Watching the Oscar awards tonight, I was wondering...has any celebrity ever farted on live TV? With all the live specials and news shows, someone must have done it.

Donnie, I was in the old wooden barracks for the whole two years and never saw a stall. As you said, after the first few days, no problem. Every morning, there would be a bunch of guys sitting there having a discussion just like sitting around a table. I still remember swimming nude in indoor public pools, (ymca, boys clubs, high school, ect) We thought nothing of it then. It was required by the health codes. You could tell when a kid took a dump by the impression of the toilet seat on his butt.

emergencey only
If you are desperate to use the bathroom really bad and somebody is in it,use a diaper.I would only do this to urinate.But do it in a safe place so people don't think your a baby.

Sara T.
First off, congratulations, Renee! I'm very happy for you :)

Alana- LOVED your story- WHERE do you store all that food?! I'm a big girl myself, petite in height (5'1") but quite fat, at 215 lbs. I've never pooped that much!

I stopped taking the vitamins so my poop is normal now. The vitamins not only made my poop black but they made me have to go at least twice a day. Now today I've eaten a meal that I can feel will have me bunged up till tonight- chicken, rice and broccoli in cheese sauce. I know my pooping stories are no big deal but I was surprised at how big the turd was that I passed the other day (big for me at least- usually I just make a LOT of little ones)- about nine inches long.

Curiosity about a cutie
Hello to everyone. I have enjoyed this site for quite sometime but have never posted here. I am a 25 year old male that is obsessed with the female pooping experience. I love to hear girls going to the toilet, I love their smell, and I love the fact that I know they are shitting if they go into a restroom and stay for a while. I am very turned on by beautiful girls in restroom situations. I have a question / dilemma I would like to ask female posters about. There is this particular girl I know, an 18 year old knock-out that I am trying to imagine in a situation what it would be like for her shitting. She is about 5'4" 105 lbs and is in perfect shape. She is a cheerleader, and comes with a perfect little butt. When I see her I try to imagine what it is like when she dumps. Which I guess is my question. I am trying to imagine what her little butt looks like dipping down into the bowl beneath the toilet seat, as her cheeks are pulled apart and what her tiny hole does as! a big one comes out. Female posteriors are different than their male counterparts, perhaps that goes without saying. Females are much more "fleshly" how does this work when you are pooping? Also, I have noticed in photos that the female anus seems to be visible when a girl is leaning forward, where it would seem like their poop would come strait back, not drop straight down, is this right or wrong. I'm sorry if I am rambling here, but I would be curious to know more about the female dump, from a female perspective.

Donnie: Your description of the "Latrine" in army barracks during bootcamp was real awesome! It must have been amazing to take a dump with 50 other young guys in that open plan restroom. I was curious to know how close the crappers were to each other? Were the 50 pots all in one row or was there more than one row? Where were the toilet paper dispensers located? Did any of the guys converse while crapping and did they make any comments about their progress or the sizes of their dumps? Did you ever get to see other guy's dumps when they stood up? Did most of the guys wipe sitting or standing? I'd appreciate an answer to these questions. Thanks for sharing this great experience with us at this site. Are there any guys out there in the U.S.A. who have recollections of communal shitting in bootcamp?

Been pretty busy with work and haven't had time to post,but been reading some good ones here!
TO CARMELITA-WOW,good dump girl-wish I could see those tapes of yours-Have any close ups of your anus pushing out your stuff?Must be great to watch those videos!
TO PEEPING TOM-A few times when I really had to go bad out at the beach,ive gone in to the public toilet with my bike and I couldn't find a place to lock it up ,so I took it with me to the stall and put it in front of me as I sat on the bowl with the door open-no one really looked twice at me-I guess it wasn't a big deal
TO METAMEUCIL MAN-To answer your question-yes I love those poos when I have to go soooo bad and pee bad too and strip naked and sit on the bowl with my legs spread apart as I pee first and pass some farts and let out some ropes of poop as I moan with relief-I look foreward to those dumps-I can usually feel them coming on and get ready to enjoy it as I stroll to the bowl-great feeling esp when i take some metameucil which makes it more intense cause I go so much with that stuff! I'll be back with some more stories in a bit-my schedule is kinda hectic right now! HEY TEXAS GIRL,more stuff!I love to hear stories about a pretty black girl pooping-Boy would I lke to see that !! Ta-Ta guys BYE

Hello, I've been checking out this site for the past few days - great posts. Anyways, I have an interesting story from last summer from when I went to an amusement park. Whenever I go to one of these places, I'm always amazed when I see girls wearing short dresses or skirts, because they always expose their panties when they get on or off a roller coaster. And then I saw a girl poop in her pantyhose while getting on one of the major roller coasters. I was standing in line behind her, and saw her step into the roller coaster. She was about 12, was wearing a really short fluffy dress and pantyhose - with no panties underneath her pantyhose. When she leaned over and put her first foot into the roller coaster, she paused for a long time as she tried to pull her dress over her butt, because she obviously realized that her butt was exposed. Her butt was covered by nothing but her pantyhose, and I'm sure everybody got a peek up her dress and saw her butt. And then I saw a big! turd slide out of her butt and fill her pantyhose! It slid out rather quickly and made a smushing sound as it made contact with her pantyhose and slid down her leg (fggggjjjjttt!). She finally got both of her legs into the roller coaster car and sat down, and as she sat down, I could tell by the look on her face that she knew she was sitting on a big crap mess in her pantyhose. I just feel sorry for the person who sat on her seat afterwards!

