Texas Lady
Has anyone had a colon irrigation? My hair stylist told me about it -- she had one done today and said it was awesome. This is what she said the process is -- the room is small and cozy, softened by candle light. You sit on a bed that has a bed pan in the middle and slide a enema like tube into your anus and give yourself a warm water rinse. You watch what goes in and watch what comes out. She said there was lots of gas and lots of smell. Anyone experience this? She said the process is good for your health.

Now for what has happened to me. Last night I had awful, painfull cramps with a huge, runny, messy dump. It started at 11:20 and I was very tired. Ever time I thought I was done, along comes another wave. Eventually, I fell asleep, atop my huge product. Anyone experince this?

Take care all!

Hi my name is melinda and iam fourteen years old. today at the mall with my mom, she siddenly stopped walking and said i gotta go poo, real bad she said slowely.

as she said that she put her hand to her bum and held it real tightthen she took it away and kinda walked funny, i could smell her i knew what my mom had done, she had done a poo poo in her panties.

mom never bothered to go to the toilet we carried on walking around, mom really smelt bad and we had to drive home with the car windows down because of the smell.

Does anybody know of any times in kid's cartoons when a character could be heard or seen peeing?

Also, what is your most vivid, if you had any, childhood accident memory?

I'm a 19 year old asian girl and has frequent pooping accidents in my panties. I just could'nt hold my bowels for a long time. My panties are always soiled everyday, it may be a small skidmark or it may be a huge brown stain. Most of my poop is soft, since I always have diarrhea. Poop would just leak out into my panties and sometimes squirt. One time I was wearing A T back panty and diarrhea made its way to my panties. My panties could'nt hold the poop and it went to my blue jeans. In school, I tried to hold on in class, but wet diarrhea exploed into my full cut, light blue panties. The next day, while I was at the toilet, I never made it into the stall. Poop went out into my white satin bikini. I had to leave that bikini in the floor. Not all of my bowel movement is wet, one time a semi-soft poop went into my full cut,white panties. Worst of all, I was not able to pull down my pants. The load squished in my panties. When I removed my soiled panties, poop was stuck in them and! in my butt. It found out that it's better to wear a full cut panty to contain any accidents. Staining my panties everyday is one of my problems.

I bought the underwear panties at Rears. I bought my usual white, pink, eggshell, black and also some patterns. Can't wait to go to the toilet and pull them down to my ankles under the stall door.

Speaking of women in the toilet. They make the most noise. I had a summer job in high school. There was an older woman in the office. She was about 50. She was a commissioner. One afternoon, I was taking a piss. The commissioner was talking to someone outside the hallway. I knew the voice. She entered the next stall, lifted her dress, slip and lowered her panties. I heard doo-doo crackle and plop-splash in the water. Then was another crackling and then explosions. I thought this was fun to hear. I sat in the next stall stifling my laughter. When I could not take anymore, I wiped my vagina and pulled up my panties and let down my dress and slip. As I came out the stall. The commissioner was still exploding away. I heard more huge plops and splashes. Then after a period of silence, she let out a dry long fart. Another teen age girl came in and asked who was laying their farts. The commissioner called out, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Another time, it was my turn. I had eaten lots of fruit at mid morning break. About after lunch, I had to go. I was at the same job. I rushed to the bathroom. I parted my dress and slip, pulled down my pink panties. Soon as I sat, loose doo-doo evacuated in a tidal wave. It sounded like my rectum was urinating. Then after a lull in the action another explosive wave evacuated. Another girl, entered the bathroom to fix her face. I was hurting. She called to me if I was sick. I told her just ate too much. She said I sounded bad. I told her I would be good soon. I sat for awhile and three more waves evacuated.

At this current job, a cute Greek girl 29y/o was new. We were in the bathroom talking. She said she had to use the stall. She went in and in minutes she was grunting and moaning. I hear plops and waves and chunks. She told me how she ate these Greek lamb sandwiches for lunch. She said, how bad she was hurting. I heard sounds of gas I never heard before.

