Here is another story about women's bowel movements. When I was in college I dated a girl that used to live in the dorms. She shared an apartment with three other girls. Naturally, I used to spend alot of time over there. One night I was over there, sitting next to her roomate on the couch. We were all watching "The Simpsons". 3/4 of the way through I smelled a foul odor like someone had farted. I breathed deeply, knowing that one of these females had just passed gas. Right after the show was over her roomate Ali got up and went to the bathroom. Ali was a very good looking girl of about 5'8" tall, with long honey colored hair. She spent about 10 minutes in the bathroom then emerged. As soon as I could without arising suspicion, I got up and went to the bathroom. The stench of her foul feces hit me as soon as I entered. She had shut the lid to minimize the smell. I locked the door and opened the lid. Floating in the toilet was a small piece of her defecation. It! was about 3" long, light brown in color, and was very rumpled. I stood there and admired her shit and stink for a while. It was really wonderful. I didn't know pretty girls could shit like that.
Question for the ladies: Have any of you used a public toilet with many stalls after lots of girls have been for a shit? How did it smell? What time does the stink usually occur?

Metamucil Man
Texas Lady: I have a decent male pooping picture. I'll see if this forum will post it.

Carol (Housewife and mother): the Cyber Fiber's all in you.

Pooper Dooper: the movie "RIDE" has very open male pooping scene. The guy is on a bus toilet, straining to DUMP a really BIG JOB

Raw Ring: we'd like to hear more from you

Red Face William: In-Laws take the best RECTAL YAMS, yes?

Sara T: I pee in all kinds of containers, mainly gallon BLEACH BOTTLES

Question: Does anyone STRIP NAKED to take a ANUS-GAPPING, PISS-GUSHING, "It-hurts-so-good-to-hold-it" DUMP?

Cyber Fiber


We were visiting some relatives in Germany when I was twelve. We were going to a lake near Gluckstadt to swim on a very warm day. I was in the back seat with my girlfriend, 11 year old Ada. My mom and Uncle were in the front seat with Ana and I in the back with her sitting on my lap. Pretty soon Ana had to go number two pretty bad, but Karl had to meet a man to buy ome land and told Ana we would soon be there. A half hour passed, and that was too long to hold it, so she lifted up a little and filled her pants. She wore yellow shorts and I noticed some brown poo had come out a little on my lap. I was in love with her and you can imagine how glands are at that age. I touched it with my hand and put it on my nose so I could smell her the rest of the day. We stopped on a deserted creek for her to clean up. She let me help. I gave her my shorts to wear, and my uncle was very mad. At least she didn't smell much, and she was introduced to the seller. Everything turned ou! t OK, but I'll never forget that day. The family moved to the states that same year, and Ana and I became closer, and would read stories out in the woods. She always let me watch when she went, and we would laugh at that time in the car.

well, I think I mentioned on here that I have been ill with the flu and had a case of diahrrea in my pants. Anyway, about 2 days later (last week) my poop wasn't quite as runny as it was but it was very soft. I farted and a little soft poop came out in my pants. When I was walking to the bathroom I couldn't hold the rest and out it came, very sticky and very messy.

Anon- there was one time last semester at college that I was in the men's room and a young guy came in (looked like a freshman)and started peeing two urinals away from me. I was just getting done peeing and I couldn't help but notice that the guy next to me hadn't peed (I didn't here anything) I was shaking things off and all of a sudden he farted. It was one of those that isn't pushed out. It just kinda crept out and no one said anything. Finally, I flushed the toilet and he farted again. He was holding his butt with his hand. He immediatly went over to one of the stalls and closed the door. I was wiping my hands dry and fixing my hair when I heard in fart on the toilet. All of a sudden came a rush of poop and a stream of pee. He really needed to go. A valuable lesson can be learned here; when you need to poop it probably isn't worth waisting time at a urinal.

I don't think he crapped his pants but he was farting like crazy! I had a close call much like this one. I didn't fart but the head of a turd started to poke through when I was peeing. I managed to get myself together and use the toilet. Thank God it was a hard one!

Lawn Dogs Kid
Had an interesting weekend to say the least. Spent most of it round at Kendal's while she had Kirsty visiting. Not that we could do very much with Kendal's Dad there most of the time. He may not object to what Kendal and I get up to, but we don't do it while he is around, a kind of unwritten rule ! However, he did chose to go off shopping on Saturday afternoon and leave us all alone. So we made the most of the opportunity. I made a post last friday, but it didn't get on. Kirsty had told me on Friday that she was going to have an especially big tea that night so that she would more than likely need a good poo at Kendal's. I took that as a hint that I was invited !!

