Sara T.
Newcomer- Hey :) Yes, I did pee in the bag, not on purpose, it slipped out. But nothing leaked or anything like that. I've been peeing into the houseplants lately. But we just got the toilet back, thank goodness!

Hi - I am a 15 male from Uk- i was reading some of the enteries on this site and i must say they are interesting- ive never had any 'incidents' myself- but one time when I was camping in France I was away from the tent (i was with my mom and aunty), i was looking for fire wood i wondered off a bit- and in the distance I saw someone bent over with their pants and short down to their ankles- so i went silently closer I made out that it was my MOM! having a poop i couldnt believe it- It turned me on slightly until I realeased it was my Mom so stayed there until she finished then when we pulled up her pants and shorts i went over and had a look- there was nothing special just a medium seized smelly pile of poops! There are some things you just dont wanna know about your mom-. This was true and I dont know y im telling use, but it fits in with some of the other stuff- well c use for now!

I'm glad you guys liked the story. I promise to post more like that soon!

Steph: Yes, I crapped my pants recently...a large load too!
Anon: I've feared that also and had it almost happen...this story is cool...I don't have time to post it now but I'll make sure this one is next. I've also witnessed someone else having a similar problem.

Hey everybody! I'm doing my first post on a new computer, yay!

RJOGGER: Yes, I used to do housekeeping. One time a gentleman let me catch him on the toilet. I know it was on purpose, but I liked it anyway! I'd loved to have caught you! I'd give you a smile, and watch for a few seconds if you'd let me!

Summer: Hi hon! I wish you could join in with us too. I’d love to watch you take one of your great big ones, rubbing your leg while you pooped. I’d wipe you very gently while I checked out your prizes. I have to admit that I get very excited reading your posts about being in the restroom.

Jeff A: I’m going to do a special poop just for you! I’m eating yet another big Mexican dinner tonight, and when it comes out tomorrow, look out! You’ve told me that you like a woman’s poop smell, and there will be plenty of that, trust me!

John VT: You’re such a sweetheart. Me and Renee are both crazy about you. Yes, I’ve recently seen a few female solo pooping videos. They’re cool! I think me and Renee’s are much better though. We did another one. She’s got me on tape pooping about twelve different times, and I’ve got as many of her big dumps. On my second poop, my turd was so big it wouldn’t fit in the hole! I had to really strain to push it out. You can see Renee poking at it with a plunger. She’d just gotten out of the shower, and had a panties on but nothing else. I zoomed in on her boobs! There’s another scene where I’ve got really soft, runny poop, and you can hear it slopping out really well, along with my moans and sighs, and one scene where Renee leans forward and is pushing one out as big around as a baseball bat!

PV: Hey, girlfriend, thanks for being so sweet to me! You certainly are a babe! That woman is back with her little boy. I just love that little Juanito! He’s so cute. I’m teaching him how to play guitar. He’s having trouble with the C , G and F chords, but he’s doing pretty good for a little dude! I’d love to watch you have a nice, healthy crap, clean you up, and then it would be my turn. Love you, sweetie.

