upstate dave
Hello all;
I have a tale of two Barbies. I will use their initalls to tell them apart. I had stayed overnight at my friends Butches house. We slept outside in a tent we had made. We had stayed up late so we slept late the following morning.
Barbie S lived next door and she got up the same time that Butch and I got up. She was leaning out the window and called Butch and me over and we talked to her. She was still wearing her long night shirt.The room she was in was the bathroom. Butches sisiter barbie came out and joined in the talk we were having. Barbie S goes I have to pee and would you guys would like to watch? We both said sure! The toilet was on the other side of the bathroom but it was in plane sight from the window. Barbie S lifted up the seat and stood over it and peed. That was the first time I saw a girl pee standing up.
Butch went back to talking with her and I decided to rollup my sleeping bag and put it on my bike in the barn. Barbie H follwed me into the barn and while I was taking care of my sleeping bag asked if I would like to see her go. She said that kind of giggley. I said yes, Why not? She went into a small side room in the barn and I watched from the doorway. She pulled up her skirt and she stood and peed a long pee. So I had a double dose of pee to look at that day.

Someone asked yesterday about walking in on your mom when she was on the toilet,well my perspective will be a little different being female but the way i see it unless the mother was a very open type of person it would be alot more embaresing for her even if she was only peeing since she's sitting there exposed infront of her son and if she's pooping and it smells bad thats even worse.
But it's quite different for a daughter/mother mom would think nothing of useing the bathroom when my sister or i were in the room takeing a shower or maybe at the sink doing our makeup or hair and up until i was about 13 or 14 my mom would walk in on me while i was on the toilet doing whatever and i never gave it a thought, i just thought it was a normal thing but for some reason around that time of my life even though i never said anything to her she must have sensed something or just figured i was growing up and would like some privacy but she very rarely did it anymore,but my sister and i would share the bathroom for eveything and stunk each other out quite a few times and i just thought it was a part of growing up,but with a boy it's got to be quite different.

Some Guy
Just saw this today. She must be flushing to cover the noise of her poops.

"According to her downstairs neighbor [Cindy] Crawford's singing voice isn't the only shrill noise that emits from her person. Marina French is suing the model, charging that she's been forced to listen to excessively loud toilet flushing. Crawford has yet to comment, so we'll do it for her: Listen you old bag- everybody poops. Even Cindy. And, quite frankly, it's a bit of a turn-on for us. So deal."
-Stuff, "The Lineup", May 2001

Even the guys at Stuff Magazine are turned-on by it. I feel almost normal.

And what is the girl on the masthead holding?

I have always been interested in how people wipe their butts. I think this is the only human activity that our parents teach us at a very early age, and then no one ever reinforces the training as we get older. Everything else in life is reinforced. Parents will nag us as we get older to wash our face and comb our hair, they'll correct our manners and the way we eat, they will tell us when they see us doing something wrong, etc. Teachers also reinforce a lot of learning in schools and will give us instruction on such things as writing, speaking, following directions, etc. Even sex is something couples will talk to one another about and maybe even go to see someone for counseling and advice. But no one gives us any real follow-up training, counseling or advice on butt wiping, and this is one topic no one ever talks about. We learn to wipe our butts when we are only 3 or 4, and then we are totally on our own with it for the rest of our life. No one teaches us different ! techniques or ways to do it better, etc. The irony is that it is one activity that EVERYONE has to learn how to do. I find it fascinating to read the different techniques people use here -- some use wet wipes, some put saliva or urine on the paper to moisten it, some use soap and water and some just use a whole lot of paper. Some fold, some crumple and some use individual sheets. There's really no one standard technique that everybody uses.

The reason I mention all this is that I have always had a problem in wiping my butt efficiently. No matter how hard I try, I always get crap on my fingers and I never seem to get myself as clean as I'd like. Sometimes I use a ton of paper and I still can't seem to get totally clean. Even when I'm done and I wash my hands as thoroughly as I can, I often have a lingering poo smell on the tips of my fingers that just won't go away. I've tried everything I can to clean them, but nothing really works. I would love to be able to open up a Household Hints from Heloise book or a Dear Abby column or something similar and turn to the chapter on "Efficient Butt Wiping", but alas, it's not possible. Does anyone else have this problem?

I see a sale at Rears and Sorebuck on cotton underwear panties. I going to stock up.

To Poster: I pee in water bottles.
The girl in the pic looks like she has to go bad.

Got up really early this a.m. and went to the gym-got there at 7 am and went to work out-i worked out for about an hour and was really sweating and felt done and went to the shower to clean up-when i was in the shower as i was using my soap,it was small and breaking up and i had an idea-I kinda felt a fullness in my stomach,but no urge to poo yet,so i took a small sliver of soap and squatted down in the shower and put this sliver up my butt as far as i could and it stung for a bit and then i continued to shower and then went into the steam room to sit for a bit-after about 10 mins in there,i could feel the soap doing it's thing and started getting some cramps and the urge to dump came on and i walked to the stalls which were quite busy with guys pooing and farting-it was very inspirational and now i really had to unload and went into a stall as the guy in the next stall was doing a real messy dump with a lot of farting and groaning and i just went in took off my towel and sat ! down and right away let out a lot of loose shit ending with a long fart as i groaned in relief.Boy that soap trick really works well,except i noticed,as the poo was coming out,my anus was burning slightly,buy boy in really loosened up things!-After that 1st dump i felt like i had to do more and i sat there pushing out my asshole,but no more would come out-i let out a few farts so i decided to just sit there and enjoy the morning sounds of all these guys unloading-it was great-another guy came in the next stall and sat down and let out what must have been a 10 sec long tight sounding fart as he grunted-it was something!Then i heard his poo crackling out his butt and it went on for a while as i heard plop plop plop as it kept coming out-As he was doing this i felt another cramp and my anus opened up with all this pudding and gas and for a bit we were both really going to town pooing!Then i heard from another stall a guy exploding with what sounded like a coffee induced dump-we w! ere all dumping together and i really enjoyed that!It was unbelievable with all that shitting going on-i was really enjoying this!-then i still felt like i had to poo so i sat there and just pushed out my now slightly sore anus as i heard all the other guys pooing along-boy,i usually never get to the gym this early,but i should come here early more often cause ther is some great pooing going on this early-then i wiped my anus and it burned slightly-that soap trick certainly does work,but now i have sore anus-it's OK to do once in awhile though-It really made no go-it was all loose stuff-looked like shreadded wheat floating in the bowl as i flushed it-a nice dump that I really enjoyed!Thaks for the soap idea-got that from this forum!I really did the trick!Thanks,BYE

Are my eyes fooling me, or is the girl in the new pic holding a bag of S...? This site is getting crazy!

