The other day I woke up really needing to take a shit. By the time I got out of bed and got ready for school the urge had passed. When I went down for breakfast and had my first cup of coffee it returned big time, but instead of going up to the toilet I just stayed there.

I could feel my poop pushing so just raise my bum and let it go into the seat of my panties. I had to push a bit to get it all out and then when I was all done began to worry that my mom or my brother had noticed.

Thank God they never, so I went upstairs and dumped out my poo into the toilet. pulled up my panties and went to School. But all day long I couldn't concentrate and just kept thinking about having pooped in my panties.

Last night i was online right before bed and i started to feel a slight urge to shit...but it wasn't "urgent" i could hold on a long time. It was that kind of shit. I was online for atleast 45 min after i felt the urge. Then i get off and get ready for bed then i went to take my dump. Man did i have to shit, i had so much shit up me. I went in and sat down and i really felt it and few little small balls came out then the rest of it was totally stuck...I was just hanging on a bit trying not to push. It was hurting coming out of my a-hole a bit. Then finally i started to push and it came out. then a few other big balls came out then i still felt like i had shit up me so i got up with out wiping(it was pretty clean at first) and went in to my room to my sceret drawer and i got a suppository and i went back into the bathroom and pulled my pants down and inserted it up my ass, all the way up! Then i layed down for 5-10 minutes then i felt like i had to go again, so i went back to ! the bathroom(i left the toilet unflushed cause i knew i would be back) and i sat back down and i checked for stains in my boxer shorts since i had not wiped and i had layed down. I had none. Then the shit starts coming out my ass, i had a few good size pieces. Then my load gradully got softer...the first batch was really hard. I think i was really constipated cause i hadn't gone in 4 days. Then some more shit comes out then i sit a bit then i decide im done...i checked out my load and i had a bunch of soft pieces ontop of my hard shit. I also noticed some undigested blueberries in my was either from muffins or Yougart. Then i wiped about 10 times and i was messy!! the shit on the papper was mushy. I then flushed, washed my hands and went to bed.

To your name (Todd): About sitting on the toilet with your underwear on and crapping in your underwear...I belive i have done this once or twice when i was younger, and at the time i wore briefs...i haven't worn any in 5 years.

To Ross: I have seen Detriot Rock city..I'll confirm to you that, what you were talking about really happened. I think a boy went in the girls bathroom if i remember and something happend that the stalls fell down...don't remember too clearly.

To Austin: About toilet safty...thats weird thinking about someones intestines getting sucked up..i wonder if it is really true? and where did you hear this at?
And also i liked that thing about a natural laxitive...have you tried it? does it work?? I think im gonna try it. I really wanna try it out, i printed it out.

To Jordan: I liked your story, it was cool. Did your friend watch you crap? or no? did you watch your friend?

To Ben: I liked your story about when you took a crap and it was green. So you said you ate Flaming Hot Cheetos, is that right?? You do mean the little cheese puffs, right?? How much did you eat? And what kind of flavor is it?

Has anyone ever seen hidden camera restroom videos?????? They shed a lot of light on peoples bathroom activities......and are fun to watch!!! Anyone?????/

Where on earth did you ever get your information on vacuum flush toilets? I am an engineer on a ship with this type of toilet and can testify to the fact that there has never been a vacuum system designed that could ever do what you have described. These toilets operate at about 18"-20" hg. It is perfectly safe to flush while seated on a vacuum toilet.

I have been in exactly the same situation before. I was in a bathroom where there was one toilet, no stall or cover of any kind and the urinal was directly across from the toilet. In walks a man and his about 9 year old daughter. I was wearing shorts and a tank top which stopped at my waist line. I was really having quite a large and stinky BM. I was working at pooping really hard and the whole time this man was taking a leak with his daughter facing me. She could see my everything. It was embarrassing.

The other day at work, they announced that the water was going to be shut off for about an hour. I immediately wondered about the rest room. After a few minutes, I ventured in. There is one stall. I peeked in and sure enough there was a load covered with some toilet paper. I guess someone couldn't wait, or was caught in "mid-motion" when the announcement came. I didn't want to stare too long for fear that someone would come in and think that I did it! The water came on about a half hour later.

As for the discussion about blood on the toilet paper, I've had this problem now for about five years. I have had two complete colonoscopies (not a wonderful experience) and have received a clean bill of health, except for a hemmorhoid that won't seem to heal. It doesn't particularly hurt, but the bleeding is a bit of a nuissance. I've tried everything from stool softeners, to prescription suppositories, to warm sitz bath, to wet wiping with baby wipes (a good idea in any case for the ultimate in cleanliness) but nothing long term has cured this hemmorhoid. I even had a procedure where they banded it to make it "die" and fall off. This didn't work either. I've resigned myself to living with it. It's certainly not the worst problem in the world, but I'd love to be rid of it. Any suggestions? I certainly would advise anyone with bleeding to see his or her physician to have it checked out. Chances are it is nothing, but as my doctor says, colar-rectal cancer is almos! t always curable if caught early and quite often fatal if caught too late.

Hi all!!! My toilet is all fixed now and my wallet much lighter after the plumber releived it of it's contents for putting in the new cistern. It's a dual flush model, has two buttons, one for a three litre flush and the other gives a six litre flush. It's a good idea for saving water as it doesn't need much water just to flush a wee. These type of cisterns are common in Australia, having been introduced about ten years ago I think. All new homes must be fitted with these and all replacement cisterns are of this type too. Are these types used in other countries?

