This is my first time posting. I am thirteen years old and today I had a really bad accident on a class trip! It was so embarrassing!!! We were going to the UN, and it was an hour long drive. I had to go a tiny bit when we left, but just the tiniest bit, so I figured that I could hold it. Normally, I would have easily been able to, but I had the flu as well. So, about halfway through the trip I start having to go worse. I still thought I could keep it in until we arrived at the UN. But shortly after, I realized I was getting the urge to have extremely bad diarrhea. I squirmed. My friend, who was sitting next to me, asked me what was wrong. I told her that I had to go to the bathroom SO badly, and that I didn't think I could hold it any longer. I also told her I had to have diarrhea, and that I felt sick. She called the teacher over (who, luckily, was female - I would have died telling a male my problem!!! - no offense to males of course but I'm female), and I told her that I f! elt sick and had to GO!!! She told me there was nothing she could do, that she was sorry but just try your best to keep it in. I told her that I felt like I was going to throw up, so she went up to the front of the bus and got me a plastic bag. I held it in my lap for a few minutes. Then, as the bus turned a corner, I gagged, pulled the bag over my mouth and nose as fast as I could, and puked into it almost continuously for almost three minutes. My friend held my hair back, while other kids on the bus sneered at me unsympathetically. Vomit was pouring out of my nose, too. The teacher came over, took the disgusting bag, filled with orange-ish puke, and threw it in a wastebasket at the front of the bus. She came back and asked me if I felt better. I said no, I still felt sick and there was no way I could hold my poo in for any longer. She sighed and told me once again there was nothing she could do. "I don't want to go in my pants," I moaned. "And I can't hold it!" She brought ! me another bag, and I almost gasped. But which was better - going in a bag or going in my pants? If I went in the bag I'd have to PULL MY PANTS DOWN in front of EVERYBODY. But I didn't want to go around in smelly pants all day, either, did I, and also my pants would get the seat messed up. My friend blocked the seat from the aisle as best she could, so no one would be able to see me. I made myself as small as I could, took a deep breath, and pulled down my pants. I held the bag over my butt and vagina, and let go. Relief!!!! Diarrhea splashed into the bag, urine came gushing out. I then pulled my pants up quickly, and tied the bag shut to minimize smell. My teacher came, took the bag and threw it away (bless her soul!). She put her hand on my forehead. "You're burning up, Steph," she said. "Do you need another bag?" Embarrassed, I nodded yes. She brought me another bag. Where did she get all those bags, anyway, I wondered. But who cared? I threw up again, another batch of ora! nge barf. The teacher threw it away. At the UN, she showed me a place to sit down. At the end of the day, we went home - I puked twice more. When I went home, I went straight to bed. My mom took my temperature, which was 104!!!!! I have never been so sick in my life.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone and what great posts there are since the last time I looked in !!

Whether I've got time to respond to all those I'd like to today,I don't know but there's a lot I want to answer.

Hi, DAZZ, Another brilliant shit for you and this time at work so you do get great splashes wherever you go, it seems! I hope someone heard you and that you'd enjoy being heard and the way you got your entire toilet muscle splashed with the water was great
Had you had a good piss first?
Yes, nature can be ironic like when you got to those toilets you mentioned previously and couldn't do one. Try again but the ones at work sound great anyway. Did you hear anyone else have one?
I suppose when I refer to plastic seats, I mean bakelite. Another coincidence;we were both talking about wooden seats in our posts that appeared on the same page!
You're right about the thickness being about 1" and so you sit that bit higher and increase the drop. I especially enjoy the wooden toilet seats that have a slightly smaller hole and so less of the buttocks hang through and so you sit higher still. Thedrawback is of course that there is less buttock hanging down to get splashed.
I had another quick and loud bum-splashing shit thus morning and love it when the toilet paper gets really wet at first wipe!
I use Izal toilet paper which is strong and glossy on one side and which most people are not keen on in favour of softer more absorbant paper, but this is I think more hygienic to use, and doesn't disintegrate when it gets wet. Also I love the sound it makes when arse-wiping! when you hear someone wiping themself with it you really know what they're doing!
As you enjoy all the tactile pleasures underneath you when you're on the toilet as much as I do- try this if you like.
Sit with the waistband of your underpants just behind your balls and put some toilet paper under your scrotum resting on the pants and with your legs close together, move side to side very slightly and enjoy the feeling of the TP on your privates. It's great with the strong paper, you might not need to use your hands, if you understand what I mean!
BTW, I had mung beans in a stew yesterday, Are they good for shits as you mentioned them on your last message?
Terrific post again anyway, Cheers!