At my mom's former job, the grunts and groans and strains were unreal. One girl was always constipated. I used to visit mom and take take piss. This one girl would always be straining away.

Rizzo: I wet myself in kindergarten, 1st and 7th grade. Never again. If I had to go, I was gone. Teacher told me in 7th grade do not wait, just go. I saw to many accidents and near misses. One girl in second grade had to fight a teacher to use the bathroom. I found the girl later in the girls room. She was moving her bowels and she was

in no hurry to get up. I climbed the adjacent toilet to talk to her.

The current girl looks like me. To the left, it is evident she had a satisifying bowel movement. I am in no hurry to flush. I fix my clothes first. That is an example of my own intestinal product.

Todd: I once flushed a pair of boy's underwear in a park toilet and once a girls panties in the same place. Apparently, they must have had been caught short with an urgent. It was a jet flush toilet. They went down easy. Depending how sticky is doo-doo, it can take 2 or 3 flushes. Jet flush toilets clean easy. I always flush. Some girls at work leave their doo-doo behind. Some people flush while sitting to cover the smell or the sound of gas. To clean the toilet, I use Ajax, ammonia or bleach. Whatever is near.

Pat: Sorry to hear of your illness on Christmas. That is rotten. I have never been sick on a holiday. Stomach viruses are nasty. I had them in grammar school.

PV and Melissa: See the current cover girl? Well, that is the quantity of doo-doo I used to make in grammar school and high school. I used to come home from school. I did not like to make doo-doo at school. Only, if I was forced. I used to be so happy to get home. I would drop my books head for the toilet as I pulled up my skirt and slip. I would lower my light colored pastel panties and sit in one motion. I could release 5 or 6 pieces, #87 easy. They were thick, I mean 6 inches long by 3 inches wide. Sometimes, I would take a textbook, newspaper or comic book to read. I had to press a little and I would urinate at the same time. I could piss for 60 seconds. My rectum would hurt. But, it was good. A little girl like me could stink up a bathroom good. Then, I would reach for a one good wad of joy roll and wipe myself good. Then I would stand up and wiggle my panties and panty hose up my legs, then let down my outer clothes and slip. Then flush. That is why I did not want to! go at school. I only started having regular school bowel movments in 10th grade.

Hello Everyone:
I will continue with the tale of the two Barbies. Butches sisier Barbie H gave me a second showing a few weeks later when I came down one Saturday morning. I had gotten there before he had got up and his parents had gone shopping so Barbie had let me in.
We were both in the living room watching tv while I was waiting for him to get up. One of the two bathrooms in the house was just off the living room and Barbie went in and left the door partway open. I could hear her rolling off a lot of tp. Then she stuck her head around the the door and said come here.
I got up and walked over and looked around the door. She said watch this! I noticed she had wrapped the toilet paper around the seat in a few layers. She pulled her skirt up above her waste and hovered over it in a croutched position. She started to push and she started to push out some poop real slow. It was firm and not that smelly. The lenghth was about 10" and it landed on the toilet paper.
Then she stood up straight and repositioned herself and then peed a gusher onto the poop and toilet paper. Once the paper was wet from her pee it broke and everything fell in the bowl. She turned around and spead her crack open and asked me if it was messy. I said no because her poop was so firm thus no mess. She then dropped her skirt and flushed the toilet and we both went back in the living room and watched tv. There is more to tell about her and the other Barbie next time. Every one have a good weekend. Upstatedave

