No Name Grrl
I have a job now & I had it since March 22. Well there are a few cute co workers & I know one of them pooed for sure & one of them MIGHT of been pooing. The first guy is named Lance & my sister had the same job for a year so thats how i got it. She said that she was taking her break & the bathroom is right beside the table where the astrays & stuff are...Lance went in & took awhile & the smell started leaking out of the crack of the door so its obvious what he was doing. She said it was bad. Then he came out & quickly walked away from being embarassed she said
The second time was a guy named was me who was there. I didnt smell anything but the bathroom is small & has just a toilet..nothing more...& it was the end of my shift so I was going to go in the bathroom to change into my normal clothes & the bathroom door was closed so I knocked & heard someone say "Hello?" so I said sorry & went to do something else & when i came back he was coming out of the bathroom with his uniform still on so he probably went to the bathroom but it didnt smell...
Also this ???? lady named Melinda I saw go into the bathroom with a book so its obvious what she was doing & today when I was taking off my uniform in the bathroom again there was alot of brown streaks in the bottom of the toilet & Im like "They better not make me clean that!" & then after my sister said that Melinda went poo becoz she came out of the bathroom & it stunk...
And I have to clean the bathrooms in the resterant so when I was cleaning one stall in the girls bathroom the door opened & I heard footsteps go into a stall & then I heard a fart on the toilet but I left the bathroom so I dont know if she peed or pooed. I think it might of been one of the servers named Jillian becoz when I went back in the bathroom she was washing her hands. Im not sure though.
I will tell you if I ever hear anything or see anyone go to the bathroom especially if I hear alot of noises k?

To Dave: Loved your story about boot's cool shitting with a bunch of other guys.

Last night i went out to dinner to this restaurant that i had be to about 3 weeks earlier...and i had posted about this bathroom- that it didn't have a door on the handicaped stall. I went into this bathroom last night and to my amazement the door was back on. I guess mgmt had taken it down for's a fairly new restaurant.
After i had gotten home i was online then a little later and urge to shit hit me so i went up stairs and went to shit. I pushed out an huge log about 10 inches long and then a few smaller pieces. I wiped 5 times. Guess i had to go soooo bad because when i ate i ate alot and i wasn't overly starving or any thing because i had my last meal 4-5 hours before going to this restaurant.

Like the new picture..she's showing alot more then any of the girls on here before

I am a wheelchair user and am wondering whethet or not anyone uses or has had to use a catheter in order to do a wee?

I do, and it is really embarrassing when I have not cathed in time (every 3-4 hours) cos I end up very wet.
Also, I do not have bowel control either so most of the time I have to wear a nappy (diaper)which forunately, I am able to change myself but sometimes other people change me if I am not able to do it but I am used to that now.

Rizzo- Yes you are correct Linda is incredibly shy and reserved. It was a major breakthrough to get her to shit outside let alone in front of me. Her husband has never seen her on the loo and I doubt he has even seen her annus. I have and she has seen mine. It took a while for me to get her to agree to allow me to post our doings here. All a matter of trust.
My husband agrees with you re: mens anatomy and horse riding. he says if they had a velvet cubbyhole built into the saddle he may consider riding. Some interesting trivia regarding ladies and horse riding. 1) If they are at all hairy down below, I mean extending past the labia, it normally gets rubbed off while riding and they unfortunately have itchy an annus as it grows back. Linds says she is incredibly smooth down there.2) According to Linda lots of girls have their first sexual awakening on horseback. It is the action of riding that brings it on. Linda's first was on a horse. I do not ride as I have prominent labia (almost flush mounted) and find it painfull.

To: Rizzo, Carmalita, Kim, Bryian, Melissa, hiker, Logger and Dave: What causes a log to be stuck when half way out? I'm being serious. Sometimes I'll be having a big one and halfway out it will get stuck and not move and I'll sit there with my whole body shaking trying to push it out.

I am a big movie fan. I have seen the Exterminating Angel. I would highly recommend it if you are into surreal films or any of Luis Bunel's other work. The pooping in the flower pots scene is not shown, but emplied. The guests can't go beyond a certain point, and all complain of the smell. Regarding poop scenes in movies, I have a list of some.
1. Trainspotting-a reforming heroi

Peter also known as Pooper Dooper
What do you mean hunted like a dog????

I have a movie with a VERY FUNNY and EXPLICIANT noises of a man pooping. Very funny.