ERIC B. I too had a course ofcolonic irrigation some years ago but I missed out on all the feeling of well-being and pleasure that everyone else seems to get from it!
I had the treatment as recommended by a homoeopath as I had candida and a lot of itchy inflammation around the scrotum and tops of the thighs. The practise of colonic hydrotherapy is contoversial and the conventional health service practitioners either refute its benefits or regard it as inadvisable and potentially harmful to the colon if too much water is pumped in. I can't see that it shoud be any more harmful than an enema, a barium enema, or having large turds, but I would believe it to be great for removing deposits of impacted feaces that apparently can remain in the gut for years.
The guy who I saw for this treatment gave a talk once and said that John Wayne the actor had so much candida in his gut when he died, that at the post mortem, there was several stone in weight found in his colon.
If anyone wants to have a cleared out gut and doesn't want to have colonic irrigation, they might like to have "Colon Cleanse" made with aloe vera which should help to remove the impacted material from the gut.

Good to hear from both ZIP and SAN D regarding good vantage points for seeing people on toilets. To actually sit on a toilet with no door and be able to get a full length view of the guy next door to you in the mirror oposite sounds the ideal way to have a companionable shit with another guy without it being too obvious you can see him and be seen.
I liked that bathroom window where at night you not only could see men sitting on the toilet but that it was close enough to the
toilet to be able to recognise who it was!

TRENT, I read your last post about those toilets you gave details of before, where young boys in school were bullied and humiliated and you gave further details.
Again I was shocked and angry to hear about how these older and bigger boys were allowed to get away with it.
To think that in a civilised country, parents are sending their children to school to get an education where their welfare will be protected and where they will be treated with all the human rights that anyone should be able to expect; but instead it's not quite like that.

Boys are going to school in at least one school in the civilised world, unsure as to whether their schooday will include them having their heads pushed down into another boy's excrement and that no-one will help them because of an unwritten rule that says that no-one must snitch on someone else.
It's a commonly held aspect of loyalty, and I agree with it that one shouldn't tell tales about one's friends, but whose friends are these who subject younger boys to the sort of cruel and disgusting bullying such as this?
How many boys feel uncomfortable for several hours at school because they daren't go the toilet to relieve themselves and suffer in silence and have health and messing-in their-pants problems as a result?
How long will these inadequates continue getting their kicks by treating others like this, due to having a heaven-sent,(Hell-sent?)opportunity of doing exactly as they like with no-one doing anything for them, and the victims being too ashamed and disgusted to admit what has happened to them?

I can't remember feeling as strongly as I do about this, I suppose because all of us here share an enjoyment of performing a bodily function, sometimes with people we like to have with us at the time,but at least to feel comfortable about doing it and with no-one denying our dignity and rights to use the toilet unmolested and becoming a figure of ridicule and forced to be put into sickening contact with that which we appreciate doing from one end, but don't expect all our five senses to make contact with our or anyone else's shit.

I realise boys in such schools don't want to risk repercussions from reporting to the authorities what goes on , but anonymous information, or evidence or just bravery could sort this out.

I hope that as a result of you telling us about this,Trent, that someone will be willing to do so, and that everyone in that school can enjoy going to, and using the toilet in the same way that so many others enjoy, or at least have the dignity and safety to go,in the educational system, when they want to use the toilet.

Well, I've got that off my chest and once I start typing what I want to say and share, the time goes quickly, so will leave it until next time,
I'm still in good health, having easy, but rather quick shits, and so, wish everyone happy,and safe,times on the toilet. P P G

BEN Don't take it personally if they don't answer your post.
Most of mine are not anwered nither.Some people here are just more popular than others here,I can't explain why.
try answer other poeple so thay get to know you.

Tell us about the time you peed your pants,from shaking to hold it.

Hi everyone! I've been a bit sick last two days, bit of a flu or something. This has been accompanied by a bit of runny shit.....YUKK!!!