The Untitled One
Alright about a year ago when i was 16 my parents were out of town and trusted me to stay by myself(I was a good boy when I was a youngster).I had a date coming up.It was late night now and finally she arrived in due time.We talked a little bit and then she said she had to use the bathroom and would be awhile. This was a nice looking black girl.She was very attractive with long black hair and nice curves.She was hot. Normally I would've sat and watched tv or something,but in our house there's a little window behind the bushes that looks right into the bathroom.I just had to see this.I crept outside to the window looked inside and she was just getting in the bathroom(big house)She looked in the mirror for a second and immediatley pulled down her tight pants and panties and hovered her FINE black butt over the seat.I guess she thought the seat was dirty or something.Not enough time to clean it.I got a clear view of her dark anal hole and could even hear the LOUD farts coming out her butt.She hovered for a while over the seat groaning and she let out a long fart "brrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and waved her nose so I know it was stinking in there by now.Finally I saw her hole open and a long hard dark turd started to make it's way out her hole a fell with a plop and some more audible farts.That's when the rush started.Her hole opened and soft 8 inchers started shooting out her hole with nasty farting noises.She paused and let out a bellowing fart quickly followed by little poop pellets plopping out fast.She moaned as mushy poop started to flow out her hole now with a touch of green in it now,quickly followed by more poop pellets and a long soft turd dropped out her butthole.She reached back and flushed the toilet 2 times cause some of it did'nt make the first flush.She still had her butt over the seat and was letting loose chains and chains of loud farts.All of a sudden her buttcheeks spreaded and a long HARD turd began to edge it's way out very slowly and then stopped mid way. She now had a poop tail. She then got up wobbled her fine black ass over to the switches and turned the fan on.I KNOW it REALLY smelled in there now.Even I could smell some slipping outside a little bit. she hovered her black ass over the seat again and began to moan and push again.The turd slowly started moving again and finally dropped.She bent her ass over and stayed in that position for awhile,asshole still exposed,letting out many farts. For a few minutes she just sat there bending over groaning and farting.Then she let out a nasty sounding poopy fart and bent all the way over.All i could see was a little bit of her back and her ass over the toilet. Then a huge NASTY knobbly and deformed looking dark turd fell out her ass followed by alot of 4 inch shit just plopping out over and over with a nasty farty noise each time.She started shooting out more poop pellets and then some more 8 inch turds started softly falling out her ass.She flushed the toilet once more still letting out 8 inch turds.Then it paused for a little bit.She let out some booming farts and then a LONG turd starting moving out her asshole.It started to curl around the bowl and finally snapped loose.It was a 16 incher. She made a relieved noise and started letting loose some more stinky farts.She sat up a little bit and moaned a little.She sat all the way up and started shitting AGAIN!Except all I could see was her back a the beginning of her crack now that she was on the seat. Athough she was making some real nasty farty noises now. She finally bended over again and I could see a whole LOT of shit just pouring out her whole,they were all short and a little green. The rush of poop stopped and a long stringy poop slipped out but hang by a little end out of her hole.She shook her butt up and down until it fell. Finally her dark butthole opened one more time as two hard knobby poops slowly edged out one after another followed by 3 4 inchers. This girl could really take a dump!Her black buttcheaks were still open and her hole was still exposed letting out SMELLY gas.It really stunk in the area where I was.I could'nt even BEGIN to imagine how much it must've smelled in that bathroom even with the fan on. She lifted her ass up even more giving me a great view of her butthole even more and her work.THe water had turned a dark brown color and loads of shit was in there.She was still letting out bellowing farts while looking at her work.She took some a roll of toilet paper spread her buttcheeks giving me the best view possible of her dark hole and wiped up her fine ass. She took it out and it was covered with shit. She took another piece spread her buttcheeks again exposing her dark hole and really wiped up in there. It was still covered. She started talking to herself I could barely hear it but I could make out "oh man that was rough.Hope the smell does'nt linger long"or something like that.She took her a bundle of tp spread her big buttcheaks and REALLY wiped in there good. It was'nt that covered anymore.She did this about 3 more times and then flushed.She bent over to pull up her tight pants giving me a nice view of her black asscrak again and letting out stinky farts still.She had her pants half on still showing her butt let loose about 6 loud booming farts
(brrrrrrrrrrrrrr)and struggled to pull her pants over her big butt and began to wash her hands. I took this time to sneak back in.By the time she got back I had the tv on acting like I'd been watching it the whole time. She said"sorry I took so long but I really had to let that out.I'm afraid the toilet got the full blow of it.Hope you don't mind the smell"By now the smell had reached the room and it still kinda lingered behind her for a little bit. Her silent but deadly farts were'nt helping either. The date went really WELL too. WE're still together too.She's very nice. I have'nt gotten another experience like that agin for awhile except once where she took a short little dump when we went camping once behind the bushes still (unknowingly clearly visible if you moved in a certain angle) I hope you guys liked what I told you.