Last night was a fun one for me. I’d eaten some really ???? Mexican food Thursday night, and last night it wanted to come out bad. I let a raunchy fart in the kitchen and told Renee that I had to take a really nasty shit. She told me that she wasn’t sure she could handle the smell as she wasn’t feeling good. She was having sick spells, and had a bad headache, So, I went off to the bathroom to sit on the toilet for awhile. I pulled my jeans and blue satin panties down, and parked my brown ass on the seat. I was wearing an oversized green U of O sweatshirt too. After a few minutes I began farting. Then, a very noisy crackling turd started, and I slipped two fat logs into the bowl. It only took a few seconds before the ol’ Carmalita stink-o-meter was registering a 10! I could feel a monster load inside of me. I hadn’t crapped for two days and the poop was all the way up to my neck! I leaned forward with my elbows across my knees, breathing bad fumes. I started pushing ha rd, and grunting, trying to move the poop that was in me. I could feel a very large loaf waiting to come out. My little opening was about to be stretched hard. I knew it was going to be a big, nasty mess. I grunted, and grunted when I heard a knock on the door. “Come in-hhhhh,” I said, waiting for Renee’s sweet face to walk in. I was shocked, but it wasn’t her! It was her guy friend. God how embarrassing!!! The room smelled like a septic tank from my toxic, Mexican shit, and here stands this good looking guy, more embarrassed than me! I guess he thought it was okay to enter since I said come in. He stared at me for several seconds with his mouth hanging open and said “Oh my God Malita, I am so sorry! I thought you were doing your makeup or something!” he then explained that Renee had some medicine in the cabinet she needed, and he came to get it for her. He must have come over while I was on the toilet. I told him to go ahead and get it since he was in there. Then my ???? lo osened up and my turds came out big, and noisy, plopping into the water like thick sausages. I looked at him, and he was staring again. I said “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hold those in.” I know he didn’t mean to, but he was staring between my legs at my black silk, so I pulled my sweatshirt down over my hips and crotch obscuring the view. Then I spoke again. “I’m sorry it stinks so bad. It’s been a rough day.” he says “Oh no, it’s fine, really! I’m the one who’s sorry! I should be giving you your privacy!” He was going through the cabinet, (taking his sweet time too), when I farted again, and released another healthy, but soft and stinky log. It crackled hard and fell with a soft splat. I looked up and caught him watching my reflection in the mirror. “That one was a 2 pounder!” I said, grinning at him. By this time I was having fun. By the looks of his pants, he was too. He finally found the medicine, and backed out apologizing again. Renee came in a few seconds later while I w! as wiping. She knew what happened, and was laughing even though she was sick. Later that night she told me he was really, really excited about seeing me like that. Before I went to bed, I had to take another healthy crap. Woo-weee, it stunk! It smelled so bad we didn’t even need mouse traps! John VT: You still like those smells? If so, you should have been there!
Love to you all,

Karen: If you are really desparate, Dulcolax tablets will do the trick-quickly and brutally. But, it will be worth it. I have not used it since my teens and 20's.

jcurt: I might try those powdered fiber supplements. I am always looking for something new.

Kendal: I like that story about you and the janitor. I once was alone in the bathroom of the school parish hall. I was in 8th grade and rehearsing for graduation. The janitor came in to mop the floor during his midday chores. He expected no one. He was surprised it was me. I was taking a long piss, that I could not hold. It took almost 3 minutes for this piss to stop. When I was finished, I pulled up my yellow pants and white panties. The janitor entered the 4 stall room as I was pulling up and opening the stall door. He was shocked and apologized. I told him, it was not his fault. We were out of class and rehearsing. It was not expected.

I just shit in my pants. I was sitting on the couch reading a book and was too absorbed in it to get up and go to the toilet. The urge became pressing, I stood up and it poked out in my underpants. It was too late to push it back in and if I squeezed my butt, I would have cut it off anyway. So I just let the whole thing out into my underwear. I went into the bathroom, pulled down my pants and tossed the thing into the toilet. Some of it fell onto the rug in front of the toilet. There was shit all over my butt. I was planning to take a shower anyway, so I got undressed and got into the shower and cleaned up. I took my shitty clothes and the rug and tossed them in the washing machine. I got some shit on the toilet seat and cleaned that off with a wet wipe. No big deal but a lot more work than getting onto the toilet in the first place.

My husband and I went to a twenty fifth wedding anniversary last night and over did the food and wine bit. We had about 70 miles to get home through the country and about halfway home I felt a rumble of a snake in mt ????. I said to him he better stop. This was about 2 in the morning so I jumped out around to the front of the car and wipped up my mini and pulled my g string off. I did not want to make a mess of things. As I squatted I started to feel a little funny and was not sure what was going to happen. I thought lets get the poo out and take it from there but I was sweating too as I felt the first spasm hit my gut. It was so sore that I half got up. By this time my husband had got out and was holding my arm. I had my other hand on the car as another cramp hit me. A runny shit started to flow out of my arse as my stomach cramped and I puked in the grass as I shat a torrent on the road. I felt so awful that as I finished I just wiped my bum with my g string threw them away a! nd got onto the back seat to sleep. We had to stop twice more to puke before reaching home. I felt terrible.