KIM......I feel honoured and also very turned on that you did that poo in your spandex tights just for me (and Scott of course!!). Keep up those hot posts of yours, I love 'em!!!

LISA....All I ate that evening was two meat pies, they had melted cheese in them too. I'm sure they gave me the gastric reflux and seems like they made me farty all night. They weren't particularly smelly but there was heaps of them and each one was a fairly large volume of gas..........noisy too!!! I'm glad you liked my story, I wasn't sure if it would get dumped because of what I was doing as I pushed out my logs!!! I enjoyed your last post too, especially as you held on to your logs for a few hours. Did you squirm around in your seat and clench your buttocks as you held in your poo.....also did you let out any pre poo farts? I love it when a girl does that!!!

LINDA GS.....I hang my head in shame!!! But I just can't help getting excited at the thought of a young woman holding in a big log because she's too shy to go or can't find anywhere to go at that moment. Especially if I can see her buttocks quivering in tight pants or she's hopping around doing a "poo dance".....if I smell or hear any pre poo farts, even better!!!!! hehehehehe

Well that's all I'm up for at the moment, still feeling a bit worn out from this flu....


Cory & Gen X--I'm a 17 year old male and I also have a problem craping in public and like I said before I find it easear to poop in public when a friend of mine is craping with me. Something you guys could try is just sitting in the stalls at school and just trying to relax and trying to get used to it.

Carmalita -
Boy, I can't think of anything better than you doing a nice hefty dump in front of me. You're my dream come true!! I'd love to see your video. Terrific story about the woman pooping in the doorless stall too. You're a gem, baby! If I knew how to reach you, I'd get the engagement ring right now!

Hey.all TO EMILY-It sounds like you live in a nitmare world-that was almost a sad story to read-i hope for your sake,you stay away from people like that!
TO CARMELITA-Boy if it's one thing that really gets me going it's 2 girls pooing together and enjoying each other's company!It would be so fun to poo together with you and Renee deep in the woods on some warm,sunny morning after we all had a nice breakfast!!Now that would be FUN stuff!
TO LISA-Good to see you back-always enjoy your dump stories!Hey lisa,I did another dump out in the woods on Tues A.m.At first,i went out and i didn't think i'd have to go and for the longest time i biked around and didn't have to poop-then after awhile i felt the urge although it wasn't too strong i went and found a place to go and got undressed and sqatted over a hole and pushed out one 8-10 in smooth log and then i waited and after about 10 mins i didn't feel like i had to go,so i wiped(it was such a clean wipe,i probably didn't have to wipe at all!) Then got on my bike and started back home-Stopped at 7-11 on the way back and had a banana slurpee and as i was biking home finishing up the slurpee,i felt some strong cramps signalling I had to do some more poop-probably the slurpee brought it i went inot the woods and found a spot and by now i had to shit bad,so i got undressed and found a big log and sat on it and exploded with a bunch of muddy poop and a lot of g! as-this must have been part 2 of my BM-I just didn't think that I had to go again-As soon as i sat on the log it all came out in one spasm and quickly too!Then I sat there farting wet ones for a few mins-boy it felt great coming out cause i had to go sooo bad by the time i sat on the log-I looked at my deposit and it was just all this soft pudding-mud in a big pile on the ground-Then i sat there and pushed out some mucus and one or two more farts and then i was finally done-This wipe was a messy one-had to wipe quite a few times-Didn't have any company this time although i saw a lot of bikers and joggers out at that time of day-just found a private spot and ripped out my stuff-it was a beautiful morning as i sat there enjoying my morning dump-Its' very rare that I have to go 2 times within 30 mins or so-i guess i should have sat ther and waited the 1st time i was pooing,but i thought I was done-Oh well-it was fun anyway!BTW Pretty girl on the masthead although she looks like s! he is posing rather than doing anything-sort of the Jennifer LOpez type-lets' see what she is really doing!See you all-it's back to cool weather here in the N.E-so pooing outdoors will have to wait!BYE

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO LISA-thanks for calling me the queen of turds but melissa from new york has even bigger logs.
TO EMILY-what a horrible date that turned out to be. your date wasnt very understanding to your plight.not to mention his pals. i hope you never spoke to that guy again. you can do better,your pals kim and scott
TO KENNY- you asked females if they wipe themselves standing or sitting?. well it depends kenny I have logs in different positions and places and sometimes i wipe when i am sitting and sometimes i wipe when i am standing ok?PLUS CARMALITA as always i love your posts. keep em up--well thats all for now. more kim and scott posts later. bye now

