kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post. recently my boyfriend scott picked me up on a date and we went to dinner and caught a movie. we then went to a local pool place which was open till 2 0' clock in the morning. this was a school night so scott and i would not stay too late. scott was wearing his black suit shirt and grey suit pants while i was dressed to kill in my form fitting yellow mini-skirt and yellow mule sandal high heeled shoes.. my hair was long and blond with bangs in front. scott and his friend john were good pool players but not pros. john taught scott how to play then scott taught me. i was pretty good! scott and i then played some games against each other. when we each won 3 games apeice we did a tie-breaking game. i was winning this last game. i had to only get the 8 ball in the corner pocket to win. but just when i was cleaning my pool stick with chalk i felt a HUGE motion coming on. scott and i had eaten alot at a sea food place befo re. i then excused mysef and walked to the bathroom. i must tell you in this pool place there was only one toilet and sink that both sexes shared. and knowing my luck it was occupied when i came up to it. while i was waiting for the person to come out i was crazily thinking of unloading one of my huge logs in my panties . this would turn alot of the men on at this pool place .not to mention cause my panties to drop from the sheer size and weight of my log.!haha! but thankfully i decided against this. and just then the bathroom door swung open and a young man my age walked out. I said hello as he said hello back giving me that "i think that you are really hot look!" i then quickly walked past him and entered the bathroom and closed the door. "sorry fella. i got a boyfriend already. i then yanked my panties down to my toes and slipped them off completely. i then sat my bare ass on the bowl. i like to shit nude but i kept my clothes on this time. it felt kinda fun shitting in a mini skirt with no underwear in sight! i then took a deep breath and i began to push. soon a log appeared out of my ass. i then pushed again as my ring expanded and my log grew and grew. Ohhh what a feeling to have your anus stretched by such a monster log. i then looked down and i saw a huge brown rocket coming out of my ass and it was ready for lift off! i then raised both legs up, bending my knees up to my chin as i held my already stretched wide ass open with my hands to let this enormous,thick beast out! i then tossed my head back and before i could say "ohhh my god!" i blasted a mammoth torpedo into the bowl. my log hit the water with a great big splash! and i knew that the people outside could hear the splash and my moaning and groaning. i then got off the bowl and saw a gigantic sausage in there. half of my log was in the bowl hole. while the other half stretched all the way up to the surface with the huge head of the log poking out of the water a bit. i really let the beast out of its cage with this huge log! i then got the measuring tape and measured my log at 20 inches long. nearly 3.5 inches thick, i then wiped my self and threw the used paper in the little basket under the sink. i wanted the next person to see how fantastic i went! i then put my panties on and washed my hands. when i opened the door i saw a very pretty brunette walk up. she had long brown hair,blue yes. wearing a white tight top and black spandex pants with high heeled shoes. me and her where both dressed to kill!haha! "thank goodness you just finished I really have to shit' she said. i was surprised and turned on by her openess. "well its all yours honey. check out what i left in the bowl.' i said. the pretty brunette took a look . and i saw her look in shock and disbelief. "WOW! girl. you sure know how to pass huge logs!" she said. "yes. why dontcha buddy dump on top of mine and show it to the cute guys here? i am sure they would get a real buzz from seeing two huge logs passed by two gorgeous ladies!!" i replied. " that sounds like a good idea." she said as we both laughed. "by the way i am kim." "I said reaching out my hand. "I am jen.nifer, call me jen for short."she said shaking my hand. "Ok jen. its nice to meet you i will leave you alone to do whatever you like in the toilet"i replied. "i am going to buddy dump on your log of course and do what you suggest' she answered. ' ok jen. bye.' i said "goodbye kim" she replied closing the door. i then smiled to myself happy that another person was turned on by my log. i then rejoined scott. i just had to get the 8 ball in to win. "8 ball in the corner pocket" i said aloud staring at scott on my left as i took the shot and won the game. i am a show off sometimes . i did not even look at my shot. i was staring at scott all the while. scott told me my final shot went up in the air it was hit so hard it landed in the pocket to win the game. scott and i then left the pool place with scotts arm ! around my waist. i looked over and i saw the bathroom door was still closed so the pretty girl was still shitting on my log. i then looked at scott smiling. scott told me how impressed he was with my pool playing. i said thanks as i told him he would be even more impressed with the huge log i just passed!haha! scott then drove me home. then drove himself home as another satisfying date and another satisfying dump ended. hoped ya liked the story!TO SUMMER- i am happy you tried my legs up technique and have a boyfriend. think of it as the kim technique by the way! TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL- scott and i love your posts. keep em up. TO CARMELITA- thanks for the nice words. scott and i think you and renee are lovely ladies and we love your stories too! TO MELISSA from new york-hi! neighbor. scott and i live next door in new jersey. we loved your buddy dumping story with you and the other female bodybuilder. it was a real turn on. hey melissa i am a little fox with long blond hair. i am on ly five foot four to your 6 foot five but i am built like a brickshithouse too! i am voluptous and a bodybuilder too! hey! ya wanna buddy dump girl!!. i can sit on your lap and we can push out enormous log after enormous log and turn our men on!haha! that would be wild. me and my boyfriend scott like to swim and lift weights. scotts arms are 20 inches. mine are 17 inches when fully pumped. how big are yours and your lady friends.? dont answer if ya dont want to. byeeee

