Thanks for everyone who answered my question a while ago about weird childhood makeshift toilets. I've got some childhood stories to share, so here's one of them.....

When I was eleven, me and my friend Tara, who is the same age as me, used to pee and poo in places as either dares or just for fun. One day when we were at my house while our parents were at a party, we decided to have some fun, seeing as the party was from about five in the afternoon until about midnight. First, I dared her to pee and poo in a small garbage can in my room. She agreed, and soon pulled down her shorts and took off the lid and emptied the can before sitting down. A few seconds past before a fhhhhhhhsss sound told me her pee was splashing against the plastic can. It soon stopped with a splat at the end as she grunted for second and let out a loud fart. Through the sides of the can I could see a turd coming out of her butt, and soon it fell with a "thunk' on the bottom of the can. She pushed out another one, followed by a fart and a bit of mushy poo. After that, she stood up, and we looked in. A layer of pee lined the bottom of the can with three turds piled o! n each other and a topping of soft brown pudding like poo on top. We used this as a toilet for the rest of the majority of the night.

However, my dare came a bit later. She dared me to pee and poo in one of my bathing suits. So I put one on and stood in the laundry room with my feet spread a bit apart. My pee soon flowed forward as a dense wet spot formed, followed by the gush breaking through and splattering loudly into a puddle on the floor. It kept going as the puddle and wet spot grew, and by the time I finished, I was standing in a lake of pee. I then stuck by butt out and squatted a bit as I pushed, and immediately farted to greet a blob of mushy poop. It spread around quickly as I farted again, this time pushing a medium sized log into the blob. It made a crackling squash sound as it bunched against by butt and stuck out in a lump from the back of my bathing suit in a brown stain. My friend laughed as I took the suit off. The front had a wet spot from about just above the waist to the inner parts of my legs down and around to my butt. The blob in the back was about three inches down, three across and two deep. Dark brown soft serve ice cream style poo layed inside, with a chunky log jutting in the middle. I washed it all out, and it was good as new.

Does anyone have any stories similar to this, or stories of when they purposely went in their pants or on the floor as a kid?

Saturday night my wife and I attended a birthday party for her brother, at his house. His wife invited a lot of their friends. I recently started wearing contacts to replace my coke bottles,and managed to lose both of them outside in a sack race. Others helped and we found one of them and I got it back into the wrong eye. Later after things quieted down I went to the upstairs bathroom to take it out and try to wash it up and get it into the other eye. I'd left the bathroom door open but was out of sight around the corner, rinsing the contact and fumbling in the cabinet for my sister in- laws lens solution when the door closed and a female voice said, OH, I didnt know anyone was in here. It was one of the young woman guests about 21 (I am 25) who I only knew slightly. I said I would be out of the room as soon as I got my one good contact in. I cant wait, she said, and though unable to see very well I could tell she had pulled down her jeans and panties and squatted on! the throne. Boy I really have to shit bad, she said, and I could hear several turds drop and splash as she groaned. Then the smell came up. / I cant see a thing without this contact but I will leave it out till you're done, I said. Her reply surprised me. Groan, splat - Go ahead and -splash- put it back in, it's all right with me, dont tell me that you don't shit too? Groan ,- she said. Yes, I said, but usually not with an audience. // I shared a room with two other girls and our BF's in college and I guess my inhibitions are gone, she said, -splash again.- / By this time I was pretty shaky but I put the contact in, blinked and took a good look. She was squatted forward straining to let out the last little bit and I could see a thick, brown tail drop from her butt. She turned and smiled at me, pulled off some wipe, turned a cheek toward me and started wiping. The show was great but I was embarassed. //See you later I said, trying to get out of there -- but just ! then somebody tried to come in the door. She had locked it. I couldn't go out then - so I just stood there. I will be out in a minute, she hollered - and this caused me to look at her again, as I heard footsteps going away- this time she was on her feet squatting over the toilet getting that last good wipe in - what a beautifull butt! She pulled up her pants and buckled and said geeeze, what a load, no wonder I couldnt wait. // I just stood there. / Want to look before I flush,? she said. No, I said. Then I opened the door and made sure nobody was there, and left. / I saw her later downstairs but she was cool. I should mention that the smell of someone elses shit was a litle difficult for me, even though she was gorgeous. I guess I am a little more squeamish than the rest of you. Last night I told my wife about it and she said she was shocked at the woman for doing that but that I was a big baby, and made me come into the bathroom with her while she took a huge shit.! Of course my wife and I are pretty hot for each other, only been married six months, no kids, and I had to admit watching and being in the room her and being in the room with her while she dumped, and seeing her turds come out was okay, and I didnt mind the smell a bit.

tony the poop marinate
one day i realy needed to take a huge crap!!!!so i went down to the can and pullled down my pants and just as i got on the toilet it all came out... (i was just in time!!!)after the painful procedure i looked in the can and my crap was neon green


I have a pair of underwears with poop stains in my toilet now.