Today I was really sick. I was in the car driving home from work, and I really had to go badly. I was desperately trying to keep it in, but I had to go SO BADLY!!! I started to drive faster, but I was nowhere near home and I knew I would not be able to make it. So I started glancing out the window looking for a place where I could relieve myself behind some bushes or something, I didn't want anybody to see me. I didn't see one. By now my stomach was practically exploding with pain, and I felt like my bladder was going to burst. I was also beginning to feel nauseous. Finally, I spotted a little clearing behind some thick bushes. I quickly pulled over and got out of the car. I scrambled behind the bushes and yanked down my pants and underwear. Immediately a stream of pee gushed out onto the ground and I could feel a load of diarrhea coming on. As it splashed to the grass, I heaved and threw up an orange, chunky vomit. The diarrhea ceased, but I continued to puke. Finally I was a! ble to stop, and I went home. At home, I threw up eight times in an hour. I'm feeling a lot better now, though.

Hi all! I have been very busy lately, so I haven't even had a chance to visit the forum, so I'm far behind in reading the posts. My pooping routines have been pretty normal lately, except for one day last week.

That day my husband Gary and I went to IHOP for breakfast before going to work. I had a generous helping of pancakes, along with eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns, and so did Gary. We don't usually eat so much for breakfast. Afterwards, we headed off to our respective offices, with me making a site visit. I felt full but had a little more energy than usual, which carried me through a very busy morning. At 10:30 I went to the ladies room to pee. I got there to see that the door had been removed and a temporary "Women" sign posted over the door frame. I did my business, went back to the office and asked someone what was going on. She said she had heard that the door had to be replaced because the locksmith sawed off a big chunk of the door trying to put in a new door knob.

It was time to go to lunch, and I was beginning to feel the effects of the huge breakfast. I had a slight urge to poop but thought I could hold it for the time being. We were close to a mall and went to the food court there. Right after we started eating, I felt a sudden urge to poop. I had to excuse myself and go to the ladies room. I went into a stall, pulled down my pants and white panties and sat. I pushed out a very soft, slimy piece of poop. I made a small fart, then pushed out about six more very soft pieces of poop. I farted loudly twice more before I was done. I wiped myself clean, got up and saw several pieces of poop floating in the water. It also made a big stink. I got back and finished my lunch.

I was OK once we got back from lunch. However, a few hours later I was hit with another sudden urge to poop, this time much stronger. I wasn't crazy about using the ladies room with the door missing, but I had no choice. I rushed to the ladies room only to find two guys installing the door. I asked them if I could just pass by to go in. They hesitated a bit, then said it might be better if she went to another floor. I said I would but I had to go badly now. They said to go ahead and let me pass. I rushed into a stall, slammed the door, yanked down my clothes, and sat. Immediately my butt exploded with a cascade of very soft poop that lasted 15 seconds. I paused for a bit, then I felt a cramp in my stomach and let go another massive wave of very soft poop, also 15 seconds. It was very loud and very smelly, so I was probably giving the two guys an earful and a noseful. I flushed the toilet while seated.

This time I was pushing out a more steady series of very soft poop, much like what I did earlier at lunch. I kept dispensing soft poop like a machine dispensing chocolate soft serve ice cream. After a minute, I flushed the toilet again while seated. I pushed out several pieces of soft poop, then felt a strong cramp in my stomach, followed by an incredible barrage of soft mushy poop that lasted about 20 seconds. I flushed the toilet while seated again, and I could hear the guys make comments like "Whoa! That was nasty!" and "Get a whiff of this! I thought you made the worst shit, but she comes close!" I pushed out a couple more pieces, then made a long booming fart that got wet in the last couple of seconds. I was finally done and had to wipe several times. I even flushed the toilet once more while seated to clear out a huge pile of TP. I finished wiping and flushed a final time. I left behind a few stains at the bottom of the toilet and a strong smell of poop. The guys were still working, now putting in the new lock. They asked if I was OK and said they would have stepped aside except they needed to get this done by a certain time. I was feeling much better and haven't had such a huge pooping session since.

Sorry for not posting...been really busy. I don't have anything good to share at the moment...but I am keeping up with all your posts.

Kendal: Great to see ya back! Hope you're having fun, in and out of the bathroom! Take care, girl! Love, Gemi.

Lawn Dogs Kid: Thanks for replying to me for Kendal, that was really sweet of you :)

Good pees 'n' poops to y'all!


