John D.
Some of these girls in the last few pictures sure do a lot of poops at one trip to the bathroom!

Monday, April 23, 2001

Hello folks . Looks as if the current theme is about deliberately doing a solid number two in your panties or underwear. I dont really think this can be called an "accident" in the real sense of the word, as that is when a person does a poo in their knickers against their lse where they can pull their underwear down to do it, the motion in question can be solid but they couldnt hold it in any longer or a loose stool or diarrhea attack which cant be held in and leaks out.

Deliberately doing a motion in your underwear is a form of Encopresis I suppose. Fair enough, if someone gets a buzz from this and it doesnt harm anyone else, no problem to my mind. I did a while back deliberately do a solid motion in my underpants when home alone. I was wearing the modern style mens briefs probably Speedo or Calvin Kline. These are effectively unisex in design being identical to women's briefs, not that different to the Sloggi Maxi Briefs that Carol mentioned and which my wife Theresa also wears. Indeed I sometimes borrow a pair of Theresa's briefs if I dont have clean pair of my own and vice versa. I have to say I didnt get a buzz from filling my panties at home. Like Carol, (interesting story), I stripped down to underwear only and stood in front of a mirror to watch. The jobbie was solid and formed. Each to their own but I prefer to do my jobbies into the toilet pan in the more conventional manner.

I like the more explicit pictures now on the masthead but I also look forward to one showing a nice big long fat jobbie with its female producer proudly standing next to it. Most women I have encountered since childhood have appeared to enjoy doing a nice big solid jobbie. I can remember the look of pride and pleasure on my mum's face when she came out of the toilet after having a "good motion" as she called it, that being a large motion consisting of one or two really big solid jobbies with perhaps some smaller balls as well being passed. I have also observed this in aunts, girl cousins, girl pupils when at school, other women, my long time friend and wife of my mate George , Moira, who I have often had the pleasure of watching when she does a nice big poo and of course my wife Theresa. If the womans magazine referred to does mention that one of the turn ons that men enjoy is watching their girlfriend or wife doing their motion then I would say that it is a turn on for ma! ny women to let their male partner watch them doing a number two or at least to have him see a big "panbuster" jobbie they might have done. A friend of mine, Bill, found that the relationship with his girlfriend seemed to blossom after one day she did a big jobbie in the toilet at his flat and it stuck in the pan. He of course saw it and far from being in any way critcial he praised her for it. He says she was really pleased and was all over him after that and now lets him accompany her when she does a number two at home.

Donny, I cant of course answer your question but from the opposite point of view I rememeber my mum taking me into a Ladies Toilet once when in Glasgow. I was about 5 or 6 and needed a jobbie, as indeed did Mum. The Gents toilet was a rather dirty smelly place and my mother was concerned about the type of blokes who may have been hanging about so took me with her into the Ladies toilet. The other women who were in there didnt object indeed one said that she wouldnt want her lad to use that "dirty midden" of a Gents toilet and took him with her to the Ladies when he was with her. I went into one cubicle and she went into the one next to it and another women used the one on the other side. I pulled down my knee length grey trousers and white underpants and sat on the pan. I could also hear my mum hitch up her skirt and pull down her knickers while the woman on the other side did the same, that woman only did a tinkling wee wee. For my part I did a wee wee myself then passed ! two jobbies KERPLONK! KERPLOONK! not big ones Im sure as I was only a small boy at that time. Meanwhile in the other cubicle mum was finishing her wee wee then with an "UH! AH! she did her motion KUR-SPLOOSH! NNN! KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! KER-SPLOONK!" 3 big jobbies by the sound of it. Even at that age I got a buzz hearing this. Finished I wiped my bum and heard her do likewise then we both pulled the flush and came out at the same time. I didnt of course get a chance to look in her toilet pan but the flush in these toilets was powerful and would have shifted anything Im sure. After we washed our hands and left the toilet she asked me, "Did you have a good motion?" as she often did. I replied that I had done two jobbies and asked her the same question. She laughed and pretended to be annoyed saying "You arent supposed to ask me that!" but did tell me that she had two fair sized jobbies and one really big fat one and felt a lot better for it. Over the years she was often as frank about! her motions although as I have mentioned in old posts I was never invited into the toilet with her when she did one, such being an unheard of practice for most people in the 1950s and 60s.

A few days ago one poster asked about my getting an erection when needing a large motion. This is very common with men as the solid turd in the rectum puts pressure on the prostate gland and causes the erection making it difficult to pee until the big jobbie has been passed. I first encountered this as a kid. To me and for many who post here there is also the psychological aspect. Again even as a kid I got an erection if I heard the sound effects of someone else especially a woman or girl doing a big solid motion and seeing the jobbies they had passed. I suppose an association of ideas, the sights and sounds with my own physical experiences.

To add to the more open toilet adverts on British TV, there is another toilet paper ad which shows an attractive woman sitting in a cubicle on a toilet pan. She has her trousers up at the top of her legs hiding everything and there are no sound effects but she is asked how she likes this brand of toilet paper against the other sample.With this degree of frankness how soon will it be before British TV shows someone doing a motion with full sound effects in some play or documentary. We have already had a play "A Girl like you" where two young ladies ars shown having a wee wee on the toilet pan in their shared bedroom. Skirts are lifted and panties pulled down to their knees and they sit on the pan. No sound effects but they do reach up for toilet paper and are seen to wipe before pulling up their knickers. The cinema is far more open. Even in the early 1970s I remember a "documentary film" called The Body where the then new techniques of endoscopy were shown. Food is shown ! going down the gullet into the stomach then later as the stool comes down the colon. While you dont actually see the turd coming out or in the pan afterwards you do see the person sitting on the pan, clad in a dressing gown gathered up and going "UH! NN! AH! then there is the KER-SPLOONK!" of a solid jobbie dropping into the pan. I also remember a kitchen sink drama with an unmarried mother with several kids living in a slummy flat (appartment). She goes to the shop leaving the kids with her mother, a fat slob of a woman in her 40s. When she comes back the kids are running riot. The young woman shouts to her mother and you hear the toilet flush and the older woman comes out of the bathroom, the chain swinging and the pan clearly visible, she tells her daughter "I had to go for a poo and it was constipated" This was very daring for 30 years ago!

Sara T.
Went to dinner last night- the shitting afterwards was pure heaven!