ERIC B.......Don't you just love those feelings of the prostrate getting a good massage as a big shit slowly slides out? Definately one of life's great pleasures and cheap too!!!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY......I'm going to have to try that trick of your with the underpants and toilet paper very soon, of course I will let you know in every detail how it went when I do!!! Haven't had any good shitting last few days, still getting over my flu and the diarhoea that went with it. Did do a few littles nuggets this morning and got splashed a little on the buttocks, nothing too exciting though. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some bigger logs and plunging plops!!! Maybe even one as good as the recent one I had at work, that was definately something to write home about!!! It's true that I do get a good splashing wherever I go, Aussie toilets seem to be built for this with their deep water traps and the long drop from seat height to water level. A whole foot and often a little more is the average between seat and water and the water is usually about six inches deep. The deepest part is always right under your anus if you sit on the seat with your buttocks covering the! hole completely. They simply could not have designed this better, whoever did obviously loves a good splash and the great sound effects that go with it!!! My perfect toilet would have a few more inches drop and a good twelve inch deep water trap to ensure a good thorough soaking of my toilet parts as a resounding PLOP echoes through the bathroom!!!

As to the mung beans, they do seem to give a good result as do most types of beans, high in fibre and all that sort of thing. Very healthy and a bit farty too!!!

Wishing you all pleasurable plopping....


Traveling Guy
Hi, all! Just back from my trip. Best news: my mom is recovering nicely and did not have a stroke, as suspected. Not much to report on toilet goings on during the trip. There was the attractive young woman who spent about five minutes in the train lavatory and gave me a shy smile on her way past when she came out. The toilets in the coaches are the vacuum type Austin described the other day. A sign says, "Close lid before flushing." They do seem powerful. Wow, can you imagine having your intestines sucked out?

AUSTIN - Thanks for the explanation of the bowel stimulation point in the hand. Could your describe about how far down it is, in inches, from the web of skin between the thumb and forefinger? Is it closer to that web or to the wrist? (You can tell I'm having trouble locating it.) It's great to hear about a unisex that truly is one. If all guys were as gentlemanly as you about using them, maybe women (and men) would be less apprehensive and they'd catch on quicker.

ROSS-Your right, there is a scene in Detroit Rock City with a girl on the toilet. What happens is, three os the main characters were sitting around skipping class, mourning the loss of their KISS tickets, when the janitor names Elvis comes around the corner. They book it into the girl bathroom. They were about to leave when they heard a girl coming, so they ducked into one of the stalls. The girl came in and sat in the other stall. She starts out peeing and then starts farting. The guys were about to burst out laughing when the toilet totally collapsed and they went flying down and brought the walls to the stall down. water starts shooting out everywhere and you get a look of the girl sitting down on the throne! C ya lata

I know this guy who was morbidly obese. He weighed close to 500 lbs. He just ate too much--I'd seen him in action. But he couldn't stop. So he had the so-called bariatric surgery. He really had no choice; he would have probably died otherwise. They go in there and make his stomach very small so it won't hold too much food and they also short-circuit a lot of his intestines so he won't absorb so much food. The down side, as he told me, is "I shit a lot". Yes, the food just drops through him. And God, does it stink. I work with him sometimes and he is always running off to the toilet. NEVER do I go in there afterwards. The stuff has a half-life of at least 40 minutes. He has lost over 200 lbs. though. He may have a chance to live to be an old man.

Good Morning, Carmalita. It is 06:20 AM in the Northeast, and I just got back from a 38 minute 6 mile run, that included a nice healthy dump behind a tree. I would have loved to have tou and some of the other ladies here observe that, and then watch all of you.

You are such a lovely girl for saying that I sound sexy at 53. Getting older can be a great experience, if you take care of yourself, and my "old" lady and I do that by working out very often.
It realy is invigorating, and it has allowed both of us to remain within 5 to 7 pounds of our weight as early twenty somethings. We look forward to every day as a new adventure and try to live life to the fullest. We also have 5 lovely grand children, who keep us feeling very young. FYI, my wife is somewhat similar to you. She is pettite, 5'2", somewhat dark (she is part Native American), and she sleeps naked. Of course, she is also about 30 years older than you are.
PS: I hope you are not getting sick. Your last bit indicated that you might have an upset stomach. Feel better, sweetie, put a smile on your face and keep on being that wonderful little seniorita that everyone out here loves so much.

Have a nice day.

Hi all. I had a nice installment motion yesterday. I did the first jobbie at home before driving to work. A single big fat 12 incher, a knobbly carrot shaped turd which made a lovely KUR-SPLOOMP!" . I felt I needed more but it wasnt coming down so I wiped my bum, pulled up my knicks and went to work.

At 11 am break after coffee and biscuits I went to the toilet again. I really felt I needed a wee wee only but as I sat there I felt a big one come down and with an UH! NNN! AH! KERSPLOONK!" did another big fat solid brick, this time cylinder shaped, blunt at both ends. I still felt that I hadnt completely emptied my bowels but apart for a loud fart I didnt do anything.