Sudden Urge.
Someone posted about walking in on their mother sitting on the toilet, I did that when I was a kid many times only by shear accident or only if really needed something out of there. I had a friend that lived next door to me when I was about 13 who had a beautiful mother. She had long soft curly black hair with thighs that would knock you out. Anyway I went over there to see her son was at home. I entered the house since they were used to me and did'nt mind if I came in the house without knocking. As I walked past the bathroom on my way to his room I noticed that the bathroom door was slightly open. Out of curiosity I pushed the door on open and there sat his mom in full glory on the pot. She had a suprised look on her face that turned into a slight grin, maybe because she knew she was really turning me on. She really did'nt seem to mind and I think I was more nervous than she was. There was a thick odor of a good poop in the air. She told me in a grunty voice that tony would be home shortly and I could wait in the living room and watch television until he got home and to my suprise she said, "sweety, if you don't mind look in that closet and hand me a roll of toilet paper". As I did I heard a faint "ploop" and an exhale of a grunt. about thirty minutes later I walked back into the bathroom to take a leak and I noticed the light brown skid marks all over the side of the bowl and down into the pipe hole, the smell was still in the air.

Hola everybody! First of all, the picture I was referring to that looks like me was the one of the Latina standing in the bathroom stall with the long, curly hair. Not that thumbsucking babe standing over a bowl of doo-doo ! It looks like about one third of one of my loads. Jake has been calling me his ďlittle dump truckĒ! Man the pics change so fast here!

Okay, I'm doing something very different. As I write this, I'm pooping in my panties. Nobody's home so I can get away with it.
Here goes....

Rrnnhhhh,,,,,RIZZO: ahhh.....i'm glad you like my story with my sisters. It was a major turn on for me. They liked it too, because they think Jake is such a hunk, and seeing him squat and do his business really got to them!
I'd like to kiss your cheek, and I like the smell of menís cologne, especially Lagerfeld. Mmmm, mmmm! I also love the smell of a manís sweat. I wish they could make an cologne that smells like a real man. I think Renee and Patsy are going to blow you a kiss of their own because theyíre crazy about you. So am I! Kendal is such a sweetie, how could anyone resist her? She has a wonderful uncle in you, and a beautiful Aunty in PV!
You are an artist too I can see. Iím not, I canít draw a straight line, but I know how an artist talks, and you sound like one to me. Jake has done several pencil sketches of me nude. He likes drawing my body. I wish I could draw his. That boy is put together very well! I love how sweet he is with Renee. That hand carved rocking horse is still a treasure to her, and itís amazing to me that a manís heart can be so tender and sweet. If you do get one of those recumbent bikes that would be cool! What part of the country do you live in?

Man that was a big turd I just did! It's sticking out the underside of my crotch band.

