I can't believe there is so much silence from Historian and
Movie Fan over the question of who made the first female
poop scene. Surely they're not going to let me get this one
without a contest are they? At any rate, with a little team
work from Donnie C. , I finally may have a winner or at
least a tie. If the sweating, farting pig one is "Last Tango"
then its out of the running since it was made in '73. "Caged
Heat", although a clear poo scene, was also an early '70's
one. I'm ruling out "The Shooting" since it sounds like the
scene is implied and not shown. "Patch of Blue" was made
the earliest, but there seems to be some debate as to
whether its a poo scene or not. That leaves "The Graduate"
('67 ) as being the first. I distinctly remember her being
shown on the toilet, calling out to Dustin to bring her purse.
If it was a pee scene, you wouldn't be there long enough to
ask someone to get something for you (unless it was for a
maxi-pad, which I can't prove or disprove), therefore, I'm
calling "The Graduate" #1.

CONTACT LENS GUY : Allstar post, dude!


Your childhood makeshift toilets question must have been
before I found this site, but I'd still like to add my name to
the hat. When I was a kid, my friend and I made clay "Pee
Pots" no bigger than a fist that had little drain pipes and
everything. We dried the clay in the hot Texas sun. Needless
to say, they were a real challenge to hit but, being boys, we
loved to try to aim at things. I also had an old wooden
barrel to sit on in my clubhouse. I discovered that you could
turn it upsidedown and there was a hole cut in it just the
right size for a rear end. Having a paper route, I would put
a plastic newspaper bag down the hole and thumb tack it to
the "seat". My mother was a real prude from a catholic
school so I was terrified of getting caught using it. It only
got used once when my little friend Monique came over.
She was very impressed with it and had a wee on it. We
pulled out the bag when she was done and buried it in the
back yard. I didn't know it then, but 6 inches deep and 100
feet away from the nearest water source is actually the
proper field technique taught by the State Park Rangers!

PV: Can you give us a historical or ancient poo story?

CONSTRUCTION TRIVIA : Plumbers who work on
newly put together plumbing are known as "PipeFitters",
however, Plumbers who have to make service calls to
residences are sometimes referred to as "Turd Chasers". ( I
think its a derrogatory term but I think its funny and
probably could describe a lot of US )


I have to give thumbs up to "The Mexican". It really has a
twisty turny plot that is very entertaining and the Julia
Roberts bathroom scenes are great. She handles them like a
champ! Also, her pretty voice is all "echoey" in the
bathroom scenes, and in high quality Dolby surround it
leaves quite an impression. Early on she is kidnapped and
tries to escape from the bathroom window only to find her
streetwise captor waiting for her. From then on, he doesn't
let her go to the toilet alone. I like that they were realistic
about a hostage situation. I always think its stupid when
some movie has a hostage scene and doesn't even approach
the bathroom subject. How could it possibly not be a factor
in the story? When the subject has to use the bathroom, it
opens the door (so to speak) on a world of possibilities. The
person could try any number of things to escape, or the
directors could use it to show how benevolent or how cruel
the bad guy is. I hope to see more realism in the future.

Hi again..just posted my first story a couple of hours ago; don't know really how this works yet but I just placed an ad in the ?? personals so can be contacted through them. Anyway, here's another story that I experienced some years back. I was traveling and stopped in a campground, and went to the mens restroom to take a shower, and noticed there was someone in a stall. I like listening to others take a shit, so I went in an adjoining stall just to hear him go, and heard him groan and grunt; he was obviously very constipated and not having any success, so I asked him what I could do to help. He didn't answer me right away, but kept groaning and straining--after a minute or two guess he got desparate and asked me what I could do to help. He said he hadn't gone in 4 days and it was just too hard to pass, so I told him to press down on his crack just above his hole until the shit loossened up enough. I heard him strain some more, but he couldn't get it pa! st the first hard part. I offered to come and help him, and he said he needed help real bad, so I went in and massaged his crack and felt the huge lump of shit aching to come out, but we couldn't get it past his asshole. So I told him I'd try and reach inside and work it out with my finger; I felt his huge turd and loosened it upa bit until he got the first part past the entrance, and told him to push as hard as he could; he yelled in pain as the biggest shit I've ever seen came out; it must have been 2 inches across and at least a foot long, and never even tapered off at the end like most BM's do. Then I felt the need to take a shit also, and he helped me by working it out with his hand while I pushed as hard as I could; I hadn't gone in a couple of days myself and had a lot of trouble getting it started past the opening, but managed to get it out by digging my knuckles into my abdomen...oh god it really hurt! I felt it slowly eject from my butt after what seemed a couple! of minutes of pain and pleasure mixed. We took a shower together afterwards. I really appreciated what he had done to help me, and I think he did also. Well, I have another, longer story with a women I'll post in a day or two. Bye....

