Ring Stretcher
I had the mother of all poops yesterday! I was at the grocery store with boyfriend when the urge came on. I whispered in his ear that I had to shit and it felt like a monster one. Needless to say we paid for our steaks, strawberries, bread and got out of there fast.
As soon as I got inside I sat my pretty ass on the toilet facing the tank I tinkled like a horse and scoted my butt towards the sink so it was hanging over the edge and began obeying the urge to push as he got a flashlight and old piepan for a better view. My hole puckered and domed out as the dark brown tip of the softball size turd came into view. I moaned at the pleasant sensation and closed her up. After a minute of gathering my strength I gave a mighty push. My ring opened up really wide as he encourage me to push harder. I took in a deep breath, gripped the side of the bowl and went "NNNNNNNGGGGGNNNNNNN!"
My ring spread imposibly wide as the monster turd slowly crept out of my hole inch by inch, leaving pleasant tingling sensations. It landed in the pie pan five minutes later with a heavy "thunk" and gave off a strong smell which he didn't mind.
"There's more to come out," I said panting from my effort. After a loud booming fart I pushed hard and one by one 17 egg size turds dropped out!!! It felt so good as each one opened my hole and exited my trembling body that I was moaning between loud grunts, which was sort of embarrassing but oh well. The sense of relief was amazing!
Afterward we had the best steak dinner, sour dough bread, salad and strawberry shortcake. I'm sure it will go into the formation of my next big shit!

Sara T, did you just sit your bare ass right on the park bench? Didn't your butt get wet? It sure is a lot easier than squatting over a bush though, don't you think?

Last night i went out to eat and i had a big meal. Any way ate and then i came home, i was almost home when a sudden urge to shit came on. It was on and second i felt ok then the next second i felt like i could blow any time. Luckly i was almost home. When i got home the urge wasn't that bad. I still went up stairs and took a shit. It was really loose and soft. The last wave was pure liquid. I think i went one other time last night. I Wiped about 8 times.
Then this morning i get up and read the paper, then an urge to shit comes on again. It was much better then yesterday, it was still a little loose and mushy but it was soild.

Good picture...that girl is very tall

Has anyone put a empty fleet emena container tip up their butt hole squeezed it to produce gas in the gut? It is quite a sensation the pressure builds each time you do it you will be farting for hours after you do this. It also produces some good shits. Ted

That girl I was telling you about finally peed outside. We were at the park and she said she had to go. So I told her to go in this tire bridge. She told me not to watch but I got in a few peeks. And when I went over to see the rocks were soaked. She must of really had to of gone pee really bad.

Plunging Plop Guy: I saw in your postings about how you asked if any guys had been hassled while dumping in a doorless stall. I'm a college guy and me and my buddies often drink evenings at a local bar where all the frat guys hang out. The restroom has a sink near the entrance, a trough urinal and furthest in a shallow doorless stall. One night I needed to shit real bad. I'd been real constipated, but that night the pressure had built up real bad. I sat down on the shitter. A group of frat guys came in to piss, but one of them needed to take a dump. After a couple of minutes he appeared at the stall entrance and said: "Hey man, have you fallen asleep in there. I need to shit real bad." I told him that I would try to get done real quick. Anyway, my turds were real hard and it took a lot of straining to get them to come out. They just sort dangled out of my asshole. The guy reappeared at the stall entrance and said sarcastically: "Hey dude, have you ever tried taking Ex-Lax." I just ignored him, but he called over a couple of guys who had been pissing and said to them: "Hey look at this f****** dude, he's been here forever." One of them said to me: "Hey dude, whats your problem." I had tried to be patient up till then, but got real angry. I lifted my butt off the seat and showed them the log dangling from my asshole and said: "This is the f****** problem." They just laughed, but they all left the restroom and I got done shitting without any further hassle. The advice you gave to that other guy about the evangelists sure does work, but I guess that anyone shitting in a doorless stall is really crapping in public and you can't stop dudes from hassling you if they want. When I was at Highschool, the school bullies often used to wait for guys to take a crap in the doorless stalls. They would then do all kinda things to them and most guys only took a shit at school if they could not wait till after school.

Hi everyone!!