I'd had to crap all day but we were on a tight schedule, my friend and I. So I had to hold it in on the train ride into the city. We went to the restaurant and ate salad, linguini with salmon and champagne... which put even more pressure on my rectum. When we got home 3:30 in the morning the first thing I did was hit the bathroom. I sat down and all this poop came slopping right out of my ass. I stood up to look at it before I wiped. It was dark brown and about eight different HUGE pieces. They weren't long at all, maybe four inches long, but they were all so wide. I wiped myself and there was NOTHING on the paper. I felt like I'd just had an enema, it felt like nothing was left in my body.

TINA -- oh my god do I ever have a childhood accident story. It happened about two years ago (I am only twelve). I was really sick and had been feeling bloated and nauseous all day. I kept going into the bathroom to puke, then feeling like I needed to poop but nothing would come out! Later, I was in bed, and it REALLY hit me. My stomach started churning, and before I could even get out of bed, diarrhea was exploding into my underwear. I jumped out of bed, but the sudden movement made things worse. When I finally finished, I went to the bathroom, threw up, and as I was puking, more diarrhea came out. I had no idea I could hold so much poo at once! By the time the whole episode was over, the bathroom floor, my bed, bedroom floor, and underwear were absolutely COVERED in watery, smelly diarrhea. it was awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kim and scott
TO CARRIE & SARA-please tell jane... that scott and i are so sorry her dad died.

TO PETER-btw means by the way(i know traveling guy said it but i decided to repeat it in case peter missed it.haha)
TO TINA-i pooped in my tight blue jeans as a kid when i was coming home from school and my mother cleaned me up without complaint. i got a great mother.
TO ERIC B.-thanks for liking our posts. I was wondering if anybody ever printed out our posts. apparently you do. thanks. what is your favorite of ours so far?
TO RJOGGER-thanks for liking our posts too! i wish i could come over your house and check out your sporty cars. i bet you would give me a ride if i did because you are a nice man. plus what tournament did you fly off to anyway?
TO DAZZ- thanks for liking my posts. your a gentlemean always saying nice things about me. thanks!
TO BRYIAN- thanks for liking our posts. i appreciate it.
TO CAROL(HOUSEWIFE)-way to go my lady in pooping in your knickers and all! loved the play by play of your big log pushing out!by the way carol what is the size and the length of your biggest jobbie? mine is 28 inches long. 4 inches thick.
TO JOHN (VT) thanks john for liking my posts(AGAIN) plus i think the "shit illustrated magazine" would sell with the right marketing.HOW ABOUT THIS:me and some other lovelies who shit huge would go around in our thong bikinis handing out some free issues. and when the people get interested we would put a good but fair price on the when the people see my picture on the cover page of me nude,smiling from ear to ear- holding up an absolutely enormous turd with my toilet papered hands the mag could not help but sell.people would be coming back for more copies and new issues i think!hahaha! take care john. and thanks so much for liking my stories!
PLUS-the young lady on the front picture standing next to the toilet with her huge,thick log in the bowl is great. i tell ya my logs are just as thick(if not thicker) then that!!! and my logs are a lot longer too!!!I just want people to know how big i can blast my logs out!!! so long everyone .keep up the good posts! scott and i read em all!

plus one more thing:thanks PV for liking my story too! bye now.

Ring Stretcher
Thanks to you who really enjoy my stories! I's still getting over my embarrassment of getting caught in the men's restroom with a long brown sub hanging out of my hole, haha. The guy was probably shocked a pretty girl like myself craps! Heck, he probably thought girls never crap. Well, we do!

Last night I had another good dump! Since my logs come out in jerks I was going Uh! (pause) Uh! (pause) in the dark bathroom (boyfriend was playing in a local softball game) until I had about 10 inches out and it was 2 inches wide. It had gotton stuck. My hole quivered as I sat there moaning and grunting but this wide monster wouldn't budge. It felt like there was something wide just inside the ring. After ten minutes of really straining hard, my ring got a shock from being expanded so suddenly because in desparation I ended up pulling the last 5 inches out, which hurt; my ring got wider, and I mean 3.5 inches wide from 2 inches. This was followed by another 10 inch knobby log which I really had to grunt and strain to push out. I grunted so loud on that one that I think the neighbors heard me on their patio. All together I had about 25 inches of logs! Whew! I was so tired that I lay down on the couch afterward. When boyfriend came home he said my logs had clo! gged the toilet after coming out of the bathroom.

Althea: I wet my pants in 7th grade once also. I just didn't want to ask this particular teacher if I could go to the bathroom. That is kind of old to wet your pants but at that age I guess we're not always sure how much we can hold. It was really embarassing at the time.

In high school, 10th grade, we had a fire drill and it was very cold out. One girl, JoAnn didn't have a coat on so I gave her mine, as I wasn't very cold and wanted to be nice. She wet her pants, because of her shivering, it was running down her jeans and I caught a whiff of it. Going inside, I said "don't feel bad, I hope you're warmed up." She went into the girls room and dried off as much as possible with paper towels and then stood near a radiator.

I once went into the same girls room because there was no toilet paper in the boys and several girls were in there. It was funny.

The boys room had no stalls around the toilets, and you could see them from the hallway. Quite a few times I used them and was seen by everyone. I got excited about the whole thing. It took a lot of guts. I once found a big piece of shit in one of the urinals.

A question for all the girls: As a young child, did your dad ever take you into a mens' room and do you have memories of guys pissing or seeing urinals?

Many of you are fortunate enough to have those of the opposite sex share your intimate toilet habits with.

How do you people out there find girls who are interested in this stuff? I thought there were zero girls who were until I first visited this forum four years ago, and now I realize there are. But how do you find these people in real life? I've tried to find girls since my interest in this began in September 1994, and this has become one of my life-long goals. Thanks.

Hola eveybody!

Althea: I loved your stories today! They were very sexy. I'll bet you're a hottie on the potty! I love girl sounds, and restroom pooping. I'd love to sit in the next stall to you. We could talk about life while we plopped and grunted.

Thank you John VT, RJOGGER, Eric B. Traveling Guy. I'm working on a new solo pooping video. I laid a turd on some newspaper the size of a bicycle tire!

