Austin P.
Hi Folks! First time poster here. I thought I would start sharing my stories of the unusual here. Many of my mixed gender bathroom experiences have come on my sailboat. It has a small cabin that is used as a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom as well. Having only one room to do everything in, plus being surrounded by miles of water to the nearest normal bathroom tends to create some unordinary situations. Tonights story is about when I met a young lady and her little sister on the beach years ago. We were all in our early twenties. I was doing my usual girl chasing routine when I met them. We went out for a fine day on the boat and into the evening. After we anchored and had dinner we began to play cards. We also enjoyed beer and mixed drinks. Pretty soon, the older sister, the one that I was to date for the next month or two, started getting pains in her stomach. Pretty soon she asked about the toilet. Some how I made her feel comfortable enough to use it with both me and her sister there, even though I hardly knew her (Maybe it was the beer). At any rate, she sat down on my plastic boat toilet and began to pee. She was beat red at first, but she relaxed after she saw that her sister and I continued to deal her cards and carry on our conversation as usual. As we continued to play, it became clear that she was constipated. She sighed and puffed and after a lot of work only produced a couple of raisin plops. This went on for a long time as she sat there for at least an hour, only managing a plop every once in a while. Now her sister and I needed to pee. Her sister traded places with her on the toilet, peed, then I knelt down and peed. The older sister was still not done, however, and wanted her place on the throne back when we were done. She stayed there another Hour while we played hand after hand until she finally was able to produce a real movement. She didn't make very much noise, but the smell gave away a large smooth run. Her face gave it away too, since after she wiped and got off the toilet she had a pronounced expression of relief. She was really a fine young lady and I think she was in love with me, but never really told me. She was one of those that I look back on and think would have made a good wife for me. Her daddy was an oil executive too! What a dummy I was. Ahh youth is wasted on the young!

Yes, I'm the real one, not the Hollywood one, so don't annoy the actors that play me in the
movies. I am a first time poster, but I have been enjoying this site for a week or two now.
I think those of us who enjoy this site will create the social change of tomorrow. As we
experiment with new and mixed gendered ways of relieving ourselves, we will be creating
more accurate social customs concerning the way that we excrete. We must keep in mind
that our current social customs concerning the bathroom were made up many years ago,
before there were even microscopes. Back then diseases that are simple to treat today,
killed millions. Those societies didn't know the causes of disease, but were beginning to
catch on to the idea that it had something to do with things that are disgusting. This is
when the custom of getting as far away from eachother as possible, and hide in a little
room to urinate or defecate emerged. They didn't know that the smell won't kill you, or
that you have to get excrement physically on you for there to be a hazard. Privacy has
absolutely nothing to do with it, and after all, its no mystery what we do alone in a stall
because we all do the same thing! The romans proved that public bathroom practices
work, since they had unisex bathrooms that had no stalls, just stone seats. Since they
invented plumbing, they had the sanitation thing whipped and their culture lasted several
hundred years with open bathrooms as perfectly normal behavior. In the future, people of
all ages may excrete together in any number of situations. It may give rise to more stylish
looking toilets that may be found at any table or in the corner of any room or vehicle. I
think it will be fun when Hollywood starts making science fiction space shows with exotic
new toilets and scenes etc! Keep up the good work and I'll be posting as often as my
dangerous life permits!

My sister and I were driving to a family wedding last weekend. My sister is gorgeous (as far as sisters go), but has to wear, well, adult diapers because of incontinence. Anyway, she was all dressed up in a short white dress, sheer white pantyhose and heels. We were on the interstate, and she asked to stop because she had wet her diaper. I stopped at a rest area, she grapped a fresh disposable diaper and ran up to the restroom. A few minutes later, she popped out, threw the wet diaper in a trash can, and we were on our way. A few miles later, she said she felt crampy, like she might have diahrrhea. A minute later she started crying, and there was a crackling sound as she filled her diaper with poop. We stopped at a convenience store at the next exit - I bought her some new hose and baby wipes. She was mad because she thought the cheap brown gas station hose weren't as nice as her expensive hose were, but her diaper didn't hold in the mess, and she flushed her nice hos! e down the toilet at the gas station.

