Jan from OK
Once I had to take a shit when I was out plowing in one of our fields. We had all come in for dinner (lunch) and Mom had fed us fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and apple pie. It was so good and I was so hungry that I really ate a ton. Well, by the time we got back to the field, all that food that I had eaten was putting downward pressure on my bowels, and yesteray's food was beginning to want to come out. We all started plowing again; it was me, my dad, my brother and a kid that we had hired for the summer. We were all working in the top terrace, and withing about half an hour, I knew my poop wasn't going to stay in much longer. I couldn't just stop the tractor and stick my ass out in front of everybody, because my brother would have teased me relentlessly, and I kind of had a crush on the guy that was working for us. I decided that I would trip the plow out and go into one of the lower terraces where nobody could see me. When I was a sufficient dista nce away, I took the tractor out of gear and let it idle. I looked around the cab for something to wipe with and I finally found a couple of grease rags. On of them was pretty oily, but the other one was just caked with a lot of dust. I got down out of the cab and shook the dust off as best I could. Then I undid my belt, pushed my jeans and panties down to the top of my work boots, and squatted in the furrow between the big wheel of the tractor and the plow. For those who are interested, I was also wearing a white T-shirt and a baseball cap with my pony tail sticking out the back. I had to go bad enough that I didn't have to push at all. A good solid turd just slowly started falling out of me. Once it was out, I could tell there was another one coming so I just stayed there and waited. I looked around at the scenery and up at the cloudless sky and the gentle Oklahoma wind blew across my bare legs. By this time I could smell the log that was lying in the furrrow, and I decided it was probably a good thing I hadn't dropped it in the house, because Luke, the hired kid, might have gone in after me and I would have been really embarrassed. Pretty soon, the last turd started sliding out and I thought to myself "You know, this is really kind of cool." I peed a little bit on top of my pile, and then I stood up to wipe. I knew that I only had the one rag to wipe with, so I was being as conservative as possible. When I was done, I threw the rag in the furrow and pulled my pants back up. Once I got going again, the plow just threw an eight inch layer of soil on top of my creation as well as the poopy grease rag. That evening, when we were in the pickup going home, my brother asked me "Hey, Jan. How come you went way down in that other terrace?" I just replied that "I needed to take a leak." This was the truth, but not the whole truth. Oh well, I knew there was no way anyone was going to prove otherwise.

Well, that's it for now. Take care.


Eric B.
Quick post this time...mainly to give feedback.... PENNY...your woodsy experience recalls a book I once read "How to Shit in the Woods," had some hilarious accounts and I'll see if I can find it and share some of them.. STREAKS...I've sat to pee for the past 20 years, finding it much more relaxing and easier to start the flow that way, specially since my prostate is somewhat enlarged (gives me some great feeling when evacuating huge logs!--they rub against it and give me an erection, usually). outdid yourself this time; I automatically press PRINT whenever one of your posts appear! Tried to sneak in my email address last post but the police intervened. Can't quite believe yet my good fortune in finding a kindred spirit after lo these many years, but maybe I can get this tape to you somehow. Off to the gym where hopefully I'll have an opportunity to sit and listen to all those grunts & groans! Love to you & all....

I pooped my panties in school yesterday. I had to go all day but it wasn't until the end of last class when I finally decided that I just couldn't hold on any longer, so let it slowly fill my panties. My shit was huge and I was a bit afraid some one would be able to tell but I made it home okay. When I dumped the poo into the toilet and saw how big it actually and boy was I impressed. And it hardly even stained, I didn't need to wipe, just pulled my panties back up.

