Hellowe Everybody! Iíve been so busy lately. Iím also getting a ????, and constipated! Carmalita showed Patsy what she does with her finger, and Patsy has been helping me out a lot. Carmalita's on a new kick now. She wants one of those japanese squat toilets. We watched a voyeur video that she rented that was taken in Tokyo in a ladies room. Now she's all hot for the squat!

PV: WOW!!!! God, that beach story was hot! Iíll bet youíre gorgeous! Recently Iíve been trying to stand up to pee as well. I practice it in the shower. I think itíll be easier for me as I get heavier from my pregnancy, not hving to get up and down so much from the toilet seat. But enough of that, back to your story! I loved all your pee experiences that day, 13 of them. Man! Too bad about the creepy guy hanging around the bushes though. You were smart to be cautious! I loved your pee into the gulley. It excited me to think of you nude and behind some bushes squatting down. Red hair too! And Iíll bet your boobs are more than ambitious! Forgive me, I do carry on, donít I? I wish you could have pooped a little more, but then we canít have eveything can we? It wouldíve been so nice to spend the day together with you in Australia. Iíve always wanted to go there, but with a hottie like you living there, peeing in the sand at the beach Iíd better go, huh? PV, I think you are s! uch a treasure! Itís too bad we canít all get together! This beach story was wonderful and I have it printed out. I donít print out too many stories, just a few. I love the girl stories.
Also, yeah, go for that Mexican food, itíll give you monster movements! Carmalita makes it quite often, she especially makes great chicken fajitas and a wonderful v????? and sour cream burrito with rice, black beans and cilantro.

Carmalitaís sisters and brother are gone now. I like them alot. Maria is a very pretty thing, and very studious. Sheís got long straight hair, and wears plastic frame glasses that make her look beautiful and brainy at the same time. Luisa is a genuine cutie who resembles Carmalita in many ways. Sheís the baby of the family. Cruz is a handsome gentleman, and he and Jake get along great. Patsy is starting to get an interest in our little toilet activities. Sheís gone in with me to watch several times now. I think sheís starting to dig it. Sheís a beautiful woman, and seeing her get excited is really worth it. She pooped a nice big one this morning. I saw her black butt arch up from the toilet seat while she grunted and pushed, knees together, and holding her hands across her arms. She pushed and it crackled like ďspsssshhhkkkrrrkllllllĒ and then it came out long and hard and brown! She said sheíd been holding it for two days and it started stinkiní too! Poor Pat, she gets! embarrassed easily, but when she smiles at me with those big brown eyes, and all those white teeth itís worth it! Her turd was quite monstrous. It looked as big around as a cucumber and curled all the way around the bowl. She was very embarrassed over it. She said ďDonít look at it, just flush it, will you?Ē and I said, ďBaby, that thing isnít gonna flush, no way!Ē Oh, well, I should be used to that with Carmalita around. That girls poops the biggest turds Iíve ever seen!

Rizzo: Youíre such a sweetheart. I know Iím really late in responding to what you said awhile back, but me and Patsy consider ourselves to be a strong couple. As good as being married. Weíve been together for 9 years. Sheís a real brain and also likes classical music. Sheís older than me, and says Iím just a kid! Iíll be twenty-two on the 25th of this month. I know Iím pretty young to want a baby already, but I decided that when my child turns 18 I want to be young enough to be more encouraging for him/her to work for his/her future. I didnít want to be an older parent. Jake is as old as me, and heís always asking me how Iím feeling, and how Jrís. doing. Heís so cute! He rubs my ???? a lot. Hereís a great big, loving and admiring kiss for you Rizzo! Iíve got one cheek, Patsy has the other. Lucky you, she has big, beautiful lips! She likes you and says ďhi.Ē

Louise: I promise Iíll practice peeing standing up more! Youíre a special lady, and I love reading your posts. I just donít get the time to post here as often as I used to.

Anyway, thatís it. I hope I havenít forgotten anybody!!!!

Todd-- clean poop stains using a toilet brush. It can take any number of flushes to get poop stains away. I think some people sit on the toilet when it is flushing so not as much stinky air get out before they leave. If you want to know what it feels like to sit on the toilet when it flushes just go ahead and try it.
Never flush underwear down a toilet! It will clog and possibly break the toilet.

