Plunging Plop Guy: My last post probably did not make much sense. I wrote it very early in the morning - before my first cup of coffee - and later realized I probably did not state my point clearly. I was explaining how my friend's life-long chronic constipation was cured by a medicine he took for another purpose - acid reflux. From the day he started taking that medicine, his chronic constipation, along with his acid reflux, went away. He theorized that his chronic constipation was causing the acid reflux because he was often two-weeks backed up and his body was trying to get rid of waste the other way. Disgusting thought. If you are experiencing acid reflux, maybe you should treat that, which in turn could cure the constipation. Whew! I know that's a very long shot, but that's what I was trying to get across to you - I think. Anyway, enough of that. Please keep us updated.

Donnie: I've enjoyed your stories about being in the service. Did you ever walk into the restroom and hear many guys grunting all at the same time? Did you ever notice (in your peripheral vision, of course) their facial expressions? When I was growing up, we used to go camping a lot. I remember walking into the large restrooms they have at some campgrounds and hearing lots of guys grunting at the same time, followed by various kerplopping sounds. On one occasion, I remember staying at a campground without doors on the stalls and being able to see the scrunched up faces of guys on the toilet. I was very young at the time, but clearly remember it.

To PV,
Sweetheart, it is so good to hear from you! Your hug is warmly received, and can I offer you one in return (a hug!).
I'll have to get on with telling you about Jackie in the bath as I don't have too much time.
Well, I had arrived home after work. Previously I had called her to tell her that I was on my way. Louise was busy getting ready to go out and when I arrived, she was downstairs checking out a dress she had selected for the evening. She told me, with an enigmatic smirk, that there was something waiting for me in the bathroom. I had an idea that I was about to be the victim of some practical joke or something similar that she had prepared. I also remembered how, on a previous occasion, I had been surprised to find her closest friend, Jackie, having a bath in there. Anyway, to clear up the mystery, I climbed the stairs, and opened the bathroom door. I entered the bathroom, and in the bath once more, was Jackie. Sultry, beautiful as ever, she beamed a smile and greeted me with a cheery "hello, Steve".
She immediately rose from her seated position in the bath, and well,
with her gorgeous figure it was quite a view. Something of a tease, Louise's best pal. She told me that her last effort at weeing when I saw her in the bath was "a total f*ck up" (she doesn't usually swear, which made it all the more surprising that she said that). This time she was "busting". Actually she was now noticeably in serious need to urinate, and admitted that she had to "let a little out" a few minutes ago. I pulled up the chair and behaved myself, watching like an attentive audience should. I did not expect this, but she lifted her right leg out to the right and placed her foot on the edge of the bath, facing me. When she was ready, with her hands on her hips she counted down, "5..4..3..2..1..GO". Immediately a powerful, wide twister of a yellow stream burst forth from her pussy, tinkling hard into the bathwater her supporting left foot remained immersed in. Nothing like the weak emission of last time, this eruption was quite Louise-like in its ferocity. There ! was some dripping apart from the main stream, and some spluttering as she shifted her position slightly. This lasted for some time, definitely over a minute, and for the latter 30 seconds or so, the heavy pissing gave way to a slower, less copious, steady stream, gently twisting, with a few drops falling from her left inner lip. When the final dripping eventually stopped, she commented on how it had been fun to have me watching and chuckled at my reaction. Louise now appeared, and she laughed at how Jackie's act of warming the bathwater could be heard through the ceiling downstairs. Jackie splashed some bathwater on her pussy and climbed out of the bath, grabbing a towel. Another eye-popping sight. Quite how she is single and without a man at the moment I have no idea. Like Louise, she's a _beautiful_ girl! That aside, she is a lovely person too. So why?
Anyway, I was quite incapable of urinating myself at this time, so I came back into the bathroom later, when I had two female spectators. The bath was still full of Jackie's water (and the bathwater too, proportions uncertain), and I took my penis out of my trouser zip and drew back my foreskin slightly in the usual way. Holding my penis between two fingers and thumb, I quickly released a straight stream into the bath, while both girls watched intently. Jackie certainly shares Louise's fascination for watching guys urinating. A few last spurts at the end made both girls giggle. My question to them of why that was so funny merely served to heighten their amusement, and consequently caused me to laugh with them.
I hope you enjoy reading this, PV, because I certainly enjoyed writing about it. It was certainly a lot of fun as an experience, and I think it highlights the level of trust that exists between us.

