Molly and Brad
Hi men Wazup?Now im going to tell you a story abouit the time when I went in the mens room.

I really had to unload a BM.So my friend Lea Tuzakez dared me to go in after school to go into the Mens room.SO i accepted and started hangin around the entrance and 2 guys (Johnathan and Blake)snook a look at my chest and cute butt.Than when there wer outta sight I went into the stall,closed and locked the door.I checked to see if the toilet paper was in theere and there was.I pulled down my skirt and panties to my knees to keep secret I was a girl.I started with the dumps and makin all the farts of high pitched smelly farts and all.Than I hurD 2 guys comin in I stayed quiet.1 went into the stall and the other I guess the Urinal.He growned and I hurd load turds comin outa his butt.Than he stood up.Zipped up.THan walked out and the other guy with him.I dumpd at rapid speed and my butt burin and the smell worse than the "dump".I wiped my pretty pink round,cute butt that,well i dont want to up set the moderatores.I ran outa there(dressed up exept my pants were at my theig! h.I ran out met with lea and told her what happedned and we laughed all the way home.Thats my collage experience.

Ok hey YO this is Brad me and Molly had done fun things togeher but this was about 2 on my faviorit times list.Goin to a nude to the skin beach.Plenty of hot woman and Molly said the men were cute so I believed he.We had fun "butt" after a while I felt the urge to defecate.But I decided to hold it.SOon sevear stomake cramps came over and I couldnt hold it.I ran over to the edge of the forest pulled my pants down,just enough to cover my croch and leter rip.A mailstorm of flying wet,small,smely,black poo shot out in a stream all over behind me.I got a few strange looks but not that bad than I felt i was emty and continued playing .later it started with molly and mine restarted.We ran into the woods a bit and picked seprate trees. neer eachoher and molly emediely bent over holding her stomake and she puked red chunks of puke for 1 hole min and then started heeving and barfed some more.Than when she had puke all over her she fell over(not in puke)andshot out pure red and green and black liquad poo.That continued for 5 min than she stood up and fell over again pooing and puking for 30 min in waves. I shoot out red as fire projectile puke 10 ft away for about 30 sec and than I fell on my stomake and liquad poo squished outa my butt . We both passed out and woke up sick and dirty.We drove home,stopping every 5-10 min to puke or poo.

sorry for details butt it makes it interesting.Editor please dont cut story only needed to be cut parts.BE GRACIOUS!

Another story of me and Brad later(Mollys turn (: )

So I felt the urge to go but held it.Later felt it again.I held it and that was a big mistake.I needed to go NOW.The staLLS WERE FULL and Lea was in one.I asked let me in.She said ok but im gonna be in too.I didnt care.I ran in and she locked the door.I had my pants donw and my panties off and I
Pushed.First it came easily.But than It grew and grew and became lumy.ITs stuck.I wispared to lea who was syill holding her butt cheeks together her self(naked)She said turn around and stick ur butt at me ill pull it out.She griped it and yanked it out and brook the door down.There she was holding a gigantic thick poo.And me red in the face and half n!de,in a melly stall.I sliped my self into the next one and shoved Rachel Faching off the pot.She was still unloading and went some on the floor.I pushed out a gallon wortho diharia for 5 min solid.Rachel pushed me off and se dumped a log 3/4 ft long.I said wjhooooooo weeee thats a relief.While she was still goiun I unlocked the door and walked out leaving the door ide open for all to gaze at chinies C!appin!!!!!!!

Hey Rizzo my Sisters name is Devon!

GREAT TO BE BACK - my computer broke and was out cold for a month. How is my shit? Come and go really. I am just so jealous of the fact that the people of this forum can excrete extremely heavily and i don't.

But some do need to go over a bit of maths, especially Melissa from New York... You claim to have shat a 32 inch log.... Do you realise HOW LONG 32 inches is!? Its the length of my whole leg!! I would believe 32cm, and then you did another 36incher, and then another 26 incher!!

Please tell me your body dimentions - how tall are you and your waist size.

I just about do 8 inches!