Eric B: Thanks for saying hi! Yes,I make lots of noise when I poop. I think pooping is very sexy and love it no matter who it is, male or female. I loved your story! Isnít that great to find someone like that? When I was a kid, about 12, I had a weird uncle who used to spy on me through a peephole that he thought I didnít know about. I used to get really excited knowing he was watching. I canít explain it. This went on into my teen years. Now heís kind of been shunned by the family for other reasons. But for some reason, I always liked being watched and spied on in secret. I still get goose bumps of excitement thinking about that! Sometimes I would grunt extra loud, or fart, or raise up off the seat so my big turds would be seen easier. Even as a kid I did really huge turds. My mother even took me to a doctor about it which was really embarrassing!!!
Iím curious about the woman who did 13 videos though. I wonder who it is, Iíd like to see them. I like girl videos. The video thing between me and Renee I guess is kind of an extension of that voyeuristic feeling. Renee quit after becoming pregnant Our is just for fun, and already Renee wants me edit them onto another camera, deleting all scenes of her. I can understand that too, because sheís a mom now, and dosenít want anything to come back and haunt her later in life. Too bad though. Sheís got a great ass, and a great pair! Thereís one nude scene where sheís breaking up one of my monster turds with a plunger so we could flush it. Sheíd just gotten out of the shower, and her boobs were bouncing, and her butt was wiggling, and itís an awesome scene!

I'm feeling pretty squishy. Good thing I put two garbage bags down on my chair.

Louise: Hi babe, I did my first stand up pee thing! Itís funny because it started off at kind of an angle to the right of me, then arced out in front. I first started trying to control it by shutting off my pee, then beginning again slower. This is going to be great for me because I have to pee a lot, and I love hiking, especially in Oregon because itís so beautiful here!!!
I'm peeing right now, not very much though, just a trickle.
A creep walked in and spied on me when I was pooping at a rest stop once, and Iíve decided that itís safer to just go outdoors! Isnít that terrible? My brother Cruz is really into martial arts. I should get him to show me some stuff so I can protect myself if I have to! I admire you a lot for training, I know itís tough. Love you hon, thanks for all your great advice!

Oooohh, I'm laying another big one....ooohhhahhhh.....uh-oh, smells like old burritos! uh-oh, stink-o-meter time!

PV: Just a quick note hon! Youíll love Mexican! I know I do, but it dosenít always love me. I used to try and stay away from it, but unfortunately, itís in my blood, and I grew up eating it, so I always get hungry for it. The breakfast I described to you, my mom would make often. Besides, it makes me take massive dumps which I like. Jake wants to take me out tonight to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Iíll keep dreaming about you hopefully, and if I canít, Iíll just think of a good fantasy. I love you too, take care.

Time to go wash up, and empty my green panties! This was fun!


kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post. last friday my parents where out of the house for awhile so i decided to call my boyfriend scott over.we made plans for what we wanted to do and hung up the phone. I was wearing a red sweatshirt that said coca cola in front in white letters,tight blue jeans and brown cowboy boots on my feet at the time but i quickly went into my room and in a few minutes later i came out wearing my black exercise tights that fit me like a second skin they were so tight. i was barefoot as i waited for my boyfriend scott to arrive. scott arrived soon wearing his blue sweats and white sneakers. we then exercised in the basement for awhile. after an hour of pumping iron i felt a massive motion coming on! earlier in the day i had two huge bowls of a high in fiber cereal named total with slices of banana on top of each bowl and a big glass of orange juice on the side.I told scott i really had to squeeze out a huge log so we walked upstair! s to my bathroom. as soon as we entered the bathroom a idea hit me. I decided to have my huge log right in my spandex tights. i had no bra or panties on and i knew that scott would get a real big kick out of it! I decided not to tell scott what i was planning to do and just do it! i knew having my enormous log in my spandex pants would really arouse scott! I then bent my knees and ass down a bit as i sexily wiggled my ass from side to side. i began to push as i looked at scott with a sly smile on my face. scott was not dumb he knew instantly what i was doing. "wow! kimmy you are going to have a log in your tights!' scott said excitedly. "thats right!' i replied smiling as i kept wiggling my ass from side to side still pushing. my ring then stretched really wide!"ooohh My god!"I thought to myself "i am going to have a gargantuan log in my tight pants!" my spandex pants where so tight they looked like they were painted on. scott could already see the beginnings of a turd start ! to stretch my spandex pants a bit! i then pushed harder as my log grew larger and larger! as the bulge in my pants grew more pronounced! i looked at scott watching me open mouthed in shock as i pushed harder as my log got really large! i then closed my eyes and squeezed really hard as my log grew to a gargantuan size! boy! did i have a MASSIVE bulge in my pants folks. it looked like i had a huge brown missile stretching my spandex tights totally out of shape! this was an absolute monster log i was pushing out!. my log was also very solid too! it did not squish or break! i then looked at scott and started to laugh as i squeezed harder and my log grew some more. i then squeezed still harder as my spandex slipped from my waist and slipped all the way down to my toes with me still squeezing my monster log out. my spandex could not hold the sheer size and weight of my log. i then closed my eyes and blasted the rest of my gigantic sausage out! with my superlog and my tight pants no! w both down to my toes. i then looked at scott and laughed. scott was still in a state of shock. and not only his eyes where bulging excitedly either from watching this!!haha! since my spandex pants where already down to my toes by my huge log i decided to take all my clothes off. when i was nude i told scott to get my measuring tape. scott did what he was told . he came back and measured my log at a whopping 25 1/2 inches long. 3.7 inches thick! i then grabbed some toilet paper and picked my log up with it and slipped it in the bowl. i then wiped myself and threw the used paper in the bowl and flushed it down i decided to throw my older pair of spandex pants away because they where totally useless now after being totally stretched out of shape by my monster log! scott then took off his clothes too as we then enjoyed a shower together. i would love to have a log in my spandex pants again sometime. it was fun! thanks for the suggestion fellow posters! love,kim and scott.
TO KENDAL- hello i know this is a new situation with you and your mother but i hope you will make the best of it. your a sweet girl! try to be happy! and i hope your cousin andrew is happy too! and you said you would like a brother? isnt andrew like a brother already to you?. ( iknow he is your cousin and all) anyway i think that it is great that you will always have each other! scott and i love ya both!
TO ring stretcher-hello girl! i love your stories. thanks for liking mine. thats cool that you are italian and hawaiian. i bet that you are hot! it must be some sight seeing you bang out your big logs! my boyfriend scott was excited by your last post when you banged out your big log. keep the stories coming girl!
TO SIMONE- hello there girl! i like your posts. and i remember you from awhile back. your the girl who loves to shit in leather and once shot out a log in the train station toilet and left it there for others to see. i loved that post simone! i actually do the same sorta thing that you do but you do it in leather and i am usually naked. keep up your good stories girl..
TO LOUISE AND STEVE- hello guys. thanks for liking my posts. i like your stories too! more beach stuff please! plus i am really happy steve that you want to hear more about my huge logs. and you would be disappointed if i did not post anymore.I tell you steve you sure know how to flatter a sexy,college blond cheerleader named kim!haha! and believe me steve i have not stopped writing to you and the rest . its just because im pretty busy now with work,school,cheerleading etc. etc. but i will try to keep my stories coming at a fairly good pace. and louise was right about you steve. you are a true gentleman. just like my boyfriend scott. i think that you and louise make a great couple and im glad i know you both! take care you two!
TO JOHN (VT)- hello john, you are a sweet guy! i would not mind taking that trip to vermont-the land of nature to shoot those photos with you for "Shit illustrated magazine" i would guess i would really be getting back to nature since i wear no clothes in blasting out my logs huh? and believe me john for these sessions i would really stimulate my urges by banging out some of the most spectacular logs that you have ever seen in your life! you would not believe the Sheer size,thickness and length of them! you would need an extra wide camera lense to film it all! and if you film me with a camcorder for the video version...DONT FORGET TO REWIND!HAHAHA! you never know john we may be onto something here! take care now..

Jamie THe Damie
Jamie The Damie

Hi all!I have some good stories to tell!My first one is with me and Molly the dolly oon a road trip on I-90.