Bye for now,


BRENDA - Hi!! Yeah, I do wee quite heavy a lot of the
time. Sometimes when I really really really want to go
I wee for about one and a half minutes or it will be a
bit less than a minute if I pee my hardest. It may be
that I can do more than that 1.2 litres, it is just
that that is the most I have measured in a container.
I know that one took a long time to do, more than a
minute. Steve says I could wee for England.
I have not measured it recently but when I last had
a piss in an alley I made a very very big puddle.
I do not often have to get up from bed to go to the
toilet and no I have not used a chamber pot. LOL if
I did then maybe the noise would wake Steve up! If
I used one then I would have to leave the bedroom
and if I did that then I could just go to the bathroom.
I have had a wee or two on the big pot plant in the
office at work if I have been in late all alone.
Standing up they were, harder to squat over it because
it stands on the floor. You know I bet I have a better
aim than a lot of guys do so getting it to go in the pot
is not too hard for me.
Do you use chamber pots? I can not remember if you said
that before. LOL your story about being in your guy
friend's dorm was funny. How wet was the bath towel
after you had finished your wee in it and could you not
empty the water glasses out of the window and fill them
up again? I can stop weeing half way as well if I was not
too bursting. I have some friends who can not stop if
they have started going.

CARMALITA - Hi girl! Try standing to pee again. Maybe it
will not be a big disaster other times.

PV - Hi girl! Yeah, the baths were really lovely. Steve
said if the water gets too cool I have a good way of
quickly warming it up. LOL
It is going dark at about 7.30pm just now so it is light
when I am going home from work and I do not walk by the
park now let alone through it. It takes me a bit longer
to get home, but it is safer. I do what Steve says and I
always check if there is anybody behind me. Thank you
for thinking of me! Can I give you a big hug for that!
Please keep safe too!
Steve wants me to come off the computer now because it
is the last chance he will get to write a letter to you
this week. I will try to write another letter tomorrow
and talk about your weeing over pants and the other stuff.

Big Hugs,


Hi Malita & Renee,

Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. It means a great deal to me to be thought well of, and I find I am s delighted with the way your extended family is coming together!

Jake's wood work is amazing, and that is surely an act of love, to apply the skill and artistry of one's hands to making a toy that will be treasured, for a little one who will be treasured. I'm almost overcome, as a matter of fact -- it's rare in the extreme, to the best of my experience, and that makes Jake rare too.

My impression from far across the world -- it's a girl. Just my feeling, of course! We'll see what happens in due course!

I think you'll have an amazing experience, and a wonderful life in these choices, and I am smiling from ear to ear.

Malita -- yes, I love sitting too, slipping my pretty things down and easing onto the bowl is nice! But then, I enjoy going in just about every position there is!

I'll do a nice one in your honor, for both of you, tomorrow!

Hugs to you all,


TO RENEE & CARMELITA-Always nice to hear from you girls-and you poo stories Yes the girl on the pic is hot looking-looks like she is going to poo on paper-cool pic-If your friend Patsy looks like that-WOW-hot stuff hey you guys should try pooing on paper too and videotape it!
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL- Cool story on the beach fella-I'm surprised no one saw you there-what a potporri of pooing you saw huh?I would have went nutz seeing that!
Was at the gym yesterday a.m.and was working out while talking to a guy i blab to as we do our routines and I feeling the urge to dump and I say that i'm going to the bathroom and he says"hey I got to go too" and comes along-then we get to the bowls and we take stalls side by side and he says"this is the 1st time I've had to dump her at the gym" I said "Its' cool i go here alot and it's clean" and he sits down first after we both clean the seat and he lets out 2 long dry farts and grunts loudly and then i heard what sounded like soft poop coming out fast as he grunted in what sounded like pleasureable relief Sounded like he was doing a sizable load and really enjoying pushing it out-That made me want to do my poo along with him at the same time cause i really had to go bad-Then I sat down and let out a nice tight pre-poo fart too and then my 1st turd started coming out with gas coming out at the same time-it felt wonderful-A nice long smooth turd that went on and on with gas ozzing out the sides of my anus as this long turd came out-i really enjoy when farts are coming out at the same time as the turd-great feeling as i grunted in relief!Then he farted again and did some loose stuff and then he said which made me laugh out loud"hey- it sounds like Blazing saddles in here!"I said " hey you really are a funny guy" and we both laughed-then I heard him wiping and I still had to do another wave and just as he's finishing wiping i fart again and let out the rest of my morning dump with a lot of soft pudding and some more gas-he said "boy you really had to go huh?"I said" I go her a lot-all this exercise makes me go"then he said"I always kinda stay away from public toilet cause they are dirty and sometime you get pervs going in ther too,but here it's clean and you are good company maybe now i won't have to hold it til i get home" I said "yeah it's cool here" as i farted again "Don't have to worry about some perv in here" and we both laughed.then he said I'll meet you upstairs and flushed and washed his hands and went upstairs-then i wiped and went upstairs and we comtinued working out -it was cool-this guys sounds like he really enjoys pooing-I think he enjoyed the moment together as we both dumped our loads-I enjoyed it too so maybe i'll have a poo buddy to talk to as i go-it's nice to talk to a guy as you both grunt out your poops-fun stuffwell i'm off -great stories lately ,you all! BYE