Sara T.
Diane- Yep, just plonked my bare ass on the bench! My butt got a little wet but not from pee, but because it had rained. There were slats in the bench so no pee pooled under me. But it was ten times better than a bush, for sure!

The lady in the picture looks like my old 4th grade teacher!


Kristina- Tell him you drink a lot of juice or something :)

I've been pooping a LOT lately. Everything I eat, a half hour later comes out. I pooped about four times the other day.

Hey Kristina-

I love peeing in things myself. A good thing that you could do is get some plastic cups, the kind that are blue on the outside and white on the inside are the best kind because they make the most noise when you pee into them. Plus they are re-usable after you wash them out you can pee into them as many times as you want. I am a 17 year old guy from the area of Houston, TX. How old are you and where are you located?


Has anyone seen the fairly new commercial for a credit card on TV which shows a classroom with a little boy who has to go to the bathroom? He's acting desperate and trying to get the teacher's attention. He holds his crotch and ends up running down the hall and into the bathroom. It's a cool and funny commercial.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi to all toilet users!

I'm still in excellent health, as soon as I get up and start moving around, within about 3 minutes I get the urge to get on the toilet, and have a good easy plopping shit, with no problems at all.
I'm gradually reducing the dose of the laxative and hope to do without it in a few days but will have it in reserve in case I get a return of that extreme constipation.

Yesterday, I went to the public toilet even though I didn't need to go but I was in the area so thought I'd call in for a wee and hear if anything good was happening.
I went into a cubicle and saw a massive turd in the toilet part sticking up out of the water and the same dimensions and size as one I saw there before once. Probably about 9"x2", smooth as a rocket and with no smell from it.
I know such whoppers are frequently reported here but to actually see one as big as that when I've never done one myself that size even though I have done some long ones; even if I wasn't interested in the subject, I'm sure I'd still be interested in who produced it and how it felt.
Was he young or old; does he do them like that often; did it make a terrific plop or just quietly flop; did it feel great coming out;was he proud of his achievements etc.???
He can't possibly be eating any more fibre than I am-I'm so envious!

TRENT, Interested in your account of being hassled on that door-less toilet. I really admire the way you answered those guys who were asking you what the f---ing problem was and the way you stood up and showed them that big turd sticking out of your arse!
Hope you were soon able to push it out and that it felt good when it did plop out. Better still if those guys had heard it plop and they may have been impressed by the sound. At least they soon went when they saw what you were trying to do and I'm sure they sometimes get a reluctant turd. Mine never get stuck once they're on their way out although I have had problems recently when my turds have been getting stuck before they emerge.
What sort of bullying do you recall happening in high school?
Soaking the toilet rolls sounds very silly but I hope nothing too physically abusive took place. If a guy's having problems like you had, the last thing anyone wants is someone bothering you or trying to humiliate you.

