Hi Anne. Welcome to the forum. I have a couple of thoughts on your problem of going in a public washroom. I to get very turned on by hearing other people poop. I think that if you were able to go a couple of times you would get more relexed and used to it. One thing that I think about when I'm going is that other girls that are lisiting to me could be enjoying it as much as I do hearing them. Maybe if you let it get to the point of having to poop where you can't hold it. No matter how nervious you are. Maybe if you took a laxative and then made sure you were around a public restroom. I know that sounds a little more dreastic, but it would sure help in the going dept. Let me know what you think. For Alex and Steph and everyone else. My friend Ruth and I are going out to dinner and a movie on Sat night. I am going to try and end up back at my place after for a nightcap and some snacks. I am going to try and set up for me to poop in front of her. You guys have given me the courage to try. I'll let you know how I make out Take Care everyone,

Friday, September 12, 1997

Yesterday I went directly to the women's restroom at work after an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet for lunch. I had never felt so full! Luckily, the bathroom was empty so I thought I would have a little privacy. However, just as I stepped into the stall, someone came in and went into the stall next to mine. As I pulled up my skirt and sat down, I could hear the women next to me zipping open her backpack of schoolbooks (I work at a college) and take one out. I had to go so bad that I quickly dropped two turds into the toilet before peeing, which I normally do first. While I was doing this, I could hear the women next to me turning pages like she was reading. After a few minutes I heard her close the book and set it down. I looked under the stall and saw that she was wearing Nikes and had her khaki shorts pulled down to her ankles. She began to strain a little and let out some rather foul smelling turds. I finally finished up and wiped (6 times). While I was washing up I noticed that the women had picked up her book again and was just sitting on the toilet reading. This got me wonodering as to whether it is common for men or women to read while dumping in a public toilet. I guess it might be more common at a college, where students have their books with them. I have seen it quite a bit at work. Any thoughts?????

I'm new to posting here, but I have to say I love this site. I have read everyone's posts and I'm hoping it will help me overcome my fear of using a public restroom when the need arises. Since I always seem to have to poop and can't unless I'm at home or at least in a bathroom where I'm the only one there with a door that locks. All my friends know of my problem and tell me just flush and no one will hear you. The fear is so great that no matter how bad my cramps get, I can't seem to relaxe and just let it happen. My mind is willing but my spincter muscle says "NO Way". The part that I feel quilty about is that I get really turned on my hearing other people poop.

I thought I was a very sick person since I was a teenager and saw (and I do mean "saw") my friend Gail pooping. I was in the bathroom with her (we always went in together to continue talking and she was sitting on the toilet reading a magazine. I was sitting on the floor by the tub and after a little while it was obvious she was trying to poop and it wouldn't come out. She started looking over at me with a worried look on her face and I asked her what was wrong. She said she had to poop real bad and it seemed stuck. I asked her if she wanted me to leave and maybe that would help. I was happy she said no because I was getting really turned on.

She said she sometimes has a problem and usually her mom had to give her an enema or sometime just sticking a thermoter in her hole would help it come out. I asked her if she wanted me to do that and she said she felt it was beyond that point and she thought her poop was right at her hole and the nozzle would have no room to go in. She asked me if I would look when she pushed. My heart was pounding (it's beating a little fast now too).

She leaned over like a child needing to be wiped and I was looking right at her hole. Before she even pushed, I could see a bulge and knew she was right, her poop was right there. She pushed a little and her hole backed off of a very lumpy piece of poop (lots of different shades of brown packed all together into a rock hard stick. The poop itself didn't even budge, but her hole pushed out further trying to make it come out. She grunted real loud and apoligized saying she felt like it was going to happen when she leaned over like that. I told her to try some more in that position and maybe it would come out. She leaned over and grabbed her knees and went up on her toes. Up until then when she stopped pushing either her hole would come down or her poop went back up when she stopped.

She pushed a couple times more really hard and her poop finally moved out a little which caused a bigger problem for her. It was now stuck half in and half out of her hole. Gail started crying at this point. I tried to calm her down and told her she was trying too hard and try relaxing. She sat back down on the toilet but a second later she said she had to push and went back to leaning over. She was pushing with every muscle in her body and finally the poop started slowly coming out.