Well, this morning's poop peformance was really something! I knew it was going to be a good evening for me. Jake was beautiful, and took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant. I had a chicken burrito, rice, coleslaw, refried beans, and ice cream when we got home. Later, Jake poured us some wine, and so on....
So, this morning, after I'd had some coffee, the urge hit me. My brown ???? was full of stuff that needed to come out bad. I went into the bathroom and stripped down to my panties to make myself more comfy. I pulled them down to my ankles, then stepped out of them and sat spread legged, nude on the toilet. Something was lodged inside of me and I really needed relief. I leaned way forward and started grunting really hard. "Rrrrrnnnhhhhhh....rrrrnnnnn..," but all I got out was a fart "sspppllltttttttttttt". By now I was starting to get concerned. It felt bad, like that time I'd been so plugged with protein that I had to shit in a bucket in the bathtub with Renee helping me. I leaned forward more, so far that my boobs hung down with brown nipples dancing on my thighs. My long hair was trailing down the sides of my legs. The bathroom was dimly lit with vanilla candles which gave off a real nice smell. It wasn't until one of my farts happened that the candles were rendered us! eless. I grunted again, only harder, and louder " RRNNNNNNHHHHH" and then Patsy accidentally walked in on me. She was shocked and said "Oh Malita, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in here!" and I just nodded looking up. She could see the pain on my face as I grunted and pushed. She just smiled at me and said "Can't you poop?" My ???? was so full of turds that I was getting miserable. I told her I couldn't get it moving for some reason. I was farting some bad gas and I could see her grimace from the smell. She called out to Renee "Baby's plugged up, she can't get her poop out!" and sweet Renee replies from the kitchen "Tell her to call Roto-Rooter!" Then Patsy asked "You want me to help?" and I nodded because I really needed it. She put some lotion on her finger, then knelt down by the toilet next to me. I felt her finger enter me slowly, then little, by little it went up farther until it rested on something solid. It felt so good, because after about 30 seconds, I could! feel the thing moving. Patsy was being like a mom, helping me out, and soothing me while I grunted, humming softly to herself. Then I felt the big loaf coming! I grunted again because it was painful. "RRRNNHHHH-AHH-AH-AH-OH-RRNNNHHHH..." Patsy said "Oh, baby, that sounds awful! It's coming though, I can feel it." She then removed her finger. I said, "Oh-oh-here comes some used beans and rice!" When it squeezed out it was so big it was hurting. It was long, very long and didn't splash because it touched the water while still hanging out of my ass. I kept pushing, and it was making a real nasty, disgusting crackling noise "sprrkkkklllllllkkkllll..plkkkkplkkkk..." thankfully, it finally broke off, giving my sore butt a break for a second. My little brown hole was burning, and my intestines were still full of sludge. I pushed, and pushed, and while I did, Patsy gathered up my hair and tied it into a ponytail which felt good. She was still humming and stayed with me through my en! tire poop. I was crapping some really healthy turds, one after another. She talked to me while I pooped. I answered in between plops and grunts
--Plop, plop, plop...
"Oh yeah,"

We sat and talked like that for about five minutes. I have no idea how many turds I squeezed out, they just kept coming and coming. Patsy smiled at me with those beautiful lips and said "You're a stinky girl today, smells like you been eatin real good." I nodded, almost breathless. I spread my legs to look into the bowl and saw nothing but a mountain of brown. Patsy washed her hands and smiled at me before she left. She said "I think you're okay now. Don't light no matches in here. I don't want the house to blow up!" I nodded and sat there resting over my pile. The smell was very rich and fulfilling. I spent nearly twenty minutes with the kitty scooper, breaking up big chunks so it would go down. The toilet plugged on one flush, but I was able to fix it. There's a part two of this story which happened later when I'd gone out, and had another load that needed to come out in the ladies room. A guy saw me!


Hi everyone. I have just discovered this site which is really cool. I am 28 and from West London in UK. For years I have had an interest in peeing and pooping. I have just started dating this guy and have already got him interested in pissing. He had never actually taken a piss infront of a girfriend before. One night last week after being down at the pub we were walking home when I told him I needed to pee badly. Without even thinking I hitched up my skirt and took a huge piss at the side of the kerb, running into the roadside drain. He also needed to piss and although he would have held off till we got home, I persuaded him to piss there too. It was so sexy to see his limp penis spraying out all that hot pee!
I have not had the courage to tell him about my fasination with pooping (myself and watching others) I will need to see how things go on that one. Meanwhile I continue to enjoy having my poop each day with the bathroom door unlocked - hoping Dave will come in - so far he hasn't. Im so proud of my 10" logs of poop too!!

Any advice from you guys on how to approach the pooping topic with him would be really appreciated! Bye X

Hi everyone!!! I bought a new whizz-bang computer the other day, so my puter troubles are now history!! I'll be back here now almost as regular as I shit :-)

PV....Hi girl!! Just read your beach adventure post, fantastic stuff......sounds like you tried every possible position a girl can pee in!!! Only sour note there was that pervert hiding in the dunes, but at least you were able to see him and avoid him. I guess it would be worse not to see him at all and then go right in front of him. It's a pity you couldn't produce a decent poo that day, I know how it feels when you are in a place that you really want to poo and can't produce anything decent. Oh well, shit happens....or in this case doesn't!!! Anyway, seems you have come a long way from your days of that avoidant thingy (can't remember what it's called!!) to peeing in a railway station toilet with the door wide open!!! You wouldn't want to try that in Sydney, there's just too many people around all the time. And too many perverts!!

KIM....Somehow I just knew it wouldn't be long before you went and had a huge log in your spandex tights, you being the crazy impulsive girl you are!! It feels like you did that for me just as much as you did it for scott!! I certainly enjoyed reading it and got quite turned on too.......I can only imagine how Scott would have felt as he was there to witness the spectacle. I had to laugh when your tights slid down off your arse from the weight of that log, I suppose it's too much to expect them to stay up when such an overwhelming force is building up inside them!!! It's a good way to say goodbye to old tights and underwear, having a big log in them. I have some spandex tights of my own for wearing around at home as they are so comfortable and feel so sexy. When they are worn out, I like to pee and poo in them as it feels so good. They are only going to get chucked out anyway!!! I'm hoping you will do the same with all your old tights and underwear, and of course tell us a! ll about it :-)

PLUNGING PLOP GUY....I did end up going down the coast over Easter to visit my mum and on the way stopped off at that lookout with the steel bowls in the toilets. Only problem was, I didn't need to bummer!!! Still, I went in anyway as I did need to wee. It was a fairly warm day for this time of year and it was so refreshing to sit on the cold seat and have a good piss. The seat was on of those heavy black plastic ones, I think it's actually bakelite. These are my favourite type of seat, I've been looking around at hardware stores and such for ages to get one of these for home but can't find one. The seat I have now is only a fraction of an inch thick, these black seats are an inch thick so would increase the distance between my arsehole and the water a little. Yes, you guessed it, I would get even bigger splashes and louder plops every time my shit hits the water!!! I have seen wooden seats in the shops that are about an inch in thicness, but I pefer the con! tours of the havy black ones better....much more comfortable!!

