Ring Stretcher
I finally pitched my softball, hehe. After dinner (boyfriend ate lasagne) I got the urge to go so we got the benches, mirrors, flashlight and towel out. I sat my pretty 23-year-old butt on the toilet and peed like a racehorse as he sat there waiting in anticipation.
After drying off I posistioned myself between the benches, pulled my long, thick, dark brown hair into a ponytail and sat there quietly for a minute gathering my strength. I glanced in the mirror below, sucked in a deep breath and began straining. My tiny hole domed like an anthill and the big tip of the ball began pulverising my hole.
"You can do it. Lay me a big nice one," he encouraged, rubbing my backside.
I was grunting really hard, lots of Uh's and NNNGs as the beast jerked out of my quivering hole. I grimaced and bore down even harder as it opened me up wider.
Boyfriend was all excited as my hole grew in width and by my grunts.
At one point it got really stuck as I gasped "I can push it out!" so he rubbed a little vaseline on me. The dark brown lumpy mass shifted stubbornly for a few minutes as sweat dripped down my face before crashing out of me, which made me shriek out loud (ouch). All my hard work was rewarded by lots of hugs and kisses.
He tossed it into a garbage bag then I said I had one more to push out. I grunted out a 8 inch long, thick log which he had to help pull out. It was like clay and pretty heavy and full of corn.
Afterward I felt 10 pounds lighter.

Hello everyone, hope your week is going well! I have been studying hard and spending time with my boyfriend Casey! I am glad to report that we are "official" now! And to quote Kim, no that doesn't mean that we had sex, I'm quite sure that will come in time. I am very excited about RENEE'S news, congratulations!!!!!!

SANDY - I wipe some of my crack, but do concentrate on my hole, since it is ground zero! I usually spread wide when I dump and my cheeks are always pulled apart by the seat's slant. This makes it easier to "enjoy" the experience AND it creates less mess on your other parts when wiping!

ALISON - I enjoyed your post, tell more pooping stories!!!

KIM & SCOTT - I totally agree with your comment about not having to have sex, I'm really not sure what point I was trying to make when I wrote that?!? Casey and me expressed our feelings for each other Friday night, so we are finally official. No sex. yet! My roommates are so jealous since he is such a cutie! Anyway, I found the chance to try the legs up technique. It was awesome!!!! I found a time alone in my room this past weekend and used a mirror to watch myself! It was very cool to see big logs come out in that position! I passed only two medium sized logs, about 6 inches each and two inches wide but it was still cool! I can't wait for a bigger load! I'm glad I still have my flexibility from my cheerleader days. It really helps to be flexible if you want to try that position, sitting on a toilet and playing acrobat, could be dangerous!

RING STRETCHER - You asked me about dropping some softball sized turds. I haven't done one in quite awhile but I do remember a time when I was a senior in high school when I had to take a very big dump. I had cramped all day and had been very uncomfortable, when finally I got the chance for relief. I remember we had a gym class just before lunch. After everyone had changed into workout clothes and left the locker room, I had my choice of stalls and privacy. I knew that I was going to be a while and I would probably be stinky and noisey and at that time in life I was still a little shy about using the public restroom. I distinctly remember this day that I sat down and passed a booming fart. Then nothing. I knew that I had more than just gas! I sat and sat, but nothing. Finally I felt more pressure and farted again. Then it started. For about 15 minutes, I strained, grunted and finally screamed that thing out. It didn't matter what position you sat in, although ! spread wide helped the most. It was SOOOO big. I was way to big to fit down the toilet hole so I had to leave it! My asshole was sore for two days, but I felt so much better. After class, one of the other girls saw my work and said out loud, I think I just discovered why Summer was late to class! It was embarassing but oh so true! I think I am probably due another one like that soon, we all are at some time.

Well, I should go now. I have two tests tomorrow and lots of studying between now and then, wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer :-)

Lisa: I have always bunched my dress or skirt above my waist. Then in late high school and college, I learned from a girl friend and my cousin to take off my clothes so they would not get wrinkled or dirty. I did a few times in high school thought I had let down my skirt or dress only to find it was clinging up on my behind. I walked through the hallway and either a teacher or classmate would call my attention.

Metamucil Man: There was a 1982-3 movie called "Incubus", showing a high school girl on the toilet in a movie house. I have heard and seen guys pee and poop. See my earlier posts. I grew up with school boy classmates and cousins.

