Hi i have a question for other girls, has any one accidentley wiped there bum with the back of there skirt/dress after pooping, it happened to me one day at school, all afternoon i could smell poo in the class, it was when i got up to leave my best friend quickly pulled me to one side and whispered in my ear, i looked behind me and was horrified to see a big brown smelly streak on the rear of my white skirt.

My friend walked behind me till i got to the girls toilets, i put a sweater around my waist to hide the streak and i think no one else saw it, but how embarrasing. lisa

Luciane: Colace is horrible stuff. Senna will cramp you. Eat fruits, vegs. and drink lots of water, especially during meals. You will be fine. On second thought, use the Senna. It will clean you out good. It is an experience. I use it periodically. Just stay home. Do not go out. I had Dulcolax in collge. It was brutal.

Carol(housewife and mother): I had a cousin two years older(8 y/o) than me. She spent time at our house. She was new from the Carribean. Anyway, she would "jobbie" as she called it in the afternoon. She would make a 13 inch piece and she thought she flushed. Only, it would reappear in the evening. One evening after dinner, Janette and I were playing and she said, "go to the bathroom with me." She lifted her dress, pulled down her white panties to her knees and proceeded to urinate. She held her stomach thru her dress and dropped a 13 inch long stool. She used no paper. We talked and giggled for about 30 minutes. In as much we had a powerful jet flush toilet, that stool kept reappearing. Later that night, my grandmother asked who used the toilet and did not flush. Janette admitted with no reprecussions.

Sandy: I run the paper along the crack in insert it in my anus. I do not like "skid" marks in my underwear.

Mike and Donnie: I lived with latrines in Girl Scout camp. They were fun. I got close to my friends that way. See my earlier posts. I did not used them much. I was constipated for 10 days.
If I took a piss, some of my friends would join me for a bowel movement. So, I would keep them company. These were not flush latrines. If your bowels were violent, you could be heard. One of the older leaders was 20 at the time. She joined us for an evening session. Her name was Paula. Paula sat next to me. She let down her green camp shorts and the belt buckle hit the ground. She wore these heavy white Pak-nit brief panties. She stuffed them into the inseam of her shorts at her ankles. As we were talking about school and growing up, Paula's bowels said "SPLAT!" Then another "SPLAT!" Another girl, Mary Beth said, "Paula, your stomach sounds wicked." Then we heard another "splat" and a fart. It was not over. Paula said, "Guys I got more to go." Four more splats happened and more gas. Some of the girls laughed. As we talked more, Paula evacuated more gas. Paula said, "I do this everyday." Some girls talked about their toilet habits at home and school. We had six seats in a r! ow, facing each other and we had to carry our own toilet paper. Some of us stood to wipe, while others sat. Some had pants to their ankles, some at their thighs. We were commenting on each others panties, the colors and the designs. Paula touched my panties and I touched hers. These sessions would go for an hour a night after camp sing.

Wendy: I never wore panty hose to an amusement park. So what. I know my panties could be seen if I was wearing a skirt or dress. After, all I was a girl. I never messed my pants. If I felt gas, I knew I had to go. I would not fart after eating, because I knew what would happen. Sometimes I would go to the toilet to make #2 and only farted and urinated. Better than an accident.

Curiosity about a cutie: You should see a cheerleader in all her glory in the toilet. See my earlier posts. Just to pee was golden. I would simply lift my uniform dress or skirt pull my underwear and pantyhose elastic below my parted knees and urinate for as much as 90 seconds. Then, I would sit another minute and let it drip off, then pull off toilet paper and blot my vagina hairs dry. I would then stand and pull up my cotton briefs and nylon hose. I would squat and stand on my tip toes, then flush.

