This is one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I'll start by saying that I'm a 15 year old blond, attractive, nice body, and a nice face. Or at lease I think so. This happened the other day. I had not gone to the bathroom for a few days, and so my mom gave me these laxatives to take. I at first hesitated, but then I decided it would be okay, since it took a while for them to work. Then a few hours later, a guy I liked called me and asked me if he wanted to go to dinner and a movie. I said sure! I was really excited, because he was really cute and I have had a crush on him a long time. I got ready, I was wearing some shorts, and a tank top. He picked me up, and we went to dinner. We had some spicy mexican food and he then took me to the movie. I don't think he liked me that much, now that I think about it. During the movie, I got some bad cramps in my stomach, and I had forgotten about the laxatives. I decided I could wait until I'm done. When the movie was over, I didn't want to go in the bathroom, cause there always so germy and filthy. My date took me in the car, and we cruised down the road for a while. I suddenly got the cramps really bad, and I asked him if we could stop and get something to drink. I didn't want to tell him I had to pooh. He said
he has to pick up some friends of his first. I thought I could hold out. He went to a subdivison, and I suddenly lost it. I started crapping. I could feel the warm water flow thoughout my pants and go around my legs, sticking to everything. I felt it seep through my underwear and make my shorts stick. Chunks and pieces spreaded out throughout. He didn't notice, until brown water leaked out of my legs and onto his car seat. He screamed and stopped the car. He said what are you doing you idiot! I started to almost cry because he was hollering at me so much. He gave me a towel to sit on, cause my bottom was so filthy. It was so disgusting! It was so creamy, so warm and so stinky. He was complaining about the smell and everything. He picked up his friends, and I asked if I could change and he said no. He told me he was taking me home. His friends were disgusted, and made fun of me. They played with my hair, and one of them even felt some diarrhea on the towel then put it in my hair. I started screaming, and I slapped him. My date stopped the car in the middle of the intersection, and told me to get out. I begged him not to make me get out, but he kept on screaming. I got out, and was crying. I didn't even care, but I knew some people saw the brown stains of diarrhea on the back of my beautiul legs. My socks, shoes, shorts, and part of my tanktop were soaked in diarrhea. I pulled my tanktop out and tried to cover it up. I walked for about half an hour and called my mom. She picked me up, and took me home. She asked me if I went before the date, and I said no. She got angry at me, and we shouted for ten minutes. She made me go inside. She put some newspaper down and made me kneel down like I always have to do when I'm bad. She made me kneel there, in my diarrhea soaked clothes and legs, until my dad got home. Usually I have to wait till my dad get's home unless he's already home. But he had a meeting, and was one hour late. But my stupid mom didn't c are. I cried and I begged for her to let me up, because it was so humiliating. I asked if I could go to the bathroom again, and she said no. She said since I already went in my clothes, I could do it again. I held on for a while, and soon just let loose. It was a loud crackling sound, followed with the sound of water dripping on newspaper. She sighed and said that her only daughter was incontinent and needed diapers. When dad got home, he gave me a lecture, while I kneeled there. I hated them for that! I don't know why they couldn't let me just change and shower. They are stupid and mean! My mom told my dad that he should spank me, but he told her I had been through enough. She made me take my shorts off, and see all the poop an filth on my underwear. Then she made me take those off, and she pulled me by my ear to the bathroom, where I showered and went to bed. Parents can be so cruel and misunderstand there sons and daughters so much.

Anne- former Bus Driver
I have been very busy indeed recently having changed jobs. The Bus Company was thinking of getting out of tours and excursions anyway and the Foot and Mouth crisis cancelled many of our trips this year. I was offered a good redundancy settlement so left and now have joined a travel company as a Director and I do some professional driving as well. I have paid off my mortage and thus am reasonably comfortable.

I have read with interest the current deliberate accident in the panties letters. Not my scene. I have had a few myself where I have done a big (thankfully solid) jobbie in my knickers but didnt enjoy it. Whatever floats your boat but I prefer to do my motions in the toilet pan not into my panties.