After the first inch or so came out it started coming out faster and I watched it every inch of the way. It wasn't very big around but it was the longest poop I had ever seen in my life. She literally had to step away from it when her hole let it go. She turned around and looked in the toilet and said (I couldn't believ it) she said she had to do more. The rest came out pretty easy. I swear I had an orgasim without even touching myself, and many more since replaying that scene in my mind. I hope this wasn't too long. Remember I'm new be patient with me. If I get so turned on my this, why do I have such a problem when I'm the one on the toilet. Any suggestions?

There are two stories I would like to retell about practicle uses for urine.

Story #1:

The sound was very bad when this tape was played on a Tv channel however I think the details are right.

Life in the arctic is rugid. You get the job done in a practicle way and are not concerned about being crude. Here goes, a piece of canvas needed liquid water poured over it so the canvas would freeze rigid. There was lots of snow but little liquid water; so the villagers urinated on the canvas and the tarp did freeze rigid.

Tale #2:

In the American Civil War days southern women and probably children saved their urine. The urea in the urine could easily be converted to ammonia, the ammonia to nitrate and the nitrate to gun powder for munitions. The confererate army ran partially on Southern female pee.

Hey bathroom kid-nice going. Letting kids go to the bathroom has always been a problem for teachers. Many times kids will cut class, vandalize the restroom, or get into some other kind of trouble. On the other hand, going to the bathroom is very important. Kids should be able to use the bathroom frequently. The bathroom should be comfortable and clean, no one should be harassed for sitting a long time or creating stinks.

I've wet my bed several times due to the fact that I dream about using a bathroom. Usually it is a public bathroom and I clearly remember the dream.

Hi again. Well, now that I have no time, I can't post as much anymore. But, today, during class (French), I had to take "une grande crap". Of course I had to wait, only ten minutes left, plus it was important. Well, ten minutes can seem like an hour when it really matters. I finally left and rushed to the bathroom down the hall. I got in, pulled my pants down and expelled what remained of my lunch. It wasn't anything amazing, but it was a huge relief. More college horror stories to come later.

story: I know a lot of kids don't like to use the toilets in schools. That's too bad. The bathrooms in my school are kept very clean by the janitors. They're warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I go during lunch and study hall so I can sit a while. The toilets are more comfortable than the ones at home, the seats are bigger. Also we don't have urinals at home, I wish we did they are fun to use. I must confess I sometimes play with myself while I'm sitting in the school bathroom.

I appreciate everyone's response to my question re: occasionally having to poop in the middle of the night
My response to a couple of your questions & comments- no, I haven't been unreasonably stressed out; I never thought of going to the bathroom as an "enjoyable" experience, although I do feel good after letting out a lot, whether it's pee or poop.
I suppose if having to wake up in the middle of the night to have a BM (2-3 times a month) is my worst bladder/bowel problem, then I shouldn't complain. It's better than pooping my pants :) [something I've never done- I urinated in my pants back in 7th grade, please see my post from last month for all the details]
Krista, I posted before about criticizing teachers who punish students for going in places other than the toilet. My teachers were understanding the one (and only) time I ever wet my pants; I can't believe how *unprofessional* some teachers can be. As if they think kids *intentionally* go in their pants, in the showers, etc. Sorry to hear about your experience
Thanks again, everyone. Laura

Thursday, September 11, 1997

Hi again! I was reading some of the stories, and Laura's really got me thinking; I can't remember ever being awakened in the middle of the night for a dump. I have had some serious pee wakeups, (and in fact, as a teen, I remember having some dreams in which I was peeing, only to wake up and realize I had been!), but never to drop a load! I wonder why that is?
Steph, I wanted to let you know I tried your "Heimlich" technique, but I didn't have success. Any suggestions? I tried pushing low abdomen and high, but it didn't help. Maybe I have to go up on tip-toe at the same time.
One other interesting experience to pass along: Once when I was a child, my mom came to my room late one night and found me, still asleep, peeing into the wastebasket in the corner. Good thing she didn't wake me - she could have caused me to lose my aim! Take it easy!

I went to Lion's World Services For The Blind in Little Rock Arkansas for 4 weeks in Janusry of 1990 and in June/July of 1993.

The first visit was stressful; being quickly transported to a new environment. My room mate said I was very restless the first night, somewhat better the second night, then back to normal the third night.

On my second visit, I probably was a bit stressed, I had to get into a routine, I misplaced things until I found a good place for them. The climate was tropical (in the summer), much more so than Michigan.

