Hmmmmm. The most interesting dump in recent memory? Someone at my office had a birthday, and there was a huge birthday cake in the common area. It had an unfeasibly thick layer of *dark* blue icing - we're talking a deep, serious Mediterranean blue. I don't know what brand of dye they used to get the icing that dark, but it was intense. Certainly not a color found in nature.

I've still got a bit of the ol' sweet tooth, and I put away two pieces of that cake before lunch. Lunch was greasy pizza from the cafeteria. I forget what I had for dinner that night, but it continued the less-than-healthful theme of the rest of the day's repast.

The next morning at work, following the obligatory cup of coffee - 45 minutes, like clockwork - it was time, and I sat down to produce the most stunningly, the most aggressively, the most downright FESTIVELY green turd I've ever seen in my life. Not a trace of brown in it, and it was BRIGHT - about the color of an artifical Christmas tree, verging on towards astroturf. I hesitated, but eventually, sadly, flushed the thing away.

If I ever find out where that cake, with its magical icing, came from, . . . I'll post that information right here.

Kevin L.
Yesterday, after church, my cousins were going back home. Unfortunately, Fred seems to have school. What a waste of time. Anyway, after church, we went to the cabin for about 2 hours. We packed up. Then we all went to lunch on the way home. Aftyer lunch, I had to take a huge poop. I dropped two huge logs. Josh had to poo too. The bathroom was so small. It was smaller than the bathrooms in airplanes. While I was sitting down, my brother Billy tried to come. He whacked me with the door.

Our house was on the way to my cousins house. They live about 4 hours away. So stopped at our house for about 1/2 hour. We went out back and played capture the flag while my aunt and uncle finsihed doing whatever they had to do in the house. Fred had to poo before we started playing capture the flag. He did something we never did before. He went up a tree, pulled his pants and underwear down, and hung from the tree with his butt hanging down. Then he dropped two logs. I was funny looking at his logs coming out from below. When he was done, his little brother jake pooed next to his turds.


Kimmie, darling, you continue to amaze, enthrall and inspire! Your descriptions are so graphic, but also so light-hearted and fun, that you make the whole act of using a toilet into an intimate and wonderful adventure.

3.5" in diameter -- well, this time your anus opened three times wider than mine can presently comfortably go. I'm sure I could go 1.5" without too much trouble, but it'll need training to go up from there!

I find that my turds have also increased in size in the last six months or so, and are very pleasant to expell, so I'm hoping it'll be an ongoing process, and that will continued proper diet and exercise I shall one day be in the "Kim bracket" -- at least a Princess of Poo! [chuckles!]

I have a great story to post as soon as I can write it up, one for the pee fans but with a touch of poo about it too.

Bye for now, darling, and please know you have a legion of admiring fans out here!


TO SUMMER-I agree with you-I always sit on the bowl with my legs spread so the poo comes out easier-It does make s difference!I also poo nude most of the time too-again it feels better to me that way!
TO CARMELITA & RENEE-Boy don't I wish there was a place where we could all view those videotapes of yours!(there probably is-I wish I knew where I could find it!) I Myself would really enjoy those tapes as I would watch them as I poo along with you guys! Hey Carmelita,you play the guitar,huh-So do I ( A little) Are you a pro at it?Music can be so much fun!I wish you could send me some of those vidoes-Id even settle for audiotapes too!Love your stuff!
TO PENNY & LAURA-Oh boy-there is nothing worse than food poisoning or one of those stomach viruses-I had a stomach virus when I was 14 and I thought I would die,but when I was 19 I got some bad chinese food and I spent just about the whole day sitting on the bowl peeing out my anus and puking into the tub along side the bowl and moaning"someone please kill me now"every 5 mins-at one point every time i threw up i would squirt out all this loose stuff out my butt at the same time-boy was i sore back there for a few days!I didn't poo for almost a week after that!Drink a lot of water and liquids with electrolytes in them -it will help,believe me!
TO RED FACED WILLIAM-You must have loved that experience-I would have !Cool story!
TO P P G-I too ahve had some strange experiences in public toilets with other guys being rather blatant about checking you out as you poop and it skieves me to no end-it's like they want you to see them doing it-why I don't know-I don't want no date or anything-If you want to hear or see me dumping,be cool about it-then I don't care cause if you are pooing at the same time,chances are I'm enjoying hearing you go too,but that's as far as I want it to go-I hate when it starts to feel weird-I just want to run out of there!PPG,you sound like a mirror expert!I really enjoy seeing myself poo thru the mirror-maybe i'll try your 45 degree angle-any more suggestions?
TO DIANE-I had to laugh when I read your 2nd story dump-Imagine if someone outside saw that-what a good angle to see it from!-BTW,all quiet on the poo front-not much to report,just thought i would reapond to some posts-good stuff all-also the new pic is kinds sexy-I like this girl-she is in the middle of a good poop i think!BYE

