First of all, I love this sight, and I'm a first time poster.
I'll just start by saying that this is the worst accident I've ever had. I'm 14, and I was in my last class of the day. I knew I had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to use the ones at school, because they're really nasty. There was about ten minutes of class left, and I was now squirming. When class was over, I didn't wait to talk to any of my friends, I just ran out of the building. My mom was waiting to pick me up.(we don't have buses) I got in the car and buckled up, and we drove off. My house takes about seven to ten minutes to get from school to there. I was certain I would make it. Suddenly we were caught up in traffic. I told her I had to go, and she said I can wait till I get home. Finally, when we got out of the jam, I loostened up a little, and a fart slid out. Big mistake. My underwear started to fill up with horrible, stinky, runny, slimy diarrhea. It filled my crotch. Everytime I would move, it would stick. It was so nasty! My mom noticed the smell, a nd lectured me about it. She then started to holler. I was so embarassing. She said I was to old to do that, and I should have done it at school. I was sad. We finally got to the house, and I ran up the stairs to change. She asked me what I was doing, and I said changing. She said no I'm not. I asked why, and she said that she's not going to do an extra pair of underwear in the washing machine just cause I'm an idiot. She said I had to wait until I take a shower tonight at my normal time. We argued, and I said I didn't care what she said, then she said if I disobey her, I would be grounded for a week. So instead of missing a party the next day, I just lounged around the house with a pantsfull of wet, smelly diarrhea. It took me a few hours to get comfy. I needed to go again, so I did. I figured things couldn't get any worse. It was about eight when it got cold, and at eleven I took a shower. When I took then off, little chunks spilled out. I hadn't noticed, but it was smeared ! all over my legs. I took them off, and it was filled to the brim. It spilled out. I cleaned up, and it was the worst accident I had ever had.

ANON - Nope. However I must admit that I'm a bit prudish. If I know I've got to break wind, I walk past the urinal and head straight for the toilet. While I'm seated I attempt to have a BM. Usually, nothing happens of course... But I've suprised myself with some pretty good movements on rare occasions.
I end up saying to myself, "Wow! Where did that come from?"

Red Face William
This story is almost twenty years old but a similar recent story reminded me of it. Shortly after our marriage my wife and I visited her family, and we stayed overnight in their old house. There were two bathroom on the main floor and I was told we could use the small one at the end of the hall. The morning after our stay I got up and wearing the bathrobe my wife insisted I use, I went to the small bathroom and began showering. I had been in the shower maybe a minute when I heard the door open and close. Thinking it was my wife, I continued soaping. After about a minute something did not seem right so I rised on tiptoes and peeked over the top and was shocked to see my mother in law on the toilet. She did not see me. I continued soaping and scrubbing but carefully slid the rear glass door just a crack and could plainly see the lady from hind quarter view. By then she had her shorts to the floor and was straining on the toilet and leaning forward and soon expelled a ver! y long, solid turd which broke off as it exited and then a couple of more nice ones. My wifes mother was about 40 at the time and not hard to look at and this was quite a treat. She sat back on the seat and then scrunched sideways, wiped, looked at the paper a couple times, got up, flushed, washed her hands and exited leaveing a strong poop smell behind. I finished the shower, dried and went back to our bedroom. A little while later my wife informed me that her mom quietly told her she'd used the bathroom thinking that her own husband was showering there, and was very surprised to come out afterwards and find him sitting at the breakfast table reading a magazine. She correctly guessed that it had been me in the shower, and she told my wife that fortunately neither of us had been aware of it at the time. I kept quiet. No way could I win saying anything. But I will never forget the sight of that lovely bottom, pooching out and modulating, expelling that nice solid turd.! She would probably die if she knew...

Christine (w/ a sore bottom): I am sorry to learn of your accident. When you feel the urge at school, bear the shame than bear the pain. I did not start having daily bowel movements in the school's toilets until sophmore year. A few times in freshman year, I had to rest my bowels at school. It was an emergency. Plus, I had to use the toilet in a pizzeria and a subway station on the way home from school. Your mother and father should not beat you for that. I have known adult men, who have defecated in their pants-teachers at that.