Well, back to our story. On the third or fourth night I awoke at about 2:00 AM with a strong urge to poop. I used the bathroom between our room and our suie mates. While pooping a suite mate knocked on the door wanting to enter. When I left the suite mate immediatly entered. I may have been constipated without knowing it.

That was the only time I used that bathroom for dumping. I prefered to use the public restroom in the LWSB for dumping.

Laura: I hope this gives you some insight. Look back on past few days, see if they were stressful. When you are asleep you are relaxed; your bowels then return to normal. Laura would you descrive your uges to pee and poop? Also what do you like to do the best, pee or poop?

White Pony
Hi ya'all, sorry for not posting , busy w/ work . A week ago Friday I took a killer dump @ an old truck stop 10 mi away from here that features 4 open toilets, sat down w/ a couple other old boys for about 20 min. & pushed out 4 8 in logs & some LiquiShit..I belive those old boy were both amazed & envius as to how such a skinny guy could dump such a load, { I'm 6 ft.& 135 lbs.} One fat cracker who was blowing some wet farts asked me if I ate @ a certain stop. Very furfiling & pleasureable. Wiped 8 times flushed the nasty load down & headed back east on a backroad to pick-up my GF& as we had plans. Well about a mile from home, a warning cramp signaled I had 4min to find a toilet, barely made it into a Chevron, the old attendant must be a shit lover also, cause he threw the key@ me, saying, "need the key" , I grabbed key, & an explosive, putrid LiquiShit flew out , then a long deep fart.Another cramp soI pushed, & a 6 in loose log came out. 2 or 3 more smaller cunks folowed & I wiped 6 times, flushed & left.

The old guy said " Sounds like needed some relief, eh " Me being a quiet redneck, I just mumbled, "yeah" & thought the old guy must have been listening or possibly looking.Melissa was waiting when I arrived & we met some friends at a rib joint. Shortly after my meal I went to take my dump. 2 explosive LiquiShits & few small logs ( LOTS of gassy FARTS ) Around 1:00 am another 2 logs & then our 4 mi. run. Melissa asked me if I would be OK during run as we both have had numerous accidents , No problem w/ me . about halfway into the first leg she told me she needed a dump, & told me to stand watch as she dived behind a parked van to do her poo , Melissa is NOT into scat & would freak out if she knew I was, so a show was out, well, I could see her long legs sticking out as she squated & I heard her blow out Bigger & Better LiquiShit then either I or any guy could do,then another equaly large LiquiShit & probably a small log.- from 8 ft the aroma was awesome. Wish I could have seen! it, She wiped w/ paper from her"kit" & we hit the road. Oh Well that's life.. We went camping part of the weekend & ther were some good dumps by both of us & others & I will post another time as it is almost 2:00 AM & gotta get some sleep.

Joe, Have a few dumps from my college days for you too.
Alex & Steph, gonna miss your spectacular stories of dumping together , I'm straight but always liked to dump around other guys .. A primitive method of bonding most likely..

..........The White Pony

I've got something to add to the discussion of "tippy -toes" by women. While living with my girlfriend, I've been able to watch her sit on the toilet quite often and I've noticed that her toes (naturally) move into a tippy-toe position as she's sitting on the toilet. Curious as to why she does this, I posed the question, and her reply to me is that it is just natural for her to do so. Now she is petite and is about 5'4 in height, so perhaps it is her small stature that accounts for this. Of course, this is all conjecture on my part, but nonetheless the "tippy-toe" phenomena is interesting. I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say about the subject.
Best Regards,



1. you must have a pass and write the time you came and came back on it and have it signed by teacher and the hall montor at the lab(why don't they just ask wat you did in there too)

2. You can't the first 10 or last ten minuetes of class and it's a 40 minute class period per class

3. You cannot smoke(I go for that rule)

4. Some teachers only give you so many passes per week

5. Some teachers tell you to in between classes but there only 4 minutes and the school is huge!!!!

6. They tell you to go at lunch but the teachers there never et you go!!!!!

7. FInally some limit time.

Do you think it's fair? E-MAIL ME!!!! Now The Story.