METAMUCIL MAN: I've already asked the moderator if he would put a pic of a guy dumping up at the top (I have several) and the reply was negative. I don't expect he/she will change their mind, but at least we can say what we would like. It would make such a nice change.
PEEPING TOM: Often when I'm doing any research or work at my local uni, I will have a poop break and sit on one of the library toilets and read. Since there are no windows in this toilet, I often leave the stall door open so plenty of light comes in from outside the stall, where the overhead lighting is. Then I can read with plenty of light, but of course then I'm sitting right across from where the students come up to the urinals to pee. Often they will turn around and notice me there--usually they just turn around again and pee. Some go very shy and can't pee easily. Others give up and leave. Sometimes for their sakes if they're having trouble getting started, I'll close the door a little so they can relax. I think they are all pretty shocked to see a guy sitting there, but hey that's their problem. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it's ok to do this?
BRIDGET: So great to see you back here. I used to enjoy very much when you wrote about your boyfriend pooping--your description was perfect. I hope you'll write a bit more here like you used to--you'll certainly get a reply from me!

Billy L.
Sandra, that is disgusting pooping in the water. I hope you do not live near me. I do not want to swim in anyone's poop or get sick from you.

Last night, we had broccoli for dinner. I lover broccoli and had a lot. After dinner, I made my normal poop. Around bedtime, I started to fart really smell farts. I kept farting all night. When we woke up, we and ate breakfast. After breakfast, we went into the bathroom. My brother said, you first. I opened my fly and peed. He said, surely the way you have been stinking up the place you have to have dookie. I said, not yet. Besides, I was not the only one who was farting all night. He just smiled. He sat down and peed and pooed. When he pooed, a bunch of little turds came out. He also passed a lot of gas when he pooed. Usually he does not pas gas when he poos. It really stank. Usually, when we poo, it smells a little, not much. While he was pooing, my brother josh came in. He sat on the little potty and pooed too. He had broccoli and passed a lot of small smelly turds too. I was done brushing my teeth and kev was done pooping when josh finished, so I wiped his butt. While ! I was wiping, eric came in. He said, boy it stinks in here. He sat on the little potty too, and passed a couple of regular turds. He does not like broccoli.

I kept farting until after lunch. THen I had to poop. I went to the bathroom. My friend paul was in there pooping. He farted and passed his final log and started wiping. He said, are you here to poop too? I said yeah. He said, good. You are stinking up the place. I sat down, and farted and pooed. I usually do not toot while i poo. I passed bunch of small smelly logs. Pauls turds were in there too. His turds were floaters. I filled the hole at the bottom of the bowl. Joe came in while i wsa wiping. He said, good, we can finally get some fresh air in class. When I got up, we all peed in the toilet, taking aim at pauls turds. While we were peeing, my teacher came in and said, billy, are those your turds in there? I said, yes, why? He said, good. That means that we will have some fresh air in there. When we were done peeing, he sat down and started to poop. He passed three logs. He got up as we were leaving. THey were pretty big.

Now I know why Dad wouldn't let me post yesterday. I was allowed to read but not post. It was so I would see his post today and be able to reply to it ! Its also funny how Andrew thought his post didn't get on when in fact it did. I saw it in the old posts, so he's finished up repeating himself a bit. Oh yes, and he didn't get a slap for standing outside listening, or at least not telling me about it anyway.

DAD: What a lovely story about you and Aunty and well worth the wait. It brought tears to my eyes when I think about how well you looked after her, and even more tears when I think how Andrew is just the same with me. The picture you made of you and Aunty sitting on knees in a freezing cold bathroom, keeping each other toasty warm inside that huge dressing gown.... Now I know why you made such a huge fuss with Mum when she tried to throw away that old dressing gown ! Yes everyone, Dad has still got it, and Mum gave it away to a thrift shop. He was so angry, and went right out and bought it back again !! It must hold such happy memories for him. Love you always Dad, Kendal xxx

GEMI: How did you like my last story about the caretaker ? That was so exciting to me while it was happening, I thought my heart would burst out of my chest ! Hey, and you're right. It was sweet of Andrew to reply to you on my behalf. But then he's like that ! Love from Kendal xx

SUMMER: If only I had given the Janitor (!) a show ! But he didn't look, so it wasn't much of a "show" !