CODY, I read about your concern about your son Josh and his dirty underpants. I thought it quite unfair on the lad at first, then I thought you were probably driven to it as a last resort, and as you say, watching and checking how he wipes himself has solved the problem.
I thought that at his age and just about to enter puberty, the idea of a parent watching me wipe my arse would be humiliating and I'd feel alienated from a father who had asserted his parental authority in such a personal matter, so hope all is well between you both and that he feels the problem is resolved and he can use the toilet in peace.
For years, I have wiped really well and use loads of TP and yet later on I find there's often a skidmark in my pants and when I wipe myself again, it's dirty. To avoid this, I often tear off a few extra pieces of TP and place them in my underpants to absorb any stain and so prevent any skidmarks.
Sometimes, the TP gets out of place and so it is clean and my pants are dirty.
I think dirty skidmarks happen to other people even though they've wiped themselves well like I do, and so it's not always lack of hygiene but just the way the anus can sometimes sweat and contaminate the clothing after.
That is what I thought might be the case with Josh, but it sounds like you were right and he was less than thorough.

To TODD and DONNY, Regarding the same subject, to avoid embarrassment and disgust,before I take my clothes for a service wash at the laundrette, I put all my really dirty pants in the bath, run some hot water and put in some disinfectant, then rub the skidmarked parts against a clean part of the material, and that reduces the worst of the stains so that the brown has gone and there's just a residual yellowish stain.
By the time they've had a proper soap powder wash, they're clean and like any other pair of underpants that have signs of having been used a few times!
This works for me even if they've been lying about for several days before this pre-wash.

DAZZ, I hope you soon get the chance to use that really good toilet with the long drop, although from all accounts your own toilet at home sounds perfect regarding ace splashes!
The one I use in the public toilets is quite high off the floor but the ones with the longest drops I've found have been ones that were designed for the disabled to avoid having to sit too low.
I look forward to a splash-by-splash account of your visit there!

I'm having quick sessions on my toilet rather like the one you had recently that was over too quick. It's certainly good to get well-splashed with bigger turds again and to feel so well and comfortable all day, but I wish I could wait until I can get to the public ones and shit in company, either with, or after another guy's had a good one! Anyway, I'm sure I'll soon be less urgent and be able to decide when I want to go again, and take a bit longer.
Yesterday I had a good early morning session and felt relieved so stood up and realised I hadn't done as much as I thought. I sat down again and gave a bit of effort and was able to drop the same amount again even though I'd felt cleared out!
Sometimes we feel aware of all the shit there is to do until we've finished;other times there's a lot more to do that comes out without any sensation until that last few inches!
At least, I'm really enjoying being able to have my early morning shit when I've just had my first piss and so the splashes are from the deep yellow water!! The other day, when I started to wipe my arse on the strong toilet paper that crinkles so loudly, as soon as I put it to my hole, it became transparent almost all over from the water splashed up!! Brilliant!!!

That's it for now, All best wishes for a Happy Easter, Pesach, or holiday and good times on the toilet, everyone! P P G

Stunk Out: I would leave some signs in the restroom saying to keep the windows open and use air freshner. This poor gal may have a medical condition that causes her to crap smelly stools alot and she may be heavy from an injury that prevents her from exercising. I know of a person who used to be in fitness magazines but due to a bad car accident (drunk driver hit him) and botched knee surgery he now has limited movement of his neck, can't do any weight bearing exercises such as walking or running and has become overweight and roly-poly in appearance.
You sound like you hate fat people.

I want to hear stories about men passing 20-inch long fat turds!! Don't any of the guys here do those?

Traveling Guy
PENNY, LOUISE, and UNNAMED POSTER (PV, maybe?) Thanks for the good information on women's pee streams when squatting. I had no idea so many variables are involved. Now I understand the usefulness of the hoods found on squat toilets in some countries. Some squat toilets don't have hoods and others are just plain holes in the ground, of course. Given what you said, those types must be hard for some women to use without leaving puddles on the floor in front of them. It all makes stand-up peeing seem more worth trying, but now I can better understand the difficulties of that, too, for some women. I've taken lots of dumps outdoors and you're right, PENNY, it's hard for guys to do the deep squat thing without getting their hose in the way. The absolute worst is when your poop decides to fall forward, leaving you to clean up both bum and hose. In cases of extra long logs, I learned a little forward duck waddle trick by observing the rural Peruvians. Sort of like laying your! log behind you the same way you'd spread toothpaste across the brush.