Later that day, my shift over, I went over to Michelle my best mate and neighbour, and had tea with her. Again felling the need I went to her toilet, Michelle accompanying me as she often does. I pulled up my navy blue skirt and took my pink Sloggis down to my knees. I did another hissing tinkling wee wee then felt a movement in my ???? and my rectum fill then out oozed a smooth, easy but solid poo. It just seemed to keep coming out, with gentle pressure from myself. The crackling was clearly audible. It slid into Michelle's toilet pan with a "Flimp!". I got off the pan, now feeling totally cleared inside and Michelle and I had a look at the huge khaki coloured "snake" curled round in the pan. It was 2.5 inches thick and must have been 14 inches long and did it smell! Michelle sat on the pan herself with her black panties at her knees and buddy dumped a big 12 inch carrot rather like the one I had done at home that morning on top of mine. When I told her I had already don! e 2 big whoppers at home and at work she was aghast, although I hadnt been for a few days so this was a consolidated load. It took 5 flushes to get our combined jobbies to go away. I often buddy dumnp with Michelle.

El Duderido. Play safe, see a doctor. Any rectal bleeding, unless you know it is piles or a fissure after passing a big fat hard stool, should be investigated. For your own peace of mind seek expert advice.

Hi all of you. I have been a lurker on this site for quite a while and I love to hear stories about females pooping especially outside. My first ever experience of this was when I was growing up in Zimbabwe. Our next door neighbours had a daughter of about six (my age at the time was about seven). I think that we may have shown each other our private parts a few times as kids normally do but one day we were out in the garden behind a huge fir tree and I did a pee against the tree just to show her what I could do and then she pulled down her panties and also peed and then she stayed a while and pushed a small constipated poop on the ground which I inspected with great delight as I had never seen a girl poop before especially seeing her rectum open and push out the poop. She did not wipe but placed her finger in her bum and then gave me her finger to smell. I thought that it did not smell as bad as mine and I was quite aroused by the whole event and it has stuck in my mind ever since and I have always been fascinated with pooping females. I used to spy on my Mom and my sister after that and now I am happily married to a wife who is quite comfortable with me seeing her on the pot. I still wish that society was more open and that I could see a few more females pooping without any sexual implications-just the sight of another woman pooing and her unique smell would be enough. Will post more with stories of my wife etc.

TODD- I have pooped in my pants while sitting on a closed toilet lid before. It is cool. I use briefs for this usually and I always like to wear jeans..levis usually. I find it more rewarding to do this standing up the load has room.

JORDAN- Great story! I have had similar things happen. I have farted and crapped my pants before and I have let out some gross poops in front of my best friend before. A best friend will always has happened to him before too.

el duderino
well, im not worried anymore...the blood is very very bright red, so its apparently a hemmrhoid or fissure or whatever...i cant just go see a doctor, its not that 15 and the doctor i see is our family friend, so it wouldbe very awkward and embarassing...i was just worried it was cancer or something

Lately I haven't been peeing in the toilet at all. I have a 1 gallon plastic containter that I use instead. Most days I pee between 3/4 and 1 gallon. Once I was in the hospital and could not pee at all so the nurse had to give me a catheter. She shoved a tube up my dick and it emptied into a plastic bag contraption. I filled the thing up and she had to let some of it out. Having a catheter doesn't hurt, it just feels like you're peeing all the time.
I ordered a catheter over the internet and played with it myself and got the leg bag to go with it. I left it in for 5 days. There is a valve at the base of the bag, so you just lift up your pant leg and empty it anywhere outside. You can make a puddle and nobody knows who did it.

Todd: I have done that too in my boxers. just took a small poop. Post later

Hmmm, I go away for a few days, and come back to find there's two of us now! When I first started posting, I posted as Simon (England), but the (England) got moderated out. I was maybe going to suggest that it could be allowed back in to avoid confusion, but I see the other Simon is also from England.
I guess I'll have to think of another screen-name now.....

Today wasn't a good toilet day. You know when you get that feeling that you need to do a load, but not much comes out.... well that's how I was this morning. all I managed to get rid of was a few small soft pieces and some gas.
Anyway, this evening I was at my mum's house doing some work and i got a sudden severe urge to go. I ended up on the toilet for about 25 minutes, pushing out this smelly thick liquid (Color #614!) like gearbox oil in winter, down the back of the pan and mounted up in the trap.

But did I feel better after that or what!

Soon, maybe next week, I'm going to post some details about toilets in venues where I've been to concerts like Wheatus, Guano Apes and Nik Kershaw.....

Bye for now,

Si :)

Carmalita -
For some reason my last 2 posts didn't show up. I hope it wasn't because they didn't get past the moderator! Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I LOVED that poop you did for me. And you let me wipe too!! I was in heaven. You are so sweet and adorable!

Hi Malita,

You make me blush -- cyber-roses! My first ever! Received with delight, dusky darling. [Kiss in return!]

Long brown limbs against white sheets, oh-ho, that's got me going now...!

Mm- nice burrito, made really healthy. I had heaps of corn chips and rice with it, and the next day sat and produced a lovely turd. It had been wanting to come out for a while, I held onto it to savor at length, and when I parked myself on the seat and relaxed I opened up to release a nicely-formed, compact turd my usual 11" long, slightly over an inch wide at the start, tapering to just under an inch at the end. It slipped away easily, plonked into the bowl, and was so firm I had barely any brown to wipe away. No pre-turd chunks, none after, just one really nice torpedo!