Yesterady, I tooke " Dulcolax " at morning (just a bit, because I don't wanna to have an accident...).
When I take some laxative, I usualy have a urge to poop.

I went to the toilet really bad after dinner, at night, about 19:00.

I think the skid marks on my black panties are because the Dulcolax... it works for me !

It's the better way for my constipation !

Still have my friend's CPU-hopefully i'll be getting a new computer at the end of the week,but i figured i'd post her today cause i have to comment on the new pic of the girl squtting on the bowl-first she is beautiful and sooo sexy-this is MY kind of woman!! Honey,where do you live? i love the position she is in-boy it would be great to see a nice poo coming out her lovely butt!Great pic!
I took a nice dump out in the woods her yesterday cause it was 75 degrees here in the N E- took my bike and went to the woods and by the time i got there-i had to go pretty good-had a hard time finding a nice private spot cause all the trees are bare,but i found a nice spot with a big log and i took off my clothes and sat on the log out in the sun and just took in the warm air while i relaxed my anus and a hissing fart came out and i didn't push at all and just let this turd come out on it's own-it came out nice and slow and felt great-it was smooth and firm-then i stopped it as i looked between my legs to see a long one hanging out my butt toward the ground-then it fell with a wooosh sound as it hit the ground-it was about a foot long and an inch and a half round-a perfectly formed poop-so i got up and just walked around the spot and waited for another urge-i love to do this part as i wait for more-then after about 5 mins,i had to go again and this time i squatted by the 1st turd and let loose with the innermost part of my BM-I let out a wet fart and first another turd came out fast-it was softer than the 1st one and then i felt another cramp and pushed and exploded with soft ice cream type poop that covered the 1st turd as i groaned in relief-it was a good load-then i felt done and took out some wet wipes and wiped my butt and looked at my load-2 long turds with a pile of soft stuff on top-I enjoy looking at my creation as i wipe my butt-it's fun!it's so good to poo out i the woods-i really miss doing this-can't wait for the warmer weather to finally be here so i can do this a few time a week!Hopefully i'll run into some folks to poo along with-maybe apretty woman-would be nice if it was this woman on the pic of this forum!!WOW-have to run-that woods dump goes out to all my lady friends on this forum!Wish you guys were there!BYE

Sara T.
Hi, all!

Last week my friend and I were in the park at night and we had to pee. She went behind a tree, and I did something I'd been wanting to do for awhile-- I pulled down my pants and sat on the park bench! There were slats in it, so I just sat on one and peed. It went through and hit the dirt below. It was really an interesting experience.

To Todd - Poop stains in underwear are usually hard to get rid of. Sometimes I just toss the underwear out. But if U want to salvage them, first rinse most of the shit out in the toilet bowl, then soak them in the sink with bleach. If they're colored underpants, you will only be able to use a strong detergent solution. It may take as long as 24 hours, then throw them in the washer.

Stunk out in NY
Similar to Melissa's story about the old guy at work, I too have to deal with a stinky office bathroom.

Ours is rather large, and has 4 stalls. We have one lady who takes a dump twice a day like clockwork, and it don't smell like roses. Thankfully the smell fades fast. Worse is the incredibly overweight woman who must crap in there at least three times a day... and closes the windows first! This smell does not fade fast, it takes a minimum of 1 hour before the bathroom is usable again. Ever try to pee and wash your hands while holding your breath? Even worse, when you come out you worry that the smell has attached itself to you and you're walking around stinking like this ladys asshole.

It's so bad that by now most of the other women in the office have discussed it. (I was the first brave soul to finally say "What the hell is going on in that bathroom that it stinks every freaking day??" and got it rolling) We give each other warnings on when it is and isn't safe to go in. I've seen her go in, waited long enough to know she was planted on the bowl and run in to open the windows back up. We've put air freshener in the bathroom to give her clues, two of us have even gone in there when she was finished and said it stinks, but she just doesn't smell it. It's a professional office and the people are very polite and professional in manner usually. It has to be pretty damn bad for someone to walk in there and be caught so off guard that they blurt out "It smells awful in here." I'm the one with the mouth..nobody else even mentioned it for years before I arrived and finally asked some of them one day which got it out in the open that this was not something th! at was unnoticed.

