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Austin - Looks like there's a little three-way competition between you, me and Historian to mention these movies. You and I mentioned "Something Wild" the same day. You call this a pee scene, but I seem to recall she actually wiped herself from the back, which would imply she did some doo-doo as well. It wasn't much of a wipe, but then neither was the one in Twenty-One. The wipe in Twenty-One is so wimpy it actually looks like she's wiping her butt cheek.

Historian: The scene in Patch of Blue is clearly a poop scene, because the juice in question was pineapple juice, which everyone knows causes the runs. The girl drank a ton of it in the movie and evidently didn't know it would cause diarrhea. Also, she drank a lot more the next day, and had another sudden attack. This time, Sidney Poitier was there to show her where the bathroom was. The very sudden-ness of the attack made it obvious that she had the runs again. That was not a pee urge! Besides, I once looked in the original book that the movie was based on, and I'm pretty certain i does mention she had the runs.

Another movie with an implied female poo scene is Car Wash, where Melanie Mayron (who later appeared on the TV show thirtysomething) is spied on while she is using the toilet. She's either reading or doing her nails or something while sitting there, so it is implied that she is shitting. She later runs out of the bathroom (after realizing she was spied on) and a kid goes in and comments on the bad smell in there. Someone also mentioned Caged Heat, which has a scene where a woman is sitting on the toilet in a prison cell reading a book. Anytime you see a woman reading a book while on the toilet, that's a giveaway that she's pooping since you don't normally read a book while peeing. I've heard that you can actually hear poop sounds in this scene, but I don't hear them since there are other prison sounds that get in the way. There are several other movies with girl-on-toilet scenes, and I'll try to remember some of them and post more...

Historian, I just saw your second post. The version of "Homage" you want is from 1996, and it stars Sheryl Lee, who was in "Twin Peaks". The movie is about a handyman who has a crush on Lee and basically stalks her. He gets a job at her house and in one scene he climbs a ladder and pretends to work on the bathroom window while she is using the toilet. She asks him to not watch and he makes some remark about how she should have gotten up earlier and taken her morning dump when everyone else does. There are no pooping sounds or anything really explicit, other than the handyman's direct commens about her taking a dump.


I don't think we should publish a comprehensive movie list. Many of the things we talk
about on this site have to do with social change and getting todays society's bathroom
customs caught up with current medical knowledge. You can't assume everyone who
visits this public site is a friend. Social change sometimes involves persecution and even
execution due to people's ignorance. A complete movie list is something that the wrong
kind of people could use to try to harass actors or get them banned. I think we should only
mention a movie or two every now and then. But what would I know about persecution?
I've only been hunted like an animal for five years now!

Hey!, that little Asian beauty has been on this site before! Running out of pictures, or what?

I just want to know if anyone on this site ever passed a real burner, I mean one that felt like a flame thrower was coming out. Well, I just did. Oh Yeah! Last night my wife, our 3 grown kids, 5 grand kids and my wife's girlfriend went to a local Mexican place for dinner. In addition to consuming shrimp in chipotle sauce with tons of v?????s, I had a pile of soft corn tortillas with pico de gallo and hot red salsa, then a pastr with ice cream for desert.

This morning before running in the cold, drizzly weather, I did a very modest crap. But 1/2 mile from my house on the return run, I could feel it coming. By the time I got in the yard, it was urgent. I got in the house, walked into the master bath, only to find my wife and her friend, C, in there. "Sorry", was my only reply. My wife said OK, as she slid her pants down and perched on the pottie. By the expression on her pal's face, I could see she was in mid turd, but I couldn't wait, so I ran up the hall, to the other bath. When I knocked I was greeted with "HEY!", as my daughter was dumping a load in there. OK, can I make it to the basement lavatory without crapping my shorts? I did but barely. No sooner had I dropped my drawers and sat, an effortless burner slid out, nuking my pink hole as it did. I looked into the head, and saw a 2 foot long, 2.5 inch thick log in the water! That's about 6" longer and 1/2 to 3/4" thicker than my normal morning output. While I admired it! , my anus was screaming 'Where's last nights desert? COME ON ICE CREAM!!!". But nothing more was forth coming. Thank God there were medicated wipes available, which really cooled my ass. It took 2 flushes to dispose of this monster, then I washed and came upstgairs. On my way to the computer, I noticed that the upstairs toilets were still occupied. AS I am writing this, I can feel more on the way, so I hope I can finish this post. I am going to a tournament later and I hope my stomach steradies before I leave. Wait a minute, my wife is telling me that we have a clogger in the master bath. NO, not her, it's her girlfriend, and now yours truly is being summoned to unclog it. Oh well, I shouldn't complain. When you have pretty women pooping in your house, and you get to see them and their output, it's turd heaven.