That lady up top looks like she's got diahreah and or the flu.

Last night i was watching a show on comedy central, i belive it was called "The Man Show" and this contestant had to spin this wheel and do what ever it said. Then he took his wallet out and gave it to the host, who placed it in a urinal right there on the stage. Then he begain peeing on it. Then after he was done he gave it back to him using tongs. I hope he washed his wallet. Any one else happen to see this??

KENDAL - Hi!!! I did say that I went into the park and
had a poo in my usual place didn't I? Well I have done
it there about 5 times before, but I have had a wee
there lots more times. It just seems daring and exciting
to be squatting there in my smart office clothes, to see
through the bushes at the traffic going by on the road
close by when it can not see me. I was caught there twice
when I was having a wee and I bet the young lad who saw
everything thought it was his birthday!
It is a long time since I last had a dump there and I did
not see anything left of my old pieces. Last summer when
I went there about 3 or 4 days apart, I saw my old lump
and it was dried up a lot. I put another fresh one next
to it!

CHRISTINE (WITH SORE BOTTOM) - Hi. It maybe that your
parents never messed in their clothes like you did and
if they didn't then they are lucky. Really they should
not have spanked you like that. They could just have
told you that you should have looked for the toilet a bit
sooner and then left you alone.

PV - Hi girl! Yeah you are so right about Christine. I
hope it does not give her any trouble with going to the
toilet in the future. I bet I would remember being
spanked if that happened to me. I told Steve about
Christine's letter a few minutes ago and I do not think
he was too impressed either. Nothing will impress him
too much just now. We both have head colds just now and
he has it much worse than me, he has been sleeping
almost all day. Well that is his story that he is feeling
bad, the weaker sex are all the same that way aren't they?
A little bit of a sore throat or headache and they are
like they are dying aren't they?
There is a little story from Friday night when Jackie was
in the bath when Steve came home. She stood and had a
big wee while he watched. I bet Steve would like to tell
you that, so when he is better he will write to you.
One of my College friends who I had not seen for years
came into town on Saturday and we went out to a nightclub.
There was me, my old friend, Jackie and Emma. What is bad
about where we live is that there have been some attacks
on girls who have been on nights out. One girl 3 weeks
ago was going to the ladies' toilets and she got pushed
into there by some guy who tried to...erm...! I was real
shocked when I heard about it because I had just been in
there a few minutes before when it must have happened.
Well Steve would not usually mind if I have a night out
with my girlfriends and not him sometimes, but this time he
and his best friend came along to look out for us. The two
of them were just a bit of a distance away where they could
see us all but so we could talk girly stuff, and Steve could
talk lad stuff to his friend so I do not think it would be
so bad for him. I think that was really nice of him, don't
you? Well when we wanted to go to the toilet, we went in
pairs every time because we felt much safer doing that.
I feel so sorry for that poor girl who got attacked, I bet
she will be very scared of going in club toilets ever again.



Been away at a tournament with my younger son, the last couple of days, got in very late. Tomorrow my 2 boys and I are installing a new release at one our clients, so there is no letup, just a few minutes to catch my breath and read the last few days posts. Interesting, the new picture as well.