I remember in sophmore year, I had to rest my bowels during gym. I knew I could not hold it back. I left my chinning bar friends for the girls gym toilet. It was a three stall room with a doors for privacy. An older senior girl had just entered a stall and evacuated her bowels, loud. She did not see me. I took the next stall, pulled down my blue cotton gym shorts and white panties to my ankles. The loosest doo-doo poured out of me with an explosion. It felt good. I sat for 15 minutes and then urine gushed out of my vagina for 30 seconds. I was cleaning myself good and so was she. We both flushed and came out. When this senior saw me, she was shocked. She was a snooty girl, who thought her poop did not stink. Well, she made the loudest noise both in the toilet and in student discussions.

Penny:Sorry you ate too much. Know when to stop. I have seen hwat happens to people when they eat and then DRINK to much. It is not fun. Many years ago, an older, older cousin and my mother went to Penn Dutch Country. When they came home, the husband was going to get the older cousin. She said she wanted to use the toilet. Well, she did-the entire bathroom. She vomited all over the place. There was no stopping her. I felt sorry for her. She admitted she overindulged in food.

Laura:Sorry for also. You had a stomach virus. They are no fun. I try to avoid them. I have been lucky. One of my colleagues said she has never vomited in her life. She is age 46. She is lucky. I told her it is an experience. I had them when I was 8,9, and 10.
Jane: You have these wicked bowel movments, I could only dream of. Breakfast, I find moves me in the morning, literally. My high school friends used to tell me and my co-workers that I live in the toilet.

Hi, everyone!

Welcome back, Carmalita and Renee! NOW I understand why we
haven't heard from you lately... you've been too busy videotaping!
Ha! TWELVE luscious scenes of each of you!!! Wow, I'm in heaven!
And thanks for the actual details (clothing worn, size of turds,
the plunger scene, etc.), it makes the project believable (and of
course adds to my excitement...). Excellent memory regarding my
penchant for enjoying the aroma, as well... you are ABSOLUTELY
correct I would have loved to have been there for your recent
"???? Mexican food on the Rebound 10++ Perfume-Meter Event!"
One last thing: Don't forget to record the smell of each of your
sessions, in addition to the audio and visual aspects. When I finally
find a way to acquire these prizes, I want to be able to press the
"smell" button on my remote, and have a near-life sensory overload...
Ahhhh! And yes, I wouldn't doubt your tag-team performance is superior to anything else available... keep up the GREAT work!

Billy and Kevin L
After school friday, my cousins who were staying with us and cousin billy's family went up to the cabin. Billy took a little poop after lunch and Kevin took a little one after recess. We stopped at a mcdonalds for dinner. We both had to go a little before dinner, but we we just peed when we got to mcdonalds. After dinner, mom said we should hurry up, so we got in the car. About 20 minutes later, my little brother Josh said he need to go to the bathroom. We were about 2 minutes from the cabin but he couldn't wait. So mom stopped the car and we got out. Both of us, Josh and cousin fred. We were about 10 minutes from the cabin, so mom said we could walk home if we want. Josh went into the woods and dropped his pants. fred said he needed a poo too. So he dropped his pants too. While they were making poops, we shown the light on them. It was really funny seeing the poops coming out of their butts with a flashlight. fred dropped one big log, about 1 foot long, but it was only like 1! /4 inch thick. Then he dropped a bunch of loose stuff. THen he passed so liquid stuff. It was funny watching it come out. Josh just passed two pretty big logs and then some loose stuff. kev wiped josh's butt. Then it was our turn to poop. We pooped on their piles. Kev dropped about 10 3 inch logs and billy dropped two pretty big logs. It was a pretty big dump for us.