TODD: Well I read your post where you asked Heather to reply to you. She won't. She was in a car wreck and died later in the hospital. Just to let you know that she won't reply.

Brad: Personally, male pooping scenes don't turn me on, so I'm not generally looking for them or making mental notes when I see them. I'll try to put down the ones I can remember, though. Of course the one in American Pie is a classic, so I don't know if you'll like any of these even remotely as well, but here goes.

Weird Science--Two male friends are in the bathroom and one is on the toilet due to stomach upset. A party is going on outside, and finally, a couple of girls want to come in. The one who is not on the toilet is embarrassed about the smell.

Dumb and Dumber--The famous Jeff Daniels diarrhea scene. His friend is pissed that Daniels got the date with the beautiful girl, so he spikes his food with a laxative. Daniels is forced to take a nasty dump at the girl's house, only to learn that the toilet is broken and he can't flush it.

Silence of the Lambs--There is a scene where Dr. Lector is sitting on some sort of commode, but he's preparing to get out of his hand cuffs and wreak havoc. It's possible that he's only pretending to take a crap so he can hide behind the screen.

Pulp Fiction--Every time John Travolta goes to the bathroom, something bad happens.

Brighton Beach Memiors--Eugene is walked in on by his pretty female cousin. Later he is he laments that "she'll never be attracted to me now, because she saw me on the crapper."

Biloxi Blues--One of the GIs has some sort of bowel problem, and a substantial amount of dialogue is devoted to this. I can't remember if the guy is ever shown on the toilet or not.

In the Mood--Don't hold me to this one, but if I remember right, Beverly D'Angelo walks in on Patrick Dempsey while he's on the can. When he protests, she says "Oh, I don't care what you're doing as long as you're not whacking your pud."

This is all I can think of for now. Sorry I couldn't have been better help.


Hi name is Todd I'am 26 year old single male. I was woundering if you could get rid of poop stains or skid marks on underwear by dunking underwear in the toilet? I would also like to know if any one has dunked a pair of underwear with poop stains on them in the toilet? Please reply soon.

For anyone interested, the poop scene in "Catch 22" involves Anthony Perkins, playing a chaplain, catching Martin Balsam on the head.

That new picture is GREAT! What a curvy, beauty.

WOW! You huge log queens are really outdoing yourselves!
kim, INCREDIBLE story about the dog walk! I'm so glad that you could have your record-breaking monster log peacefully in the great outdoors! No clogging, no waiting in line, no worry! The diameter of this kim-record log seems startling for such a little girl! How did you ever pass that monstrous beast? That's like birthing a 10 pound baby!
LOVED the Viper story! The cop really would have been DUMBSTRUCK if you couldn't hold it, and had to unload in front of him! It's truly incredible to read your WONDERFUL stories about the mind- boggling length and diameter of your super-logs! We really look forward to hearing about your incredibly MASSIVE dumps!
Ring Stretcher,
GREAT latest tale about sitting in the dark, while you push out one of your tremendously thick, long turds! Too bad your boyfriend didn't see it!
BOY! It really seems that there are some INCREDIBLY "gifted" females on here! I've known most of my life that women can push out monster turds when the occasion calls for it, but it's truly REMARKABLE when you are SO fortunate to hear from SEVERAL women with this talent in ONE forum! Also, the lengths and diameters of these monsters that are being reported are just STUNNING! I really don't know why so many picture sites on the 'net have tons of sick, disgusting perversions of this natural bodily act, but NEVER show pictures of wonderfully gifted people, like the women on here, while producing their massive logs in a natural bodily function! I think there's a BIG(pardon the pun) market being missed there.

Hi,all had a problem with the hard drive on my PC and it crashed and i haven't been able to post-borrowed my friend's CPU while i have to get a new computer!Can't stay long-just want to comment on a few things-Nice pic on top of a pretty blonde sitting on the bowl although it looks like she is posing rather them peeing or pooping-anyway,has anyone noticed that when writing a post on this forum lately that the readout had been sooo small-i can hardly see it when i typing!some feedback please-It's going to be a beautiful day here in the N E -I may try to go to poop out in the woods for the first time this year-I'll let you all know how it turns out-i just got up and I don't feel anything yet,but i'm sure after my morning glass of OJ i'll probably have to go-i have to give my friend back his CPU,so it may be a few days till i can post again if and when i get a new computer!Hope i can dump a good one out in the wild today!Great posts all!I'll try to get back on line soon BYE

ring stretcher
Dave: Thanks for telling me how guys in the marines crap. I still wouldn't be able to crap that easily, especially where people could see my face. You have my admiration! I wonder how all of us more constipated gals could handle that situation?