I'm sorry to hear you were teased at school for your skin color -- that was abuse in a very real sense. Hey, not everyone in the world is a moron, thankfully.

Wishing you wonderful movements and glorious appreciation (would that it was me doing the appreciating!)

Your redhead pal,


PS: Wicked explosion when Renee and Patsy burst in -- I know what it's like to have brown soup under you! Yuck!

CARMALITA - Hi! Thank you for saying I am a wonderful lady!
Yeah, it may be that you need more practice, but I bet we
can make one stream out of those two streams. How about you
try opening your lips a bit more with your fingers. I bet
you will get it coming out in one good stream but you will
need to practice.
I will tell Steve that you have written. Sometimes we do
write soon after each other so then we see what each other
has been writing about.
You are right, Steve is really lovely. He sometimes says to
me that he does not understand women, but he does really!
He is very kind, thoughtful and considerate and I feel
very lucky. Your Jake sounds real nice too so keep hold
of him!

RING STRETCHER - That is a little something I want to do in
the summer. When I am on a beach somewhere and it does not
matter if I am in a bikini or nude, I *will* have a huge
shit outdoors just like you did. I have done it before like
that but I want to do it again. I bet my boyfriend would
have liked to have watched you!

JULIE - Hi! That was a good story about when you went for a
wee with Sarah. I am not very shy about weeing so maybe it
would not have really bothered me at all. It was a bit like
one of the other girls I work with who just weed in the
cubicle without closing the door. I was talking to her while
she was weeing and I saw everything. She did not care but
most of the other women are really shy about weeing.

PV - Hi girl!!! Well I liked your horsey story. Hehehe I bet
it would have got onto a bloopers reel or something like that
but I bet it would not be transmitted on British television.
That must have been a good standing wee you had at the bottom
of the garden!
Yeah Scotland was lovely. No snow where we were! Oh no! Steve
and I did not think my friend would have a are swim with us,
but she did and she enjoyed it. She was a little bit shy weeing
in the bucket. We could not see anything because she sat on the
bucket, but she did get it done. She kept glancing at Steve
when he had a wee in the bucket. I bet she kind of liked that
but she did not say anything. You would have liked being there,
it was a lot of fun! On that last day she knew what Steve and I
wanted to do in the pool. It was not swimming, so she did not
come in then!
Well I think I will go and have a 'stale' now! LOL



Hi everyone

I love my job becuase it means I get to travel around a lot to visit customers. One of the main drawbacks of this is knowing where the next toilet will be.

Yesterday I had a meeting in the morning and after I left and got in the car I suddenly felt the urge to poo. I figured there would be a public toilet nearby so headed off to my next appointment. As I was driving along there was no sign of anywhere and I was getting more and more desperate and by now was holding myself and feeling very unconfortable.

Finally I found a service station and headed straight into the ladies. Fortunately there was a vacant stall and I went straight in lifted up my skirt and pulled my tights and knickers down and almost immediately started to poo. When I had finished and was feeling much relieved I suddenly noticed there was no paper - isn't that so typical of these places. As I really needed to wipe myself I figured I'd find some in the next stall and there weren't many people about.

I carefully lowered my skirt and with my knickers and tights still at my knees I waddled out in search of paper. There were a couple of girls standing at the basin who gave me a very odd look as I went into the next stall and fortunately found some paper. I quickly hitched up my skirt and wiped myself forgetting I was in full view until I heard a little girls voice saying mummy look at that lady there i can see her bottom as she's not closed the door.

Now totally embarrassed I quickly pulled up my knickers and tights, lowered my skirt and virtually ran out of the bathroom.

Hi everyone

Although this is only my third post I have read most of the posts here in recent weeks and I feel I know you all really well. Until recently I have always been very private about going to the toilet and never really discussed it with anyone, but now I'm finding that more and more people are increasingly open about such things.

This morning I went to see a neighbour and we were having a chat and a coffee and suddenly i needed a wee. i went into her bathroom and lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down before sitting on the loo for a wee. While i was going i noticed a comic book on the floor probably left by one of Janes kids and picked it up out of idle curiousity. i must have got carried away as i heard a knock at the door and janes voice asking if i was ok. i said i was fine and quickly flushed and lowered my skirt.

Jane was outside and said she needed to go to. i went as if to go back into the lounge but she just kept chatting away. Out of curiosity (not the sexual kind) I stood by the door. Jane was unperterbed and lifted up her dress and I was quite surprised to see she had no knickers on underneath. I decided not to say anything and she finished her wee, wiped herself and then straightened her dress.

Apparently Jane told me later that when she's in the house alone or if it's just a friend she doesn't wear any knickers as she's more comfortable. Personally I'd be concerned about someone looking up my skirt. Does anyone else have any views on this?

I just think women sitting on the toilet are cute and sexy. Whenever I have mentioned this to girlfriends, they look at me like I'm crazy. I want some girl to tell me I'm not!

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Hi! I am new here, I would like to hear some peeing stories.