Let me go see what kind of monster C did in the master head.

Have a great week, all of you fine ladies and gentleman who write great stories that really entertain an old man!


Bridget, if you read this, I wonder if you could post again the story you told ages ago here about the first time your boyfriend let you watch him take a shit. It was the best post I've ever read here and I can't seem to find it--it's like it disappeared. Can you remember it and post it again? Your description of his dump was so perfect. Thanks, Daniel x

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to you all!

Firstly, to TRIVIA EXPERT, I'm cerain it wasn't Orson welles on the toilet in that scene in "Catch 22", but I think it may have been Ernest Borgnine.
I remember Rosarian(?) comes in and sees him on the toilet that seems to be integregated into his office, and averts his eyes.

KYLE, Hi, it's me again! I can't semm to let this subject go, so let me know when you think we've said enough on the subject of being a captive audience when sitting on a toilet with no doors!
I'd have liked to have been wearing underpants down to my calves with the dirtiest dark skidmarks on show as the two guys stood there watching and talking to me, as I made a real impressive loud grunting performance with loud plops and sighs of relief and frequent looks in the pan to see what I'd just dropped and completely control the situation and ask them if they did shits like this and if they still didn't go, I'd tell them to "F--- off, I'm having a shit" as my mate once did when his door without a lock opened and a guy tried to come in exposing himself.
You were being intruded upon just as much as in his case!
If they still didn't get the message, I'd perhaps ask for some of their literature so I could wipe my arse with it!
I've got no time for people coming to the door where I live to attempt to proselytise, and certainly not when I'm on the toilet!
Perhaps one reason why I feel so strongly about this particular incident is that they were doing something I'd love to do;standing watching and listening to a guy on a toilet and it seems they can get away with it just because they say they're representing some evangelical movement!
Anyway, when you're on the toilet with no door, you're not in a position to do much about being hassled, especially if you've turds dropping out of your arse and are rooted to the spot, so to speak. I wonder if anyone's ever been in that situation and a guy's come along and taken a photograph and then run off? Not much anyone can do about it by the time you've finished. It's also possible that two smartly dreesed young guys could be talking to someone on the toilet while holding a bag with a hidden camera!
Yes, I really like the idea of what you told me, but hate the idea of anyone feeling pressured and hassled.
Tell me of other experiences you've had when sitting on a toilet with no doors, if you can, and wish to share them!

As for myself and my recent problems, yesterday and today I've had absolutely no problems at all!
As soon as I got up and before i had a chance to finish getting dressed, I had the urge to get on the toilet and with no straining, no pain and certainly no discomfort afterwards, I sat there and within minutes, I'd done my day's shit and felt relieved and empty.
All this I'm assuming to be due to the stool softener, and feel that's cured the piles, so I'm gradually reducing the dose.
Whether that means that straining too much brings on piles which in turn obstruct the passage and create a vicious circle- I can only guess, but even though I want to go normally, without laxatives and do big firm solid but easy turds, I'm able to do everything I want to without having to sit about for hours on end because it was too uncomfortable to be active and I kept wanting to go again.
For that I'm so glad to be well again!