Have the rules on advertising changed, or have the producers of TV commercials finally dared to show what these products are for.....?

I was watching SM:TV this morning. (For those not in the UK, it's a popular saturday morning show, aimed at kids of all ages, even grown-up ones).
Anyway, this advert for a popular nappy (diaper) brand came on and said something like "The new nappy from (brand) is especially designed for a new born baby's pee and soft poos" and they demonstrated using a yellow fluid and brown mush.

Hehe, I always thought they were for disposing of blue liquid out of a test tube!

Hmm....if we all start using the new "table of colors, weights and measures" on this site, and that page was to disappear, would the FBI try investigating us all for sending encrypted messages?
Maybe we could have a few pee and poop sounds on that page too, if we're going down the statistical route?

On a more practical note, there's nothing out of the ordinary to report on toilet matters. I've not posted for a while, but I have been keeping up to date with everyone's posts.

Kendal - I don't think that I could say anything that hasn't already been said about your ordeal. Be strong, you have all your friends both locally and in cyberspace supporting you.

All the best,

Si :)

Hi everone, I don't have anything to write abouit so I just thought that I would respond to some poasts.

Pat--I'm sure that all of us at one time or another haved crapped in out pants. I've been there and done that where you are so sick that you can only crawl to the toilet. I've been so sick that I've been siting on the toilet and throwing up in the trash can so don't worry about it. We havwe all been throught that.

Todd--I usually just let the swerl marks in the tolit let then selves wash away. It usually works unless it's really bad. I also stand up and look at my work before I flush

To Todd,,Yeah, someone flushed underwear, in fact it seems as though in my line of work just about everyone did!!. Men, Women,
(mainly women), kids,,,, it`s all down there. I have shifted them all. When you have pulled a 34C sports bra from the U-bend at your
local swimming pool at 8am Monday with a stinking hangover, this
shit quickly loses it`s appeal!! It soon comes back though...
seriously, most of this stuff makes its way harmlessly to the sewage works,,, I get to meet the ones that don`t,,,,post soon,bye 4 now

Much has to be said about the power of vegitables to get things moving!
Since last Friday, I had only 2 movements, which is NOT the norm for me. I felt so terrible that I resorted to taking a laxitive Tuesday night with hopes of having a cleansing BM the next morning. But the results were anything but satisfying. I dropped maybe 3 or 4 small marbles the next morning... later that afternoon... and again late that evening. I only managed pass some gas with any other subequent attempt (until today.)
The office I work in has two great cooks in the caffteria and yesterday they prepaired an absolutely scrumptios helping of a vegitarian lasagne dish. And I must say it worked wonders.
I don't often get to see what a week's worth of poop looks like, but I certainly did today! No thick-long logs, just continuous stool 'ropes' piling up in the toilet. My only regret is that I was downtown when I had the urge to go and had to use a public cubical.
Don't get me wrong... I don't mind using public facilities, it's just that I would have liked to have done it at home where I could take a minute or two to examine my achievement. I was the only one in the washroom at the time so I gave a thought to just leaving my job there for someone else to see (something I have never actually done.) However, the loo I was in had one of those infra-red detectors that auotomatically flush when you get up. When I finished cleaning up and arose, it all quickly disappeared...

Well folks, I've enjoyed posting here the last few weeks, I
hope you enjoyed my stories. I'm glad I had the chance to
tell them to someone and I've really enjoyed yours.Things
have gone dreadfully wrong in my battle against the forces
of evil. I wasn't seeking to destroy them, but to make them
be more reasonable. It looks like I've even lost that battle
too. I'm going to try to return home, but things may prevent
me from being able to post in the future. I will continue to
post as long as I am able to, and thanks again.