Working in a new place has been amusing. Its an all women firm and the other girls are a friendly lot. I have bought in with some of the money I received and am now the Operations Director. On the toilet scene the offices are in an old building and have the orginal lavatories. The pans are nice big old fashioned white ones well able to cope with the big jobbies although I still need to pull the flush two or three times to get my whoppers to go away. The sound effects are wonderful deep and resounding "Depth Charge " KUR-SPOOL-LOOMPS!" etc . My first dat there I needed a big jobbie, in fact I had been constipated for a couple of days. I was minded to find an excuse to go out to the nearby shopping mall and use the Ladies toilets there as I didnt know how the others would take to my doing one of my mega panbuster motions in their staff toilets, (there are 3 cubicles). It was pouring with rain and I was bursting for a wee wee as well so had to go. I used the middle stall, clo! sed the door and sat there with my navy blue skirt hitched up round my waist and white Sloggis at my knees. I farted loudly then started to do a loud hissing wee wee. I had no sooner started when I heard the MD Diane come in and enter the cubicle next to mine. At that point I felt a hard ball come out "PLOONK! then another PLONK! KU-PLONK! PLOOMP!" I passed some hard eggs, then I felt the big ones start to move. I fat knobbly log started to emerge with my having to give an NNN! UH! to urge it out. KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!! then another shorter one "KER-SPLOOSH! Diane obviously knew it was me as she said, "Bet you feel better Anne, were you bunged up?" I gasped "Yes Ive been a bit constipated for a couple of days!" then I felt the usual easier turd slide out of me with a crackling sound and a "Floomp!" meanwhile Diane also did a motion, two big jobbies, "KER-SPLOOSH! KUR-PUL-LOONK!" . She giggled and said "Oh that's better, Ive been holding that lot in all morning during the meetings"! I had noticed that she had farted silently but smelly a few times but of course I said nothing. We both wiped our bums pulled up our knicks and pulled the flushes of our respective toilets. My big load stuck,two fat logs of 12 inches and 6 respectively and an 8 inch curved smooth sausage. I tried to flush again but the cistern was slow to fill. Diane remarked. "Oh there's a knack to flushing it, it sometimes takes two or three goes to get it all to go away. Here Ill show you." She came out of her cubicle and entered mine. Looking at my motion in the pan she remarked, "I see what you mean Anne, bet you feel a bit lighter" By then the cistern had filled again but it took two more flushes to go away. She then went to flush her toilet and I had a look at the two big jobbies she had done. A 12 inch carrot and a smaller version of about 7 inches, smoother than mine. By the look on her face I could derive a few points straight away without anything being said. Firstly, she enjoyed d! oing a her motion and having seen mine. Secondly, I knew she was a Lesbian, she fancied me. Now I wont stray off the essential theme of this thread, but Mr Moderator, let me simply say that like many women I am bi-sexual, but prefer women. Suffice it to say that following on from this my relationship with Diane is now more than just business these days and we have become an item. The other women in the business dont mind this even although they are either married or are straight. Diane and I now buddy dump with each other, stay over at each others flats and are we are quite likely sell these to buy a house together. Without straying from the plot of this Forum I'll keep you posted.

Lots of love to all, especially Tony from Scotland and Adrian.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Rizzo: Hi pal! Well, happy birthday to you too!!!! I'll join you in a toast, but I'll be drinking milk, or grape juice. No alcohol for me until after Jr. arrives! I hope you have a great birthday, you are a really sweet man, and have a good heart!
Patsy told me about Carmalita's experience of helping her out. Yes, it's true, I did tell her to call Roto-rooter (I'm so mean), but Patsy was there to the rescue. She rather enjoyed it, which is good, because now she's getting quite skilled and can help me!
Anyway, have a great birthday!!!!