Hi,all-had a real nice weekend-nice warm weather her in the N.E.(USA)Got up early this a.m. and it was still warm and i deciced to go take my morning dump in the woods,but before i tell you all about that-Which turned out to be interesting--
TO PENNY-Nice story with you and the girls from johannasberg-that must have been some sight!I enjoyed your story!
TO CARLMELITA-I would love a copy of your poo video!I wish there was a way for you to get that video out to all of us to see!I have a couple of videos of myself pooing with my old nurse friend and her pooing too in verious places-Hey,lets trade videos!I think you my enjoy it!I love your stories!
Anyway,back to my poo in the woods-Was up at 7a.m.and felt the urge almost as soon as i got up,so i got dressed and got on my bike and rode out to the woods-it was already nice and warm out-I stopeed at 7-11 and got some OJ and drank it as i rode and it started doing it's job and by the time i got to the woods i had to go pretty good-As i was looking for a place to shit,i ran into this jogger-he was about 35 or so and he asked me if i had a toilet tissue-I said yes and Gave him some and said "got to go and forgot paper huh?"He said "this doesn't usually happen to me cause i live right around the corner from here and i can make it home,but i'm not done running and i have to go now"I said "so do i-i was going to go right over there" and i pointed to a big log about 10-12 feet long-and by now i had to really go-now i have to admit i wanted to buddy poo with this guy,but i waited to see what he was going to do,and after a few mins he wasn't doing anything so i said " well, i ve got to go so if you will excuse me i'm going over here" I didn't want to say join me so i went about 15 feet over to the log and got undressed and had a paper with me and when i went to sit on the log,i turned around to see him just standin there looking at me-Now i didn't know what to think so i said" Hey,listen i feel a bit funny with you standing there just staring at me,If you can understand that" and laughed a bit nervously and then he said' Oh sorry,i was just trying to make up my mind waether to join you or not"I said " well you can join me or go somplace else cause i just can't do this with somone staring to me!" then he started to come over and said " what the hell,we all do it, right?"Now i'm thinking WoW this is going to be really cool and he came over and went to the other side of the log and started to take off his running shorts,now it this point,i was already sitting down amd i figured to get things started and let out a long fart and started to push out sof t turds right away-i felt pretty cool with this guy-he seemed like a regular type person-as he is going to sit down he casually looks over at me and looks at my turds coming out and says" you must do this a lot cause you seem pretty comfortable out here" I said " i bike a lot out here and i have to go somtimes and that's why i have toilet paper and you don't " and we both laughed-Now i was done with my 1st salvo and was just sitting there waitng to go more and i could see he was a bit aprehensive about doing this in front of me-So i let out a encouraging fart as i was sitting there and he pulled down his underwaer and sat on the log and didn't look at me and just exploded with all this loose stuff that splattered with a lot of loud gas all over the side of the log and then he said "Ahhhh Now that's what I Call relief" as he let out a long wet fart and then started wiping right away-I said " you must have had some coffe,huh,cause when i drink coffee,i go like that"he said "yea h,and that was a mistake!Then as he is wiping i let out the rest of my BM with pudding poop and some wet farts-again he looked over at me going as he was wiping.then he pulled up his pants quickly and said "hey thanks alot for the paper and it was nice talking with you " and he smiled and started to jog away-Then i sat there enjoying the morning air and let out some more mush and then wiped myself and got dressed and went over to where the guy dumped and saw a pile of all loose stuff all over the side of the log-boy he had to go pretty bad,but i think he was a bit nervous about going with me cause he sat side ways so i couldn't really see anything but the turds sprying out his butt-it was fun though as i was biking back i saw a lot of joggers and bikers out at this time of day- and i had to wonder,how many of them just peed of pooed in the woods-i hope i can run into some poo buddys this summer-looks like i'm off to a good start-that was fun-now only if i can run into a pretty! lady---- BYE

To Ben, Why was it good that you had on tight underwear? I would think that it would be bad because it might leak out. How old are you?

Women definitely make more noise in the bathroom because their poop is larger and dryer. I've been using unisex bathrooms for the past 10 years and I've heard many anguished grunts, moans and straining from women alot more than men. One woman strained for over an hour without any results before calling it a day. At one point she got mad and punched the metal waste basket in the stall on the wall! I never heard any men do that.