- Austin

Eric B.
Wow, what a picture! Couldn't quite figure it out until I realized it was sideways.looked like she was enjoying her dump! I like scrunched-up expressions, like she's having to push & strain really hard to go. Been printing out some favorite old posts, mostly by Carmalita, Kim & Scott & Ring Stretcher, since these are closest to my ways. Carm, yours give me heart palpitations every time I read them! Aside from being a great writer, you really get to the "bottom line." (Heh heh) And those soirees with Kim & Scott in public are wild & wonderful! Keep them coming, and I'll try and reciprocate with hopefully similar works of "art". My morning bm is late today but am just starting to feel some action...oh, just let out a good fart so won't be too long. An earlier post of mine didn't make it, about using spirulina or blue-green algae to sweeten one's gassy smell...I have no odors anymore anywhere on or in my body as a result of using these, which have a lot of chlorophyll. Just for those of you not into smells! Just reading all those posts gets me into the mood to bowels are getting full now but I'm going to wait until I REALLY feel an urgent need before running to the toilet; squeezing out a big log and the bigger the better always makes me feel great and able to go about my day a few pounds lighter. Hope you all have as good a one as I feel I'm about to evacuate....bye bye

Just when I think it can't get any better it does. No, not the new picture of the girl looking in the mirror, while her load floats in the head, which is great. I mean the girls who post the great stories!

Carmalita, you adventurous little lady, that "River Dump" Story was great. You and your sisters getting it done, with that lucky young man along watching and participating had me glued to the screen. Dumping in the woods is one of lifes great experiences, I have done so many times while running, camping and fishing. Love your stories, kiddo!

Melissa (NY), first the "Viper" Logs, now the "Birthday" logs. Awesome! You must be quite some young lady, what an appetite, and what logs! I thought my average 18" long 2" wide logs with a couple of good size companions was something, but your output is stunning. Loved the story. You, Kim and Carmalita are this site's Awesome Lady Loggers. I look forward to posts from you 3 girls with anticipation. You ladies make my day!

Hey, Rizzo, you wanna meet my tailor(HA! HA!)? When I pick up the tux, I will make sure that I do so in the morning again, maybe I will get lucky a second time. You have relatives in the Catskills? I go to bowling tournaments in that area, it is only about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. I also go fishing up there (yes, I have dumped in the woods while fishing there), and one of my favorite rail lines runs pretty close to Uncle Rip's Hills, so I spend time filming in the area.

Well, it's Friday, around dinner time, and my younger son and our wives are heading to the county airport to fly off to a tournament. Who knows, maybe we will have a "hotel experience" this weekend.

See you all, whenever!

Weirdest thing ! My wife and I were shopping last weekend at the mall. We both decided to go to the bathroom. We chose to use JC Penney because it was closest to the parking lot. I walked into the MEN's restroom, and had to wall around a maze of walls to get into the toilet area. When I finally made it, I found 3 stalls, all doorless, but immaculatelly clean as a whistle, so I had no issue dropping my trousers, and shitting. The other two stalls filled up almost immediatly. I knew I would be a few minutes, and it felt great to be off my feet, so i lit a cigarette, AAHHHHHHHH!!!! lifes pleasures!! Immedialiatly after that, a burly security guard walks in, and stands in front of me, asking me to kindly extihguish the cigarette, as there is no smoking in the store. I obliged, anddropped the cig into the toilet bowl, as it sizzled, he said 'thank you , sir' he stood in front of me , i didn't realze he was waiting to use a bowl. One of the other! men got up, and the employee sat down, and exploded !! "hgh point of my shift' getting off my feet" he said...I replied " I hear you loud and clear. I finished up, wiped my ass really good, and lifted my trousers, flushed, and washed my hands, at the sinks which were opposite the toilet stalls. I said a quick 'good-bye' and walked out...To my surprise, my wife was waiting outside, chatting with another woman, who was the other male customer in there's wife. ' My wife discreetly said to me....'Are you aware that when the restroom doors opened, you were all in full view in the mirrors?"" I was shocked, but it was true, I could see the guard, and the other guy, when the doors opened. How Embarrasing !!!!

To Poster: No I don't have anything I poop in.
Now to the story. I was waiting in line to use the stalls because I'm trying to get over my fear of crapping in public. Well both stalls were full and I really had to go. Well I asked them to please hurry but they said they had both just gotten in there. Well I was sweating now from holding it in. Well I got this cramp and couldn't hold it any longer. I started crapping my pants. It was a good thing I had my tight underware on. I filled my pants. So I started walking home. I walked so I could get some excersize. When I did get home took off my underware and threw them away. I then took a shower. I was really embarresed.
My other story was when me and the girl next door were walking home from school. She told me she had to pee so I told her we could use the ones at the baseball park. Well when we got there she really had to go. She pushed on the door but it was locked. She then started crying because she was peeing her pants. When she was done she was really embarrased. She told me not to laugh which I didn't because I know what it was like. She said she felt like a baby. I told her not to worry. So I gave her my jacket to wrap around her. We then walked the rest of the way home. She told me not to tell anyone at school. I felt really bad for her.