Kim - Hi, yes, I am the one who replied to Melissa (NY) and lost my 'handle' when I posted. So you are another daring young lady who drives a hot car, a red Mustang Ragtop? COOL! Hot sports cars and girls are an outstanding combination!
I like Mustangs, they are very hot and can rip up the asphalt, although I have been a 'Vette fan since the first Stingrays came out in '63. FYI, I have a green '65 Stingray; a black '90 ZR-1; and a red 2001 Coupe. Even an early fifty something grandfather like me needs his toys.

I had a 4 day Easter Weekend, and Monday morning, I went to get fitted for a Tux, as a friend had invited me to be in his wedding party. The shop I went to is in an old building in a neighboring town, and it is done up quite nicely. Two women, a ????, pretty fortyish blond; and a pretty 35ish brunette are the owners. They were getting a large wedding order ready, so I was taken to an adjacent fitting room. When I entered, I noticed that the restroom entrances were across the room. While I was getting fitted, I felt the urge to pee, but it wasn't urgent, and I decided to wait until the fitting was finished. When the ???? blonde owner was done with the measurements, she smiled and said that I could get dressed, so I went through the door marked "Gents", to get dressed and take a leak. I got my clothes on, then stood over the bowl and let out a forceful piss. As I was standing there, I noticed an opening, the size of a window, above the toilet and just below the ceiling. I ! was zipping my slacks, when I heard a women's voice yell "I'll call them back, I need to use the Ladies Room". With that, the door to the Ladies opened and closed, and I heard footsteps coming toward the wall. Curiosity got the best of me, so still in my stocking feet, I quietly climbed onto the closed toilet, and looked through the window like opening. The brunette co-owner was pulling her slacks and panties down in a hurry, and as they got 3/4 of the way down her thighs, she put her knees together, folded her arms across her waist, arched her lower back and half squatted her shapely ass over the bowl. I got a partial view of her wrinkled brown anus, as a low sounding fart passed. That was followed by a soft grunt, then a smooth chocolate colored turd began to emerge, widedened, and rapidly exited her anal passage, and fell into the water with a splash. She grunted again, then peed a high velocity stream. Another soft grunt was followed by several smaller brown turds and more soft grunts. Then she reached for the joyroll and stood to wipe. I noticed a turd, about 1.75 inches thick and 15 to 18 inches long, half floating half sunk in the commode. It was kept company by 4 smaller but good size bombs. As the brunette wiped, I figured it would be a good time to exit, I quietly got off the toilet, picked up my shoes, and very quietly opened the door and walked up front. As I put on my shoes, the blonde co-owner smiled at me and told me that her partner would finish our transaction, as soon as she came out of the WC. When she appeared a couple of minutes later, the blonde asked her partner how everything came out. The brunette could only gasp and smile and tell her partner that she shouldn't speak like that in front of a customer. I just laughed and said it sounded like my house, with my wife and I always teasing each other about bathroom habits. That got both girls laughing, and the brunetee just shook her head and smiled as she wrote up the sale. "You should see what my partner does in there" she said with a grin. I just smiled and said everyone goes, some more than others. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw the blonde co-owner go into the Ladies room with a newspaper. "Whew!" she said, as she entered. "Will you stop that, Barb?", the brunette countered. That caused her to say "Good thing I kept the plunger in the utility closet, I am going to need it". I just smiled, and as I started for the door, a loud booming fart echoed through the store. The brunette co-owner said "At least I'm not THAT loud!", to which I could only reply "Some of us do announce our intentions quite clearly". I got a smile, a thank you and then the blonde grunted out "Thank you Mr. ......", to which I replied, "Thank you, ladies!". I don't think they could imagine what I was really thanking them for. I came in for a formal wear fitting, and also get to see and hear two pretty ladies pooping to boot. Not a bad way to start the week.

Back in high school, a bunch of my friends were eating at McDonalds when one of my friends starting telling us the story of his greatest poop ever. He said he was on the can for about 20 minutes letting loose one long turd. After he stood up from the bowl, he looked back and noticed that his work wound around the bottom of the bowl like a sausage. He said that if you stretched it out, it might have gone two feet or more. Of course he didn't flush it at first. He had to call up another one of our friends that lived close by and tell him to come and see. He also took a picture. I believe it is now framed and hung on his wall next to his diploma. Back then, we talked about having to go as "Logging." When one of us felt the urge, we would say "I gots to Log." Then it got shortened to "I gots." Ladies and Gentlemen, did he ever Gots.

Traveling Guy
I'm taking a trip in a few days - by train! It's a 7-hour journey, so maybe I'll be able to take a good dump while aboard. Wish I could pick a good spot to flush my production onto the tracks, but that's not possible in the US anymore. Only holding tanks now. I'll post any good trip reports when I return. Not the best of reasons for a trip: my mom's ill but on the mend.

Ah, today's masthead brings us a comely lady in waiting, eager for a stall to open up so she can get a load off her mind.

SIMONE - What a sight to see, you taking a dump in black leather, then wiping with it, to boot. What an image! Who needs TP anyway?


Hola everyone!