Eric B: Hi hon, thanks for sharing that bit about watching your sister! It made me really hot!! I wish we could watch each other. I also love poop sounds. One of my favorite things is to shit outdoors, especially if a male hiker sees me. I love the fact that I might get caught. I have so many stories about that, but one of my favorites Eric, I’ll tell just for you because you made me so hot with your story about watching your sister.
This was about two years ago when I was hiking one summer. I’d gone about a mile and a half when I had to take a killer shit. It felt like one of my biggies. I saw a guy with his dog down the trail about 30 yards away and he was coming toward me. There was only the one trail, so I stepped off to the side, behind a few bushes, dropped my hiking shorts and squatted. I waited...and waited...the tip of a fat one teasing my little butthole. Then I heard the guy’s footsteps...I waited for just a second longer and...I opened up my ass and let it slide out. It was a big, meaty turd and smelled very ripe. I swear it was about 14” long and three fingers wide. The guy was so shocked to see me there! Suddenly the dog started sniffing my butt and my pile of poop! Imagine this dude’s surprise, coming around the corner and seeing his dog sniffing the ass of a girl squatting in the bushes pushing out a big pile of hot, steamy shit! I smiled up at him and said “Bathrooms are kind of scarc! e around here.” He was staring wide eyed, then shook his head from shock and turned around and said “I am so sorry! I wasn’t looking really!” (liar, of course he was looking!) I told him I didn’t mind if he looked, that I was very outdoorsy, and he faced me again, getting an eyeful. We chatted for a few minutes about the area and the sights to see while I continued to squeeze turds out. I’d just pushed out another long one that folded over in three sections. It looked like a big, brown intestine with corn in it. I think he was shocked that such a small woman could crap out so much poop. It smelled really bad, and I grunted hard with effort. I looked up at him again, and the bulge in his pants was like a boulder! I said “Damn, I didn’t think I’d ever get that one out!” He studied the long, folded over sausage that sat on top of an already good sized pile. I think he felt brave and said “It’s a beauty all right.” Then I laughed and teased him with my eyes and said “Try hiking u! p hill with that thing inside of you!” He laughed good, and then I asked “Could you please be a gentleman and lend me some kleenex, or a napkin or something?” He said he didn’t have any, but looked around for some dry leaves. After wiping, I stood up, pulled my panties and shorts back up and said “Thanks for getting me some leaves, bye-bye!” Now, I can’t prove it, but as excited as he was, I was sure he stuck around to check out my pile, which was very lovely and aromatic. We both got turned on. Needless to say, he followed me back down the trail and asked for my phone number and gave me his.
So, Eric, the next time you set your sweet self down on the potty and start grunting and pushing, think of me watching you, being close, taking in your masucline scent. Think of one excitable Latina who likes to watch men and women poop. Mmmm-mmmm, fun! Bye, Eric.

John VT: I’m glad you liked the panty pooping thing, but to be honest with you, I was a bit tipsy when I did that. I’d been drinking Vodka, was by myself, and had a real sexy urge. It was no lie though, I pushed out a monster that curled out of the crotch of my panties. It was nice and stinky too, and was a by-product of two big mac’s and fries. Yes, I ate them myself. What a pig, huh? So, I had 3 drinks, then logged on here to make a post. All of a sudden, I wanted some fun, so I stripped, laid some plastic on the chair and took a big one in my panties. I really do want a squat potty. I could never use a Tokyo restroom. I’d be too busy belly crawling under stalls to see pretty Japanese girl’s butts when their poop comes out. Asian women are so pretty, they’re like dolls.

PV: Ah, the hamburger is nothing! You need to try some real, authentic stuff that’ll put a zing in your rosebud! I understand about spices though, I don’t like hot stuff myself. Have a nice chicken, or v????? burrito. Of course, Mexican is not my favorite, but it’s close. I really love italian food. Do you do martial arts too? Wow! What don’t you do?!

Jeff A: I’m glad you like me so much, the feeling is mutual believe me! I like the way you mentioned my brown thighs. Have you had your “Carmalita Collection” leather bound yet? So you thought my sitting on garbage bags was funny? So do I, actually. Yeah, Renee can really be a dork sometimes. Eating on the toilet while she’s pooping. Isn’t that considered “full circle”? How did I get interested in this? I don’t know, I can’t say for sure. One time I saw a neighbor boy pull his pants down and poop in a field when I was younger. I never forgot about that. Then there was the thing with my uncle that I already mentioned. I also used to put on “toilet shows” for guys and it turned me on big time. I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with it, and if there is, I don’t want to be cured!