Trent and Historian: Your recent postings about movies showing guys taking a dump and bullying of guys while they shit in open stalls reminded me of a movie to add to the list of those that show guys dumping. The movie is "If" a 1969 British film about boys in an English boarding School. There is a lot of violence and I think the movie may have been X-rated. In one scene a senior guy tells a younger guy to go and warm up the toilet seat for him before he comes to take his dump. In another scene, one of the guys in the movie is sitting on a crapper with the door open in the guys' restroom. We see him playing the banjo while taking a shit. While he sits there three guys drag a younger guy past his open stall. We see them bullying the younger guy. In those days, crappers in England had the tank located about 4 feet above the pot and there was a chain above the crapper connected to the tank. Anyway, we see these three guys suspend the younger guy from the tank by a rope so that his head is in the crapper and they leave him there after flushing it. The guy crapping and playing the banjo finishes his dump and then flushes. We then see him go to the adjacent stall where the young guy is still suspended with his head in the pot. He releases him. I guess this movie may be available at selected video rental places.

Hi all,

Interesting masthead today -- is this gal posing so as to suggest weeing in the sink? Her technique is not quite right, but what the heck, it's a cute photo!

LOUISE -- Hi honey! Welcome back from Scotland, I look forward to your reminiscences! Many, many thanks for your enthusiastic appreciation of my beach story. Yes, #10 was a bit of an experiment, and I was able to do it no bother -- I surprised myself several times, not least at the station. They had the main door propped open, I chose to leave the stall open, and I just flowed easily. I thought, after the litres of piss I had just produced in the nude and the great outdoors, what's hard about this? Nothing, as it happened! Yes, next time I'm sure I'll be calmer and be able to release a decent poo or two as well!

KENDAL -- That's okay, sweetheart, I wouldn't do anything to upset you. I won't be mad at your Mom -- but I can be mad about the things she's done... Your Aunty in need of a shave? Aw, thanks! (Hee-hee!) The crazy things one can visualize... Thanks for liking my beach adventure, I really loved being there, and yes, next time I'm sure I'll manage a proper poo! I'll be sure to tell everyone all the details. -- Hugs for my niece.

SMITH -- I guess I shoul let Melissa respond for herself, but I can tell you that her size estimates are definitely in inches, not centimeters. She is a giant, an Amazon by every standard, a bodybuilder built like a brick shithouse, and I'm bemused and entranced by her!

Sorry about my last message posting twice, everyone.



I haven't had time to post or read.

I have a good dumping story. I was at the library at school last nite. I was on the internet and had the urge for a dump. I saw a couple of guys, probably freshman, walking. I thought it would be cool to see them in the bathroom. I wondered off and went to take a dump and there was 2 stalls occupied. While I was dumping, I saw one of those guy through the crack of the door. I unfortunately never had the time to chat with them. The first guy was gone while I was finishing. The other guy finished washing his hands when I walked out of the stall and he disappeared pretty quickly. Their dumping was pretty quiet. I didn't hear any farts or anything.

Another item. At work, there is one guy who is pretty crude. He is an Italian descendent. One day, he was talking about how he walks into the bathroom first thing in the morning and hears the older guys rip some farts while taking a dump and making comments about rectal rot. I then asked him, does he make any noise when he shits and he said, no.

Hi, everyone! Just enough time for another quickie, I'm afraid...
To re-echo what most are saying, LOVE the recent more risque mastheads! And a new one every day, too...just great!

Lots of great posts lately! I've enjoyed reading about Melissa's and
Ring Stretcher's exploits in particular, as well as (of course!)

CARMALITA!! WOW!! Thanks again for your continuing encouragement, support and compliments! And your recent family communal dump was
just about... SPECTACULAR (!) to just READ ABOUT... (oh, to have actually BEEN THERE(!)...) In case you haven't imagined this, I would
have had Jake's problem of difficulties urinating, too... what a LUCKY GUY!!!