The next mornign we went bowling. We left right after breakfast. Only my dad, cousin billy, the two of us and my brother justin went. About half way throught he first game billy had to poo. Kev and fred came too. Billy passed a big log. It was a floater and we peed on it. We couldn't flush the toilet. After the second game, kev had to poo. We all got sodas, so cousin billy had to pee too. WHen kev got the bathroom, someone was pooing in the stall that we used earlier, so kev pooped in the other one. Then we all we peed on his logs. This time the toilet flushed. When we got done washing our hands, the guy pooping in the toilet we used last time got out and left. We looked in. billy's log was still in there, still floating. There was a pile of lost crap in there two.

After bowling, we went back to the cabin. We got out little brothers and went to sears for some varnish for something. While we were looking around, jake disappeared on us. About 2 minutes later, we found him. He was sitting on one of the demo toilets with his pants down. I said that you don't poop in those. THey are hooked up. He said, oops. Then he said, someone pooped in that one (he pointed to a different one). Sure enough, the was a huge load of poop. One long log and about 4 little ones. He got dressed and we took him to the working bathroom to wipe his butt.

WE home for lunch. After this, we wnet out and played. While we were playing hide and seek, fred said he had to poo. He said is there somewhere out here where he poop? Kev said over there. Kev had to poo too. So he went to the place near where the septic tank will go, dropped his pants and started to poo. Fred joined him. While fred was pooing, someone flushed the toilet in the house. Out of the pipes came 2 logs and some tp. fred said it look funny. It was pretty funny, because most of the snow melted, and you could see our frozen poos that we dropped all winter in that area.

Today, at church, fred said he had to go to the bathroom. justin said he needed to go too. So i showed them where the bathroom was. Fred said he really needed a poo, so he went frist. He dropped a huge log. Then justin hopped on the toilet. He dropped a huge log too. Then we peed and left.

Carol (Houewife and mother)
From reading back through Old Posts (fascinating!) I have read various stories of parents smacking children who have a wetting or soiling accident in their knickers. Now I dont intend to start a flame war about this. I am NOT against smacking kids who really deserve it and yes, I and my husband Keith have smacked our two when they were younger on the few occasions they did something really bad and all other warnings and sanctions had failed. One thing neither of us would do or even think about was to smack a child, as Christine was, for having an accident in their underwear. Both of mine had big accidents on a few occasions, Ive done a few jobbies in my knickers too, as described in my last posting, and my husband has been taken short, it happened recently when he was driving back thankfully with no fare in the back of the cab and got held up in a long traffic jam on the motorway so he couldnt just pull to the side and go behind a bush or wall or whatever and did a big poo in ! his briefs. I just cannot understand the cruel mentality of anyone hitting a child for such an accident, If they wont go to the toilet at school there may be a good reason, bullies, shyness etc and if at that age they are deliberately soiling their knickers then they could have a behavioral problem which needs proper investigation not punishment. When he was 14 my son had a couple of such big accidents in his knickers. At first I thought it was just bad luck but after the third one in a month I took him aside and gently but firmly asked and I found out that the school bullies hung out in the boys toilet and he was frightened to use it. A letter to my local councillor and the Headmaster of the school put a stop to that, a senior pupil Monitor or a male teacher supervised the Boys toilet with a similar arrangement using females in the Girls and all was restored to normal. My daughter also had accidents in her teens but these were down to the side effects of her periods disturbin! g her intestines when she was younger. Now her periods and her guts have stabilised and like her mum she gets a bit bunged up at that time of the month then drops a ton. She can rival me in the size of the jobbies she does and I have often been blamed for her big poos. Soiling and wetting accidents can happen to anyone and need a sympathetic approach. To Christine's Mum and Dad I would say you may be old and incontinent one day and need her to change you when wet and soiled. So leave the sadism out.

Its Natural and Tony, glad you liked my tale about doing a big job in my panties. I cant say I enjoyed it, but from what I read here some liked reading about it.