Hi guys and gals,
I wanted to comment and hear some disscussion on "softball" size turds. I wonder if this is a down side of the female anatomy? Its been pointed out here that the female of our species does the bigger fecal masses. We've also taked about how it might be due to the fact that the female anatomy ise deisgned for child bearing thus producing more room in the pelvic area. But what happens when something goes ary? Does that same anatomy have a propensity to produce turds that are just agony to pass. I read a lot of literature on tthe subject...mostly because I LOOK for it. All of the stories I've read of having to pass monster poops that require outside intervention are about women.
I'll name a few. In "Lost" by Thomas Thompson there is a rather graphic account of constipation. This is the story of a shipwreck where three people, two men and a woman are lost at sea on a capsized catamaran.
Dehydration causes constipation in the three members but it is the woman who is graphically described as struggling to pass a "softball" size and shaped turd, when she is unable to get it out by straining, her husband describes how he put fish oil on his hand, forced it up into the bottom, and removed the mass
from her.
In Toni Morris' Tar Baby she tells how her mother placed her over her lap as a young child and used lard as a libricant to reach into her rectum to remove a turd she'd struggled with for four days.
If one searches for such things on the net there are various accounts of women going to the ER to have their stool manually disempacted from their rectums. Most often this occures after their husband or some one close has tried to dislarge the mass with a series of enemas. So is this a downside of femininity? Are women's bodies such that the process of defication can get so far out of wack that the need more help, more often than men do?. And if this is the case should we, as men, be better prepared as the helpmate, to render that assistance when necessary?
How many men have actually had to help their wives/girlfriends move their bowels?

Louise: How often do you pee on average each day? I would be grateful if you could elaborate. Do you deliberately think to yourself 'ooo I realy need a pee but I think I'll hold it until I get home from'll only be three hours!?'

Hi Rizzo,

Yes, I once remarked that I have to use the one urinal set low for boys and short guys. Unless I'm in heels, the regular ones are often too high for me! 26" is a real easy height if I'm in heels, and still do-able in my bare feet. My bathroom sink is 30" and I have to stand on tiptoes to wee into it in bare feet, but in heels it's just right!

I seem to have the devil's own luck -- I have used urinals scores and scores of times, but been walked in on only maybe three times in total, and all with non-event results (one time the guy simply couldn't tell I was a girl!) An audacious bladder? I hope so! I have some mighty peeing to do in summers ahead!

"On the whole, you give me the impression of a well trained and fiercely defensive feminist lady. But beneath that outer shell of armour you have a big, kind heart, if I may say so."

You may say so indeed! This lady basks in such kindness, and your assessment is, in all modesty, pretty close to the mark!

Well, I'm happy to have a counterpart to help look after Kendal! Mind, we shouldn't fight over who gets to take her and the others out on weekends! (chuckles!)




Hi darlings! Well, Jackie's bath wee was certainly a stunning performance, and a lot more than I expected! I visualized her simply standing in the bath and squirting a beautiful arc to the other end of it, with much happy noise-making, but no, that was an incredible show. It brings back memories of being a little girl -- I'd play in the bath for a while but stand up to be soaped when Mom was ready. There were times I would wee in the water while I was being soaped or rinsed, which must on reflection have been my earliest standing wees! (Funny how things come back to you...) I think I must reproduce Jackie's performance in a nice hot bath one of these days!