As you know its spring break and I been helping my mom by taking a few of the older kids to the park. Well theres this girl whoes been helping me. Well today we all drank pop. Well this girl after drinking her pop had to pee. But there was no bathroom. So we walked a few blocks to Hardees. But were going tommorrow and she said if she had to go she would go outside. I hope she does so maybe I can watch her.

Billy the Kid
Yesterday, I went with dad to the hospital. He is a pediatrician. ANyway, we went to see a little kid who had surgery. When she was born, you couldn't tell if she was a boy or girl (she sort of had parts of each). So they operated on her down near where her pee and poops come out. Apparently, they had to use some intestinal tissue. So they made it so her rectum rests while her poop comes out near her stomach. I didn't know this. While my dad was examining her, he shirt was soaked in poop. He lifted her shirt. The hole where the poop now comes out is above her belly button and to her right. As he was lifting her shirt, a huge poop came out. It was like 3 pieces, one inch around and 1 inch long. While my poops are bigger, this kid was like 1 year old. It was pretty gross.

J- bone
Sol. R.:

I TOTALLY agree with you!

Movie Fan
Hey Donnie C --

I appreciate your comments about "The Shooting", but I'm still not toally convinced that the movie is intending to show the woman is shitting herself. I believe you when you say the original story the movie is based on has the woman shitting herself, but sometimes plots and stories from books are changed when they are made into movies. I think it is possible that was done here. There are two main reasons I'm not convinced she is shitting herself.

1) If she were really shitting herself, and she is sitting in it all day in the hot sun, she is going to smell really, really bad. The other people around her would almost certainly react to it. But no one has any reaction at all to her smell, and that is very hard to believe. There are many scenes where people are right next to her, and no one says a word about her stinking like that or makes any kind of facial expressions to show they smell it. That's very unrealistic. There are also no poop stains or any bulges in her pants or anything else to suggest she has a load in her pants.

2) If you're gonna shit yourself while sitting on a horse, you would almost certainly lift your butt off the saddle before you start. Unless you have diarrhea, it is almost impossible to shit in your pants with your ass firmly on a saddle. But that doesn't happen. In the scenes where she is supposedly shitting, her butt is firmly seated, and I just don't think it is likely she would look like that if she were shitting. If she in fact had diarrhea, there would be some sign or mention of it. The only POSSIBLE mention of this is a very quick line at one point where the character played by Will Brewster seems to say "she soiled herself again". But he says it quickly, and I'm not entirely sure it means what we all think.

3) In the scenes where she is supposedly crapping herself, she does not have the usual "grunting" or "bearing down" expression on her face that we all know indicates a person is shitting. Instead, she gets this completely different look where it seems she is either getting nauseous or starting to pass out. Her facial expression makes it look like she is getting sick, not like she is taking a dump. I've seen a lot of people go to the bathroom, and they don't look the way she looks.

Given the time period this movie is from, I'm thinking they may have changed the plot slightly to have her perhaps trying to make herself sick and maybe even puking on herself (which could explain the "soiling herself" remark), instead of the original book storyline of her shitting herself. I find it hard to believe a mainstream movie like this would have an explicit shitting theme.

One thing I am wondering is if the actress playing the part, Millie Perkins, has ever talked about the role in an interview. It would be very interesting to know if anyone told her the character was supposed to be shitting herself. Her facial expressions really don't suggest she is viewing the role this way.

Also, when the movie is run on AMC, there are never any comments by the host to suggest the woman is deliberately shitting like this. The hosts on these movie shows are usually very knowledgeable about the movies they run and often have intersting tidbits and trivia about them. It's hard to believe there would be no mention at all about this aspect of the plot if it were true. I'm sure if it were true, there would be some subtle mention or hint of it by the movie host..

Finally, I've looked up this movie in several movie books, and not one book of the many I have conulted makes any mention of the woman deliberately messing herself.

Anyway, that's my dime. I would LOVE to believe that this is a mainstream movie about a woman shitting, but it just doesn't come across that way. What do the rest of you think?

The blonde chick on the toilet is cool. Looks like she's done with her load and is reaching for the toilet paper.

