Hi, I'm a 26 year old female with blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm about 5 1/2 feet tall. I don't want to sound too conceited, but people have called me attractive.
I'm writing cause a lot of people I know, or read about, are able to go into the bathroom, let out a couple of poops, and be done.
It can take me 5 minutes just to go pee, stopping and restarting along the way. I can easily be in the bathroom for over 20 minutes when I have to poop, usually once or twice a day. My bowel movements tend to be smelly, although I don't eat anything "hot" or extremely high in fiber.
This is an interesting group you've got there. Thanks for reading my post.

Hi again folks!

I've really enjoyed everybody else's stories, so I hope
you get a kick out of mine. This is only my second one and I
hate to use up my best ones first but I have always wanted
to share them with someone of similar interests and never
got the chance. Yes, its another sailboat story.
I met Jenny a pretty unusual way. I was about 25
and my brother gave me a couple of tickets to see my
favorite Pro football team in the playoffs. If we won, we
would go to the superbowl. And so it was huge. The only
problem is, I didn't have a date and we had to travel 200
miles to see the game. So in all my bold desparation, I went
around randomly asking beautiful women if they wanted to
travel with me to see the big game. Most women aren't too
fond of driving 4 hours with a complete stranger, big game
or no big game. Finally, at the end of the night, right before
I was going to give up, I met Jenny.
She was about 22 and a very hot looking brunette.
Indeed she was one of the best catches, if not THE best, of
my youth. As I remember it, she declined the game invite,
but accepted a trip out on the boat. We went out and
anchored and got down to a little hanky panky. We had
both been drinking very hard but I somehow managed to
avoid being a totally useless lover.
In the morning we woke up badly hungover and I
did something out of the ordinary for me. My usual
approach to women is to treat them with diginity and
repect. This usuallly leads to good relationships and nice
ways of being appreciated. This time, however, I was at the
peak of my hard drinking twenties and the ladies were
getting less and less attracted to me, since I was becoming a
fat lazy drunk. So in all my wisdom, I reasoned that there
are plenty of guys out there that aren't very creative,
talented, etc, that still manage to get laid, so just this once I
will shamelessly beg for sex. Yes, she really didn't feel like
it, but after a barrage of begging and groveling, and using all
my resources to sound subserviant, she finally gave in.
After we did the deed, and this time we could
remember it, I made some coffee and she lit up a cigarette. I
bummed one off her and we sat and relaxed a while. Soon,
I began to feel the old familar urge. It was overcast that day,
and the moist warm air gently blew through the forward
hatch and out the window in the cabin door. It was perfect.
I was still experimenting with personas that aren't really me
when I used the "S" word. I really don't usually use that
word, but this time I matter of factly stated that I had to
take a shit. Her sexy blue eyes darted at me and she said
"Excuse me?". I repeated my comment. "You mean go
Pooty?". Yes, I replied. "Oh," she said, the bristles on the
back of her neck beginning to relax, "So do I", she mumbled
under her breath. As fate would have it, my plastic boat
toilet was out of commision, so the only option was the
good ol' yellow bucket, not an easy thing to convince a
woman to use. Nevertheless, I, like a bulldozer, insisted that
she must go first, since if she went on top of mine, then it
would gross her out, but if I went on top of hers, It would
be ok. This was really camouflage for the fact that I wanted
a peek at that rarest thing of all, girl shit. Yes, the secret
more closely gaurded than all the missles and military
hardware combined, not seen in movies or documentation
of any kind; girl shit.
And so it was, Jenny made me sit next to the
forward hatch so that I couldn't smell, and promise not to
peek. I, of course, did both. I snuck a few quick glances at
her lovely, shapely body sitting perched on the boat
cushions where it makes an "L" shaped corner, with old
yellow down between her legs. She sat with her elbows on
her knees and her soft brown hair had fallen down over her
eyes so she could not see me peeking. Her shapely buttocks
had smooshed into the blue plaid cushions, displaying her
butt cleavage in such a womanly way. It is a view I will
never forget. Soon she began to make water, and that lasted
for several seconds. Silence then pervaded throughout the
cabin as she concentrated on making her muscles push out
her excrement in a way they are not used to. The silence
was broken by an unsual sound.
The sound of turds landing in a nearly dry bucket is
not the sound one would expect. It's not a flump or a thud.
It's a clop, like the sound of a pencil eraser clopping against
a notebook. It doesn't sound obscene at all, its actually kind
of humorous. Nevertheless, there were two or three clops,
followed by crackling, then a dull thud. She waited two or
three minutes, relaxing to gather up and push out the last
pieces of her movement, the thick "coffeeish" smell filling
the tiny cabin. She then wiped her heavenly bottom and we
traded places. I then saw that rare sight that I had
negotiated so stubbornly for. She had made a very firm 7"
jobbie with a few small hard gumball size poops. It was a
big load for a petite lady.
Having had many mixed gendered experiences, I sat
there with no hesitation, embarassment or exhilaration and
pushed mine out on top of hers. I've done this sort of thing
so much that I don't have much memory of my own
movement, only that it was a big one, lubricated by coffee
and cigarettes, and I felt very relieved afterwards. My relief
was shared by my partner, and she was really a trooper
about the whole thing. She really didn't seemed embarassed
or shamed by it, just glad that she could unload.
After I wiped, I put a plastic bag over the top and
put the bucket out on the cockpit. This sounds a little silly, I
know, but I thought it was kind of cool that we had shared
our bodies the night before, and now our body secretions
were merged together in the bucket. I was a little sad to
wash it overboard later when we had hoisted anchor and
were out on the main lake. I know we both felt closer after
the experience, although she was really not the emotional
I went out with her again that summer with some
friends but I made no mention of our activities. Her friends
were both hot, and we all got drunk and partied. The girls
peed on the plastic toilet in full view, and us guys peed
overboard. One of Jennie's friends, however, really started
condescending to me and insulting my authority over the
boat, so I sent them all ashore in a drunken rage and never
called her again. So many opportunites ruined by alcohol.
Needless to say I'm a much improved man these days. Hope
you enjoyed it!