And I would be beaming a smile to accept hugs from you both -- my arms are always open for hugging, dears.

Dont' work too hard, Steve, Louise needs your stamina (giggle!), and Louise -- I look forward to your thoughts on weeing over the stretched waistband of nice pants! (There are some really sexy pants on sale here now that look like leather but are actually a shiny, heavy, stretch fabric. I can see myself in them, and wondered yesterday what it would be like arcing over the waistband!)




Good god! Your poor toilet was carrying a total of 640lbs of shuddering female might?! It's a wonder it didn't shatter under you!

You must be an astounding sight, dear, a true Amazon. I do weights, I walk and swim and look forward to throwing a leg over a horse one day, but I think I'd fade away next to you!

Cheers to all,


Upstatedave: Dave your post took me back in time to when I was 10 years old. Me and my three older brothers lived with our folks on a farm. The old farm house had one bathroom. My then 14-year-old brother Tim was a real bad boy and he often had buddies staying with him in his room. One weekend he had two buddies there - I don't remember their names. I was real shy in those days. After breakfast, I need to poop and pee real bad, but Tim and his buddies were in the bathroom. I knocked on the door and asked when they would be done. They told me to shove off, but Tim could see that I needed to go real bad. He said that I could come in and use the toilet, but his buddies would want to watch me on the toilet. I did not want to, but I needed to go real bad. I came into the bathrrom and sat on the toilet after pulling down my panties. The three guys just stood there watching me and making comments when they heard my poop dropping and heard me peeing. They were laughing li! ke crazy and I felt real embarrassed. They all wanted to see my pussy when I started to wipe it. I don't know if that expereince was the reason, but since then I have always enjoyed pooping and peeing with guys around.

Hey guys! I love everyone's new posts. You guys are keeping everything really interesting. I'm really happy we can all share things now, and are all good friends. Now, about movies... I was wondering if any one has seen the movie "Seven". If you haven't, you should see it. It's really good and scary. This guy murders people according to the seven deadly sins. For the Glutony sin, he ties a guy down in a chair for two days and makes him eat until his stomach bursts. The policeman said he was sitting in a pile of his own piss and crap. And, for the Sloth sin,(laziness), he ties a guy to a bed for a year and keeps him alive on medicine and liquid food. That means he had to lay in a bed in a years worth of his own crap and piss. Keep the cool posts comming! Love, Rrobbie.

I'm a first time poster here. I'll start off by saying that I'm 16, male, and very thin. I have some problems with my stomach. Whenever I eat garlic, tomatoes, coke o cola, or some other things I don't know that I'm still trying to find out, I get the worst diarrhea you've ever seen. I also fart a lot, and it stinks sooooooo bad. I've had many accidents in my life. I'm releived that there's a sight that actually has people like me on here. I think it's really cool. The latest accident I've had was in gym class. It's last period. I had some bar b q for lunch, and a moutain dew. In gym class, we were playing basketball. I was in my gym uniform, which consists of shorts and a tee shirt. When I was playing, I felt that I had to fart. I usually fart and sneak away so that they'll think it's someone else, cause they stink. Well, when I farted, the fart wasn't the only thing that came out. Yellowish brown water sprayed out of my ass and into my gym shorts. I stood there, my face beat! red, filling my crotch and ass with the most foul smelling diarrhea I've ever had. Everybody saw me. It came out of my underwear, and went into my socks and shoes. All I could do was stand there in terror, and be watched by the entire class. Worst of all, the girls were on the other side of the gym, and the girl I secretly liked was watching me. So there I stood, filling my pants like a stupid baby. I tried running into the locker room to change, but my shorts were perminatly stained brown, and my legs covered in my own filth. Everytime I would walk, my gym shoes would squeak. The teacher ran up to me, and asked me if I was okay. I started crying, and he helped me into the locker room. I was so mad! I wanted to die. He gave me a pair of lost underwear and let me take a shower. He went out and explained to everyone that I was ill, and this was not to leave the gym because it was no one else's buisness except mine. When I got into the shower, I slapped myself in the face for be! ing so stupid and ruining my life. I would've rather been dead than shit my pants in front of the hot blond beauty of my dreams that USE to think I was kind of cool.

no name poster 14 y.o. male i am like you please post more stories like your last one

Yesterday after dinner i was really full(had eatten a big snack after work) then a few hours later i ate a big dinner then about an hour after i ate i got this urge to shit really strong so i was on the phone and hung up and went to the upstairs toilet. I sat down and pushed and it felt like a big log had come out then a wave a soft loooser shit came out of my butt. Then i wiped several time and i looked in and i saw a few 6 inch solid logs and on top of that was a bunch of loose shit. Then i flushed and washed my hands. After this i watched tv then a little while later i had to shit again and it was still loose and mushy...Guess thats from my antibiotic. Hopfully this weekend i can get my shits back to normal since i just finished the antibioctic.