Melissa......How long do you like to hold your poos for? Have you ever held on a bit too long and shit yourself? And how long is the longest you can remember holding on for? I like the idea of you sitting on the toilet with your head on your knees while pushing out a shit. It would be a great sight to see, especially from behind :)

Plunging Plop Guy......Good to hear you're getting better in the shitting department, hopefully you'll be back to nice big, easy, splashy logs soon!! Those toilets I described in my last post did have a longer drop from seat height to water level than normal. The height of the seat was also higher from the floor than usual, which I quite liked. The depth of the water in the S bend was also deeper than normal, so there was lots of nice cold water just waiting to splash all my toilet bits!!! It's a pity that I can't revisit the ones at my old workplace again, but the ones at the lookout down the coast I certainly can. Perhaps I'll be able to visit them this Easter break. I will certainly post a splash by splash account of it hear if I do!!!!

I just got back from the toilet and an unbeleivably quick shit. Like I just sat down, and out it came......PLOP. It's a pity as it was big and didn't get much of a chance to feel it coming out. Still, it did shoot a nice big blob of cold water right back up my hole. I then did a little bit of a dribbly wee and then had a look in the bowl. A good ten incher, about one and a half thick and very smooth. It must have been teflon coated!!! That's all I had in me so I grabbed some paper to wipe, wiping in my usual spiral pattern winding inwards until I reach my hole and insert the paper right in. Having a look at the paper, there was just a smear on there so wiped again to be sure. This time I wrapped the paper around my finger so I could really clean myself good. More shit on the paper this time but the outside of my hole was clean so that was it.

All of this seemed to have taken less than a minute, so maybe I made it within the Marines 45 second shitting time!! Normally I take much longer, holding onto my poos, letting them out slowly and generally savouring the whole experience. I didn't plan on having such a quick shit, it just happened that way. I hope I don't get many more like this, it's over before I can truly enjoy it!!!!

Many happy toiletings to you all!!


Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I really enjoy the stories I've read. I'm a 17 year old guy and I also have a hard time pooping at school. Like a lot of schools our stalls don't have doors on them but, the way they are positioned it's not so bad. They are along the walls right next to the urinals and there are two toilets on bolth sides. They are facing each other so the only peolple that see you are also pooping so it's not as bad seeing as they are going through the same thing I am. Anyway, I find when I have to go at school there is always at least one guy that comes in and looks at me funny like they don't do it. I find pooping rather enjoyable and it's always a good conversation with my friends when the poop subject comes up. I also find it easer to poop at any public place when there is a guy (easer if it is someone I know like a friend of mine) taking a poop next to me. Look for me to be a regular at this site from now on and I'll love to hear from you guy! s and gals. One last question before I let you go. Do you guys ever get those people that look at you funny when you are trying to take a poop at school? It's really humiliating don't you think?

PENNY - Love Your Posts. Tell us more. Perhaps about when just out walking in the boonies?

Lots of posts on here about porta potties but anyone have to use those old fashioned pit outhouses lately, where you spread the lime afterwards? There's one of them, a 2-holer, at the site of an old miner's shack on a river trail, not far from the Crest trail. Last fall I was up there on a hike and stopped to rest at the site. A couple of ladies maybe 30-ish came hiking along and stopped to use the facility. I took a look after they left. They both went in at the same time, and came out together. It looked like they had buddy dumped, each on a hole to themselves. Two nice big round solid piles of poop and a bit of kleenex they must have brought themselves. The lime had been all used up long ago. A nice lingering smell of healthy poop too.

Twice Shy
Quite the doctor she was

This happened when I was 7 years old and a fellow 2nd grader abducted me to her home for what started as the ordinary game of "doctor" (e.g., "you can touch mine if I can touch yours"). However, it soon became clear that this practitioner had more involved procedures in mind. First up was a trip to the bathroom, where I was instructed in no uncertain terms to urinate for the purposes of her observation. Not fully satisfied with these findings, I later found myself spread-eagled in her basement, where a sort of procto exam commenced, only sans scope. I still can't remember if she really reached up there or just parted the cleft to take a remote look--"I'm checking", she informed me, ostensibly for the imminent arrival of feces. I guess some professionals in the field get an early start. I still wonder whatever became of her. Needless to say, when I was released from the examination chamber, I ran for it, as with Bruce Willis after he completes his treatment of Maynar! d and Zed in "Pulp Fiction". How humiliating.

John VT: Iíve been so busy lately, but I wanted to send a special note just to you. How are you doing sweetie? Iíve been eating lots of good food lately! I did a real poopy load of Chicken Parmagiana the other day. It was ripe! It came out in four big splashes in the ladies room of the restaurant. Itís rare that I ever have to poop whenever Iím in a restuarant. I heard other women come and go, grunting and plopping, but I finally left a big one that circled the bowl and wouldnít flush. It smelled very, very rich like the restaurant food. I thought of you, and how you like my poopy smells and I wanted to send you this story and an internet kiss. XXXXXX!