DAZZ, Hi! As you see from what I've just said, I'm a lot better!
Still getting a wet arse in the process but small hard turds can really get my arse wet, but not quite as much as a good firm log!
Even though this forum is the place for going into detail about how we like to use the toilet and to be completely uninhibited about what we say; I had been rather embarrassed about saying how much I like the idea of getting a good splash up the bum when I've had a long piss in the toilet first! Also that I like when possible to use a toilet after some fit guy has left the water very yellow and to be able to have my shit in it and hopefully get a drenched arse from plopping into it! It really is the crowning glory, isn't it?!
My biker friend goes one further, and I have a recording of one of his sessions to prove it.
He'd just come in off his bike, wearing all his gear with tight blue jeans, had a long piss in his toilet, folowed by a long loud piss, then decided he needed a shit so pulled his jeans down and sat on the toilet reading a paper and dropped about 15 medium to very loud plopping solid turds. After he'd wiped his arsehole,(He says he never bothers about the splashes on his buttocks) he pulled up his jeans, not wearing any underpants, flushes, then describes the way his entire toilet musle got soaked in the process!!!!!!!!!
On another occasion which he recorded, he got absolutely drenched dropping about 20 loud plopping turds, and being all dry ones, he didn'd even bother using any toilet paper- he just pulled up his underpants and jeans and flushed the toilet, his theory that as he knew his arse would be clean, it was the purpose of the underpants to absorb any splashes!!!
These underpants were great to wear when I had a shit myself soon after, while I was listening to him in action!

As for yourself, perhaps it would be even better for you to delay wiping up and flushing until you've completed "any other business" on the toilet and feel the water and piss on your buttocks as you continue sitting there!

I hope you get the chance to revisit those toilets you remember using, they both sound great. You also said that both sets had deeper than normal water traps. Do you mean that they're like yours at home, or deeper than that?

All best wishes and thanks for yours, and look forward to hearing more from you, especially now I know the details of what it is that splashes up on your bum when you sit there plopping on the toilet!!!!!

Hope you all feel as well and as good as I am at the moment but with wishes for for a quick recovery to JEFF also.

I LOVE this forum!! P P G

Carol -Housewife and mum
Hi all. Plenty of toilet fun this week.

An old school friend, Claire, visted us this week. We put her up in my daughter's bedroom which is vacant since she moved in with her fiance.

I have known Claire since Secondary (High) School and we have kept in touch. For the last few years she has been jet setting around the world with her work. She is the opposite in build to myself. Im sort of average height for a woman and a bit ????, Claire is 6 foot tall, and slim, a red head with a nice figure. At school we were knicknamed "Bat and Ball". Anyway, as teenagers we used to buddy dump together although we didnt use that expression at the time in the Girls Toilet at school sharing a cubicle (stall) when we did our jobbies, both of us passing big panbusters.

During the week Keith was driving and my son was of course at 6th Form College, I have taken a week's holiday leave. After lunch one day at home Claire and I both needed a motion. With a girlish grin, although she is 40 like me, she said, "Carol, lets have a buddy dump like we used to at school" Both now giggling like a couple of schoolgirls we went to the toilet together and I let her go first. She undid her jeans and slipped these and her black Sloggi briefs down to her knees. Sitting on the pan she did a long tinkle as her wee wee poured out then gave a gasp "NN! UH!" I heard a crackle as her big jobbie came out. It was a nice big one, fat, smooth, a light toffee brown in colour and curved like a big German sausage and entered the water at the bottom of the pan with a "Floomp!". Claire went "AH!" then after wiping her bum with a moist wipe, which she put aside she got up off the pan and said , "That's better, a nice big easy one, now your turn Carol" I hitched up my b! lack skirt and pulled my white panties with a blue floral pattern down to my knees and sat on the pan with Claire's big jobbie beneath me. I also did a wee wee then I felt my poo stretch my ring and gasped "OH! NNN! OOO! " It was a harder jobbie than Claire's a bit knobbly and I bore down and went OO! NN! as it inched out. "I see you are still a bit constipated like you were at school, Carol" Claire remarked as she gently pushed my ????. After the first 8 inches of so my jobbie got a bit smoother and easier and tapered off and then plunged into the pan with a "KUR-SPLOOMP!". Feeling much better I got up off the pan and wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers and we had a good look at the two big jobbies, Claire's lighter coloured fat smooth curved sauasage and my darker brown, knobbly then smoother carrot shaped fat turd, both about 12 inches long. By this time both of us were giggling. After having a long look at our combined efforts we dropped the two used wipes into the pa! n and pulled the flush. These went but the two big jobbies stayed behind and it took 5 flushes and a bucket of water to shift them.