Hey guys: I've not posted since last year at this time. Recently, spring break has given me a lot of opportunities to see my fraternity brothers taking a shit. Six of us went to Cancun, Mexico for spring break. Me, Mike, Brad, Jason, Matt and Bill all shared a room at a hotel near the beach. We are all from the same fraternity and know each other well. The room was real small and the bathroom was real tiny. There was a shitter near the door, then a sink next to the shitter and a tub with shower. On our first morning there after a night of partying, I was the first up and after a long piss started to shave. Matt came into the bathroom nude and just sat down on the crapper. He said Hi and then started to strain. I saw his neck muscles tense and his stomach muscles contract. He also grunted and sighed and his face grimaced. After a couple of minutes of this, I heard a loud plop as his first log hit the water. He continued straining and after 4-5 more plops he grinne! d and said: "Whew, that feels a whole lot better." He wiped his butt sitting and while he was doing this Brad and Mike came into the bathroom. They both had towels around them. When Matt got off the crapper Mike replaced him there and cut loose with some loud farts. Some logs hit the water rapidly and he wiped his butt and then went into the shower. Brad then also took a shit. I got to see each guy's logs as they stood up after getting done crapping. During the vacation, I saw all of the guys taking dumps and I also had to dump when they were in the bathroom. With six guys and one bathroom, youve gotta have an open door policy in the mornings so everyone can shit, shave and shower in time for the beach. For me spring break is the greatest time for being with the fraternity brothers and just doing what comes naturally.

Someone made fun of the Kendal and Linda stories stroies popping up here. So now she's gonna pay. And without further stalling(Stall get it)here is an embarrassing ELENA story. I was about 5 at the time when I went over to stay over at Elena's house.Both my parents were to be working late..anyway...I was told Elena was feeling bad. I snuck into her room and she was laying down on her bed.She looked at me and said I'm sickie. She looked it too..kinda pale and weak. She told me her mom gave her some medicine and that she should start to feel better soon. I stayed with her and talked...then she said she had to go poop really really bad. She asked me to go with her(She could go alone now but she asked me to go anyway)So I went and she sat bare bottomed on the toilet as I talked to her.Slowly she beca,e less and less responsive.I asked are you okay? I saw her her face beet red, her cute nose wrinkled, she was fighting..then KAAAAPLOOMPLOSH!!! Then all heck broke loose as I lost cou! ld of a number of loud splashes in the toilet. She'd whimper a bit.. thn another splash. Finally she sat up straight on the toilet and said I feel beter now.[happy glowing face] She sure looked better now as her color came back..she became talkative as she peed and did a few more plops. Later I found out she had a fever cause she hadn't pooped in almost a week[Elena was always constipated when she was small..heh even when big too]and the medcine she got was put up her tushie[her words] She got a supository from her mom..but she was too sick to fight her this time. Anyway trying to flush away her problems clogged the toilet. Her mom had unexpected company and when they saw Elena's dad trying to fix the toilet...Elena told them with a silly grin on her face "My poops brok the toilet". I may not live to see another day telling you all this but it's worth it.No one pokes fun at Kendal or Linda except me and Andrew.[sticks his tongue out]
Sigh. Where to start kitten. First..yes I get kinda flustered easily. Elena knows it and she uses it against me ALL THE TIME. If I don't do what she says she threatens me with flashing me.[trembles] Why'd I have to marry such an attractive looking woman? Anyway..I'm very flattered and a little suprised that you have no problem in me seeing. All things a side after what happened to you..I did wish to be there and offer comfort maybe hold your hand and talk you through that incident(poor gal..must have been such an ordeal) But well could you have done all that pooping wiht me watching? Also I don't think Andrew would ahve forgiven me for being the sole witness to that and he missed it. Also...and I don't mean to sound mean's not very respectful to your father for me to watch or peek..nor to you my sweet Kendal. Like the man there I would not have looked..I would have even gone as far as to run the water in the sink so you could have audio privacy as well. Like i said! I'm flattered and such..but it's not right. I watch Linda..not all the time..or every single time..and she does allow and I never force myself in. It's respect.(Just wish SHE'D show the same respect)I mean even if curcumstances were to happen where I would have to see you I wouldn't. Linda laughed as she brought some up. She said what if she needs paper? I said then I'd look away open the door a bit and throw the roll in.Linda laughed and made her voice like you and went."OW!!! You hit me in the face!!" Silly girl. You can get her back when she posts later.