When I was cleaning the school restrooms, near the end of the day, the girls sometimes would run out of toilet paper. While I was cleaning the boys restroom, several girls came in and announced that the girls restroom was out of toilet paper. They looked very desperate, so I said go ahead, and use the boys bathroom. The embarassing part was that there was a piece of shit on the floor which I picked up with paper and tossed into a toilet while they were in there. There was also piss on one of the toilet seats, so I said "Wait a minute, let me wipe the seat before you sit down." They thought that using the boys bathroom was cool and looked at the urinals, then they split, giggling on the way out.



Maybe she did poo then. Cool. That's funny that we
also tied on something wild!


Why do you feel this way? I'd love to take a crack at answering
that one but it deserves a carefully thought out answer and I want to address it when I'm not so busy. But hold that though!


Thanks but I'm all out of cigars!


Your calculations are great! In my youth I was a math and
Physics tutor but I never thought of appyling it to the
bathroom! You take the cake!


I can't give you a clear answer on who was in the first
female poo scene, but I can't wait to hear the debate from
the peanut gallery. I show "Patch of Blue" being made the
earliest ('65) but haven't seen it so I can't contribute to the
debate as to whether or not its a poo scene or a pee scene.
"The Shooting" is '67 and it seems to be a poo scene but I
have two other contenders that I am having a hard time
getting info on. This first one is the one that the song "Mrs.
Robinson" came from and it starred a young Dustin
Hoffman (she asks him to get her purse while she's on the
toilet). The other one is one with Marlon Brando where he
shows a young lady an apartment and she sits down for a
possible dump. I don't remember the title, but I remember
this wierd scene in it where he asks her to imagine making
love to a pig while he's sweating and farting. It was freaky
dude! So anyway, that's the best I can do since I was still
crawling around on the floor in the sixties.


Eric pretty much gave you a good run down on the subject
of drinking pee, but if you're looking for someone to tell
you its perfectly safe, great for you, and everyone should do
it, you'll be searching awhile. I think you should look at it
like a dangerous hobby. Lots of people hang glide etc. I
would suggest getting as knowledgeable as you can about
the risks and then decide what you want to do. I support
your right to choose what you want to do for fun, even if it
does involve some risk.


For a year or so I installed Cable Television. I saw a lot of people's houses and of course
their bathrooms. One that comes to mind is in an older remodeled home. The attic had
been converted into a master bedroom. The cieling slanted up like an IHOP. The steep
cieling made making a whole room for toilet/bath activities impractical since you would
have to duck your head to go in or out. Their solution was to make a wiast-high little
square wall with a small gate. Inside the gate was the bathtub and toilet. It was cute and
open-air. She wanted Cable TV in the bedroom, but I made sure she had enough length to
roll her TV into the bath area. She thought it was a good idea so she could watch TV
while in the tub. I, of course, reminded her that she could also watch while on the John.
She was shy to talk about it at first, but I talked about how funny it is to watch the news
while on the lieu. The polite, nicely dressed news casters look at you right in the eye while
speaking. It's really funny, and for a minute it seems like they can see you! She laughed
and became more relaxed about our conversation and I'm certain that she tried it. She was
a cute blond and as much as I dragged out my install work, nothing happened while I was
there. It sure lights off my imagination, though!

Monday, April 09, 2001

The blonde chick on the toilet is cool. Looks like she's done with her load and is reaching for the toilet paper.

When I was cleaning the school restrooms, near the end of the day, the girls sometimes would run out of toilet paper. While I was cleaning the boys restroom, several girls came in and announced that the girls restroom was out of toilet paper. They looked very desperate, so I said go ahead, and use the boys bathroom. The embarassing part was that there was a piece of shit on the floor which I picked up with paper and tossed into a toilet while they were in there. There was also piss on one of the toilet seats, so I said "Wait a minute, let me wipe the seat before you sit down." They thought that using the boys bathroom was cool and looked at the urinals, then they split, giggling on the way out.