After Kendal's Dad left, we gave it half an hour or so until none of us could wait any longer ( wait to watch that was rather than bursting to go !! ). Kirsty asked to go first. She was wearing a lovely knee length dress, which she hoisted up, and then pulled her panties down until they hung off her knee caps. She positioned herself carefully onto the toilet seat, smoothed her dress down her legs and clasped her hands together between her legs, making her dress form a grove between her legs. It was a wicked site with the hem of her dress almost touching her knees, and her panties just showing below that ! Her wee made a huge hiss, which she appeared to be very proud of, before it tailed away to a gentle tinkling and gradually stopped. "Now for the main course !" she announced. It was then I got a bit brave and asked her "Kirsty, if you're going to poo, would you mind if I hold your ???? while you go ?". She looked well taken aback ! But then her face seemed to fill with a thought that she obviously was enjoying thinking. And she said "Depends !". "Depends on what ?", I asked. "Depends if you'll let me hold your ???? when you poo !". This was too good a chance ! "Course you can, no problem ! I don't know if I'll be able to go or not 'cos I had a big one this morning, but I'll certainly try for you !". Satisfied with my assertions, she nodded her head and indicated for me to kneel in front of her. I reached forward and closed my hands around her ???? through her dress, at which point she said "Just hang on a minute !" I quickly removed them, before she surprised me further by lifting her dress right up and indicating that I could take hold of her now. For some reason, her ???? was feeling very cold to the touch. She commented about how warm my hands felt. I turned to see what Kendal was doing, and she had taken to sitting on the edge of the bath with a look of both intrigue and amusement on her face, but she didn't seem to be bothered to want to join in as well. Before I turned back to Kirsty, my senses were suddenly heightened as I felt her ???? push on my hands. I immediately turned back to her, and was greeted with a facial expression of intense concentration. Her ???? seemed to expand outward more and more, and she began to bite her bottom lip. Just as her ???? began to shake with the strain of it, she relaxed completely, and shuffled her bottom on the toilet seat as if to get more comfortable. Then the same look and the same push from her ???? on my hands. This time when I felt it relax, she panted, and ventured "sorry. I'm having a job to get going. I know there's a big one up there somewhere, I can feel it !". I told her not to worry and to just relax, let it come in its own time. After a couple more unsuccessful, and somewhat less vigourous pushes from her ????, I instinctively let go with one hand and slipped it behind her back, and then with the other hand, I began to gently rub her ????, in a downwards direction, as if to encourage her poos to drop down. Kirsty's expression was quite wonderful. It changed from "what is he up to now" to "actually, thats rather nice, I approve, carry on". Thats if I read my facial expressions right ! But Kirsty certainly didn't complain. I rubbed her soft ???? for her for several seconds before it went all hard again under my hand, and her poo was certainly escaping from her now. I could hear it loud and crackly. I stopped the rubbing, and with my hand still firmly over her ????, I felt it kind of pumping as each of her poos dropped in turn, and there must have been a dozen or more before she finished. The majority splashed loudly into the water, and before Kirsty was actually done, Kendal was so taken by the number of poos and the huge sploshes that she began to clap and cheer her approval !

Then it came for me to return the favour to Kirsty ! I stripped my jeans and my undies down to my ankles, and ascended the throne ! Then Kirsty knelt in front of me, and placed her (very cold) hands around my ????. I certainly managed a damn good wee ! But as for a poo, not even a tiny sausage ! But even so, Kirsty had enjoyed her first experience of the feel of a ???? as it attempts to poo, even if there were no results !

Then Kendal stood up from the bath. "Right, you two", she announced, "now its my turn, and I want you both to have a hand each on my ????". So Kirsty and I knelt side by side, one hand each behind Kendal's back, and the other on her ????. We waited a few seconds and then her wee began to whistle for just a couple of seconds before cascading in a gentle tinkle to the water below. Then looking straight ahead between the two of us, she put on a face of just as intense a concentration as Kirsty had. She even bit her bottom lip just like Kirsty, but there was no movement in her ????, no pushing. It remained as soft and silky as when she first sat down and we first put our hands on it. Both Kirsty and I must have knelt for over a minute after her wee finished with absolutely nothing happening. It was only when I eventually looked up at Kendal's face, and realised she was trying desperately not to laugh that she burst forth with one of her infamous raspberrys when she couldn't! contain herself anymore, and she laughed so hard that tears rolled down her cheeks. She had no intention of pooing, she just wanted to see how long it would be before Kirsty or I would make a comment about not being able to feel her ???? doing anything. She can be a right little devil sometimes ! Still, I suppose now that she is growing up, and after all the tricks I've played on her over the years, its about time she began to get her own back. Kirsty and I certainly felt extremely silly having knelt there all that time for nothing !