I usually put my panties in my toilet everyday, except when I'm traveling.

They stay there two or three days, when my mother keeps and wash those underwears for me...

I don't mind about skid marks, because my mother says:

" - It's good your bowel works ! "

but I wouldn't like somebody Know that.

My mother don't know I take laxatives sometimes... (because I'm constipad).

Once a time, I took Senne and I had an accident. I took Senne before sleep (like doctors says) and I couldn't to have BM at least 3 days..
So,at the day after, I was driving my car after school going home and its happen ... I filled my black panties. I was wearing blue jeans and nobody noticed nothing ....
I went straight to my toilet, change my panties and took a shower !

Its Good Friday, and the thing that is really good about it is that I am home at last. You would not believe what has happened with Andrew and me this past week.

I went up on Saturday to meet Mum and her new Man, the one who supposedly said that he didn't want me hanging around. Well he is absolutely wonderful. So what he is doing with my Mum I just don't know. I hate her ! I have the worlds complete pyscho Mother. He never said any of those things about me that Mum said he had. It turns out that when he met Mum, he knew nothing about me, and that was the way Mum wanted to keep it. Until now ! I've found out that I will have two step sisters when Mum gets married again. Kate who is 11 like me, but will soon be 12, so she is already at big school, and Emily, who is 8. I got on so well with them. They have kept me sane this week. And of course I will be getting a baby half brother or sister soon.

Mum is now living in this magnificent mansion. Her new man, Steve, is very rich. It has 8 bedrooms, most of which have their own en-suite bathrooms ! And there is an in door and out door swimming pool ! There's even hired staff ( I didn't want to call them servants ! ) However, despite their rich up bringing, Kate and Emily are lovely caring people, and you would never know that they, or their Dad were rich. I had a lovely walk with Steve and the girls and they were trying to pursuade me to live with them. But I told them how happy I was with Dad and Andrew, and that being loved and cared for was far more important to me than money and swimming pools. Steve said he understood and that I should be free to live where I wished, just so long as I knew that I would always be welcome to visit whenever I wanted, and that I would be loved and cared for in the Lakes as well. And I believe him ! But not my Mum.

When she found out that I wanted to stay at home in Devon, she was mad as hell. Andrew's name kept cropping up and Mum went really quiet. Then on Monday, when I should have been coming home, I was told I couldn't go. Later that day, a nice lady came to speak to me, someone from Social services, who began to ask me all sorts of questions about Andrew, and our relationship. The questions were ok to start with, then they became more sinister, like had I ever let Andrew see me naked and vice versa. I was convinced that we were in trouble for letting each other watch when we went to the toilet. Fortunately I never mentioned anything about that. To cut a long story short, my Mother in her desperation to keep me with her, contacted Social Services and expressed her suspicions that Andrew and I were.... no, its too horrid to write about. You don't need a very vivid imagination to fill the rest in yourselves. I had to see a doctor to be examined in a very humiliating manner. And a! ll because my Mum has a dirty suspicious mind.

Poor Andrew suffered a terrible grilling. But we both survived because there was absolutely nothing to tell. And we both kept our toilet visits a secret !

Personally, I don't care if I never see my Mother again ! But Steve, Kate and Emily were so supportive of me all the time I was there that I want to go back just to see them again. And besides, I don't want to be a stranger to my little half brother or sister when they eventually arrive in the world. However, I don't think I can ever forgive my mum for what she did, and what she has put me and especially Andrew through this week. Andrew hasn't posted because I asked him not to say anything. I didn't want my Uncle Rizzo or Aunty PV worrying about me.