Christine, with the sore bottom - It's terrible, that your mom whacked you like that for having an accident. Sometimes it is difficult to go in school, for whatever reason, and we have all had accidents. Hell, I had one in my yard a few years ago, after I had walked the 1 and 1/4 miles uphill from the train. My wife had an accident at work in front of 2 co-workers, a couple of years ago, it does happen. I like PV's proposed remedy, the ex-lax in your mom's food. That appeals to a prankster like me. Anyway, what your mom did was cruel and unnecessary. Hope you are OK!

Kim and Scott - My gosh, young lady, you certainly do produce whoppers! 24" by 3.5"? That must have been some show you put on for Scott, and the filmed highlights must have been just as good. I am always amazed by the output some of the gals produce; it boggles the mind. Another great story, Kim, I really enjoyed it. Also, thanks for saying HI!

Mr Gruntley Bogwell: Voyeur Supreme, in the right place, at the right time, etc, etc, etc! What a story, what a view, you lucky devil! I read your stories and grin from ear to ear while I am reading them. I am grinning now as I right this reply. I only wish I had stories that were half as good as yours!

And.... Last but certainly not least: Carmalita. They say the best is saved for last and that is true, when it comes to your posts. I consider Renee's boyfriend one lucky guy, getting to see your cute little form perched on the potty, accidentally or not! I would have enjoyed that myself. SO you caught a guy on the head in your houskeeping days, watched a little and smiled?
And you said you would have liked to have caught me? Well, I wouldn't have minded at all, in fact you could have watched me and my wife, who was with me. I would have smiled at you, and let you watch for as long as you wanted! You would have enjoyed the view when it was my wife's turn, as she squatted over the bowl. Sorry to hear your sidekick was under the weather, hope she is OK now.

Gotta run. I have a real busy week, will not post or read until this weekend probably. Nothing too exciting on this end recently. Maybe an old story next week if nothing comes up.

Until then, So long everyone, it was fun chatting, have a great week, all!

Regards; Rick, aka RJOGGER!


John VT: Hi hon, we’ve just been videotaping whenever we feel a good one coming on. We’ve got the cam set up and ready to roll for the ocassions. It’s not a project that we plan, it just happens. We’ve been very busy due to other things going on. Thank you for your compliments about how I smell. It makes me very hot to think a man likes that. You and Jeff A are the only two men I’ve ever heard of that like that. I like it too. I like men and women’s smells. Renee is in there right now smiling at me while I write this. She’s stinking so bad, she’s peeling the wallpaper! She’s got a magazine so she plans to have some time invested!

PV: Thanks for the nice note. Juanito is such a little guy he can barely get his hands around the neck of the guitar, but he’s a go-getter and won’t quit! Man, I’d love to sit and just watch you take a big one! 2 eleven inchers, wow! You know, when you think about it, 11” is an awfully big turd. Mine are often long, but usually just fat. I don’t know why my turds come out so big, it’s hard to figure. I must be eating right! I’d sit you down on the toilet, listen and sniff while you pooped, and brush your hair for you while you did it. Afterward, it would be time for some tender wiping, then we could go work out together! I love working out after a good shit.

Jeff A: For the man who has a Carmalita scrapbook and collection of stories, here’s a special poop just for you. I hope it’s a winner!
I was at the gym and pretty jazzed about an experience in the locker room toilet. I was at the sink fixing my hair and makeup when an attractive black girl went into a cubicle, stretched her spandex down, and sat on the toilet. I listened as she took her morning shit. 4 healthy plops, and then I heard the toilet paper roll spinning. I was really in the mood for a dump myself, and could feel last night’s burrito, fried rice and refried beans wanting to come out. Listening to that girl take a healthy shit was very erotic to me, and when she came out, I pretended to need the toilet and went in to sniff her bouquet. She had a mild smell, but one of a fresh crap just the same. She was a pretty fast pooper too, she got it all out in about a minute or two.