There's this old guy at work who takes a dump every morning at 11,you can set your watch by his smelly dumps. I work in an
accounting office that is actually in a storefront. There are
4 desks against one wall and 4 against the opposite wall and 3 desks in the middle of the floor. My desk is the last one in the middle of
the floor closest to the exit to the back room where the only bathroom is. It's a small bathroom like 5 x 5 with an elongated toiled that must hold 5 gallons of water. When you poop or fart in there it echoes throughout the whole back room and if you happen to be standing by the photocopy machine next to the entrance to the back room you can hear the farts. Well this old guy always takes his dumps at 11 as I started to tell you and he sprays a ton of pine air freshner in there and leaves the door wide open when he leaves, well a minute after he goes back to his desk you can smell the poop mixed with pine scent all the way in the office, I get first whiff of it because of where my desk is situated. This has been going on for the last year that I have worked there. I never smelled such smelly dumps and no one in the office says anything, but I know they must smell it to and get grossed out.
When I have to go poop at work I walk across the street to the grocery store so no one in my office will know what I'm doing. One day last week we all sent out for pizza for lunch and an hour later I had to poop soooo bad I thought I'd split my colon and there was no time to run across to the grocery store as my client was up front waiting for me and with my luck I'd run to the grocery store and there would be a long line and I'd end up pooping my panties. My poop is busting to come out at this point from that greasy pizza so I had to do the unthinkable and poop in that little bathroom out back. I let out a lout farting splash into that noisy toilet and immediately flushed to get the smell away quicker. I then wiped and flushed again. I washed my hands and prayed no one was sitting in the back room on break, luckily when I exited the toilet the back room was empty like it was when I went to dump. I made it back to my desk with no one noticing I had just come from the direc! tion of the bathroom. I'd be quite embarassed if those stuffed shirts I work with knew I did a real stinky in there.

Has this happened to anybody. I was home alone and I needed to pee. Well I got in the bathroom I went to get my pants down. I really had to go. Well the ziper got stuck and I could feel my pee staring to come out. I tuged and tuged. Well it was still stuck and I couldn't hold it. I wet my pants and I could feel the pee running down my pants. I was really mad. I got my pants off and took a shower. I'm still mad.

The kids are so imature at my school. They go into a stall and lock it and then crawl undernieth the other ones and lock them. What if somebody had to go and all the doors are locked?

I was using the mens room at the mall again when a dude came in with his little girl. Actually we went into stalls at the same time. He told her to pull down her pants and sit on the toilet. She tinkled just a little bit. She said: "I had to go really bad!" She didn't, I think she just wanted to check out the bathrooms. I did the same thing when I was a little kid. Whenever I was in a public place, I went to check out the bathrooms even if I didn't have to go.

Heather I really like your posting on here about you pooping in your panties at the breakfast table before school one day. Why I really liked it becuase is I want to start doing this more. Todd 26 year old single male. Please reply.

Hi every one lisa here, a question to all the females who post here.

How many girls/ladys have messed there self while standing in line waiting to use the toilet, i have seen it several times and its even happened to me (wetting and pooping)i got to thinking how some one handels that situation? do you just wait till you get home to clean up (as i do)allso what does your b/f husband say? for me it doesnt matter iam gay and at this point i have no g/f i live by my self so no one ever finds out.

I love reading all your posts, but i would like to get some feedback once in a while. lisa

BRYIAN: Drinking your own pee isn't harmful as long as it hasn't been allowed to sit around for more than a few minutes (while piss normally comes out sterile, it provides a growth medium for bacteria in the air. Among other things, these bacteria change the relatively non-toxic urea into fairly toxic ammonia).

It's not a good idea to drink your pee if you have a bladder infection (in which case it may not be sterile) or if you're taking lithium (because a fair amount of it is excreted in your piss, so drinking your piss effectively increases the dose, and the therapeutic dose of lithium is fairly close to the toxic dose).

If you're in dehydrating conditions (like stranded in the desert), drinking your pee will *not* make up for your water losses.

Melissa (NY): Your 'desperation' story on Page 570 with turd measurements gave me an idea for a mathematical problem.

Q. If Melissa pooped two logs, one 27 inches long by 3.6 inches diameter and another 30.5" long by 4" diameter, calculate how much lighter she was afterwards.

A. Calculating the volume of each log as a cylinder gives 274.8 cubic inches and 383.3 cubic inches, total 658.1. Multiplying by 16.387 (2.54 cubed) gives 10,784 cubic centimetres which is 10.784 litres or 2.85 US gallons (a bucket full). Assuming that the specific gravity of poop is slightly more than water (it usually sinks) she was at least 10.784 kilograms or 23.77 pounds lighter. Wow, that must have been a relief!

Of course, we need to make a deduction because the logs were probably a bit thinner at the ends, so maybe it was only a 20 pound dump. Applying the same calculation to Kim's 28" x 4" log gives 351.9 cubic inches, 5.765 kg or 12.7 pounds lighter.