Ring Stretcher. Yes a woman's rectum is a different shape to a man's. Its wider. That no doubt accounts for women doing fatter jobbies than men of the same build etc. During my second pregnancy, I was rather constipated. Obviously a woman should not take laxatives when she is pregnant or any other drug for that matter unless given the approval of her doctor. Mine, an old Scots Doc put me on to the drinking Olive Oil as a lubricant or using KY jelly or vaseline to ease the passage of hard lumpy constipated stools and this tip has stood me in good stead ever since. He also advised eating enough fibre and drinking sufficient fluids. I still get a little bit constipated but my natural pattern is to do 3 or 4 motions a week not go every single day, so this doesnt bother me. I did have a CODE BROWN when I gave birth to my son 17 years ago. By that time UK hospitals had stopped giving women an enema before labour or shaving their vulval area. I was in the labour room and bearing ! down. Keith was in the pub, I dont like the modern practice of the husband being present, so told him to go out with the lads and my Mum would phine him when it was over. Anyway, I was bearing down and as well as the baby's head a big fat turd emerged. Now I am not normally embarassed by my natural functions but felt a bit awkward about doing a poo in such circumstances. I need not have worried. Without any fuss one of the nurses simply put a bowl under the emerging jobbie, thankfully a solid one, and took it away for disposal, wipeing my anal area with an antiseptic swab. No fuss, nobody said a thing about it. I now know this is a very commonplace occurance.

Ive just done a big whopper this morning when I got up. I cooked and ate breakfast and afterwards was reading the Sunday paper and I let out a loud fart. The whole family are home so they knew what was coming, even the cat got off the window ledge to investigate. I asked the others if they wanted the toilet as I was needing a poo. This brought giggles and laughs. I took the paper and went into the toilet. I knew the others would hear me performing but we are all family so who cares. Skirt up, black panties down to knees and after another foghorn blast from my arse I did a long wee wee. Nothing moving in my back passage, there's a big fat lump up there but it doesnt want to come out. Sit and read the paper for a few minutes then I feel it come down. I let my ring expand, no straining as that can be painful. Yes, here it comes. Slowly the big fat jobbie starts to emerge. I just give a gentle UH! and let it do itself, not too hard, not too soft, just right, a good firm motion! . I feel it slide out growing in size and look between my legs seeing the fat brown cylinder pointing down in the pan. The start is already in the water then it tapers off and slides into the pan with a "FLOOMP!" Its a beacher, a few inches sticking up out of the water. I wipe my bum, although it has come out cleanly and pull my knickers up. It is a big beauty, I estimate about 14 inches long, slightly curved, mid brown, tapered end. My thoughts are brought back to earth as my husbands shouts, "Carol, have you done anything yet. Im needing a pee!" I tell him I have and he comes in and has a look. He pees with difficulty on top of it. He pulls the flush but it stays put. I leave it for the others to see as it will go away after a few flushes or I will thrown a bucket of water down to shift it. Mission accomplished!

Anne I liked your story about using the bucket when the toilet was being refurbished. I have had to do mine in a bucket in the past too. We went on a holiday a few years back renting an old cottage in the countryside. Toilet was a privy (dry earth toilet) at the end of the garden. Okey to use in daylight but a bit off at night. Keith got a big yellow plastic bucket from a shop in the town a few miles away and we used this, emptying the contents into the privy in the morning. We took turn about to "slop out" Thankfully nobody suffered from diarrhea on the holiday, we all did good solid logs. Of course it was my luck that the morning it lashed with rain everyone needed a poo after breakfast. We had put the bucket in the back hallway and it must have been a sight to see us all take turns to sit on this bucket and the thuds as our solid turds dropped into the bucket. When we had all finished there were a number of balls and some big logs for me to dump in the privy, then I ri! nsed the bucket out with bleach and water. Back of the hallway smelt like the Girls Toilet at my old school!

Karen, glad you had a good poo eventually. I havent heard of "stool loosener" I dont use laxatives but is this one gentle or drastic. What did you do in the end? a good solid one, a soft but formed jobbie or a load of loose mush and diarrhea?

