's been a long, long time since I posted. I had posted a few times late last year but I really didn't have anything to share. I have been quite an active reader of this site and some of the stories I have read have been very fascinating. What a crazy fetish we all have!

I just wanted to mention what happened to me yesterday. I got a call from my friend Marcie to give her a ride home from work since her car is in the shop. Now Marcie and I are great friends, and she's like a little sister to me, so I gladly obliged. As we got to her apartment, her roommate's dog, who's really precious and very playful, came up to both of us and started hopping around. Marcie then mentioned that she had to use the bathroom. Now, despite having this fetish, I really didn't take it seriously because I had assumed that she was going in for a pee. Marcie told me to just hang out for a little bit while she went to the bathroom, and she left. The dog and I weren't standing too far from the bathroom, and I started to play with her some, petting her and the whole nine yards. It was kinda quiet in the apartment, except for the dog's panting. As the dog and I were playing, I heard a loud fart come from the bathroom. I looked up at the bathroom door and started to gig! gle to myself. I then noticed that the bathroom door had been left cracked open a little and I could see a little glimpse of my friend on the toilet.
I then started to listen a little bit on her noises. Another small fart came, and I heard some light crackling sounds, but nothing falling in the toilet. I heard some paper coming off the roll, but after that I lost interest and sat on the sofa and played with the dog some more. I heard the toilet flush, then she was fumbling around with a few things in the bathroom. I heard another toilet flush (presumably to get rid of any remaining skid marks that might have been left), then she came out. We talked as if nothing happened for a while, then she had to make some personal phone calls. As she was talking on her cell phone, she took the dog outside. As she left, I had to use the bathroom myself, but only to pee. I went in, looked in the toilet and there were still a few skid marks in there. I went outside to talk to Marcie, then I had to leave. Since it was quiet in the apartment, I wonder if Marcie knew I could hear her. I'm thinking she did, but she probably didn't care, be! cause we are that close. We had a conversation the week before about pooping -- I was actually at her place last week and when we came in, the dog had had a poop accident in the middle of the apartment floor. We reprimanded the dog and cleaned the mess up. I had then started a conversation about my experience working in a restaurant in high school and having to clean the restroom, the ladies' worse than the mens'. I told her about how I was shocked that some of the ladies' never flushed the toilets and would leave them stuffed with toilet paper and large logs, including the biggest one I have ever seen that was the size of a polish kielbasa (no kidding)!! Sorry to rant on, hope you guys liked the story!

KIM: I have continued to be amazed everytime by your stories! I could not believe you pounded out a 28-inch log -- outdoors even!! It must have felt like your whole intestine was coming out. I wish you could post your creations online -- it would get a lot of hits!

CARMALITA: I have enjoyed your stories as well. Keep them coming!

Gen X
Kevin--I am over 25. Because of my horrible fear of pooping I went home every weekend in college. And because of that I hardly went to a single party at college and made few friends because you make them when you stay during the weekend. Sad, huh?
Also, it prevented me from having a career in the military, which I considered.

CARMALITA -- Ohhh, honey, that was one HOT experience. I could just see myself on that bowl, red hair flipped, creamy thighs spread, depositing currency in the circular bank... Well, you know me, probably more les than bi, and I think I'd have made the offer as well! I've never had the pleasue of doing it like that yet, though even in my AP days, I was positive I could empty my bowels more easily in a doorless stall than empty my bladder. As it happens, I only ever needed to pee in a doorless stall, and that on one or two occasions -- not the easiest task under the circumstances.

You said to Buzzy: "Try to picture me squatting, my black hair hanging down, and me grunting hard, with a long, brown tail hanging out of my butt!" That's a very hot image, sweetie! Switch black to red, and you have pretty much the image I was trying to portray in the beach gully! So visualize me! Hee-hee!!!

Birthday best to Renee, look after yourselves, and keep the fun coming!