Face Saver
Hey, all of you:

I have got a bit of a dilemma here: I have a friend, whom I really like having as a friend. The thing is, that I cannot help but think of her crapping! I would love to be able to discuss these kinds of matters w/ her, and for her to go into explicit-detail about her toilet-habits. I have never-mentioned this to her, yet. What I was wondering, of course, is the best way to go about bringing this up, around her, so that I don't "lose face" & look bad. Worst case? If she thinks that I am some kind of weirdo and or sicko, and tells the rest of our friends about this. How do I do this, w/ out making myself look-bad? I would really appreciate any useful-information. I am sure that @ least some of you have been in the same-situation.

Signed, Face Saver

Cool Girl
To whoever asked, I keep a litle contaner to pee in near my computer cuz Im a computerholic and a lazy bum and dont wanna get up

How many of you were embarrased about your accidents until you found this sight?

RANDI (southern Indiana)
I got a new story today.

When I went to the mall to day, i was desperate to pee and poop so I went in the restroom but it was dirty so I pooped on the floor and peed in the sink. (Lucky no one saw me)

Just popped in to say Hi!! I'm waiting for the plumber at the moment to come fix my toilet. I was woken this morning by a big BANG!! and thinking it was just something outside (it can be noisy sometimes where I live), just ignored it. Half an hour later when I got up to have my morning piss, I was greeted by the sight of water all over the bathroom floor and dribbling from the toilet cistern!!! Luckily there is a tap to shut the water off to the toilet right next to it and the bathroom floor has a drain in it so my whole flat didn't get flooded out. I thought to myself, this is going to be expensive!! I could save a few dollars by fixing it myself, but I really can't be bothered. My pleasure is in using the toilet, not fixing the damn thing!!! Have to go now, I think the plumber is here!!!

your name (Todd)
Has any one just sat on the toilet seat or cover with their underwear still on then poop in their underwear while they are sitting there? I have done it and I would like to see if any body else has done it. Please reply or post soon

I would like to know what is the best type of underwear or panties to poop in? Has any one left a pair of poopy underwear or panties in a public toilet before? I have before please reply or post soon.

Michael H. If you have a accident it is best if you have on briefs because they contain an accident. If you really have a big accident then you will have a big problem because brief only contain so much but they are better than boxers which don't contain any of it. It would also be nice to be wearing brown or black pants too.

Hello.folks-some great posts-let's get to 'em
TO CARMELITA-Yes,hon-I would like you to pick out the spot and then we stroll over and find the perfect spot and squat acroos from each other and take in the morning air as we both fart and let out our morning excrement in a few parts as we talk about our day and enjoy the view-i think you would probably poo more-i wonder who would finish first?Boy would that be fun!Love your stuff!
TO RJOGGER-Funny story with you and your co-workers-lucky guy!
TO RING STRETCHER-Sure!! i would enjoy seeing one of your monsters-Esp out in the woods as you squat to do your business-sometimes you sound like you are a bit binded up-you should try some apples or pears-you would still do some big ones( maybe bigger!)But it would be a bit easier to push out-also,try some citrocil or metameucil once in a while-I know when i take that stuff-i can do some 2 foot turds! it's great!
TO EL DUDERINO-If the blood is bright red,you probably have hemmeroids,but if the blood is a dark clay lik red-you could have a problem-hey just go see a doctor,OK-don't mess around about this!
TO ERIC B- I know what you mean in a way about the anatomy being the same-i'm straight but I do enjoy seeing and hearing other guys poop-I esp enjoy pooing along with them-I think that's what i enjoy about it the most-To me it's fun to poo out in the woods with another guy-it doesn't feel weird or anything-Don't get me wrong,i'd much rather do it with a pretty lady,but i haven't been that lucky yet!Maybe that's why i kinda enjoy it with a guy cause i can't find a woman to do it with!I hope to do it someday I hope to increase my odds by pooing in the woods as much as possible!! -Hey CARMELITA,let's go!!( i wish!)I'd love a chance encounter with a lovely woman jogger or biker who would like to join me for a nice morning buddy poop!
Hey-it's going to be really nice weather here in the N.E-so i'll try to get out to the woods to do some stuff-maybe i'll have some bran muffins this week to enhance the effect-haven' had a bran muffin since last summer and boy do they make me do some great loads-esp with some OJ and sometimes some 7-11 coffee! The last few days my dumps have been nothing to post about,but maybe i'll be going into my "poo like a horse Cycle" hopefully for my trips to the woods!!Great posts all!BYE

To: el duderino, if the blood is bright red, don't worry about it. It's just a hemmorhoid or a fissure or you're wiping too hard. If the blood is very dark or old looking, then that could indicate internal bleeding and you should get to a doctor.

To: Austin, in that movie Mandy and Lo, can you actually see Lo sitting on the toilet when she takes the dump?

To everyone: Has anyone ever seen the movie Detroit Rock City? I've heard there's an awesome scene where a girl goes into a bathroom stall and makes fart and poop noises, and then the walls of the stall collapse. Has anyone seen this one?

John D.
I hadn't heard a poop reference on TV in a long time but tonight on the show "Yes, Dear" a mother and her very young daughter walked into a bedroom and the mother (probably in her early 40's) said,"Mommy has to poop real bad so you wait on the bed. It is starting to come out in my pants so you wait her for me. Mommy has to do a real big poo-poo". When she got into the bathroom, she was upset because there was a man in there fixing something and she had to wait. I just thought it was funny to her a women talk about going poop on TV.

Hi, everyone!