Smith, Body cream is best as it is absorbed but keeps all the working bits lubed but not sticky lubed. On a hot day you can feel your cheeks sliding around but you will never have a skid or mark in your panties. Just a fingertip inside the annus is sufficient. vaseline will be sticky and will leave a patch in your underwear. Baby oil may be runny. Bodycream will give no problems. I have used it for years. I am sure it will help with piles, itchiness etc

Hi everyone!

I loved that picture with that ravishing girl at the urinal. This new one is good too! Leaves even more to the imagination...

RENEE, thanks for your kind words! Iím fascinated to read that the new gorgeous girl up top looks like your sweetheart! And that Jake is a good handyman is great. Arenít you lucky that he is progressing to be such a good dad. I can add from personal experience that making toys for little children is creative work which brings much enjoyment. Wish you all the best!

Dear PV, I think it was you who had encountered very high urinals somewhere. I measured the one in the mensí where I work, and I found the porcelain rim at the front to be 26 inches from the floor. Would that be comfortable to use for you? Anyway, I admire you pluck to go into a mensí room to use the urinal and risk someone walking in on you! That is not a bashful bladder any more but an audacious bladder! Good for you! On the whole, you give me the impression of a well trained and fiercely defensive feminist lady. But beneath that outer shell of armour you have a big, kind heart, if I may say so. And now I am proud to have one thing in common with you: dear Kendal as an adorable cyber niece! Hugs from Rizzo.

And dear KENDAL, I am looking forward to yourís and LAWN DOGS KIDís next exploits! I have never been to Kendal, but came close. On our way to Scotland by car we turned off the M6 towards the southern tip of lake Windermere, drove along the lovely shores to Windermere, and stayed there for the night. The next day we passed by Ridal Water which I think of as one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. We went past Keswick in direction of Penrith, but decided to make a detour to Ullswater. That was where had a picnick and nice gushing pees, and that is why I remeber it so well.
Love from Rizzo.

SUMMER, it is good to hear that there are still some who fall in love and get to know each other before having sex! There is (or was?) usually a lot of peer pressure to have sex during the first or second date, and if you donít, then you are made to feel like a weirdo. When I met my girl and future wife, who had then just turned 19 (Iíve been called a cradle snatcher!) it was love at first sight for both of us! I couldnít believe it, as I had just had a serious relationship on the rocks and did not wish to become involved again soon! We only had our first sex after about 4 months. Iím not going into details, but it was wonderfully romantic after a swim in the moonlight and a bottle of real champagne! We are still married and in love. So I wish you and Casey all the best!

AUSTIN and BUZZY, we have something in commen here: we have been to sea. Loved your stories!

And DONNIE, your description of those poor guys hugging their potties and barfing away reminded me of my navy times. Like you, I am lucky in not becoming sea sick. I also donít mind cleaning up the vomit on board my boat if someone has been sick. But onshore it is different. If I see somebody throwing up it makes me feel sick too!

HENRY, my wife does not fall in when the seat is left up, but she yelps from the contact with cold porcelain! At night it has happened that she sat down on the closed lid, peeing all over herself in consequence. That really annoyed her! I know what it is like, it has happened to me too. If I have drunk too much liquid (not necessarily beer) and have to go at night, I always pee sitting down, pushing my dick down to make sure the pee goes where intended. And you know what, I wear mensí night gowns! After years of pyjamas, then only pyjama tops, my wife bought me a night shirt (Jockey) for men. Since then I have been converted into an aficionado of night shirts. They really give you leg freedom, and peeing your pyjama pants in the dark by accident is a thing of the past. And to sit to pee is even easier!

RING STRETCHER, that was an awesome report, you do your ďnome de toiletteĒ justice!