PV: Thanks hon for your beautiful wishes. I guess Iíll have to hang on to Jake since he is the most wonderful guy Iíve ever met. He and Cruz took off somewhere today in Cruzí rental car. Those two get along great. I know you really care about me and for that, I love you.

Louise: Iíd like to learn to pee standing up for when Iím out hiking. I get the creeps squatting in heavy brush or weeds. Renee would crap right out on the prairie next to her horse. You sound really, really cool. Wish I had you and PV in my neighborhood.

Jeff A: You flatter me so much! YES! Iíd love to see those sketches! Iíll bet theyíre nice. How can you draw me though when you've never even seen me? Is it an artist thing? I get so turned on to artists and sensitive men. Iím also very intrigued by what Rizzo said youíd written some time back for a fellow poster here who passed away. Iíll bet itís beautiful. Iím going to try and find it. As for myself, I really donít know why I do such big turds, I just do. Many of them wonít flush and have to be broken up. The one that Jake had in his hand was a monster. Instead of throwing it away like I asked, he put in on a piece of toilet paper and wieghed it on our scale. It was almost 3 pounds! As for the video, no release date yet.

Rizzo: Thank you for your sweet and loving words. You sound like such a wonderful man, crying in the rain. Thatís beautiful. I remember crying for Heather too. I hate to see people hurt. Especially in this beautiful forum. Now Iím really curious to find what it was that Jeff had written so far back. August of 99 you say? You're a dear man. Iíll try to write that novel some day just for you. It makes me feel happy whenever I see your name here.
Love you.

Stunk out in NY: I have a smell, but it goes away pretty quickly. Somedays itís bad, but nobody really complains. When I first started my current job, Iíd get blamed for the pooping smells that someone else was making which were really gross. I overheard someone saying about me when they didnít know I could hear: ďItís probably that Mexican girl. Mexicans always have smelly shit, and the runs and leave messes.Ē That really hurt my feelings I gotta tell you. It made me feel like I didnít belong. From that day on, Iíve always gone downstairs to use the ladies room. Fortunately I got transferred to that floor. Maybe this gal will get transferred too. My sympathies to you!

I have a great story about me and my sisters Iíll tell when I get a chance. For now I want to spend what little time I have left with them and my brother Cruz!

To Jeff A,
Just a quick last word before we go. It is very good to hear that you do not have too long to wait before you get your mobility back. I do hope you do not reach a plateau during your recovery. Yes, you are quite right. Wing Chun was Bruce Lee's base style, and he devised JKD due to perceptions he had of deficiencies in the Wing Chun system.
Certainly Wing Chun is deeply ingrained in me, even more so than the Aikido I took up later. Wing Chun is great for close quarters stuff, but my closest friend and I, after agonising over it, decided to give Aikido a try due to its aim of neutralising rather than annihilating aggression. I would have preferred never to have needed to use self defence training at any time, but there have been instances when I have been left no choice (sadly with today's 'society' I cannot help but believe there will be further times in the future), and the last was around three years ago. On that occasion a simple Wing Chun slap block, grab hand and palm strike did the trick as I recall.
I think Louise is doing very well, but she needs to practice more. As she always says to those other women on this forum who pee in a standing position, practice practice practice.
I certainly will write on our return. In the meantime, don't rush yourself in your rehabilitation. Literally don't try to run before you can walk, take it steadily, and let us hope you can be as good as, if not better than you were before the accident. Perhaps in the near future, some appropriate exercise with your wife would be in order ;) Take care now.