Trent: We also have bullies at our school who hassle guys while they are trying to poop, but not as bad as at your school. With that guy who had his head shoved into the pot, was the pot full of shit and did they really shove the guy's face into the water? Also, with the guy who was pulled off the pot while dumping, was he done shitting or did they pull him off before he was done? Did they allow him to finish his dump?


Several poeple asked how to get skidmarks
out of their underwear. I don't see way all the
fuss. Why waste time and energy? Just throw
them in the wash. If they are still there, who
cares? They will get more anyway, next time
you wear them. My girlfriend doesn't care.
Her's are worse anyway.

I was talking to my friend today and he said that when he went to his old school they had curtains on the stalls. Well he was taking a dump once at that school and the janitor took the curtain off. He was like "what are you doing". then the janitor said, "the principal told me to do this because so kids won't hide in them during school."

Where are you???? I like your post, please come back.

What does BTW mean???



The mastheads have been a little more racey lately and that
brings me to a subject I wanted to talk about. Is there really
any human being alive who has not seen what a turd looks
like? I mean think about it, we must all see turds every day,
or at least every few days! I'll even throw in my friend's
informal survey from a circuit board plant. Out of twenty
men and women surveyed, 90% look before they flush. So
why is it that we are so paranoid of seeing them on TV? I
think I have the answer to that question, but I'm going to try
to answer it later in this post. For now though, I want to
point out the fact that bathroom issues are treated as
unspeakable, unviewable acts that get more secrecy than the
highest secret clearance. Wouldn't you think that murder,
nuclear war, torture and rape would all be acts more
deserving of being unspeakable and unviewable? Doesn't all
this secrecy seem ridiculous when you look at it like that?


Finally after enough provocation I got a rise out of you! I
think I have to agree with "Caged Heat" being number one. I
knew "The Graduate" was reaching a bit, especially since the
whole scene isn't long enough for a poop. I just wanted to
get into the debate so I wouldn't get left out! Ha! Ha!

CONFUSED : This next post is for you.


Our senses tell us a lot about the world around us. They
warn us of danger, like when something is too hot to handle
or a loud noise may warn us of something large heading our
way. Before modern medical knowledge, our senses were the
only protection we had against contageous diseases. People
of the past didn't have drugs, microscopes, or even the
luxury of knowing what caused illness in the first place. Their
cures ranged from garlic to sacrificing another goat to the
volcano. The only thing they had that could help cut down
their chances of getting a fatal illness were their senses. A
bad smell, the shocking sound of a plop, or the electrifying
sight of a bare butt sent people scurrying away from the most
deadly substance of the ancient world : excrement. It was
these people who developed our current social customs
concerning the bathroom. Hiding away in a little boxlike
room to unload their waste products worked for their
purposes. How can we as modern people improve upon the
customs of the past? We don't have to treat it like its
unspeakable and unviewable. We can come up with all kinds
of new acceptable behavior that is perfectly fine as long as it
keeps good hygene in mind. Mixed gender bathroom
experiences get into the nudity issue which I think could also
be improved upon. When you keep in mind that public nudity
disappeared right about the same point in history as when
syphillis wiped out europe, you can get the picture that
people associated public nudity with lethal disease. Modern
people with modern medicine have existed in totally nude
societies that act pretty much the same as regular ones, once
the novelty wears off.
On a side note that concerns many of us: Why is it
that some people are curious about what goes on in the
bathroom? Anything dangerous attracts people. Society's
intelligent and brave run at Godzilla as he smashes the
buildings down, while everyone else flees in justified terror.
The people who run towards the danger help understand
and destroy the danger. These are the people who risk their
lives to benefit society. For the same reason, many are
attracted to the sound of the plop, or the sight of the bare
butt not because of a defective mind, but because of society's
response to the unknown and dangerous.
That's my take on it, anyway. I'm sure many of you who post here also have put
together some pieces of the puzzle and I'd love to hear your ideas too. I'll address the
question of why some societies have been driven to social customs that involve filthy
habits next time. I've covered enough ground for one day.

Hi all,

Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? The masthead girl, bum-high, with a metal pan full of fresh turd on the floor beside her bed? That's a gal who enjoys her openings! (Don't we all?) And the mastheads are becoming a lot more daring!