Also, I'm going to add a movie with a female toilet scene to each of my posts until
I run out. I don't want to give out all of them at once because of censorship or whatever
other persecution that could arise. The first one is "200 Cigarettes". There are two or
three bathroom scenes (I only count them if they show more than just waist up views) in it
and its a really cute show where everybody wins in the end. Have fun!

Metamucil Man
Fred: there is a movie called "SENSELESS" with a female POOP scene & reference.

Buzzy: Wonderful feeling to drop a KNOB OF FUDGE, yes?

Ring Stretcher: You have the kinda DUMPS that make a man RIGID!!!

Carol (Housewife and mother): Ever told hubby about these 12 inches JOBBIES?

Get this:

Once I was at the gym and a sweating, crimson-faced lady was groaning while she did the leg press machine. She announced that she had to PEE. She went across the hall to a bathroom and shut the door. The crack at the bottom of the door was about an inch high; the shiny tiles on the floor reflected her buckling form as she ripped down her gym shorts and semi-stood over the bowl. PISS sprayed from her bottom like downtown tap from a rusty hydrant; she was cutting enough DRY FARTS to jump-start a stalled Chevy. She came out, face still red and damp, and smiled at me. I smiled back, full salute. I entered the bathroom to PISS. The air was filled with her BOILED EGG FUMES and CUNT LEMONADE.

Any ladies ever see or overhear I guy PISS or POOP? Guys, any ladies?

Cyber Fiber

hey Mike! Answers to your questions!- In the army latrines the pots are lined up in a row like 50 (or more depending on the size of the units) and are fairly close together. Id say from memory you got a toilet paper holder on your left side and thats about the distance to the next guys crapper. Ya you sometimes chat with the guy next to you and more often than not you dont. The idea is to shit and git. The thing I did was drop my pants down to my knees, sit on the crapper and get all comfy and then pull my pants back up around my thighs. No one could see your ween and what you were doing. You might finish, get some toilet paper, wipe your butt and get up-maybe take a glance at your jobbie. If the other guy gets up at the same time you might see his too. You flush and go wash your hands. The thing was that you didnt want to seem to interested in what the other guy was doing and also how he was fixed. There was a definite dislike for gays in the military. You might have s! ome guy dudes around and even if you were sort of courious on the jobbie the dude left or his weener size you never let on. Once you earned the title of fairy or gay just by being nosey, the sargents got ahold of that and made life miserable.