A more scientific way of measurement would be to use high accuracy digital bathroom scales to weigh yourself before and after dumping. Does anyone know the largest human dump ever recorded in one sitting? I checked my Guiness Book of Records but it wasn't listed! If there is ever a pooping event at the Olympic Games, I think Melissa could win a gold medal for the US!

On second thoughts, are you guys sure your measuring tapes were in inches not centimetres? If it's centimetres, we get 0.658 kg or 1.45 pounds for Melissa's dump.

Thanks for the catalogue of movie scenes. I too would love to see a complete list of "pissing and shitting in the movies" as suggested by Movie Fan. Has anyone mentioned "Girl with the Green Eyes" (Rita Tushingham -- I kid you not) where one of the Irish lasses runs off to an opem barn stall to have a quick pee (we see her bundle up her skirts and squat) while her friend meets the love interest.
I assume by your reference to James Joyce's interests in our favorite topic you are referring to Joyce's letters to Nora collected in Richard Ellmann's "Selected Joyce Letters", particularly his letter at page 191? If you have other cites I would be interested.

To Ringstretcher: I went through Marine Bootcamp in San Diego about 6 years ago and can answer some of your questions about shitting there. Actually, we were given more than 45 seconds for crapping, but it may be different in other branches of the military. In the mornings after breakfast, we had a total of 15 minutes to shit/shower/shave. In the marines a head call is the term for pissing and a sitting head call is the term for shitting. Each individual guy could decide how long of the 15 minutes to spend on each of shitting, showering and shaving. There were 2 rows of six toilets facing each other. Partitions separated the stalls, but there were no doors so you could see the guy shitting in the stall opposite you. Also, with 12 stalls and about 80 guys, there were usually guys waiting in the narrow hallway separating the two rows of stalls and they usually gave the shitting guys plenty of encouragement to hurry up and get done. Because of the rush, many guys did not! wipe after crapping, but hit the showers and cleaned their bungholes there. This saved a bit of time and also helps prevent the itchy asshole. Also, because of the rush many guys did not flush so the next guy was treated to a full bowl of marine crap and many of these guys crapped like horses! The showers just had spigots on the wall, but were all in the open so you could see guys cleaning off their assholes while they showered. It was a bit too hurried for my liking - I like to take a long, slow dump, but it was fun being with a bunch of guys all in the nude taking dumps, showering and shaving. I miss all my old marine buddies from those days! It as difficult or impossible to get permission for a sitting head call during classes or drills. I saw many guys with tightly clenched butts just waiting to take a dump, but I never saw any guy shit his pants!

Twice Shy
[to the tune of Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus]

Diarrhea, Diarrhea, Dia--rrhea,
Diarrhea, Diarrhea, Dia-a-rrhe-a a rotten flow, from your bu-utt-hole
Diarrhea, Diarrhea, Dia-a-rrhea
And it shall chug for-ever and e-ever
Diarrhea, Diarrhea, Dia-a-rrhe-a

Todd: My son, Josh, ( aged 12) has a real bad problem with skidmarks. My wife was too embarrassed to talk to him about it, so I did. She showed me his white underwear with real bad skidmarks on them and told me that even with bleach she could not remove them. So I spoke to Josh and he was real sullen about it. I showed him the underwear and also showed him how in future he would have to remove the skidmarks soon after dumping. You can do this by taking some warm water from the faucet and rubbing the skidmarks with soap and water. When they are fresh they are easy to remove. Anyway, there was no way Josh would do this. I also told him that he had better wipe his asshole better after dumping. The problem did not improve. My old lady continued to complain and I had to do something. The next time I heard Josh head for the bathroom in the morning I waited a minute and then walked in on him while he was shitting. I waited until he had dumped disregarding his complaints. ! I then stood there and watched him wiping. He finished after one wipe with a lot of shit still on the paper. Anyway, I forced him to continue wiping until the paper had only faint skidmarks on it. It seemed to be a humilating business for him, but since then the skidmark problem has improved. I guess he does not want me to supervise him wiping his butthole any more.

michael h
does anybody know which old post that a lady talks about messing her girdle its one of my favorites and i cant find it if you can i would appreciate help oh yeah i think her name was victoria?

Like that new picture...think it might be a repeat??