LOUISE: Ooohhh, I can just picture you now in your posh office clothes peeing and pooing in the bushes !! Thanks for answering my question. I just wondered how long it takes for mother nature to make your poo disappear ! Love from Kendal x

KATE: Now if you were Louise, I bet you wouldn't be hiding in the bushes with your posh office clothes. You'd do it where all the traffic could see wouldn't you ?!?! That was a really good story about peeing on the country lane. I wonder how much they did see of you, and if they actually noticed your fountain of wee you were making ?!! I know what you mean about feeling disappointed. I so wanted the caretaker to look. Now, I wonder, if it had been you, an older girl on the toilet, would he have looked then ?! He probably wasn't bothered about me, a little girl still at primary school ( but not for much longer ! ). But a 14 year old ?! Hmmmmm ! I also loved your tale about having an explosive poo while Matthew sat on your knee ! I take it you went first. Now when I've sat on Andrew's knee I have to say I usually sit across his legs. But two or three times, I've sat frontwards, and Andrew has folded his arms around my ????. That was very strange ! He needed the poo, b! ut while he strained, it was my ???? he was squeezing !! Now if you had been sitting on Andrew's knee needing an explosive poo, I dread to think what would have happened !!! Take care Kate, and just like you said, I'll watch this space for the story of your first triple-deck wee ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

RIZZO: You really kind man ! Looking out for me like that ! Can I have you as my cyber Uncle like PV is my cyber Aunt ? You needn't worry yourself though. There is no way I would ever have done what I did with a stranger. The caretaker is actually friends with my Dad. We all live in the same village you see, and everyone knows everyone else ! I guess the fact that he and Dad are friends would have had a huge bearing on why he didn't look at me. And at the same time, because we know each other, I bet that is the only reason he stayed in the toilets while I went. If it had been another child, I bet he would never have stayed anyway. So Uncle Rizzo, don't be worried. Dad and Andrew have had exactly the same conversation with me, and I listened to them too ! I'm sorry to hear that you only have sons. I think you would have been a lovely Dad to a girl ! Love from Kendal x

COUSIN: Does Linda know that you posted that story about her ? Well I bet she does by now ! That was far more embarrassing than my Dad's story about me !! Oh, and what did Linda mean, you walked away embarrassed by my story ? Which story was that ? And what was embarrassing about it ? Or is it too embarrassing to tell me ?!! Sorry, I'm getting worse than Andrew for poking fun ! I'd love to know though. Perhaps you can tell Elena or Linda what it was and they can tell me. Love from Kendal x

LINDA: Your last for me to speak to again, but never the least my dear friend !! What a story about Elena. So glad to know that she has managed to poo at long last though. Its not nice being constipated is it ? I managed to run with my poo because the toilets are no more than five paces away from where I was sitting in the cloakrooms waiting for Andrew ! There is no way I could have made it home, even if Andrew had arrived. In fact it is a pretty good job that Andrew didn't arrive, because if I had had that cramp walking home, I just know I would have pooed myself from the fear of thinking that I wouldn't make it home in time !! Now, I see you're getting your own back, calling him Andy when he told you not to. Good girl !!!! Actually, why don't you call him Drew next time. He'll be so embarrassed, because only his Mum calls him that, oh, and Kirsty ! And he goes very coy when Kirsty calls him Drew ! He likes it really, a sort of pet name for him !! I know, you can ! call him it next time you're "there" together, and especially now you've given him instructions on combing your hair for you !! By the way, what you said to him at the end my dear about a touch up, well, it means something very different in England. If I tell you what it is then my post will be deleted, so I'll have to leave that one to your imagination !! I guarantee that one comment of yours when Andrew reads it will leave him red as a beetroot for a week !!! Love you loads, love from Kendal xxxx

Kendal's Dad
And Kendal has the cheek to say I take a long time to write a post !! She's been ages !

After all I said about not posting here too often, I feel compelled to take up my keyboard and write once again, just a couple of replies !