AUNTY PV: I do have a story about little Emily and me, but I shall save it to another time when I am not so tired. Love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: I'm wondering whether you have had a sex change to become my Aunty Clair, Clair Voyant (Sp?) ! How did you know what my Mum wanted this last weekend ?! Well I'm staying put, but after what has happened this week, I could do with an Uncle Rizzo hug ( and one from Aunty PV as well ! ) Lots of love from Kendal xx

KATE: Loved your story about the triple deck wee, and your poo on that pub wall. I'm so glad to see that you are enjoying yourself these hols. I laughed at your description about your legs being sandwiched between two sets of hairy legs ! Andrew doesn't feel like posting much at the moment, but he will answer your question about the bridge..... Love from Kendal xx

LINDA: I think poor Andrew knows now what your Cousin has gone through with regard to people's suspicious and dirty minds. Perhaps you can help Andrew to feel better by passing him a comb, and giving him a knowing look ! He would love that ! I'm fine, despite what happened. And you were in my mind and holding my hand during some of the darker moments of this week. I love you my dear friend, love from Kendal xxxx

GEMI: Happy pooing !! Love Kendal x

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU & COURTNEY: Hope Courtney is settling in and that all three of you are enjoying some excellent toilet sessions together. Love from kendal xxx PS Hope Kev is being included as well !

Hope to have a better read of the posts soon. Now over to Andrew... I'm so glad to be home !!!

Lawn Dogs Kid
KATE: Of course my offer to hold you is still on while you do your poo over the side of that bridge ! How would I hold you ? Well, I think the safest way would be to stand between your knees and hold you in a kind of hug around your back ( Kendal is going "ooooohhhhhh" !). Actually, not only would I want you to feel ultra safe, but it might give me a fighting chance of watching you "produce" !!! Love Andrew x

Kendal was so concerned about Social services questioning me. But that was nothing compared to having a doctor examine you like that. It was like saying "ok, we believe what you are telling us, but we're going to check Kendal's bits anyway just to be sure".

LINDA: Can I comb your hair please ? I think it will help me to calm down babe. And it doesn't have to be "there" either ! XOXO.

LITTLE LOU: You've been my Kendal substitute again this week ! Whats it been like playing big sister to Courtney ? Any chance of getting back one of those big hugs I've sent you before ? Take care Princess, Love from Andrew xx


I'm afraid Kev and I are still not speaking. I have made the effort, but if he's not prepared to meet me halfway, then I've done my best, and it's his problem.

Courtney will be starting school in the village after Easter, so we went into town to get her uniform. It's really sad, cos she asked why she couldn't wait for her Mum to take her to get it. (her Mum, my Auntie, died very suddenly)She looks really cute in her uniform though! She's very much like me and Lou, small and blonde. The only difference is her hair's all in ringlets. Kev is very annoyed with her. He sees her as an intrusion. Every time anybody pays her any attention, he sighs loudly, and leaves the room.

As I said in my last post, she can wee standing up, which is, as far as Lou and I are concerned, great. Having said that, she's got enough sense only to do it in front of Lou and I. Apparently, all her little friends in Ireland were boys, and she copied them. She can do it hands-free, which is very impressive. Lou and I are only just getting the hang of that!

Kev's so horrible though. Courtney overheard someone saying that her Mum (my Auntie Orla)was cremated. She asked Kev what that meant, and he told her. Later that day, we went for a walk round the lanes with Craig's smallest pony, Imp. We live in Devon, where there's been Foot & Mouth disease. We saw some sheep being burnt, and she remembered what Kev had said. It took nearly 15 minutes to stop her crying.

A lot of the fields have been re-opened now, so we'll be able to wee outdoors more often again. Craig and his cousins Alistair and Elliot took me, Lou and Courtney to the seaside last weekend. We caught the bus there. We went up to the most secluded end of the beach, and took it in turns to wee in the sand. By the time six of us had all weed on the same spot, there was quite a puddle! The state of the ground meant it didn't soak into the sand straight away.

We were going to have a go at a three-tier sitting-on-knees wee, me, Lou and Courtney. However Kev suddenly announced that he was going to have a bath, and if we wanted to wee, to go over the drain in the yard.