I love you all,

Today, I wet my pants in the car SO bad. We got stuck in this huge traffic jam, and I REALLY had to go. I squirmed around, desperately trying to keep it in, but eventually I realized I wasn't gonna make it. My stomach was in agony from my practically exploding bladder. I am 34 and was the only one in the car. We weren't moving (traffic jam), so I sighed and let go. I peed so hard even I couldn't believe it. The whole car stunk of urine. It was sooo gross.

Cory- If you know how to poo in public no problem. I also get excited when the prospect of hiding somewhere to poo is looming.

I am embarrassed to take a dump in public.

Gen X
Cory: I am terrified to shit in public!! It started as a kid when I was about 10 or 11 and needed to pee so I went to use a bathroom by myself. As I walked by a stall that had no door this woman was sitting there wearing a terrible grimace of effort on her face while this awful sound of exertion escaped her mouth. Her eyes were shut so she didn't even see me. She was even twisting her body to get it to come out. Unfortunately the other stall was occupied so I had to stand there and witness this awful site of her scrunched up grimacing face and loud grunting. Two teen girls came in and and when they saw the woman they were trying not to giggle. I could hear one of them say in a snotty voice "her poop must be stuck," as they slunk around to the courner by the sinks. The other said pooping in a public restroom was gross. Then they made mock grunting sounds to eachother.
I got freaked out and left. I knew that shitting in a public restroom was dirty and something to be ashamed of and people would make fun of me.

I was at the baseball park when I needed to go. I went in and took a piss. Then I got hit with the urge to crap. I went in to a stall and dropped my pants. The stall was nice because the stall had concrete walls. Well I'm still trying to get over my fear. Well I was halfway through my first turd when these kids came in. Theystarted making noise and my turd just stopped. Well five minutes went by when they finally left. I finished and there was 3 green turds. I then left and noticed a unisex restroom. But it onley had one toilet. I was bumed because I would like to take a crap with a girl about my age.

I was taking a dump in the local K-Mart when I heard someone enter quickly and rush into the stall next to mine. He let out a long series of plops and farts before he seemed to be finished. He really needed to go bad. Then I heard him say "shit!" Apparently he didn't check for toilet paper. I heard him fumbling around with the paper dispenser. Then he surprised me by asking if I had some paper to spare. I said sure, and proceeded to roll some around my hand. I then said, "here you go". Now, I was in the handicapped toilet stall(because I knew the other one had no paper) and the toilet was about 6 ft away from the other stall. The guy in the other stall then got down on his hands and knees to reach for the paper. In doing so, he surprised me by actually sticking his whole arm and part of his head under the partition. He said thanks and then sat back up and started wiping. He asked for some more, so I gave him the roll this time. He got a good look at me on the can the 2nd time around as well.

The Sears and Mortgomery Wards department stores must have had some problems with "activity", so they took the doors off of the toilet stalls. The funny thing was that the stalls were right across from the sinks and mirrors. So anyone at the sink could look directly at someone taking a dump. The Sears store actually had some low mirrors so if you were on the toilet you could actually see your neighbor on the toilet next to you. My favorite was a young blond guy who sat on the toilet right next to me. He grabbed some paper towels, wet them, and put them on the paper dispenser. He pulled his t-shirt way up to his chest, pulled his pants way down to his ankles, but left his briefs at his knees. He seemed oblivious to anyone else being there. He dropped a few loads, making some great faces, biting his lip, squeezing his eyes shut. Then he took a long piss. After he was done, he first wiped from the front, by lifting his genitals with one hand and wiping with the other. Then he leaned way forward to wipe from behind. Then, he did 2 wipes while standing. All using the wet towels. He then got dressed, mumbled "hey" as he passed my stall, and left. That was the 1st time I'd seen someone wipe from the front. Very useful.