upstate dave
Hello Everbody:
I have been reading the posts here for awhile. There is quite a variety of posts and people here. That makes the site to me enjoyable. I myself am very open and never had problems of the type of topics told here.
The stories of when the people wre kids some times are the best ones. It is a factn of life so to speak of. I have a story to tell that goes back to when I was six years old that involved the girl that lived across the road from me.
This girl was sort of a tomboy and liked to play with me. We had a lot of fields that the hay grew real high around our property. We used to play in this all the time, cutting trails hiding, etc. We were doing this one day and she told me she had to pee and poop real bad. I told here she could use our bathroom but she replied she had to go right then. She said that she would not be seen because of the high grass we were in.
I agreed with her. I had to go also! We both pulled our pants down and faced each other. She really did take a long hard pee and was still peeing as she started to poop. I started to poopand it was a firm one. She finished pooping for a moment and gave me a smile and said lets trade places which we did. She finished peeing on my poop and I peed all over her poop. Both of us felt much better afterwards. After that we did it quite alot together untill I moved away.

Hi everyone!

Dear Renee, may I add my congratulations to all the others! What a family constellation! The ties between you and Jake, you and Patsy, you living together with Carmalita, and Jake possibly joining up with Carmalita are fantastic raw material for writing a novel! Carmalita how about giving it a try? I bet you can do it! And when you publish, let me know dear, will you? Hugs to you all!

Little Lou, I hope everything sorts itself out, just read what Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal posted to you.
And yes, boys become very embarrassed when they have an erection in their pants. Almost anything can trigger it, not just the sight of a pretty girl! The more a boy tries not to think about it, the higher the probability that it will happen! So try to understand, don’t tease. Just as a girl does not wish to be teased because she is having her period. So long love, Rizzo.

Donnie, I enjoyed your posts. My experience in armed Nato forces has been similar, but I never came across toilets without partitions except for one time I describe here.
It was November, with rather cool and sometimes even drizzly sort of weather - not very pleasant for practising “warfare” outside. The training grounds were vast, relatively flat with small clumps of trees, heather and bracken on sandy soil. The sand made digging trenches easy but running around hard. We camped out, each platoon assigned its campsite. A latrine was erected as follows: the site chosen was atop a mound about 20 feet higher than the surrounding terrain, completely bare of trees or bushes. Two X-shaped truts about 10 feet apart supported a 6 inch round section beam. A second beam lower down in front served as a foot-rest. A ditch the length of the beam was dug underneath. That was it. We trainees were apalled. To go up there and shit in sight of everyone for miles around? No way! The idea was that the sargents could keep an eye on everyone this way. There was also an advantage, we soon found out: if you were on the bog, the sargent would not molest you up the! re. You could take your time. So after an early breakfast with plenty of coffee, two of us decided to rally our courage and go for it. We took a roll of TP, our rifles, and told the sargent we were going to the latrine. He dismissed us and we proceeded up the hill. The view from up there was much better than from any closed-in compartment of a normal loo. We could see the vehicles parked at the end of the road, soldiers in olive coloured fatigues hurrying hither and thither, we heard distant orders, voices calling, and the clink and rattle of the field kitchen being dismantled. Only very few of our comrades in arms looked up. Actually it turned out to be more private than we had imagined. So we propped one of the rifles between us against the beam, its muzzle to serve as TP roll holder. Then we lowered our olive coloured pants, olive coloured underwear (this not only serves as camouflage, but also hides skid marks :-) just far enough to clear the path for things to come and sa! t down on the beam. It was not uncomfortable at all! The weak but cool breeze fanned our fuzzy bums and lifted the end of the TP like a flag. By the way, the TP was white, not olive. It took a while to overcome an initial poop shyness, but as we talked and commented on the facilities, plus the action of the coffees, our guts loosened and our jobbies started to drop with muffled plops into the shit pit below. A following pee left us relieved. We started with wiping our butts with TP sitting down. (Sandy, if I stand up, the crack tends to close, making wiping more difficult) When I noticed our sargent looking up, I decided to take some TP in one hand as if at the ready, and keep it that way. As long as he thought that we had not finished, we could extend our peaceful session for an extra while, which we did. As Coprologist would say, we were enjoying Quality Time. Not many others followed our example. They held it in until we were back at the barracks or some dug a hole in the s! and behind a bush and went there, risking hell from the sargent.