I was in school one day and got out of lunch my day went on it was the class before last I felt like I had to pee and poop. So I raised my hand and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathrom. She said yes, I said thank you I had to go bad. I walk down the hall way into the restroom. It was empty. I walked into a stall and locked the door. I pulled down my pants and underware and waited but nothing hapeened I could I had the feeling of taking a #1(pee) and #2(poop) but couldn't go. So I sat for a while almost started but herd noises and stopped. I waited again. Finally I got a slow moving stream of urine. I pushed it out. It felt good. But it took forever finally it stopped. I tired out and waited. It was a relly long time since I entered and I know the teacher would be woundering where I was and what happened but I still had to crap. Then the bell for the class rang I was in trouble but my body took control to soon and I started to drop turds a realy hard, smelly, and difficult one came out I was weak from pushing it. Thne some long mushy light ones came out and smelt bad!!!! I pooped some moreand the bell for the next class rang but I had more in me so I pushed and it splatted all over and left skid marks.I fated and got a cramp more mushy poo came out. Another kid walked in an ased what was the smell and if I made it. he said I was dirty and that real men don't use a stall to pee because most kids don't poop in that school's toielets. so I told I was crapping and it was my crap I heard him peeing in a urinal and a friend walked in and talked to him they fun of me for sitting and peeing I wasn't happy I felt terrible. I then pushes out a final log turd and was done poo'in when my bladder said it needed to be emprtied again. I only did a little which was all that was need and my bladder said thank you. Then the tried jumping to look at my peins. I was embarrising. So I wiped my but and squzzed the last drops from the penis and wiped it. I left. I was in trouble with one teacher foor staying out too long she said I cutted class and other turned me in for being late. But I had to go and that was more important. Why do I have trouble going to the bathroom in public restroom please email me with a response.

Your Friend,

Bathroom kid

I haven't seen a good enema post here in a long time. Maybe someone out there has had one they could share with us.

To Laura-
Sometimes I also have to go in the middle of the night. Not so often, but now and then, especially when I have put off going when feeling the urge during the past afternoon or evening. Usually I then pass just one long, thick and heavy log. Last time I had to go like this was one month ago when travelling by car in Scotland. One night we slept over in the car. In the early morning I suddenly wake up feeling a strong urge to go to toilet. As there was no toilet there, I tried to put it off, but felt that I should not succed with it for a long time. I just had to squat behind some stones! About one hour later my friend also wake up and said that she had to go and couldnīt put it off. She also had to do it outdoor. For her it was the first time in her life that she had to poop outdoor, and she felt quite embarrassed about it. I told her that had had to do the same. We both had felt the urge in the afternoon, and had put off going then. I think that it the most probable cause for waking up in the middle of the night. A long time ago I wrote something to this site about pooping outdoor. This summer I really have had to practice it many times.

This is another camping story. Another time we were in a two story dorm and the older kids were on the second floor and the younger ones on the first floor. The bathrooms were on the first floor so you had to go through the first floor bunks to get to them. Well one day I was headed that way and one of the younger kids had left his underwear on the floor in the middle of the aisle and it was black with poop stains. He had really loaded it up. There were about 4 large and wide crap stains that were also long. I guess he started to go before he got to the bathroom and was trying to hold it in with his hand and that resulted in him laying down those heavy, dark stripes in his underwear. Boy what a unusual sight. Well the next time I was headed to the bathrooms the same thing appeared - this kid had another pair of underwear laying in the aisle with another near load in them. The whole area was coated side to side. I guess he must not have had much notice when he was going to shit or he tried to hold it too long every time and ended up starting to go before he got to the bathrooms and let some out into his underwear. We had a kid on our floor who was a wetter and every morning he would have soaked his underwear and his sleeping bag and have to lay them out to dry. We all knew about him, how could you not notice the sleeping bag opened out to dry every day. One day he came back from the bathrooms and took his pants and underwear off which was odd. He said he hadn't pulled his underwear down far enough when he peed and ended up soaking them with piss and needed fresh ones. It was always something like that with him.