Claire went back overseas on Friday with Keith driving us to Heathrow to see her off. On the way back he told me that he had been a bit constipated for the last 3 days and had only passed 3 wee hard balls. Now it is often said that a man with a cold is a martyr but a constipated male is a Greek Tragedy. When we got home I suggested he drink some Olive Oil before going to bed as this often helps me when Im bunged up. He did this and on Saturday morning, the two of us being alone, as usual my son was over at his Girlfriend's house for the weekend, after breakfast he said, "I need a motion, come in an help me as it is going to be a big hard jobbie and it might be painful" He was like a little boy in the way he pleaded although there is never any problem about me coming in with him. We went to the toilet, Keith slipped his jeans and grey Speedo briefs down and sat on the pan. He couldn't pee as he had an erection, caused as much by the big jobbie in his back passage putting p! ressure on his prostate gland as by any other consideration. I rubbed his ???? and gently pushed. "OO! OH! PLONK! PLOONK!" two hard balls came out then "OH! OH!" KUPLONK!" he passed an egg shaped lump with me going "Try hard Keith, that's a clever lad!" Pausing for a moment to let the rest come down he gasped, "Its okey for you Carol, you are used to passing big hard jobbies out of your fat bum, that lot hurt!" I resisted the temptation to laugh but did reply, "Its just as well you men dont have to give birth, Ive done that twice and its a lot more effort than that!" I continued to rub his ???? and by now the hard lumps having been passed the lubricated stool came down. "OOH! OH! AH! Keith exclaimed as I heard a crackling sound and out slid a nice big long jobbie into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" The pressure relieved he was able to pee as I carefully directed the appropriate part of his anatomy to avoid having a "fountain". When he was relieved he got off the pan ! and I wiped his bum then we had a good look at his motion. Apart from the hard balls there was a big dark brown lumpy log as big and fat as one of mine. We went to bed as you can imagine. When we got up and had a shower Keith farted a lot then said, "Carol, I need another motion" and he sat on the pan. "FLOOMP! FLOMP! SPLOSH" out came 3 easy smooth sausages very quickly, the largest 12 inches long the other 2 smaller. This was the stool held back in his bowels by the harder constipated turds. He came back into the shower and cleaned himself then got dressed and went off to drive his cab, a London Saturday not being something to ignore for an Owner Driver. (BTW one very useful benefit of having a Cabbie as a husband is that he knows were all the public toilets are should one need ). It did prove my point that constipated men make a bigger fuss about it while a women will simply just sit on the pan and do it, even if it does hurt a bit while it comes out. Let's face it, women d! o tend to be constipated more often than men so are used to doing big hard jobbies and with periods etc are able cope easier with discomfort in intimate matters. Have other posters male and female found this to be the case?

To the correspondent who worries about skid markets in their panties this happens to us all from time to time. I find using moist wipes cleans the anal region far more effectively and prevents brown stains in the gusset and seat of the knickers. Obviously wearing a clean pair of panties, as myself , Keith, and the kids have always done every day and having a daily shower or bath or strip wash paying careful attention to washing the "intimate areas" is an essential. As to removing stains, a biological washing powder usually works and is less harsh than bleach which can damge delicate fabrics causing holes and also any residue can irriate delicate tissues.

Sunday, April 8, 2001

Hi Everyone!!