This is so weird!!!! The picture of the girl standing in the stall looks a lot like me!!! In fact it could be me if it weren’t for the big boobs. Mine are smaller than that. I’m also much darker skinned. Mr., or Ms. Moderator, do you know me? LOL! Renee saw the picture and started screaming “Carmalita! Get your butt in here girl, check out this new pic!” and when I did, I was stunned! I tend to wear darker lipstick to accentuate my lips more, and I don’t dress like that, but the eyes, nose, lips, hips and ???? are me all over again! It’s real close! Especially the hair. Soooo weird!

John VT: I knew you were a honey, I just knew it! I always had a crush on Capt. Kirk (still do, hee-hee). Big, sexy legs huh? I’ll bet Mrs. VT thinks you’re a honey too! Yes, I know who John McEnroe is. My dad loved tennis, soccer, and baseball.

Buzzy: Hi guy! Mmmmm-Mmmm! Nice, big dump you took. Too bad you didn’t have me to clean you up, I’m very thorough. Yeah, Mexican food is a sure fire guarrantee for some mighty big dumps, at least for me anyway. Keep posting hon!

Tony: I loved your big poop story. I’m curious though. Why did you have an erection? It’s that part of the male anatomy that fascinates me more than anything, not just because of the joy it brings, but the way it works. Do guys get hard when they have to poop?

PV: Wow! You sound like that girl I knew all right. You are soooo right! Together, girlfriend, we would’ve rocked that beach! I’d love peeing with you, and yes, I’d have left a deposit somewhere. And hell, I’d treat you to a Carmalita style breakfast of flour tortillas, beans, and some marinated chicken with rice, and by afternoon, you’d be leaving a healthy deposit too! Your sweet butt would be singing some brown songs that’s for sure! It is so weird that you posted to me because I had a dream about you and me last night that I wanted to tell you about. I dreamt that you and me were in a ladies room that didn’t have stalls, but toilets on the wall close to each other. You were beautiful and sexy (like I know you are), and were pooping good. Both of us were. In my dream the door was open and guys could see us and were staring. So we stood up and peed all over the wall after. I could sure use more dreams like that one!
Love you, pal.

Okay, This is a story of “Carmalita, and her sisters” on a chilly day by the river.
We were out for the day seeing the sights and hiking when Maria had to go poop. She’d been pretty constipated and I guess the fresh air did her some good. It was me, Jake, Maria, and Luisa. Cruz had gone into Portland to see a friend. Anyway, she told me she had to go real bad, so we found a spot that was under a bunch of big trees, and had lots of bushes in front. Unfortunately for her, there were no bushes in back! So, Maria finds this log laying near some boulders and used it to sit on. She pulled her pants down just far enough to get her bare butt over the log. I saw Jake get a bulge in his pants knowing what she was doing behind those bushes. She’d been back there for a good five minutes when me and him crept over to some bushes to watch. Luisa was with Maria because she was going to go next. Maria was sitting on the that log, elbows on her knees grunting away when slowly, a big one starting creeping out of her brown ass! It was soooo slow coming out. Me and Jake watc! hed while it just sort of hung out of her ass while she grunted. She finally wiggled her buns a little and it broke off and fell. It plopped on some pine needles and dirt while another started. Her second turd was really fat and kept getting fatter as it came out. She crapped out six good sized turds before she was finished. We always bring paper towels with us in case of emergencies like this, so she wiped good, then hitched her drawers up while Luisa pulled her pants down and sat. Maria didn’t know we were watching, but Luisa knew. Lu dosen’t care, she’s a little show off anyway! She grunted and puffed in her soft, girlish voice and squeezed out a massive log, I mean it was a monster! It was coming out slow, and soft, and big with cracks and splits in it, and she was grunting like crazy. We could all smell it, even outdoors! She’d eaten some pretty solid food the night before. When it fell to the ground it had to be a good 20” long maybe, and really fat. I’m not good at guessing sizes. She wiped her brown ass and I looked at Jake who was so excited I thought he was going to explode! After they were finished, me and Jake came around and I said, “Don’t flush, we gotta go too.” They said they’d give us privacy, and I said “Why, we didn’t give you any!” Maria pretended to be mad, but I know she wasn’t. Luisa just giggled. So they pretended to go behind the bushes to wait, but I know they were watching us. I dropped my jeans and used the same log to drop some of my own. A big fat one started squeezing out. There was poop of all different sizes and colors on the ground, and quite a pile too! My turd inched, and inched, then finally broke off and fell. It was so big it folded over and fell into the dirt. It was quite a monster too which I was very proud of. I laughed and said “Oooh, it’s a boy turd!” After that I grunted and four really soft and runny turds dripped out. Luisa went “Ewww, yuck”. I stood up to wipe, facing Jake giving him a specia l treat. Then we all started chanting “Jake! Jake! Jake!” until he performed. It was all in good fun, so I didn’t mind really. He was nervous, very excited and very embarrassed. I coaxed him into it and my God, what a beautiful A-- he has! Woooo-weeee! and big, strong legs too! He plopped a few turds, about average size then said he couldn’t pee for obvious reasons. So, I took some paper towels and wiped him while he sat on the log, with Maria and Luisa watching. I gave him four good wipes, and he was about to pull his jeans up when we heard my sisters giggling and saying “One more time!” so I gave his butt another pass. About an hour later we stopped because he had to pee desperately. It was quite a long and hard stream too. I was the only one who watched that time. The poor guy gets too excited and can’t go! Anyway, it was really fun and very exciting, kind of like kids playing “show me” games in some private spot.
So, that’s it!

To Kim - I love to poop my pants and I would encourage you to give it a try. With your monster logs, it'll feel fantastic and oh what a massive bulge you'll have! There's nothing like the feeling of a big log squashing into a ball in your pants and I'm sure Scott will love it. If you don't believe me, just ask Sandra. If you're feeling really daring, you can try sitting on your bulge for an even bigger thrill. But you're probably right about stretching your spandex out of shape - be sure to use an old pair and be sure to tell us all about it!

I hope the moderator will let the following first message pass, but I will compensate with the story of my most embarrassing filling of pants during my very first term at school!