As for wiping, standing or sitting,, well Id say most were wiping as they sat just picking up one side of their ass but a few might stand if they werent gettin cleaned up good. Also it was unusual for 50 guys poopin at the same time although in the morining after mess hall and breakfast many went to do the job. But that wasnt until about 2 weeks or more of boot camp, as I said a lot of boys there were holding poop for days. Couldnt go too shy. Yes and I also said the place smelled pretty uniform, everyone ate the same stuff and the shit kinda smelled up the place the same for eveyone.

You might be taking a poop and the latrine piss trough was like right across from the crapper row. You might see a few diks there but if you did you kept quiet. Bad thing would be some trooper comes in from being out in the field and have on: long underwear,long johns- with regular underpants underneath to keep from scratchin a lot, then wool field pants for cold weather,and then regular fatigue pants (those camafloge deals) and then over all this a pair of bloomer like field fatigues. Now come in after being out in the cold all day to take a piss, and find your shrunken up member somewhere. Ya and then really got to go cause you are now standing at the trough and needina pee and water running, other guys might be pissssssssing away and you cant hold it no way. You cant find your weener. But it starts running anyhow into your pants. Like you piss your pants right in front of the piss trough. I think some guys did it on purpose rather and get all undressed.

Many times we would go and like eat, then take a little time for a few personal things like crappin or peeing or getting clothes together or whatever and then line up and march about a mile to a barricks classroom. Well, hey I dont have to pee so lets go. We get there and had drank coffee for breakfast or lunch and maybe they had a coffee pot there for the troop. Aint long till you got to piss and sometimes bad. Its like school, you dont get up and interupt the class or the officer teaching the class and you hold it. Maybe you cant and you pee some into your pants. Really dont show though cause pants are sort of loose like these cargo pants the boys wear now to school.

Yes, I was joking about being so close to the guy poopin next to you you might accidently be wiping his butt. Or, really it could happen. You want to see what a latrine looks like and how they clean it get the movie, "NO Time For Sargents",, its real funny and one guy gets to clean all the toilets and tough. Like the officers or sargents will come in for inspection and with a WHITE GLOVE (no shit now) run his hand under the rim of the bowls. He get some brown stain on his glove and that poor private might be on latrine cleanin for a long long long time till he gets it right.

It woudnt be uncommon for some boys to get the shits on a long march like in the hot sun. I remember that a couple of them thair boys fresh from their home and being at a receiving station at the army going to breafast. AT the mess hall door they would have a chin up bar and you had to do like 3 to get in the door. Some of them kiddos would grab and drink all the milk they could if they saw a few cartons laying loose on the table unopened by someone. Yep, in the hot sun marchin along they gets the cramps and then the shits, right in their pants. Thus the term "shitbirds" came about. \

Well I hope this answers a few questions and any more let me know Id be glad to write. AS I said you can catch me over on the Wetset Watersports site if you want. Donnie

Hi, everyone! LOTS of good reading lately.... and I'm glad
I finally made it back!

Kim: I'd like to apply for that cameraman job! HA! (Boy, do you have
ME pegged!) Pay no mind that I have no experience in the field; I learn quickly! And I work cheap, too, it's the BENEFITS of this job I
like!! ANXIOUS for your next action story, Kim... but even your short posts are entertaining!

I went into the bathroom at work to urinate. It was urgent so I was unbuckling my belt as I walked quickly toward the urinal. I was just about to let go when I caught the most unbelievably vile stink. It literally stopped me in mid-breath. I could see feet under the stall. I zipped back up without breathing, and walked all the way across the building to the other mens room to urinate. It was that bad.

When wiping I insert my finger about a nails lenght. You must be able to relax completely and as I have said before I put cream on my annus and a little inside after my shower and after each movement. It makes for easier pooing and cleaning. Carry a small container. Just a dollop on the finger makes a big difference.