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Hi all. Been super busy but have been reading your posts.
Buzzy great to see you back to shitting in the woods. Can't wait for it to warm up enough here so I can too.
John (vt)- you seem to be popping right keep the stories coming.
Dazz- what did you eat to make you fart all night. I had that happened only once. While i like to fart it was tiring to do it every five minutes for the whole night. loved your story too.
Kim--you are truly the queen. 28 inches is almost twice my bigest effort.
I've recently changed my diet & it effected my output. I was dropping 3-5 nuggets every time i went for a pee. it was kind of annoying.
Yesterday that changed though. it was shortly after lunch when i got the urge for a shit. I decided to hold it off as long as i could though. Well a couple hours later I knew i couldn't hold it anymore. Heading for the bathroom (i was at work) I could fill my rectum filling up. I sat & peed a good amount & a couple of nuggets fell from my ass. Then I felt my hole open wide. With a grunt a huge turd began to emerge. it was taking its sweet time & i sighed deeply as it krept out. it finially fell to the water without much noise or splash. as the next one began a loud fart slipped past it. it shot out fairly quickly. now i know there's more to come so i take a quick peek while i wait. the first was about 18inches (my biggest yet) & the second was around 9. i let another fart & realize it's time to go more. sitting back down a load of pudding poop comes next. this is quickly followed by 3 quick tight farts. thinking i'm done i start to wipe. as i go for the! second wipe i get a bad cramp & an sitting there holding my stomache & bent over. this fart wants out bad. after a few more seconds i fart out a shit explosion. i do this a couple more times & feel done. boy did i feel great doing this one.

Hi! This is my first post here. I love your stories here.

michael h.
i have this extreme fear im going to wet my pants in public i guess this sounds wierd i just hope someone out there understands
-michael h.

Hello everyone. Carrie and Sara told me they posted a message on my behalf regarding the loss of my Dad. They were supposed to have been helping me locate some distant relatives. I went into the site for the first time in a long time and was surprised to see an outpouring of sympathy and support. I'm genuinely touched. It shows how tight-knit our community here really is.

I want to give my special thanks to KIM AND SCOTT, RIZZO, ALTHEA, JEFF A., DONNIE C., and anyone else I might have left off. I really apprecite all of your kind words, and I will pass them along to my family. It will certainly help in the healing process. Gary and I spent two weeks with my mother after the services, my older sister Beth is now staying with her for the next two weeks, and Michelle my younger sister will spend a few weeks with Mom.

I would like to continue posting again, but it may be a while before I feel like it. Again, thank you for your support. And RENEE, congratulations on your expecting. You might really be excited about the baby.

Linda GS
Glad to see you're back and spending "time" with your new family. But shame on you for wnating my cousin to see you. Later we're goign to ahve a talk.[sticks her tongue out]
Lawn Dogs Kid
Glad to see I made you feel better, it works for me so somehow I knew it work for you.
Shame on you!! the idea of a poor girl.. holding it in gets you all "happy". try being on this end.. holding it in cause you know it's gonna clog the toilet at school and if anyone finds out.. you'll be the laughing stock[hops from foot to foot holding her bottom]Having your poor tiny little cheeks clasped tight as this monster poop tries to break down the door.. shame on you for even thinking such things as the poop starts to poke out and YOOOWW!![runs off to the toilet]

Hi All!

Took a 1 min 13 second Poo. Medium size @ the park. I have crapped there 2 times this is my 3rd. Not much else to say.

Happy crappings

Hola people!