Carol Houswife and mum, glad you found your daughter's toilet clean if somewhat inadequate at her digs. This is not always the case. Our son moved in with four others into a flat that had been used by students before. The first thing that had to be done, was to tear out four or five layers of mucky linoleum type floor in the bathroom, and to scrub the place with disinfectant. Everything was filthy!
Love your stories, by the way!

Alana! Wow, what a tale! You may now pull the other one! Rizzo

I was in a Sears restroom once and went into a stall to crap, and in the next stall was a guy with his young daughter helping her go poop. She tinkled and I could tell it was a girl tinkle. Then she did a couple of plops and got off the toilet to see what came out. The guys says: "Yeah, dirt, huh." Then he wiped her butt telling her to hold still. They exited the stall and she wanted to look at the urinals. He let her look at them for a minute, then said: "Let's go wash out hands." Then they split.

Traveling Guy
SANDY - Depending on how soft my poop is, I often wrap TP over my forefinger and insert it about an inch inside my anus. But if there's soft poop clinging outside, I wipe that away first, of course, then deal with the inside. Wiping inside makes me feel cleaner afterwards. How about you?

MIKE - Sure, I remember open latrines from Navy days. The first was in a barracks we lived in the first days of basic training. Eight crappers arranged in two rows of four - facing each other! It was a shock at first, but if you had to go, you went. No one talked much, though. Then they moved us to a more modern barracks with a single row of johns with partitions but no doors. That was deluxe by comparison. I was on one ship where the guys in our compartment used a "head" with four crappers, two of them facing the other two, no doors and partitions that came out only about half the length of the toilet bowls. That was truly the "poop deck" where a lot of friendly socializing went on between guys taking a crap, peeing, shaving, drying off after showering, etc., like Bob said yesterday. I'm sure some of you ladies would like to have been flies on the wall there, no? I'll bet today's women's quarters aboard ship have a lot more toilet privacy. Anybody have a first-! hand account?

There's an episode of J.A.G. (a military legal action/drama series on US TV, maybe abroad, too?) where a submariner instructs Marine Major McKenzie, the female lead, on how to flush after taking a dump while the vessel is submerged. Pretty funny, the way the sailor squirms around actually saying "s***," etc. and the smile on the major's face as she enjoys his discomfort. When he finishes the lesson, she thanks him but says she only needs to brush her teeth.
ALISON - We're all so alike but so different, too, right down to our pooping and peeing habits. 5 minutes sounds like a long time to pee, though. If you're controlling the interruptions, it's like doing Kegel exercises and can help with bladder control. But if your body is turning the flow on and off when it wants to, that could be a sign of trouble. I guess you wouldn't be using the urinal like that cutie up top. Hmmm... that tile looks exactly like a men's I know. Naw - there must be a thousand others like it.

RENEE - Adding my congrats and good luck! My wife says delivery is just like having a huge BM - relax and enjoy it!

CARMALITA - Whazz stinkin', girl? Every time I log on here, I see people talking to you but I never catch your posts fresh. I don't want to look jealous of some other guys here, but I did a big, automatic "moaner" this morning, just for you! LOL!!