Hey,Really cool pic on the forum of a black girl looking like she is going to do her business on a newspaper-Oh yes- one of my fantascies-boy would I like to see what happens next!Great picture!
TO AUSTIN-Really nice story about the boat adventure with that girl-sound like you had a great view of her going-nice stuff!
Some years ago,I was going with this girl who's family had a 28'boat and her and I took it out one nite and parked in a secluded spot for the nite and had a great time-were both about 21-22 or so and I had been seeing her for some time and we had a great relationship-we had seen each other pee and poop a few times and it was fine i'll tell you! Anyway,after a nite of fun and frolic,the next morning we got up and sat on the bow of the boat and had some coffee and watched the sun rise-it was great After a while she said she had to poo pretty good and when she went to use the toilet,it was stopped up and out of commision for some reason-so she said "what can I do" I said" If you wait a bit i'll have to go soon and we can go together"She said "OK" and after about 15-20 mins I had to poo too and by then she really had to go bad and then i had a brainstorm-since we were out on the middle of the water i suggested we just hang our butts over the side since the water was very calm,it wouldn't be a problem-so we went to the stern(back) and sat beside each other about 3 feet apart so we could see each other go and as soon as she sat over the side I saw her anus explode with coffee induced soft turds splash into the water from about 3-4 feet above the water line-it was great to watch and I couln't go quite yet cause I had a serious erection from seeing her poo-Then she still sat ther I guess waiting to go more and she was looking at me and said "well it's your turn " and she started to look at my butt and I figured that was my cue-So i pushed a bit and farted and I felt my anus open up and a firm turd stated to make it's way out slowly and I could feel it -it felt like a long one and in the middle of it I look over at her and she is tranfixed watching it come out my butt-this was sooo exciting to me-then as I was looking at her she took a breath and I was a bunch of loose stuff come out her butt into the water with a lot of farting too as she grunted in re! lief " i was waiting for that and now I think i'm done"she said-meanwhile my turd is stiil coming out very slowly(probably because i was excited watching her go that I was constricting my anus a bit) She still sat there in her glory( we were both nude) sitting there-then,i pushed out the rest of this foot-long turd and it splashed into the water and sank-her poo was floating on the side of the boat and we were laughing at it -I still sat there for a bit and we talked and then i said " I think I have to go again" and she had already wiped herself and she came over and leaned over and started looking at my anus and she said "Go ahead,I really want to watch this OK?"then i pushed slightly and a bunch of soft poos came out hitting the water with a splash-spalsh-splash sound-it was great -she was really loving the whole thing too- She was about a foot away from my butt watching everything!-then i was done and she wanted to wipe me and i let her,boy that was the 1st time i ever ha! d a girl wipe me and it was super-by now the sun was fully up in the sky and we both looked at our doings on the water-it was quite a mess we both did-you could tell though whose load was whose-we ahd a great time the rest of the day- Boy did we ever i'll tell you!-Ah yes to be that young again!!Her and I went out about 3 years and then went our own ways-Too bad I blew that one-I was too young and stupid to really appreciate her-but boy did we have some fun!Sorry to ramble on ,but that boat story with AUSTIN reminded me of it somehow!Have a great day all BYE

I'm sure u have heard this joke but it is funny I to me so here goes:

During a little kid's spelling class he had to use the bathroom badly. He asked his teacher but she said no.
"But I really really really have to go!" he said, squeezing his legs together.
"Fine, then, tell me the letters of the alphabet and I will let you go."
"A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Q R S T U V W X Y Z."
"Where's the P?" the teacher asked.
"Running down my leg." the student said.

:) Wasn't that funny? Lol plz reply

I've noticed that a lot of women don't check to see if the seat is up or down before sitting on the toilet. If I leave the toilet seat up my wife will fall in EVERY TIME. I do not understand. I fell in the toilet once back when I was six and from then on, I check.

Why do women blindly assume that the seat should be down and that it is rude not to put it down? If I need the seat up, I put it up. If I need the seat down, I put it down. And I always look. Is that so damn hard?


Reading the posts from other peeps like rings a lot of bells in my head of stuff that was forgotten. So heres one story that kinda funny and I can bet some of you readers had the experience.

I posted about the toilets and latrines in army boot camp. Yep, after basic training we did get to barracks and toilets with partitions and doors, more like we are used to. But then came along-

this paper that said,"You are to report to Fort Dix New Jersey for departure on US Matts ship "US PATCH for transport overseas for duty on 20 July.....

We then go to New York City and to the navy yards and board ship. Next day it pulls out to open ocean for the trip to the old country. On board of course they have the "head" or the toilets on the ship. We knew that you went down into the bottom of the ship someplace and there was this room with about 20 toilets aligned face to face in a row of about 10 each and a trough for pissing.