In college I lived across the street from a fraternity house that had a bathroom that faced my bedroom window. The bathroom window was frosted, but it was double-hung and extended from floor to ceiling. It was also located next to the toilet. I first noticed it when I was in my room one night and the light in the bathroom went on. I saw the shadow of the door closing and then someone was standing right in front of the window. It was a bit fuzzy, but still pretty clear. When I saw the pants drop and the guy sit down, then I knew it was the bathroom and the guys were crapping right next to the window. It wasn't as obvious during the day, but when the light was on at night, it was very easy to see them. The position of the light in the bathroom gave a pretty good picture of who was on the can. Clear enough to tell if they were wearing boxers or briefs. Most guys I saw would sit when wiping. A few that stood to wipe gave a more intimate show. The way the light shone, you could even get a good idea of how "endowed" they were. I remember seeing one guy come in when the top part of the window was down, so you could see him down to about mid-chest level. Instead of closing the window, he just dropped trou and did his business. When he was finished, he sttod at the open window to wipe! He just looked out at the scenery while cleaning up. I thought that was pretty funny.

Yesterday I saw a news item about some specially produced toilet seats which were being signed by celebrities and auctioned for charity. It struck me as a novel way to raise funds for charity - and raise a smile too!

Carol (housewife). It sounds as though you had an interesting experiment although I expect it's not one you'll be in a hurry to repeat.

Alana. There is excess and there is excess. It's hardly surprising you did as much as you did after eating all that food. Personally I would advise eating less. Plateful after plateful is just sheer greed. The wonder is that you held it for as long as you did.

Tony. Sorry to correct you but there were sound effects in the scene to which you refer in "Take a Girl Like You" - in fact I got the distinct impression that both women were weeing for real!

Anne (the bus driver). Not seen any postings from you just lately. Had a good poo or two recently?

Greetings All.

As promised, last evening Louise and I conducted a little experiment to determine our respective peak flow rates for our urine streams. I suspected that the peak rate would be significantly higher than the mean, and I was right. The aim (haha, perhaps I should I say objective) of this exercise is to measure the rate of output of the participants at its greatest point. If our urge to go is strong enough then there is a cast iron guarantee that there will be at least half a minute of output at the peak flow rate. It seemed reasonable and convenient then to capture the volume of urine expelled from the body in a fixed period of 20 seconds, starting the clock when the peak flow had been achieved and was settled.
We had a good long bath together, and we both stood in the bath to urinate while the other person captured the urine in a 10 litre bucket. This was for greater accuracy and to avoid spillage when attempting to funnel the urine into a smaller container. This was important, especially in Louise's case, as funnels can have a problem containing her gushers without there being much splashing. We had a couple of cans of beer each, some of which was consumed in the bath. It was all very pleasant to enjoy each other's company in that way, and when the urge to wee developed, we both waited until we were sure that it was very strong indeed. I think the seated position Louise was in with her knees drawn up brought pressure to bear on her bladder, as she had a tremble in her leg, and at one point crossed them. A sure sign that a gusher was on the way.
When she was ready, she stood in the bath, and I had the bucket at the ready, but not where it would immediately catch her stream. She let go and her gusher hit the bathwater. After about 5 seconds, long enough to see her twisting stream was well established, I placed the bucket to catch it. On and on Louise pissed, and I withdrew the bucket after 20 seconds had elapsed, and she continued urinating for around another minute, the last half minute or so being a slower stream with some dribbling and trickling. Some brief squirts at the end.
The bucket contents were transferred to the measuring container with the aid of the funnel.
The process was repeated the next time her urge was sufficiently strong.
I also had two urinations captured in the bucket while I held the bucket for myself and did the timekeeping. As she had done, I completed each urination into the bathwater after the 20 second
capture period had elapsed.
The volumes measured were

Louise: 675ml (33-34ml/s) and 750ml (37-38ml/s)
Steve: 375ml (18-19ml/s) and 350ml (17-18ml/s)

Again, my own showing was fairly pathetic. I do believe that I can do more than that if I really need to wait longer. Possibly more than 600ml, but certainly nothing that could compete with Louise's abilities.
This goes to show that Louise is capable of double my flow rate, which was probably not quite the best I have ever produced. Excuses aside, she has me beaten easily, even when I _am_ at my best!
I cannot even claim to be able to match her for duration. She can easily go for well over a minute, but it is not very often that I will top 45 seconds.