So Jeff, I’m fantasizing that you were with me while I took a real big one.
On my way home I could feel my own ???? rumbling. I had changed into some khaki shorts and a white tank top. My black hair was loose, and hanging down. I pulled the string on my shorts, slid them and a white thong down to my knees, and sat. I had my knees closer together and was resting my chin in my left hand. I thought of you, Jeff. You, sitting on the edge of the tub, rubbing my brown legs while I softly grunted. You were there with me and I was loving it sooooo much! I farted a long zipper fart “sssppppllllttttttt” which got things moving. I felt my first turd sliding sliding around the loop of my insides, about to poke its way out of my ass. I could feel the tip, it was hard and fat and crackly. It got wider and wider, then slid out fast, crashing into the bowl. Oh, baby the smell was something else. Nothing worse than recycled Mexican food! After a moment or, two, I began to pee a healthy stream. Damn it felt good. Looking down between my legs I could see a big, br! own log stuck up against the bowl. It was lighter in color. I could feel poop building up inside, it almost ached because there was so much. I’m just so glad you were there with me. You were saying “C’mon Carmalita, more...c’mon.” It was time for me to take a serious shit. I raised my brown butt up off the seat by six inches so my feet would rest flat on the floor. Digging both elbows into my knees, I grunted, clenched my teeth, and started pushing. One really long and fat log began slipping out, crackling, and stinking. The smell was extreme. Jeff, I knew I’d have to be awfully good to you later for putting up with my stink. You were excited saying “Jeez Malita, it’s so big around!” I let the thing plop into the water, giving you a good show as five more softer lumps slid out of me. I spead my legs to look down at my droppings and knew we were going to have a flushing problem. Oh well, I’d work it out later. Jeff, I looked into your eyes and you were smiling at me ! very gently. I felt really good, and wanted desperately to get the rest of my load out. I had to grunt for a few minutes while the air was turning brown. I then slid my panties and shorts down to my ankles, spread a little more, and crapped out three pine cone sized brownies that splatted on top of some soft shit, and one huge lump of turd. I was finally out of poop. I heaved a sigh of relief, and you pulled a strand of curls out of my face, tucking them behind my ear. The smell wafting up between my legs was very rich and very strong. When it came time for my wiping, you already knew how to clean me which was very nice. My butt was sticky and took eight wads of toilet paper, and some serious digging in to get it clean, but you did a good job on me. Since I was wearing a thong, I asked you for one last wipe deep inside my ass, and you showed me the paper when you were done. It was clean, so I stood up, stretched the butt floss up, elastic snapping the whole time, and then pul! led my shorts up and tied the string. It was a bad mess in the toilet, and like a true gentleman, you broke up my logs with a kitty scooper (that I now keep in the bathroom). The more you chopped on them, the worse they smelled. I knew I’d have to be awfully good to you for doing this for me. It took four flushes, but you got the toilet empty for me. Afterward, you and I went out for a huge breakfast.
That was my special poop to you, Jeff. I hope you liked it! Look out John VT! You’re next!

kim and scott
greetings all! TO SUMMER- thanks for liking our posts. you always say the nicest things. you are soooo sweet! plus thanks for liking my position of putting both hands on the back of my legs and raising my legs up,bending my knees up to my chin. sometimes summer I have my legs together but when my log gets really big (and you and other posters know it does!haha) i spread my legs wide to get it all out. and yes you should try that position. i dont want to get too personal but do you have a boyfriend? and do you buddy dump with him? just curious might have fun with it!! dont answer if you dont want to.bye. TO JOHN (VT)- hi!! thanks for liking my posts. you like summer say the nicest things. I love ya both!! and your right John my post was not in that position before. I love the moderators but they put my post in a bad spot that time.(forgive me for saying so guys but its true.) i am soooo happy that you saw it john. at least the right guy saw it right? i dont think my poor bowl can hold in my gigantic logs much longer huh? my logs are almost too big for the bowl to swallow.haha!and your right my record log is in jeopardy. stay tuned john.....