Anyway, that's all I have time for today..lots of stuff to do before I head for work. I haven't had a shit for today, so maybe I'll have a good one at work!!

Happy Toileting to you all!!!


to texas lady: was it something that you ate thatmade you feel that way. and also to althea i read where you once got food poisoning from eating some bad meat and liqour, can you post that story i'd really like to hear it

Donnie C.
CARRIE & SARA: Please give my condolences to Jane.

MAIKA: You really should see a doctor about your chronic diarrhea! Perhaps there's something in your diet that's making you sick. Do you drink milk or have any other dairy stuff? Asians tend to be lactose intolerant: they can't properly digest dairy products. You might also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For your sake, you should do some research. In the meantime, perhaps you need to use protective underwear, to manage your frequent accidents. The latest incontinence products are very discreet, unlike the older bulky diapers. Protective panties will save you a lot of embarassment and expense. Wearing them may actually reduce your accidents - you might worry less about messing yourself, thus calming your stomach.

Hi I've looked in on this site a couple of times before but never posted until now. I'm 27 female with pale skin and dark hair. I'm a little overweight even though I try to keep fit. I've been trying to get into the London Marathon for several years and this year I succeeded. I live about thirty miles out of London and so I got up early and set off at about half six this morning to make sure I got there in time. I was on my own because I couldn't persuade any of my friends to do it. I drove to a tube station and caught the tube to London Bridge where I had to switch to a normal train. I'd been drinking water all the way in on the train because that's what you're supposed to do to avoid getting dehydrated. I needed to pee by the time I got to London Bridge but I was a bit worried about the time and so I headed straight for the platform. It wasn't long before the train came in but when it did it was packed and I really had to force my way in to get on. It started moving but it w! as really slow crawling along and stopping and starting. I was absolutely desperate to wee now and was having to fidget around and hold my crotch to keep it in. I think the train took about fifteen minutes to do just a couple of miles. Once we got off the train there seemed to be a long wait to get through the ticket hall for some reason and I was in serious danger of wetting myself by now. A few people started climbing over what was quite a high wall with a big drop down into an adjacent car park. I decided to do the same and managed it without injuring myself. I immediately looked for somewhere to pee. There were no cars in the park and no cover. There were some portaloos at the far end with a massive queue. Obviously I wasn't the only one in trouble because there were about a dozen blokes pissing against the far wall of the car park. I really had no choice and went over and joined them. I squatted with my back to the wall pulled my trousers shorts and knickers down just eno! ugh and let loose the most massive piss. It hissed really loud and seemed to go on and on for ever. It's not the first time I've peed in public because I go to a few pop festivals where the loos get really disgusting and you have to do it. If you're wearing trousers and you squat with you're bum close up against something then you can do it without showing much. If you don't push your trousers down far they hide pretty well everything. Probably the most anyone is going to see is a very brief glimpse of pubic hair when you take your knickers down or pull them up and they have to be looking closely to see that.
Anyhow no-one took much notice of me and once I'd relieved myself I made my way to the start and took off my trousers and jacket and put them in a bag on one of the trailers. I was left in my shorts and singlet and it was pretty cold waiting around and I kept thinking how white and fat my legs looked particularly since people always seemed to be pointing cameras at me. After a while I was starting to think I could do with a poo but there were big queues for the loos down here too so I decided I would have to do without.
There was a very long wait at the start for people to get moving and lots of people were diving off to the park for a quick pee. Mainly blokes but a few girls too and some of them were pissing quite openly.
As I waited I started to realise that I was going to have to empty my bowels somehow otherwise running was going to be quite uncomfortable. I looked around. To the left were all the tents and there were hundreds of people milling around there. To the left was park where there were less people with just the odd tree and no cover but there were lots of blokes and the odd girl peeing up against the trees. I decided to go for it and headed for the biggest tree went round the other side from all the crowds, pulled my shorts and knickers down squatted and let go. I did some more pee first but it wasn't long before the poo started coming out too. I did three long thin ones; it was really strange doing it with people around but most people ignored me politely with just the odd bloke turning his head as he walked past. That was until two boys maybe about twelve appeared just as the last piece was making it way out. As they got closer one said to the other "Look that girl's havin! g a shit." They walked closer and stood staring giggling to themselves and then the same boy said "You can see her willy too." I'm not sure whether they could see just my pubic hair or my vagina too I guess a skimpy pair of shorts doesn't provide the same coverage as trousers. Anyhow I finished with them still stood there and had a brief wipe with a tissue I had and went back to the race. It was the first time anyone has seen me poo since I was a young child.

Bryian- I wipe from the back.

When I was really young I was running to the toilet when I poop a 13 incher in my batman underwear.

Jeff A
Hi all, I'm slowly but surely getting back to normal again.

JANE: My condolences to you and your family. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything is well with you, you've always been a sweet lady, and I have a special feeling for you. It was good to see your friends posting on here.

CARMALITA: Whoa girl! You are certainly one fine seniorita indeed!!! I loved the river story, who wouldn't? And I thought it was awfully naughty of you to go poo-poo in your panties while writing to us! But, a nice kind of naughty! I can just picture you grunting at your keyboard, laying a nice sausage in between those brown thighs! Sitting on garbage bags no less! Carmalita, you do crack me up, I love your humor! I saw the picture that you were referring to that you said looked like you. It was the Latina woman with the long, curly hair, and the half tank top type of thing and tight pants standing in a stall. If you look like that, then have mercy!!! That picture was very nice. Carmalita, for all the joy you've brought me, I hope you don't mind me asking you how you got so interested in this anyway. I love the three most amazing talents you have: 1. The talent for telling a damned exciting story, 2. The way you are so open about yourself, and can even laugh at yourself, a! nd 3. the way you can stink up a bathroom and make it so sexy at the same time! If that picture up top stays the same until you read this, that girl looks Mexican to me, and it makes me think of you standing over that bowl full of goodies.