Well, I guess that’s it. I love all you men here! I just love you!!!!


Uh-Uo, methinks we will soon be getting hate mail about "China Doll" steryotype.

That is not a big problem. Even if he is shy. A few years ago, the girl I was seeing wanted to "break the ice" without actually sitting down and talking about it. She knew I was shy about the whole thing so she would just walk in while I was shaving or showering and do what she had to do. The first time she did it I was getting out of the shower to find her perched on the pot taking a dump. I said I would dry off in the bedroom and she said "Why? I haven't got anything you haven't seen before. She would do this all the time from then on. After a while, I got to thinking that this was no big deal. I startrd doing it too. The first few times was a little weird, but then it was great. We eventually got so where we went together pretty much everywhere we went and we weren't shy about letting everyone know about it. Other couples made fun at first, but then they got curious and tried it too. In short, you should try approaching it by just carefully timing it. Even if you don't ! catch him getting out of the shower, you can leave the door open a little more each time, ask him to bring you a roll of TP, do it while on the phone with him. Be creative. He will see the same way I did, if it's no big deal for you then he will start doing it too.

Man that babe is hot!!

I posted yesterday about pooping after work, then i took a bath. Later on after dinner i had to poop and it was much looser and still soild. Then i may have gone another time(2-3 times yesterday). Then i get to work this morning and i suddenly feel gassy and then my stomach started to hurt a bit(not as bad as last week). Then suddenly i had to shit and i was holding on till i was done 1 first thing i had to do, while i was waiting for more work i went to use the bathroom and boy was it soft and mushy and all gooy, i must have wiped like 20 times with this cheap paper!
Haven't been since this morning.

Greetings to All.

Well, my previous attempt at posting seems to have been moderated out. Possibly the seething rage that was my reaction to Kendal's recent bad experiences was a little too much. It is even possible that nostalgia got the better of me when I realised that Carmalita, going from the comments that were written to the forum, closely resembled one of the masthead girls, who resembled a young Spanish girl who I ...ah... once knew back in my dark and distant past.
To Carmalita, If you resemble that young lady (and with even darker skin) then you must be very beautiful indeed. Hasta Luego, Senorita.

To Rizzo,
Such a casual attitude to weeing from the girl you wrote about from your student days. What a barbecue that must have been. Did that same girl, by any chance, later repeat her awesome performance, did she not need to, or did she opt to go out of sight next time?
I did hope that the weekend would provide an opportunity for the urine flow rate experiment to take place, but as it happened, the only realistic chance that presented itself was lost when Louise became so desperate before we arrived home that she made a mad dash to squat between two parked cars and pressure washed the road surface. That was such a good emptying that her urine production for the time before we retired to bed was well past its peak. Perhaps tonight will be more successful, and I'll be sure to post the results! Cheers!

To Kim and Scott,
Hi there, I did guess that you might be busily occupied. You must have many demands on your time. Kim, thanks for the kind compliments. Scott, look after this lovely little lady, she is a gem! A mighty nice couple you are too! It is a pity that the weather here in England is (in the main) refusing to accept that it is no longer winter, and sadly any beach based adventures could be some way off into the summer. When we return to Spain, probably in July, it will be another time to go without clothes down on the beach, and hopefully there will be plenty to write about when we come back. That does seem quite some time into the future at the moment, but when we go to the beach, you will be the first to hear about it! By the way, now we know that Spandex cannot contain your monster logs for very long! Great story.