This is no minor smell, people have walked to other buildings to pee rather than go in there. Others have had to cover their noses and mouths with coats or sweaters to just get in there to open windows.

She had the nerve to complain about the smell of the Fantastik someone was using in the cubicle next to her to clean with. When I found out I begged to go in and clean her cubicle in hopes she might say something to me so I could tell her how offensive the smell of her crap is to me. One of the guys that was in the room during this said that if I did that, I'd be cruel. Well.. the other two women immediately chimed in and told him that it was so bad I'd probably be thanked by every woman in the place if I did tell her off.

Hey.. everyone has a problem from time to time, I don't hold those kinds of situations against anyone.. but if I wanted to smell her crap daily, I'd stick my nose up her anus yanno?

So.. does anyone think I should instigate an event that would give me an opening to tell her to get her fat ??? to a proctologist and find out why her ass smells so bad, or should we start putting up signs in the bathroom about using the air freshener and opening the windows? Any tactful ideas on how to approach this before I break down and confront her in public?

Nice picture, could be a young Barbara Streisand: the mouth and nose.
A few years ago Linda and I were taking some horses to the vet in the next town approximately 80 kilometres from us. She had hurt her knee so I was driving the Range Rover and horsebox. With the knee injury she was pretty stressed as a result of hospitals and x rays etc. and had developed what I think is called a spastic colon. She says basicaly that you get very little warning. Anyway we are about halfway there and I can see that she is fidgiting in the seat so I ask what is the problem. She says that she may have to stop as the colon is sending a few urgent signals. I said no problem we will stop next to the road. As it is a rather desolate part of the world there should be no problem. True to form about 2 minutes later she says stop now!!. I pull over as she gets some tissues out of the cubby and opens the door before I stop. I realise that she waited a little long but seems to have the valve under control. As she jumps out she says to me I have to help as she has a st! iff leg from the knee op. I can't think how as she is bigger than me and I could never support her. Time to think fast as her face is starting to contort with the spasm of the colon. Brainwave! I tell her to sit on the drawbar of the horse box with her bum over the edge of the steel beam. We had not worked out the doorsill thing yet. She hobbles over struggling with her jeans and gets them down to her knees and with her back to the road sits on the beam. Not too soon because as she gets down this strem of yellow water shoots out of her bum. Sprays the jockey wheel and the overrun brake. The relief can be seen on her face as at least a liter oif mess pours out. This is followed by lumps of poo and lots of wet wind. As she pees behind the beam more erupts from her bum. Luckily there is a slight breeze that takes the smell away as she had said that these colon things are very rotten. She wipes standing on one leg as the other one is straight out in front of her. I steady her as s! he cleansup. She is actually sweating with relief as she pulls up her pants. I decide a pee is in order and get down behind the tire as her area is now a disaster zone. We both look with great admiration at the mess she has made and I am glad it is her horsebox that she will have to hose off. Back in the car and off we go.

Metamucil Man
Hiker: I'll see about your tape.

Twice Shy: That'll song get you Grammy and a peak at J Lo's BOOTY.

Movie Fan & Historian: Thanks for the motion picture input on POOP.

I once read a letter by JAMES JOYCE to his wife about FARTING in his face and "a FAT BROWN THING sticking half way out of her HOLE". He's quite the firm TOFFY STOOL if I do say so myself.

Cyber Fiber

Jeff A
Thanks everyone for your good wishes.

STEVE: The doc says I should be up in a week or two. I hate this! Sometime I'd really like to hear more about your Wing Chun. I love that style, it's so incredible! I do believe it's the style that fathered Jeet Kune Do, is that correct?

LOUISE: How are you, darlin? Thanks for your good wishes to me too. Steve says your tall. My wife is tall, and a honey. She does some nice biggies too!

PV: Thanks for the explanation. That really helps. I was always curious. I hope you don't suffer at all for that affliction. It sounds like you're having fun! You're such a sweetheart! I can't wait for your great new story!

DONNIE C: Barbara Eden is hot alright. It's funny, I don't get too excited about celebrities. Not as much as I do everyday people anyway.