To Shawn: I liked your story about the guy pretending to be peeing then you walk back in and he is dumping. What did you do when you went back into the bathroom? wash up? blow your nose? use the bathroom. I've done something like that guy, either because i was afraid to shit around someone i knew or because some old guy was in the bathroom and i just didn't want to shit around him(want to save it for other guys).

Sol. R
Hey, there, everyone:

I was just-reading, w/excitement, about the new-movie coming out, callled "Bridget Jones' Diary", starring the gorgeous-Texan, Renee Zellweger! The really-exciting part, about it, was that Ms. Zellweger, (Isn't she married to Jim Carrey?)had to gain 20-pounds, to play the part! I am thoroughly-impressed. How the heck did she pull that off? How do any of these people do this? Any of you remember that Sly Stallone had to perform a similar-feat, for his role in "Copland?" It discussed, in-detail, just exactly-what Mr. Stallone had to do, to achieve his rotund-appearance, in terms of what, and how often, he had to feed his face. The only-disappointing thing, about the article I just read, about Ms. Zellweger's weight-gain, is it does not get into the details of what she had to eat, how-often, etc. Of course, you know where all this is-leading, right? I would have-loved to be there, when she had to unload all of the extra-food that she had to eat, just t! o play this movie-character! I am sure that she had to crap a lot more than-usual, just because of this fact. Man, I about pass-out, when I think about her on the toilet, crapping it all out! Any of you, corrrect me if I am wrong-here, but I thought that I remembered-hearing that her and Jim Carrey were/are married, right? My God, if that guy actually gets to see his knockout-wife crapping, especially because of what she had to eat to prepare for this role! I would love to be in his-position, if she lets him watch. Something tells me, that he does. We all know how into "bathroom-humor" he is. As-evidenced, by "Ace Ventura", and "Dumb and Dumber", among-others. If she lets him actually wipe her butt, I would, gladly, trade that, for winning the lotto! Anyone agree, disagree? I'm waiting for any-comments. Especially from fellow fans of Renee's!


Sol R.

Donnie C.
JEFF A: Funny you should mention Barbara Eden, as she is a celebrity I'd love to see having a poop or a messy accident!

Somebody mentioned the movie "The Shooting" a few days ago. Yes, the pooping scenes are implied, but if you pay close attention you'll see that the Woman is most definitely going on herself. When you first see the Woman, she has just shot her horse, presumably because it had a broken leg. But when Mr. Gaschade (the Jack Nicholson character) inspects the mount he can find no sign of injury. The implication is that the Woman has messed herself, and the horse reacted to the smell and went wild. Later, you see the Woman standing alone in the dark; another male character walks into a tent and mumbles "She soiled again." Still later, there's two scenes where she seems to get sick while riding another horse; the second time Gaschade tells her to stop it.

One may think this woman has a Wild West version of irritable bowel syndrome, or something. But if you can find the book on which the movie is based, you'll see that her incontinence is actually quite deliberate. The book is called "The Revenge," written by Adrien Joyce who also did the screenplay for the movie.
In the novel, it is made clear that the Woman has some serious emotional problems, and soils her panties on purpose out of contempt for herself and the world. Now you wonder if Ms. Joyce has some sort of hidden agenda here...why would she create such a character? Did she base it on herself? I've seen a picture of her: she was a very slender young Jewish woman who just looks like a panty-pooper to me!

Another twist: "Adrien Joyce" was actually a pen name for Carole Eastman, who co-wrote the Oscar® nominated screenplay for "Five Easy Pieces"! (And it so happens that one of the women who ignited my interest in female pooping was a young Jewish psychologist named "Carole"...)

Anyway, "The Shooting" will be on the American Movie Classics cable channel on the afternoon of April 10. (They show it about once every other month.) It's also now available on DVD in the U.S. Check it out!

JEFF. A --

Hi guy! Great to hear you're healing up, and I hope it's not too painful! You asked how I got into female standing peeing -- and that's an interesting story. Well, as everyone here has heard (probably as often as they want to!) I suffered most of my life from fairly serious avoidant paruresis. To combat this problem I did some research on the web and found my way to folks with similar problems, and to folks with no such problems who could tell me was a delightful experience a shared wee really was, and of course it went from being a subject to be shaleved carefully away to one of serious interest and anticipation!