Eric B.
At the end of my last post yesterday I indicated that I had not had my bm yet that day, and thought I might go after dinner. Well, it didn't happen, and I sort of forgot about it until this morning, when during breakfast I felt some pressure in my rear which was a sure sign something was on the way; I got up to wash dishes and while standing at the sink it really hit me all of a sudden, SO HARD, that I started running to the bathroom while pulling my pants down, because the turd had started to come out and I didn't want to soil my underpants. It must have been 2-3 inches out by the time I reached the toilet, and with a great sigh of relief I grunted heavily and a long, tapered log slowly edged its way out and into the toilet. It wasn't very thick as my turds are usually, maybe 1 1/2 inches across, but it was one of my longer ones at least 15 inches. It curled on itself and, as usual, needed a plunger...I hardly ever shit flushable logs. But I felt SUCH a sense of relief and satisfaction afterwards that I just had to share it with all my newfound friends on this forum. Bye for now..............

Todd: Hey dude, are you doing a survey or something? The number of flushes I need to get shit stains out of the bowl depends on what kinda crap I had that day. I usually squeeze out nice firm brown logs that don't leave any stain at all. If I've had a night on the town and been boozing and eating Texmex my shit is often loose and leaves all kinda streaks in the bowl. If I remember to clean up, it takes 5-6 flushes to get the pot clean. Usually I just leave the mess and my girlfriend cleans it out with a toilet brush. She's real cool about it and thats why I also let her clean the skidmarks in my underwear. I guess you asked about flushing while on the pot. Sometimes, I flush while still sitting and then my butt often gets wet. This is OK at home, but at work its kind of a nuisance so I stand up before flushing after a shit. I like to examine my logs and am real proud of my often massive dumps. Flusing while sitting would not give me any idea how well I've done.

Traveling Guy
Hello, all. Here's my last post until after the trip. The recent run of masthead pix are indeed a nice change of pace. Did you see that big smile in the mirror and that huge load in the pan? No wonder she was happy!

TURD TALK - You say that it's partly danger that makes bodily functions interesting for some people. That might be the case for the kind of pervs that PV and Penny are talking about, folks who get a rush from putting themselves at risk. For the rest of us, I think it's our culture's taboo about the topic, maybe coupled with things that happened in our childhoods. But that's enough of Freud. This isn't a human thing, as much as cultural. Otherwise, how do you explain things like a large sculpture (bas relief) on the side of a building in downtown Gosslar, Germany of a little boy pooping golden turds? The locals point it out to tourists with glee.

Further along on the scale, why can some places, like Latin America or southern Europe, have unisex public toilet facilities without anyone being bothered by it or getting bothered when using them? At the far end of the scale, I think about places I've been in the Andes where taking a pee or a dump is a friendly social act. Anyone from the village, men, women, boys, and girls, might be there al fresco, doing their thing and trading the latest gossip. So why is it that we in North America (I won't speak for anyplace else) have these hangups? Sorry that I won't be here to follow the thread.

JS - There used to be a poster here who said, If you run, you go either (#2) before the race, or during the race.

PETER - BTW means "By the way." It's a spacesaver, like LOL, "laughing out loud."

PV & PENNY - I would offer to videotape, edit, produce, and distribute this proposed stinky double whammy to an eager world, but I think it's better left to our imaginations.

Take care, all, and stay healhy. See you soon. -TG

Oops! My comment about videotaping was meant for PENNY and CARMALITA, of course, not for PV. Sorry for the mistake, m'ladies.

Pico Tamale (Mariposa)
Hey, posters:

As many of you, probably, know, Troy Aikman is "retired", now. How many of you think he gets to watch his gorgeous groupie-wife, Rhonda, when she takes a crap, in his free-time, which he has plenty of, now? What a lucky son of a b!


Pico Tamale (Mariposa)

To Molly and Brad: I loved the first story of using the mens room.

Yesterday i had lunch out, then i came home and was on the computer and got a slight urge to shit, i shitted a nice 8"er out and wiped 7 times. I got a question about wiping, do any guys wipe sitting down..where you stick you hand under your crotch and wipe back to front??