I was at Wal-Mart in the check out line and all of sudden I got really bad diarrhea cramps. Then I thought I can't just leave my stuff and go to the bathroom. Well they got really bad and I knew if I moved I would crapp my pants. well I moved and crapped them bad it went through them. You could she it really good cause I had white pants on. I hate when this happens I get the diarrhea really bad when I get it. Everyone in the store looked at me funny.On the way home i crapped them again bad and left the seat stained really bad!!!

Does anyone else have any embarrassing diarrhea stories???

Billy the Kid (aka Billy L.)
After school, we went to weimins house for a few minutes. Weimin needed to drop some things off. I did too, in his bathroom. I needed to make a big poop, but couldn;t wait until we got into the woods to play. It was the first time I had to go today. So I went into his bathroom. His sister was sitting on the toilet. I heard some crackling noise. I said excuse me. She said, why don't you sit down? I said, you are sitting down. SHe said no, on that. She was pointing to her little brothers potty. I said sure. The potty was across from the toilet. I sat down and pushed out three big turds real fast. I wiped myself (it only took two wipes. I fold the paper, so it was only one piece of paper). I got up and said all done. She was still grunting away. I went to wash my hands and weimin came in. He said, all done? I said yeah. He little brother came in to poop. He looked in the potty and said, wow! I knew i made a big poop this morning, but that is huge. He sat down and started to poop.! We left and went playing.

What are some of the places you have gont to the bathroom?
I've gone to pee: a cup, in a bush,in a women's bathroom,in a sink, and on the floor, and poop: in a potty chair when our toilet was pluged up, a women's bathroom when the stalls were full and I was despret, and on the bathroom floor when I was sick. And finally on accident: I pooped in the shower, and what really embarresed me is when I peeded my pants when I couldn't hold it because I was shaking to keep it in.

I'm going to try going in public tommorrow

Mike: Glad you liked my last posting about shitting with the Highschool baseball team. In answer to your question, a few guys helped themselves to paper from my doorless stall. A couple just said Hi to me and stood there pulling off the paper to wipe their noses. One actually came into the stall and stood there pulling off paper while talking with his team mates changing on the bench. It was all real free and friendly and I guess I was a guest in their changeroom so I can't complain! When one guy came to get paper I asked him how many games they had won this season and he gave me a good account of the team's games while I plopped away. He only stopped talking when one of his buddies called him.

There have been some excellent pictures and posts this week, it was really great to see / read them. Anyway...
Traveling Guy - It was quite funny to watch my wife wave to the engineer of the train, although it certainly was not in 8th Notch (full throttle). That train was going slowly, which allowed the operator time to get a good view.
Melissa (NY) - WOW! What a story, blasting along in a hot car with a wicked urge to crap, then pooping out some monster logs. You covered 2 of my favorite subjects, gals pooping and sports cars (I have 3 Corvettes). Great story.
Kim - The Colossal Lady Log Layer, you never cease to amaze me! That was one hell of a great 'walking the dog' story.
I would have loved to see that ass shuddering, eye popping explosion you had. Those dimensions are staggering. I look forward to your posts with great anticipation.