Hi! I hope everything's going ok with your Mum and her new boyfriend. I bet it seems really odd, after all these years seeing her with your Dad. Andrew is so sweet, looking after you the way he does. I'm sure that whatever happens with your Mum, he'll always be there for you, so even if it does get a bit much for you, you've got a lovely cousin who you mean the world to. What with Courtney coming, I've come to realise just how important cousins are. My Mum was really upset when Auntie Orla died. She was Mum's youngest sister. She was only 23. We're all little Courtney's got left really. Our grandparents are too old to look after her. Mum's other sister lives in America, and Courtney's Dad walked out when she was three days old. He'd been having an affair with his boss, who was old enough to be his mother. When he found out about Courtney, he just said "so what? I've not seen her for five years. Why should I care? I'm not giving you any money." So whatever happens, Andrew w! ill look out for

Bye for now, lots of love, Ellie xxx

To Trent: I loved your story about the doorless stall. I thought when you showed the log dangling from your ass, to the other guys that it was funny.

To Shawn: Liked that story

Well i gotta go now, i have to take a massive shit before i get ready to go to work this morning. Feels like it's gonna be a big one. And i've felt alot of pressure on my hole for a while now. I've had an urge for atleast 15 minutes. Bye

Saturday, April 14, 2001

Does anyone here normally have soft or runny poops? Everyone can't possibly strain when they doo doo simply due to variations in people's diets. Are all the people with softer looser poops embarassed, shy or embarassed?

I did my business after breakfast this morning as usual. But after lunch, I was sitting in my office and I let a very long fart. (I have an office to myself). I do not usually fart at that time of day, so I guessed that something was happening inside. Well after 5 minutes, I got the message, something was knocking urgently on the back door. I hurried to the men's room, and locked myself in a stall. No sooner had I got my pants down and sat down on the pot when there was an almighty explosion from my anus. I stood up and the whole of the back of the bowl from water level to rim had been sprayed with a thick layer of semi-solid, semi-liquid shit! I wiped away the layer on the rim with TP, and flushed. I then sat down again again and over the next few minutes produced three further installments of soft turds. But this time because they had not been propelled by gas, they were better aimed and all landed in or near the water.I needed a lot of TP to clean my arse-crack after that, ! but I certainly felt better...

To Stunk out in NY: About the fat lady who stinks up the bathroom in your office, I would put up signs in the bathroom to use the air freshner and open the windows when crapping. Also maybe an anonymous note to the lady might help too.

Interesting day at work today. The courier comes every afternoon to transport important papers between our two offices. Well today he came at lunch time while 4 of us were in the back room eating lunch and he asked to use the bathroom. The bathroom is right in the corner of the back room so when anyone is in there you can hear everything. Well no sooner did he go in and shut the door then this big loud booming explosion takes place echoing off the 4 tile walls. He kept farting over and over and I was getting embarassed listening to it, especially with this good looking guy sitting at the table with us. We're all trying to ignore the sounds, but it was kind of hard to do considering how loud it all sounded. Finally I got up and left, just because I was afraid I'd either burst out laughing or turn red from embarrasment. When the guy finished crapping he didn't even spray the can of pine air freshner in there, just left the door open and I could smell it all the way to my desk. As soon as he left, the others exited the back room too, probably because the stench was so bad. We really need to have a window or a fan in that bathroom, but our office is in an old storefront that doesn't have any amenities like that.

I am obsessed with peeing in paper cups and my dad always asks me where the cups have gone. I don't dare tell him.

Today's toilet log by dec^

Oh god it was great to go to toilet today. I had not been able to make any shit out of me since saturday morning (itīs wednesday now) because of the self-defence training camp I went last weekend. The nerve-strike training we had made my stomach upside-down (the nerve-points were in legs, arms and face so don't ask me how or why) and today my stomach became in condition again. I went to toilet four times in two hours during this mourning (luckily the boss was not present at the time). It sure was heavenly. =))

Hopefully your stomach works a bit better than mine!!


Hi Luciane I saw your post to me on here. I was woundering Luciane how offen do you put your underwear in you toilet? How long do you keep your underwear in the toilet? Explain more how dunk your underwear in your toilet. Please reply soon.

Hi my name is Todd I'am a 26 year old single male. I was woundering why people sit on the toilet when they are flushing the toilet? Do you feel any thing sitting there when the toilet is flushing? Please reply or post soon.