KATE: Good to hear from you again ! Hope the school play rehearsals are going ok ! And thanks for the story about when you were drunk and how your Dad helped you. I really enjoyed that one ! And I know just what you mean about exagerating the drunkeness just for fun ! I once did that, getting up to all sorts of naughty things on purpose under the guise of not knowing what I was doing when I did really. I remember, taking a bite out of the bottom of a loaf of bread and putting it back in its packet again ! I also remember tipping some beer on the chair of the girl sitting next to me so she would get a wet bottom when she returned from the toilet ! Thing was, it didn't work, because I then went to the toilet before she got back, and her mate warned her and they swapped chairs, and I was the one who finished up with the wet bottom ! Hey, loved the daring wee on the country lane as well. And your sit on knees poo struck a chord too. Kendal has several times sat on my kn! ee while I pooed, but rather than sitting forwards, she usually sits across my knee so she can put her arms round me and hug. Ahhhhhhhh !!! As for pooing over the bridge, would you trust me if I said I would hold on to you so that you couldn't possibly fall ?! Love from Andrew x

LINDA: I've been practising my hair brushing technique on Kendal for when you are "there" !! XOXO

LITTLE LOU: When are you going to spill the beans and tell me and Kendal about when you had your sit on knees wee with Kev ?! We are both dying to hear about it ! You take care, love and big hugs from Andrew xx

ELLIE: I'm with Kendal ! Enjoy yourself with Craig, and be as private as you want, except for the toilet stories !! But don't forget that Kev is really only looking out for you, even if it isn't welcome by you. He doesn't want to see you get hurt like he was with that girl. But I'm sure that you and Craig are the real thing ! And hopefully Kev will learn to respect your decisions, and allow you to learn from your own experiences ! Take care, love Andrew x

Twice Shy
PLUNGING PLOP GUY--You were interested in just what I said on the retreat as I dropped my load. I'm not sure just what it was. Some of the vocalizations are really just exclamations, such as "Ahh!" or "Oh-ohhhh!". Many times I'll say something with a strong consonant, for this seems to focus the activity of the diaphragm against the abdominal contents that are being dislodged--for example, "Poooooo!" or "Ohhhh-johhh"! The words, for the most part, are rather primal, like the things those Cro-Magnon might have said during their undoubtedly vile trips to the corner of the cave. Why, we have a whole theory of language here, where men learned to express their agony over expulsions through various expressive uses of their vocal chords. Early society may have found its strength in communal dumping. I understand that the ancient Romans would carry on discussions while seated above their advanced sanitary conveniences, arranged into multi-hole...faecatoria?.... It all sounds s! o cathartic.

I'm an 18 year old male. I always used to be squeamish about my bodily functions in public. Until a couple of years ago, I had a lot of trouble even peeing in a public restroom. But now, I've gotten over this shyness, and now I take a dump at school just about every day. Whenever I feel scared about going to the bathroom in public, I just keep telling myself that everyone does it, and that helps. When I go to the bathroom at school and notice that other guys are shitting in the stalls, that makes me feel more comfortable about taking a shit myself. Does anyone else feel that way?

Today, after eating lunch in the cafeteria, I went to the bathroom cause I had to take a crap. I was the only one in the bathroom at that point. I went into the stall furthest from the door, pulled down my jeans and boxers, and started to shit. After I dumped my load and started to wipe, I heard another guy come into the bathroom. He went into the stall next to mine. This kind of excited me, cause it's very rare for someone else to be taking a shit in the stall next to mine. But the first thing I heard him do was tear off a lot of toilet paper, and he did this for what seemed like a long time. I assume that he was covering the seat with TP. Anyway, I had already finished my dump by this time, and I didn't want it to seem that I'm just sitting in a stall doing nothing, so I flushed and left the bathroom, without hearing that guy take a shit. I have a question, especially for teenage guys on this forum - when you take a shit in public, do you always cover the seat with TP fi! rst no matter how clean the facilities are, do you cover it only if the toilets are dirty, or do you never cover it at all?? As for me, I don't usually cover the toilet seat at school, cause the facilities are clean most of the time, as far as high school toilets go. I love reading this forum, keep the good stories coming. Well that's all for now.

Dear Kendal, your story, let me refer to it as “Waiting for Andrew”, is really well written! When I was your age, writing compositions was my worst subject at school. I only just managed to scrape through my O-levels (GCSE today) in English and have not improved much since. I also notice that you are discovering the thrill of experimenting what effect your charms have on men by hoping the janitor would take a peek over the partition! He certainly was concious of your presence as you were of his. Dear Kendal, not all men are as loving as your dad, as caring as Andrew or as gentlemanly as this janitor. Try to avoid situations where you are alone with a man you do not know very well. You just might run into the one in a thousand who could turn out to be nasty when tempted by a lone attractive little girl not yet a woman. I hope I am not overdoing this, as my wife and I have no personal experience with daughters; we only have sons. So please be careful love, Rizzo.