My wife's girlfriend C (name withheld) came east to visit late this week. She is recently divorced and we hadn't seen her in about 12 years. For a lady of 52, she looks great, blond hair, blue eyes, and the body of a cheerleader. When I got home from bowling last night, the girls were out, so I quietly went to sleep, and got up early to run. I dropped a log that looked like a midget's walking stick before going out, then had an uneventful 9 miler. I came back and the girls were making breakfast. I joined them for some food and small talk, then went into the master bath to shower. As I was getting dressed, the ladies entered the bathroom, and I offered to leave. I was greeted with 2 smiles and a teasing "Stick around", from C. I guess the food and coffee had its effect. I noticed that both were wearing t-shirts and panties, as they walked towards the 2 heads. My wife lifted the top and the seat, took off her panties, then squatted over the bowl. Her friend took off her pan! ts, lifted the seat and straddled the bowl, also facing the waterbox. Then the show started. My old lady's dark butthole expanded, opened and a rather dark, thick log slid out rather easily, with a nice PLOOMP! as it hit the water. She lowered herself to pee, while her friend raised up and parted her cheeks with her hands, giving me a great view of her pink anus. Her hole widened, and a somewhat knobby turd slowly emerged. The first several small pieces broke off and PLINKED! into the water. Then the turd turned lighter and softer, and rushed out into the waiting bowl. C grunted with relief, then sat to pee, as my wife raised up to poop some more. Another chocolate colored long turd emerged from my wife's anus, and fell with a splash, as my wife went ENNNGGHH! Her girlfriend was now pooping out some smaller, soft but formed light turds, as my wife once again sat. The smell was also getting pretty ripe, and I wondered just what they had eaten the night before. As I was thinking! about that, C let out a juicy fart, then passed some mushy poop, with a loud grunt. My wife asked if I would wipe her, so fully aroused, I walked over, grabbed some toilet paper, and gently wiped my wife's dark anal opening. I used a moist wipe to finish, then got a little kiss of thanks from her. Then C asked if I would do the same for her. Years ago, I had seen her poop, but not like this. It took 6 wipes with toilet paper, and 2 wet wipes to clean her little pink hole. She also gave me a teasing kiss when I was done, then all 3 of us looked at the "production". The old lady had done one long monster, with another fairly long one on top. C had a pile of mush on top of a fairly long light turd, and some smaller ones. Both had pooped quite some volume, and then I said "Let's see who clogs it",getting laughs and playful slaps from both. They flushed, C's went down OK, leaving skids, but the wife's stuck! I immediately got an old hanger, chopped up the logs, and finally, 3 flus! hes later, the mess went down. By now, C was spraying Lysol to relieve the stench. As I was washing up, she teasingly reminded my wife about the time that she, C, had to unclog my wife's mess at the place where they both worked after school, many years ago.

Kendal Ė sorry I havenít posted for a while. You guessed right that Iíve been tied up with the school play. We did a performance every night last week and before that the rehearsals were taking up more and more time. It went well though and itís finished now and Iíve finished school too for Easter. I guess you have too. I have been trying to keep up with whatís going on here and your activities in particular but itís quite difficult because this siteís so good that thereís a lot to look through. I remember you saying you didnít think that caretaker would have been interested in looking over the partition at you when you were having a poo Ė Iím sure he would have loved to have done but he was just being a gentleman Ė some men are arenít they? I remember the story about you and Andrew peeing together wrapped in your dadís dressing gown Ė that was really moving. Andrewís really romantic isnít it Ė a lot more so than any of the men in my life. I read the story youíre dad posted ab! out you wetting yourself when you were really young too Ė that was funny. I havenít had time for much fun and games Ė but Matthew Phil and I did try a triple deck wee. It was a bit difficult to find a suitable low wall. There is one in our garden which I would have been ok but the boys werenít keen on that because the neighbours might see. We found one at a pub not too far away and went there quite early last Saturday morning thinking there wouldnít be anyone about. Obviously there was a chance someone would see but it was less likely to be anyone we knew. We decided that I would be the meat in the middle of the sandwich like you suggested because the boys didnít want to sit on each other. The reason I wasnít sure about doing that was because it would involve a lot of flesh to flesh contact with Phil but I decided it would be ok. Heís a bit immature but I can trust him not to try anything he knows I donít want to do. Anyhow we got there Ė it was quite cold Ė but I took off m! y skirt and pants so they wouldnít get in the way. Weíd worked out that whoever was on the bottom would have to take his trousers and pants right off and Matthew didnít want to do that so Phil started undoing his trainers and taking his jeans off which seemed to take ages while I was standing there half naked. One car went past but I just squatted down so that only my top half was visible over the wall. Then when Phil was ready he sat on the wall with his legs apart I sat on him and he adjusted his legs so they were wide enough but no so wide that I fell through. Then Matthew took his trousers and pants down and sat on me. It was funny feeling my thighs squeezed between two lots of hairy ones. Matthew started to pee a nice steady stream and then I started my usual noisy gusher. I did a lot but I finished before Matthew even though he started before me and I think I probably did more. As for Phil he was very late starting and only managed a trickle. Iíd better not say why here ! but you can probably guess. I wasnít surprised to be honest because heís not used to close proximity to a girl and I donít blame him but that hasnít stopped me teasing him about it. I needed to do my morning poo and I managed to do that with us more or less still in position. I moved forward a bit and we all sort of let back quite a lot. Of course it was while I was pooing that another car went past. We were laughing and stuff so much that it was on top of us before we noticed it but whoever it was can only have seen our top halves. God knows what they thought we were doing though. I did my usual big fart and pile of soft mushy poo but it was ok it didnít splash on anyone. Obviously we left quite a mess in the pub car park but it was in the corner and it rained later so hopefully it washed most of it away. Anyhow so our triple-deck wee wasnít a total success but it was good fun. Love Kate xx