CARMALITA: Hola seniorita! HOT,HOT,HOT!!! That story of Jake catching your turd in his hand, and you stinking up the bathroom! I'd love to be there to clean you up. Life has been so beautiful for me since you came here! Another for my collection. You are so hot! Jake is one lucky dude! He painted you nude? Hmmmm. I'd like to see that. I'm an artist too. I've done several drawings of you just by how you've described yourself. By the way, how can you poop so much effort for just a small lady? You always seem to do one really big turd, then a bunch of soft stuff. Anything new on that video? When's the release date? How about a description of scenes? I know many of us here would love it!

RENEE: Hi mom! What's up with you these days? Baby stuff, I'll bet. Give us a jingle, okay? Say hi to Patsy for me. How old is Patsy anyway?

I don't know if anybody else has discovered this experience or not, but being inactive has made me constipated. But when I do go, I do jobs that might even pop Carmalita's eyes! Oh well.

I like doing the movie stuff! It's fun, and productive. I don't care for male poop scenes, one reason I've already expressed, but the second reason is it dosen't do anything for me. It's better live, but not in a movie.

I was coming back from my Dr.s appt. when I heard two teenage girls talking. We were just coming out of the plaza when one said to the other. "Good thing you didn't come in. I just took the biggest shit of my life." the other girl said, "Thanks for telling me. I'm glad I missed it."

I'm not glad I missed it. See ya'!

Melissa (NY)
Hiker- You think Big old lumbering 6'5 340lb me would win the Gold medal for the US! Thatís so sweet, it brings a tear to my eye reading it (really). Wow thatís a pretty complex mathematical problem you have there! Hmmm. Funny, whenever I need to take a massive shit I never feel heavier. Probably because Iím so heavy already, I donít know? So thatís means Iím about 24 lbs. lighter? Cool. Funny thing is that Iíve always been pooping big. Ever since I can remember in my 21-year-old life span, well actually 22 on April 16. But my brothers also poop pretty big too. So I guess it must be a very dominant gene in my family. And yes Iím sure it was in inches. I never use centimeters!

To the no named poster. Thanks for the compliments. Thatís pretty cool that you own 3 Vettes. I too also love sports cars as well!

DM- A Generation 2 Viper GTS coupe, blue with white racing stripes.

I went to the car wash today. I just stepped into the restroom for a quick pee and I see a rather large log stuck right smack in the bowl. I pushed the flush but it stayed. I pushed it 5 more times before it went away. I would have left it there but if the people who worked there saw me come out of there, I might get sued for damage of property! I pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties. I sat there and let out a powerful stream that lasted for about a couple minutes. I pulled up my panties and flushed 2 times just to be safe to make sure the large log was gone permanently.

Goodbye everyone,

Greetings All.
As Louise and I will be in Scotland together for a week (we leave on Thursday), this is probably the last time before we go that I will be posting anything to the forum. Hopefully it will be a nice little spell away for us over Easter.

To Jeff A,
It is good that you are in good spirits considering what has happened. It comes over in your writing.
Your story of the Shaolin instructor made me wince - I was caught with a side kick in the guts a couple of times. Nothing wrong with making a mistake so long as you don't repeat it, and it taught me to learn to block. A straight punch hard to the sternum served to focus me on that objective too. When I started out with Chi Sao as a teenager, I was slapped around the head and face so frequently that I lost count. Doesn't happen quite so often now, and only with my old instructor who I visit quite often. Even though he is in his sixties now, he is still that damned good. Very old school himself, he made us practice on one leg in the traditional (and for me, the best) way. A marvellous man.