Wife of RJOGGER - yes, age is no hindrance to joining in this forum. However, we all must have some reason to be interested in this topic! When I was a child, I never ever saw one of my parents naked or in the bathroom. Doors were kept closed. I only saw my father at an urinal once or twice, but by then I was an adult. My sister and I were very open in these things when children, maybe in opposition to the prudish society then. We had our “secret” peeing places in public gardens, we enjoyed to go for a dump together outside and we made up toilet stories which we wrote in comic form with drawings. My eating habits - a total aversion to anything milky, creamy, cheesy or eggy - must have had an influence too, because I suffered from stomach disorders so often in my early years that it came to the point of leaving me aenemic. What was good and healthy for eveyone else turned out to be bad for me. I dimly rembember being held and force-fed with yucky things. I also remember ha! ving diarrhoeia very often. Then I was given a choice: a spoonful of cod liver oil (the yuckiest thing my mother could think of) or a glass of milk. I chose the cod liver oil as being the lesser evil! Later the glass of milk was substituted by a milk shake heavily flavoured with chocolate and the cod liver oil by such with orange flavour. So you see, here might lie a reason for my interest in this site.
And, BTW, to this day I still have a total aversion to anything milky, creamy, cheesy or eggy: to me these continue to taste greasy, putrid or soapy and bitter and I have learned to fear the after effects.

Robbie, I am not going to add my opinion on how your mother reacted to your accident. I just hope that you will not forget, and that if you have a family and children later in life you will not treat them harshly in such situations!
And to Christine (with sore bottom), poor you, I hope you have recovered and that you will be able to avoid such inhuman treatment in future. Hugs from Rizzo.

Billy L., your pooping sessions with your brothers and cousins and friends sound like a whole platoon plopping away! You guys really stress the bathroom facilities! Keep it up!

Diane, whoa, you must have been in dire straits to poke your bottom and release a bout of liquid shit out of the window of an upper floor! I wish I could have been there, with an opened umbrella, just in case! To outdo that would need someone to drop a jobbie from the main topgallant yard of a tall ship during a parade! Only joking. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all, love, Rizzo.

Gruntly Bogwell, your account of observing Ruthie through the ventilation tube made my day! Again you made me feel as if I had been there! Thank you for that story! Two thumbs up!!

And thanks to Anne, Carmalita, Carol, Jane, PV, Tony, Adrian, Buzzy and to many more for making this my favourite and most entertaining web site!

I have not much to report, having only suffered a bunged up nose and a very sore throat these last days. This did not interfere with with the other end of myself which is still in perfect working order. A crap a day keeps the doctor away! Wish you all resounding plops and tinkles, Rizzo.

Kendal's Dad
Just for Kendal, seeing as she has been trying her best to be a good girl recently after being late for school that day. And of course to her best friend Linda, who I told the original story to.

For those who are new, or don't remember my previous posts, I explained how my Sister ( Andrew, that is Lawn Dogs Kid's Mum ) and I used to share a bedroom together when we were children. Our parents were quite poor and we lived in an old two bed cottage. Fortunately, we did have an indoor privy, but it meant going downstairs to go ! From the time my little sister was toilet trained until we got our own rooms when we moved house ( and even when we had our own rooms in the new house on odd occasions ), if she needed the toilet in the night, I would go with her. The story I am recounting now would have happened when she was about 10 and I was 11.

It was a freezing cold February night, and Sis woke needing the toilet. I was actually awake myself, so she didn't need to wake me, and we crept off to the bathroom. All the way there she shivered violently with the cold, although funnily, I wasn't really feeling it that much. It turned out that she was starting up with a bad flu type bug, which of course I was to later catch myself ! We got into the bathroom, and she stood and looked at the cold old toilet seat and then at me in a very pitiful way ! So I agreed to sit on it and get it warmed up for her. I could feel the icy cold immediately through the material of my pyjamas and my dressing gown ! Sis stood in front of me shivering away with her dressing gown wrapped tightly around her right up to her nose, and I could hear her teeth chattering. As I sat there I just instinctively reached forward and pulled her to me. My old dressing gown was far too big for me, and was actually my father's old one. It was so big, tha! t Sis and I often played a game together inspired by a tv programme we watched once where a mummy dog and a puppy were walking in the park when it suddenly began to rain. So the little puppy ran to shelter under its mummy, whose shaggy coat helped to keep the wind and rain away. Sis and I pretended that I was the mummy and she the puppy, and she would dive underneath me as I stood on all fours on the floor, and the old dressing gown was my shaggy coat ! Sorry, I've digressed !