RENEE: Good to hear from you! How are you feeling? How's the baby? I really enjoyed that intimate Patsy pooping story. So, she's getting hooked is she? That's good, maybe we'll hear from her too. I love hearing stories about black women here. I used to have a black girlfriend some years ago, and what I remember most about her pooping habits is that her turds were always very long and firm. She would also poop with the door open quite a bit. There were many a time when I'd come around a corner and see her sitting on the toilet with a book or magazine plopping away. She'd just grin at me, and keep reading. One time, we'd gone out running, and when we came back in, I was getting ready to climb into the shower. I'd run the water, then climbed in and started soaping up. I remember showering, and all the while I kept smelling this really awful poop odor. When I finished and climbed out, Jeri was on the pot grunting really hard, and squirting out nasty diarrhea. It must've taken! her a good 20 minutes to get it all out. She kept flushing every time she'd gush, but it still stunk. Then she started dropping more solid chunks that started slopping out and became bigger, harder turds. It was quite a classic shit. I had to ask her where it all came from. She just smiled, shrugged, and said "My ass." What a classic answer. It sounds like Patsy is very exciting to see as well. I'd sure like to hear more Patsy stories. I have lots of good, classic Jeri stories because I lived with her for awhile, and she took a shit everyday like clockwork, and I witnessed it almost everytime. Good luck to you in everything you do. I was thinking of you lately, and remembered a funny story Carmalita related about you. You were on the toilet pooping and eating a bowl of ice cream! I still love it! I hope you can post more often in the future you cute little Texas gal!

LOUISE: I would like to say that your WSPC club is awesome! I think it's really great! You and PV together, boy that should certainly get women to come to the upright position! I'd like to handle your PR work. How about slogans like: "Women: make a stand to pee" , or "Ladies, Urination unto yourselves!" maybe I'll come up with some more. Tomorrow's my first day back in the real world after 3 weeks.


Funny picture? I bet that g string is a mess.
Hi guys. Hubby and I went walking yesterday with a party of hikers from Johannesburg. Interesting walk but the best is when these city ladies need to poo. They have no clue. The first one needed to shit midmorning so hung back from us and when finished had peed on her boot and overbalanced and stood in the produce. As she joined us a little upset I asked what was wrong to which she replied that she had almost ruined her day. I decided then that at the next stop I would take them aside and show them how to shit in the woods and survive. At first they were a little shy as I lined them up behind a large rock so the men could not see. All in their late 30's and yuppies. One by one they got their jeans out of one leg and slung them one side untill all six where on their haunches with everything on display. Of course they all said that they just wanted to pee at first and where trying to pee quietly each too their own. This was until one relaxed and an accidental fart crept out. I was happy dropping a log as she said excuse me I think I need more that just a pee. I said go right there. It was not long before at least 4 were letting go a barrage of farts and semi solid poos. Can these Johannesburg girls shit. Yes even the executives wives. Amongst oohs and aahs they proceeded to start wiping and passing tissues. Bumms clean and the dressing started and I could see the girls steeling looks at their mates poops. One even commented that ahe normally just does little marbles but today felt empty after a large load. I explained that this was the best way to really empty your bowels. The pools of pee plus a mound behind each one was quite a sight. Colours from yellow to almost black. Some loggs and others a pool of semi liquid shit. Noone needed a new tampon so we left this for all to see not knowing that as we got back one of the men had mentioned to my hubby that he neede a No2. As we arrived back hubby sent him down to where we had been thinking that there was just a little pee to be found. I would have loved to here the comments amongst them later. Linda's birthday today so a braai and wine should produce a few beauts tomorrow.

This current masthead girl looks like she had an emergency bowel movement in the night or this was her first in the morning.

Texas Lady:Has anyone had a colon irrigation? I have. 3 years ago. A garden hose nozzle was shoved in me. I had 2 hoses connected to me. One for intake, one for outgo. I saw macaroni and God knows what else come out of me in that hose. Make a story short. My stool output increased. But, I could not take that nozzle in my rectum. They are not the greatest. The jet stream pushes parasites in your digestive system.

Tina: See my earlier posts. I tried holding a piss in grammar school. I do not know what was worse. The build up or the release.

maika: You have good taste in your underwear. If I tell this to one, I tell this to all. When you feel the urge, GO! Do not wait.

Carrie and Sara: My sympathies to Jane on her dad. I know she was close to him.

The Untitled One: I used to ALLOW! my boyfriend to keep me company in the toilet. See my earlier posts.

A great pooping scene in The Sopranos last week. A guy was sitting on the toilet straining so hard that he died from it. It showed him sitting there in full view trying to hatch the monster loaf.

I used to have the same problem as you some years back. The only thing that ever helped me was to just try to poop every time you pee. This way your system is mostly empty all the time. After several months of doing this my problems went away.

I have taken to sitting down to pee at home all the time and I highly recommend it. Your toilet stays much cleaner and you feel so much more relaxed. I will fequently sit for a few minutes and just myself drain as it comes instread of doing the guy thing and just trying to blast it all out at once. Once in a while this encourages a good unscheduled dump.

Happy Weekend, everybody!

Kim: Excellent new post! LOVE the image of your newest monster
log stretching your spandex right off of your body! And the thought
of you coming to Vt. for your magazine photo sessions leaves me breathless! After about May 15th or so when all of the snow finally
melts(!), it's usually warm enough that you could do your dirty work
"au naturel," and after a fine hearty home-cooked meal and a beautiful, scenic walk, I think you'd be READY...!(Do you think we'd
sell a few copies of the new magazine? Any new subscriptions?

Carmalita: I also love your consistently hot posts! The latest panty pooper is a sizzler! And I like Renee's idea of you getting a Japanese-style potty, too... keep all of your many fans up-to-date on your continuing adventures, please!

Donnie C.
CARRIE & SARA: Please give my condolences to Jane.

MAIKA: You really should see a doctor about your chronic diarrhea! Perhaps there's something in your diet that's making you sick. Do you drink milk or have any other dairy stuff? Asians tend to be lactose intolerant: they can't properly digest dairy products. You might also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For your sake, you should do some research. In the meantime, perhaps you need to use protective underwear, to manage your frequent accidents. The latest incontinence products are very discreet, unlike the older bulky diapers. Protective panties will save you a lot of embarassment and expense. Wearing them may actually reduce your accidents - you might worry less about messing yourself, thus calming your stomach.

GREGG great story that hit home. i have gone to similat restrooms that offer ''false sence of privacy' especially at urinals.......Home Depots ae good for that....I wonder if the other lady caught a glanceof u while u were shitting or wiping?