Lawn Dogs Kid
BRYIAN: You're right, we have definitely seen this lady before up at the top !

KENDAL: Loved your latest story ! What you didn't know was that I didn't miss out on that much. I arrived in the school just as the caretaker went into the girls toilets, and then heard your voices, so I stood outside and had a good listen to the whole episode ! Those were mighty poo noises you made my little princess ! That was probably my only regret at missing this poo session of yours, the enormous joyful face you must have had at being able to make such good plop noises for a change ! I know I didn't tell you about this on the way home ( I was enjoying the sympathy too much for supposedly having missed out !! ) and I know I'll get a slap when I next see you after you read this, but believe me, you are one special little girl, and you never need to be sorry about not letting me be there, or not being able to hang on long enough for me to be there. When you need to go, you go ! I'll always understand. Love you princess, Andrew xxx

ELLIE: I imagine its always a wonderful occasion when your relationship moves on as far as it has with Craig. Have fun girl ! But I'm also with Kendal, be careful ! Its difficult for me on the outside of you three's somewhat tempestuous relationships ! I imagine sibling arguements are plentiful at our ages, except I don't have a sibling, and Kendal and I just so rarely argue. But I do wonder how I would feel, like Kev, when Kendal first has a really serious boyfriend. How would I feel to find that I'm not the one she wants to take with her to the toilet anymore ? That the boyfriend is now the one she confides in ? Ellie, I guess it will be very difficult to let go, and especially when you and Kev have had such a wonderful brother-sister relationship up to now that you will do things together like bathroom visits. That really is a sign of a very special relationship ! So once again, I find myself despensing my advice / opinion to you both. I think Kev needs to lighte! n up a bit. The big brother game is all well and good where it is welcomed. But I do think you need to have a little sympathy towards the way he is also feeling. Don't shut him out entirely, and when you need to use the loo, tell him you'd like him to come along on those occasions when you don't have Craig around. That way he knows you are still trying to include him, find time for him too. Then it is up to Kev whether he does or doesn't. I can't see that you can do very much more in the circumstances. But Ellie, please don't forget one thing. Should you fall out with Craig in the future, God forbid, who will be first to comfort you and try to make you feel better ? ( that is if he is the kind of brother I think he is ) Enough of the heart to heart stuff, I'm with Kendal. A Craig and you toilet story please !! Take care, love from Andrew x

LITTLE LOU: I'm also with Kendal about you too ! Come on, spill the beans ! Lets have the story of when you and Kev sat on knees together ! And even the one of the shared wee with Craig in the derelict house ? Talking of sit on knees, Kirsty is here with Kendal this weekend ! Not that we will be doing anything like that again with all the adults around, but Kirsty did pull me to one side when we passed in the school corridor, and she whispered in my ear "I'm having a huge tea tonight so I'll need a large you know what when I'm at Kendal's" she paused to watch my reaction, which was to smile ! "I take it you'll come along for the show ?!" she continued ! What an invitaton hey ? Big hugs to you my little princess, so glad you're much better, and don't be too long telling me and Kendal about your latest exploits ! Love from Andrew xx

LINDA: Haven't heard any GRRRRRRRRRRs yet ! Perhaps you're being all grown up on me and taking no notice ! Anyway, if I haven't blotted my copy book, I shall be pleased to exercise my considerable combing skills as instructed and directed by the lovely Kendal on your wonderful head of hair ! ( assuming a visit "there" is called for ! ). Hey babe, I seem to recall you making a comment before about one of the ladies at the top picture looking like she was wearing a coloured in shirt. Well I reckon you were spot on ! This lady definitely has a coloured in shirt, because I reckon the moderator has drawn one in to hide the fact that this lady is sat on the toilet completely starkers !! You can tell because her hair is partially blotted out where it should be hanging beautiful and blonde over the shirt !! What do you reckon to Lawn Dogs Kid, the ultimate detective then ?! In the words of the excellent Corrs song, "you're forgiven, not forgotten". I'm hoping thats what you wi! ll say to me about "helmet hair", i.e you'll forgive me, but "just watch out for the consequences boy" !! Take care babe, love Andrew XOXO

COUSIN: As the man with the ultimate collection of toilet pics from this site, are you able to confirm that we have seen the top lady before ? Hope Elena has recovered from her bout of constipation.