I pulled Sis down to sit on my knee, and wrapped the big gown around the both of us and we sat and cuddled together while I tried to get her and the toilet seat warm. We stayed like that, silent, for at least five minutes, and fascinated ourselves at how cold it was, so cold that the vapour of our breath almost seemed to drop dramatically in very thin frozen sheets of ice !! Eventually both Sis and I were completely toasty warm together inside the old gown. As my chin rested on her shoulder, she turned her head and whispered in my ear "I wish I didn't have to wee". Then she giggled in my ear. "I've just had a thought", she said, and with her arms free underneath my dressing gown, I felt her start to jiggle and wiggle around on my knee. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me "I'm pulling up my gown and nightdress, then I'll get my knickers down and wee on your knee !" I said to her, "but I don't want you to wet me with your wee". "I won't !", she continued, "just! open your legs a bit to leave me a gap to wee into". I thought about this for a few seconds and agreed that it would work, so I opened my legs a bit, and Sis completed the task of tugging down her knickers while sitting on my knee. Then she settled, and silence returned. I know my heart was beating with excitement. I had never felt so close to my sister before, and we already had about as close a relationship as a brother and sister could have anyway. Then I heard her let her breath go in a long relaxed "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" and her wee began making a peculiar noise, kind of dribbly sounding as if it was gathering in a puddle, and at the same time, I felt the very strange sensation on my legs of both wet and very warm. I realised straight away that we had both forgotten how the gown was wrapped around the both of us, including under my legs ! She was weeing into my dressing gown. Not wanting to alarm her, I just let her continue. After a while she said "I can't hear much tinkling, ! am I weeing on you ?" I told her "well, kind of, but don't worry, its nice". She huffed a little, and while continuing to wee she said "but it's my fault, what will you tell Mum about your wet pyjamas tomorrow ?" I already had a story planned in my mind, it came to me very quickly ! "I'll tell you when you've finished". "I have finished", she said, and then with her best pretty please look on her face she asked if I would pass some toilet roll to her through the gown so she wouldn't get her arm cold !!

After fiddling around wiping herself, she gave a big sigh and then "here goes", and she leapt out off my knee and from under the gown and rushed to pull her knickers back up and pull down her night dress and replace her own dressing gown around her, whereupon she turned around to face me and immediately began to shiver and chatter her teeth together again. Then as she looked at me still sitting on the toilet, with pink toilet roll sitting between my legs, on top of the dressing gown under me, her face became an absolute picture of horror and then she saw mine all creased up in silent hysterics and she began to see the funny side of it as well "Noooooo, I didn't did I" she said, realising what she had done !

I said I would tell Mum the next day how I had needed the toilet in the night, and how the cold had suddenly affected me so much that I just uncontrollably weed in my pyjamas on the bathroom floor, and that I used my dressing gown to wipe the floor after, and had put both my gown and my pyjamas into Mum's big wash bowl to soak overnight. Sis said "but that would be lying" ! "Would it ?", I said, and as my Sis stood and watched, I weed myself inside my pyjamas all over the floor ! Sis stood open mouthed that I would do something like that in order to protect her ! But then I did love her very much ( still do of course ) !

Next morning, Mum tutted at me, but seemed to understand. Her only comment was "you could have found something a bit better to wipe the floor with, do you realise how much washing that gown takes !". But other than that, I ( and Sis ) got away with what happened scott free !!

Being the age that she was, Sis didn't often need the toilet in the middle of the night. In the summer months, she would just go and I would stand with her, but in the following winter months, it became a ritual to sit on knees and go. We would get to the bathroom and I would sit down, gathering up the old gown from under me, and Sis would get her night shirt up and her knickers down, and then this bare bottom would back-up towards me before sitting on my knee, and I would complete the job by wrapping us both up toasty warm inside the old gown !

Only once did I need to go as well, and I remember pulling my pyjama trousers down to my ankles, and we actually weed together. But afterwards, Sis and I decided that if I ever needed to go as well, I would go seperately, because we both strangely felt uncomfortable about her bare legs and bottom being sat on my bare legs. But at least we shared the experience if only the once. Kendal and Andrew don't appear to be at all uncomfortable sitting bare together. Maybe that is because they are cousins rather than brother and sister. Or maybe it is just that they have more mature attitudes to it than I or Sis did. Anyway, I'm happy that Andrew and Kendal enjoy the situation together as much as their Mummy and Daddy, respectively, used to enjoy it as well ! Trust is a most wonderful thing. Andrew and Kendal trust one another implicitly. This makes it so easy for me to trust them together just as much.

Now as for Andrew and Kirsty.......... ! I'll let Kendal ( or Andrew ) tell the story about this weekend when Kirsty came to stay !!