PENNY -- Thanks for your advice on handling pervs. I've not been bothered previously but this time it seemed blatant in the extreme. The guy seemed to be keeping watch from behind the bushes, almost on patrol, dominating or controling the front door to the gully. He was there for a very long time, hours between the first time I walked by and then again on the way back. Mm, flinging a turd might have been a good idea -- too bad I didn't produce one!

CARMALITA -- How I LOVE your dream! Mmm, to wiggle our butts onto side-by-side toilets in an open bathroom and launch a few good salvos, with folks outside staring open-mouthed at these two sweet honeys making so much noise and stink! Ha-haaaa! And then to wash the wall too -- that's a fantasy that chases the last vestiges of AP into the night where they belong. I have developed the beginnings of a taste for Mexican food lately -- I'd love to stoke up with you for a grand opening someplace! GAD what music we could play! Keep dreaming, you latin sweetie, this is just too good!!!

I loved your hiking adventure, what a mountain of shit there must have been behind that log when the four of you were finished! It sounded wonderful, and thank you so much for sharing it with us!

MELISSA (NY) -- well, dear, that's another stunning mega-crap for the album. I'm not surprised you bled a little out of your bowel, that was a workout that few folks could match. I remember bleeding after I passed just about the biggest thing I ever moved, it was only about 8-10" long, but a little over 2" thick, and for this to come out of a bottom only around 11 years old was very major. My anus has never been regularly stretched to such width before or since, and I remember there being strings of brilliant red blood associated with the monster as it lay there. Yuck!

So, *how* many feet of poo did you unload? In 13 minutes -- stunning. And I'd love to know your bladder capacity too, my guess is in the two-liter range, you're a BIG woman, you weigh nearly three times as much as me and you're nearly a foot taller, so it stands to reason your bladder is bigger in proportion. And what a sight you must have been in a gorgeous evening gown, with waist-length hair combed out -- hey, there's a Melissa fan club out here, you know?!

KENDAL -- I'd like to support Uncle Rizzo in everything he says, darling. You did not deserve to be treated that way, and it's not fair that you're the object of this tug of war. It's shameful that the comfort of human closeness has been "tainted" by such wicked attentions. I'm with Rizzo, I'm boiling mad, but from the other side of the world all I can give you is my love and support, and my assurance that you have done nothing wrong. This situation is the result of your mother's mania, no one else is to blame. Hugs and comfort, darling...

Love to all,


Dad has said I can post today before Kirsty arrives, and then I had better wait until after she has gone before I can post again. The Moderator really made me think about my views with regard to my Mum, and the opinions expressed by so many others here on this site have all helped both Andrew and me to come to terms with one another. I see Andrew has already thanked some of you. So I'll just concentrate on those of you who have responded yesterday.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY: I've always loved your name ! Mostly because your name is exactly how I would love my poos to sound, but often they don't ! I don't know if my Mum is scared or not. She's certainly got, or is going to get everything she has really wanted by marrying Steve. Mum has always liked the finer things in life, and with Steve, she has got someone who can afford to keep her in the way to which she has always wished to become accustomed ! I'm so much more like my Dad, happy with my lot, and grateful for all the love and attention given by my family and friends in Devon. I want for nothing else. Thank you so much for your concern for Andrew and me. May your plops always be plunging ones ! Love from Kendal.