robbie s s

Hi to all of my toilet friends. This is my first post; I have been reading the different post here for the past several months, and I've enjoyed reading them.

Because of this great forum,I have learned that I am not alone with enjoying my pooping sessions and wanting to share these experiences with others, especially guys. I never knew there were so many people into body fuctions, but I am glad.

Speaking of dumping, I had a pretty good shit today; however, it wasn't as thick or as long as I'd hoped it to be. I like most of the family who post here, I basically enjoy pooping those really HUGE firm TURDS; although,it doesn't always happen that way. Anyway, my poop was about seven inches long and an inch in diameter. It was medium brown in color, carrot shaped, and firm; I had to wipe a few times to get my asshole clean because some of the smaller poop were much softer than the log.

I have some great stories to share later concerning my experience with watching my friend (Rob) poop, and our first buddy dump together. I hope this post makes it to the forum. Got to go; talk to you all soon.

robbie s s

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Sara T.
Hi! I don't think I pee any extensive amounts or anything. I peed into the plants (which are pretty big anyway) because I didn't have a toilet to flush the pee down if I used a cup or anything. Nor did I have a bathroom sink, and I really didn't want to put pee into the kitchen sink.

I've never measured how much I peed technically, although I did try with a Snapple bottle and managed to half fill it. The other places I've used to pee in were: the bathroom sink, the bathtub, empty juice bottles, empty milk cartons, an empty iced tea container and on towels.

Sounds like you peed quite a bit that night in the dorm!! Do you do this when you have emergencies only, or are you like me and you like peeing everywhere? :)

Oh well,I figured there would be people who do not believe me. the only problem with that is I have taken pictures of some of my impressive bowel movements,and soon I will be taking a computer course to learn how to publish pics. on the web so the whole world can see for themselves.
LOUISE I have never measured the amount of pee I produce,mainly I guess because it really dosen't take up space like excrement does.
although I really usually pee a gusher and it lasts a really long time,maybe 45 seconds to a minuite or more if I'm going to take a really big shit,also I usually don't start my bm untill the peeing is done.
JOHN you must remember the small intestine can be 20to 30 feet and the large intestine 8 feet or more in some cases.I have a girl friend who suffers from a disorder she calls megacolon,she is not able to go to the bathroom often but when she does,were talking guiness book of records here I wish I could get her to post here. My bowel habits have gotten me into embarassing situautions on many occasions. That brings me to a memory.
About a year ago I went out with this guy Dan,he had a boat,and I love boats.well we went to this resturant that had an all you can eat spaghetti dinner night on wednesdays. well I guess I really shocked him after he watched me woof down my ninth plateful,and were talking heaping helpings here.He sat there starry eyed with his mouth open just saying"where in Gods name are you putting all that food","how can you possibly hold all that inside you."Needless to say I found out the next day a little secret about some men. Some of you guys get more turned on by a woman going to the bathroom than you do by sex! I know this because that night we made love,and it was ok,but only one time and quick.The next morning we got up and had a big breakfeast,with sausage, eggs, grits, toast, ceral,juice,and coffee. the coffee always does it for me.I pushed my chair back from the table and announced I had to go to the bathroom.
Dan being a typical male says something smart like "can I watch?" I said "Sure"! With that,I went to the bathroom thinking to myself I'll fix him.I pu the seat down lifted my black skirt pulled my panties down my thighs just above my knees and sat on the throne.I immediately let out a long winded sbd fart and I tell you I must have peed like a fire hydrant,at the same time what felt like a loaf of french bread began to cascade effortlessly into the comode stretching my anal spinchiture.This load felt as if it were comming from way up inside my intestines and seemed to have no immediate end in sight.Dan was looking on in amazement again as I began to pinch the first now loudly crackling loaf of excrement off and literally pump another load on top of the last one now becoming noisly intense as I began to concentrate clasping my hands together and bearing down to unload loaf after loaf after awesome loaf of long thick hot shit!The smell even with the door open was atrocious,a! nd suffocating, I looked into Dan's blurry eyes as he looked on in disbelief as I began farting louder followed by the hiss of more shit dropping on top of the already huge pile only now inches from my butt.finally I began to pee again signaling the end of a really mean shit.I got up off the toilet and told Dan to "look at that,You see that"! Dan looked down into the toilet it looked like someone packed about four or five huge ells into the bowl filling it above the water line,one of em had slid along the porcelin and left a brown streak they were medium brown in color except for one which was light tannish yellow,with about fifteen or twenty inches of one inch thick golden orange semi broken sausage type shit piled all over the top of the load of shit.Dan immediately went off in his pants,not once but at least two times and became very weak in the knees.guess I showed him.please comment I remember more things but I can only tell if people are intrested in hearing,cause I migh! t be booring to someone bye love Alana