My daughter moves out to live with her boyfriend today, (with the full blessing of Keith and myself- he's a good lad training to be a Dentist at University), and we are thinking of extending our present bathroom into part of her old bedroom room and making the other half adjoining our bedroom into an en-suite toilet and shower. I'll tell you how it goes. Keith is quite keen on this as he can then lie in bed and watch as I drop my bombs in the toilet.

Glad you all like my stories. BTW thanks Tony for the information in Old Posts that having an interest in defecation is called Coprophilia. I knew there had to be a proper word for this.

CHRISTINE (w/ sore bottom) --

Well, I guess your Mom has a point, if the toilets at school are clean and properly supplied with paper and doors and all... I just wish parent who are so handy at punishing genuine accidents had a few themselves. Slip her an ex-lax and stand by with the paddle, it's payback time!

Well, dear, all I can say is, when you have parents who set rules like those, it's easier to play by them than not. That doesn't make it right, just more tolerable... I'd better not get too political here, there's a spanking forum, as the moderator pointed out, but it seems over the top to me. As does getting physically punished twice for the same infraction.

That was pretty mean of her to spank you before you were clean, faeces has a detrimental, scouring effect on human skin under such circumstances of spreading and smearing, and your whole anal/ischial region would be pretty raw in no time. And for your dad to strike the same area again in the short term is even meaner.

Best of luck, dearie, I hope your dad didn't lay on too hard, and your poor bottom isn't too sore.

CARMALITA -- I'm so glad your favorite boy is okay, and you're teaching him music! That's wonderful therapy, not just for him but to chase away the ghosts for you too. It's a nice and caring thing to do. And ohhhh, how I'd love to let loose with a couple of my eleven-inchers for you, sound effects and all, really fill the bowl, then stand, turn and bend so you can wash my rear end ever so thoroughly, inside and out. We could admire my output for a bit, then it would be time for you to slip your pants down, park yourself on the seat I've gotten warm for you, and thunder out one of your mighty productions on top of mine! I'd be watching with delight, and standing by with the moist wipes to return your gentle attentions. Mm-mmm! That's my idea of a healthy evacuation!

PENNY -- sorry to hear about your falling ill on the road, that sounded like a touch of food poisoning at the party. For both nausea and diarhoea to hit you simultaneously can be a symptom of migraine, but if you had no splitting headache too, then a gut bacteria is more likely. It's an awful thing to suffer -- I hope you're okay now. Looking forward to more stories from South Africa!

Cheers all,


It must be a bad weekend. Both of us sick as dogs!!
Hope you are OK.

Im sick with a very bad sore throat and a touch of the flu, i got a fever too. Any way, i could tell i was sick because yesterday i had to poop twice and the first time my logs were really soft and i had to wipe a lot then the 2nd time i had to poop it was even looser and messer. It was the kind where you can't hold it and you need to be on the toilet ASAP. Then later i was doing somethign and couldn't stop and i thought i was gonna mess my pants cause my stomach felt funny. But i never did go again. I haven't had to go today. Any way i haven't felt as i was gonna throw up, only a tad maybe and thats it.

Metfan,fair enough, the girl was using this an excuse and therefore got found out. I have to say that it does annoy me that half the population still have old fashioned attitudes to menstruation. Its something all women have to cope with, its natural, its NOT dirty its part of life, indeed vital to its continuation.

Tony asked if any woman takes off all her lower garments before doing the toilet. I dont do this as a habit but this incident from last year may amuse you.