Dear Britany

Thanks !

I am very shy about these accidents. But I am always constipad and I must take Senne or Colace and ... you can guess what is going on (sometimes, not always). I really couldn't hold it.

Has anyone take some medicines for constipation like me ?

Ring Stretcher
Summer: Yea, those softball size/shaped poops are tought and painful to pass. When they start out it feels like a size 20 trying to fit through a size 10 opening. Jeez, it feels impossible! My boyfriend loves to watch them come out of my very stretched opening, though, as I grunt loudly.
Tell me some of your softball stories.

The other day I felt so blocked up after not having gone in a few days. I had eaten macaroni and cheese, popcorn, fried chicken, baked potatoes. I was stuffed. He inserted a gloved finger and I pushed hard, even though there was no push urge.
"You got another softball up there, missy," he said with a gleam in his eye.
Unfortunately as of this writing I haven't passed it. I'm not one who can force a poop unless the strong urge is there.

Daniel- Glad I was missed... Unfortunately, I am currently single right now so I don't have any toilet experiences to report. Since my last relationship, I have discovered that I have developed feelings towards women as well. Therefore, I wish I had a beautiful girl to share toilet activities with... As of yet, I haven't had any luck...
Jeff A- Well, hello to you... I wasn't ignoring you by not dropping by to say hi... Forgive me... I still remember your wonderful posts and hope you will contribute more. I remember the good ole' days when there used to be you, George, Moira, and the three friends who always used to poop together,,, If my mind serves me correctly one of the girls' names was Alex???
Kim & Scott- I absolutely love your stories!!! The videotape concept is great. It sounds like you produce quite nice, massive turds. Would sure like to see them coming out. I also like the fact that you shit in the nude. Having the person completely nude while they are taking a shit makes it enjoyable to the highest degree.
Renee and Carmalita- Renee, congratulations on your pregnancy. Secondly, it;s great that you have such a willing pooping partner. All of your stories as as equally memorable and entertaining... Bridget

Anyone know of any TV shows that have female pooping scenes or references?

Pooper Dooper
You can rent dirty work for who ever wanted to know.

Plunging Plop Guy: you ever try glycerin suppositories? they work real well, especially if it's there to exit. They work real well and are to be gentle to the system, working just locally and not violent. let me know what you think of the idea. nice to hear everyone's commments. take care and talk to you all soon.


I had posted a few pages back about some experiences when I was first drafted into the army. I wrote about how most of the guys that arrived with me at the army training base (Ft. Knox Kentucky) were away from home for the first time ever in their lives, and were so shy about poopin in the Latrine along with other guys were plugged up for days. Then after they figured it out they would go and do a dump in the late evening when few others were around. But there was a lot of stomch aches I can tell you.

So jump forward now to the base I was assigned to over in Germany. I was assigned to Headquarters company which basically was the building were all the troop that supported the "line" companies. That is, cooks,drivers, clerks, payroll, planning and so on. Well, I was trained in one mode of service but ended up as a Photogapher for the company. I attended a lot of functions that were open only officers and brass. A few times we would go into town to a place for dinner.

Ok so heres what I found that was interesting. You would go into a typical bar and drink a few dark beers and after a bit you had to pee. So you see the door marked "Herrin" and go in. What greets you is 4 whitewashed walls. Nothing else cept a little trench around the walls to a drain. There you just pick a wall, take out willy, and pee away. One day I had a few to many and saw the rooms marked, Herrin, and Damen. I went into the wrong room and a couple gals were in there with pants down peeing against the wall just like the mens room was. It wa weird.

At one time we visited another bar, It seemed like all over was the favorite name, "Flordia Bar". Palm trees and all! Well you get a booth sit down with one of the local population and drink a few. Soon it catches up with you and you got to pee. So does Comrad. The floor in the joint under the tables is all dirt, I found out. So your comrade drinkin buddy just pulls out his ween and pees right under the table and never gets up. That didnt bother me too much but sittin around will all that wet ground and more had me leaving sooner that later.

There were lots of tales around bathroom habit and odd things that you experienced. There were gays around then too and no one really cared or said much as long as everyone minded their own business. Well one day I go into the Mens locker and shower and wash room to take a dump. So here is this one kid in a stall sitting in there taking a poop. This dude is playing the violin! Anyhow I find an open stall and go in and what greets me?..Here half floating there is a turb about 4" round and about 2 FT long! It wont ever get down the drain. I cant imagine who I knew around there that left that monster. I never thought it possible to pass something like that. I got another stall and let someone else like the guys on latrine duty take care of it.

A few times we were out in the field where you spent a week to several months in the woods or muddy fields for exercises. It was really nasty cold and you had to drop a lot of clothes off to take a poop and a lot of troop would put it off rather and put their rear out into a minus -10 degree cold, even in a latrine building.

One more thing, while in France, we hit Paris, and I found a real intereresting thing there. Lookin for a place to pee one day, me and my buddy noticed what looked like a metal booth on the curb. Here was a public "pisser" as Id call it. Like a metal phone booth and you just stepped inside and did you pee and I dont know about number 2. But you would see someone step in and a stream of piss hitting the gutter at the curb! Yes they had toilets on the streets where you went down some steps to a room off the sidewalks. A lot of ????? lurkers we found were hanging out there though.

I thought Id pass on some of the things I had seen and did while there and like it was nothing like home as the peoples there were not shy or worried about their body functions and where they had to go or did it. Anyone wants to talk to me you find my address over on the pages.(if this line is allowed?) Donnie

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