My best,


Hi everyone,Kim, I never used a measuring tape like some people here do but one time I was working at a resturant and I had not gone to the bathroom for five weeks.My friend AnnMarie told me to get some apricots,and another friend Ingrid told me to get some ex-lax,when it was a chocolate candy bar. well that night after work I went shopping and picked up everything along with some munchies.I went to my boy friends house Don,and I cooked us a big meal all the while munching on the apricots. I stuffed my self as usual,and ate the ex-lax bar.I had failed to read the instructions on the package and consumed the entire package of laxative.Kind of an overdose I guess.
well anyway the next day I was at work I had just started my shift and was waiting on a table of five guys when I felt a severe cramp in my ????.I farted and one guy started laughing hysterically, the rest of the guys sort of played it off.I said"excuse me",I asked AnnMarie if she would watch my station and take their orders for me.She said "ok".with that I gave her my wallet and went to make a beeline for the washroom.There are two stalls in this washroom but they don't have the large toilets you normally see in resturants.they are the smaller ones because the room is small and there is not a lot of space with the stalls and sink in there.I felt one of the meanest biggest shits of my entire life packed inside me.I went to the far stall and was unbuckeling my belt and pulling my slacks and panties down before I even got the door closed.Wham! I slammed the stall door shut,sat downpushed my pants and panties to my ankles.I heard one poof fart and did not have to push at all! as a loud crackle sound began to pierce the air sssshhhhhhhhrrrrlllllllssssshhhhhhh...on,and on ,and felt like a freight train comming out of my ass,I folded my hands and rested them over my lap and honkered down for some seriously mean hot nasty shitting.It felt like a rope being pulled from inside me.It stopped for a minuite and I got up to look,inside the toilet was one continuious turd about only an inch and a half wide but at least twenty to thirty feet all wound around and tied in knots like a huge pretzel it was all the way up to around the rim.I quickly had to sit down and a mammoth sized thick heavy turd about one and a half feet long and three and a half inches wide came out,then three more about three inches wide and a foot in length laid on top of the mess.The smell was unberable,you know,like it smells when some one is having a serious bm sulfur,rottenegg smell.Just then AnnMarie burst in the washroom and says "how much longer are you going to be we're ge tting a rush of customers and I can't watch your station and mine." "I'm sick".I replied and with that a loud booming fart and a few hundred chain shits began to deluge into the comode.I stopped up that toilet and moved to the next one and began to shit my brains out but I started with a courtesy flush and kept flushing about nine bowls in all. needless to say tatle tale Ann Marie told the boss and he made me pay a whopping plumbing bill of eighty eight dollars.I told my boyfriend Don the story and he paid it.Such is life. Love ALANA

I have another story. Well my mom took me and the girl next door to a movie. Well she got us in and left because we said we were going to walk home. Well we were in the middle of the movie when she said she had to pee bad. She left for a little bit. I continued to watch the movie. When she came back she was almost crying. She said the bathroom lines were clear in the hall because there was only two stalls. She then started to squirm really bad. Then it happened. She couldn't hold it any longer. She let lose and it soaked threw. She then started crying and saying she was a baby. I told she wasn't and then I got the urge to pee too. But instead of going to the bathroom I went right in pants. I showed her and she I was sweet. When the movie ended everybody started looking at us funny but I told her not to worry.

Also I was at the ballpark today because it was almost deserted so I checked out the women's restroom and it had 9 stalls. When the men's onley has three. More later.

I see from postings that many of you guys are embarrassed about taking a shit in public. I've always enjoyed talking with other guys while taking a good dump. Recently, I went jogging around a city baseball field. The bathrooms there are usually locked, but that morning they were open since a game was being played later in the day. As usual when jogging I needed to shit real bad. When I walked into the men's room there was a sign near the entrance saying it was closed for cleaning. There was a young Latino guy inside taking care of the facilities. I asked him if I could use the bathroom and he gave me a broad grin and said:"Sure, go ahead, but I've still got some cleaning up to do." I went into the single doorless stall and he was cleaning the two sinks in front of the stall. We started talking baseball and were having a great discussion. I farted and said excuse me. He said: "That's OK dude, this is the place to do it." I then dropped several large turds and he co! ntinued talking to me as they hit the water with loud plops. He then noticed that the toilet roll was almost empty and went to the storeroom to get some more for me. He leaned over me and installed it in the dispenser and then we continued our baseball conversation while I wiped my butt. After I was done, I thanked him and told him he had saved my life. He laughed and said: "Anytime Bro." I then went on my way and continued jogging. A good shit can be even more enjoyable with good company around.

I had a satisfying dump last night. I went out to eat dinner then i came home and was online up till bedtime then right before bed time this urge to shit came on, it grew stronger and i knew i was gonna have to empty my load in the toilet so i go upstairs and get ready for bed then i drop my load, i had about a 12" log and a few smaller pieces. I did notice some undigested food in my log, and i had been eating some fresh v?????s latly. Then i flushed and went to bed

Carmalita: Thanks for sharing that special story with all of us! I
found it very arousing as well. That Reta girl was clever with how she handled you, I'd say... but you would prefer a guy in that situation, as I suspected. I'd be honored to give you my best bathroom show! Ironically, I've never found another woman I've known
(face to face, of course, so all of the incredible women of this forum are, alas, excluded) who was into the subject. Because of this,
I don't even seriously consider the possibility of a real-life mutual
toilet experience. If it ever DID happen... with the current intensity of feeling I have for the subject, I'd say it would be the
most exciting experience of my adult life.... (WOW!)

Lisa: Great to hear from YOU again, and nice successful diet change!
(I hate to do little nuggets, too...) Keep those huge turds coming!
I would have LOVED to have seen that awesome 18-incher, and I can understand why you found the whole experience satisfying! Keep posting about your bathroom (or outdoor!) events when you have time!

Emily: So I'd say you learned a lesson the hard way.... be very careful with laxatives! But I will add you were treated unfairly by
your date (one excuse that could be offered for him is his juvenile
age, but still...), and EVEN WORSE by your mother, who has no excuse
for treating her own daughter so CRUELLY! Stories like yours amaze
and sadden me... please post again, to let us know how you're doing.

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