I was at home on Sunday and doing the laundry. I also needed a motion quite urgently and was farting well. I put the dirty clothes in the washing machine and being dressed only in my nightie and a pair of white Sloggis I slipped these off and put them into the machine as well as I was going to the bathroom to do my poo then have a shower. I bent down to close the machine door and felt something move in my back passage. I farted a loud dry fart but the jobbie then started to come out.It was solid but smooth and easy, a typical morning after breakfast motion. I just stood there and let it come out, I couldnt have stopped it, and it fell onto the tiled floor of the kitchen. It was the usual big jobbie, a curved 14 incher and was smooth but firm. I also peed onto the floor. I got some kitchen towel, picked up the turd and put it in a plastic bin bag then mopped the floor clean. After my shower and getting dressed I went into the garden and dropped the turd into the composter, covering it with compost which broke it down owing to the friendly bacteria, beetles, worms etc it contains and adding to the nourishment for the garden. A similar thing happened once in the communal shower after a netball match I was playing in. We were all naked in the large shower, having a good giggle when Jacqui suddenly said. "Oh I need a poo" we suggested she got out of the shower and used one of the toilets at the other side of the changing rooms but she said, "Oh no Im doing it now!" and as we stood out of her way we saw this fat turd emerge from between her ???? buttocks. It was a fat one about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick a real log shaped jobbie. It landed on the floor of the shower and with great presence of mind Jacqui picked it up and dropped it into one of the toilet pans, then came back to the shower. The powerful streams of water from the shower roses washed away any skid marks and we poured some bleach over the surface and down the drain when we had finished our shower. None of the other girls seemed too bothered about this , I wonder how blokes would have reacted if some member of their football or rugby team did a poo in the communal shower after a match?

Good to see you back here. Are you the same Bridget who used to post about your boyfriend's dumps a year or two ago?

I havenít posted for a while because Iíve been a bit busy rehearsing for the school play. Yesterday though I went for a morning run with Matthew. After a while we stopped for a rest and I needed a pee. We were on a fairly quiet country road with the odd car going past. The grass and weeds were really long in the verge and I didnít want thistles or nettles near my bum or my tender parts so I decided to go on the edge of the road. I could hear a car coming in the distance but I was feeling pretty mischievous so I went ahead and pulled my shorts and pants down and squatted with my back in the direction the car was coming from. I was just starting to go when it passed; he probably didnít see much apart form my bum unless he looked in his mirror. Then I got a shock; a car sudddenly appeared round the bend in the other direction. It was a middle aged couple; they were driving quite fast and of course on our side of the road with me facing them. They had to slow down and swerve to a void us. I was facing them and they must have seen everything Ė my private parts and my wee which by then was gushing in mid flow. It was very quick though and I was looking down at my feet. Matthew said it was so quick he didnít notice much change in the expression on their faces. I felt my usual strange mixture of excitement and embarrassment. I didnít hurry to get dressed but no other cars came. When we got back we both needed a poo; the house was empty and Matthew sat on my lap when I went Ė not going at the same time. He just sat on my lap when I peed and pooed me on his when he went. It was nice and intimate though heís pretty heavy. My poo was a fairly typical one. I did a big fart then what sounded like a single big lump of poo but when we looked in the bowl it was loads of liitle bits and had sprayed all round the bowl. I had to clean the bowl after Iíd flushed which I donít like.
Lawn Dogs Kid Ė You asked me about what happenned when I got drunk and my dad had to undress me. It was a few weeks ago now but here goes anyway. Iíd been to a friendís sisterís birthday dinner. Not really a party Ė just a meal in a restaurant. But we had some champagne but it was obviously too much for me and when I got home I was sort of staggering around and falling over and really giggly. My friendsí parentsí dropped me off and apologised for the state I was in. There was only my dad at home and I collapsed in a giggly heap on the living room floor. My dad was standing around not knowing whether to laugh or be angry when I said Iwas desperate to go for a wee and tried to get up and failed. I said help me dad or Iíll wet myself. Initially he didnít but my protests got louder and eventually he picked me up carried me into the bathroom and dumped me onto the loo. Then I started trying to undo my trousers and couldnít even manage that and said ďDad, Help me or Iíll wet mys elfĒ again. He was pretty reluctant probably because he didnít think he ought to be undressing his fourteen year old daughter but needs must and anyway heís seen me nude often enough. If I trust him which of course I do then whereís the problem. He did help me anyway. It was unlucky I was wearing trousers because I donít very often. These were pretty tight and he had a real struggle but got them down eventually; my pants were easier. I think I started weeing a bit too early and a little bit went on my clothes on my dad and on the floor but nothing too serious. After that I slumped on the loo and he had to finish undressing me and get me to bed. I do actually remember most of this Ė I donít think I was so drunk because I didnít get ill, but it was my first time and I might have exaggerated it a bit for fun. Hope my dad doesnít read this. The bits I forgot he told me next day anyway. By the way we havenít been back to the bridge yet to try pooing over it. It is awkward though because if you sit with your bum far enough back it feels like youíre going to fall over. Love Kate xx
Kendal Ė I enjoyed your second story about the janitor. I would have loved being in that situation but would probably have been a bit disappointed if he hadnít looked up and seen me. I can't imagine not pooing for three days though. I go at least twice every day. I can't remember even going for one day without. Must be my diet. We havenít tried triple deck weeing yet because I havenít seen much of Phil recently because of the play rehearsals. Also we have to find somewhere to do it. There is a low wall in the garden which would be okay with me but the boys donít want to do it there. Watch this space. Love Kate xx