Cousin: A fine story about Linda ! Now just to embarrass Kendal further, I remember Kendal being just as vocal. However, she never was if you stayed with her while she went. It seems that she thought it was the done thing to provide a running commentary so my wife and I were aware of exactly what she was up to. Sometimes though, she wasn't bothered about us knowing, and would talk to herself instead, quietly, or with her favourite doll, called Dolly ! More than once I amused myself outside the bathroom listening to her.

"Right dolly, do you want to poo as well ? Well you'll have to wait because I'm on the toilet...... No, you can't have a wee first (wwwwwssssssssshhhhhhhh) because I've already started ! NNNNNNNhhhh.......oooooooeeee....... Are you sure you want to poo dolly ? Its ever so ( strained voice ) hard you know.... Oh, its coming, its coming, its coming.... no its not, hehehe, just tricking you ! I know dolly, you can sit on my knee if you like ( more strained voice ). It won't be long now, and then you'll be able to go too....NNNNNNHHHHH...plop.. there you see, I told you (plop) it wouldn't be long (plop) now. Dolly, pass me some toilet roll please ( toilet roll holder rattles ! ). Thank you very much .... ( sounds of rustling and then panties being pulled up ) ... SLAM.. (the toilet lid goes down). (sounds of water running in the basin as she washed her hands, and then..tap..the toilet lid is back up again.. Kendal exits) Oh hello Daddy ! I pooed !.... "Where's Dolly, Kend! al ?".. "Shes having a poo as well Daddy !". Daddy enters bathroom in time to see dolly fall off the toilet seat and into the toilet to join Kendal's poos which she hasn't flushed away !!!

RIZZO: Looks like I missed you off the adult list chap ! Its good to know my daughter is well cared for here. Many thanks !

To Jared:
I am in High School age 16. Glad you got over the fear of using the bathroom in public I used to have the same fear. Like you I go most days at school with no problems. In my school the stalls are doorless.How about your school.
The guy you said was in the stall next to yours might have been doing something else with that toliet paper. It would not take much to figure it out especially if your school has doors on the stalls.
Take care. California Dude.

I'm exactuly like you. I'm very squmish about my body. No I don't cover the seat.

Little Lou

Andrew, that was a lovely story about you and Kirsty and Kendal. It was very nice. Also Kendal's Dad I enjoyed reading your story.

Mum and Dad are coming home from Ireland on Sunday, which is good becase Ellie and Kev are not talking. Kev is horrible to Ellie. He made her cry at school. He called her horrible names, and he called Craig and his cousins Alistair and Elliot horible names too. I don't know what they meant, but I could tell they were rude and Ellie cried.

Me, Ellie, Craig, Alistair and Elliot went to the desserted house on the edge of the village. Nobody has lived there for a very long time. We go there after school sometimes, or on Saturdays. There is no toilet, so if we need to go, we do one of three things. If it's nice weather, we go outside. If it's cold or wet or windy, we either go in the corner or in another room. I needed to go, but I didn't want to go outside as it was cold. I was too shy to go in front of the other boys, so Craig took me in the next room. I unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled down my knickers. The floor is concreat, and I told Craig I was worried about being splashed so Craig lifted me up, and he held me under my arms and under my knees at the same time. I started my pee, and when I finished Craig got me a page from a magazine to wipe with. Craig went as well. He peed against the wall in the corner. Ellie peed in front of us all. I know she's peed for Alistair and Elliot at the park before. We were a! ll playing dares. It was Ellie's dare to take her jeans and knickers off, and pee in front of everyone. I think Alistair fancies Ellie. He got a bulge in his trousers, which Ellie told me means a boy fancies you. He got really embarrased.

I went for a wee sitting on Kev's knees. I was nearly asleep. We were watching a film, and Kev was taking me to bed. On the way, I told him I wanted to pee. He took me to the bathroom, and helped me get my pjyamas off. He lifted me up, and sat me on his lap, facing him. I had my legs outside his. He opened his legs wide so I wouldn't pee on him. He cuddled me, and I put my head on his shoulder. I don't remember finishing my pee, so I must have gone to sleep, and Kev put me to bed.

I think Kev's being silly not to let Ellie go to the toilet with him. It's his loss, not hers, because she's got 3 other boys who like her to go to the toilet with them. Craig, Alistair and Elliot like going to the toilet with her, even if Kev doesn't. And if he makes her cry again, I wont go with him either.