Christine (w/ a sore bottom)
Wow, i just kinda stumbled on this site, its kinda a weird i didnt know that people had "accidents" on purpose.. I had an accident in my pants on the school bus today, it has been the worst day of my life. I am in the tenth grade, and I was sitting in history class today when I felt myself having to poop. But there was no way I was gonna poop at school, I mean the bathrooms are pretty nice but still I just usually poop at home. So since history is my last class I figured I could make it till I got home. Finally class got out and i really had to go but i knew i could make it. So i got my stuff and hopped on the bus, things only got worse from there. I sat next to my best friend Becky like always and right away she could tell something was wrong , but I told her it was no big deal that i just had to go to the bathroom that was all. The bus left and i was counting the seconds, it was getting really bad. Then i knew I wasnt gonna make it, and it started to come out. Oh my gosh i ! couldnt believe that i was pooping my pants right there in front of everyone. I could feel it seeping into my panties, but I still tried to hold it, and then I knew there was no use, so i just let it go and I held myself up about an inch or two off the seat and filled my panties completely. It just kept coming and then there was this huge bulge in my panties, that is until I sat down. Luckily my stop was coming up and I dont think that anyone even noticed. The bus stopped and I quickly got my stuff together and bolted for the door. I didnt want anybody to know but the whole time I was thinking about how to hide it from my mom. I got off the bus and thank god I dont think anybody noticed, but I knew my mom would kill me. I walked home slowly, I was wearing jeans and they werent to tight but still tight enough because I could see my own mess bulging back there. I started to cry as i walked home, I got to my house and walked through the door and my mom was in the living room cle! aning. She said her normal hi, and began to walk towrds me to see how my day was, I told i would be down in a minute, and headed straight for the stairs. "Whats thats smell Christine" she asked, "I dunno" and was half way up the stairs when she said "Christine come back down here please". Oh, i knew i was busted, I walked up to her and she spun me around and patted my butt with her hand. "What Hapenned" she yelled, I started crying and told her it was an accident, but she said that we have toilets at school for a reason. She told me to get the paddle and go to my room, I couldnt believe it I screamed at her that I was 15 and thats she coudlnt spank me anymore. She starded to count to ten, so I went and got the paddle off the wall of the pantry. I walked up to my room crying and sat there on my bed in my soiled pants. She came in and told me to pull down my pants so she could see how bad it was, so i did and there was poop all over my butt. She pulled my jeans back up and she s! at down and I buttoned them up, she grabbed the paddle and I begged her not to spank me, I promised that I wouldnt ever do it again. But she woudlnt budge she told me to lay accross her lap and I begged some more, but she said I would get double if I didnt lay accros her lap. So i did and she positioned me just right, it felt so weird having the poop still in my pants, and I hadnt been spanked in like a year before today. She lectured me for about five minutes about my atittude and all kinds of stuff. Then she let me have it, ohhhhhh maannn ,every time I forget how bad it is, every time the paddle hit my butt it wouldnt spread the poop a little more. She gave me twenty licks on my soiled and now burning butt. Finally she stopped and i laid accross her lap just crying, she stood me up and told me to clean up and bring down the dirty clothes. So I did, but the worst part is yet to come, because every time my mom spanks me then my dad always does too, so as soon as he gets home ! tonight I know he will spank me, it so dumb just because i pooped in my pants. Well I gotta go, wish me luck.

Billty L.
Mr Pee Pee,

My dad took a couple of months off from work about 2 years ago and our entire family went to India for missionary work. It was kind of weird. Where we were there were no bathrooms. They had a big potty chair that we would poop and pee into and a couple of times a day, someone would come and empty it out. We most poop and peed outside, unless it was raining. Everyone else did it. The Indians are going to say we can poop outside but you can't.

Speaking of pooping outside, the other day, after school, we went outside to play. My cousin fred and my brother kev and I and our little brothers and some friends were out back in the woods playing capture the flag. fred said I have to take a dump. I will be back out in about 5 minutes. I had to poop too, so I said, follow me. We went to a place where we often poop. I said do this. I dropped my pants and let out about 5 medium turds. So he did the same thing, except he dropped one long poop, about 2 feet longs. He said it was the fist time he pooped outside. I said we will fix that.