To Rizzo,
Thanks for your comments on urine flow rates. We have yet to repeat the experiment, but we will. You read that females average a lower flow rate than men? Hmm, interesting. Let us examine a few things relating to flow rates in men. It seems rather a simplistic statement when you take into account all the relevant factors and variables. If you consider the male flow rate, it will be influenced by a number
of things. Age, fullness of the bladder and the strength of the urge to urinate, and of course the erectile state at the time. I can only speak for myself, but certainly the last two factors play major parts in how my own flow rate varies. I have noticed that even the very slightest change toward an erect state seems to significantly reduce my flow rate. At such times, my stream is narrower, obviously due to narrowing of the urethra. With no penile swelling whatsoever accompanied by a strong urge to urinate, it appears that I have an increased rate of flow. Probably this is the case with most guys. Certainly the flow rate will reduce with age, and that reduction is drastic in the case of a guy with prostate trouble. I definitely believe there is more variation in urine flow rates among women than is the case among men. In my time I have seen what I regard as a high number of urine streams from different women. Many females squirt a steady, smooth stream like men do. Many m! ore produce long, slow trickles without any real pressure at all. Then there are a few who expel their urine in more spectacular fashion. Probably the two fiercest female urinations I have observed personally came from the same girl. It was from a couple of years ago when Louise and I were on a nudist beach in Spain. Very close to us there was a group of around ten girls around 20 years of age. They had all been drinking, and all of them casually urinated in the open when they needed. One of those girls, I believe of Pakistani extraction, squatted in the sand and gave an awesome sub-10 second blast, the like of which I had never seen before. Her friends were as astonished as I was. She repeated the performance a while later, and it must be quite the usual thing for her to perform that way. Possibly she is at the extreme 100 ml per second end of the scale as you have mentioned. It would have been fascinating to have discussed it with her, but it is no way to introduce yourself ! is it? <snicker>
Ah yes, Jackie's performance! It was an unexpected, but very welcome surprise. I do indeed feel very lucky to have seen that, and to have many other such experiences too. As you have previously said, the peeing contest in the showers was a remarkable event, and truly they are such a loveable bunch of ladies.
By the way, great tale about the farmhouse. I imagine any mention of farmhouses will have a special significance for you in the future. Louise rather enjoys your wife's sink method - and from where I stand, what a view!

Rather an agonised expression the latest girl on the masthead picture is wearing. From that it would appear that she is straining quite hard - must be a large turd.
Kim, is that anything like your own facial expression when you are taking a dump?


Traveling Guy- Interesting question. Let me explain as I regard myself as an expert as I once peed my pants before my husband showed me how to pee outside. Two methods.
1) Pants to the knees, bum on the back of the heels and an upright posture=pee straight down as the native American didi.
2) Pants off, ankles shoulder width or wider if possible and bum well down between the heels. Really down on haunches. The classic outdoor poo position. Pee goes forwards as the equipment points that way and there is more pressure. Poo drops out very cleanly. Men cannot do it unless the hose is manipulated.

Someone asked for embarressing diahrea stories. I've got one from just the other day. I was spending the day with my girlfriend. She needed a couple things from the grocery store & since it was a nice day & the store is only 7 blocks we walked there. We were on our way back when I got a really bad cramp that stopped me in my tracks. She stopped too & asked if I was ok. I told her I really needed a toilet & quick. We were about 4 blocks from home & started walking faster. I was letting out a fart here & there. Aabout half a block from her place I let another fart only it wasn't. It was a wet one & smooshed into my underwear. She knew what happened but we just continued to her place. She opened the door but as soon as I stepped inside I lost it & totally crapped myself. To make matters worse I began to piss my pants. I couldn't hold it anylonger. She helped me to the bathroom where I stripped off my pants/underwear & quickly sat on the can ! to have wave after wave of really bad diarhea. I was totally emberresed to have done this in front of her but she was so sweet about it & helped me clean up. I had it really bad for the rest of the day & part of the next. I didn't crap myself again but i did piss my pants one more time when i didn't get up from the couch in time.

Donnie M.

Just a few words here concerning boot camp and the service. A bit ago I wrote about experiences in boot camp and how the recruits had to adjust to using the latrines. There were like 30 toilets lined up in a row in the latrine plus a metal trough to pee in. The story I wrote was about how the "kids" some just out of high school had a hard time crappin sitting next to another guy trying to poop. No privacy, just a line of crapperss. How the poor guys would go several days or a week without shitting until they had to go on "sick call" and get some mineral oil or anything to help them out.

With regards to the Marines and the 45 second poop limit, well that may be the case in one camp. But As I was in the service, the drill sargents and company commnaders had the final say on how long chow was, when you got up, and when you ate and when you rested. Normally we got up at 3 or 4 AM, got the bunks made and dressed. Made it to the washroom/latrine, shaved , washed up, peed and got ready for breakfast.There may be exceptions to this as I said some DI's might make up rules to suit them. Maybe they find some recruits loafing a round and not caring and draggin ass when you do have a schedule to keep up for getting dressed, fed and out to training. I was lucky where I was in with a whole group of RFA's ( thats reserve troop f rom home doing a 6 month duty) and regular army and all were mixed in. There were pretty much aware of what goes on and the brass didnt harass them much. Then again, their"Daddies" were bird coronels and brass back home. So again, its up ! to the company the guys are in and the staff that determines the time for crappin, eating and so on.