Lots of love Little Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KENDAL'S DAD - Hi! Well thanks for saying I am the
stand up wee queen but I think my mum is more
deserving of that title than me, she has been doing
it so much longer. LOL So it maybe that I am the
stand up wee princess in line for the throne!
It was a lovely story about you and your sister in
the toilet that cold Feb night. I bet you were
feeling very cold after that though.
I think Kendal is real lucky that you are her dad
because your letters are like they are from a kind
gentleman. I bet you and my boyfriend Steve would
like each other because you sound a bit the same
in your attitudes. I hope you meet a very nice lady
who can see all that. xx

PV - Hi girl! I missed your letter about going to
the urinals. I think it was gutsy of you to go in
if there was quite a bit of traffic. I still could
not go in by myself if there were guys going in
quite a lot. That one I go to with Steve at the pool
is my favourite, you know? Well I like the ones at
work too, because I can get a thrill from hearing
my heels on the tiled floor. It is just so daring.
The last time was last week when I went in. I was
really smart that day, I loved it because I was in
my favourite business suit with a skirt, and under
that I wore my favourite stockings just to feel so
much more sexy. So standing in front of the middle
urinal I pulled my skirt up and I took off my
black knickers. I bet I would have been a real
sight to any guy who opened the door, I mean I was
standing there over the urinal with my skirt up
and washing the little drain in the urinal. I did
aim a little bit forward with my fingers then but
sometimes I just do it with my hands on my hips.
Then I had the fun sound of my heeled shoes on the
floor as I strutted away before putting my knickers
back on. I always listen for anybody walking down
the corridor and it was quiet so I went out. Then I
remembered I did not wash my hands before I went out,
so maybe I scented the door handle a little bit!
Just now I can not wee in the park or even go and
walk through there by myself any more because of the
attacks there have been on girls where we live, and
that really pisses me off, you know? Why do some guys
have to spoil things for us so we can't have our
little bits of fun sometimes?
Steve asked me to say hello to you as well, he is back
at work today but I bet he will be late in so he will
not get to write today.



To Shawn: Hope your feeling better...I've been really sick too. I liked your story about being at the college and the guy at the urinal farting. Maybe the guy was shy of pooping around you, just like you are?? did you know him?

To Jared: Im 19, i used to be just like you, shy of pooping in public and i feel more comfortable when other guys are shiting when im shiting,especialy when they are my age. I sometimes cover the toilet seat when i have to shit in public, only time i don't is when i have to go really bad and can't hold it and if the bathroom is really clean i won't cover the seat but i like to. You should have stayed in the stall could have just sat there waiting to shit more...i sit longer sometimes even if im done.

I had mentioned that i had been sick(feeling better now). Prior to yesterday i hadn't had a big meal or any thing. I had hardly been eating, but i was drinking alot of liqiuid. I notice when im sick and don't eat my pee turns a dark yellow. Does any one know why this is? has any one had this happen to them before?

Thursday, March 22, 2001

When I was about 14 years old, I went to the countryside with my friend and her mother. We drove to a deserted lake to go swimming. We put on our swimsuits and went in. It was a hot day and it felt great. I noticed my friend's mother had stopped swimming and was standing in the water which came to her chest. I was about to swim over to her when my friend said, "oh don't go over right now, I think my mother is doing a poo!" She said that they often peed and pooed in the lake and her mother encouraged it! And sure enough, I could see quite large poos coming to ther surface and bobbing on the top. At the time I was a bit disgusted as I thought the poos would drift my way but now I'd quite like to do it myself!