When we went to take showers that night, both of us had to poop again. While our little brothers were getting ready for bed, we pooped and showered too. My cousin jake was on the regular toilet. I wanted to poop before taking a shower (I like to do this so I can clean my butthole), so I used the little potty. Our moms want us to get ready at the same time, so that we do not wake up or little brothers. Anyway, I was sitting on the potty. Jake finished his poop and fred came in. Jake said to fred wipe me. Fred wiped him. Then my brother josh came in. He said my turn. So josh sat down and pooped. He dropped just two little logs. My mom came in and said, billy, you are supposed to use the big toilet so josh can use the little one. I finished. So did josh. I help josh wipe his butt. Then while i took a shower, fred did his poop and brushed his teeth. When i got down, the little kids were ready for bed. While i was brushing my teeth, my big brother tom needed to poo. SO he came! in and pooped. He passed one huge log, about 2 inches wide and 2 feet wide. When he was done, I looked. There was one huge pile of poop there. So he flushed, washed his hand and left. We finished in the bathroom, and went and watched tv. When we went to bed, there was another pile of turds in the toilet. Either one kids had to poo again or one of my big brothers needed a poo. We peed and went went to bed.

TO RYAN S-I don't poo like that all the time-i only post about the good dumps i do-I go days sometimes with non-eventful poops-i have cycles where i poo like a horse for 3 days in a row then do nothing for 2 or 3 days- I eat a lot of fish and brown rice that seems to keepme in good shape but boy sometimes i wish i could do bigs ones all the time-Some of these women on here poo much more than I do!I look forward to the big ones that I do though!Try some metameucil-every once in a while i do with big,long results!
TO P P G- Cool idea with the mirror,but a bit of a production for me-that must look cool though!I like your philosophy-I concurr!!

Gruntly Bogwell
For all the readers interested in monumental constipation poos…Last weekend I went to a nearby lake of some size with a friend who has a lake house. We went to help some of friends work on his lake house that was being converted into a really nice house from just an ordinary one. On Friday night we all attended a chili cookoff with lots of beer and chili sampling. Later, that evening we went to the house we were going to work on for dessert and had a tour of the remodeling given by the guy's wife, Ruthie. She was in her late 40's or early fifties, about 5 feet tall and pleasingly ????, with medium brown hair (probably dyed) and these gorgeous light blue eyes. The bathroom was off the master bedroom and Ruthie, proudly pointed out the "potty room," which in fact was a closet looking thing with a toilet and door that closed and locked off the main bathroom. She laughed and said, "I've always wanted a potty room, so I can have some privacy!"

The next morning, after a breakfast, followed by some hefty chili and beer and now coffee induced poos, a real colon cleanser experience. Mine were dark brown and a bit hot after the chili tasting and came from way up inside, the kind that seem to go on for ever and are quite satisfying as they rumble past your pulsating nether hole. I felt sorry for my friend who was second in line to use the toilet. We arrived at the lake house bright an early to help John's friend install an exhaust fan. I had just climbed up on the roof, when the two other guys decided they needed something at the hardware store. I told them I would wait up on the roof and catch some early morning views of the lake and they drove off in the truck to get what they needed for our project. I sat down for a couple of minutes on the peak of the roof to watch the lake-front community wake up. All of a sudden the morning stillness was split by a vociferous fart-like BLAAATTTTT that came from near-by! . I looked around and saw a galvanized exhaust pipe nearby, sticking out of the roof with a galvanized rain cover on it. I went over and heard straining and grunting noises emanating from the pipe…then I noticed the cover was just set on the pipe and not secured. Another rattling fart echoed up the pipe. So being the voyeur that I am, I quietly lifted the rain cover and peered into the pipe. Lo and behold ten feet below me, down the pipe I had a top view of Ruthie sitting on the toilet in her "private potty room." Whoa "this" was where the exhaust fan we were to install that day was supposed to go and as with all do-it-yourself remodeling projects, many were in "stages" of completeness. To top things off Ruthie was "completely naked" and enjoying "her" privacy, except for the only chink in her privacy armor…the exhaust pipe, required in our state for all closed bathrooms with no windows.