To PV,
Hello there, I hope you are well.
The Poiseulle Expression for flow rates is something I touched upon in my dim and now very distant past, and long since forgotten. At one time I would have been better equipped to assess Louise's performances than I am now, but I will do the best I now can. Your comments about skewing the data when looking at your own urine flow concur with my own feelings about mistakes I made when assessing Louise. She does slacken off the pressure after a while, the bulk of the urine being squirted out in the first 60-70 seconds on a large emptying. An opportunity has not presented itself yet, but a more carefully controlled measurement timed over 30 or 40 seconds at the gusher stage would be appropriate. Of course it is of interest to measure the total output during a particular urination, but obviously a shorter time when observing the urine being expelled at full pressure is best for determining the mean flow rate. Otherwise, as you have pointed out, you skew the data. Based on the f! igures you quoted for yourself, that particular 550ml urination might have been produced at a mean flow rate of 13-16ml per second, and that is dependant on whether the first 30 seconds produced 400ml or was closer to 500ml. I've observed girls urinating who certainly do more, and many others who I guess would be lucky to achieve a flow rate of 7ml per second if their dribbles (lasting from start to finish) are anything to judge by. I would think your flow rate is significantly greater than mine, but perhaps Louise has the edge on you there. Well, there it is folks, the guys lose the weeing contest again!
The night out Louise and I had at the weekend was quite interesting with regard to outdoor weeing. For some reason, if you knew where to look, there seemed to be quite a number of tell-tale puddles and trails with splash patterns that betrayed the fact that they must have been products of ladies urinating in a squatting position. Other wet streaks down walls, with puddles at paving stone levels were indicative of male emptying. Louise pointed out that those could possibly have been done by girls who had been standing, but I think it is much more likely that males were the producers of those!
Louise and I met up with one of her little circle of friends, Emma, and they both made puddles of their own in Louise's favourite alley on the way home. Both were quite desperate, and I held their bags for them as they tottered into the alley, lifted their skirts, dropped their knickers and pressure washed the road surface. Emma hid behind Louise, and once again Louise was playful and tried to turn Emma around so she was in view.
I am forced to conclude now and bid you a happy week of weeing and dumping. Louise is currently trying to barge me away from the keyboard, as she wishes to post.

Have a pleasant and safe Easter, everyone.


The image has changed again. That blonde Steve said was
a little bit like me has gone. Is the new girl going to
have a wee or a shit? I bet she is going to have a shit if
she is not just posing because if she wees it maybe she
would miss the toilet.

PV - I will write more tomorrow but maybe you will read
my letter to Jeff A down here.

JEFF A - Hi guy! Thank you for saying I am a sweet lady!
You are a real nice guy as well. Steve is right, I bet
your wife is a lot of fun. I bet you are looking forward
to when you can next have a beer. Oh yes if you write
here a lot it will be good to hear from you more.
The standing wee thing started with me when my mum taught
me how to do it when I was 9 years old. Now my mum knew
it would be a good thing to know how to do it without
sitting down or squatting down, and I enjoyed it too so
I still do it now in lots of ways. I like to experiment
a bit with it too. You have asked PV how she got into
doing it standing, and she has her own reason.
I like watching myself pee. If I am sitting down at home
for a pee, I look down at myself. If I am standing to
pee, I still like to look down at myself peeing. You
know I think some ladies do not look down at themselves
and at their streams when they are doing it. It is like
they think it is a dirty thing and do not like to see it
so they just act like it is not happening, and then just
wipe when they are finished. I heard one mum tell her
little girl once not to look down because it isn't nice,
to just sit and keep her head up. My mum wanted me to
grow up and enjoy my life and not be inhibited, so she
has always been so open with me about things like that.
I get so sick of the 'girls must sit down' attitude that it
makes me do even more stand up peeing than ever. I
believe girls should have the choice, like PV does, and
it is what has motivated me to teach others how to do it.
I do enjoy a nice sit down wee but I do not want to be
feeling compelled to do it in a stall. When Steve wrote
about some silly women who had the urinal taken out of
their ladies' room it sent me mad, because I think there
should be urinals for women instead of making us all
go in the stalls to sit down like good girls should.
I am recruiting members for the Women's Standing Pee Club
(WSPC) that PV and I talked about. Has your wife ever
stood up for a pee? I bet you would both find it was fun!
Take care!



Donnie C.
AUSTIN: The Dustin Hoffman movie is "The Graduate". The Brando flick is almost certainly "Last Tango in Paris".

Here I am, trying to catch up on posts again after a few days away from computers. This site is becoming addictive!

Jeff A., your kind message triggered something in my memory. Going back to search through old posts I eventually did find the lovely farewell message to CancerChild *Julian* shortly before she died on August 30th 1999. It was you who had written it! So it is now my turn to take my hat off to you! And another thing, you neednít call me ďsirĒ. Yes, you are right, I love classical music, not necessarily the expressionists. My preferances change from time to time. Just heard Verdiís Requiem which took me by surprise. Hope you recover soon!

Louise, you are some girl! Another great experimenter in peeing possibilities. I was surprised that my wifeís method could add to your repertoire. It was years ago, we were staying at a farmhouse on the ground floor and the toilet was across a little courtyard. It was in the late evening on a windy and rainy day, we had had some fun meaning that we were in the ultimate state of undress, and flitting across the courtyard to go to the loo with only an umbrella was not an attractive option; and we were too lazy to get dressed. So I looked at the rickety sink in the room and put my engineering mind to work to find a solution in a hurry. What was I studying engineering for anyway? :-). Well you know now what I came up with. Keep your posts rolling! Love, Rizzo ---PS: I sometimes wonder why the text of your posts appears narrower on my screen than most of the others. It makes it easier to find Louiseís specials though!!