Hello to everyone:
I will continue with more of my earlier experiances. We had moved down closer to my fathers work. This was a little bigger of a country town. I made new friends quite quickly. There was a house down at the end of the road that the people had moved into about the same time we did. They moved up from Florida. I became friends with the oldest boy. He had one other younger brother and thrre sisters.
We came in from playing outside and wanted to get a cold drink of water but his mom was washing clothes and she had a sink setup for it in the kitchen. So we went into the bathroom and used the tub. He got called out by his father for something and I was still filling up my big glass.
His sistery M came in said hello and pulled down her pants and underware and sort of crouched over the seat and peed and pooped. She was talking to me at the same time. When she finished she wiped and said she really had to go and also said now she felt alot better and said goodbye and walked out. I noiticed every once in awhile some other posts like this show up. It seems to me when they do its the girls post them but ussaly its with other girls. Do you girls have stories about the first time going in front of boys? Im sure there are some stories about that, that could be told. upstatedave.

I once peed on a plant and it died. Theoretically, the urea in pee would act as a fertilizer but only after it has had time to decompose. Plus, pee contains too many salts to be useful as a fertilizer for the majority of plants. I did use a large tree outside as a urinal for a long period of time and the pee did seem to stimulate its growth. I estimate that my friends and I peed 15 gallons onto it over a year's time. But the tree was not sensitive to a high salt content and the pee slowly decomposed in the surrounding soil. BTW, the tree was a Mesquite, native to the southwest. Our soil is somewhat high in salt to begin with.

Alex M.
Hi guys. Sorry, it's been ages since I last posted. Bridget, glad you remember me; I also remember you. My best friends (and occasional "buddy dumpers") are Steph and Jodi. My younger brother, Eric, and Steph also have a strong "bonding."
Hi also to Jeff A. I'm sure you and Bridget will like this post.
My brother and I recently traveled from New England, where we live, to visit our friend Steph, who has moved to New Mexico. We had an awesome time together; we went on several hikes while we were out there.
Steph and I and Steph and Eric had several "buddy dumps." Steph is still as *excited* about this as we are. Another "barrier" was dropped, so to speak. I took a shit in front of my brother for the first time while we were out there. I was going in with Steph and told Eric "why don't you come along too." He felt a little nervous about this, but went in anyway.
Eric did reciprocate by going in front of Steph and me a couple of days later. It felt a little "weird" at first, but since I consider Eric a friend as much as my brother, it wasn't that big of a deal, really. Steph was also very happy about this.
I'll send Steph an e-mail asking her to check out this site (again), if she hasn't already done so. I'm sure she'll add her "two cents worth." Love, Alex :)

Golden Drink

I peed in a make-shift chamber pot today. I slid it under my bed after I was done, but went on to get my shower afterwards and forgot all about the PEE!

I hope no one notices before I get home... Actually I still live with my parents, so I HOPE they don't find it. Not only would it be embarasing, but I would have to explain why there is a bucket of pee under my bed...

Golden Drink

Pooper Dooper
Don't feel upset!!! We all have an accident once in a while. Don't feel bad.

Is there anyone named here Peter and uses that name for their post on this website?

I had a MAJOR dump the other day! 12 inches and 2 inches wide. I felt wonderful after that.