As I don't post very often, partly because I feel this is Kendal's and Andrew's space, partly because I find it difficult to talk about private things with unknown people, and partly because toilet episodes are a thing of the past for me now, I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who talks to Kendal here, particularly the adults amongst you such as PV ( her favourite cyber Aunt ), Louise ( the stand-up wee queen ! ) and Cousin ( I so admire how you took it upon yourself to bring up Linda, a responsibility many men would not be bothered to undertake when she is not their own child, and also how you are bringing her up to be such a caring and responsible child ), and of course Kendal's special friends nearer her own age, particularly Linda, Kate, Ellie and Little Lou. Kendal is blossoming into a beautiful and very kind little girl. I must stop using the word little ! She is growing up so fast now ! But I have noticed how much more confident she is as a per! son. I had put this down to her mother leaving us, as she was a domineering woman, and the kind and adult way Andrew treats her. However, I must add that much of it is probably, maybe definitely come from her corresponding on this site. So once again, thank you to all of you, and to the moderator who ensures that this site remains a pleasure to visit for my daughter, and free from postings of a nature that I would not wish my daughter to read.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

If you have one bathroom at home and if someone already in there, you come home and have to go real bad, what do you?

I really enjoy reading these stories. I have a really sensitive stomach so I can sympathize with many of these people. I have so many bowel related incidents. I guess I'll start off with something that happened to me when I was 11 years old. One early morning I decided to go jogging with my sister and her friend, both several years older than I was. We jogged for about a mile, stopping by a local high school track to rest up. As soon as we got to the track, I started to get the tell tale signs of a distressed stomach. At first the cramps were somewhat mild, but they started to get more intense and sharper with every passing minute. For some reason running seems to really move my bowels. I told my sister and her friend that I was going to the restroom and left them at the track to go frantically find a toilet. Since I was not familiar with this high school, I waddled around the outside of the gym buildings while squeezing my ass cheeks. Unfortunately, the gym buildin! g was closed, so I made one final desperate walk to the ladies restroom
which was about 100 yards away. Just as my "luck" would have it was also closed (too early I guess). By this point I was in no man's land, and any further movement would release my butt's iron grip. Luckily, the entrance to the women's gym was partitioned off with 'L' shaped walls. With no one around, I said F**k it and in one smooth motion dropped my shorts/draws and squatted down. I immediately released a smooth stream of fecal matter onto the pavement. It wasn't watery and it wasn't hard, almost the consistency of a soft serve ice cream. After I was done I stood up and admired the almost perfectly round mound of brightly orange crap. Since I had nothing to wipe with, I took off my underwear and wiped my butt. After I was done I tossed it next to the mound. I went back to my sister and her friend and they were both none the wiser. I still wonder what the reaction of those girls must have been that fateful day.

Poor Anthony (the person who will not take a crap outdoors)well first lemme start w/ me. @ 7 yesterday morning i had to take a crap. mkay well i held it in for 10 hours. Lets get back to the story. Well, I wuz @ Anthony's house playing B-Ball and he announced that he needed a crap. so he did what he needed to do and then 1ce he came out i went in and took a crap (1 of 4) then i went back to my house for medication and he left to go get something. I had to take another crap (2 0f 4). After i come back outside he announces that he has to take another crap. I ask "Are u feeling ok?" and he says "no." I ask what's wrong he says "I have a little bit of diarrhea" So he goes in and takes a loose crap and the unevitable happens he has no tp or tissue. So im standing outside of the doorand he asks me to get him some tp i said i cant find it well his grandmother turns on the light and leaves i grab 1 roll of tp wiggle the door (it's locked) and he opens the door and it smells like hell ! froze over.(u know that would of been a great time to use a polaroid camera.) So we go back out then we go back in and go on aol. I told him that i needed another crap so i did and crap (3 of 4) then i went downstairs and got some food then my stomach started hurting an i took 1 very small crap (4 of 4). Anthony wuz in a lesbian chat and he asked for pics there wuz this one pic omy my god i almost threw i lay down for like 2 secs then it wuz time to go home.

I was in a hurry to ask for toilet papers from the school nurse. I am in 10th grade and I had accidents twice. It happened mostly in school. I was wearing the schooluniform, which is a skirt and blouse. I always wore a fullcut undewear since I knew it could contain accidents which I always had. I always had problems controlling my BM for long.
One morning I had diarrhea and knew that I was about to have a BM.
After asking from the nurse, I ran to the WC while holding my ass. I almost lost control while running. As I reached the WC, I completely lost control. It squirted out in my white panties and completely filled them. Liquid diarrhea was leaking in the legholes and staine my skirt a bit. As I removed my panties, my stomach growled again and I squirted poop all over the floor. My panties were still in my thighs and poop was squirting uncontrollably. It stained my skirt and my legs.Some of the poop even made its way to my shoes and socks. icleaned myself for about 15 minutes and left my panties inthe corner. The following day I had stomache cramps again. I ran to comfort room and never made it into the stall. However it was semi-soft poop. It made it's way into my sky-blue panties. As I removed my soiled panties, I felt some cramps and went over again to the floor, but this time it was semi-soft. I continued doing it on the floor and threw my panties in the trash can.