To PV,
Hello there, sweetheart. I very much enjoyed your exploits on the beach. What a great time you must have had. I have probably encouraged you in this way before, but what I reckon you need to do now is replay those satisfying nude beach wees over and over in
your mind. And what do I think of the open door wee in the ladies? Ohohohohoho, just how far you have come in recent times. Congratulate yourself with a contented, satisfied smile, dear lady.
As I have already said to Rizzo, the flow rate measurement exercise may well be carried out tonight in appropriately controlled conditions. Results to follow...
To finish with, here is an account of Louise's production in the toilet From Friday morning. I make reference to the Colour, Weights and Measures table as stated.
Naked, she initially sat down on the seat, spread her legs wide to help me observe, and urinated a moderately strong stream onto the front of the bowl. There was a moderate amount of sprinkling on this occasion, and as she is a healthy young woman, her first urine of the day was reasonably concentrated and I would say somewhere between #11 and #437 in darkness. I would hazard a guess that if it had been the ground she had been having a wee on, the puddle would have been at least magnitude 4 or 5, but not particularly remarkable by her standards. Once I had the honour of wiping her genitals for her, she rose from the seated position and hovered over the bowl in a deep bend posture. Perhaps this was slightly excessive in terms of effort for what she did produce, as her anus bulged and expanded only slightly for two squash ball size lumps to pop out with plops into the yellowed toilet water. There followed a larger piece, definitely consistency rating 2, texture rating 4 or j! ust possibly 5. End behaviour description does not really apply in this case. On physical properties the lumps would probably be described as dryish and sticky, though this observation is based on Louise's comments when passing them rather than manual examination of the crap! The total size of the load at rest in the toilet bowl would be of magnitude 1, certainly nothing remarkable. She can do better! :)



Hi to you all,

To Carrie and Sara: Please add my condolences for Jane. It is always a difficult time when a parent dies. Most of us have to go through this, it is part of life.

Dear Penny, I really enjoyed your outing with all those city girls from J’burg learning how to poop in the “wilderness”! You are one of teachers on this board, you know! Love your posts!

Carmalita dear, another highlight from you! Patsy must be a really sweet woman. By the way, when she gathered up your hair after trying to feel that monster in your butt, did you have to take a shower afterwards? Because she washed her hands later. It would give your hair a lingering Carmalita-aroma!
No, I’m not an artist myself. But I have been surrounded by artists all my life. Unless you consider one of my hobbies of designing and making jewelry in solid silver with set semi precious stones an art. Love from Rizzo.

Dear Renee, a very Happy Birthday to you my dear! It will be mine one day after yours! I will raise my glass and toast to your health and the health of your baby my love, Rizzo

Hi Dazz, I read about your reflections on toilet seats. Thick wooden seats are very comfortable and feel warm to your bum cheeks! But some seats feel so cold, that they make the sphincter contract so much, that it takes a while to loosen up again. I once lived in an apartment with other students where we had a wooden seat that came undone on one side where it was glued. A crack appeared there. When you sat down, the skin on your bottom was pushed into the crack, the ensuing transfer of weight to the seat when sitting down closed that crack, pinching your backside painfully. As soon as we had guests who did not know on which side of the seat the crack was, we would listen and shout with laughter when the inevitable and mostly high pitched yelp came echoing out of the toilet!

Ellie and Little Lou, grade seven in violin playing is something to be proud of. But I agree with you that grade 5 is quite exceptional for a nine year old! Is her new violin full size? And what grade will you get for your triple deck wee? ;-) I will really have to think seriously about producing a fountain with a weeing human pyramid. There is the famous fountain with the peeing little boy Maenneken Pis (sp?) of course, so it would not be something completely new. But I see that we can soon start a series production which might make it worthwhile! (grins).

Dear Kendal, now I’ll make it so short, that the moderators will hopefully find no reason to bin my post to you a third time. You helping Emily to clean herself up after that bad attack of the runs was very touching to read. Your “toilet training “ came in handy to cement your friendship with your future step sisters, didn’t it? And your decision to come to terms with your mum earns you my admiration and best wishes. I’m proud of my cyber niece! Love from your uncle Rizzo.

Happy toilet escapades to you all, because I'm leaving for a couple of days, Rizzo

Dawn, I don't think there is any way to really tell how your news will make him react. I have been married three times. The first wife found my fascination distasteful but she tollerated it. She would let me poop in front of her and allow me to watch her. My second wife didn't want anything to do with it. When we divorced, I vowed never to tell anyone else as long as I lived. I married again and it was years until I finaly just had to tell her about it. To my surprise she accepted it completely and has even videotaped me pooping. I cant tell you how much of a releif it was to finaly tell her. I think you just have to tell him if you want to be with him. Good Luck. Keep us informed of any developments.