To Rizzo,
I hope you found the results of the experiment interesting, and it is pretty conclusive that I am a sub 20ml/s guy and Louise is almost a 40ml/s girl when she really goes for it. I wish I'd had the opportunity to measure the output of the Pakistani girl on the nudist beach. 100ml/s??? I would not be surprised!

To Jeff A,
Good to see you posting again! I think you "sound" better than in your last post. Back then I thought it came across quite strongly that you were under the influence of your medication.
As I say, it is good that you are back. I don't know if you saw my last posting to you, but If you did miss it I can resend. Cheers!

To PV,
Louise has asked me to apologise on her behalf for her failure to post since last week. I've had a few days when more time has been available to me, but I fear this will change for the next week and a half. I might find time to briefly acknowledge postings but this will probably be the extent of it.
I would tell of our time in Scotland, but Louise intends to keep the story of that one all to herself.
Until we next speak,

Bye for now. :)


Tony(Central Indiana)
How many would like to see Aaron and Nick Carter take a huge dump???
Can anyone tell me if the movie with Devon Sawa at the airport is out on Video??? I sure would liek to see that scene....
Anyone one know of any more movies with male stars shitting???
Please share them....

DAZZ -- Thanks for your kind words on my beach trip -- yes, I have come a long way. As you say, on this occasion, shit didn't happen! Hahahahah!!!

STEVE -- hey, wonderful description of dear Louise in action, and couched in the most technically precise terms -- loved it! And thanks for your encouragements too, I do indeed replay those adventures over and over, I think of the day, picture each one in my mind and conjur the feeling of my urine passing... It's delicious!

CARMALITA -- What a wonderful account of your difficult Patsy-assisted poop! I love Renee's line about callign Rota-Root! In Aus it's called Dyna-Rod, and i used to do the same joke -- Someone is stopped up and doesn't fancy the cure, be it suppository, enema or whatever, and the response is: "It's that or we call Dyna-Rod!" Hideous connotation, but always worth a guffaw!

BILLY L -- Well, your Dad may be a pediatrician, and with all respect to his professional opinion, if you asked a proctologist you'd probably get a different take on the subject... Colonics are amongst the most ancient forms of treatment, and the fact is that bowels cam become lazy, and function ineffiiciently. Children as a rule are fine, but in later life a person's health can go downhill simply because their colon is caked-up with old poop. Eat fibre, as they say, it's am "intestinal broom" that sweeps away the old junk. Sometimes this is not enough to handle old backlogs, and that's where the wash comes in. Done skillfully (and if there is insufficient skill the practicioner has no business serving the public) it should be painless, safe and effective. yes, there are people practicing who shouldn't be, and accidents do occur, but that doesn't mean the treatment can't be a valuable assistance to some parts of the community.

Cheers all,


PS: Sorry if I haven't responded to any folks in particular -- consider this a group-hug!

Carmalita -
Hi, I'm new here but I've been reading your posts. I have always loved the sights and sounds of women pooping and your stories are the best! I think I'm in love and want to marry you!!

Good morning-again it'a another great morning here in the N.E.I just got up and I'm heading out to the woods again in a few to maybe dump in the wild-Don't feel anything yet,but i'm sure i will soon-If i do go i'll let you all know next time-BTW,Im really enjoying the pics in the masthead!Good stuff!Hey CARMELITA-Nice dump in the woods-wish i was that guy-If i go this the woods i'll be thinking you are squtting acroos from mew pooing along with me-that would be fun stuff!Well i'm outta here and of to the woods to hopefully do my business! BYE

Ben I like your stories. I think that they are great post more back.\

Ben, please post some more of your accident stories

Hi, everyone! WOW!!! I got ONE DAY BEHIND(!) in my reading here, and
BOY did I miss a ton of great posts! I don't have time to personally
address all of the newcomers whose posts I liked, but if you keep posting fine stories like these, eventually I will. Meanwhile...