Steve, your reflections on urodynamics are interesting! I once read somewhere that males average 18 -20 ml/s, females 15 - 18 ml/s. With increasing age, flow rate diminishes down to 8 or 9 ml/s in women and men if I remember correctly. But these are only averages. However, women deviate far more than men from the average. It is quite normal for some women to achieve 55 or more ml/s, and in extreme but rare cases over 100ml/s have been observed (what a geyser!). Observed maximums in men only reach about 35 - 40 ml/s. Now donít take these values for absolutely true, just as an idea for the order of magnitude! (It took me 22 seconds to pee 397 ml). And by the way, I just loved that account of Jackieís benefit performance in the bathtub! I envy you!

Dear Carmalita, thanks for your kind words. Not long after I had finally got up the courage to post on this forum after just reading a bit here and there and from time to time for a month or two, it was Samantha B. who informed us of Heatherís auto accident (I think it was on page 515). After having read and enjoyed Heatherís intimate posts, her death a week after the crash was a real shock to me. It was as if a close friend had gone for ever. I felt so sad for poor Samantha B. who had lost her best friend. Well, on that fateful day I had to take our little dog for a walk in the rain to wash away the tears, and on returning home looked in my scores of music to find an appropriate piece to play for Heather. It is not a sad tune; Iíd say it matches the image conveyed by Jeff A.ís touching and comforting fare well post to CancerChild Julian. Now this is quite enough about sad things!
Take care love, keep a hold on Jake, who somehow survived breathing air at an advanced grade on your stink-o-meter; and how about keeping a diary, so that one day you can write that novel Iím waitng for (smiles)!!! Hugs from Rizzo.

PV, dear, I donít see any point in peeing over the bathtub lengthwise! It would certainly be spectacular, but what a mess! Wouldnít it be better to take a step back so that your stream would land in the tub? But then you would probably have to shuffle up closer towards the end of wee. But I totally agree with you that using the standing pee method when working on a dig away from toilet facilities is the best way. About three hours drive from where I live, a roman settlement is being *unearthed*. If I remember correctly, the roman toilets are as someone has already described here: a stone bench with holes to sit on and a stream passing underneath. At this time of the year the adjacent unexcavated field is covered in yellow flowers. When looking with the sun behind you it is possible to see that the flowers are arranged in patterns correspnding to hidden undiscovered foundations beneath the soil. Quite intriguing! ---- I just wonder what pranks our niece Kendal has been up! to! Love, Rizzo

Penny, your info about girls riding only confirms my suspicions. I know someone who suddenly fell off a horse at a walk when she was a young woman and a relatively good rider. She said something about being distracted and that the horse stumbled. I know it did not because I was right behind her when she fell off. She never rode again! Hmmmm! And then I know two sisters since we were children, meaning that I know how their intimate parts are arranged. One of them is a passionate rider, the other never enjoyed riding for the same reasons you give, I presume. And the part about the itch due to regrowing hair is quite true. My wife was shaved there when giving birth to our children. We had some good giggles when she whispered to me at some social gathering ďI have to go to the loo just to scratch myself !Ē.
I have read somewhere that the Cossacks could pee while mounted. They probably just stood up and peed standing over the horseís shoulder. Have you heard of anybody trying that?
Wish you many more adventurous horse shows with Linda, love from Rizzo.

DCM, Probably your log is hard and knobbly to get stuck half way out. If pushing your log out is difficult, try pulling you ring back over it by pressing with finger(s) just behind the hole. I think it is Buzzy who uses this method too. The best is of course to prevent your logs from becoming too hard by drinking enough liquids (alcoholic beverages and coffee donít count because they tend to dehydrate you!) and eating food that contains enough roughage.

Hi Buzzy! With this computer I can go to the task bar at the top of the screen when on-line, click on View, then on Size of Text or Text Size (re-translated into English as the machine I am using at the moment is programmed in Brasilian for a colleague to use!) and then choose the size you need.

Happy Easter toilet sessions to all from Rizzo!

Da Man!
BUZZY - try setting your monitor resolution lower. on my last post - on second thought, scratch that. I like collecting the pictures :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

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