About 4 days out into the Atlantic things got sort of rough. Waves are starting to break over the bow of the ship and splash onto the decks. Eveyone is ordered off the decks and have to stay below. They had a little theater and showed movies and had a gameroom and so on. One thing, the galley, or "mess" hall, or eating place was interesting. Like you had several long tables bolted to the floor, and stools that also were bolted down. When you got your turn for the group you were in to go and eat, you got your tray, and sat down at that table. You kept one knee jammed up under the table, the other leg planted on the floor. You kept one hand on the tray holding on and the other one with your fork. The ship would rock side to side and up and down back and forth, like being on an elevator that would go up and then down you get that ticklish feeling in your stomach.

I really didnt each very much, thank you, and really wasnt bothered much by the bouncing of the ship thru the heavy seas. So then the next day I finally got the cramp to take a big poopie. I go down to the 'head" and lo and behold. There must have been about 25 guys in there, some very very seasick. Some were at the sinks throwing up and some trying to piss and puke at the same time. But the big problem way, there were NO Toilets open to use. The were all occupied! NOT with guys taking a shit, NO. A few guys were shittin, of course, but out of 20 toilets, 15 had these dudes laying on the floor, hugging the pots-both arms around the base of the toilet!! Ik like, ah,, excuse me,, ah, I got to shit please, ah, can you let me please use your pot please? The poor kid was so sick and there was puke all over the joint. One dude go up wiped his face, went to the sink to splash water in his face, let me have "his" toilet for now. I got to sit down and drop a few logs. A li! ttle different noise than the other sounds your heard as your logs dropped, plop plop. I finally got up and wiped and pulled up my pants and washed and left and let that poor boy back to hug his pot.

I never did get sick on the ship and I didnt each very much eather so I guess that helped a lot. I went over on the ship as an E-4 with this recruits (that was like an officer among new troops) and didnt do much. I did come back 2 years later on a sister ship as an E-5 and didnt do much then either as far as doing KP or cleaning works and so on.

Interesting side note; As we I got to my destination in Germany to this big air base the Germans used during the war, I noticed the toilets again had a surprise I wasnt used to. You did have the stalls, the doors and so on. But the water tank was mounted high up on the wall about the pot. To flush you went and pulled a long chain with a porcelain handle on the end, You yanked it and your toilet flushed. Well, boys will be boys they say. I liked to pull jokes like anyone, here they had one for us new guys. You would be sitting on the toilet taking a dump and the guy in the stall next to you would stand on his toilet seat and reach up and "pull your Chain" and you would be startled as your toilet would go woosh and flush with your ass parked on the pot and your ass got good and wet. Lots of snickerin and laughin by your "buddies". Thus, I think, that this is where the phrase, "Pullin your Chain" came from.

There were times on board that guys would be eating that stuff in the galley and later come down with the "shits". So you got the dudes rushing down the ladders to the lower deck to the head. Whoops, some didnt quite make it too. And if you did, you still might now get a seat if the joint was busy. I know a few guys filled their pants and didnt make it to the john. The problem now was your had your clothes all stuffed into an overseas, or duffel bag. The bags were all piled in a heap on top of some hatches and you never could find yours. When you landed of course they came off as cargo and having your name on the tags your got it back. I know some guys finally got to the toilets and had done some duty in their shorts. So they would take them off, some cleaned them, rinsed them off and let them dry. Others would just trash can the shorts and wash the butt and go without shorts. So here is a little description of the antics of on-board ship shitting and trip. I w! ill never forget the sight of all them guys hugging the toilets laying on the floor and holding onto the base. Any other questions let me know. Donnie...............

Traveling Guy
Dave-NY - My poop is usually firm but on the soft side, too, but I like it that way. How to make yours harder? Check your diet and cut back on fiber - stuff like fresh fruits and v?????s or cereals, if you eat those. If your a beer drinker, dial down. Aww! :-( Maybe less liquid intake in general. I can't believe I'm giving you advice like this. It so contrary to what I believe in. Good luck.

Althea - I liked the Girl Scout camp latrine story. Guys in open latrines have nothing on you. I'm going to search for some of your earlier posts.

Now there's something really different, today's photo. Naomi, that's what I'll call her, badly needs to poo and knows that her roomie will be another hour in the shower, but just can't bring herself to take a dump while her roomie is in the bath. So she'll just do it right here on the kitchen floor and take the whole mess out to the trash, open the window for a while, and who's to know? "Do I really have the guts?" she asks herself. Stay tuned.