GRUNTLU BOGWELL, another story of the week by you, the master voyeur! I just wonder how you manage to get into such situations. I envy you and thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY, you do seem to go from one extreme to the other, poor chap! I hope you get better soon!

TEXAS LADY, your request for reports of accidents during sport brought to my mind a scene on TV about a week ago. I had been zapping through the channels, when I came across a judo championship on one of the European sports channels. Now judo is not my thing because I know nothing about it. Just as I was about to press the button on the remote control again, I saw a big man in light beige judo clothing (it probably has a special name) standing in front of a white clothed smaller man. The difference in size of the two awakened my interest. The bout lasted only a few seconds, both men falling, but the smaller one, although underneath, flipped the large guy over himself and down in such a way that he won. The scene was replayed in slow motion because it was so spectacular to the aficionados, and there plainly visible for all to see, the crotch of the toppling large man showed a wet patch the size of a hand!

RJOGGER, reading your most entertaining posts has left me wondering if I should take up running as a sport (with the colateral benefits you describe :-). The thing is, here running is usually done on macadamed roads, a surface I do not like at all. I would prefer forest paths that are springy and where the scent of pine trees is heady. However nobody else uses these around here, probably because the joggers want to be seen. Jogging along a road with traffic and breathing exhaust gases has always put me off. But I have to start something as our dog is growing older and slowing down, so that walking the dog is not enough exercise any more.

Tíis all for today, special greetings to all I have unwittingly left out (if everyone mentioned everyone else every time, this site would get bunged up like Carol the Housewife's toilet!) Rizzo

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Hey... I bet she is going to doo-doo on the paper! (See new head pic)

Althea... I LOVE hearing your stories!!! They are a real turn-on.

PENNY: what cream do you put in your bum? What do you think of adding baby oil or vaseline, is it a good idea? How long have you been putting cream up there? I just want to feel confident about putting cream up my bum so i don't get any later complications (you can tell i try to look after my health)

To whomever asked, I also enjoy peeing into containers, but usually out of need or respect for others. If I need to pee in a parking lot or travelled alleyway, I try to find a large cup or other container to use to prevent the embarassing puddle that others may step in. Once I got stuck in a guy friend's dorm room after visiting hours. The RA's room was across from the only restroom on the floor. I would surely be caught if I tried to leave past the security desk. We searched his room for anything that I could empty my overstreched bladder into. He was such a neat freak there was basically nothing. Unable to hold it any longer I filled two water glasses, pausing, I signalled for more. Next I filled a cereal bowl, and then used a bath towel for the last bit.

Sara T. - You mentioned using houseplants like urinals while your toilet was out. These must be big plants to contain it all. How big is your bladder? Ever measure it? What other containers have you used?
Let's here more.

Louise - Wow your bladder size still amazes me! You must pee like a horse (no offense) or so the expression goes. Do you also have the flow rate to match your larger bladder size? Any recent measurements of amount or time for a given amount? Glad you enjoyed the sink wees. I like it too, but I have to be careful to keep it in the sink. Ever try a chamber pot for those middle of the night wees? (Or is that unnecessary with a bladder of your size?).

Any other women enjoy containers (or had to use on in an emergency) or measuring the production of a big, relaxing wee?

Hi, everyone!
Carmalita: WOW!! Absolutely SUPERB! I'm so honored! GREAT detail, which I savored as I read my own special passage line by line, VERY slowly, trying to guess how the episode would unfold... a very nice preparatory meal, for sure... I envisioned you full of those nice homemade mashed potatoes, believe me! Then, reading the newspaper and having coffee the next day, BOOM! The red alert fart!! My anticipation is hard to control at that point! And during the session itself, you proved to know me quite well... I certainly would help things get moving for you, and would REALLY enjoy cleaning you up! Great description of a really nice bowlful, too... I was really sad to see it disappear down the chute... (Darn!) That was one special effort for me, and I thank you very much! You really are a wonderful person!

Hellowe everybody! God, itís like the moderator knows me!!! That picture looks EXACTLY like Patsy!!!!! Same butt, same hair, same face! Patsy's boobs are just a bit bigger, and her butt a little wider, but other than that, those two could be twins! Is she going to take a dump on the newspaper on the floor? I hope so! Carmalita should be posting soon. Sheís been very busy.
Thank you all so much for your encouraging words and support. Weíve all been looking at baby clothes in the stores and catalogs, getting all excited. Papa Jake has even quit smoking cigarettes!!! Heís gone a whole week now, driving us all up the wall when heís here, but doing good. I think heís gained about five pounds. Either that or he needs to take a great, big dump! Malita has been hoping itís that because she really wants to watch him do a big one. Sheís been teasing him about sneaking in when heís ďgotta go poo-pooĒ but they both laugh it off. Iím not sure, but I think there could be some serious sparks flying between those two. Thatís cool because Carmalita is so gorgeous, I know he canít keep his eyes off her.