KATE: I shall enjoy your big hug via Andrew ( who will have enjoyed receiving it first from you to give to me ! ). I'll be seeing him quite soon. I know I sound all grown up just because I can write well. But I still am just a little girl. I don't even have my periods yet, although other bits of me to do with growing up are coming along quite nicely ! My experiences of the last week have forced me to grow up some more before I'm ready to. There is plenty of time for me to be a woman. For now, I want to be a girl ! Kate, how did your play go ? Did you have a major role to play ? I bet it didn't involve any squatting in corners though !!! Look forward to hearing any more stories about you and the boys, and particularly about the bridge adventure with Andrew !! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: Thank you so much for your concern and talk to me. Firstly, I will not be living in the Lake District. Steve telephoned me yesterday to say that as far as my Mum is concerned, I can carry on living with my Dad in Devon. Secretly, I think he has put his foot down with her after the recent fiasco. He and his daughters Kate and Emily are probably better friends to me than I might ever know. But still, why couldn't my Mother have told me herself ? Why leave it to Steve ? I think she realises the damage she has caused, and is too embarrassed to face me. Which is exactly why I must go and visit the Lakes again soon, to let Mum know that I forgive her. I have a new family to enjoy up there, and given that my family is so small in number, I intend to make the most of the opportunity. By the way, I didn't feel at all abused. The Lady Doctor was very kind to me, always talking and explaining exactly what she was going to do to me and asking if I understood etc. It d! idn't hurt, it just felt very peculiar ! Oh yes, and as for being sent to boarding school, Kate and Emily go to the local schools. I think that is why they are such nice girls with out the kind of 'superior' attitude that some rich kids have. Now, thank you for your un-prickly hug and cuddle ! And I'm sure your after shaving balm by Chanel smells very nice. Funny thing is though, when you said you were wearing balm, I had this very funny image come into my mind of my Uncle Rizzo wrapped up like a mummy in Eygpt !! Lots of love from Kendal x

AUNTY PV: Please don't be angry with my Mum anymore, because I'm not. And thank you for your great big fuzzy hug ! When Dad gives me a cuddle before shaving I call him "fuzzy face". I'm fall of images in my head today. Now I see my Aunty PV with a beard giving me a fuzzy hug !! I really loved your beach story. I was amazed about how many wees you did ! So different to me, because in the summer on hot days, I seem to drink loads and never need to wee much, but in the winter I can have a small cup of water, and seem to be ready to wet my panties within five minutes ! I got so excited when you described about how you tried to poo as well, and I shared your disappointment when you only managed a tiny piece. Never mind, I'm sure that the next time you do it, you will make so much poo that you will have to build a great big hill over the top of it to cover it up ! And then stick one of those paper flags in it saying "beware, this sand castle is not what it seems " !! Lots! of love from Kendal.

ELLIE: I'm so sorry to hear about Little Lou's broken arm. And despite that, she still wanted to give Andrew and me her teddy. That made me cry ! You are both so kind to Andrew and me, and thank you for your hugs and kisses too. Poor Courtney too ! Although I do think that now she has seen your reactions to what happened, and how you helped her have her runny poo later, she will tell you when she needs to go, and there will be far fewer accidents in the future. Tell Kev that I think he should stop alienating himself from the three of you, and enjoy the opportunity of another chance of being a big brother to a little girl. I really have the best of both worlds now in the Lakes, because when I visit, I shall have a big sister ( only by 9 months though ! ) with kate, and a little Sister with Emily. And also whatever the baby turns out to be. I'm trying to be good by not wishing it to be a boy or a girl. It will be whatever it is. You don't get any choice ! ( But I would l! ove a baby brother ! ). Take care, and lots of love and hugs back to you and Lou and Courtney, love from Kendal xxx PS, extra big kiss on Lou's arm, and I'm with Andrew. You can type Lou's message for her !