Alana: Incredible post!! Wow, can you ever eat, and the WHAT RESULTS!
Great detail; it helped me to picture everything, although the incredible volume certainly taxes my imagination... more stories, please!

Kim: OOOH, what a sexy picture you paint for the 1st promotional issue of the brand-new "Shits Illustrated" magazine... I'm sure I'll
have to hire LOTS of production workers to keep up with demand... and
of course you're sure to become famous quickly, too... are you ready
for THAT? After all, with your terrific picture ON THE COVER, guys will line up for AUTOGRAPHED cover logs... your name will fit easily
enough, I think... are you ready for this sudden stardom?

Carmalita: Thanks for YOUR continuing terrific posts, as well... you
REALLY get me going because I can tell you GENUINELY ENJOY the topic.
Two recent examples I loved: 1) Toilet shows you used to do!? OOOH...
how much for a FRONT ROW SEAT? I WANT ONE!!, and 2)The new solo video
with the turd on a newspaper the size of a BICYCLE TIRE!? WOW!! I'm
sure I'm not the only interested in a copy of THAT!!!

Hi people!! It's 5am here as I write this, couldn't sleep as I was farting all night plus had that awful burning feeling from gastric reflux :( Still no poo though, despite all that farting!!!

CORY.....When I was in my early twenties (I'm 34 now) I was a bit shy about shitting when visiting friends at their place, especially if there was lots of people there or the walls were thin. I would hold in my logs for ages, the feeling of this did turn me on quite a bit too. If it got bad, I would go for a walk down the shops and poo in a public toilet down there. I didn't seem to have any reservations at all shitting in a public toilet as long as no one I knew was there.

I also do get quite turned on by the idea of a girl being to shy to shit and the thought of her quivering buttocks struggling to hold onto a big log really gets me going!! There was one time at a friends house, this couple was there and the girl didn't like the toilet there and insisted her boyfriend take her home so she could go. I don't think she was shy about using the toilet there, rather she just didn't like the slightly grotty outside toilet. I figured that if she only needed to pee then she could have just hovered over the pot, so I was quite turned on from thinking about her holding in a big poo. I did notice her lovely rounded buttocks clenching and quivering underneath the tight pants she was wearing. The sight of this really got me going, for days afterwards I fantasised about watching her squirm around on the journey home and then rush off to the toilet to pull her pants down and grunt out a few big logs!!!

RIZZO......I can certainly relate to your story about the cracked toilet seat. A rented house some of my friends shared had a cracked plastic seat and one of the few times I got up the courage to shit there, I forgot about the crack and it pinched me on the bum......OUCH!!!! Luckily, no permanent damage done!!!

I've only had the pleasure of using a wooden toilet seat once. There is this huge Victorian era market building in central Sydney which has been restored and is now an upmarket shopping mall. I went there not long after it opened and had a good arse splashing shit sitting on the wooden seat. I have to agree they are quite comfortable and the thickness of the seat raises the sitting position a bit, I very much like that. I went there again some months later and the wooden seats were gone, replaced by cheap plastic ones. Apparently people were stealing all the wooden seats to take home. They must have taken a spanner with them to do this as you couldn't get them off any other way!!!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY.....Good to hear you are getting better, the only thing needed now is to increase the size of your turds so you can get back to having a very wet arse when you shit!!

I did end up having a good shit the other day at work too. I felt the urge just as I came back from tea break, so off I went down to the toilet. There are three stalls in this one, so I took the middle one, pulled my pants down to my knees and sat down. The seat was one of the horseshoe shape, so no need to hold my dick down, I just let it hang there as I relaxed my bladder. The wee dribbled out slowly at first but quickly gathered strength into a good steady stream. I pissed for a good thirty seconds when it slowed down to a dribbly end. I contracted the muscles in my groin a few times to squirt out a few more dribbly bits and could feel a nice big log moving down to its final position right up against my sphincter. I gave just the gentlest push to start it on its way, the tip swelling up my quivering arse as it started to slide out. My arsehole swelled up more and I could feel a nice big knobbly turd pushing through my hole.