Carmalita: You are really such a sweet, lovable person to continue
to write such wonderful, flattering things about me at every opportunity you get, but also to give that same special, warm care to ALL of your many admirers in this forum... you are truly special,
and I admire you very much. As to your latest dream scenario with me, you could bring me a nice cup of coffee on a fine Saturday morning ANY TIME, and inspire me to do the deed for you... the thought of you sitting on my lap and brushing my hair at the time is incredible... I think you DO understand my passion here...

Kim: ABSOLUTELY I would like to play research doctor with you! I'll
bring the best camera equipment to see if any pictures are worthy of the ever-improving "Shits Illustrated" publication...

Lots of great posts lately... keep up the nice work, all!

michael h
well i would like to thank chibob and mah for their comments
and for anyone in this forum that is in high school or middle school you know that having an accident would be awful and if i pissed and shit in my pants i dont know what i would do i guess thats why im terrified of it
oh yeah if if you peed in your underwear and you washed them would you wear them again even if they were stained wouldnt it be embarrassing if someone saw them? of course any guys like me that wear boxers i dont think you could tell but briefs and some ladies underwear im sure it would stain

Kim - Hi, you little dare devil, you! I just read your "Spandex Episode", in fact I read it 3 times, it was that good. You keep finding new and improved ways to poop, and then you describe your adventure in such an enthusiastic manner. I think that is what keeps me coming back for more. The fact that you and the other gals on this site display next to no ego is great. All of you write very interesting stories, but they are done without boasting. I am looking forward to the next series of adventures that you and the rest of the ladies have in store store us.

TOILET SAFETY (yes really)

Some people have mentioned staying seated while
flushing. You really need to be careful about this
depending on where you are. Many toilets on ships, trains,
or airplanes use a vacuum flush system. If your ass makes
too good a seal with the seat, it can literally suck your
intestines out ( I've heard a couple of horror stories about
this ). So I just thought I'd pass on the info. I think a lot of
them have been modified so they don't do that, but if you
stand before you flush you avoid the problem entirely.


Yes, there are pressure points on the body that can
act as laxatives. I think the way they work is by the fact
that some of the nerves for touch run right next to the
nerves for the intestines in the spinal cord. Just like when
you hear people on another line faintly talking on your
phone line because the wires are too close together, the
same can happen with nerves (Both phone lines and
nerves use electrical signals). At any rate, if you picture a
"Y" with your arm being the base part, and your thumb
and first finger being the forks, the pressure point will be
right at the fork. The muscle between your thumb and first
finger is pretty thick and triangular in shape. Right on that
muscle where the bones of the thumb meet the bones in
palm of the hand is where it is. Now here's the fun part. It
takes two to tango! You or your partner take the hands of
the other one and squeeze the point on both hands (Gently
squeeze with your thumb on the point and finger
underneath the other persons palm). It doesn't hurt any
more than if you had someone squeezing your earlobes. It
doesn't really produce an earthshattering movement, but a
tingling sensation is felt in the bowels that will usually
produce a few nuggets within a moment or two. It is one
of the few methods I know of to produce a movement
quickly without having to wait overnight for a laxative to
work. If you and your partner are comfortable in the
bathroom together it can be a close experience for you.
There are also pressure points on the soles of the feet near
the heel. I don't have my diagram with me so I'll have to
describe that one another time.


One of the coffee shops in downtown Austin
has a "real" UNISEX bathroom. It has a stall for a urinal
and a stall with a toilet in it. The stalls are a deep red and
the walls have newspaper clippings all over them. I'll
never forget the first time I stepped out of the urinal to
find an attractive looking young woman coming out of the
stall. She had long sandy blonde braided pigtails and I
quickly thought of her as "Heidi from Holland". She was
wearing a blue dress with little white flowers. I had never
been to the bathroom with a complete stranger that was a
female. We both stood at the mirror and I felt a funny
closeness to her like a sister or a lover. It was powerful
and my hands trembled as I wiped them with the paper
towels. I wanted to say something appropriate but I knew
that my voice would tremble so I just smiled, combed my
hair and left.
I went down there on a friday morning once and
the place was nearly empty. I had a long pee at the urinal
when I heard light footsteps enter the stall next to me. I
saw the shoes under the stall, they were brown hush
puppies and I assumed it was a rather frail man who had
entered. Not long after that, the unmistakable "burnt hair"
smell came wafting over. There were a few light splashes
and that lovely feminine "UHHnnm". I think that the
unmistakably female sighs and grunts I like so much are
enhanced by the fact that women have a larger diaphragm
so they can push out babies. The diaphragm is responsible
for both breathing and pushing. I wanted to camp out
there for a while, but I didn't want to make her
uncomfortable so I finished up and left. And such was my
first UNISEX dumping experience with a female.

P.S. A lot of bars frequented by the homosexual community have Unisex bathrooms ( I
think they use them to try to scare off the heterosexuals Ha Ha). Sometimes I check them
out if I am drunk enough, but I can't stand having other men trying to come on to me.

I get amazed each time I read this site about the sizes of the logs passed by you ladies. Damn, what do you guys eat? From the descriptions I've read it must feel like giving birth! I'll bet y'all must have some serious plumbing bills to unclog those suckers! (LOL)

I took a nice, long stinky dump yesterday afternoon. I was really proud of myself -- it had to be at least 12-13 inches long. Normally, I can't produce big ones like that, but in this poop session, I did it! I sat down and barely pushed. I had a gut feeling it was a big one because when I don't have to push that hard and I barely hear a splash, it normally is big. I looked down, saw how big it was, and smiled. I'll never be in Kim's, Carmalita's, Melissa's or Ring Stretcher's league, but this one sure felt good.
I was very proud of myself.