LINDA GS: Your talk to Andrew made me want to hug you so much you wouldn't have been able to breathe ( although not so hard that you would poo your panties ! ). It worked wonders and after reading it, the first thing he wanted to do was go to the toilet with me. I'm blissfully happy now, unlike last Saturday and Sunday when I was so miserable. On Saturday we had a chance to wee together, but he wouldn't come in. I used far more toilet roll to wipe my eyes and blow my nose than I needed to wipe myself after my wee. And then on Sunday, he could have come with me when I needed my poo. But he wouldn't. And he wouldn't even stand outside the door to listen and count my plops. I cried so much on the toilet having my poo that I had nothing left to wee ! Now we are back to normal, and its all because of you and Ellie ( and Kate if she had posted before Andrew did ). You are all my special best cyber friends, but especially you Linda, because you were my first friend of my own age! here to talk to me when I first wrote on this site. I promised Aunty PV a story about Emily, my step sister to be. I'll tell you and AUNTY PV together. As I've said, they live in a very posh mansion. Kate and Emily have a room each, which has an adjoining bathroom between them. That means you have to lock two doors to have a private wee or poo ! However, I don't think either of them bother too much about that, although Kate locked the door when I was there. However, one evening after tea when we were playing in Emily's room, Emily complained about ???? ache, and then a while later she made a very smelly trump. Her sister told her off and said she should visit the bathroom if she made smells like that. So Emily went and shut the door behind her. But the walls are quite thin. I think what happened was that these two rooms were once bigger, and they took a bit from each room to create a bathroom in between. Anyway, we heard her make a trump on the toilet. I grinned, and I thi! nk Kate only grinned back because she found it amusing that I found Emily's trump amusing. Well Emily made one or two more trumps, and then it happened. There was this very loud explosive trump followed by a gushing noise that clearly wasn't wee ! We both heard Emily going "ooowww...ooowwww" followed by another explosion and gushing. I could then hear her whimpering and sniffing. I turned to Kate and said "Emily's crying". Kate said "I know". So I said "Well aren't you going to go in and see if she's alright ?". Kate wrinkled her nose and said "No, I'll be sick with the smell". So I said "Do you think she would mind if I went in with her ?". Kate looked surprised that I would do such a thing, but said "Well ask her, knock on the door and see". So I did. Emily asked me why I wanted to come in, so I told her about how I like to have someone hold my hand if I'm not well on the toilet. So she decided that would be nice and invited me in. Just as Kate warned, the smell was terribl! e ! I immediately pulled my dress top over my nose. Emily's sad little face looked at me looking at her. She had her dress wrapped in her arms, and her panties pulled down to her knee ends, just like Kirsty does. She apologised for the smell, and that was when I almost let my guard slip by saying "Never mind, I've got my nose hidden, just like when I watch ......" and I was so close to saying Andrew ! Emily asked me "Watch who ?" Having to think quick, I said "My best friend, Kirsty". She was happy with that reply and no more questions were asked thankfully ! She unwrapped her arms and let her dress cascade on top of her legs and she gave me both her hands to hold. The unfortunate thing was that by holding both hands, I didn't have a free hand to keep my nose hidden, so I was subjected to the Emily runny poo smell. But quite honestly, I was able to stomach it, on the basis that Andrew's smelly poos are at least as bad as this most of the time, and are often much worse !! I! watched her little face screw up as another cramp gripped her, and another less violent trump came out, with more liquid poo, that lasted much longer than the previous ones, with complimentary trumps all along the way, and Emily grunting with the effort to make it last as long as possible and to empty herself so she didn't have to sit there for too much longer. It was worth it, because despite a further five minutes sitting, she felt much better, and didn't do any more pooing. She let go of my hand to get toilet roll. She didn't take very much, and with all the wet around her bottom, it soaked through and she got it all over her hand. She looked at me all helpless. I said "Oh dear, its obviously pretty messy under there !". She nodded her head. "Tell you what", I said "Lets get your socks and panties off, and then you can stand in the bath while I shower you clean. I gave her a wad of toilet roll to hold over herself so that she wouldn't drip on the carpet while she transferr! ed from the toilet into the bath. I got her to hold her dirty hand out while I washed it for her and dried it with a towel. Then I took the dirty wad from her and threw it in the toilet and flushed. Perhaps the smell would then subside. I then washed my hands before washing her other hand. Then I got her to hold her dress up so I could give her a good washing down with the shower. After that I held her dress for her and she wiped herself dry. When she was done and she'd put her panties and socks back on she looked at me, and unexpectedly she pulled me down to her and gave me a kiss on the lips and with tears in her eyes, she told me "you're so kind". Then we turned to leave only to find Kate standing there watching. As we walked out, Kate took hold of me, and gave me a hug. Then when she let go, with tears in her eyes she said "I couldn't have done what you did, you are kind ! You're not a bit like what Emily and I expected. We thought you'd be stuck up like your Mum." Then ! she looked at Emily and said "We really would love to have you come to live with us" ! That made me cry then ! I explained to them what it was like for me in Devon, and how special my dad was, and Andrew. And they understood. They made me promise to visit lots of times, and to bring Andrew with me next time I go. I don't think Andrew will want to go, but we'll have to see. So, to everyone out there reading, and to those who think of the toilet as a private place ( which it is of course ), toilet experiences can be the start of wonderful friendships and relationships ! Kate still locked the door afterwards, but maybe Emily and I will convert her one day ! Hoped you liked the story Linda ( and Aunty PV ). And thank you for your help and kindness with Andrew ( and Cousin for letting you write those things ). I love you my dear friend, love Kendal xxx