Later I wrote about the guys going overseas on a troop ship and how sick they were and hugging the pots down the head. You couldnt take a shit cause the 20 or so toilets they had were being held by seasick guys who lay on the deck (floor) hugging the pot or just laying there sick.

Going back to basic again, I mentioned how some of the boys would go and engorge themselves with milk and other foods and find out that out in the field they hadda crap bad and I know for a fact a few shit their pants from the runs from drinkin all that milk and stuff. Also you can imagine, that a few guys were given a detail to clean the latrines and toilets. Right. So they do a good job, they thought, but the sargents would come in with WHITE gloves and run their fingers all over the place looking for dirt. They, finding not much, would run their hand UNDER the rim of the toilet bowl. Always came up with brown stains. Ouch, meant another day or two latrine duty till you got it right. Generally though, the diet you were fed was very good, lots of v?????s and meats and milk, coffee and so on. You might hear jokes about "Army" food, but thats the joke. The food IS good, not like home but ok. This made you able to go into the toilets after breakfast and sit and shit! (yes in 15 seonds) with no problem.

So then while there is some meaness scattered thru the ranks in the military, you find less and less of that today. Those tv programs showing Boot camp and some exaggeration of how the boys are picked on are just that, for the movies. Else no one would ever join up or stay in the camp not going AWOL.

Going to the field was another thing with having to crap in a ditch behind a screen with everyone else stooping down and letting they crap fly. Once you got used to the toilets at the barracks and crapping next to the other guy this was no problem. Cept for the cold sometimes your ween might get cold. :) For details what I had said before in posting you have to go back a bit to late March 01 or early April.Anyone wanting more details Id be glad to answer.
Donnie M..........................>not to confuse me with others by
the same name<.........

Traveling Guy
Wow, today's masthead beauty is one of the best in a long time, I'd say, the way she's leaning so far forward, the total concentration on her face, the way her arms are folded across her thighs. She's definitely well into a good dump. By the time it's all over, I'll bet she'll have used up most that TP roll, if not all. Her only problem might be the kind of toilet she's sitting on. The bowl is very shallow under the user's butt and slopes gradually down to the drain hole, so if you drop a really long jobbie, it has no place to fall easily and the top of it can smear against your bum.

M'LADIES - Hoping to see some replies to my question yesterday about which direction your pee stream naturally goes when squatting. Louise's post makes me think she means it arcs forward when women squat. Anyone else?

Sorry for the bad english but it isn't the language I speak.

Last year in my class one girl, Lisa, had to do a report in front of the class. She was wearing a lightblue skirt and a white shirt. In those days her nose was very blocked. During her report suddenly there was a sound like a wet fart and she became red in her face. Everybody dit smell, that it wasn't only a fart, exept her. She thought that nobody noticed it and continued with the report. Now she became more and more tens. Suddenly there was again the sound of a wet fart and she became red again. But now there trickled brown drops down the ground. Everybody in my class was shocked about that and when the trickle stops there was a big brown puddle on the ground. Tears came out of her eyes when she lifted her skirt and saw what she have done. Her white slip was brown on the back. Many of the class were laughing about her and now she was also peeing through the slip down on the ground. She had to took off her skirt and her slip in front of the class and she also had to clean the ground alone. In the break she cleaned herself, her skirt and her slip and hang them on the heating next to her place. Her slip had still a brown spot at the back and a yellow one in the front because only with water there was no way to do that better. She sat the hole next lesson without slip or skirt. Many looked her between her legs. Then she put on her slip and her skirt but they were not completely dry. She said: "It doesn't metter!". Now in our last lesson for this day it became dry during she was wearing them. Before she left our classroom first time after her accident she again lifted her skirt and the slip wasn't realy clean. Then she left school. Next day she had to continue her report in the first lesson and she was wearing a red skirt which reached to the knees and again a white shirt. When she stand in front of the class she looked embrassed. Our teacher asked her if she want to go to the toilet before continueing the report but she said no. After a few minutes there was a sound like a wet fart and only seconds after there was the next one which sounded much more wet. It sounded if she was shitting her slip but when the teacher looked quickly under her skirt he couldn't see a brown spot. Lisa was smiling now and she said sorry for the farts. But there was again the smell of shit. We opened the windows to get fresh air. Now she finished her report and became mark two. She walked to her seat and sat carefully down. We couldn't explain this to us. In the third lesson we boys had an hour free because the girls had sport/P.E. and then in the break after the girls told us her secret. She weared really a diaper under her skirt and our teacher didn't notice this when he looked under the skirt. Lisa didn't need join in sport because of her bad cold. When the girls changed her clothes in the dressing room suddenly one of them pulled down Lisa's skirt and she was standing there in diapers. She became red in her face and said that she was des peared about the accident the day before and had no choice. Then she told in the break that she was so nervous in front of the class. Lisa said that she normaly do not mess her slip. Till today I think nobody told this accident to anybody and that she was wearing a diaper our teacher never found out.