Hello again everyone! It's good to hear from you Carmalita, John (VT), Kim & Scott, Traveling Guy and Bridget. Hellos to everyone! I also wanted to comment on the girl at the top of the page. I would agree with everyone else that she is taking a good dump, I bet she would enjoy it more though if she would spread her legs wider, it allows you to really push the big ones out!

To KIM & SCOTT - I loved your latest story of you pushing your huge log onto the newspaper! I thought the position you described was cool, bringing your legs (knees) up to your chin. Do you spread wide or keep your knees together? I want to try that position!!!

To BRIDGET & TRAVELING GUY - I haven't seen Girl Interupted yet, but I think I will now!

To KENDAL - I really enjoyed your post about pooping at school. It sounds like you gave the janitor quite a show. I loved (and still do) pooping at school.

To RING STRETCHER - Wow! I am amazed at your huge turds, your ring is really stretched! I once saw a turd in a restroom toilet that looked like a softball. It was hard and knobby and was wedged in the toilet hole. It was so huge I knew that nobody could flush it down without breaking it up. I would have loved to have heard the girl when she passed it. I have pooped several times like this, I always like it.

I have not done much this week because of Spring Break. Some friends and I went to New York and took in the sights and sounds of the big city! It was my first trip there, I would love to work there after college! I am back in my dorm room now, thought I would write a quick post. I still have no good pooping stories, but I can feel a big one coming on later today. I have farted several times while writing this. See you all later,



Both of you look like you had food poisoning - it would be even more ironic if you were both in the same place, ate the same thing and crossed paths and don't know each other!

Anyway - DRINK A LOT OF WATER, this will clean out your system good.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

TO STEPH YES i recentley messed my pants while out taking a walk in the park.

I just couldnt hold it any more and i farted and a big smelly poo filled my undies i walked home with my legs apart, and i could feel the poo banging against my bum.

TO ANON YES i have messed while peeing at a urinal, i really thought i just had to fart, so i let rip and allmost at once a soft smelly mess filled my under pants, it even run down my leg as i was walking home.

Both times i have to admit turned me on, has any girl ever farted and messed her panties????? how did you handel the situation what did your b/f or husband say/do. kevin

Hi, everybody(again)! I'm back!

Kim: I can't believe I almost missed your latest AWESOME post!!!
(I swear it wasn't there when I looked yesterday... hmmm...). Anyways... Speaking of the most incredible homemade videos...Wow,wow,
and triple WOW!!! I loved your desription of seeing it come at you in
the video in 3D! And that you teased Scott by letting it hang for awhile... you DO have a real flair, girl! And a 24-incher!! That's
TWO FEET, folks... you DO just keep getting better... I'd say the record is in REAL jeopardy now!

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