Rach savage
to Fland- man im 14 and Im from Northern Ireland - Ive pooped outdoors once it was when we (me and my family) went camping in the mountains- i couldnt wait- so I went in the tress and wiped my bum with kitchen role. My cousin whos 18 always catches me in the bathroom when Im pooping once a day (well not always but when hes at out house he always walks in when im doing it) and I just laugh, if he wants to watch me poo thats up to him -- any other questions contact me on

Billy L.
Friday, my brothers and I were talking about the longest we have ever gone without going to the bathroom. For me it was about 3 days for pooping, but only about 10 hours for peeing. Kev and my cousin Billy said it was about the same. They said the longest they have gone without peeing was about 10 hours. My brother justin bet us $5 each that we couldn't 24 hours without going to the bathroom. We said we could. We bet that we could go from 9:00 pm (when we take our showers) to 9:00 pm the next night. Cousin billy was staying over for the weekend. So I told Kev and cousin billy how to do it. We agreed not to drink anything after dinner or the next day. In addition, Billy said that if we shove some soap up our butts, it will make us get rid of any poop. So around 8:30 will all pushed slivers of soap up our butts. Just before 9:00 justin said time to go for the last time in 24 hours. We all had to poo from the soap and peed.

When we got up, we didn't pee or poo. Mom made pancakes. After breakfast, I could feel a little poo was there, but not much. We stayed in all day because of the weather. Justin kept a pretty close watch on us. We didn't drink anything all day. By about 5:00 pm, I had to poo, but that bad. Kev and billy both said that at 9:00 they would need a poo. We ate at 5:00 (we did nto eat much). After dinner, Justin and Mike took us to the movies. The worst was that we couldn't drink anything. We all had to pee, but we had to poo worse. We each got a popcorn, but nothing to drink. I was hungry and ate the whole thing. Billy and kev ate about half and brought the rest home. While we were out, mom and dad and some friends went out for dinner. Our little brothers were being watched by tom. So when we got home about 8:30, I really needed a poo. Justin said good enough. He said, he wanted to watch us pee so he could see if our pee was dark yellow. If it was, he knew that we didn't pee any! thing during hte day. I went first. I sat down on the toilet and pooped out a long log and about 4 littler ones. Justin gave me big yogart containing (1 qt). I filled it almost all the way. Kev said it was his turn next. He sat down and pushed out a big one too. He also filled the container all the way. ANd then some. kev took the container and peed in it. He filled it almost all the way too. Then he said he couldn;t wiat any more. He sat on the little potty while his little brother came in. His little brother had to poo. It was time to get our little brothers ready for bed and us too. So his brother sat down on the toilet when kev finished. Eric, my little brother came. He said he needed a poo. He siad, billy, get up, that is my potty. Billy was done. He wiped himself. Eric looked in the potty. He said I think I will wait. We helped him brush his teetch while billy's brother finished. Then we flushed the toilet. We had poored all the pee into the toilet. The water was really ! dark yellow. We dumped the potty into the toilet. Eric was done brushing his teeth. Josh, my youngest brother, came in. He need a shower. So he went in the shower with me. While he was showering, he said, oops. I forgot something. I said what. He said, I have to pee. I said, you should try to pee before coming in the shower. He said what do I do now? I said just pee in the water. He peed and then he squatted. He pushed out a few really mushy logs. I said you should always poo in the potty. He said sorry. The poop broke up and went down the drain, so it was no big deal.

After that, we drank about 2 glasses of milk each. We would have drunk more, but we were afraid that we would wet the bed. The next morning, we really didn;t to pee. We decided to wait to just before church. We were upstairs playing when mom called us for church. I needed a poo by then, but she said we had to go now. So when we got to church, I said could I go to the bathroom? There was about 5 minutes, so she siad yes. I saw where they were seated and went to the bathroom. When I got htere, my friend frank was getting up off the toilet. He passed a bunch of little poos. He was the alter boy that day. I sat down because I really needed a poo. He started to leave. I said shouldn't you wash your hands? I mean, do you really want to touch the host with poo on your hands? He said, yeah, I guess your right. I passed a huge long one. I got up and he looked in and said, what did you have for dinner? Like boxes of raison bran? I washed my hands and went back to church.

MR. Pee Pee
I am planning a trip to India this May. I will be traveling alone. I have never been to Indea before but I have heard that the people poop in the street both male and female. I would like to know if I could poop in the street without any problem from the natives. Please advise thamk you......

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