Just a few quick things-Another great pic of a girl sitting on the bowl getting ready to wipe-looks like she just got done doing a good poop-nice pic-hey,you guys are on a great roll lately!
Thanks to RIZZO and DA MAN for their suggestions on my problem with the small print on the posting section!Thanks
Hopefully i'll have the new computer the next time i talk to you all-must go-see ya! BYE

TRAVELING GUY - The angle does vary quite a bit and it
is affected if a girl dribbles and does not pee a hard
stream. So it may be that the masthead girl will be
all right to pee like that if she dribbles. Some girls
do it straight down and some do it forwards, it does
depend on the girl. There was a girl on here who said
she peed over the top of the front of the toilet if she
tried sitting down to wee! I told her to hover and
bend over and she would be all right if she did that.
Oh yeah, the position matters a lot.

JEFF A - Hi guy! I am very well, thank you kind sir. I
hope you are feeling better each day. When you get
back on your feet I hope you will exercise a bit and
get your fitness back because you will need to work
at it a bit after getting hurt. Not too much of a workout
you know. Yes I am taller than many women. I am 5 feet 9
tall and when I stand I do look down at most of the
women I work with. I do not always do big turds myself.
A lot of the time I do lots of small lumps that are fun
to have pop out, but I do like how a large turd feels
when it is on its way out. Your wife does sound a lot
of fun.

RIZZO - Hi!!! That was a nice story about you and your
wife weeing in the sink in the farmhouse, I really
enjoyed it. Thank you for saying how your wife used the
sink, I did it again like that in the bathroom last
night when we were just getting ready to go to bed, and
I know Steve liked what he saw! I think my letters are
narrow because I write my letters in an editor and
paste it into the box on the page. Steve doesn't, he
just writes in the box without an editor. Oh and
thank you kind sir for the nice things you said about me.
I hope my letters keep you fixed to your screen.

PV - Hi! Yeah I thought about just having a wee in the
stall in the men's and then going, but I just said to
myself that I really had to use the urinal because that
was why I went in there. I thought I would wee in the
same urinal as the guy and have my wee wash his away.
It was fun to do that. I really really could not
chicken out.
That is a good way to have a tissue ready in one hand
the way you did. I always just forget to get something
to wipe with and I have to think about getting some
paper afterwards.
I have to go now but I will write to you when we come
back from Scotland. We are going to stay with a friend
of mine who I think I have told you about from Christmas
time. I am interested in having another swim in her
indoor pool.



Historian: Thanks for that cool list of movies showing guys taking a shit. I'd like to add three others to the list:

Threesome: In this movie the really cute Stephen Baldwin is on the shitter taking a dump with the bathroom door open. His newly-assigned college roommate played by Josh Charles (whom he has never met) walks in and sees Baldwin on the crapper.

Kiss Me Guido: In this movie a hunky, young Italian American from the Bronx moves to Manhattan and unknowingly takes a gay roommate. Shortly after he moves in with the gay guy, the Italian hunk needs to take a shit. We see him go into the bathroom, pull down his pants and then cover the toilet seat with toilet paper. Unfortunately, the camera does not stay so there are no good sound effects. Later in the movie we see the cute guy's Dad take a dump with all the sound effects. This is not nearly as good even with the sound effects since the actor is a somewhat gross old man.

Final Destinations: In this movie we see the young actor Devon Sawa at Kennedy Airport ready to take off to Paris with a group of guys and girls. A buddy of Devon persuades him that they both need to take a shit before boarding. Otherwise, he says, if they do it on the plane the two chicks they like may not like it if they come into the plane's bathroom after the two guys have stunk it out. Devon and his buddy head to the airport restroom and we get a cute shot of them taking a dump on toilets in adjacent stalls.

Please other posters, add to the list of movies showing guys taking a dump!

RIZZO -- That's perfectly true, if you miss the bath altogether, you only need to clean up! But in the days when I was learning to rewire my brain around AP, I regularly had a wee on the bathroom floor just for fun, and rinsed it all drown the drain afterward!

A Roman settlement -- how I'd like to work on such a dig! Not quite my specialization, I work centuries earlier and a fair way east, but what the hell, a gal's gotta be flexible! Mm, I can see me doing a standing squirt behind parked trucks or whatever, especially in hot weather when you have to keep drinking gallons to be able to work!