Jeff A

WOW!!! CARMALITA: Thank you so much!!! Is it my birthday or something? I was overwhelmed! I really felt like I was in there with you too! Oh, my, my! Brown legs, black hair, and everything! I only wish I could smell your offerings, you sweet little seniorita! I could go on for hours about what an amazing woman you are, and how much I love your stories. Renee is also very hot. Where has she been anyway? C'mon, Renee, talk to us!!!
Carmalita, how can I thank you? You have this incredible knack of making men feel so good about themselves. How does one woman do all that? You are certainly a rarity. I’ve done many sketches of what I think looks like you. These are the things I love most about how you write: The way you describe your “little brown ass” or your “Latina butt”, or your “brown legs”. In your own words sweetheart, “very hot!” I have a fantasy about you: I want to see you when you’re pooping your worst load, the one that smells the worst, with that beautiful face obscured by ornery curls, and your brown legs spread out on the seat. I would also love to see the videos. A naked Renee breaking up your giant turd with a plunger?! Somebody call 911!
Now, for the important stuff. I truly admire what you’re doing with that little boy ‘Juanito’. Kids like that need someone like you. I can tell by what you say about him that he is the light in your heart. Can I offer some advice? Don’t get too hooked. Troubled people and families can break your heart, and yours, Carmalita, is as big as the universe. I hope nothing, or no one ever hurts you. Thank you again for that special gift, and may I say, as a man who admires you that I love you very much. You are the best, you sweet little Latina.

BRIDGET: Great to see you back again! If you don’t say hi to me, I’m going to get my feelings hurt! There was a time in here when you really stood up for me against some nasty fellow posters. For that, I’ll never forget you. You are another one I love, and miss very much. I hope you will always be happy.

KIM: I’m another fan of your posts. I think you are absolutely dynamite in a woman's body! You are one the most sexy female posters in here, and I try very hard to imagine what you look like. I’ll bet you’re a honey!

TEXAS LADY: Bring it on home, girl! You sound like a great woman to me! A black lady too? Very sexy! Tell me more about yourself. Tell me all about your big loads okay? I also agree, they should show some male pictures for the ladies in here. What would it hurt, especially as often as they change now? Unless of course they’re hard to find, which may be the case. Everybody seems to want to see women on the toilet. So, you’re from the Dallas-Fort Worth area? I LOVE Texas! Texas Lady, you sound absolutely beautiful!!!!

RED FACED WILLIAM: I’m a little short of time right now, but I have a story that is almost identical to yours. I loved it, it was very exciting! Tell us more please!

Love you all,

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again-to SUMMER-thanks for liking our posts. we like yours too. you are a sweet girl and always say nice things about us. thanks. plus when i raise my legs and have a log I always start by keeping my legs together but when my log gets bigger and bigger i widen my legs more. you should try it honey! TO JOHN (VT)- thanks for liking our posts too. you say the sweetest things too.and it is hard to believe but my logs which are huge already are getting bigger and thicker. more stories later john. LOVE YA! TO BRIDGET- its nice to see you back. and yes I do remember you. now we need to know where DAZZ is? and its god to hear from no name grrl too.PLUS KENDAL- hi! its good to hear from your dad from time to time. does he ever read our kim and scott posts? he might think they are too risque!haha! but you can assure your dad we are nice people and your good pals on this site. plus hello to LOUISE,STEVE, and PV.I know that you are busy steve but we n! eed more stories from you. scott and i really like em. goodbye for now. love,kim and scott

Ring Stretcher
Summer: do you find it hard to push out those softball size turds? I do! I end up grunting and straining so loud just to get my poor little hole to open up. They are much harder to push out than the 20-incher sausages I have pooped. My boyfriend finds it incredible to watch how it stretches wider and wider, though! He just loves it when I pass a softball, hehe.
I bet that gal who left one of those poops in the bowl made alot of noise passing it.

Hi there Texas Lady. I'm glad to see there is a women that likes bathroom stories as much as men......ROADY

Quite a few people have revealed their ability to stop up toilets on a almost regular basis (on trains, public lavatories, in their homes, and so on.) But I find it curious that not many have said what they do when they get one to overflow.
If you're a member of that rare group that drops 12" logs virtually every time you poop, how do you handle those moments when you see the water rising towards the rim of the bowl like an unstoppable juggernaut?
Do you clean up quickly and dash out so nobody knows it was you? Or do you shrug your shoulders with detatched resignation and just stroll out as if nothing unusual has just happened?