I haven't had a pooping accident since I was six, but about 5 years ago, I did have one bowel movement worth noting. I was a freshman in high school at the time. It was during gym class I really had to go bad. I resisted going before gym, because the toilets in the girls' locker room were the grossest in the school and I NEVER used them. I had planned to hold it in through gym class and then use the 2nd Floor girls' room on my way to my next class. That was my favorite girls' room in the school - the only girls' room I EVER shit in and I would pee there most of the time as well.
Anyway, I was able to hold it in through gym class that day and by the time I got to the shower, it was truels an emergency. Suddenly, as I'm showering in the huge communal shower, I totally lost control and my bowel movement starts coming out. I could feel it coming out and sliding downward as it came out of my ass. Then it started running down the tops of my legs and landed SPLAT! on the shower room floor. Most of it come out that way (down my legs), but near the end, a large mass of half-solid/half liquid poop came directly out and onto the floor. You can imagine a whole showerroom full of girls, screaming in disgust and horror as my poop was coming out and landing and the floor and the all made a mad dash out of there as it started to roll towards the floor drains as the shower water mixed with it.
I think this was actually more embarrassing than doing it in my panties. The gym teacher was not amused. She screamed at me and was ready to make me clean it up but the water from the showers was gradually washing it away. Instead, for punishment, she made me write, "I must learn to have my bowel movements in the toilet and not in the shower." That took me like 15 hours to write and I was up past midnight two nights in the room. And some of the kids called me "Shower Shitter" from then on.

I was cleaning the girls bathroom at an elementary school the other afternoon and one of those little girls (5th grade) clogged a toilet!!! I couldn't believe it!!! There must have been 5-6 grogans in the bowl, 1 1/2 inch diameter and 6-9 inches long. No attempt by the girl had been made to flush, but when I tried, the toilet clogged! It overflowed a little, and left a lot of shit on the top and bottom of the toilet seat. I had to wipe it off. Usually it's only the high school boys that lay the toilet cloggers.

Well, I think I found 2 people who might be interested in this site. A few more may be interested. I, like many other boys my age, can not imagine girls going to the bathroom. Asked 25 boys if they could imagine girls going to the bathroom. 2 said yes. I'll try to ask same number of girls the opposite and report back. I guess this post is just an update on things I've been working on. NO ONE seems to be interested. For the record, I asked my world history teacher how and if [hard to imagine] people went to the bathroom millions of years ago. He said he didn't know. Got a laugh from the class.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

I'm finally settled back into home after being away on business. Steph and Alex, sounds like your going to a lot stories to tell being back in school. Steph, when you said Kara moved her feet onto " tip toes each time", did she put them back flat after she finished pushing or did she stay up on her tip toes? At the other office I was visiting they had a good size bathroom ( 6 stalls). My second day there I was in the middle stall peeing first thing in the morning. Another girl came in and sat down in the stall beside me. I looked under at her feet as she sat down. She started to pee as soon as she sat down. As she finished I could hear take a breath and start to push. ( Steph check this out,) As she was pushing she picked her feet up off the floor. I couldn't see them. I could hear her poop coming out of her .It sounded quite soft and smooth. When she had finished pushing it out I could see her feet come back down on the ground. I have never seen anything like that before. I guess it in another method that helps in going. Does anyone else use this method when going? She had to wipe 6 or 7 times. I flushed and went out to the sinks to wash my hands. When she came I was able to get a good look at her. She was in her late 30's I would say with dark black hair and a medium build. She had on a blue pant suite. She smilled at me and we both said Hi. I had to leave to get to work so I wasn't able to chat with her. I have some stories about the week that I will post soon. I have to get going. ( I'm doing this at work.)
Take Care everyone,

I don't know whether this story should go in the Bad Teachers Forum or this forum. By the way would give me the address to the Bad Teachers Forum?

Now, back to the story. When I was in 8th grade I had a science teacher named Mr. Spoolman (I believe the spelling is correct; well any ways.) Spoolman liked to embarrass people occasionally especially the better students. One day I was figiting in class (I normally figit unless I am not feeling well; that is just the way I am.) Mr. Spoolman abruptly said "Doug do you have to go potty?" I answered no. I am sure the whole class laughed although I can't remember that. It is interesting what you can remember and what you forget. Although for a while one small boy named Roger repetedly asked me in a petrinizing falsly compassionat voice "Doug do you have to go potty?"

A short time later I hear of a pro football player named Myron Pottios. I later told Spoolman "There is a football player named Myrom Pottios." His retort was "There is a student named Doug."

Later on in the year he said in front of the class "Doug we let you go potty if you need to." He said words to that effect.

A bit of humor; I came upon about 9 or 14 telephone numbers of people with the last name of Pottios living in the US. The were 4 listings of Myron Pottios. I have a feeling a few people who had that last name in the old country (quite possibly Greece) changed their name after learning what potty means in the US.