Jan from OK
I submitted a couple of posts a long time ago and would have posted more, but I just now got my computer back. My brother's went down, so I loaned him mine. I'm the farm girl from Northwestern Oklahoma who is presently attending college. In my first two posts I told about pooping at the pond when I went fishing with my dad and brothers, and also about the first time I had to take a dump in school. Now I want to tell you about a high school experience.

During my freshman year, a bunch of the girls in my class decided to take up smoking and would do it in the bathrooms during breaks. None of this really bothered me (although it did get to be like the Cheech and Chong van in there sometimes) until one day when I needed to use the toilet really bad. The rumble in my intestines had begun during algebra, and by the end of class, I was getting pretty desparate. I didn't like to go in the middle of class, because it always got everyone's attention, and if you were gone very long, everyone knew that you were pooping. I guess that's just something I didn't want to publicize. At any rate, my plan to make a bee line for the bathroom once class was over, was thwarted when the teacher stopped me to ask about an assignment. I just stood there talking to him, squeezing my butt cheeks together as tightly as possible, hoping that it wouldn't take very long. Fortunately, it didn't, but when I got to the bathroom, all the stalls wer! e filled up with smokers. By this time, I was ready to panic. I didn't want to make a big scene, but I didn't have much of a choice. I looked under the doors and recognized my friend Allison by her shoes. "Ali," I said "will you please get out of there. I have to go to the bathroom." "Is that you Jan?" she asked, "I just started this cigarette and I don't want to come out in case a teacher walks in." "C'mon, Ali. It's an emergency," I pleaded. "Just give me one more minute and I'll be done," she said. By now, I was through asking nicely. "Ali," I said "If you don't let me in right now, I'm going to dirty my pants!" From another stall one of the girls said "Someone let Jan in before she shits herself." I heard the lock click on Ali's stall, and I rushed in while undoing my belt. "Stay in here and finish your cigarette. I don't care," I said as I pulled my pants down and sat. "I can't hold it anymore." Ali turned and faced the stall door. "Don't worry," she said! , "I won't watch." So there we were, her smoking and me dumping. I had sneaked all the gas out during class, so there was no pre-dump farting. Immediately, a long smooth turd started making its way out of my hole. It seemed to go on forever and I had to gasp a couple of times. When the smell finally started to accumulate, Ali turned aroung and said "Sorry, Jan. I'm going to have to cut this short. You're stinking me out of here. Move your butt so I can throw my cigarette in the bowl." I raised my ass off the seat about a foot, and Ali threw what was left of her cigarette in the toilet with my king sized crap. "Sorry, Ali," I said, "I really didn't have any choice." Before she left the stall, she just smiled and said "That's okay. I got most of it sucked down anyway."
Once she was gone, I lifted my butt off the seat once again to relock the door. After about five good wipes, I pulled up my jeans and panties, flushed and left the stall. Another one of the smokers, a girl I didn't like very much, was coming out of her stall at the same time. She looked over at me as said sarcastically "Feel better, Jan?" "Screw you," I said and walked to the sink to wash my hands.

Well, that's how it happened. Hope to post more experiences soon.


I posted maybe a year ago but have just been lurking around since
then. Donny must be the coolest guy ever to get into this stuff.
Anyways , this happened to me last July. I work a few days at a time
for a friend on a mainly arable farm during harvest, and do my own work inbetween. I parked the tractor under the trees on the field
boundary and lay under the stone wall to have lunch . Over the wall is a small lake with a path around it. A young (early 20`s) woman,
blond, very pretty and physically fit, was running this path. It was
very warm and through the ivy I saw her stop near the fence in a hollow and start to fidget with her shorts and look around. She left the path 20mtrs and pulled her shorts down and peed, in spurts and stayed crouched for 3 or 4 minutes and I realised she was pooing!.
When she left I went to look and she dropped about 20 one inch (nuggets) and wiped with her sweatband. Later I thought I must see the poo again before going home and the sweatband lay there, but all except one small piece, the poo had gone!!!! where did her poo go??
please explain,, promise to post again soon ,,bye for now...

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