I was getting so turned on by this big log as I let it slowly slide out of my arse under its own weight. I was gently caressing my nipples through my shirt at the same time, this increased the arousal so much more!!! I was doing something else at the same time too, but you'll have to use your imagination to guess what!!!! The poo sped up a bit as it tapered down at the end. I love that feeling when the tapered tip falls out.....this was immediately followed by a huge PLOP as the shit hit the water and splashed the water back up all over my buttocks, balls and a little right back up my anus!! Oh, that felt great, but there was another one to come. I gave another push as the next poo pushed open my tingling arsehole. This one was a bit thinner and smoother too, it slipped out quickly and splashed a big blob of water right up my anus, accompanied by a resounding PLOP!!! I felt empty now and finished off the "something else" I was also doing on the toilet. I felt so good at ! that moment, releived in every way and a bit light headed from all the endorphins rushing around my body!!!

I looked in the bowl and there was a good 14 inch long and about two inch wide knobbly poo lying in the water with an 8 inch long and about one and a half inch with smooth poo. Both were nicely tapered at one end so was easy to see which bit came out first!!! I grabbed a handfull of toilet paper to clean myself up. I grabbed some more and got to work, wiping all the water off my buttocks first and then working my way in around my anus. There wasn't much poo on the paper, so I grabbed another wad and worked it right up my hole for a thorough cleanup. I got some more paper and worked it right up my arse again just to be sure. Still a bit of poo on the paper but I left it at that, my g-string underwear can clean up any left over bits!!! Sort of like flossing for the anus!!!! hahahaha
I pulled up my nickers, nestling them nicely in my bottom cleavage...I love that feeling of a g-string rubbing my tingly arsehole!!! Pulled my pants up next and then flushed the toilet, watching all that poo and paper get forced down the S bend with a powerful flush. I walked out of the stall, washed my hands and then walked out of the toilets, feeling a few pounds lighter and very much relaxed!!!

Well, that's my post for today, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing that shit!!!

Peace, Love and Mung Beans!!!


What a little blonde Angel in the Masthead !!!!!


You the Woman Baby! You the Woman!


I used to be the same way as you when I was younger. I
was extremely self conscious about dropping off the big one
in public. I never pooped anywhere other than my house
when everyone was gone. I changed as I got older though. I
thought that if I wanted to see girls do it, then I should have
the courage to do it in front of them. I also felt that it kind
of lets them follow my lead. So now, after years of
overcoming my timidness, I could take a big fat dump on
the 50 yardline during the superbowl!


Nobody likes me either, Bud! No, I'm just kidding. I think
there are just so many posts that people don't always get a
chance to read them all, and even if they do they can't talk
to everybody at once. Don't sweat it dude! just keep on
putting out some good 'ol posts!


Thought you got rid of me, eh? Well I'm still here for now, anyway. I've already posted
the most exotic stories of my life so now I'll just dig up whatever I can from memory. This
one is from the lake again. I had anchored in a small cove surrounded by a forest of oak
trees. I decided to go for a hike and the customary nature-dump. Up the hillside I found a
pair of blue bikini bottoms. They were cute and all flowery, with a cool pair of black and
white checker-board sunglasses laying on the ground next to them. I poked them with a
stick and found quite a large turd inside them. I'm guessing the owner had gotten smashed
out on the boat like everyone else does, and staggered into the woods for a poop. She
probably was not accustomed to pooping in the woods and failed to pull her bikini down
far enough. She probably didn't notice the problem until she had unloaded into her bikini
bottoms (it wasn't smooshed like it would have been had she been wearing them). I guess
she wrapped herself in a T-shirt and returned beat red to her ski-boat. I left her panties to
encourage other hot babes to poop in semi-public places, but I kept her sunglasses. I then
continued with my walk until my own urge to unload became apparent. I found a clearing
with a far off view of the lake. Forests in Texas are not very thick, and anyone within a
hundred meters of you can see you quite clearly. This cove was very desolate, however,
and no one was around. I then sat upon a rock and skooched my shorts down to my
knees. I pushed out a ten incher and one or two small ones. I then peed for a few seconds
and wiped my bum. Relieved, I pulled up my shorts and finished my leisurely walk to back
to the boat. Next time I'll try to give more details with the Toilet-Stool weights and
measures sheet, but today I've rambled on enough.