Mmmm -- I hope Kendal has some cute stories for her Auntie and Uncle, and all her friends here!

STEVE & LOUISE -- Well, I think your calculations sound spot on! my bladder will never be as big a Louise's but I have a pretty good flow rate that doubtless contributes to the range I can manage by helping establish muzzle velocity!

That was a sweet evening out for you two and Louise's friend -- again, a delightful image, and a big smile at the prospect! have a nice time in Scotland, and we all look forward to your return. Take care!

JEFF.A -- Many thanks, dude! And these days I rarely ever suffer from AP. I manage the condition pretty well, and have acheived some pretty fair succcess in "liberating my bladder" as it were. I'm very happy with my progress. I'll consider myself cured 100% when I can have a wee without inhibition anywhere, anytime, in any company.

TRAVELLING GUY -- Glad to answer -- the direction of a woman's urine stream will depend on many factors, not least the makeup of her intimate equipment. Some women have outles that angle further down, others further up. Add to that posture, eg., how straight the back is in the squat, plus how much pressure is being used, and you can have a pee stream with a lot of variation. If a woman leans forward and just lets her stream flow gently, chances are it'll drop straight. If she is squatting up straight and nature is with her, plus lots of pressure, she'll water the ground way out front!

REDGUY -- I defaecated in my panties a few times when I was a teenager, just for the fascination of it. While I found it interesting, clearly it didn't appeal all that much, as the habit didn't stick around!

All my best,


Anne (housewife)
redguy. I've had the odd 'accident' at home when I've been too lazy or procuppied to go on time. Luckily it's not been very often though! I'm more likely to have 'close calls' ie get there but only just in time.

Carol (housewife). I liked your story about buddy dumping. Keep them coming!


The people who post and visit this site are very rare, special
and unusual. I'm deeply hurt to learn of the tragedy
concerning Heather. You have my deepest sympathy.


I'm from Austin, Texas and I have done secret work for the
government. Sometimes my fight or flight response causes
unusual things to happen that seem like magic powers. While
repairing Chemical Reactors and Robotics at the most
advanced compuer chip facility in the world, I ran into a gay
evil doctor of Psychology. Let's just say he didn't like me too
much and was willing to take any and every step to get rid of
me. Not long after that, movies started coming out that bore
a funny resemblence to my life. Shame they didn't send me
any of that money.


Your posts are great. You must have been a really
adventurous little kid.


Someone else mentioned "Wierd Science" but another one
that came out at about the same time was "16 candles".
When I saw it at the movie theater it had a scene in it where
Anthony Micheal Hall steals Molly Ringwold's panties while
she's on the toilet having a poo. He reaches up under the
stall and grabs them since they are already down past her
knees. He then takes them back to the boys and they all
cheer, thinking he made whoopie with her. I've never seen
this uncut version at the rental store. The only ones I've
seen have the bathroom scene cut out, and you just see him
following her down the hall, then displaying her panties.
Without the bathroom scene it doesn't make much sense
because she clearly doesn't like him much and would never
voluntarily give up her undies to him.


This one is one of the many stories I have to tell about the
girl I almost married when I was in my early twenties. I'll
call her Donna. Donna had sandy blonde hair of shoulder
length and striking blue eyes. She was very bright and ended
up graduating at the top of her class in law school. Most
weekends we spent on my sailboat. It was on one of these
mornings that this story begins. Donna usually had one
massive dump a month, usually a day or two after her
period was finished. It was on one of these days that we
woke up while being anchored in a nice cove on the lake. I
had been up a while and had made coffee and eaten
breakfast. She awoke and began to stir around. Normally
she was very attractive, but today she was in a shambles due
to the war with her hormones. She had played sports in high
school and was a tough girl. She didn't complain much
about pain, and this morning she was quiet even though it
was obvious her body was a hormonal torture chamber. Her
face was red, hair was in tatters, eyes were squinting and
her forehead was creased. She was like one giant knot, but
soon it would gracefully begin to unravel. Not long after her
coffee, she asked me to pass her the bucket. I have a yellow
bucket that serves as an auxilliary toilet and a blue one for
fresh water uses. Inside the boat's cabin was a squared "U"
shaped sofa. She sat in the corner and removed her white
shorts. She was wearing a white T-shirt, with her hair up in
a destroyed pony tail. She then put the bucket between her
legs and started a trickle. She didn't have very much to pee
so it ended pretty quickly. She then took a deep breath and
began to bear down. Silently, a huge brown mass began to
slowly hang down from her bottom. Gradually, almost
imperceptably, the tense muscles of her aching body began
to relax. I remember being struck by the thought that this
should be a most horrendous sight for a man, seeing a
woman so dishevelled and pushing out a massive
movement, but all I could feel was beauty. It was strangely
beautiful to watch all of the tension and axiety in my love
gradually melting away. I'll never forget it.
Her log was huge. It moved very slowly down to the bottom of the bucket, almost
touching the bottom before the massive wieght of it began to stretch it at the top. It
eventually broke by the sheer size of it and fell with a heavy thud. It had to have been a 14
incher that coiled back on itself. She pushed out a little air and one or two smaller pieces.
She sighed in relief and her demeaner began to improve noticeably. She wiped herself and
handed me the bucket so I could take it out and rinse it like usual. I went out onto the
cockpit and dumped it over. Still though, there remained a small brown mark in the
bottom of the bucket. Over time I have rinsed it with chlorine, exposed it to ultra violet
sunlight and plenty of oxygen, all of which kill germs. I have never brought myself to
scour out that tiny brown mark though, and after fourteen years it remains there to this
day. Within half an hour, her tension had melted away and she was beginning to be the
good natured, attractive blue eyed woman I was in love with again. We finished the day
having a subdued, relaxing day at the lake.