In Australia the is a great sketch comedy show called The Micallef Program by comic genius (IMO) Shaun Micallef. Anyway, in last nights show one of the sketches has a couple who are having a romantic bath together. Suddenly Shaun opens the door and says "Oh hi, I'm from the apartment next door and our toilet is blocked so I was wondering...". He then proceeds to sit on the dunny and you hear him have a diarreah attack. They only show the top half of him but the noises are quite graphic. The couple in the bath watch stunned as their next door neighbour takes a crap in front of them. Shaun then asks if he can get some toilet paper because there isn't any on the roll. The man goes and gets some and returns and stands there still in shock. "Do you mind!?" asks Shaun.

Thought some would like this!

I've got a question, and I need replies to it. Lately, my poop has been more on the softer side, and I want to make it harder. Any suggestions from any of the more experienced posters?


Hey guys! After reading about some posts back, and people talking about movies with pooping scenes in them, my dad has a movie that you all would be interested in. It's called "Kiss of the Spider Woman". I'm looking at the box, and it was made in 1985. It's with William Hurt and Raul Julia. I remember we were watching it one night. It's about these two guys in a South American prison, one gay, and one a political prisoner. They bond and become friends during the movie. I really liked it. But anyway, this one scene, the officials were trying to get the political prisoner to talk, so they tortured him. Then when he was back in his cell, for a meal they gave him food that was poisoned, so that he would go to the doctor and they could drug him and find out. Well, he had cramps and was feeling bad. He was laying on the ground and said, "get the bucket, quick!" He started taking off his pants, and he crapped in them. He got angry and was talking about how disgusting it was. The othe! r guy told him not to hold it, and helped him clean up. It was a good movie. And does anyone have any good diarrhea in pants stories?

Today i stayed home from work as i was not feeling to good (its ok it was self inflictid, a bit too much the night before) anyway i woke up with my stomach cramping something fierce, i rushed to the toilet farting all the way, i got to the toilet and i was just pulling down my panties when i farted and messed my self.

i took off my panties and just chucked them in the garbage, they were too soiled and messy i craweled into the shower and got cleaned up, and then went back to bed.

As a precaution i put on a disposible diaper and some rubber pants that i keep for such occasions, i seem to be ok now, but i may keep wearing the diaper for tonight any way. kevin

Funny Name
in cky2k (which stars people from jackass i.e Bam) it shows one of his friends taking crap. soon after, he takes the toilet paper he wiped his ass with and rubbed it in their other friends face while he was asleep. the other friend got mad and peed right on the other dude when he fell asleep. insanely funny stuff but might be hard to find.

Linda GS
I won't laugh at you. I've been there many times so I feel your pain.. just be happy you did what you had to do..without having a MAJOR accident.
Lawn Dog Kid
My B-day had passed but thanks anyway. Wanna make it up to me Drew? Bring your comb.I got that feeling.[giggles]

el duderino
LUCIANE- could you tell us about an accident in detail? its just us here, theres nothing to be ashamed of. it happens to everyone, and this is a place where it is meant for people like me and you to feel comfortable about sharing these things, and even excited to share! =)


Last night i went out to eat for dinner. After i ate i went into the mens room, and i was hoping some guys would follow. But they didn't. I go to pee, and i walk by 2 stalls. I was totally amazed. The first stall was standard size and had a door and the 2nd stall was a handicaped stall and had no door, just a partion. It totally amazed me. I wondered why the door was taken off. I had been at this restaurant probably several months ago(was the end of summer).

Hi all,

First of all I must say that I am absolutely in love with the new masthead photo! YES! At last! I cute lady enjoying a standing wee at a urinal (or at least posed to look like she is)! I feel Louise and I have been given a wonderful present all our own! Thank you!

ALANA -- sorry, hon, I meant to say hello in my last post. WOW, that's some mighty pooping you do! Another of the "super-poopers" of this board! Welcome aboard, and I'm sure we'd love to hear more of your adventures.

DANIELJAY(USA) -- welcome aboard to you too! Your adventure with your lady frield in the basement bathroom was a delight to read, and I'm sure we would all love to hear youir account of your further shared toilet experiences. You write well, also -- a pleasure to read.