In reply to Carol the housewife- I hate laxitives- they not only help you poop they make it all runny- it came out like gravy. Thanks for asking- but its ok this morning- just an average poo- my daughter whos 13 gets really embarassed when I go to the toilet- she says the smell I leave would break a window --lol.

Texas Lady- The comic strip was called "For Better or For Worse"

Robbie I liked your story please post more like it

Forgot to sign my name yesterday - the message dually addressed to PENNY and LAURA was from me...

No Name Grrl
OMG peeple!! I have another movie with a bathroom scene in it & I am not sure if anyone mentioned it yet! It was my birthday today[the 18th]& me & 3 friends went to a movie which was "Head Over Heels" & guess who the bathroom scene is about?! FREDDIE PRINZE JR! You see him on the toilet from his waist up reading a newspaper & there are a few model girls hiding in his bathtub with the curtain closed of course & then you hear him grunt & farting & plopping sounds & it sounds like he really had to go!! The girls are all holding there noses! LOL I was thinking of you guys the whole time that part was on becoz I know that you all love pooping scenes & would love that one!! =)

Hello everyone:
I have something I would like to share with you. I am in high school age 16 I useally poop before school. Last Friday I tried but no luck. Second periord at school I felt the urge passed a little gas two girls ahead noticed the smell looked at each other and smiled. They did not know who did it. Anyway at break time 15min. I went to the bathroom tried but nothing but gas. I could feel the log it would come so far at stop. Nothing I would do would push it out. After lunch I tried again it was now right at the anel opening but it would not come I even tried to finger it out still would not come. It went this way all day until 9 in the evening the gas got bad I tried again and this long heavey log slowly worked its way out. About 14 inches long. I have never had an experience like this. Anyone else have this problem? I am wondering about people my age.
thanks for listening. California Dude 16 and full up.

The Lizard King
Two things.
The other night I was over my friends house watching a movie. And in the middle of the movie my bladder deicded to scream at me that it needed to come out.
But I was to into the movie that I just didnt feel like going so I held it in.
Finally the movie was over and I ran into the bathroom only to discover that it wouldnt come out.
Does that ever happen to anyone?
when they have to go real bad it wouldnt come out.
But anyway.
After a little bit I left for home and decided I would try again behind some trees in a school parken lot.
Lemme tell you.
I've never pissed so much in my life I thought it would never end. I made a HUGE puddle and I think I peed for about 2 mins.

and the other thing.
I was watching the man show the other night on comedy centrol, and they had this part where they picked someone out of the audeance to come on and spin this wheel that had all diffrent things that they had to do.
Well this one guy spun the wheel and it came to "Let (cant remember the guys name) pee on your wallet"
Well the guy agreed and they put it into a urinal and the guy peed on his wallet.
They showed his pee too!
did anyone else see that?

To Ring Stretcher:

I'm not a woman or a doctor, so I don't really know, but here's a logical assumption on your question on who makes more noise on the toilet.

Women naturally have a wider pelvic girdle due to the needs of pushing out the baby during childbirth. This would make one think that they don't have as hard a time in general as men do when defecating because of that extra room for the stool to pass (not to mention those extra muscles you were mentioning).

But all that extra capacity probably also means that extra mass is passed during each bowel movement in general for women than men, necessitating a somewhat larger rectum and anus.

So it probably balances out to about equal for both sexes. Women probably make bigger poops, but have more room to pass them through and more muscles to do the work.

Linda GS
Hi all.
How in the world did you run while having to go poop badly? I could never do that..the few times I have I've been laughted at at school for waddling and having my hand clamped on my bottom. Do you think you would have held out if you had not laughed..geez your poops must have been LOUD if Andy(heh) heard them from the hall. Wish i had been there to see and to comfort..personally I would ahve died if a male had seen me..but you were lucky..with my luck if I had been you..I would have sat silent..trying not to call attention and then i would have gotten a cramp and KAPLOP KAPLUNK KASPLASH..and it would have called attntion to me. Oh well.