I was running on a beach last Sunday noon, and it was very, very hot. About halfway through my four mile run I started to felt very tired and the need to pee. I didn't give it much thought since I've always had excelent control, but @ 3/4 into the run I could feel my bladder contractions get more pronounced every time, Normally I would help relieve this pressure by squeezing my dick through my pants, but I couldn't do that since there were other people on the beach, and it would be noticeable. Still didn't think about stopping and finding a restroom since I was sure there would be no problem holding on until the end of the run. Well. I was wrong, a few moments later, with each bladder contraction, I could feel a little bit of piss being squeezed out into my running shorts, no matter how hard I tried to hold it in. By the time I completed my 4 mile run I had a sizable wet spot all around the crotch of my light blue running shorts. It was very very noticeable, but fortunately I had a long T shirt that covered the front of my shorts. I must be reading too many accident postings in this site. Has any other guy had a similar experience, or am I the only one?

Hi, here's my *after-the-eating-pizza-shit* update... I treated myself to a small, cheese pizza on Sunday afternoon. As you may recall, I found out *officially* that I have lactose intolerance, and my doctor advised me to take it easy on the dairy products. I experimented by taking Beano, an anti-gas pill, at around noontime Sunday. I ate the pizza, and boy was it ????!

My crap that morning was the *newfound* medium-hard, with little gassiness. I didn't have to go (crap) again until the next morning, Monday. When I went, it was softer than usual, though harder than the old days, when I ate pizza and drank milk on a daily basis. I had to wipe myself a couple of more times than normal, but, again, not as many times as before. Until next time... Thanks. Jodi

Tuesday, September 09, 1997

I was running to the door but it was locked!I tried desperatley to hold it until I got the key from the station tennant! I ran around the corner of the building to the entrance, got the key,ran back around to the ladiesroom,the key wouldn't work! He gave me the wrong key! Oh no! Oh my God! I can't hold it any...WHOOSH! Diarhea bursted threw my panties and pantyhose spewing onto my dress and running down my legs!I stood there in shock! Another cramp!WHOOSH again! It's running up the back of my panties now!I'm a total mess.I went around back and took off my panties and pantiehose threw them on the ground and rinsed off with a water hose!

True story of a severe case of food poisoning from Shoneys breakfast bar in Texas!

Just came down with a doozy cold. Last night I was lounging on my bed, watching "Sat Nite Live" when "Mr. Brown" first started knocking, along with some rare stomach cramps. I put it off until the next commercial break--NEARLY a big mistake! Just as the commercial came on, I leaned over to get up & almost squirted mush (caught myself at the last moment). Made it to the bowl just in time as the watery mess sprayed; ass sounded like it was coughing. Thought it was just a reaction to the Mexican TV dinner I'd had.

Uh-uh. Next morning, had big-time aches, sinus congestion & the same pre-squirt cramps. Went twice in the first hour after waking up, yet it didn't seem to give complete relief--intestines remained painfully 'clenched' all day. While out & about, had to visit several fast-food toilets for relief. Have gone a total of 6 times today. Feel better (or at least NUMB) after taking various cold pills. Hope my bowels are "fit for duty" once again tomorrow-- can take illness but can't stand the liquid squirts--they just don't SATISFY.

I was interested that you are experimenting with shitting with the seat up. I always sit on the porcelain to shit unless it is filthy with urine drips. I find that if you wriggle around, the pot does not move in the way that a seat always does. No-one seems to have invented a firm toilet seat. Also it means that peeing is easier. As a child I wet my pants that were lying on the floor by poor aim while sitting on the shitter, and for years afterwards I used to hold my tool downwards while shitting in case I peed on my clothes. If you shit with the seat up, you have several inches more space in front, and I can just let my tool dangle naturally, and if I pee it is safely directed into the water. Also the porcelain is cool in hot weather.

Hi. Today I guess I'll tell you about the college cafeteria. It's not a really good one, and everybody knows to stay away from the "chicken". However, nobody's really sure that it's actually chicken. My next door neighbor person hadn't heard/ignored people's warnings, so, when i walked by, he was having the chicken. Well, my dorm is between his and the toilets, so, from midnight on until 11 AM, which is when I left for classes, he was running to the toilet every fifteen minutes. He had the runs. It was quite apparent from the sounds when he ran in while I was taking my crap. I guess I felt sorry for him. At least he probably won't have the "chicken" again.

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