Being as it was London marathon day Matthew and I decided to go for another run this morning. I did another roadside wee on the way on a slightly busier road and three cars went past while I was squatting on the path. It was quite a main road and they went past really fast though. I quite fancy the idea of doing a roadside poo but Matthew thinks its too naughty. When we got back we both watched each other poo though I did a lot of wind and not much else. He stayed to keep me company while I had a shower and then we went to have breakfast with me wearing just a towel which is what I do most Sundays. After breakfast Hollyoakes was on and so I fetched my clothes to get dressed in the lounge; there was just Matthew and my mum and dad there, but as luck would have it I'd just taken my towel off and was fumbling with my pants when Paul came in with a friend I'd never met before. He looked quite surprised seeing me naked I think he's about nineteen though so I don't suppose my little body would interest him much. At least Paul waited until I'd got my bra and pants on until he introduced us turns out his name was Damon.

Kendal good to hear your last post sounded almost like the old Kendal though I'm sure the hurt hasn't gone. I'm sure you and the other people who have advised you are right that you have to forgive your mum. What she did was really awful and it must be hard but from what Steve has said maybe she realises she was wrong now and that may make it easier. The play went really well it was an adapation of Anna Karenina and I played a fairly minor part. I'd have liked to have been Anna but I was too young to be seriously considered for that. There was definitely no squatting in corners though. Take care. Love Kate xx

Andrew hope you're coming to terms with things now a little too I haven't done my poo off the bridge yet because I'm waiting for your strong arms to make sure I don't fall off Phil's got himself a girlfriend so I haven't seen so much of him recently. He says he hasn't seen her use the loo yet because she always shuts the door and he hasn't been brave enough to ask if he can watch. So he says he still wants to watch me. Love Kate xx

Carol (Housewife)
I like the new style pictures showing the "end product" of what the girl has done. Can we hope some time to have a picture showing some lady proudly standing next to her single big fat jobbie in the toilet pan?

Reading the stories from Carmalita and Kim about deliberately doing a big solid poo in their underwear I gave this a lot of thought. Now being alone this weekend, the kids now being away and Keith on a long week-end golfing I thought, "what the hell, let's try this out for myself". Knowing that my near neighbour Michelle was also away visiting relatives I knew I would not be disturbed.

Now I ate my lunch in the usual way and got about my housework. About half an hour after lunch I felt the usual feelings in my ???? that a big solid motion was on its way and I gave a loud dry smelly fart. Now I would normally have gone to the toilet and sat on the pan with my panties down and waited for the jobbie to enter my back passage and do it. This time I went upstairs to the bedroom and slipped off my skirt and blouse standing only in my white bra and white Sloggi Maxi briefs. I drew the curtains and then went into the toilet. I could feel the jobbie slide down and would usually have gone straight to the pan and, pulled my knickers down and done it. This time I took the long mirror from the bedroom and arranged it so I could see the back view of my self as I stood in front of a similar mirror in the bathroom. Satisfied that I could see what I wanted to, I put a large towel on the floor to soak up any leakage and waited. Now although I needed a motion and it was a! big one too I found that it was an exceedingly difficult thing to intentionally pass a jobbie into my knickers. I suppose this is because from childhood we are conditioned by parents, teachers, peer group to do everything in our power to avoid wetting or soiling our clothing with urine or faeces. I found I just couldn't bear down and pass the big turd into my panties to begin with. I stood in front of the mirrors and then after a while I felt I needed to do a wee wee as the pressure of the big lump in my back passage made my need to pee. I started the "pee dance " as some people have called it, hopping from foor to foot then I let a dribble of wee spurt out into my panty gusset. This broke the taboo and I just let the wee wee gush out soaking my gusset as I could see by the large damp patch on the white cotton and elastaine mix. I also felt the jobbie start to press down and stretch my sphincter. I took a deep breath and started to do it in my knickers. It felt strange as it ! came out, thankfully as usual a solid turd. I could feel it touching the insides of my buttocks and as I watched in the mirror I saw the seat of my panties start to be pushed away from me and through the damp matterial I could see the dark shape of a fat solid jobbie. As I passed it the back of my knickers bulged and was tented away from my bum rather like the front of a man's underpants does when he gets an erection. I let it slide out and by now the back of my knickers was drooping down under its heavy load. The jobbie started to taper off and finished and by now the waistband of my panties was pulled down at the back. The jobbie being one of my usual very solid ones it didnt squash . I waddled over to the toilet pan and gingerly stepped out of my soiled knickers. I could see the big brown lump in the panties which I emptied out into the pan. It was slightly flattened but not in any way squashed, a big fat 12 incher. There were several brown skid marks both on my panties an! d my skin. I rinsed the dirty knickers out in the handbasin then had a shower then changed into clean panties, and put my soiled pair, now with the worst of the staining rinsed away into the washing machine with my other laundry and disposed of the wet newspapers in the bin and mopped the floor.

I poured myself a drink and thought about the experience. I cant say that it did anything for me and I cant see me repeating it. It was an artificial and contrived situation compared to the real accident I had a few months ago. Then I was coming home from a party with some co-workers and foolishly didnt use the Ladies toilet at the pub and did it in my panties as I walked home. Now then the fear was of being seen by someone else who realised what I had done and worst of all meeting someone who knew me who would have smelt the fact that I had filled my panties, but this didnt happen, Im glad to say and again it was a solid motion which didnt squash and make a mess or leak out onto my other clothing. It does prove the point others have made that for once a female has the advantage in toilet matters as a male would wet and soil his trousers, the front and seat of these would be visibly soiled and the jobbie would be more likely squash up. A woman would get away with it if sh! e was wearing a skirt unless the stool had been loose or diarrhea. Of course I didnt sit down with the poo in the seat of my knickers as this would have made a squashed up mess.

So I wont be deliberately doing a poo in my knickers again unlike Sandra or Kim or Carmalita, but it was something I had to try out for myself.

I also have seen the advert for the newborn babies nappies showing yellow and light brown staining and with the sound effects of a wet fart. The old taboos are falling in British adverts. When I was a teenager such things as Sanitary Pads and Tampons were taboo and toilet paper had to be shown as an abstract, you could't show someone sitting on the pan or allude to its actual use. Now this is shown as is the bear wiping its bum with a particular paper. ST and Tampon ads are commonplace although the ridiculous Blue water is still used. Even laxatives are advertised as in the Sennokot advert with the blonde woman and anti diarrheals such as Imodium actually mention the word diarrhea, where previously such ads coyly said, "???? Upset" or "Urgency" as a euphemism. Again incontinence products are also advertised whereas until recently this was an illness that dare not speak its name. Having been brought up to be open and not ashamed of my body and its natural processes and by-! products and having brought my family up similarly, I welcome this new openness.