(giggles) Sorry you comb my helmet hair from the part at the that. See me later for a touch up.[winks]

Okay Kendal what happened to you was bad but what happened to poor Elena sacred me to death. Here goes. We went out shopping..poor Elena has to buy yet another size larger of clothes.. and well she got the urge..BAAAAAADDD. She was hopping a bit and she whispered to me we beter get home. I told her i had to pee so maybe we should go find a toilet..Elena whimpered and said no..she had to[looked around]poop and she couldn't do it here.(She has a fear.. mostly of breaking a toilet with her poops lately)Then fianlly she started sweating and she made her way towards the I ran behind. She stopped at the door panting hard..I asked her if she was okay.She said yes to go ahead and go in..I did relucnantly..I sat down pulled down my mint green pampies(Happy St.Patrick's day everyone by the way)and sat..had a happy pee then got up as i heard Elena walks in. As I got out she got into a stall. She was bolting it and I heard her putting paper ont he seat..I looked down and s! aw her feet shaking and her hoping around..then I saw her legs face me and underwear be pulled down around her shins and the sound of her crash on the toilet with a loud PLONK!!! She moaned and passed gas loudly many times.(Andy.Elena said it was okay for you to know..her pampies were blue)Her feet thrashed about madly and they somtimes stomped on the ground. She whimpered and moaned. I know I sholdn't have peeked but I was getting worried..through the crack i saw Elena's was pale..and sweaty..her face wrinkled up may times and turned red. then she bent as far as she could over and her hair covered her face. She sounded like she was crying. I got worried..i headr about mothers to be having their babies come out too early..I think it's called miscarrying..i can't remember but I was scared..I even started to cry. Then.. her body went limp..I was so afraid... then she brushed her hair back and her face looked relieved. I called out weakly you okay nena(It's what I call h! er)Her voice cracked as she said yes sweetie.. just had the worlds biggest poop. She laughed and that amde me feel a little beter. I didn't really ask but I could imagine from what i saw she made a log wide HARD poop. There were lots of splashes after that. She said whew..good thing no one lese came in. She got sleaned up and got dressed. When she came out i hugged her tight. She couldn't understand why. I explained things to my cousin after we got home and I sat on the toilet and pooped big time.(I get upset or nervous and my ???? get upset and wlel you can figure out the rest) My cousin said to relax.. and that i was braver than him..if i had been there i would have though the same but would have probably broke down crying. He was glad I was there cause if anyhting would have happened i could have dne something. i felt better.. and not cause i pooped big time mind you.Heh. cousin read half of your post and red faced left..guess it was too much for him..hee hee. B! ut he explained that Andrew and he would not wnat you or Elena to suffer holding it in so we could see.. if you had to go bad to just go..cause like Andrew he'd perfer the gal he loves very much do what she has to and not suffer for our sakes..sides if you had an accident cause of him.. he'd feel bad and he knows Andrew will agree.Aren't cousins so sweet? Sigh. cousin got a show..and not just from me as Elena sat back down and passed 6 more HARD she really DID have to go bad didn't she? Whew. Anyway love ya all

Anne The Bus Driver
Would you really have let your cousin watch? What would you have talked about? Sorry just being silly as sometimes when my cousinw atches we run out of thins to say and we both sit there in slience.. till i break the can gues how.[blushes]


DANIEL- Yes, I am the same person who used to post here regularly a few years back. I have been reading the posts quite frequently without making my presence known. You are probably the only one who remembers me as there seems to be mostly newcomers to this forum as of late... Recently, I have had many computer problems so I had to delete all traces of this website since I had a technician and a friend of mine take a look at my computer in an attempt to fix it. Obviously, my friend doesn't know about my pooping fetish...

Unnamed poster: Glad you liked my compilation of my France 2000 stories (pages 407 - 430). I have done what you suggested and compiled some more old posts.

Karen and Carol Housewife: For occasional constipation, you could try glycerine suppositories. You insert one, you know where, and expect results after about 20 minutes. It provides gentle stimulation to your bowel and lubricates your poop so that it slips out easily.

For regular healthy poops that slip out effortlessly, my advice is to eat more fruit or fibre or take soluble fibre drink. I have heard a lot about Metamucil so I checked out their web site. It claims that most Americans consume only about half the fibre they need each day. It also states that a high-fibre diet can provide long-term health benefits and that straining and pressure from constipation may lead to diverticular disease and haemorrhoids (piles).

Metamucil is a bulk-forming laxative that contains no chemical stimulants. The active ingredient is psyllium husk, from the seed of the Plantago ovata plant. It is also known as Ispaghula husk. It works by holding water and bulking the contents of the colon so that it passes through more quickly and passes out easily. It generally produces an effect in 12-72 hours.

I haven't seen the Metamucil brand on sale in the UK but it may be available from pharmacists. Similar products containing Ispaghula husk BP are available 'off the shelf' in high street shops like Boots and Superdrug. These include 'Fybogel', 'Boots Natural Fibre Drink' and 'Isogel'. These are powder that you mix with water, soda water or orange juice and drink immediately before it turns to a gel. A typical dose is a 5 ml teaspoon mixed with 8 oz (250 ml) of fluid once or twice a day. As it absorbs water, you need to drink enough fluid. The label states that you should not exceed the recommended dose but that more is unlikely to do any harm.

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