You raise some very interesting points. In the Roman world, segregation of sexes was quite pronounced, though not as much as we might think. The Greek world had reached a state of zanaan segregation equivalent to the modern muslim world by the 4th or 5th Century BC, but the Etruscan culture which pre-dates that of Rome on the Italian peninsula had an egalitarian structure more like that of the Celts of Gaul. We find references to roman girls performing atheltics, including combat-based sports, as late as the 1st or 2nd Century AD, so there was some latitude, at least. However, I do agree that we know too little of Roman toilet practice in terms of cultural views on male-female sharing to predict what happened. It could have been very restrictive indeed, and given that Rome was a patriarchy in which women did not even have their own first names, but bore the feminized versions of their fathers' name (each daughter was the "product" of her father, therefore an appendage of h! is, and they all had the same formal name!) I would not be surprised to find that women's toileting was culturally subservient to that of men, and they must bear the consequences of discomfort and embarressment associated with it. Not to come across too feminist, but that's another of the hidden prices of being female in a man's world.


To answer your question, I always clean inside my anus when I wipe. I moisten the paper (saliva is as good as anything), relax my ring and pop my paper-covered finger inside to the first knuckle and work it around a little. I do this several times, and I find that since I started doing this, around puberty, I have never, ever suffered from anal soreness as I did when I was a youngster.

Sorry, I don't know any female poop scenes in movies.

Cheers all,


EPHERMAL: Glad to have you back again ! I enjoyed my Dad's story too about he and my Aunty. Like you say, it was very heart warming. I just love heart warming stories !

PV: Hello favourite Aunty !! All those lovely complements have made me go all red ! I try my best to be a good girl and to be kind to people. I just hate to think of people hurting, like Kev and Ellie at the moment. I bet you and Louise will be well taken with the new picture of a girl about to have a stand-up wee ! Its wonderful to have you back again. Lots of love from Kendal xx

RIZZO: I'm so pleased that you want to be my cyber Uncle ! The honour is all mine ! Love from cyber niece, Kendal xx ( Hug as well ! )

HEATHER: Welcome ! I'm glad my stories have appealed to you. Its difficult for me to know what to say to you. I'm not married ( seeing as I'm only 11 ! ), and I don't have any problem about my cousin Andrew seeing me while I wee or poo, let alone hearing me. Its a state of mind I suppose. It must be very hard for you not being able to go when your husband is there. And if he has never commented about it, then it doesn't appear to be a big issue for him. My only suggestion, a very silly one, but I'm short on ideas today, would be not to go when he isn't there on one occasion, to wait, and then when he is back, you'll be so bursting to go you'll either have to go to the bathroom, or poop yourself ! I suspect that you would rather use the bathroom than suffer the other embarrassment ! I know, its silly. Sorry. Its just hard for me to imagine not being able to go when I'm with the one I love. Hope you can find piece of mind soon. Love from Kendal.

COUSIN: First of all, I'm glad you know what touched-up meant in England. But I never meant that Linda was thinking that when she wrote it at all. I'm so embarrassed and red to think that you thought that I thought she had written it on purpose, because I didn't. And anyway, Andrew knew exactly what she meant when he read her post ! Anyway, sorry If you thought I was being rude about Linda. I love her to pieces. I wouldn't be rude to her, I promise ! I just thought I had better warn her in case she used the same expression again ! OK, now, I don't believe you ! Weak-hearted ?! I can imagine you becoming faint with excitement of course, thats happened to me too ! Actually, I feel very flattered that I could make you feel faint with my story about the caretaker. But I bet I can make you feel faint again when I say that I did have the naughty thought later that I wish the caretaker had been you ! Now that would have been so exciting for me if you had been able to peep! over the top of the door at me sitting on the toilet ! Actually, I've gone faint at that idea now !! I'm sure Linda will tell me whether you got as far as reading that bit about me fainting !! Sorry Cousin, it sounds like I'm teasing ! But behind Andrew, you're my favourite cousin, and I really wouldn't mind you seeing me at all, like Linda doesn't mind the thought of Andrew ! I'm waving a big tea cloth up and down now to create a draft to wake you up again ! Hope Elena is well. Lots of love from Kendal xx PS perhaps that will teach you for encouraging my Dad to tell more Kendal stories !!