Eric B.
Wow! Today's photo is a doozy! She really filled it up! Looked like she was proud of her results too. Lazy Sunday morning up and felt the urge even before breakfast...tried to hold it in but was useless..started squirming in my seat so much that I ran and dumped a nice foot-long turd easily without straining. Good to have an easy one once in awhile. Then to my amazement just a few minutes ago I got a second urge, not as much but I definitely had to go quite badly, and went to sit and pushed a little and it all came out at of those POOOOOOOOO type shits, but it was still formed and eight inches or so, and I felt sooooo good afterwards! Gonna read some old posts now...getting quite a portfolio together! My griot mail handle is ?????????, by the way. May you all have super bm's

Look at that new picture!! Man did that girl have to crap.

Today i was at work today and right after my break ended i felt an urge to shit. I didn't have time to go either so i held on to it all day. Then it pretty much went away(it was faintly existing). I did pee at work like 3 times in 8 hours, thats unsual for me. The 5-10 minutes before i leave this urge to shit comes back on stronger then before. Im like oh man, hurry up 5pm so i can get out of here.....then i was able to hold on. I didn't want to go at work or i'd be late getting in. I got home and i went to the bathroom, the urge had gone away, a bit and it wasn't as strong. I thought i'd have a much shit as which is in the picture now, i only had about 3 or 4 medium sized logs. I wiped about 2 times, then i took a bath and cleaned my hole really good.

To Tina: About childrens cartoons with peeing sceens. I have seen a few bathroom sceens on the Rugrats. Rugrats airs on Nickelodon. Im not sure if they are peeing or pooping and im not sure if any thing is heard. The kids are seen on the toilet.

To The Untitled One: I liked your story. Guess you were never caught? Wonder what would happen if you were? Do you plan on telling her that you watched her that day?

To kim and scott: I loved your story

Such a long post and there was alot to read today!! Gotta go,bye

Eric B.
Texas Lady: Colon irrigations are definitely good for your health; I have one twice a year, and what it does for your colon cannot be underestimated...a lot of undigested food that sticks to the intestinal wall and can cause serious disease is eliminated in the process. Check if your therapist is accredited by NTS. The process is thoroughly enjoyable and, if done correctly, comfortable. Just one experience is enough to keep you coming back for the rest of your life. Carmalita: Your posts continue to amaze me! And thanks for your feedback. When I was about 12, I watched my sister (3 yrs younger) have bm's, I sat on the tub and peered between her legs while she pooped, sometimes straining quite hard, which I suppose is where I got my interest in sounds. We both thought it quite normal, I remember. But I also remember that my mother used to wipe me after my movement much later than I think most children...probably until I was 6 o! r 7; some of my friends tell me that was a form of abuse, but I apparently liked it and I thnk it led to my wanting to listen to others in restrooms, as I found it very exciting to hear the sounds made while people shit. The woman who made videos was in San Francisco, and offered them through a store off Broadway (strip city, we called it). Until I heard your stories, I thought she was the only woman into this, but now I know different. I edited her 13 hour or so down into 2, keeping the best (some are quite unbelievable, they're so huge!). If Icould figure out a way of getting it to you, I'd send it. But with the strict policy of not revealing identities here, I don't know how. Perhaps you know a way. And if you ever edit yours, it would be fun to see! Anyway, let it be known that you have a devoted reader and watcher here for as long as you choose to post! We toilet fanciers have to stick together.....Lovingly....E.

Donnie M.
I have been a reader for some time and have noticed that some peeps have a constipation problem or a very bad runny diarheea problem but cant get it started and suffer cramps and pain. So I thought Id comment on what I do and maybe I might be helping a few po peoples that might be suffering. If I am really plugged up and cant shit no which way,I will take a glycerine supository and put several up the butt, then follow with a dap of vasoline on my finger as the anus opening. This way when the action starts and the hard poop starts on the trip out it dosent hurt at all. Sometimes we eat or drink something that later in the day you get a bad case of the cramps and you know a watery shit is in the works but you cant get started and all you do is pass gass and sit with the cramps. When this happens I take a enema bulb (get at the drug store for about $9.) and fill it up and grease up my butt again and squirt a bulb full up the ass and hold it as long as I can. When the water is expelled, a lot of bad watery stuff follows with no pain or cramps. If I get the cramps again I repeat and keep doing this until all the bad stuff is out and gone. Ive done this for many years with no problem and clear water is all I use. Again if I am out on a trip someplace and its strange and you are so busy you dont make time to go I do that and find comfort fast. If I had a meeting or dinner where I knew if I had a big meal would make me have a motion, Id do this before leaving just to make sure I wouldnt get caught needin a shit in a bad place. It works all the time and has saved me a lot of pain and cramping and I really dont get so pugged up I cant go. Hope some of you find this helpful, put down comments if you want I and would try to answer you...Donnie M. Hope I can find this posting now...:)

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)
Hey, Everyone:

I was @ the store, the other-day. It had one of those "women's" magazines, when I was about to check-out. It was talking about 25 sexual turn ons, that every man has. I wonder if having his girlfriend, or even boyfriend crap, in front of him, is-mentioned. You would hope that it would-be. But, w/ this society being the way it is, I, highly, doubt-it. How many performers and or pro-atletes, do any of you know, that, specifically, want their groupies to crap in front of them, rather than having anything else to do w/ them, as far as sex, or in addition to sexual-favors? Also, has anyone here read the "Kama Sutra"? Does it mention crap in there, @ all, as part of sex? I am sure that all of you have heard the expression "Holy Sh..!" I think that that statement is more real, than a lot of people-realize. Case in point, if the "product" was produced by someone of higher social-standing, i.e. the pro-athletes, or performers mentioned-above, I think that most, if no! t all, people would agree, that it has more commercial-value, than that of the average-person. Even after it is flushed. But, @ that-point, what would a moot-point, because the celebrities crap would go and mingle with everyone-else's, and just be part of the big stinking-mess, @ the sewage-treatment plant. What do you people think? How does "celebrity-fertilizer" sound? Looks like the girl that was posted, a couple of days ago, w/ that container full of crap, and her sucking her thumb, planned to do something w/ her product, besides flushing it. That is if she even used a toilet, in the first-place, before getting it all into that container, w/ I doubt. As far as I know, though, she did not look like a celebrity, or one that I knew. So, the value of her's, is zero. How much do you think that a bag of "product" from a say, Jennifer Lopez, would run for? Now that's what I'm talking about! :)


Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to everyone!