I heard a wonderfully funny story last weekend. I was out with a group of friends and we were talking about the forthcoming TV documentary about the notorious ganglander Reggie Kray. One bloke told a story about the funeral of the other brother (Ronnie) a couple of years back in the east end of London. He knew a friend of a mate of his brother (something like that!) who was a policeman on duty at the funeral which was a big event. This copper was out in the street and had a dodgy stomach and found himself ‘caught short’. He waited for ages and ages and finally couldn’t wait any more. He contacted a senior policeman and asked to be allowed to leave his position before disaster struck and he embarrassed himself. The senior officer kept him waiting ages before finally giving him permission to have a ten minute break. By this stage the copper was so desperate he hardly knew what to do and ran into a nearby shop to ask to use their toilet. Unfortunately for him, the shop keeper on ! duty was not english speaking and he had to try and explain what he wanted (the acting demonstration by my mate was the funniest bit!). Eventually the woman realised what he wanted and directed him to a small toilet in the garden behind the shop. The copper ran in but not quite in time and deposited a runny poop into the seat of his pants. He sat himself on the toilet and had a massive explosive crap. He had to remove his badly soiled underpants and then discovered, to his horror, that there was no toilet paper! He couldn’t attract the shop-keepers attention and probably couldn’t have made her understand anyway. He couldn’t use his pants to clean himself because he’d already messed in them, he couldn’t pull his trousers up because without any pants he’d have dirtied his uniform so he had to resort to extreme measures. He used his handkerchief but it wasn’t big enough to finish the job and so he had to succumb to something quite horrible. He had to take his shoes off and use hi! s socks to wipe and clean himself!!

Apparently the funeral event was covered widely on national tv. I wonder if anyone either there or watching saw a policeman without any socks on and wondered why?

Anyone else heard of someone having to use his socks instead of toilet paper?

Hi everyone, I’m going to be an auntie! Here I am, posting right after Renee. And yes, that picture does look just like Patsy!
PV: Wow! Thanks for that wonderful note! I’ve never been quoted before! My butt is healing nicely, thank you. That was a pretty weird thing to do I’ll admit, but Renee’s roses needed some picking up. I’ve often wondered if anybody here thought that me and Renee were lovers. We’re not, and never have been. We are however, the best of friends. I felt her inclination early on, and just came out and asked her if she was gay, and she said yes. We’re still closer than ever, and if anybody ever wondered, she never has done anything out of line. She thinks of me like a sister and freind. I’m also glad you picked up on Jake. He is a beautiful man! He’s got the best heart I’ve ever seen, and he’s really, really good with his hands. He’s been working on this hand carved rocking horse for the baby. It’s really incredible! He’s carved out the horse’s mane wiht these little tools, and it’s all smooth and sanded down. He and Renee have already discussed it, and he will be known to the ba by as its father. Renee had a very rough life growing up in Texas and Jake was always there for her. Patsy is also real gentle and sweet. She did let me into the bathroom with her yesterday while she was pooping. We talked about the new baby. It took her about 15 minutes to get it all out, and she kept dropping these heavy plops. She filled up the bowl pretty good though with fat turds. PV, I think your heart is also as big as the universe. You are very special, and no doubt will see reward for it. I think beautiful people will be rewarded for their kindnesses. So says Carmalita the sage, huh? I have to tell you though, I love sitting down to pee. I tried it once standing but sprayed my fingers and ankles. I got it right when I was almost done peeing, but really like the sitting experience. I love taking my pants and panties down, or lifting my skirt, and sitting on a toilet seat.

Bridget: You sound great! I am also without a man right now, and to be totally honest, I like women myself and love hearing about women as much as men. There are certain ladies in here like Kim, Summer, Jane and the new Alana that really turn me on! I like men, I just haven’t met the right one yet.

Buzzy: What a sweetie you are. I tried to learn flamenco style guitar, but I’m not very good. I think flamenco is sooooo sexy!! On our video, I do have some close ups of my ass pushing out some big logs. I’m glad you like our stories, and thank you for doing a dump for us! Very hot!!!!

Alana: Whoa girl, you sound very hot! Man, I’d be a shrimp next to you! I’m only 5’1”, and 104lbs. But women as tall and big as you are very sexy to me! I’ll bet you’re gorgeous too! What a lucky guy Larry is. I’m small, but I can be a regular poop factory for some reason. One time we’d gotten a women’s size catalog in the mail and I took it into the bathroom with me while I took a monster dump. Looking at all those sexy, hefty gals was great! I was imagining that they could see me and were staring at me while I pooped. With your height and weight, you sound like you’re really sexy looking! Not heavy, but large frame, and long legs I’ll bet. (I’m jealous!) I’d love to buddy dump with you, hover over your steamy load and add to it.