Lawn Dogs Kid Ė I havenít done my poo over the bridge yet so is the offer to hold onto me while I do it still on? Would you hold me round the waist or the legs? You guys seem to be having a lot of fun down there in Devon Ė hope you have a good Easter holiday. We went to see England and France at Twickenham today. It was a brilliant match and of course I had to do a couple of public wees. Love Kate xx

Trivia Expert
I have two movie trivia questions for all the movie experts that post here. I know the answer to one but don't know the answer to the other.

First -- what was the first mainstream movie to actually show someone sitting on a toilet to poop? Answer: Catch-22, which has a scene showing Orson Welles sitting on the toilet pooping.

Second -- what was the first mainstream movie to show a woman sitting on a toilet to poop? Answer: I have no idea. Maybe Caged Heat? Anyone got a better guess?

Kim: You're just wonderful. That's all I can say. Oh, that and TWENTY-EIGHT FRIGGIN' INCHES! Incredible! I've had some that might have come close to that -- but they didn't hold together. I think the outdoors is the best place to achieve maximum turd length and volume, since one is not constrained by the minimal dimensions of a toilet bowl.

Steve: Don't worry about your math. Just the fact that you've done that much calculation on the subject of male-vs-female urine flow rates is impressive. It's funny, though, 'cuz most females I know make a lot more trips for pee than the guys I know. I think Louise is well-equipped in the bladder department to be able to displace so much liquid at once. Or maybe she just holds it longer than you do, or something. I dunno, but this is a good topic for further inquiry.

Rizzo: I remember a similar incident with a cell-phone that I experienced. I was sitting in the stall at my nearby library, one of my favorite restrooms, and another guy came in and took the remaining stall next to me. He sat down, briefly grunted, popped out a crackling turd, and then there was a short silence. I assume he was about to grab the toilet paper, at which point I heard his cell-phone ringer echoing throughout the room. To my amazement, he picked it up and answered. Conversation on his end was, more or less, the following:

"No, I'm busy right now..."
"Actually, I'm in the bathroom."
"Mmm-hmm...listen, can I call you back?"
"OK, talk to you later."

Yes, carrying on with the day's business from the comfort and privacy of a BATHROOM STALL. Why you wouldn't shut the phone off for that brief 10 minutes is beyond me, but...

Oh, I still haven't removed last night's poop. The urge left me soon after I posted, but it's back. We'll see what happens.

Good toilet tidings to all,

Sorry. Don't mean to hog the forum, but there's something I forgot to ask. Can anyone tell me why they think "A Patch of Blue" has an implied pooping scene. I've seen the movie, and yes, I know they focus in on the empty juice bottle when she goes behind the tree to relieve herself, but couldn't it be that she just needs to urinate? Juice would make you have to pee before it would make you have to poop. Maybe I missed something. Would appreciate any input.

Ring Stretcher
To Military Men: I've been watching "Bootcamp" on tv and one of them said they have 45 seconds to crap (or take a head sitter). Is this true? What happens if you have to crap during the day while training?
I'd love to hear stories about you guys crapping in front of eachother with no stalls or partitions.