LINDA: So what happened when Cousin read my story above ? I'm dying to know, and I bet he will be too weak-hearted to tell me !! I thought Andrew was really nice to you in his last couple of posts. It made me feel terrible to think I'd forgotten your birthday while he remembered ( assuming he's got it right that is ! ). And he talked to me ever such a long time about how concerned he was for you over that incident with Elena. Now I hope I'm not making you feel faint now !?! Lots of love from Kendal xxxx PS I really wasn't being rude to you. I just thought you ought to know, not that Andrew would have taken it the wrong way anyway. He's a good boy ! ( sometimes !! ).

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! I've liked your latest letters.
Yeah, just now going through the park would be a little
bit risky and I will not go by myself. I do like going
there with Steve, we like having quiet romantic walks
so maybe I will have a pee or a nice dump. Oh, why don't
you try hovering over the bowl in the public toilets,
you maybe will find that is a good way.

RIZZO - Hi guy! LOL I liked that story of the girl
standing over the drain. It maybe that more girls in
France do stand, I do not know because I have not been
there. I have seen those web pages you wrote about.
They are very good aren't they, it is the way my mum
taught me when I was a little girl. When I first saw
the pages I was wondering how it would say to do it,
but it is really just the same thing.

ALANA - Erm ... Hi!!! You are 6 feet 3 tall? I thought
I was tall at 5 feet 9. Would you like to join the
netball team I play for? We could really use some more
What a huge shit you wrote about! You are so much taller
and heavier than I am and I wondered if you pee large
volumes. The most I have measured is 1.2 litres, and I
just wonder if maybe your extra 6 inches in height means
you have a larger bladder than mine.

PV - Hi!!!!! What a long time it is since we had a long
chat! LOL I thought it was funny you gassing the room
like that while reading the letters. I do that too
sometimes but not too often! A pee in the sink too! You
know that is something I have not done for a while. I
will wait until I am full and then do it I think.
Oh yeah, it is really a shame we can not enjoy such fun
the way we like. Steve got told by one of his local
police friends that they are a bit worried that there
will be more attacks, so I am going to be very careful.
Yeah, that was a very good visit to the urinals, I really
enjoyed it. I will try to go back again tomorrow if I
have some luck. I was wearing trousers today so it would
have been quite hard work because I would have preferred
to take them off than try weeing through the fly or
something. I am not good enough at that yet to try it
for real.
Hehe there are a few girls on here who should come and
wash a wall with us! Why do it by halves, eh?
I was angry at those women treating Steve like that in his
meeting, with all he puts into his work. I laughed and I
was angry too at those women for having a urinal in their
toilets and asking to get it taken out because they did not
know what it was for. Oh no, how are we going to get out
of this "ladies *have* to sit" thing if we *do* get urinals
and then say "what's that, we don't want that"!. I bet Steve
was right, I do not know what maybe that thing was if it was
not a urinal. Hehe what would their faces have looked like if
we had gone in and said "right this is what you do in it!"
and pulled my knickers to the side and pissed in it. I bet
they are a little bit like a lot of the women where I work
We did not go out at night at the weekend. Steve was working
all day on Saturday and Sunday, but at night we did enjoy
some nice relaxing baths together. I had been drinking lots
and lots of water before, so I pissed into the bathwater a
few times. Didn't really turn the bathwater yellow because my
wee was so diluted. I enjoyed watching myself do a geyser in
the mirror that Steve held for me, that was fun.
Thank you for saying I am a special kind of lady! you
are lovely too, and Steve thinks so as well. He can not
write today because he is helping someone practice for an
exam. I will tell him you have written. He will be so