Another poop picture

Matt: Yeah, those highschool bully guys did shove several younger guys' heads into the pots. I knew that the crappers were full of shit. What used to happen is that they would grab a guy and then one of the older guys would look for a pot that had not been flushed and shout bring him in here. They would then shove the guy's head into the pot usually with him struggling. After a while they would flush with the guy's head still in the pot. I could tell that the guy's face had been pushed into the water in the pot since when he pulled out he would have to wash and dry his face at the sink. Some guys would puke after this happened to them. I guess you asked about the guy who got fresh with the older guys when they started hassling him while he was dumping. Yeah, they did pull him off the pot before he'd got done dumping. I knew this because they had him surrounded in the area near the pissers and were shoving him around with his pants and boxers at his ankles. He was t!elling them that he had to shit real bad and to please let him go. They ignored him. Eventually, they let him go and he rushed into a stall and quickly dumped the rest of his load with them jeering at him.
PPG: Thanks for your post. I guess those guys left me alone when I dumped. I was as big as them and they knew me from football. Yeah, they used to dump there but no one hassled them. No, they never got caught. The rule at school was never to snitch on other dudes and also guys who were hassled were just too scared to do anything with these big guys around. Many guys just waited and held their shit in until after school was over. I guess this did make some of them miserable.

Saturday, April 21, 2001

How many flushes does it take to get rid of poop stains in the toilet? How do you clean poop stains in the toilet? Why do people sit on the toilet when the toilet is flushing? What do you feel when the toilet is flushing? I would also like to know has any body flushed a pair of underwear down the toilet before. Please reply or post soon.

I've never posted before, but I have read many stories here. I am 15, tall, thin, and happy. I can recall pooping in my pants a few times, but one of those times really stuck with me. One day during christmas break, I woke up at 5 in the morning, absolutely sick. It was the worst day of my life. I stumbled to the bathroom, because my head was so light, I couldn't hardly walk without holding onto something, and threw up into the toilet. I threw up twice, and got some on the floor and on the rug. I went back to bed after having something to drink. I couldn't get to sleep, cause I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain. I jumped up again and sat on the toilet and had horrble, runny diarrhea. Then I got up, threw up, and sprayed more shit. when I went back to bed, I actually fell asleep. I had not eaten anything that day, so I would have the dry heaves. I would just drink something to throw up cause I was so uncomfortable. Anyway, in the afternoon, I woke up and was worse. I was more weak. I had a bad cramp in my stomach, and I knew I was going to crap again. I got out of bed, and fell on the ground. I got up and got into the bathroom. I suddenly had to throw up. My throat muscles got tight and twisted, and I put myself in front on the toilet to throw up. I threw up and into the bowel, but at the same time, watery shit sprayed out of my ass. The chunks splattered into my underwear, while the water went down my legs and seeped out of my pajamas. I felt so awful and hot already, and with steaming, stinky, runny, chunky shit on my backside I felt 10 times worse. I was about to faint from weakness, so I layed in the tub and squashed my shit against me. I didn't care, I just wanted to be better. I shit again, just cause I got another cramp, and things were already as bad as they could be. I had never felt that bad.

Ring Stretcher
What a day. Boyfriend and I were to go to a dinner presentation for his workplace at this nice hotel. We had a dinner of filet mignon or salmon, asparagus, mashed potatoes, salad with bleu cheese, onion soup(???), sourdough rolls and for desert cheesecake or sorbet. It was to die for! I was wearing a sexy black slip dress, black thigh high stocking, heels a sexy black bra and panties. I looked really good (I'm Hawaiian and Italian)and was getting lots of looks from the men!