John VT: Okay sweetie, heeeere it comes!....Saturday night Patsy fixed a great dinner for the four of us. She is like the queen of bar-b-que (So is Renee!), and we had bbq pork, homemade mashed potatoes, asparagus, and a homemade peach pie with ice cream later. I’m a real nut for homemade mashed potatoes since we mostly eat out of boxes around here, so I had two piggish helpings. My ???? was full of potatoes! The pork was delicious, and so was the peach pie later. I was sitting around Sunday morning reading the paper and having coffee. I’d just returned from shopping and needed to relax. The first fart was a red alert believe me! Everyone was asleep, so it was just you and me! I knew that all those potatoes inside me would come out smooth, long and hard, and the pork and asparagus would produce a rather fiesty smell. We went into the bathroom and closed the door. In my mind John, I enjoyed having you there very much. I was wearing a black and white one-piece which I just slid off entirely, leaving me only in my white Lilyette panties and bra. I slid my undies down to my knees, wiggled my butt to get adjusted on the toilet seat, then leaned forward with my elbows on my knees, and my arms crossed. I have to tell you it was soooo good having a man in there with me while I took a big shit. It seems so satisfying to have a beautiful man watch while a lady does her big duty. At first I couldn’t do anything except for another fart, which was very stinky. I knew this poop was going to smell very bad. It made me hot to know I’d have your loyalty while I stunk for you. My hair hung down obscuring part of my face, curls hiding my eyes and I flipped it back over my shoulder. My panties were very twisted, bright white against my brown legs, and you reached down to straighten them a little. Your fingers snapped the elastic, then a gentle hand slid up to my belly and rubbed tenderly. Then, things began moving a bit. I was reluctant, and you said, “C’mon, get! it all out, you’ll feel so much better.” I pushed pretty hard, I could feel it, very solid, very smelly. It came crackling out louder than normal which meant it was well lubricated. The ice cream perhaps? The thing got wider, and wider which caused me to grunt rather hard. “Rrrrrrrnnnnnnhhhhh!” A big peice was coming, I leaned forward more giving you full view. You admired my big turd that was as thick as your wrist and full of hard lumps! I kept pushing and pushing until finally it plopped into the water. K-PLOOOOP! The smell in the air was very strong, a real stinker this one was. I had half a fat turd hanging out of my brown ass which broke off and splatted down on the big floater! The bathroom was reeking pretty good now, filled with my “Mexican perfume”. I asked you “Hon, do you still like the smell?” and then I giggled and winked at you. You still rubbed my ???? for me while I crapped out two more smaller, yet very compressed turds. I was soft grunting to push more “u hhhh...uhh....uhhh....uhhh....” Then, after a few minutes of girlish grunts, a softer load came squishing out, embarrassing me over the awful smell and the noise as each turd splashed loudly. “Sspppllkkk-pluuup-ploop-plop-plop-ssspplllltttttttttt-pluummp”. I remember you rubbed my leg for me too, and sat there with me until I knew I was finsihed which was about ten minutes. Your poor nose! This little seniorita lost about five pounds of day old potatoes, pork, aspargus and ice cream in there! You offered to wipe me which was manly and sweet. You knew exactly what to do too! You stopped my drip, then dug deep enough to clean out my bottom! Mmmmmm, six good wipes and I was clean as a whistle. My long potatoe turd was hefty and fat, with a nice thinner pipe that circled the bowl and a greenish pile of soft poop on top. A flushing challenge no doubt, but we stayed until it went. The big turd just swirled around and around, and I almost thought it wouldn’t go. Finally it did, and t he bowl looked like somebody took a brown paint brush and streaked around the hole! You finsihed by sliding my panties back up for me, adusting them so the crotch didn’t disappear inside of me, and then you helped me with my one-piece.
All in all, it was a very enjoyable dump, and I felt so good after. I hoped you liked it, John.

Carol (Housewife and Mother)
Althea, I loved your stories about your cousin's big jobbies sliding back down after they had seemed to flush away. This has happened to me quite a lot in various toilets since I was a teenager, at school, in people's houses and elsewhere. Doesn't bother me, and doesnt bother most people I know.

Once when I was a teenager I was having lunch with the next door neighbours as my mum was away for that day. I did a big whopper in their toilet which did just that, a long fat 12 incher. I flushed 3 times and thought it had gone but when the woman's 10 year old son went to the toilet about 10 minutes later he came out giggling and said. "Mummy, Carol did a big fat jobbie and it wont go away!" I found this amusing and so did his mother, a woman then about 35 I suppose who merely said, "Oh that happens to me sometimes if I do a really big poo".

Metamucil Man. Of course I tell Keith my husband and he often comes in and watches me if we are alone at home and I need a poo.