Monday, March 19, 2001

I was over at my grandfather's house a week ago. He's a spindly old man in his 90's, and he doesn't keep his house in tip-top shape. Actually, I was just over there to take care of some of his plants as he was away at the time. As I was watering his plants, my stomach started to rumble and I realized I needed to use the facilities. Upon entering the bathroom, I noticed that the water pressure seemed really low in the sink (my hands had dirt on them from taking care of the plants). It turns out that the toilet had developed some kind of problem and he had turned the water to the house off prior to leaving. Mind you, that his house only has one bathroom, which is on the second story. There also isn't a tree in his yard, and although the thought had come up of me slipping outside and going behind a bush, the neighbors would have likely caught me in the act, so that was not an option. What did I do? The brave soul that I am decided to open the bathroom window the full way! , and I hung my little arse out the window so I could take care of my business. I was holding on for dear life, not that I would have fallen or anything, but being so high up off the ground was a bit scary. A huge load of diarrhea exploded out of my arse and fell two stories onto the lawn below. Nobody seemed to be home in the nearby homes, so it wasn't a problem, plus I doubt anyone would have looked two stories up and caught a glimpse of me there!


Um, you're parents must be pretty strict if they spank you at 15 years old, especially over something minor like that, I mean, you did it in public not even on purpose and the embarrasment should've been more than enough punishment, if you were my kid I'd just tell you that it happens to everyone and just to put them in the dirty clothes then shower up. Please let me know how you're doing sweetie, things will be okay.

To Sara and other girls (and guys) who like to pee into containers. The urinal jug I mentioned a few months ago is called a Little John, it's an oddly shaped red plastic jug with a handle and a spill proof lid. You can buy a flexible plastic female adapter. These items are usually around 5 U.S. Dollars apiece and can be found at any aviation shop or may be ordered off of the internet. I bought one about a month ago and just recently bought another b/c they are so convenient and fun to pee into. I keep them both under my bed and take one when I go driving around or on a trip. You'd think that a 17 year old guy would feel kind of weird doing this, but I think it's perfectly normal. I would like to say that everyone on this forum has made me feel much better about my interests by letting me know that I'm not alone.



Both of you look like you had food poisoning - it would be even more ironic if you were both in the same place, ate the same thing and crossed paths and don't know each other!

Anyway - DRINK A LOT OF WATER, this will clean out your system good.

Texas Lady
I've lurked here for just over a year now and this is
my first post. Today, in the Sunday comics, I forget which
the female character was told by her doctor to drink 8 glasses
of water a day. The next panes show her progress of drinking
and then a frantic drive home, with her thought bubble showing
the ladies room. She was pulled over by the police for speeding.
The final pane showed her thinking "this is the first time I've
been caught drinking and driving". I thought it was interesting
that a comic strip could be about peeing.

I like the pictures of different ladies on the toilet but, would
really love to see a man there. Has there ever been a man's
picture there and I've missed it? How about the rest of you,
would you like to see a man sitting or better yet, standing??

BTW, I am a 37 year old married black woman and live in the DFW
area of Texas.

yea anon, i've been at the urinal for a piss & crapped myself. I was at the beach on vacation a year ago. i'd been farting a lot that day. i was going into the bathroom for a quick piss. as i went in 2 other guys went in too. as we walked through the doorway i cut loose a loud fart. one of the other guys said good one dude. as i undid my shorts (had on jean shorts) i told him i'd been doing that all day. as i began to piss i felt another one brewing. told him this next one's gonna be intense. it was was really loud & i totally crapped myself.
steph--i recently posted about needing a shit at the park. this resulted in me shitting myself. it's a coulpe pages back i think.

BUZZY--wow that was a great session you had. Love those first thing in the morning dumps. You must've lost 5
Quick hiya to John VT.
Shawn you said you crapped a large load into your pants. What happened?

No new stories this time around.

St. Patrick's Day in the States involves drinking lots of green beer...Lots of green dye in the beer. Anyone have a giant green dump today? Man, I did. Grape soda will do that to you, too, for some reason.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, There Everyone,

DECLAN, Hi!, Yes, I so agree; Shitting should be a companiable activity!
You mentioned "going over the pole" as I've heard that expression before for the method of sitting on a pole as you shit into a pit.
My biker friend said he went to a bike rally once where this was the toilet arrangement and the guy next to him referred to what was under them as "A multi-coloured communality of shit"
Another bike rally he went to had two Elsan chemical toilets in opposite sides of a small makeshift canvas "tent", where two guys could sit and shit on these toilets facing away from each othere at an angle but when anyone walked in, obviously you were on show.