Dear Kendal, you have been much on my mind. What you have been through made me boil inside with rage, but I have cooled off a little to be able to think. Now that your mother is pregnant and therefore has a firm hold on her new man, she is obviously trying to prove that your dad is not capable of taking proper care of you. The methods she is using to do this have had a side effect of alienating you from her. The effect on the psyche of a little girl of having her intimate parts examined by a stranger under license (and against a certain transfer of cash in one direction or the other), be it within legal bounds or not (!!), must be traumatic. I’m giving you a powerful argument here: you feel that you have been abused. However, it is your mother who decides her fate and that of those around her. If she succeeds in having you transferred to the Lake District (I sincerely hope not), you will probably seek comfort (take sides?) with Kate, Emily and your step father. You ha! ve already established friendships there. Didn’t you mention to auntie PV that you have had a toilet story to tell about you and Emily? This could make it difficult for Steve to keep his new family together. The baby will have to serve as “glue”. But believe me, this wears off. Either more “glue “ will be needed and/or you could find yourself being bundled off to a boarding school. If it would be together with Kate, you could consider yourself lucky under the circumstances.
And, not to be forgotten, your dad in Devon could find a new woman too! It could re-establish a certain balance of forces. Well, this is how your uncle Rizzo sees the situation at the moment.
So, here’s a big hug and a cuddle for you love! I am exceptionally well shaved for the occasion, no scratches possible, and wearing Antaeus After Shaving Balm by Chanel! How do you like that?

Hi Carmalita dear! Aaaaaah! Did I enjoy that cyber kiss! If Kendal hasn’t rubbed it all off, there could still be a whiff of the after shave left for you! Here, try, a little peck on one cheek and on the other too, querida! If not, you will have to go to a shopping mall to have a test sniff in an appropriate shop!
Ah, so Jake painted a portrait of you lying down, right? Will he paint you in the toilet, a standing nude having just finished your business, looking over your shoulder with a knowing smile and dangling those green panties from one finger? Just joking, my dear! If he has painted a picture of you, he will now know your body better than you do so yourself. An artist has learned how to observe, to look, to see without prejudice. What an artist draws or sculpts will be etched in his mind in every smallest detail. Drawing something can be more satisfying than owning it, I’d say! So you are a lucky girl to have found him! Love, Rizzo. P.S. Blow Renee and Patsy a kiss please!

Hi Jennifer, Oh Ho! Great episode! You certainly join the ranks of the great turd layers!

Dear Hazel, I admire your pragmatic approach to the art of peeing in the most outrageous places! You are sooo lucky to have been endowed with the perfect arrangements for this! Now, how about some of your more hair raising episodes? In me you will have an avid reader!

My first term at school as a six year old was not pleasant for me. I had to sit still in a classroom, not to speak if not spoken to, and submit myself to a bewildering routine. It was a great change from the happy life at home. We were about fifteen boys and girls, but of different ages and therefore of different sizes. Boys one year older were much bigger and used to gang up together and pick on us smaller ones. Our teacher was a strict middle aged bespectacled woman with a hairdoo like Mrs Flintstone’s. Going to the bathroom was another thing. Asking our teacher to be excused during lessons invariably resulted in a NO! I remember little Eleonor with fair corkscrew curls asking to go to bathroom just as she was coming into the classroom from break. Hearing the teacher uttering “NO! You had plenty of time for that during break!” in her most no-nonsense-with-me voice was enough to scare me as well.The girls’ bathroom had had an enormous queue for some reason, which was why ! Eleonor had not had a chance to use it. She just burst into tears and wet herself right there, a puddle growing larger and larger under her skirt around her feet, poor thing. The teacher almost had a fit after that. Well, I was totally intimidated and hated school, dreading every day, hoping for the weekends and for the next holidays to begin soon. It was a good thing I only had to go half days, that is, only in the mornings. So I never went to the school bathroom during that first term except for that one single time.
We boys were outside on the hockey pitch for PE, the girls had country dancing or ballet in the gym. Is that a reason why many men of my generation are not very good at dancing? Because they did not learn how to move to a rhythm when young?
Well, our PE (Physical Education) teacher told us to pretend to be aeroplanes! To strech out our arms like wings and to run and swoop around her. After my third or fourth turn I felt as if my ???? went all hot and liquid inside, and a strong urge to poop let my plane begin to stall. I tightened my butt and clenched my hole shut with all my strength, which left me only able to take tiny shuffling steps while trying to avoid disaster. “What is wrong with you? Come on, run, swoop, don’t just stand there!” A painful cramp hit me and I bent over holding my ????. “What is the matter?” I was too shy to say anything. ”If you are not feeling well just sit over there in the grass until you fell better!” I did not dare to ask to go to the bathroom because of what had happened to Eleonor only a few days before, and anyway the bathrooms were in the school building about 300 yards away. So I taxied my plane at a shuffle over to the side and sat down very carefully. With a gurgle my in! sides shifted and the urge disappeared! I felt perfectly allright! Soon I could ‘take off’ again! After PE lesson we trooped back to the school to change out of gym clothes back into our school uniforms during the ensuing break. Back to class we crowded accompanied by the usual yells of ‘Don’t run and stop talking!’ from the teacher on duty. I had completely forgotten about having had to go to the bathroom during PE by then. Lesson started. A few minutes later the horrible feeling of having to release a major liquid turd returned. I fought hard, sitting bolt upright on my little chair in the middle of the front row just under the teacher nose. The urge died down. I had won again! But not for long. This time the urge to go only got worse. I held on as hard as I could, my knees shook under the table and then the inevitable happened. However much I tried to keep my bum clamped shut I felt the hot liquid shit starting to ooze into my pants. Then all muscles down there seemed to g! ive way, and my short pants began to fill up in earnest. I felt little knobbly bits in the mushy load squeeze past my hole. By now an awful smell was beginning to waft up around me and I felt my face growing really hot too. Little Maria next to me turned around and uttered in a low voice, “Ewww! What a stink!” I distinctly remember the V-shaped wrinkles on her nose as she said this. She pushed her chair, its legs screeching, away from me as far as she could. This noise and the rising aroma from my pants caught the teacher’s attention. “Are you having an accident?” she boomed, and then stepping up her volume considerably, “Why did you not ask to be excused to go to the bathroom?” My answer to her questions was a loud burbling fart and another load that let my pants bulge all the way around to the front and up to the waist. Oh, the humiliation! The embarrassment! I felt awful! Others in class started to snicker, while I was led out by the teacher. Walking was difficult with th! at load and I tried to tighten the legs of my pants around my thighs with my hands to prevent the liquid shit from running down them. We went to the bathroom, the school matron was called to clean me up. My shoes were taken off, but when my pants were removed I was covered in icky, sticky, smelly brown slime from waist to toes. I was rubbed down with a wet cloth, had to put on my gym clothes, and my soiled pants were wrapped in brown paper for me to take home. For weeks after, the bigger boys made fun of me, copying me holding on to my pants and smirking whenever they saw me. I was thankful that my mother did not scold me on top of what had happened, because she was beginning to realize that my digestive system did not work like that of others. I had always had the smelliest of mushy bms, used to stink up the bathroom at home enough to make a skunk feel woozy, and suffered frequently from diarrhoea. I was also under weight, thin and aenemic as a result from the general attitud! e found in society at the time: “Son, you eat what is served at the table, or you starve!” From then on my parents did not insist so much on me eating what I did not like (dairy products and eggs and almost everything containing these), I was allowed to have a choice, digestion improved greatly as well as my red blood cell count, and accidents became rare.