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone1

DECLAN!, My apologies! It was to you I was answering in yesterday's post about the sexuality issue. Like I said, I was distracted at the time!

Well, I've had a very interesting meeting with a homoeopath who assures me I'm NOT constipated from all the details I gave him; but that my peristalsis is not working (The way the rectum propels the stuff along)so am having pills and drops to re-establish this. (we hope!!!) Probably as a result of having laxatives on a continual basis when I was a child.
Ive just been on the toilet and had a quite good shit, a bit painful at first, then not so bad and most of it was great with some almighty splashes up the arse, buttocks and between the nuts and the arse and even though I felt like I'd got piles after for a while; within the last 15 minutes sitting here I feel fine and I'm more optimistic about things. I feel cleared out as well and they were good size turds.

JACOB G. Hi!, I've never heard of acid reflux before, but I would think when I've felt sore round the anus it might be due to acid in the stools. I'll check that out, thanks.

It's certainly been interesting reading lately with all these details from DONNIE and others about latrines! Someone mentioned stalls where the partitions only divided the toilets partially, so that the guys' knees were beyond the partition. That sounds like a picture I've seen on another website that shows public toilets in the USA all with doors and with women's feet showing under the doors and partitions, and the one I mentioned where a guy's pictured with his feet and knees projecting beyond a doorless stall.

Regarding getting one's clothes soiled when cleaning up after being on the toilet; When I wear long shirts, I often feel I'm getting the shirt tails caught up in the TP! I don't actually but Ithink I have a lot of near misses. That's why I like to wear a short shirt or tee shirt when I'm on a toilet, and especially on a public one which might be dirty at the back of the seat.

There's loads more I'd like to say but that'll have to do until next time, so wish everyone well and glad I'm able to sound less desperate than I was!! Cheers, P P G

Hi I am 14 and I am male, I don't know if there is anybody else out there like me but i still poo my pants, not all the time and not always a lot but everyday i always have some form of poop stain in my underwear. The other day I was at a friend house watching tv and before i even thought what i was doing i sort of leaned to one side and did a bit of poop in my pants, i knew i needed to go and without even thinking just pushed some out into my pants and carried on watching the tv, then i suddenly realised what i had done.

Hi guys and gals! Sorry I haven't posted in like forever. I've been really busy. Took a good one this morning...2 good sized logs and then a little ball, felt sooo much better after getting rid of that load!

We all know what that chick in the picture is gonna do! lol! I'm personally not into that kinda stuff...I'd rather do it in the toilet, not on newspaper in front of my fridge! hehehe

Kendal: Loved the story involving the caretaker! You like to live dangerously, eh? hehe...just teasing! Hope you're having tons of fun whatever you're the bathroom or out. Keep the posts coming! Love, Gemi xoxox

Renee: Congrats! Hope you and the baby are doing well! Good luck :) Love, Gemi xoxox

Carol (Housewife): Awesome stories. Keep posting! Love, Gemi xoxox

Melissa (New York)
Hi there, how is everybody doing? First off, I want to congratulate Renee on being pregnant. Having a child is a very beautiful thing and Iím sure the joy of creating life is so beautiful, words canít explain it. My husband Joe and I wish you all the best and God bless you!

I have a massive buddy dump I want to share with you.

On Saturday, my friend Diane who works out at the same gym as me came over. I just got a new Bowflex system and wanted her to try it out. Diane is a pretty big woman herself, she is 6í0 tall and weighs 300lbs, and Iím 6í5 and 340lbs respectively. She has the same build as me. Well anyway here is my story.

We were both working out in the basement for hours on end. I was using the Bowflex and had it set on the maximum setting (410lbs of resistance and if felt good). Anyway as I was working out very vigorously and Diane was lifting 350lb barbells. Well after working out for 90mins we were both famished.

So we both went upstairs in the kitchen. Went to the fridge and looked for something filling to eat. Ah! Yes, Some KFC, left over lasagna with a lot left, some mashed potatoes, macaroni &cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, and I made us some sandwiches.

Diane had 4 pieces of KFC fried chicken and I had 5. Then Diane and I both had half of the left over lasagna, then we both had the mashed potatoes and macaroni, we were still hungry, and then we both had some spaghetti and meatballs. Then I topped it of with 2ft subs for each of us for good measure. Then we both went back in the basement and went back to our intensive training. Well after 30mins it hit us loud, and it hit us hard. We both needed a shit. I have a bathroom downstairs. I had to figure out what to do. There is no way humanly possible to have 2 huge women sit in each otherís lap.