If it's permissable to quote extracts from books here, ( I wasn't sure about copyright rules on the internet) I'm sure you'll be interested in the following from "Love, Sex and War" by John Costello
and describing the latrines used by American GIs during WW2.

"Toilet taboos were suspended for the duration. Fifty of us shared one latrine and took turns at cleaning it, in a symphony of gruntsand smells and flushing noises. there were no doors on the booths, nor privacy at the urinal. Answering nature's call meant subjecting yourself to loud and detailed criticism- perceptive and merciless descriptions of your sex organs, ranging from glowing admiration; brilliant critiques of your style of defecation, with learned footnotes on gas-pasing. Expert discussions gave new meaning to your technique of urination- which hand, how many, or no hands at all-or hownonchalant you managed to look. We soon learned to flaunt our genitals and brag about our toilet mannerisms. Anyone who was modest about these was immediately and forever labelled a homosexual."

Not a very comradely or friendly atmosphere, but I bet the guys that made the loudest plops and grunted the most and were the least inhibited must have felt great as role models to impress their mates.Interesting though, that the guys who were either shy or disinterested would be labelled as gay, whereas those of us men who would love to be with other guys shitting would attract exactly the same label from those who DON'T want to share toilet sessions in civilian life and in most circumstances.

Glad you've had a good read of the previous posts. Some of the names you quote have cetainly struck a chord with me!

TWICE SHY, What is it that you usually say as you're pushing out your turds? I wondered what the other guy on the Retreat heard you saying.

I forget who it was but recently a guy said he was sitting on the toilet in a door-less cubicle, when two evangelists started talking to him and stood in the opening to his stall as he sat there dropping his turds and they could hear his plops! Wow! Part of me is shocked at such an insensitive intrusion and lack of courtesy, and yet I'd love to be in that situation myself as I'd really grunt loudly and keep standing up to inspect the last turd I'd dropped and making comments about how good it was!
I would think those guys would get a lot of angry receptions from guys being disturbed on the toilet and it must be a terrific perk to get that opportunity of talking to guys on the toilet.
I was amazed that they shook his hand immediately after he'd wiped his arse!

BUZZY, Re. the mirror to watch yourself shit subject- I did once see a guy sitting really forward on the toilet, such that as his turds which were small and hard came out, I could see them as they emerged almost at a 45 degree angle. Some of his turds actually went on the seat instead of plopping down the pan.
Perhaps placing the mirror at the side of the toilet and slightly leaning forward and lifting oneself up to shit might be the best way!
I hadn't realised until I propped up the seat and watched myself, how much of the buttocks actually hang down through the seat! I'd say about 2-3" on an average size seat, but I suppose the build of the person on the toilet will determine the "hangdown".

About 6 years ago I was on holiday in the Lake District and went to a place on the coast called Grange Over Sands. I arrived early evening in the summer and arriving by bus I started walking along near the promenade when I realised I needed a toilet and that it was getting urgent. I found some public gardens and a public toilet and went in and had a quick, smelly, loose and loud shit, and feeling better, cleaned up and went to find accommodation for the night.
After booking in and getting something to eat, I went for a walk along the front until I got to a point where there was a toilet and opposite the entrance was a man in his 50s standing at the railings by the shore who I noticed as soon as I went to the toilets to see what they were like and what i'd missed, turned and watched me .
Either he was interested in guys shitting , or more likely Ithought had other interests. Anyway I went into the first of two cubicles to see what the toilet was like, and through a small window in my cubicle, saw the guy marching down the path and enter the building , then install himself in the other toilet.
He was perfectly quiet asI looked up expecting to see him looking over the partition and which made me really feel like having a go at him if he did, as it just seemed so creepy. I really wished I'd been able to hold my smelly shit until now and stink the place out with it and to leave him in no doubt as to the purpose of the toilet. I'd be quite happy for him to stick his head over when he'd heard and smelt me drop a load and even if he didn't I'd make the most of the situation and give some very graphic and disgusting comments on my production.
Anyway, he didn't make any approach or annoy me in any way, and I was hardly making use of the toilet myself and for all I know, perhaps he was on the same wavelength as I was.
I just wish that men who follow other men into toilets would be a lot less blatant about it.