So, I hope you all have a good weekend, Rizzo.

To Traveling Guy - thank you for your kind words and yes, you are right about the arcing. If I lean forwards it goes back while if I lean back it goes forwards. Hence the requirement to stand upright and still for fear of soiling.
I gather I may have a rival/companion in my upright peeing in the form of PV. I would imagine she and I have a few things in common. I will watch this site closely and try to learn from the experience of others and PV especially.

Thank you all for making me feel welcome.

Hi, everyone!

Kim: Welcome back! (I suspected you were going away for awhile
when you wished an early Happy Passover or Easter to everyone
after your last post.) COLOR PICTURES inside!! WOW! We can get
the magazine photos started whenever you are ready, girl... want
to come to the land of nature (Vermont!), to stimulate your natural
urges to their maximum?

Peeping Tom
Nnonymous Most park stalls are door less.

Melissa (New York)
GOOOOOOOOD Afternoon Everybody!! I hope everybody is doing fine. I have a great poop story to share with you. The title is “The Birthday Crap” which happened on Monday night. And I hope everyone had a wonderful tax day!

Historical Fact: During the age of when King Louie was in power, his throne was actually a toilet (believe it or not!) When he would have an audience in the chamber, he would be taking care of his royal duties if ya’ catch my drift. It doesn’t matter is the whole chamber was full of people, he would be crapping and shitting there anyway. But, It was a serious, serious, serious, crime if the king didn’t eat his food in private. Hmmmm, Isn’t that odd he would crap in public be wouldn’t eat in public?

Jennifer- Wow! what a cool pop story in the park. Wow! You are very, very, very, brave just like a lot of other people in this forum! Me on the other hand, I’m a 22 yr. Old wimp. Wow, it sounds like you can do a huge load. Nice Story.

Kim- I guess its kind of amazing of how big my logs are. But always in the back of my mind, I think there is always someone who will supercede me in the log race though. There will be someone who can squeeze out an extra inch, diameter, or whatever than me. Take care of yourself Kim.

RJOGGER- Thanks for liking my desperation story. Thanks and have a nice day. And I too love your stories. If you liked my desperation story you’ll like this one better.

On with the story: Over the weekend I had been inhaling food. On Sunday (by the way, hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday) and Saturday I had been gorging and I mean g-o-r-g-i-n-g myself chock full of food. On Saturday, I had 6 eggs, and 3 thick pieces of stake, and 3 cups of coffee. On Sunday, I upped the ante a bit more, 5 eggs, 2 pieces of stake, and a whole stack of 8 pancakes, and 4 cups of coffee. (I never ever start my day without the caffeine). I had everything planned out for Monday night.

Well after I came home from work, I came home early because I had to get ready for tonight. I showered but as I was showering the urge to shit hit me. I held it in for going at the restaurant tonight. So I hop off the toilet and took piss. That helped relieve the pressure somewhat, I got my hair done got my evening gown on and within 3 hours I was ready. I just sat in the living room watching TV waiting for him to come At 7:50 PM he arrived home and walked in the door saying: “Melissa I’m Home, and Happy Birthday.” He comes in the living room and said “Wow Melissa you look stunning going somewhere?” At this point I felt like Snapping his neck in half. I said Shit Head Did you forget we were going somewhere tonight? And he said I was just kidding, of course I am ready within an hour he said.

So I wait in the living room for about an hour. He took a shower and took a long time dressing. I was becoming rather impatient now, and I tell him to get his ass out here right now. He comes out with a tuxedo and his Rolex on. Well after a little quibbling we were on our way. When we got there he gave the valet the blue cat and we went in. I had made reservations earlier for a private booth. The menus come around and its time to pig out.

As I’m browsing through the menu I tried their steak special which consists of Steak and bacon. I ordered that and some of their finest Merlot for both of us. We made a toast. And we started drinking. The urge hit me again but I still held it till the correct time. Well as soon as the steak arrived I started eating. These were huge and they had yards of bacon wrapped around them. I was in heaven I thought. I ate it so quickly, “it was that damn good”. I ordered 3 more Joe was still struggling on the first one. I ate them all so quickly I was full. I then order more Merlot. We both were talking and drinking for a while. Then young blonde about my age walked up to me and said remember me? I said no. Does the name Elizabeth ring a bell? She said, I said it does. I said O my God Elizabeth is that really you. Wow! I said it’s been a long while I said. She said “Melissa you didn’t change a bit you still have that beautiful smile and those huge muscles but only b! igger and that beautiful brown hair that still goes down to you butt.” Wow, I was impressed she recognized me still. The last time I saw her was in 8th grade. But I cut our little conversation short because I told he I had to take a shit right now, she said she was heading for the restroom too. We both went in the restroom. This restroom was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! It had 12 toilets, 6 on both sides of the room. It also had 6 sinks and 6 hand dryers. The stalls went right to the ceiling and there was about a 7-inch gap under the door. That’s it!