Dear Carmalita and Sisters! Yesssss! That was the Easter Story I had been waiting for. So you spared your toilet from one big ordeal and produced a multiple serial dump in the countryside! No wonder Jakeís three-way valve switched off the pee conduit after witnessing yours and your sisters efforts! I still do not know which picture you refer to when you said it looked like you. Every time I go to the Toilet, the picture changes, sometimes within minutes! I go to another server, and again the picture is different, maybe being out of date. So I can just guess. It doesnít matter much, your stories are beautiful and that is good enough for me! Iím sometimes dreaming of hiring one of those recumbent bikes at the manufacturers in Corvallis and going for a ride around your part of the world. So far it is only a dream though. Love to all of you from Rizzo.

RJOGGER, if ever I need a new tux, Iíll ask you where that shop is, and what time of day is best! (Grin) OK, Iím on the other side of the Atlantic now, but I have family over there not too far from your whereabouts, up river and then left into the Catskills!

Buzzy, that soap trick of yours, does it produce foamy farts? :)
Iíve never tried it, never needed to as my turds are of grade 3 consistency according to the tables., and they come shooting out at about ten inches per second without much effort, 1.5 inches thick (thin?) or less, often propelled by a final gassy bowl splattering blast.

Penny, my wife does not normally shave down there. She was shaved when giving birth to our children. The doctors wanted to have a clean area in case they had to cut and sew. It took weeks to grow back. The stubble phase was the itchy time!
Any horse shows in the offing? Give my love to Linda too, Rizzo

Dear Ellie, I must have been half blind not to have read before that poor Little Lou has a broken arm! So her violin is on holiday now. It was very touching of her to have offered her Teddy to Kendal for consolation. That alone deserves her many hugs! Careful with the arm though! And those broken ribs of yours Lawn Dogs Kid mentioned, have they mended enough for you to be able to give those hugs? You wrote about your new little sister Courtney, about her having to be held below the arms in order not to fall over backwards when trying to squat to poop. That just goes to show that sqatting has to learned too! You should teach her to do this. Peeing standing is fine (can you do this?), but pooping standing would mess up her bottom, and there might not always be someone there to hold her.
Your problem with Kev continues. It does take him time to grow up, doesnít it? I just hope he soon discovers how much more rewarding it is to be kind to girls than to be nasty. Love to you all, Rizzo

Eric B, that was a fine story indeed. Iím looking forward to more of the same! Cheers!

Melissa (NY), everything about you is very big: the amount you eat, you yourself, the whoppers you drop in the pan and your stories. Iím awed! Great stuff!

OK, that's it, healthy poops everyone, Rizzo

TWICE SHY - What a funny story that was about when you were
7 years old. When I read it I could not stop laughing for
ages. What an exam by your 7 year old doctor "abducting"
you like that.

CARMALITA - Hi sister. Well thank you for saying I am cool,
we think you are lovely too. You want to learn to do the
standing pee? Yes yes yes. Why don't you try it in the bath
some time? The first time, you could just stand in the water
and just piss and not be too bothered about how tidy the
stream is. Have you ever done it like that? Another time
you could try doing the aiming thing with your fingers. I
know I have sent my instructions on how to do it a few times
now, but if you want me to send it onto the board again
I will do. Please tell me how well you do! I bet you will
find it really really useful. I do not like squatting among
plants either, you can get stung if you are not careful.
I bet you will like standing if you can get it right, it is
a really good skill to have.
All the punching practice Steve get me to do is making my
elbows sore just now, but Steve says that is normal and the
pain will pass when my ligaments get used to it.
Hang on to Jake, he must be a nice guy.