The lady in the picture is one of those who like to cover the seat in toilet paper. When I've heard someone do that before a shit and then hear the eventual flush, if I've gone in there afterwards; all the TP that's been put on the seat has ALWAYS gone!
I wonder why a lot of men who use a public toilet and go in a cubicle for a wee often don't lift the seat first to avoid pissing over the seat, and often don't flush after!
And why a lot of women complain that men in the house leave the seat up after having urinated!
The world is full of so many puzzles!

KENDAL, Hi, and glad things seem to be not too bad for you and hope in time this unhappy episode you've been experiencing will be just an unpleasant memory that will fade away or not cause you and Andrew any pain.
Glad you like my name; I wondered if it was a bit too long as it's the longest name of any regular contributor here but like you, it's what I love to be able to do. I'm a guy who likes to plop loudly with a loud plunge and other people like the name so I'll stick with it! Look after yourselves.

Regarding bullying in schools, in British public (Independent fee-paying) schools, there used to be what was known as the fagging system. The word fag does not have the same meaning as in American slang but means a boy who within the school is virtually a servant of an older boy who will give him orders and punish him almost with the complete approval of the school staff, and which antiquated and cruel system is now, I hope, no longer in use.
One of the errands that would be given by the senior boy to his fag was, I believe, to go and sit on the toilet for a few minutes to warm the seat before the older boy went to use it himself.
I don't know whether he was expected to do anything else, like wiping his arse or anything else personal, but it seems that the younger boy had to do what he was told to avoid a beating and so there could well have been a certain amount of sexual abuse within the school.
It's within that environment that the ritual immersion of a boy's head in a toilet and the toilet being flushed was a feature of boarding school life from what I've heard and seen in films etc so hope it was only isolated cases.

On one of my biker friend's tapes was an account of what sounds to me the ultimate buddy dump between strangers.
When my friend was 19, he was sitting on a public toilet that had no lock on the door and was reading a paper, when the door opened and a well-muscled young skinhead stood there and said Sorry and my mate said it was OK and the other lad went into the toilet next door.
The partition was brick-built and there was a whole brick missing and my friend was able to see this other guy take his jacket off so as to pull his braces down and pull down his very tight jeans and sit on the toilet, the missing brick cavity being at the ideal point for seeing each other on the toilet.
After a few seconds, there was a thunderous loud fart that reverberated through the building from this young skinhead followed by a loud plunging plop.
(Incidentally, by skinhead I mean he was wearing tight jeans that were short in the calf, boots, and braces over his jacket and a short hair-cut. Many men have dressed this way without it being necessarily any indication of their political leanings. He probably felt he looked very masculine and I agree.)
My friend continued reading his paper dropping his own turds as this other guy did and so for a few minutes, plops could be heard by each other during which time my friend could see him on the toilet and noticed the othere guy seemed to keep moving forward in order to get a better look.
Anyway, no verbal contact took place, they just finished in their own way and went their seperate ways, but what I thought was so good is that they actually met briefly, spoke, and knew what the other looked like as they heard each other having an impressive dump on the toilet and could see each other during their shits without risking spying from looking from overhead or under the partitions and both were using ideal toilets for loud plopping and getting wet arses.
I'd certainly have made some comment and tried to have a friendly conversation with the guy if it had been me, as the guy was not the sort that looked intimidating, so my friend said, just well-muscled and masculine.

I'm still doing well myself, had an early morning shit again slightly better formed turds and got a wet arse in the process but not plunging loudly yet! Still, it was more controllable and no itching after so, again, I feel well and comfortable!

In Britain in recent years, wooden toilet seats have become quite popular, probably because they are traditional, look good and are warmer to sit on than plastic ones.
The number of public toilets with the old wooden seats are very much a rarity now as far as I can find, but up until the 60s I think wooden ones were quite common.
Perhaps those of us not living in Britain could let us know if wooden ones were replaced with plastic like they were here, but with a revival of wooden seats in people's houses over recent years?
Wooden seats can be extremely comfortable to sit on, but I do like the feel of thin plastic pinching my flesh and knowing I'm getting an imprint of toilet seat on my bum and thighs!
I'm still looking for that tell-tale sign on a guy's legs when he's wearing shorts and walking away from a public toilet!

That's my lot for today, It's been good to share my thoughts and comments with you again! Peace and respect P P G

Hi all,

The mastheads keep getting hotter -- gads, look at the pile in that bowl! GRIN!

RENEE -- I Renee! I think you're right, standing to pee will mean much less work for your lower back and legs as you become fuller in the months to come. Keep at it, it sounds like you and Malita are getting there with the technique already. I bet you'll find it's fun, and you'll adopt the technique as a standard option for the future!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my beach story -- I swoon with pleasure at your compliments, and I too lament that we can't all get together for some fabulous fun, at the beach or wherever. Darn, that'd be good!

ELLIE -- I'm sorry to hear that Kev has "gone off the rails" as it were. That lad has a lot of problems, and maybe a change of environment is the best thing for him. He's certainly not heading in the right direction in the village, nor as the "head male" of the household while your parents were in Ireland... No wonder he's been so difficult at home and at school. Gee, I'm so sorry.

KIM & SCOTT -- Hmmm, I kinda guessed that monster "third leg" you grew would destroy your tights! Haaaaa!!! Imncredible...

CARMALITA -- Hi m' lil' latin lady! Yup, I'm developinmg a taste for Mexican ground beef with the spices done real mild -- I'm not a spice person, and I need to start easy or they'll make me sorry!!! I also really love Native American corn bread and paper-bread -- they're great and will likely contribute to very healthy dumps! They sure go great with savories! Hmmmm, I can just see us having a big breakfast, taking a workout together, doing some martial arts sparring, going for a swim or walk, then getting down and doing our busines! Yeag!

TEXAS LADY -- The iriigation your hair stylist told you about is not a form I've had any experience with, though I've heard about the back-flush system used by professionals to repeatedly, gently wash an impaction away. It sounds kinda nice the way you describe it!

My best to all,


Sunday, April 22, 2001

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