After dinner they were doing skits and a slide show when I felt the incredible urge to shit! I excused myself and walked out. I couldn't find the womens restroom and I really had to go! I thought it was going to spill out of my panties! In desperation I quietly walked into the mens' bathroom and went into one of the 4 stalls (all had doors thank goodness). Since the urge was strong I figured it would be an easy poop.
Nervous about getting caught in a men's restroom I quickly slipped off my dress so I wouldn't get it soiled. Then I slipped my feet out of my heels. I took a deep breath in and began the BIG PUSH! My ring opened up and this amazingly big, fat turd started coming out as I gruntesd as quietly as I could. It was crackling loud, opening my ring wider and wider, then getting stuck.
"This hurt" I said aloud to myself.
I strained harder and let out a moan, rocking back and fourth. I stood up and realized I had an almost 20-inch long turd hanging out of me!!
The door opened up and my body froze in terror. Before I could react the door opened up and is was one of boyfriend's co-workers!! He saw the giant turd hanging between my legs and his eyes grew big, not to mention I was in lingerie with my ample breasts ready to pop out of their holders.
"Oops, sorry!" he yelled before leaving the restroom.
I sat back down and pushed as hard as humanely possible before the monster turd shot out of my quivering hole. I measured it at 24 inches long and 3.5 inches thick. I tried flushing several times but it wouldn't go down.
For the rest of the evening I avoided the guy. When one of boyfriend's other pals came back from the restroom I overhead him say "some dude didn't flush their giant turd down the crapper and it was so big it must have ripped their hole out." I was blushing so badly by then.

Was anyone from the San Francisco/Bay Area listening to Sarah and Vinnie on Alice this morning? I was listening to the show and this one woman called in and said she likes to run alot but after an hour of running she gets a VERY URGENT need to poo and usually has to jump behind some bushes, pull down her pants and do her stuff. I forget how they got on this topic. I think Vinnie was offering "medical advice" to callers<hehehe>. Anyhow, I thought everyone here would be interested. Bye, JS

Ben, do you keep something around to poop in too, and when do you use it?

Jamie The damie, what are your poops usually like and where do you usually go doo doo?

Hi all,

Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? The masthead girl, bum-high, with a metal pan full of fresh turd on the floor beside her bed? That's a gal who enjoys her openings! (Don't we all?) And the mastheads are becoming a lot more daring!

PENNY -- Thanks for your advice on handling pervs. I've not been bothered previously but this time it seemed blatant in the extreme. The guy seemed to be keeping watch from behind the bushes, almost on patrol, dominating or controling the front door to the gully. He was there for a very long time, hours between the first time I walked by and then again on the way back. Mm, flinging a turd might have been a good idea -- too bad I didn't produce one!

CARMALITA -- How I LOVE your dream! Mmm, to wiggle our butts onto side-by-side toilets in an open bathroom and launch a few good salvos, with folks outside staring open-mouthed at these two sweet honeys making so much noise and stink! Ha-haaaa! And then to wash the wall too -- that's a fantasy that chases the last vestiges of AP into the night where they belong. I have developed the beginnings of a taste for Mexican food lately -- I'd love to stoke up with you for a grand opening someplace! GAD what music we could play! Keep dreaming, you latin sweetie, this is just too good!!!

I loved your hiking adventure, what a mountain of shit there must have been behind that log when the four of you were finished! It sounded wonderful, and thank you so much for sharing it with us!

MELISSA (NY) -- well, dear, that's another stunning mega-crap for the album. I'm not surprised you bled a little out of your bowel, that was a workout that few folks could match. I remember bleeding after I passed just about the biggest thing I ever moved, it was only about 8-10" long, but a little over 2" thick, and for this to come out of a bottom only around 11 years old was very major. My anus has never been regularly stretched to such width before or since, and I remember there being strings of brilliant red blood associated with the monster as it lay there. Yuck!

So, *how* many feet of poo did you unload? In 13 minutes -- stunning. And I'd love to know your bladder capacity too, my guess is in the two-liter range, you're a BIG woman, you weigh nearly three times as much as me and you're nearly a foot taller, so it stands to reason your bladder is bigger in proportion. And what a sight you must have been in a gorgeous evening gown, with waist-length hair combed out -- hey, there's a Melissa fan club out here, you know?!

KENDAL -- I'd like to support Uncle Rizzo in everything he says, darling. You did not deserve to be treated that way, and it's not fair that you're the object of this tug of war. It's shameful that the comfort of human closeness has been "tainted" by such wicked attentions. I'm with Rizzo, I'm boiling mad, but from the other side of the world all I can give you is my love and support, and my assurance that you have done nothing wrong. This situation is the result of your mother's mania, no one else is to blame. Hugs and comfort, darling...

Love to all,


To the response of doorless stalls. At my School ( i moved to Illinois 4 weeks ago) in the gym we have doorless stalls. So in some schools u can find doorless stalls.

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