Ephemeral: How sweet of you. I hope your friend is doing okay by coming out. I know it was a big step for her. (or him). It certainly was for me. Me and Patsy will do our best, Aunt Carmalita will no doubt the baby rotten, and Jake will be a good dad. He already is.

RJOGGER: Thank you for your kind wishes to me. Yes, Iíve been feeling the morning urps and other things. Constipation has been an issue lately, but Malita has done me some of her ďspecialĒ favors to help relieve my pressure.

John VT: Patsy is a very shy woman, very beautiful, but very shy. Potty time is something she likes to do alone, but sheís recently let Carmalita in while she did a pretty big number. Malita told me she really enjoyed it!

PV: You are one special lady. Me and Carmalita do love each other very much, but only as friends. Weíve never been involved in any other way. Our bathroom experiences are and were exciting, but nothing more comes of them. Patsy has no problem with what we do, she just dosenít want to join in. Iíll work on her though! Carmalita has been wonderful throughout all of this. Iíve never met anybody as loony, generous, loveable, and downright sweet as her! Jake just recently found out how special she really is himself. And yes, Jake is a wonderful man. In some ways that are really hard for me to explain, heís the other half of my life. My father was very, very abusive to me and Jake was always there for me. We grew up together ever since we were both 12, and I saw him through one bad marriage, and he saw me through harder times.

Metamucil man: Iím already experiencing constipation. Something else to look forward too huh?

Kim and Scott: Thank you for your lovely words, and no, it really dosenít matter. Malita swears itís going to be a boy, I think itíll be a girl. Jake wants a boy, Patsy wants a boy, and Malita wants a boy. I think Iím out numbered here!

Buzzy: Yes, as far as our video goes, Carmalita does have two extrordinary close up anus shots, with monster logs squishing out. One turd fell on an aluminum pie plate and tipped the plate onto its side it was so heavy! That turd had to be at least 16Ē long. In both cases, her turds really smelled bad!!! P---Yeww, one stinky little Latina! She says she wants to do her own CD called ďA concert of fartsĒ. Knowing that head case, she probably will! Iíll be living with the next Jennifer Lopez! She looks an awful lot like her anyway with darker skin and heavier lips. Thank you very much for your sweet and special words to me. You are a nice man.

Rizzo: Thank you also. You are a very sweet man yourself. Iíve read many of your posts and think youíd be a great guy to know. I also agree about the novel thing. Carmalita is actually a very good writer. She's written some short stories before, and is good at it despite what she says.

Alana: Wow, you sound beautiful honey! Yeah, Iíd love to buddy dump with yíall too! Carmalita was definitely interested. 6í3Ē huh? Mmmmm, what a babe! Patsy is taller than me, but not that tall. Tell me more!!!!

Love to all, and thank you again, I hope I havenít forgotten anybody!

i was bored one afternoon so i decided to see how much water i could drink without peeing. i drank close to 2 liters of water. my dad came home early and made me go to the store with. in the car i felt an incredible wave of desperation. i walked to the store bathroom, but couldn't hold on. i peed and peed. the entire front of my jeans were soaked. i wet my pants twice more during the evening. i also wet the bed that night.

Ben also known as ??????????
Please don't laugh but you know that I had the stomache flu.Here goes. I had the feeling that I needed to go all day at school. But
I already said that going to the bathroom at school is embarrasing so I didn't go. Well I held it alllllllll day long. When I got home around 3 o'clock I started getting warning farts. But I just egnoarded them [excuse the tyeping]. Well we had Mc'Donalds for dinner. I had their Mcchicken sandwhich. Well I was still holding it around 8 o'clock. So I decided to take a shower. Well I was in the shower when it happened. I had to let out another fart and it happened. I started crapping in the shower. I tried to stop it but it just kept coming. I felt like a big baby. I quickly cleaned it up before I started crying.Then I came here to post. Please don't laugh.