Through one such board I made the acquaintence of a delightful young lady who had mastered the art. She used a urinal with her boyfriend all the time, and her college cheerleading team all learned too. They were a regular fixture at the bar men'sroom, five or six cheerleaders in a row, skirts up, squirting happily! I had never imagined such a thing was possible at that time, and she told me how it's done -- the basic "Denise Method," as it's often called, after a lady who promotes the skill on the web. As soon as I knew it could be done, there was no stopping me, and here I am today, AP about half cured, enjoying the art of the upright gusher!

Thanks for asking, and thanks for your most-appreciated comments!


Bathtub peeing range -- four feet? Not bad, but I can do better! I just have to be FULL enough! I know Louise can go seven feet from a standing position, and I'll be trying to push my range out to match hers, until I can stand on one side of a bathtub and wee right over it altogether! (SMILES!!!) It might come in handy for cleaning artefacts in the field -- or washing dust away from delicate materials (chuckles!) but archaeology often takes workers to distant and unserviced parts of the world. As with paleontologists, who must go where the bones are, the probability is that in the wilds of Central Asia or some such place toilets will be almost completely unknown, and the ability to have a casual wee in a standing position may be less likely to draw the attention of folks than a woman partially stripping and assuming a recognized posture...

STEVE -- flow rates. That's quite a body of work, and yes, there are many factors involved. Here's a thought -- do you know the Poiseulle Expression, the formula for describing flow rates? I learned it in college years back but can't find a record of the formula!

I times myself against volume a few times, but I think I was skewing the data a bit! I once unloaded about 550mLs in something like 60 seconds, but it was only a slow dribble for the last 20 or so, I'd be guessing the better part of 500 passed in not much over the first 30 seconds.

Hope you and Louise have a great al fresco opening on your night out!


That's okay, dear, I know what it is to be working flat out, and tired!

That's the right technique for going over pants -- down to about the middle point of your rear cheeks, then stretch them down further at the front. I'm wearing some nice stretch pants and nylons at the moment, and I use that method to go in the sink. I'd agree, an elasticated waistband is easier to control than a zip fly! I hold them down with my left hand, and have a tissue at the ready in the crook of the little finger of the right for drips, while using the first and second fingers of my right hand to adjust my slit.

It's quite a heart-thumper when you nearly get caught, isn't it?! I think in your place I'd have chickened out and weed in the stall, then snuck out quick! That must have been an extra buzz, buddy-peeing on top of the guy's own pee! One time I was walked in on by a guy, I got away with it because I was dressed so androgynously he couldn't tell I was a girl! It was a tiny bathroom with only one antiquated urinal, so the guy went away again, and he didn't see me leave.

Great work with the Venus symbols -- we'll bamboozle them yet!

KIM --

Ahhh, the Logster strikes again! Well, darling, your performance in the woods takes the prize for most spectacular opening yet again! I was thinking about size just yesterday, and though I know we're pretty similar in height, your rectum must be a lot more capacious than mine. Your lower gut volume must be exceptional! I know my rectum and large intestine can accommodate three feet of shit no bother, and discharge it all in ten seconds, but sheer mass is another factor. I looked at four inches diameter and 28 in length with a tape measure, and can only shake my head in wonder. A beautiful young woman with a vast brown dragon's-tail in the woods is a sight that would probably induce heart attacks in he infirm! And a stunning appreciation in the rest of us. I can barely imagine how your anus must look or feel when stretched to such extremes -- but clearly you have the capacity to do this. You're a very special gal!


That's soooo amazing, dear -- Jake is an artist too, and he painted a nude portrait of you for Renee! And he's entranced by your pooping exploits -- as you say, what could be better? He's got a big heart, and he likes that little boy too -- stick to him like glue, honey, like glue! (Envy!)

Okay, friends, here's my latest experience -- not that it's much of an experience, but it's an observation at least!

I was getting the bus the other day at my usual stop and when i walked to the small shelter I thought I could smell something a bit ripe... There was a pile of dark brown, half-dried shit on the ground in front of the seat, some brown streaks on the edge, with a crmpled, brownish paper bag beside the pile. It was clearly human excrement, fairly soft, in that the lengthy stringing of the turds had all melted together into a horse-sized rounded mound. Somebody had obviously either been caught short while waiting for the bus, maybe late at night, or had been exercising a dare... Whatever, it stank pretty bad, and between that and the stench of the un-emptied bin nearby, the bus stop was an aromatic experience!

I STILL have a fabulous story to write up for you all -- but time is at a premium. i'll get it done soon, promise!

Cheers to all,


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