I went into the stall and there was toilet paper on both sides. I lifted up my dress and slid my panties to my knees and took a very deep breath. I then start pushing. I was pushing hard I felt something emerging. It just stretched my ass to new levels! Oh DID IT HURT! I thought I was going to die from the pain. Well I kept pushing and pushing with all my might and I started moving very, very, slowly I peaked in the bowl and a lot was in there already. I kept pushing till it fell. I took out my measuring tape and measured that bad boy. I picked it up and it was 32 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. I took a piece of toilet paper, pushed it down the hole and pushed the flush. Since it was gone, I sat down I was about to fart but I held it in because I didn’t want to stink up the bathroom, it was just way too nice.

Elizabeth went in the stall next to me had a quick pee and left within a minute.

I sat back down and I pushed and pushed with all of my might. It was stuck. I pushed and my ass felt like it was on fire! This brown submarine caused me great pain. I kept pushing and pushing. It was stuck. I was pushing then my cell phone rings (yes I even carry my phone to the toilet with me if an emergency at work rises I could take care of it). It was Ron. He asks me a question about carburetors because he is working on a restoration project on a Chevelle. I told him you caught me at a bad time, I have a 2 foot log hanging out of my ass I’ll call you back.

Back to straining I push and push then it lands with a splat sound. I look in the bowl and it went around the whole bowl about 2 times. I picked it up it was 4.5 inches in diameter and 36 inches long. I was just fatigued. I take a piece of toilet paper and I push it down the hole and push the flush. Since that was gone I have a clean area for another evil creation.

I sit back down and I rush because I don’t want to take to long. I push and I push My eyes were about to pop out of their sockets!!! This log just fell with a dead thud. (This log was all done in 20 seconds pretty good huh?) It was 26 inches long and 3.5 in diameter. Again I take some tp and push it down the hole and push the flush.

I then sat down for the final evil and dark creation. I pushed and pushed hard and it fell with a BLOOP sound. I looked in there and there was this black log. No brown just black. I measure it and it was 30 inches and 4.7 inches in diameter. I took toilet paper and pushed it down the hole, then I pushed the flush. I then sat down for a gratifying 61-second piss. I FELT SO MUCH BETTER IT WAS UNBELIEVEIABLE!!!!!!

When I wiped my ass, there was blood on the tp. I flushed pulled up my panties and washed my hands and tape measurer and went back to the table. He times me 13 minutes he said. I said that’s it just 13 minutes, It seemed a lot longer than that.

Elizabeth and I traded phone numbers and I left. After that I went to my favorite park that is along the ocean and jut looked at it. Then in an empty parking lot, I got my birthday present. I switched off the trac. Control and did donuts and burnout’s. That’s all I wanted for my 22nd birthday.

I gave myself 3 weeks of vacation and I sure need it!
Goodbye Everybody and good logging to all,

Jamie The damie

Jamie the Damie

So I was at one of those resturants that have multicubical unisex restrooms and I sat on the potty and I heard a wonam in the next stall pushing out a big load she grunted "muuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"ity got loader and I acculy said"keep on pushin and dont flush" she said"all right"she than made A loud hard sounding gron than I herd a hugh KKKUUURPLUUNKKK and than a colple dozen drip plop drip drip drops.Than i her stand up and snap her pants on and say"done".I quickly and deescreetly with my pants and thong/underwear down snuck and there she was still in there well done and I quickly dressed and she showed me her loadI guessed about 3 ft and another 2 ft. and some really gassy and black diharea.She says"IOmpressive?""Ya"I said"May I too?"I continued and than I pulled down my panties and dumped a billard ballX5 size (leANTH BUT SAME THICKNESS)peice of C!ap and than We tryed to flush it but it stuck and over flowed.The next person went in there and I herd her say"What! in Bloddy F!@ing H!ell is tat?.WE washed our hand and walked away and when we were out we sat together and ate the best fries out there.We exchanged phone numbers and met one other time on the beach near us.A nude beach.

We had fun(not sex but group pooping)WE leand our glutius maximuses toghther and pooped a huge load (me have diharia)I had wet fast dirty smelly ,load.then about 3 hours later We saw some more woman pooping so we asked could we join them.There naked butts and so on musta not cared and they said yeswE joined and I fell to my knees and shot out a splatering all over these girls.I was so embarassed and ran to the lake and swam out back strok style and pissed/pooped in a quick spreding blackness in the lake.I ran back to the car and dressed my self and drove off crying.

People please post more embarassing stories.And the date is 4-18-01 and she ist makeing potty excretions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not even in the bathroom!Please respond to my comment and thanks
Jamie The Damie

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal is taking time out at the moment to digest some feedback she received from the Moderator about why her post on Monday was not allowed. Apparantly, "No matter what happens, you only get one mother. That's your flesh and blood come rain or shine. Honor yer' father and mother regardless and you live a long life". She remembers saying how much she hates her mother at the moment. So it seems she must accept what her Mum did to her, grin and bear it, and she might be allowed to post here again ! Thankfully, that is exactly how she is coping with the situation, with no help from me. Her outburst about her Mum really came about because she was so upset that I wouldn't go with her to the toilet anymore. Well, frankly, I was shit scared to ! When asked questions about where I place my hands when giving Kendal a cuddle, making even the true warmth of human touch in the form of a hug a dirty subject, I despair !! Well, Mr/Ms Moderator, I really do honour my mother and father. Th! ey are fine, beautiful and warm people, and have been absolute bricks, the both of them, in their support of Kendal and me, as well as Kendal's Dad. However, the book of honour stops there !