There must be a rule at JC Penny's that there will never be a door on the stalls. I have read and heard from many other people who have noticed that. There was this JC Pennys in the Bay Area once where there was one toilet in the mens room and no stall, no privacy at all. When someone would use the urinal, they were directly adjacent to the toilet. If you were sitting on the toilet, you couold reach out and touch them. And if they were washing there hands, they could see you in the mirror. One time I was in there having a large BM. I had shorts and tennis shoes on and a t shirt. The toilet was one of those high seated ones where your feet are not touching the floor when you are seated. Well, I was sitting there pooping and my shorts fell off of my feet to the floor so I was sitting there naked, just shirt and tennis shoes on when all of the sudden the door opened sveral people walked in. There was a line of men there waiting to use the urinal and the toilet and they could all ! see what had happened to me and also they could smell it. I was so embaressed and to make matters worse, I started to get a little turned on by it all and that was very apparent for all to see. I have often wanted to duplicate that experience where I now live. If anyone knows of any public doorless toilets in the Seattle area, I would love to hear about them.

To Claire

Hi there. We must empathise with each other! I too had the same problem and could quite easily have been in that same park! I have to say that I have never had problems with my bowels before at marathons. Mind you I have only done two. This was my first London marathon and I travelled down from Scotland on Saturday night and stayed with friends. Normally I manage a shit before I leave for the race. Howeve despite loading up on the carbos I couldn't shift anything out of my bum when I was at my friend's house. I too went by train and when I got to the starting area I could feel a big load building up in my back passage. I hve never seen such a scrum for the portaloos. I knew that I couldn't start the race without having a good shite. I was also getting a little nervous and letting off a couple of stinky farts as a result. With time moving on, I knew that I would have to do the unthinkable and pick a spot somewhere to have my shite, before the unthinkable happened and I woul! d end up doing it in my pants!

I was fair amazed at the number of females who were dropping their shorts and pants and peeing. I'm sure one or two did a bit extra as well.

I found a tree and untied my tracksuit bottoms, eased them down along with my white running shorts. I wore no underpants as there was an inbuilt knickers in my shorts. I eased my member down between my legs (to prevent myself from wetting) and unleashed a moderate piss. I find that I can retain water. Before I finished pissing ( and this has seldom happened before), my shite emerged. It was soft with a fast exit from my bum-hole and it stunk to high heaven. A few people passed my by but I find that runners pay no attention to you as they are in the same boat. I could see a bloke about ten yards away with his pants down and straining hard to get something out.

My bum-hole was messy due to the softness of the shite. I only had one tissue and managed to get most of the residual shite off.

At least two women walked past - one kept her eyes glued to my white arse, as I wiped. However like you Claire, my shorts and tracksuit bottoms covered my privates at the front. My attitude was one of embarrassment at being spotted in a vulnerable position doing a very private thing (I have never shitted outside before except when I was small). However what could I do? OK, you can piss in your pants and get away with it because it dries after a while. However if you shit your shorts you have to contend with the smell and the leakage! There was no way i could have waited for the portaloos. I estimated I was about five minutes away from shiting in my pants!

I eventually finished the marathon in just under five hours. When I got home to my friend's house and took off my shorts I was embarrassed to discover that there was an obvious brown stain not just on the inside of my in-built knickers. Due to the exertion and the sweat, it had percolated through the knickers and onto the back of the running shorts. How embarrassing!

Clarie did you find any skidders in your knickers after the race?

Did anybody else out there do the marathon yesterday?

Does anyone have any stories about similar shiting problems at road races or sporting events? I'd love to hear from you.

THE UNTITLED ONE - - - - THAT IS the best story I have ever read on this forum, quality!

My sincere congratulations to the persons taking the masterhead pictures - about time we can see what they produce! Its something to aim for (at least for my part anyway)

Had one of the best shits for a long time this morning. On Sunday, we made the table for some special guests, so It was time to feast. I ate the meal twice, one in the afternoon and the same platter in the evening, and boy did I have a good shit this morning!

It must have been digesting althroughout by watching telly all day. UK residents must admit we had some good stuff on yesterday for a very long time... the Boxing repeat, and "Dances with Wolves" on C4.

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