NGGGGHHHHH went Ruthie and shifted about, she appeared to be in a hurry to get her morning poo over with as she knew work was slated for "her potty" room that day and was taking advantage of her husbands trip to the hardware store to get some much needed relief. She was quite active with her ????ness shifting forward and backward on the seat and sometimes side to side raising up on one cheek, then the other. She panted and struggled with a lodged anal offender, but wasn't having much luck. Ruthie finally leaned back against the back of the toilet panting and I had an excellent frontal view from my perch above. A fetid fart odor was rising up the pipe, making my bulging eyes water, but not enough to drive me away. Ruthie. resting against the back of the toilet unintentionally showed me her ????ness, from her breasts down past her heaving belly to her public vee and ???? thighs covering the commode seat. Shortly she was back at it again, grunting and straining with ! more vigor this time with several oOOOHHHHS, UUUNNNNNHHHHS, and NNNNNHHHHGGGGHHHGsssss. Gasping she got up from the toilet and left her little potty room. I could see into the toilet and there were three little, almost black, ball turds floating…the only thing she could get out after all her efforts. Shortly, Ruthie returned and reseated her naked self, leaned back and opened a small jar of Vaseline…she put in her finger and got a dollop, spread her legs and reached under herself to apply the grease to her obviously tender hole. She sat the jar on the floor, wiped her finger several times with toilet paper. Ruthie, then adjusted her ????ness on the commode seat and her shoulders began to heave as she hunched grunting to relieve herself. I know she was in agony, because of the moans and I new that somewhere deep in her belly last nights chili and more than likely her morning coffee were churning up a poo storm, which was frustrated by her anal plug from being constipated! . OOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOWWWWWeeeeehhh came from below and Ruthie again leaned back panting having failed to produce anything except another proto-poo fart or two.

I looked away from the pipe as a car went by and when I looked back Ruthie was gone again, but soon returned seated herself and began to open a little suppository packet…she peeled away the foil, got a grip on the little bullet -shaped wad, leaning back and exposing herself again reached way down between her legs to insert the poo-aid in her rectum. She returned to her hunched over position sighed and waited. This got boring so I eased away from the exhaust pipe and sat down beside it checking out the sunlight playing off the water of the lake. After about ten minutes I heard a very audible "OH Yes, thank heavens!" echo up the pipe. I quickly returned to my viewing and saw Ruthie shaking as she bore down with an UNNNH….UNNNHHH….UNHHHHH…AAHHHH
OOOOHHHHH…(pant) (pant)…YESSS…Cooome on you Bastard…UNNNHHH. Several ploop, ploop, plop, ???? sounds came from below then the familiar crackle of a large turd working its way out with Ruthie straining all the way. "Come on, Come on…I don't need them to catch me in here," (heave) (heave) (pant) (pant) GRRRRUUUUNNNTTT…FLOOMP- ????. All this must have splashed water up on her back sides, because Ruthie stood up and began using toilet paper on her ???? rear end…giving me a look past this activity into the toilet to see several large round very dark floaters and down in the water at the bottom a 2.5 by 10 inch monster. She flushed twice then sat down quickly and the chili, beer and coffee did the rest with the help of some less agitated, grunting and unnhing. I imagine she was having the same type of cleanse I experienced as her poo plops became frequent and easier, but the odor was nose-hair krinkling...another round of flushing and pooing and sighing tool place before! she wiped several times and flushed again.

When Ruthie left her "potty room" I replaced the pipe's rain cover and had tipped down the roof away and sat down breathing hard and turgid. Just then the truck rumbled up and John and Ruthie's husband jumped out to unload the stuff they had bought at the hardware store. "How's the view!" they shouted up to me. "Couldn't be better!" I called back, "Beautiful morning." A few minutes later after he went into the house I heard Ruthie's husband 's muffled voice from below..."Geez Ruthie….it's a good thing were installing this exhaust fan today!"

Twice Shy
This happened on a religious retreat at a nearby resort and conference center a few years back. I usually don't share hotel rooms with other guys, partially because I like to have "freedom of expression" when it comes to dropping a turd-load. One of my habits is to bellow out various proto-words and expressions as the bigger logs are clearing the aperture, as a way of hurrying along the procedure. Well, on this retreat, I thought I was alone in the hotel room and did my duty in this manner, with the door to the bathroom open. Then, I came into the main part of the room to see my roommate there, a man of some esteem among the other young adults at our parish, and he gave me the strangest look. He said something to the effect of "yes?", and I simply let the matter drop. Now, I make sure the coast is clear before I let loose with these vocal evacuations. I suppose God hears me, but that's all right. He's seen some other graphic things as well out of me.

thankyou for all your help- my friend Cindy give a some laxitive called stool loosener. Now Im back to my everymorning poop.!