So we would sit with our backs facing each other. We both agreed. So we both pulled down our sweat pants and panties and sat. This wasnít comfy Iíll tell you that right now! We both placed our butts on the toilet with our backs facing each other.

Then she started with a loud, booming, thunderclap, of a fart. I would soon follow with a thunderclap of my own. MY GOD IT STUNK IN THERE, THE EXAUST FAN DIDNíT HELP! I thought I was going to die in there! We both propped our backs upright against each other and started pushing against each other. We were both straining but nothing would come out. Then at the same time we both did a booming fart. My eyes were watering because of the pungent aroma. I swear the paint was peeling and there was discoloration on the walls. Carmalita-on your stink oí meter this would register a 20!

So I grabbed a car magazine out of the rack next to the toilet. Diane did the same. As I was flipping throughout the pages, I felt something, I pushed and I pushed and It was emerging. I pushed and I pushed but then it felt like it was going back inside me. I pushed and I felt it come down. Then Diane jumped. She said my log touched her and tickled her. I pushed and pushed. But it was stuck. I just kept on swearing and cursing at it. Well, I suppose it couldnít take any more cursing and it slid into the toilet. Then Diane started pissing. She took a deep breath, and she pushed. Then I felt something on my butt. It was a big poop by Diane. So I got off the toilet and let Dianeís fall into the water landing rather abruptly on the other logs.

Then we both propped our backs up against each other. We both pushed like crazy, Then at about the same time, a large turd emerged from her butt and a large one emerged from my butt at the same time. It seems like our logs were competing to get down first. Then we both took a sigh. The water level had risen as we peaked in the bowl. But we both gave each other a look that meant we still had a lot to go. So we both sat our big muscular asses on the bowl. I leaned forward and grunted. I kept pushing and pushing then I felt a hard rather rocky piece of shit come out. Then Diane leaned forward and grunted a lot. Then I heard something slide into the bowl like a person would drop a rock in the water. We propped our backs against each otherís and both had a rather long pee. We both got back in our grunting positions.

Then she pushed and pushed and I felt something tickling me then I heard it slide off into the water. Then I had a brown log emerge and I pushed with all my might and it splashed water onto our assess. Then we both farted again at the same time. It was like a danger zone. You dare not go in there without adequate protection!

We were both exhausted. I then finished it with a smooth but rather long poop. I could tell the toilet couldnít handle it. We both wiped our assess and pulled our pants and panties up. But I didnít want the cover the pile done by 2 huge and very beautiful women. So I just put the toilet paper in the trash bin.
(Kim a page out of your book!)
Then we washed our hands and went back to working out.

Then about 5mins later my husband Joe cam down the stairs with a cup of coffee and the New York Times. He kissed me and said Hello to Diane and proceeded to head towards the bathroom. We heard the door shut but it opened immediately. He came out with a huge grin on his face and said: ďWho the hell did that? The toilets full!Ē So we both raised our hands and he was laughing and went upstairs.

On Sunday something funny happened. Joe and I both went to Sunday mass. (Were both Catholic) As I was the next person to receive the bread, the person behind me did a huge fart. The priest had a angry grin on his face. I was just laughing as I headed back to my pew.

I read a post about women with big assess with there holes to far back that the poops scrape the rim. I never use the toilet seat. I always find it small. I stopped using the seat at the age 7. Then my butt got to big and it wouldnít fit! If at Iím work I donít need to clean the rim because Iím the only person who uses the toilet or the office for that matter. In public I always wipe the rim clean.

Now I have a question about endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Rolex 24 at Daytona. What if the driver needs to take a crap? Does they just do it on his or her self? Or do they have special underwear for that?

Here is a scenario that I think might happen: Driver: Biela to pits come in,
Pits to Biela what is the matter?
Have a new change of clothes ready,
What happened? said the pits,
As I was coming around turn 11, I lost control,
Are You stuck somewhere on the Track says the pits?
No I messed myself and am sitting in a pile of shit right now.
Come in to the pits right away!
I donít know but this might happen.

Good dumps to all,

Ben also known as ???????????
Please answer my posts

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