This past Saturday night I was at a restaurant eating out with a bunch of friends and I excused myself to go to the bathroom for a quick pee. While I was at the urinal, there was a guy in the stall smoking a cigarette while doing his business. I thought it was a bit unusual. Do any of you who smoke usually do so while taking a dump? Is that normal?

This place is getting to be regular thing for me. For the people who are asking for bathroom scenes, I have one.I don't think anybody has said it but Big Mamma's house. The bathroom scene is right at the beggining.

I havn't posted here in a long time, anyway, I am curious about these doorless stalls, we don't have those here in England as we are all to prudish and never mention anything about our bodily funtions except wee. My story follows...

Today I was having a cigarette with my female boss by the front door and she farted by mistake, If only I could have seen her blush (she is dark skinned) she had just eaten lunch and let one escape although I didn't hear it I was secretly excited, she did own up to it though and shortly after paid a visit to the loo (she had only been about 15 minutes before when she told me she was bursting to pee, while eating her lunch) so I figured she went to poop after her lunch. Oh to have been a fly on the wall!!!!!!!

Jane: So good to see you back! I'm awfully sorry to hear about your father. He sounds like a very special man, and special men seem to be in short supply these days. I've always really enjoyed your stories. I also think that Jane is a very beautiful name and it seems to fit you.

PV: Hi gal! That burrito sure sounds good, makes me want to go scarf about two of em myself! How well they sit with you all depends on how they're prepared. If they’re full of fat and grease then they'll no doubt be rough on your system. Many places offer Mexican menu items, but rarely know how to cook them. I'm glad you see me in your mind's eye at night come beddy-bye time. That gets me very hot. I also sleep nude, so think of me all brown against white sheets with long black hair. I remember when I was a little girl we'd moved into an area that we weren't used to. I went to a school that was almost all white. The kids used to make fun of me telling me I was "poop colored" and I would usually cry all the way home. Now I guess I can take that as a compliment! I'm glad you liked the poop I did for Simon. I really did hold it in all day. I'm so glad I didn't accidentally fart at work! But it sure felt great getting all those creamy, firm turds out. However there was one poi! nt when I was at my computer working when I could feel it all trying to sqeeze out of my ass. I thought I was going to crap my panties which scared me because with turds like mine, I can't afford to do that at work! But, I clenched my ass cheeks together and made it the rest of the day. It was a smelly one too, but a nice, sexy kind of smell. I still want to buy you flowers, so I'm sending you some cyber roses, and a nice kiss. You're the best.

RJOGGER: 53 huh? sound very sexy. I think a man is really awesome when he gets older. It's like he's learned so much, and knows how to slow down and appreciate things. I like gentle and artistic men. I've always been drawn to them. You sound like me, always working out. Dosen't it feel great? I love your stories too. You sound like a very fun gentleman to know. Goodnight, Rich.

Kim and Scott: Wow, I'm so flattered by what you said Kim! Thank you sooo much! You're a sweetie. There was one story you wrote awhile back about pooping outside on a trail, doing these huge turds. Picturing you the way you look, It was a beautiful vision! Scott's a lucky dude all right!!! Yes, and Cheryl Ladd is gorgeous. She has one of those perfect faces. You're so lucky to look like her!

Ben: I think you're cute! Pooping outside is fun too, I think once you try it, you'll love it.

Louise: It's funny, but I have been practicing! My stream tends to arc out in front, or go in different directions at once. It's like one small stream behind a heavy one. Weird. Oh well, practice, practice, practice, right?

Steve: The Spanish girl you described sounds lovely. My mother and my aunts are all very beautiful women, and extremely shy about doing a poop. My aunt Rosa would sometimes allow us girls into the bathroom while she pooped, but it was rare. Whenever she plopped, she'd immediately flush the toilet to hide the sounds of more plopping. Her and my mother are similar that they are real ladies when they poop. They pull their panties way up to their crotch, and if they wearing pants, those come up high on the legs too. You sound like you cared for this girl at one time, and you also sound like a very sweet man. I think Louise is a real wonderful lady, and you two sound like you're made for each other. I'm happy to see you both post so near to each other.

A quick, but funny story about Renee and Patsy last night. They both were acting silly and decided to bust into the bathroom while I was on the pot. Little did they know that my dinner did not sit well with me. I was leaning way forward as they came in giggling. Renee says "Well? C'mon, squeeze out a big one girl!" So, I grunted because it was coming anyway, my face grimaced and out it came "SSSPPPPLLLLEEWWKKKKLLLUCCCKKKKK!!!" Patsy covered her nose with both hands and said, "Damn, woman, what'chu been eatin' anyway?" "Nnnhhh-your cookinghhhh…" I grunted. I had a bowlful of brown soup under my ass that was hot, but didn't smell so good. Next time they just might knock first. Normally, I'd have a better story, but tonight I'm not feeling good. I hope I'm not catching anything ucky.