Im not sure if any one has been asking for Male bathroom sceens in movies or not. I know of one, but i may have posted about this once before. Last night on Disney channel there was a movie on called "Airborne" about this 17 year old surfer in california who movies to Cinncinatti because his parents go away for 6 months, he lives with his aunt and uncle and his cousin Wiley. He goes to high school there and some of the guys done like him and they do some things to him and stuff. He just doesn't fit in. Any way there is this sceen where he his seen on the toilet at school(he is a hot dude) taking a shit, you can see his pants pulled down to his legs, you can see his boxer shorts. Then these guys come in the bathroom and the toilet paper in all the stalls are hanging up above the stall and then they take water and poor it all over every single roll of toilet paper. So now he doesn't have any thing to wipe with. Then you see him walking in the hall way funny, guess so he doesn't ! get his boxers dirty. Any one see this??

Then yesterday i was at another website called twistedhumor...they have jokes and animated ones too. The one animated one was about these guys peeing in a urinal and next to them was this guy that looked like a girl

Then on this other animated(file) there is one called "Lepercon" about Little Jonny. One day little Jonny was at school and was at his desk and looked really uncomfortable and he raised his had and said to his teacher can i go to the bathroom? his teacher said i guess you can. Then you see him in the bathroom on a door less stall sitting there(couldn't see any thing but his pants pulled down).Then he realizes he has noting to wipe with so he uses his hands and he wants to show the teacher and the teacher sends him to the principles office for it and the principle sends him home and he gets grounded then finially he shows his dad...and he said it was a little lepercon.

Bryian- I went back in and blew my nose. I do this often if I see an attractive male enter the bathroom and take a while.

Today I went to pee and went in right behind this other guy. I went to the urinal and he went into the stall. He sat down and immediatly I heard the crackling of his poop and a couple of soft farts that echoed ever so softly. He grunted a little and I heard a few turds splash in the toilet. I heard him breath heavy and then start pushing again and right as he did he let a rather loud echoing fart (very short however). I washed my hands and left the bathroom. From my seat I can see the restroom and I saw him come out and go sit with his friend. I overheard them talking and he said, "Go take a wif in the bathroom man...I dropped a stinky one" Needless to say, I was very pleased and proud of the dude. If only I could do that.

Melissa (NY) - Sorry, I was the "unnamed poster". For some reason, my label was truncated. I am still amazed by your story, ripping up the road in that awesome Viper, then blasting out those monster, queen size logs. It's a good thing that you drive a car that can really motor. I just re-read your story again, that's how much I liked it.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Anyone crap their pants at home? I have, many a time.


Traveling Guy
A question for the femmes - About that curly headed lass on the masthead, the one who is/was squatting over the toilet to pee: is it natural for women's pee to run straight down like that when peeing in a squatting position? I'm confused because one time in Ecuador I came walking around a corner and saw a young woman squatting at the curb, her skirt pulled up to her waist, shooting her pee stream in a three foot arc out into the street. On the other hand, I often saw native American women squat over a street drain to pee without even lifting their ankle-length skirts. So which direction comes naturally and which has to be controlled? Does position alone control the direction? Does it vary from woman to woman? Can someone enlighten me here? PV, maybe? Thanks.

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