TO DANIEL JAY-Yes,let's hear more of your stories-I want to hear if you saw Annie poo too!
TO ALANA-WOW-I can't believe you pooped that much stuff-almost had to believe.really-You go like that a lot?You should videotape a movement like that one!Lets hear some more stuff from you!
TO RJOGGER-I wish I could be that lucky to see a woman pooing in the woods-where do you find such luck!I'm a biker not a jogger so I stay on the bike paths most of the time except when i got to go poop-then i go deep into the woods,but so far no luck with seeing women pooing-seen men and i've pooed along with other guys out in the woods-but i'd rather do it with a lady-you lucy dog!!
TO RENEE-Hey- congrats on your little one coming-I hope all works out with all of you and you can bring that child up with love and compassion and she/he will be a good human being-like you guys sound like you are-hope all goes well with the pregnancy too! BTW-I'm soo glad Melita likes me,cause I just love to read about her and you doing your thing on the bowl!I really look foreward to seeing your names on the forum to read about as i go to poo along with you guys too!Hey maybe Melita and I could find 2 bowls and 2 guitars and we could sit and dump together while we "jam" along together with the "poop blues" as we push out our stuff together-Now that would be fun!Again I'm happy for you all!BTW as i'm writing this,i feel my rectum starting to fill up with my morning excrement which is a great feeling as I sit here and read and respond to the posts-this will be a "Melita & Renee " dump--- Hold on ladies,I gotta go--------------__----------------------------Well I'm back-I decided to go in to the bowl and kinda stand and just spread my cheeks and push out my stuff,so as I'm spreading my cheeks i let out a long fart and right away soft poo comes out my butt about 9 inches and breaks off and falls in the bowl as another turd ouzzes out my open anus and it comes out kinda quick-it'a like soft ice cream and goes polp- plop as it hits the water-I took a break and looked in the bowl and saw 2 long turds side by side curling around the bowl-real smooth ones too-felt nice standing like that as i let them come out-I didn't have to push much at all-Then I felt I had to go more,but this time i sat on the bowl cause it felt like it was going to be loose-and as soon as I sat down,my anus exploded with pudding -a whole bunch of it as i moaned in relief as i sat there legs spread apart as the stuff cascaded out my asshole with farting and crackling -it was a good load too-a pile of pudding in the middle of the bowl-felt wonderful coming out too!-then I sat ! there pushing out my anus to make sure i was done and then wiped Oh yes TO SANDY-About my wiping I push out my anus as i'm wiping to get clean as possible-yes i go up in my crack to my anus and put the paper slightly in the hole as I wipe-I lean foreward as i'm doing so and spread my legs so my cheeks are open to so i can wipe properly-this was a messy one-i jumped into the shower right away and now i'm clean inside and out!Hope you ladies enjoyed that poo(melita and renee)Wish we could exchange tapes of each other pooing but I don't have a videocamera-I just have some old tapes of me and this nurse friend pooing sometimes together on tape and i have ones of her going by herself and 2 or 3 of me pooing by myself-it's fun to watch,but they are almost 10 years old and I don;t see her anymore-haven't in years,but we sure had some pooing adventures-wish I could get together with you all and we would all have some fun!Well have to go-That was fun-hoped you like it-Hey- this pic of ! this girl on top- what is she doing by a urinal?!Great stories all!BYE

Monday, March 26, 2001

I have a question for everybody about wiping. When you wipe your butt, do you just run the toilet paper along your crack or do you actually try to insert the paper into your anus? For everyone who inserts the paper into your anus, how far in do you go?

kim and scott
greetings all! -to BRIDGET. thanks for liking our posts. and you are right honey ! it is great shitting nude . I LOVE DOING IT!!your totally free of clothes and your man or lady will get a big kick out of it.ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN GREAT SHAPE LIKE I HAPPEN TO BE!!! AND PASS MONSTEROUS LOGS!HAHA!thanks again for liking our posts. we like yours too!! TO ME-my boyfriend scott sometimes squats beside a toilet before taking a dump. this helps him get ready for his dumps but he is hardly constipated though. he just finds it easier doing this.TO JOHN (VT) thanks for being so enthused by my posts. its flattering . more kim and scott stories coming soon...

Also, can anyone give me a list of movies that show girls on the toilet pooping?

Hello this is my first time posting and I have read a lot of peoples storys i have a speical method and i was wondering does anyone else do this I have to squatt on the floor next to my toleit to get my jobbie to come out somtimes and put a cup under me incase i pee or do my jobbie then and there well write if you do thanx

hey all out there. i like the stories. any girls out there between the ages of 11-15 have any pooping stories? i am 15 and would like to hear them. please post

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