We had an uneventful trip untill I started cramps.i Ignored them.Molly musta seen me squirrming around and asked"Want me to pull over?" I said "no"About an hour later The cramps kicked into full force.I moaned loadly and she pulled over quicly.I stumbled out and ran to some bushes.I pulled my pants down and before They we off.BOOM PLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.A black flow of liquad flowing,smelly poo shit right outta my now black butt.I pooed for 30 in in 6-7 min waves.She musta hurd my grouning and walked over and held my hand.The next thing is vomit shiiting out 9-10-11 ft away!A smelly yucky stripe of red covered the ground infront of me.A cople piles of black smelly rotten poo covered the ground.Than suddenly without warning Molly ripped her pants off and dumped A cople ft log,greeninsh and stuck in her hole the size of a light bulb and a half exept longer.She bent over and fell to the ground trying to pull the log louta her wide ring.I stumbled over and pu! lled it outer her red butt.(sorry about detailes)THan we stubled to the car and passed out.WE woke up and all and drove off.
Hi all des any one have any stories about pooing in bed?Please tell me.And person that does photos DONT SENSOR THE PHOTOS

Carrie & Sara - friends of Jane
Hello folks. We're Carrie and Sara, good friends of Jane. She has posted here from time to time, with many stories involving one or both of us. In case anyone has been wondering where she has been, there's bad news. Her father died suddenly a few weeks ago. He developed pneumonia, and infection set in, causing him to go into respiratory arrest, and within 24 hours, he went into cardiac arrest and died. We are all shocked that he's gone.

We have no idea when Jane will post again. We don't know if she had become close with anyone here. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Hi everyone!

Little Lou is feeling loads happier now, as our Nan and Grandad from London (Dad's parents), bought Lou a new violin to make her feel better about her arm. Unfortunately, as her arm is broken, she can't play it at the moment, but she's happy to sit and look at it. Hopefully, Lou's arm will be better by June, as we both have our Violin Exams. She's doing Grade 5 (which is brilliant for a 9-year-old), and I'm doing Grade 7.

Kev's going to London to live with Nan and Grandad for a couple of months. Mum saw Kev's teacher at the Women's Institute meeting (it's really popular in our village), and apparently, he's so naughty that the Head teacher has had meetings about him, and if he carries on, he's going to be expelled. I always knew he was a bit of a trouble maker, but I didn't realise he was that bad. So Mum and Dad are going to see if Nan and Grandad can sort him out.

KENDAL: That was really kind of you to help Emily like that. I imagine it can't have been very nice, but what you did was really nice. And because you've shown Kate and Emily that you are nothing like your Mum, they now trust you, and they're on your side now. It's great that you get on so well with them! Little Lou says she'll write to you soon by the way.

We had fun yesterday evening. In our village, the bus shelters are like little sheds. Me, Lou and Courtney had gone for a walk, and on our way back, it started raining. We went into the bus shelter until it stopped raining. After about ten minutes, we all needed to wee. We decided to hold it in, and go straight home as soon as the rain stopped, but after another ten minutes, it was still pouring. We let Courtney go first. I told her to squat, so there was less chance of being seen. I helped her take her leggings and knickers down. then we decided to take them right off so she wouldn't splash wee on them by mistake. Lou took them. I took Courtney to the corner so there was less chance of being seen. She squatted down, and I held her to keep her steady. She had just started her wee when a lady came in. She apoligised, and gave us a tissue from her handbag to wipe Courtney with when she'd finished. The lady then left, and continued walking down the lane. We let Courtney wipe ! herself, and helped her get her things back on. I kept watch at the doorway while Lou went. She was wearing a little denim skirt. She took her knickers down just enough to go without wetting them, and she perched over the edge of the bench and weed. I would have done the same, but Lou had wet the seat, so I couldn't. Lou watched the doorway. The bus shelter slopes away from the road, so I went to the top of the slope, and took off my knickers. I had a skirt on the same as Lou's. I sat down on a little ledge, and moved my legs apart so they wouldn't get wet. all the wee ran to the back of the bus shelter. I did a wee that lasted for ages!

Well, bye for now, love Ellie xxx

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