To Ben: That's ok, I understand. I wouldn't want a friend to know that I post here either. I know how those flamin hot cheetos can do that to your gut. I also heard that if you drink a lot of grape juice or something like that, it can turn your poop green also. Now I'll tell you the story of what happened last week. While I was at school one afternoon, I got a major urge to take a crap. It happened right after lunch, so I think that something I ate didn't agree with me. As I said, I'm still really shy about crapping at school. I've only done it once or twice, and at those times there was no one in the bathroom. So I decided to hold it as long as I could. I managed to do it, but barely. I was very uncomfortable like that. Then school was finally over, but I had to go to my best friend's house. Well while I was walking home with him, I told him that I really had to take a dump badly and asked if it would be ok if I went at his house. I couldn't possibly hold it till I got home. ! He said sure no problem. He said he had to take a crap too, that he usualy has to go once in the morning and again after school, but he said I could go first. Well we kept walking, but a few minutes later it happened. I farted and I felt some poop come out into my boxers. I hoped he wouldn't notice, but he asked why am I walking funny. Well I told him the truth, but he didn't laugh at me or anything. Well we ran the rest of the way to his house and I went straight up to the bathroom upstairs (he has his own bathroom). So I pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet and let loose. All of my crap came out really quick. It felt like a wave of diahrea. Some of it was soft and mushy, but there were some solid turds in it too. I felt so releived after. The place smelled pretty bad after that. Well it took a lot of wiping to clean up, and then I flushed. I looked at my boxers, and saw that I hadn't messed them as much as I thought. I cleaned them in the bathroom as best as I could but I! borrowed a clean pair from my friend to wear for the rest of the day. I came very close to having an embarassing accident at school that day, so I'm glad it was only my best buddy who was with me that time. He would never make fun of me for doing that. Well that's my story, hope you liked it. I'll post more later. Ben, do you have any stories about pooping with a friend (buddy dumping) or are you too shy to do that? Please tell more stories about anything though, cause I think you're really cool. Later.

EL DUDERINO -- I'd have to say that a spot of blood on the paper such as you describe as a regular occurence is most certainly not normal. Please do go to your doctor and have it checked out. You may have a polyp (which is not necessarily a problem) or you may have a protozoan infestation -- blood loss through the tail end is a primary symptom for some kinds. These things are treatable -- you masy not be in pain, but blood is a symptom not to be ignored. Please don't suffer unnecessarily -- go for a checkup.



Alana, I think you may have an eating disorder. Might it be that over eating is masking some basic unhappiness in your life? Eating such huge amounts shouldn't do you any real harm on an a short term basis and if you're reasonably fit your body should be able to cope with the occasional bout of over indulgence at special occasions such as Christmas (and if you're American or Canadian, Thanksgiving). However, it won't do you any good at all to carry on eating like that on a regular basis. Quite apart from the strain on your heart and the likelihood of clinical obesity, you increase the risks of contracting other illnesses such as diabetes and certain forms of cancer, including bowel cancer. I know eating as much as you do produces some splendid results in terms of the motions you produce. That's hardly surprising. What goes in one end must, eventually, come out the other end and, to quote the well worn phrase, "we are what we eat." However, I think it's well worth askin! g yourself whether it's really worth it in the long run. My advice is to see your doctor and get him or her to refer you to a dietitian.

I'm not a fan of the overworked notion 'counselling' so commonplace these days. However, I think you need to bring your eating under control and if you have anxieties about your self image or how you feel about yourself it would be beneficial to talk it over with a caring professional, be it a doctor, therapist or minister/priest.

el duderino. The anal bleeding you mention could be due to a number of causes. My guess is that the most probable is an anal fissure or tear of some kind. However, I strongly advise you to see your doctor about it as soon as possible. He or she will want to know whether the blood passed is bright red or a darker colour in order to help establish the likely source of the bleeding, so it is important that you make a mental note of this when you wipe. In most cases the causes of anal bleeding are not serious or life threatening and can usually be treated easily. It is nevertheless important to be checked out by a doctor in order to rule out all possibilities. Good luck.

Best wishes

Monday, April 30, 2001

John D.
I was thinking about an accident I had last winter. I felt a poop building up at home but I thought that I would have time to go to the Marshall's store before doing the shit. Besides, I like pooping in public restrooms that are pretty clean and the Marshall's men's room is always clean. When I got to the store, the poop was building up inside pretty good. I walked around the store for a few minutes figuring I could still hold it. Then I finally went to the men's room. But I waited about a minute too long because a wet, diarrhea-like poop started coming out of my asshole before I could get into the stall. I was really bummed out because when the shit finally stopped coming out, I had about 2 pounds of mushy poop in my underware and was leaking down my black jeans. I got into the stall, got out of my underware and pants, and took the whole roll of paper and cleaned myself off as best I could. Good thing nobody else came in because I was in there about a half-hour and I left we! t shit stains on the floor and the seat. I walked out of the store real fast and went home. I won't go back there for a long time.

To Michael H
If you are lucky, you will be wearing dark pants (limited visibility) and briefs (keeps a load in place unless it's watery)

How many people keep something to pee in near their computer?

I work at a JC Penney's , I always hear the guys talking about the 'doorless' stalls in the mens restroom, Some guys are bashful about discussing them, in the employee break room, but some guys come in, telling every detail of what happened. I'ts funny ow some guys are more shy than others.

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