PV: You’re such a sweetheart. I love the Dyna-Rod bit! But don’t give Renee any new ideas! We just came back from her birthday dinner, and I can feel a nice load building. I’m going to crap her a nice big one, and put some birthday candles in it! That’ll get me even for the Roto-Rooter joke!
RIZZO: Yes, Patsy is a sweet woman, and yes I took a shower. It didn’t matter anyway, that lingering Carmalita-aroma was everywhere anyway! Making jewelry is an art, and trust me, I’d want you around all the time! I love jewelry. I’ll bet you make some beautiful things.
SIMON: Wow, thanks hon! That was awfully sweet of you to say! I turn to melted butter whenever a man says something like that to me! I feel so lucky to have had so many marriage proposals here! It makes me want to take you to a nice private spot, pull down my panties and take a real nice, steamy, creamy, lumpy dump for a sweet talking man like you!
ALANA: I’m so glad you commented about me. I believe you’re the first female to ever say she’d like to poop with me. It would be fun.
STEVE: So you had a Latina from your past? I don’t know if I resemble your old girlfriend or not, but I am dark skinned. If I wear anything white it almost looks neon against my skin!
BUZZY: You’re so cute! Try to picture me squatting, my black hair hanging down, and me grunting hard, with a long, brown tail hanging out of my butt!
ERIC B: I’m flattered that you wanted to send me your email address, but look on the positive side: The moderator here is looking out for our best interests. I feel so good about them for that!!! But you’re very sweet, and I thought about you pooping last night! Did you take a big one for me? ...uhh...uhh...uhhh...ahhhh....
JOHN VT: You’re so right, I DO love the subject matter. Pooping for men has always been an extreme pleasure and turn on for me. It even makes my breath grow short and my toes tingle. Two signs of a hot Carmalita! There just haven’t been that many men for me to poop for lately. I must make a clarification about my new video thing though. The turd I laid on the newspaper was as thick as a mountain bike tire, but not as long! It was a good sized turd though, one to be proud of. I’d say about 16” and folded in half. As for my toilet performances, I’d let a handsmome honey like you take front row anytime! I have some interesting stories about that, but for now, here’s a wonderful memory of something that really turned me on once. I still can’t forget about it!

This is a story about a wild turn on for me. I’d gone dancing at a gay bar that had a unisex restroom with two doorless stalls. Most of the girls that used them went in groups, and whoever was on the pot was guarded by the others who blocked her view. I’d danced for awhile, and pretty soon had to pee like crazy, so I braved it. There were many lurkers waiting for a girl alone to use the toilet, then they’d comb their hair in the mirror while they watched the poor girl’s reflection in the open stalls. I hiked up my skirt, slid my panties down just enough to clear my vagina, and peed a healthy stream. Then, this attractive 30ish woman came in. I was just finishing, getting my skirt brushed back down when she said “Not much privacy, huh?” and I said no. She looked at me and said “Would you mind standing guard for me?” I just said “sure.” She kept eye contact with me, smiling, then spead her legs and peed in a real provocative position. It was then that I knew her persuasion,! and turned around giving her privacy. Then she said “Are you in a hurry, or do you have a few minutes?” I was getting nervous, then she explained herself. She said “I have to do more than pee. Do you think you could wait?” So, I said “No problem. Take your time.” She spoke softly and said “I’ll try to be kind and not stink you out.” I knew she was waiting for me to look, but I didn’t. There was no way she was going to get me to look. I could feel her eyes on my back, and after a minute, heard some soft whispery grunts “uhh....uhh...uhh...” Then, I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was getting turned on like crazy! I kept my back to her, but my legs began to tremble from excitement. Then there were three plops in a row which sounded very healthy. PLoooop-pluup-plooop---nhhhhhh....” The first one crackled and slid out and sounded thick. By this time, she had me! Slowly, I turned around. She’d been waiting for me to look, but was playing it pretty cool. I glanced at her! lovely thighs as she leaned forward with her arms folded across her stomach. When I looked at her she smiled at me and said “This is really sweet of you to do this for me. I thought I could hold it till I got home.” The smell was pretty mild. I’ve smelled worse farts than her poop smell. Then she grunted softly and plopped another one, sending me into orbit.
“Mmmhhh...excuse me,” she said, “What’s your name?”
“Carmalita,” I answered, gulping.
“That’s a beautiful name.” Then I hear another breathy grunt “uhhhhhhhh---Plop-plop-plop!” Now the smell was getting a bit stronger, still not bad though. I was so excited I couldn’t stand it! She knew I was too. I was also getting very nervous about it all. I heard a tiny fart “ssppptttttt” and a giggle, then she grunted through her nostrils “nnnnhhh” and pushed out a turd that sounded quite firm. “K-PlooooP” There was a rich aroma wafting up from her thighs between her black satin panties and the bowl. She had reddish hair that was shoulder length and flipped on the ends. The more I looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed to me. Looking at me, she smiled, and said
“One more I think.” and I heard another delicate plop hit the water. It was the strangest high. The mixture of her perfume and the crap smell rising from between her legs sent shivers through me.
“All done,” she said, and pulled off paper. The wiping was such a tease, as she studied each wad of paper to see how much poop was left. Her thighs were creamy white with a twist of black panties strangling her flesh. Even my breathing was troubled. After the flush, she stood up to pull her panties around her waist, giving me a glimpse of a sand colored tuft of nicely trmmed pubic hair. Unfortunately I didn ‘t get to see any of her load, and didn’t want to look obvious straining my eyeballs to see it either. Then she finally said it: “Wanna get together later? Maybe meet for a drink somewhere?” I said no, but she gave me her phone number anyway. “Reta” was the name scribbled on the note. That night, I needed some serious relief, and all I could think of was this experience. I had a nice crap, pretending to be her, squeezing out some healthy stinkers. The turds felt so good coming out!!! It was fun with that woman, but I wish we lived in a society where a man would feel co! mfortable doing the same thing. I mean in a public situation. I’d have passed out with ecstasy if some guy pooped for me like that! I’ve never told anyone about this until now.