I did a nice big one during the night. I had gone for the usual wee wee most people do before going to bed last night and felt I needed a poo as well bit although I sat on the pan for a few minutes nothing came down, so I went to bed. I woke at 3.00am needing a poo, not urgent but a definite need. I left Keith asleep and tiptoed to the toilet, pulled down my pale blue panties and sat on the pan. After my wee wee I felt the motion start, made a loud fart and first passed two big eggs "KERSPLOOK! KURPLONK!" the noises sounding loud in the silent house then a big firm fat turd emerged slowly but surely with an "AH NN" from me to help it out. "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" it depthcharged the pan! I wiped my bum, had a look at my substantial motion, a fat log knobbly to begin with then smooth and with a pointed end, then put the lid down but didnt pull the flush as it would need more than one flush and the noise would wake the others.

In the morning both my husband and son saw my big jobbie in the toilet pan and commented in amusement and admiration before going off to work and school respectively. It took a bucket of water and two flushes to shift the big whopper.

There is a new neighbour who has moved into our little close,Joanne a small ???? woman of about 25, a newlywed with no kids yet. Michelle, my long time neighbour and best mate and I invited her over to my place for lunch and a chat. Now as luck would have it Joanne went to the toilet and yes, both Michelle and I listened as she did her wee wee then with a gasp there was a loud "KUR-SPLOOMP! so we knew she had done a jobbie as well. She pulled the flush 3 times then came out and a bit redfaced told me she couldn't get the toilet to flush. I put her at ease straight away by telling her that both myself and Michelle were always doing big jobbies that got stuck so not to be embarassed by this. Sure enough when she had gone Michelle and I had a good look at her poo, a nice big solid light brown knobbly turd about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches fat. As she said she would have us over for lunch some time soon I think we have made a friend and met another female super-pooper! I'll! keep you posted.

Alright...this site is starting to get wild...putting pictures up like that...never seen that kind here. And i like it about that lady getting ready to shit(or piss) on newspapers.

No new stories to report on except. My shits have been really soft from this antibiotic im taking..another few days and i'll be back to normal.

Gruntly Bogwell
I went to the beach last weekend and took my usual early morning walk, but along the beach looking for shells. I drove to this beach picnic area, parked and took the board walk out over the dunes to the beach…I was the only one in the park and few people were on the beach, since it was away form the resort area. As I hunted for shells two well-built, athletic women jogged by wearing spandex jogging pants and light jackets against the cool wind, probably in their early 40's. Both had their hair tied in pony tails, one was blond, with glasses, the other had black hair with a hint of white here and there and both had muscular butts, which I couldn't help noticing as they jogged past toward the deserted far end of the island. Shortly, my up and down, bending over and looking at beach flotsam produced a familiar urge in my back passage. So I left the beach and headed back over the boardwalk to the octagonal gray-wood sided restroom in the picnic area, still deserted except for my car in the parking lot. I went into the men's room and entered the one stall with a toilet…it was nearly empty of water and an old brown poo was lodged in the bottom. I flushed and the bowl filled with an odorous brown poo-stew which swirled around and did not flush away. I decided to try and use it anyway, but at the last second took off my sunglasses and saw that the "stew" was still rising and I would have sat balls first into the mess. As my need to get rid of my load grew, what to do…ah ha…reverse invasion…I went around to the women's restroom and took a seat in one of the two stalls. The toilets were clean, but there was no toilet paper. I slid down my maroon sweat-pants and jockeys with some trepidation, my hole opened and out came a beer and shrimp induced poo-chain, soft long and cleansing. Leaning forward I notices that the floor boards of the restroom had rather large slat openings which looked down on the sandy ground under the hut, which was on short woo den stilts. The "shits just kept on coming" until my hole was pooching in and out to find a few more turdlets.