A really embarrassing thing happened to me two years ago. I and this other gal were in the bathroom at work (i quit there a month later for better pay offer). She has to work hard to get her big ones out so we were both in there grunting up a storm. Shari was in the last stall by the wall and I was in the third. This guy came running in (male bathroom was having service done to it) and took a three minute piss. Since Shari and I were beyond the point of return we continued with our grunts, farts, sighs and moans. It's what a bathroom is for, afterall. She was passing large round balls and I was passing a torpedo, haha.
Afterward he told one of his guy pals it sounded like the
"delivery room at the hospital." His friend asked who was making the noise and my name was mentioned!
From then on I got dirty, rude looks from both of them. Like they don't make those noises, too!

To Jeff A,
I can understand the frustration that you will be feeling. Have the docs given you any idea on how long your recovery will take?
Once again I have to say I think you are fortunate to have a very supportive wife. It sounds as if she likes to needle you and gently tease you in a similar gentle and pleasant way to how Louise does with me. It did make me smile to read how she makes noises to encourage you to have a dump. I can just imagine it.
I very much enjoyed your story of the three girls in Gi's up the trail for a dump. What a picture - their pants pulled down to their knees, squatting with bare asses and 'brown tails'. I agree with you, Gi's are actually quite a sexy thing for women to wear. Louise would look fantastic, and I keep thinking of getting her one.
My best wishes to you both.

To Kim,
Hello again, babe. You certainly wrote a good account of your 'logging' activity in the woods. I wouldn't have minded being there to witness that! Goodness knows what your canine companion must have made of it all.
Unfortunately there isn't much for Louise and I to tell at the moment. When there is, be assured that we will certainly post all the details for you to read.
Louise and I are planning an evening out, so just possibly she (or perhaps both of us) will need to have an al fresco piss.

Bye for now,


A friend of mine spent the weekend at my house awhile back and we decided to hold our poop for as long as we could. My parents were away thank goodness. Anyway we started on Saturday morning. It went well most of the day. We both farted a lot during the day. But we were determined to hold as long as we could. We made it through Saturday ok. Woke up Sunday we felt good-had some food and a few minutes later we new we could no longer wait. We put some paper down in the bathroom I went first a lot of farting two long gasey poops plus some muchy stuff did it ever smell. Took a lot to wipe myself. My friend went after me--he pushed out three long logs along with a lot of hissing gas. We looked at our jobs and he had a bit more that me. It was the first time we dumped together we were nude if fact we sat around nude most of the weekend. We are not gay but we enjoyed our nudie poopy weekend together. Hang in there you will get used to pooping in public I had the same probelms unti! l my second year in High School. DEL

Movie Fan
Here's a couple more movie female poop references I forgot. In the movie "Something Wild", Jeff Daniels walks in on Melanie Griffith while she is using the toilet. He gets embarrassed, but she says she doesn't mind. There are no poop sounds or specific references to her pooping, but you can see her wipe once from the back, which would seem to indicate she pooped. Also, in "Denise Calls Up" there is a scene with a woman getting a phone call while she is sitting on the toilet using her laptop. Again, there are no sounds or anything, but you wouldn't normally use your laptop on the toilet if you were just taking a leak. I think we've already talked about the great poop scene in "Labyrinth of Passion" where a woman craps in her pants when a laxative starts working, and you can actually see the poop that dribbled onto the floor. Also, we talked long ago about "Patch of Blue", a great 1965 movie in which a blind woman gets diarrhea from drinking too much pineapple juice and h! as to go behind a tree in the park to shit.

I have heard that Exterminating Angel has a specific scene where both men and women have to poop in some flower pots or something because they are trapped inside a room and can't get out. Has anyone here seen Exterminating angel?

Several of us have posted individual messages about female poop scenes in movies. Has anyone kept track of all these references, and can someone post a comprehensive list of movies with female poop scenes?

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