kim and scott
greetings all!
TO JANE-scott and i are so sorry you lost your dad. it will take some time but you will pull through. we all have lost loved ones.
TO PETER-i know traveling guy told you already but BTW means by the way
TO ALANA-hi welcome back. their are many females here who have huge logs. my biggest log so far is 28 inches long. 4 inches thick. melissa from ny,anne the busdriver,ringstretcher,carmalita, and a few other women have giant turds too. how big is your biggest dear?
TO TINA-when i was a kid i had a log in my blue jeans as i came home from school. my mom cleaned me up without complaint. i got a great mother.
TO BEN-scott and i like you honey but you have to be patient. not all your posts will be replied to ok?
TO ERIC B>-thanks for liking our posts. i was wondering if anybody ever printed out our stories. apparently you do. thats nice and flattering. which one of ours really gets you hot?
TO RJOGGER-thanks for liking our posts. i wish i could come over and check out your sporty cars. i bet if i did you would give me a ride because your a nice man!plus what kind of tournament where you flying off too?
TO DAZZ-thanks for liking my posts. your a nice guy. and that log in my spandex pants was for you and scott ok?
TO JOHN (VT)-thanks for liking my posts.(AGAIN) plus i think "the shit illustrated mag" would sell if properly marketed. once people get a look at kim -the blond bombshell on the cover nude smiling from ear to ear as she holds her gigantic log in her toilet paper protected hands that should be enough to sell! i think the first copies we will hand out for free . i will get some of my lovely lady friends who also shit big to help me hand the copies out. we will only be in our bikinis as we hand out the free mags. then after this the people will see how good the mag is and buy it from us at a good and fair price! not a bad idea john huh?and of course we will have new issues of the mag every month because their will be so much good stuff inside!haha! thanks for liking my stories john. your a sweetheart!
TO CAROL(HOUSEWIFE)- way to go my dear lady. pooping in your knickers and all! i loved the play by play of your log coming out! by the way carol what is the size of your biggest log? mine so far is 28 inches long. 4 inches thick. plus dont ya think your husband would of loved to see that show carol?. you might want to do this sorta thing again. like you mentioned before i certainly will!
TO BRYIAN- your a great guy! thanks for liking my posts.
TO PV- thanks for liking my posts. boy are you funny girl in your response to it.
TO STEVE-thanks for writing the kind letter back to scott and i . we appreciate it!

PLUS- the girl on the front picture the other day: posing next to the toilet with her huge log inside it. that was impressive but i must tell you people my logs are just as thick(if not thicker!) and a lot longer too.i dont mean to brag but its the truth. i love that picture though i hope they show it again! well so long all! keep the good stories coming.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

I was wondering how all the female posters on here wipe their butts after pooping? Do you stand or do it sitting? please explain. I'm just very curious.

Is anyone shy and embarassed when having to shit in public? I hold it in until I get home, but get excited thinking of women in the same situation. Can anyone relate to this??

Billy L.
I asked my dad about colon cleansing (he is a pediatrician). He said they are really dangerous. They can cause major problems with salt leaving your body. Plus, the colon gets rid of poop pretty good on its own (I can attest to that). He also said that pushing water up there can cause the colon to break open into your body. He said they are really dangerous and no one should do them.

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