Just then a vehicle roared up and I heard clumpy footsteps, a van door slid open…"This is it, I'm finally caught and will pay for all my years of voyeurism," There was a clanging of buckets, and cleaning gear and the clumping of footsteps into the men's room. I quickly pulled up my sweatpants and exited the women's side without flushing the toilet ran around back and crawled under the restroom to avoid detection. The banging and scrubbing from the men's side was punctuated by a "Damn, honey…this one's nasty…followed by the operation of a toilet plunger and a flush." The footsteps clumped around to the women's room and soon echoed a "Sheeitt, another nasty one, looks fresh too!" I peered up between the floor slats, obviously put their to aid ventilation and not for voyeurs. A large African-American woman in a brown uniform and tennis shoes was cleaning and muttering about nasty commodes. She finished up, then I heard her mutter…"Time for mama, now that everything is clean," with that she did an about face in the inside stall (I had used the outside stall) and began unbuckling her uniform pants and pulling them down over her ample hips, exposing large dimpled, cream and coffee colored thighs and her neon lime green panties, which rode up on the left butt cheek. She grunted her pants down past her knees then began to work on her neon panties, they were tugged off her large dimpled buttocks and she sat on the commode with a ???? and a sigh. A high-pitched fart made its way past the turd trapped in her rectum and echoed throughout the restroom, followed by a long gurgling pee. Her dimpled thighs had become stretched smooth when she sat and they hung over the sides of the toilet seat, sweeping round to her large butt, which pushed up against the toilet tank…another high-pitched blleeeepppping fart followed a significant grunt on her part, she shuffled her feet and sand from the bottom of her tennis shoes sifted down between the floor boa rds. "Come on, come on, I ain't got all day"…her voice rose with another grunt…her nether hole, must have opened, because she said "Yeah, babeeee…NNNNGGGGHHHH (krickle, crackle…PLAUMP)…the sound of a large one hit the water…had to have splashed up on her underside. PLOOOMMMP, PLUUMMPP, plip, plip, PLOOOOMP followed the necessary, nngggghs, aahhhs, and oohhhs from the grunting black woman, much to my delight, peeping up from below. She rolled off a large amount of the newly replaced toilet paper, leaned way forward and struggled to wipe her large brown bottom, her chubby hand working away at her behind. I could see her face looking down past her bunched up pants at her knees, eyes closed as she cleaned up, she had a pretty rounded face, blunt nose, wrinkled up with the anal wiping effort and a park service cap covering her hair.. She sat back and heaved herself off the toilet, pulling up her neon lime panties to cover her ass, which has a oval "seat ring" from her weight bearing down on the toilet seat. Up with the pants, turning around to flush, she muttered "You got to feel better after that one, honey." Unfortunately, her turds wouldn't flush, so she had to plunger that load too, lifting up the seat to perform the operation. She lumbered out.

I was about to crawl out form under the restroom floor when I heard a woman's voice say…"Come on Suzie, you can make it…you DON'T want to go in your pants this far from the hotel. I slithered back under the women's commodes as the restroom door banged open, rushing feet , bang, the door of the stall near the outside wall opened a quick shuffle of feet , a brief flash of white ass as spandex jogging pants came down…an ooohhhh…pash, pash, sloooch of mushy turds hitting the water…pash, pash aaahhh, "Damn Lynnie, I almost didn't make it" Krickle, pash, pash. "OOOHHH, too many oysters and hot sauce, these are burning Lynnie," Passhhh, pash, ploomp. Lynnie was standing in the doorway of Suzie's stall watching her. Apparently, one of the two women joggers had been caught short on their return from the far end of the island and had come off the beach to use the toilet in the picnic area, "Darn Suzie, smellin' up the place, but you do look so cute sitting there." "Thanks, so rry about the smell." "That's OK, Suzie, I just got the urge to help you feed the fishes." Lynnie went into the inside stall and said.."Eeehu…there as shit stain on the back of the toilet seat." Apparently, as some times happens with big women, their holes are so far back on the toilet seat for a comfortable sit, their turds scrape against the inside rim of the toilet seat on the way out…the attendant woman, must have missed it when she, lifted the seat to plunger her turds in the bowl. Lynnie said, "Can't wait for you Suzie so I'll just have to rough it…she lifted the seat all the way up…turned around and began to bring down her black spandex jogging pants, exposing her muscular buttocks and thighs, which rippled as she positioned herself over the toilet, in a half crouch, leaning forward. I could see that Lynnie was the blonde with glasses…I could see most of her ass, since she didn't want to sit down on the toilet bowl itself in the public restroom. Golden pee issued! forth and trickled and dribbled into the toilet as Suzie, the worst of her need over, began peeing over in her stall. Lynnie leaned way forward in her crouch, looking at the floor as I looked up to see her light skin turning read with the effort to poo in an untenable position…she was trying to poop have standing up, with her butt of the toilet…affording me a good view of her labors. UNNNNaahh went Lynnie and her brown eye opened to produce a long ragged light brown poo chain, which disappeared past the rim of the commode bowl, while still issuing forth form her muscular bottom. Suzie was plopping some more on her side as the two women buddy dumped together, filling the room with "odeur de poo." Lynnie's 18 by inch poo chain fell off and she stood up , then re-squatted to poo out a few more soft, saying "Suzie, I got the cocktail sauce backlash too, hope that ice cream desert comes along soon to cool down my hole." They both laughed…Suzie plopped a couple of more little ones, Lynnie's laughter made her hole fart open a couple of times and they laughed some more. Then they began wiping and flushing…Lynnie needed four wipes to get acceptably clean each time looking between her legs at the residue on the paper before tossing it into the commode. "Feel better kid?" Lynnie asked Suzie. "You better believe it hon, good thing you knew this place was here…they left and trotted down the path to the dune boardwalk, while I escaped from under the restroom to my car. Nothing like a day the beach, I always say.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi There, everyone and thanks all those who responded to my plea for help with my present constipation! Normally I'd enjoy pushing it out but not when I'm sore from all the hard work of doing it and the inevitable piles I'm sometimes getting.
I've just been twice within the last half hour and feel I want to go again so I'm a bit distracted from what I'm doing so I might have to cut it short.
Needless to say, the Fybogel seems to be having no effect yet, The turds are all hard and difficult to do and seem impacted and it's going on a long time.