I myslef have fallen victem to an overflow only once...
On my way home a few years back, I was so desparate to go that I got off my bus and ran into the local community centre. My house was only 2 stops away (not even 2 minutes down the road,) but my body demanded that I drop this load RIGHT NOW or face the consequences. So I sped into the centre, ran downstairs where the public lavatories were, and let loose a effortless 10 minute motion.
When finished, I took a quick look. There was quite a bit of it and much of it was fairly loose, colouring the water a dark, chocolate brown. It was so dark that in fact that I didn't notice that some kids had previously shoved in wads of toilet paper, clogging it up completely. (Then again, I was so desperate to go, I didn't bother checking the bowl before I sat down...)
After wiping my bum, I flushed and it then took only a few seconds to realize the water was NOT going to stop. (It turns out it woudn't have mattered which cubical I used. I took a moment to check the other ones and saw that the 5 others were also completely blocked with TP.)
I didn't panic, but I did beat a hasty retreat. Passing by the janitor's office, I stopped only to tell him, "It looks like one of the toilets was overflowing in the Men's bathroom.", before dashing out the door to my house a few doors down the road.

With any luck, my statement was general enough so he could never be sure that it was my BM now flowing over the lavatory floor.

Peeping Tom
Has anybody ever have to go poop so bad that left the stall door open in public, and just sat down.

I have the worst luck this year. First, I have to pee in a car with a 15 year old boy holding the cup under my bottom, get played a prank with cellophane under the toilet seat, and now; I go with my girlfriends to spring break we were drinking having a good time when that little tingle between your legs lets you know you have to pee. My friend Miesha had to go too so we treked to those wooden port o john/ outhouses on the beach that are like 4 toilets together. I opened the door and checked all four they were horrible There wasn't any paper and I had to go so bad I said screw it I will drip dry. I couldn't figure how to use the toilet These were the kind like a box with a hole cut outand a urinal on the side. There was a puddle of piss on the floor and I tried to hover but the urinal was right in my face. And it was almost overflowing.My friend was getting impatient with me she kept saying hurry up she had to pee. Well With no other options I figured I would try to pee standin! g. I climbed on top took by bottoms of spread my feet over the hole and tried to relax. With the sound of the waves it didn't take long, I was soo full I didn't notice Miesha gave in and used the next potty I heard a door slam but just wasn't thinking. I let go and the stram went down & a little back but I hit the hole, as I I stood there bottomless suddenly the door flung open, and here were thes two guys, and instead of closing the door they were all like "Uh sorry we didn't see any feet. I got scared and tried to cover my privates and damnit if it didn't run downn my legs.... Finally after I yelled close the door they let me regain any dignity I had I was fixing myself when I noticed this peep hole in the wall and this eye staring. I was furious talk about up close and personal this jerk had a birds eye view of my privates and as about 2 incheds away. I yelled and you just heard the door slam & some car take off.

When I came out I was mad. I swore never again would I use those toilets. The next time I had to pee I went in the car took off my bottoms wrapped a towel around me and headed for the sand dune. I just hiked up the towel far enough to let the stream clear, spread my feet and let go. One thing I did find out when you pee on the sand standing up it doesn't splash. So with in the span of a month my ass and my privates have become public sight.

Kendal, Kendal's dad
Here's a story about little Linda for you. Mostly so you won't feel embarrassed about having that story your dad told being read by everyone here. So here goes....Linda is very vocal on the toilet today.. oh man but was she EVER when she was small. She was about 4 at the time when here and I went to this party. I was meeting with Elena's parents. I hadn't seen then since I was small..and well I took linda with me as I said.Linda's a good girl as if she sees grown up talking she'll try not to interupt..but she had to go to the bathroom and i know for a fact..she hadn't poop in 2 days. So sheppishly she tugged at my jeans leg and say LOUDLY I GOTTA GO POOP!! Elena's parents giggled as I turned red faced. Elena offered to take Linda but she latched on to me and said NO.(She hadn't know Elena very long and to her she was just an icky girl trying to take her cousin away from her) So I pulled down her undies and sat her on the toilet..I told a big girl and go..I'll be ba! ck when you're done..just call me.And I shut the door and went back to talking to Elena's sonner had I started talking to them when Linda started her vocalness.(I knew she was loud in the bathroom but..)