Some time ago I was in my local public toilet one evening, and I'd taken a portable cassette recorder with me on the off chance I might hear something worth recording and see if it was audible enough. I was alone except for a guy on my left and I forget how it came about but we started chatting about the sounds of men plopping and I was getting a positive response from him as if it was of interest! I'd actually got one of my own sessions on tape and asked if he wanted to hear it! he said yes, and I played it to him and at hearing some of the louder plops he was quite appreciative and we were getting on really well, I thought we'd be arranging to meet up and see and hear each other as it seemed I'd sparked an interest in him that he'd not been aware of before.
So, he listened and then suggested rewinding a bit and replaying some paticularly good plops, when suddenly, the sound of loud footsteps as someone marched into the place and promptly went into the cubicle on my right.
Immediately the guy on my left pulled up his trousers, flushed and almost ran out. I tried to catch up with him but by the time I'd even got the door open, he was well away, and I felt extremely annoyed with the guy who'd interrupted our conversation and listening, and as I stood at the washbasins , the other guy came out of his cubicle, gave me a look and looked at my bum and walked out.
It occurred to me that the first guy must have thought the second guy was a policeman and was checking on "Cottaging" and so he'd got out to avoid any questioning etc.
I could hardly express my impotent rage on the gay man who'd come in so determinedly but again, like I said before, wish that men who like to be with others for whatever purpose in toilets would make less dramatic entrances!
I've not taken my recorder with me since and the only way I've felt intruded by others in recent months is when I'm on the toilet in there and two guys go in a cubicle on one side of me and do their drugs, whatever they do, and two of their friends go in the cubicle the other side of me and they call across to each other with me in the middle!
If this was the USA, the cubicle doors might well have been removed by now, as it seems to be for that reason especially that the phenomenon of open stalls came about.

Best wishes, P P G

PENNY & LAURA. Judging by the content of your respective posts I think you'd both eaten things which disagreed you and triggered 'the runs.' In an age when people are supposedly taught to take more care over food preparation than ever before it is perhaps ironic that food poisoning is more widespread than it's ever been. Fortunately most cases of food poisoning are relatively mild and result in little more than nausea and a dose of the runs. That doesn't make them any less disagreeable though.

ANNE THE BUS DRIVER. I enjoyed your post about the big motion you had whilst out shopping just over a week ago. It's a wonder you didn't block the toilet, dumping on top of someone else's production. I think perhaps you were right to use the ladies loo rather than try and hold it till you got home. If the roadworks had held you up you might not have made it and you may have had a major accident to post about instead. Not that I'd have minded!

You said about coffee making you want to wee heavily. Does tea have the same effect on you or not? I find that coffee makes me want to wee a lot but tea doesn't seem to have the same diuretic properties.

Also, I liked your account of using the bucket at home when you were younger. It was a pity to waste your jobbie by putting down the inspection pit though. Dug into the garden it would have made excellent fertiliser. I don't know whether your dad is/was a gardener but your jobbies could have helped him grow some prize marrows.

I love to see your posts. Keep them coming.

TONY (SCOTLAND). I know from previous posts that you prefer to sit for #1. Some men do and that's fair enough by me. Occasionally I sit for #1 when I'm at home but in public I prefer to stand and use a urinal because it's impossible (especially nowadays) to be sure about the cleanliness of toilet seats. For this reason I only go for #2 in public if its absolutely unavoidable. I prefer to have a routine which allows me to dispense with motions at home as much as possible rather than leaving it to chance and simply having a bowel movement when the need arises.

Pooper Dooper
Two movies with poop and pee scenes all male scenes.
Poop scene-
Dirty Work
Pee scene-
Shang Hia Noon

raw ring
Ive always read these posts but now I feel I can write.
tonight i had the worst diareah(i hope i spelled it right) and my ass rally hurts. I had a hamburger homemade. It mustof been in the hamburger.Ill post more as i remember

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