Good to hear from you again, JACOB G, thanks for your tip and I'm going to read it again later as I'm not concentrating properly!!

METAMUCIL MAN, I've not heard of "Cyber Fibre"- Is it really called that? I'm taking Fybogel twice a day and no improvement yet.

DECLAN, On Sunday, worrying about having another painful and VERY slow BM, I called in at the walk in clinic to ask the nurse for advice about suppositories or enemas. She said it would have no effect on loosening what was already in the bowel, or rather, it might feel more urgent to do, but wouldn't be any softer, and said the motion would still be hard. She said I should continue with laxatives, high fibre diet and LOTS of water.
I'm seing a complementary therapist tomorrow and might be able to get to the "bottom" of what's causing this, as I go from extreme constipation to too much the other way.

DONNIE, Fascinating to read about that boot camp with the latrines and in such details! I was going to ask you exactly the same questions as MIKE did but you seem to have told us everything we could want to know!
You too saw that film "No time for Sergeants". I remember being quite affected by it when I saw it on Britist tv some years ago and thinking Wow!! The toilets really are open for all to see!
I did see the film "Full Metal Jacket" so I'd visualise the boot Camp latrines as being very similar.
It's as well that three of you were the first to take the plunge and use the toilets, otherwise the other guys might still be afraid to use them! I can imagine being embarrassed to use a toilet like that for the first time until you realise other guys are using them and that sense of no longer having any inhibitions.

With my present lack of enjoyment of using the toilet and the pain and discomfort I've sometimes had, I'm glad to be able to do it in private, and I realised there are times when a doorless or partitionless toilet is not for anyone who's in this situation and where other people might get impatient or even abusive or worse when you just can't finish and feel really rough afterwards.
I read here about boys at school forming patrols to prevent their friends being bullied on the school toilets and wonder if any adults have felt under threat when having troubles on the toilet. I sincerely hope not but I suppose it has happened.
I remember reading of Carlos on this forum who reported many occasions of himself very constipated in public toilets but not painfully or with piles as a result, but I wish I'd had someone next to me for the support and companionship during my trials on the toilet!

BOB, That's the first time I've read of any reference to seeing the imprint of the toilet seat on a guy's arse after he's been on the toilet!! I've often looked when guys with short shorts have come out of a toilet, but I suppose when they're walking around like you saw them, you've got a very good chance of seeing the red mark from the seat.
I;m always fascinated in trying to work out exactly where the toilet seat edge touches the buttocks as the geometry of a backside changes when someone sits down.
The next time I get the chance to see my friend again who likes shitting as much as we all do, I'll ask him if I can put a felt-tip marker pen along the edge of the seat so he can sit on it and we can both get a very good idea when he stands up. No reason why I don't do it myself and look in a mirror!
Interesting idea for an original tattoo! A toilet seat imprint and some appropriate words and illustrations on the buttocks!

Well, there was another guy who I wanted to respond to here whose name I'v written down but can't find it at the moment, but you said about us being really into other men shitting, but that neither of us are gay. I didn't mean to sound homophobic when I say I hate it when gay guys interrupt me or make advances or asume I'm in a public toilet for other purposes. I really can't define what gay means in an objective way. I certainly agree with you how much a turn- on I think other men shitting is, and I feel very strongly that identifying with other guys in such a personal bodily function gives me a great sense of male bonding and demonstrating of my masculinity when I perform loudly and look the same as other men sitting on the toilet. Whereas men in France are more demonstrative in their friendship with other men by kissing, and in other cultures men are sometimes able to bond and feel more intimate ,many of us feel very unable to share in close male friendship and perha! ps that is why going to the toilet is almost on a level as social drinking or sports.
As for myself, it's the toilet or bathroom I want to go to with another man, wheras most gay men prefer the bedroom!
I certainly don't want to do anything of a "certain nature" with another guy. I'll read again what you wrote as I'd like to properly comment on what you say, as you sound very similar!

Well, Ive not moved from the computer, though I still feel like I need to go on the toilet again, surely these laxatives will give me easy shits soon???
Anyway, until next time, Good luck to all of you and thanks again for advice, P P G

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

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