HAZEL - What a skill you have. When I wee standing I have to
hold my skirt up at the front because it would get wet if I
did not. I have seen a girl who could just stand straight up
like that and just do it but I think a lot more could do and
just do not know it! If like me, lots of other girls wee a
little bit forward then they cannot. Do you dribble your
wee or does it squirt out hard at that angle? Do you ever
stand over the toilet and do it? It would be good to be
able to do it how you do it because you can just squirt
a little bit out where you are standing and then do some
more a little bit later.

RIZZO - Hi guy! I did think maybe a sink wee the scissors
way would have an effect on you like it did Steve. Oh yeah,
it got Steve's attention. It was really noticeable! LOL
I have done it like that a time or two more. I did think
your wife-to-be did it that way to make you take notice.
She sounds a lot of fun, and I think you are a nice guy,
and gentleman like Steve is. Keep reading my letters, I
have things to tell about our special time in Scotland
that I think you will like! xx

KENDAL - Hi darling, I am back from Scotland. I have
been reading all the letters today and I cried when
I read about the really bad time you have had. I
really agree with PV about it. Your mum's new man
Steve sounds very nice but your mum should think about
your feelings and not be so nasty minded. If I had
been looked at down there at so young an age by a doctor
I would have been really terrified and I know it will
have been horrible for you. It is not the fault of
the Social Services people but it is your mum's
because she is trying to use you and Andrew (poor guy)
to get at your dad. I admire how you have been about it,
you have been very brave, and you are right to be
showing love for your stepsisters. I do not know what
Steve (my Steve) will say about it all, he thinks you
are a lovely well balanced girl and I bet he will be
outraged at what has happened.

ELLIE - Steve is right, you have done right to ask
Kev to meet half way. Maybe he will if he grows up a
little bit. I hope Little Lou gets mended quickly.
ps liked your latest weeing stories.

KIM - Hi! Steve was telling me you have not written
back to him. Don't be mad at him, I think he was
feeling a bit irritated at people wanting all his
time and taking him for granted, and he would be
disappointed if an attractive, bubbly lady like
you stopped writing to him about her logs...

PV - Clap clap clap!!! Hooray, what a wonderful story of
you on the nude beach. All those pees you had were very
good, and there were two that really made me think a bit.
There was #7 and #10 and I think it was really gutsy of
you to just stand and do it like that when people were
so close at the side. You are winning! I have done a
#7 on a non-nude beach when I have had Steve to cover
me from the front and I have pulled my bikini knickers
away at the crotch. LOL and I have had some run across
my hip like how it happened to you. Steve wiped it dry
for me. Hehe I liked what you said about the old guy,
thinking that if he is not holding it that nobody will
know he is using it. LOL
You were right you keep away from that gully where the
guy was, I would be careful about that too.
You finished with a really good wee, but oh boy you must
have been annoyed at not having a proper dump too.
What a great nearly-open-and-in-front-of-everybody last
wee in the station ladies' room you had. I do not know
if even I would go that far and I think I have a little
exhibitionist streak in me!
I will have to write about Scotland when I have some
more time. I bet I do not get to do it this week now,
I am so busy at work. Steve is too.



Thursday, April 19, 2001

PV- Great beach story. Yes I have also seen that there are some pervs that hang around gullies or ladies loos at places like that and then go in and surprise you with your pants down. What I do is, if I can, have a used tampon or pad to flick at him or bend over in the most revolting pose you can think of and pretend to vomit or something like that. I once actually picked up a turd and threw it at this perv. They run out and because thay are usually aroused you can make a spectical of him with blood or shit smeared on him plus the bulge in his pants. It usually sends them packing.
Rizzo- Why does your wife shave down there?

Whenever I poo in public, most people pretend not to see me but there's always one person (usually male) who hovers around pretending to be doing something else, trying to look at what I'm doing. This happened last night when I squuatted by my car in the mall parking lot and did a big poo. This one guy in his 20s kept hanging around and kept glancing over at me while I was doing it. Once I was done, he walked off! Has anybody pooed in their underwear while on a long line like at the post office?

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