No, in fact, I re-open it. Honour also to all those kind people on this site, Uncle Rizzo, Aunty PV, DJ, and especially Ellie and Linda GS who went out of their way to try and comfort both me and Kendal in our plight. I say especially Ellie and Linda, because what you two had to say to Kendal and me has made me particularly reconsider what I have done to Kendal this past few days by not going to the toilet with her anymore.

ELLIE: Your supporting words, and Little Lou's teddy brought home to me just why Kendal and I are so close. Because we genuinely look out for one another, and just as one hugs a teddy for comfort, so Kendal and I do with one another. Please tell Little Lou that I want her to keep her Teddy please, to help her get better from her broken arm. Honestly, you two aren't half accident prone ! Lou with her arm, you with your ribs ! And Kendal and I hope that Courtney will start to settle down soon. And we are also sure that it will be all the quicker for the love to her shown by you and Lou. Kev, if you're reading this mate, buck-up. Life's too short (unless you honour your mother and father of course !). Love and hugs to all of you from Andrew and Kendal xxx PS, Little Lou doesn't have to not write because of her arm. Ellie, you can type while she dictates ! How about that ?!

LINDA GS: Now what can I say to you girl ?! Your talk while cyber combing my hair was one of the best talking toos I've ever had, and in such a wonderful relaxed way. I love it when Kendal strokes my hair, and the same with your comb ! Please thank Cousin for me for allowing you to talk about his past and for helping me to get some perspective on the situation here. Kendal also says to tell him sorry if she embarrassed him by saying she wouldn't mind him seeing her on the toilet. We have nothing but enormous respect and love for you and your family. You will be pleased to know that as a result of what you and Ellie had to say, that Kendal and I visited the toilet together just a little while ago. I made one of my spectacular jet propulsed wees that Kendal loves watching ! And then we held hands while Kendal had a quiet and dreamy soft poo. And then we had a huge hug afterwards making us both feel so much better. You and Ellie and Little Lou really are absolute gems, an! d so is your Cousin. Linda, I wish I could change the font size, but you'll have to make do with XOXO ! Just imagine them to be 100 times bigger. Thats how much you mean to Kendal and me ! Love Drew.

Poor Kirsty has really been messed around this Easter holiday ! Firstly she was supposed to come and stay the weekend before Easter, then Kendal had to go to her Mum's. So it was re-arranged for the Tuesday after that weekend, only for more delay because of an already well publicised incident ! Well, she's coming tomorrow now until Sunday. Kendal is already planning more triple deck wees .... !

PS: I'll honour Kendal's Mum ! She deserves every honour, because she is the exact reason why Kendal and I are even closer now than ever, and why we will always be that way with one another !

Anonymous: Doorless restroom stalls are getting real hard to find. You should look for them at public beaches and lakes, parks, sportsfields and at some schools. I wish there were more of them. If you look carefully you will eventually find some. Good luck

Kendal -really sorry to hear about what's happenned to you. It's amazing what a mother would put her own child through to satisfy her own ends though I'm sure your not alone. We all know on this site though how mature you are, that you've done nothing wrong or to be ashamed of and that you'll get through it. You've got a great dad and Andrew to help you of course. Love Kate xx
Lawn Dogs Kid - really sorry to hear you've been through it too. Don't let them make you feel guilty. I'm sure you've done it already but give Kendal a big hug for me. We can talk more about our plans for adventures on the bridge in better times. Love Kate xx

I don't like the new picture, the girl isn't even sitting on the toilet.

I mentioned yesterday how i had this horrible stomach ache. Any way right before bed last night i inserted a suppository up my ass,waitied less then 5 minutes and i had to poop. Boy it felt good and much better. Then i went to bed and woke up and my stomach ache was gone.

Eric B.
Wow what a forum this! Been reading old posts back to 550 so far; impressed specially with Kim & Scott, also Carmalita, both use a lot of sounds while dumping, which I also use so keep them coming! Also impressed with large logs and difficulty in expelling. Shawn...thanks for your comment--first feedback on my farts always come before my bm's like just 10 minutes ago when I had my second one of the day. Carmalita==I took videos of myself also when there wasn't anything else visual to be had; I set up the camera in front of the toilet when my wife wasn't around and I needed to go, and the pictures got me excited for years, until I discovered others were doing it too, especially a woman who made 13 videos and I bought them all! Hope you make yours available for others to see also. Reminds me that I even built a squatter for the toilet so I could easily stay there for 10-15 minutes at a time because I wanted my logs to ease out slowly for the camera. My ex-w ife was unaware of my propensity for this activity, but she was often constipated and had really huge bm's, which I on occasion would help her expel by pushing down on her backside while taking a looksee at her rear. We'd give each other enemas also, and I remember a time when we were out in the woods and I'd purposely held in by bm that morning so I could shit outdoors; It starte feeling really urgent when we were about halfway through our hike and I asked her to help by holding me steady while I bore down and grunted it out. I really don't know if she was ever into watching or not...guess I'll have to ask her one of these days. Which brings to mind the story I'm about to relate, of the only woman I've ever known who WAS into my bathroom antics. It was about 10 years ago, and I'd dated her once or twice, when we were sitting out at her pool, and she told me, out of the blue, that she had always been constipated and often went days without shitting, sometimes staying on the toilet for hours trying to go. Well, this was a signal that she was at least receptive to my particular brand of voyeurism. So, next time I visited her, I saved up my bm for a whole day, anticipating our date. The urgent feelings came and gradually subsided, and as I was sitting down driving I could keep it from becoming too bad. I went down early and had lunch, which was probably a mistake, since after I finished I had an even greater urge to go, so much that I had to reach back and press my hand against my rear to keep it from coming out. I felt it becoming greater by the minute! Finally the time came for my date, and I hurried from the car to her door, not kowing if I'd shit my pants on the way. When she greeted me I rushed over to her sofa and sat down quickly, told her how bad I had to go and that I couldn't wait much longer. Well, SHE told me that she had to go also, and that I could watch her if she could go first. Somehow I raised myself from the sofa whil e holding onto my butt, and followed her into the bathroom. She said she had to go bad, but becuase she was constipated didn't know how long it would take to squeeze the shit out of her. So I could have a good look, she squatted on the toilet and I looked up between her legs to see a big bulge at her rear.. she strained quite a bit and I could see part of her turd peeking out, but every time she made an effort to get it out it would go back inside when she eased up. After a few minutes I was still holding onto my butt and hoping she would be able to shit so I could relieve my aching butt of its load which was by now practically pushing out by itself, so bad was the pressure. Finally, she grunted & groaned a few times and I saw a large turd emerge from her hole, and I reached back and helped her by moving it back and forth with my hand until it dropped into the toilet. She got off and I hurriedly dropped my pants and mounted in the same way so she could see what was happening. Well, I never felt such a sense of relief as much, as when I could finally let go and push, but the turd was too big for my ring, and it stuck after about six inches out. She was standing and looking, and I asked her to help me like I had helped her, to reach behind me and push the log down so the rest of it would come out. She was hesitant at first, but after I pleaded with her she took her hand and massaged my crack, and the first part of the turd dropped into the toilet, but I still felt full of shit, and began straining and groaning to try and complete my bowel movement. I wasn't having much success, and although the urgency was less. I still have the feeling of having to go to the bathroom very badly. I guess the shit I had from yesterday combined with today's shit had backed up in my bowels and it might take drastic measures to eliminate the rest. She had an enema bag and suggested I take a little water to see if that would help me to get the rest out--s! o she stuck the tip up my rear--she coudn't get it in very far because of the huge lump still in there--and injected some water. Well, it didn't take long for me to feel awfully full again, so she shut off the water and I got back up on the toilet, gave out a huge groan and pushed so hard I felt my ring was expanding way beyond its limits, and the foot-long piece of shit finally edged its way out of me, to my great relief! Needless to say, we adjourned to her bedroom to recall with pleasure this experience, one of my most memorable of sharing with another. "Till later...bye!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Glad to be back as I've recently had telephone cable problems!