I stood there red faced as she yelled all of this from the bathroom. Elena's parents laughed and said My she's very vocal. I apologized and went to go clean her. She came out out and grined her best grin at them like she had saved the world or something. Sigh. Don't feel so bad now do you?

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone!

Feeling great today,I felt really bloated this morning like I'd got a gut-full of shit I needed to do, so got dropped off in town and went to the toilets, sat down and had a piss, then feeling really full, I gently started to push and had a satisfying dump with no soreness, itching or feeling of piles after, and felt really empty when I'd done and with a clean arse too!
Just sitting there on the toilet and dropping my turds with just enough pushing to make it enjoyable and some plops and splashes and the exquisite sensations of doing it, I thought this is what it's all about-a guy using the toilet in perfect health and enjoying it so much!
Yesterday was a constipated effort, I was on my toilet for about 20 minutes at least and without counting, I think I must have dropped 100 small turds and the result- discomfort after for a few hours like the old familiar feeling of piles, something out of place.

So, If all continues as it did today, I attribute it to anti-biotics and Canesten cream I was prescribed last week by the doctor for the soreness and itching, and drinking loads of water to swell up the fibre I'm eating.
Can't think why yesterday was so difficult but hope it was just a one-off.

Someone mentioned recently that women have more sphincter muscle than men have and that the passage in women is larger.
Some time ago when I had severe itching in the groin and anal area, I saw a homoeopath who said it was Candida Albicans, also known as thrush and commonly thought to affect women much more than men. Apparently it lives in the gut and thrives when the diet consists of a lot of sugar, fruit and fermented products.
He recommended, and I had a course of colonic irrigation to hopefully get rid of the candida and so I had about 20 minutes once a week of this enema irrigating my gut with warm water and the idea being also to remove impacted fecal matter from the wall of the gut that can stay there for years.
After the treatment, as soon as I stood up, I had to go to the toilet and get rid of the rest of the water in my gut, and the next day, being empty, I wouldn't need to evacuate.

I was told by the nurse that men have stronger anal muscles than women and that that was why, when the speculum was inserted, my reflex was to eject it whereas women don't, so I was told.
The impacted crud on the gut wall, now being cleaned off, would mean that my stools would have more room to pass through, as there was less to constrict it, so presumably sex is not a factor on size of anal canal.

Whether either of those theories are correct I don't know but thought I'd mention them as those points were raised recently.

That's enough scientific speculation from me for today! Anyway, I'm keeping fingers crossed for my body's healthy functioning, and wish everyone else well.

DAZZ in Sydney, Austalia, We've not heard from you for a long time!Hope all's well with you and that you're still with us!
I love reading about your big firm bum-splashing plops on that toilet of yours, your enthusiasm is really great along with the brilliant descriptions!

All for now, P P G

It's my first time on this forum.

I am 24 and last night, I had an accident.

Sometimes, I take laxatives (Senne) but, last weekend ...I pooped in my panties !


I've been sick and now im on antibiotics....any way last night i got in bed and i felt some gas and it felt like i was gonna have a loose shit from the antibiotics and it felt like the kind where you fart and your pants would fill up with loose shit. I tried going twice and there was nothing there. Then this morning i get up and around 10am i had to shit, and this would be the first time i've had to shit since Saturday(4 days). I went upstairs and i pushed my load out. It was way softer then normal(wasn't how i was thinking the night before). i wiped like 10 times. I think the antibiotics caused my shit to be like that. And also it was darker then normal, thats not normal for me.

Robbie: Firstly, I have cousin with the same name. But, I think you're cool and not stuck up like him. Many years ago, I used to do my damnest to find a clean toilet in high school. Sometimes they were a mess. I was in the service squad, so I had keys to unused teachers and students bathrooms. Worst, was no toilet paper. The City was too cheap. I will tell you this like all the others in the forum. If you have to go, speak up. Carry loose toilet paper. Have enough to put on the seat and wipe yourself. If worst comes to worst, do it standing up. I had to in my sophmore thru senior year. What kind of school district, where do you live without school buses? My mother never drove me to school. I walked and/or used public transportation. And beside, what's another piece of laundry underwear. The bottom line: I am sorry for you. I wish it would happen to my cousin, Robbie!

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