I race bicycles and had an interesting experience at a race one time: As is usually the case in these outdoor events, there are very few places to take a "pit stop" and even fewer if any chances to stop yourself! I was behind a group of riders that was not really in a pack, but stretched out over a few hundred yards when I smelled what I thought might be horse or dog droppings in the road. As I made my way past the various competitors, the smell became strong enough to alert me that the poop was nearby. When I came upon a guy in a blue jersy and blue cycling shorts, I couldn't help but notice his fairly obvious bulge that was squished towards the back of his seat, forming a ball in his shorts. I was almost too embarrassed for him myself to stare or to pass by him too closely, so I hung back for a bit and kept a considerate distance from him as I peddaled along. I then noticed him shifting around on his seat and lifting himslef off of it to, I quickly figured out, excrete more! poop into his shorts as was evidenced by the new bulge and sag forming in them. Then it dawned on me that this guy wasn't even registered in the race (no number pinned on his bike or jersey) but was some stranger getting off on being in the crowd and loading his pants! I decided then and there to sprint pass him-besides, the smell was getting stronger!

Kevin L
Lisa, I think boys poop too. One day Pete, a kid my class was pooping. I walked in on him. When he was done pooping, he started to wipe hsi butt and said oh no. When he sat down on the toilet, some of his shirt got underneath his butt. The poo ran down his shirt and stained it. Of course, he noticed before got up off the toilet. He wiped what he could off the shirt and tucked it in. The was a lot on it too. It was a light blue shirt.

One day I was wiping my butt (i do most days). I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and when I was wiping, A little poop got on the end of the arm part of the shirt next to my wrist. I cleaned it off with TP and clean the dirty part off with soap and water as I washed my hands.

A few days ago someone asked how we wipe our butts. I always wear a watch (it is waterproof, so I only take it off when I go into a lake or play sports). I either get the toilet paper about 8 sheets and fold it twice, so it like 4 sheets thick. Then I wipe. I either wipe from the back to the front (being a boy, I am not going to get a vaginal infection) when I go between my legs, or I lift my thigh and go front to back. When I wipe, I fold the paper over so there is a clean spot, and use the same paper over. I do this 3 or 4 times. I always look at the paper between wipes. My dad says this is good, because if there is blood or something, I could tell my parents. My brothers also wipe the same way. The only time I do not fold the TP and reuse is when I am pooping outside.

Daniel Jay(USA)
PV -- Thank you for the warm welcome and the nice compliment. I'm glad that you enjoyed what I'd written. I've read some of your old posts and you sound like a really delightful person and shall look forward to both relating more of my experiences with Annie as well as reading your engaging posts. Unfortunately, time is short and I'll not be able to post again for a day or two.

BUZZY -- Thank you also for your welcome and yes I did see her poo and shall post that experience as soon as I'm able.

Thanks to all for such an enjoyable forum.

Hi all,

Gee, the masthead changed quick! Pity, I was looking forward to enjoying that lovely posed shot of a gal at a urinal another couple of times... What's the new gal doing? By the paper on the kitchen floor it looks like she's about to empty out right there -- interesting, and it makes a change from the standard toilet shots.

KENDAL -- you are most welcome, darling, have a blush, on me! You know, they say the best way to improve the world is one little bit at a time, and each of us can be one of those bits. I think it's happening! (Hug for my niece!)

LOUISE -- hi, dear! Mm-mmm! I bet those baths were just wonderful. Warm sprays in the water are always such fun! What's interesting is to watch the way the yellow dissolves away into the water, just dilutes until you'd think it was never there -- but wee know better! :-)

Yes, take the greatest care, I don't want my best pee-friend being any sort of statistic (other than winner of the Monthly Locker Room Absolute Distance & Volume Contest!) in the park. With Steve, on a sunny afternoon -- that's safe. On the way home from work, still dark-ish (UK coming out of winter, still, right?) is an awful chance.

I've been wearing some nice pants I got recently, with nylons under them for warmth (Aus jumped from the hottest summer since 1905 to the coldest march day since 1976, in one week!) and practicing weeing standing up in them. Basically, I slide the pants, nylons and panties down a little way together, tease the front down some more and wee over the top the normal way. It's pretty much the same technique I use for weeing in leggings or track pants.

I hope you have some more fun in the gents' at work! Yes, what a bizarre bit of nonsense about that urinal being taken out -- we should have been there. I wonder what they'd think if they saw two ladies step in in our smart shoes and skirts, front up to a urinal, lift our skirts and wash the porcelain hard? Chatting while we do it, of course... A steel wall would be even better, though, we could go at once... (chuckles!)

I'm delighted to be writing again, and always look forward to yours and Steve's letters (can't wait to hear about Jackie in the bath!)

My best to everyone, and I'll be posting a major story soon, I'm still trying to find the time to write it up!


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