ERIC, Interested to read about your large bumhole-stretching turds!
I too the other week felt like I was doing whoppers, but they weren't big, just hard but it took me a LONG time to do them. Glad you didn't have problems after with all the exertion,
piles or anything like that,I think most of us would like to do the big hard ones if we had a choice. I certainly felt exhausted when I'd finished! I have sometimes strained so much that I've given myself a headache, presumably from lack of oxygen with so much pushing. Hope you can continue doing solid jobs that feel great and not sore or uncomfortable.

TRENT, Thanks for all the details about the toilets at that school. Unfortunately, it confirmed my worst suspicions about the type of bullying and humiliation that can go on in toilets with open stalls and boys like you described.
To be honest I was really shocked, even though I've heard about the sticking of someone's head down the toilet and then flushing but I hadn't realised until last week when I saw 2 pictures of American toilets; that the waterlevel is so high as well as quite wide and so someone's face can be actually immersed in the water. YUKK.
You said that one new boy had his face pushed down the toilet that the bully had just been using. That is absolutely disgusting and cruel to happen to anyone, did those twisted individuals ever get found out?
The poor guy who told his tormenters to f--- off and then was pulled off the toilet and jostled and humiliated with his pants down by several others has my sympathy and support and hope it never happened to him again.
I regard sitting on a toilet to have a shit in peace as sacred and to actually pull a guy off the seat like that to be a gross violation and I'd like to think these incidents were isolated and that security and respect were soon initiated.

I suppose I feel especially strongly about this sort of thing at the moment, having recently had such difficulties trying to go, that the last thing I would have wanted in that state would be guys like that around me.

So much of what we share here is the enjoyment of using toilets and often the companionship and respect etc, so to remind ourselves about the negative side about going to the toilet is very unpleasant. Those older guys must have thought themselves as supremely assertive in treating other younger boys like that but I wonder if anyone ever got their own back and did they ever have to shit at school, and what of the boys who avoided using the toilets again and was their time at school a miserable time?

Well, The world contains a lot of people who get their kicks in cruel ways so it is inevitable some of them will take advantage of others who want to just do their biological functions.

Thanks for telling us about what happened and I hope you , at least, were spared these indignities and that all your visits to the toilet since then have been enjoyable and hassle-free! All best wishes.

TONY, Fascinating account of the young and skinny guy in the next cubicle to you. I'd LOVE to have heard all that and then seen the results of his efforts after! I loved your onamatoepiac descriptions of his plops and hearing what he said as he pushed out his turds. All that's left to my imagination is how well-splashed his arse got as they dropped into the pan!
Another example of how one's physique has no bearing on the sounds they make on the toilet!

Sorry to hear all your recent troubles, KENDAL & ANDREW.
I've read about several mothers who have appeared to act in very vindictive ways, but much of what people do that is cruel is, I think, motivated by fear. Perhaps she has since realised her fears were unfounded, but glad you have the support of all of us here who know exactly how intimate and yet innocent your activities are.
She has merely made a mistake which has caused a lot of bitterness and shock, so hope you can see it like that and come through it and not have any further trouble.
Perhaps she already realises that but at least you know you've done nothing wrong and that is what matters. Good Luck.

On a much lighter note- Did anyone see the serialised documentary on Channel 4 on tv about the volunteers living on Taransay?
People living on this remote island for a year had a double toilet. Not for two people at once, but so one toilet could be used for solids and the other for weeing in.
The one for shitting in was an earth closet and the urine one presumably was piped off somewhere but I thought what a strange requirement to make that if someone was sitting there using it for one purpose, they were expected to shift over to the other one if they needed to do the other thing!
Would anyone be so conscientious as to stick to this rule?
I wouldn't shit in the urine toilet, but if I was sitting on the shitting toilet and started to piss, I'd stay where I was!

My health is still good, I'm having one easy and quick session on the toilet as soon as I get up, and am continuing to reduce the dosage, until by next week I should be able to do without it and then be back to normal turds but at the first sign of trouble- have some laxative before I get in that state I was in.

I wish everyone well and will "drop in again soon"! P P G

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

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