To Zip and SanD: Your two recent postings are among the best I have seen on this site. They provided details of the sort that permit readers to accurately picture the events you describe. I loved the story about the young blond guy taking a shit in a doorless stall at a department store. You are right. It is really rare to see someone wipe from the front. When you do see it, however, it is great. I liked the way he lifted his dick and balls to get access to his asshole. It also sounds as if the fraternity guys provided a great show at that frosted window. I hope you guys will continue to post your interesting experiences.

John D.

When I went to the regular laundramat that I usually go to, I felt a dump that had been building up for a couple of hours ready to come out. There is only one bathroom there which both the employees and the customers use. The young girl working there, who I talk to a lot, went in to use the toilet before me. She is fairly nice looking. When she came out, I went in. There was no smell but the was a bright green stain on the front edge of the seat and on the inside of the bowl. I didn't know if she had green poop or if someone else left the stain. The rest of the seat was clean so I sat down and spread my legs so they didn't touch the stain. It was weird to see lime-green shit and she is a pretty girl so I figure maybe one of the customers left the stain. This bathroom is usually very clean so I don't mind shitting there.

Experienced a nice sensation the other, day; we went to the Swimming baths and apart apart from enjoying ourselves in the jacuzzi, in the pool, my girlfriend said she needed to pee... I said "WAIT". So i stuck my hands under between her legs and asked her to pee on my hand.

She thought "you nutter"... so I placed my hand there and waited.. then suddenly a hot flow rushed into my hands and stopped. Wasn't exactly a turn on, but it was indeed an experience to experience.

(Oh yeah, she is hopeless at farting! CAN anyone please write about any farting accidents? I love to hear from you - and the sounds of women farting heavily and lengthly!)

Jeff A.
Happy Birthdays to Renee and Rizzo! You're both wonderful people! Have a great time!

Hey Gen X, How old are you? Don't be afraid to go in a public bathroom, if you have to go you should go. Its better than having an accident. Think about it like this-everyone has to poop.


im a 19 year old male and i love peeing outside every chance i get. I will unzip my fly and pull out my dick and piss anywhere. But i like chicks peeing even better.

Ben: I like your stories a lot. I'm close to your age (13). I'm also embarassed about pooping in public, but I'm trying to get over this fear. But pooping at school is another story, cause at my school, the toilet stalls don't have doors, so people can see everything you do. Sometimes, guys who go to take a piss make fun of the guys who are on the toilet crapping. I would feel so humiliated if that happened to me. One day I almost had an accident in my pants when I had to poop badly at school, but I'll save that story for another time. Also I don't think there's such a thing as a unisex bathroom that's got more than one toilet, at least not in america. Let me know if you ever find one.. What are the bathrooms like at your school? Do you ever crap at school? Also, you said you pooped green turds... I've heard of green crap, but its never happened to me, least not that I can remember. Do you have any idea about what you ate the day before that made your poop come out green? Late! r.

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