Undin the Greek
Sorry for not posting so often but I can’t use my jobs internet to visit your site. In the huge building – factory I work there is a pair of toilets (Male & female) upstairs and another one downstairs both in the same position. So the drain pipes from Ladies upstairs meet with ladies downstairs and then they meet with gents. Well 10 days ago on Thursday it was my lucky day. The ladies pipes were out of order and both ladies toilets could not be used. So the janitors decided to convert for e day the upstairs gents toilet to ladies. Of course lots of men made the mistake to use this toilet as most of them have been using it for years. So I made this “mistake” a couple of times. How lucky I was I noticed a blonde and slim lady about 6ft tall with a small bum that got in this toilet. I walked normally half way down the stairs and pretending to talk in my mobile phone. After 5 minutes this lady came out and going downstairs giving a brief smile to me saying “hi” (She usualy ne! ver smiles). Her face was really red. So I go in and among the four stalls I noticed one that the toilet was nearly flooded and a small pice of shit floating. In the whole I could only see plenty of paper and the water level slowly decreasing. When it got back to normal I pulled the paper with a toilet brush and OOOOHHHHH!!!! I saw a really thick jobbie probably 4 inches while it was about 8 inches long. Although I removed the paper I flushed but again the water level was increased. To be honest the thickness was maybe half of the size of her small bum!!!! Meanwhile another man made the mistake to come in and used the urine stalls and then a lady came in and she said “OOOHHH!! Sorry you’re not supposed to use this toilet for today” The guy replied “Why??” and the lady said “Because this is a ladies toilet for today just check the signpost outside”. I had a good laugh waiting the lady to use a stall and she just peed like a horse and dropped some small logs; When she was wip! ing her bum I got out normally without any problem.

Greetings to all the constipated girls particularly Carol, Kim, Anne, Carmalita & Nicola…

Ring Stretcher
Who makes more noise in the bathroom, men or women? Since women have larger turds to pass and are constipated more often I would say women. Of course men don't have as many muscles for pushing the big ones out and can grunt loudly, too.
Has anyone noticed that the rectums of men and women look different? Women's look larger.

Anne The Bus Driver
Hi all of you, especially Adrian. With the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK my employers have had to curtail many of the coach trips we normally run owing to restrictions travelling parts of the countryside. I have been driving an ordinary stage carriage bus or works and school buses and trips within the urban area only. As this is also a slack time I am using up some leave and days earned by extra work so have had the last two weeks off work as a break.

About a week ago I was on my period and as happens constipated. Doesnt worry me as you know, it all comes out on the end. I had gone shopping and as I came back to my car I felt that it was time to do a motion. I could proabably have held it in till I got home but decided as there were some roadworks I had better do it in the Ladies Public toilet at the car park. Now this was a grim dingy toilet, "Public Toilet Hater" would have hated it, but I have to say that Tony (Scotland) and some others here would have been happy. It was shabby but clean. There was nobody else in there as I had a look in the 5 cubicles. Now one had a fat jobbie floating in the pan, a thick knobbly log of about 8 inches long passed by some previous user so I thought it would be fun to have an indirect buddy dump on top of it. The bolt on the door was broken, all the cubicles were like this, so I put my shopping bag against the door, the floor being dry and clean, to keep it shut, hitched up my navy bl! ue skirt and pulled my cream coloured Marks and Spencer deep sided briefs down to my knees, taking the opportunity to change my sanitary towel at the same time. I sat on the pan, the seat being clean and did a long powerful wee wee, the couple of coffees having filled my bladder. I then let out a loud resonant fart like one of the deeper notes from a pipe organ. I felt a fat hard lump push down and I just sat there to let my ring stretch.I always do so as I dont want an anal fissure or piles. Feeling that it had dilated sufficiently I gave a push and felt the first big ball come out. KUPLOONK! I looked down between my legs and was amused to see that both my own "goose egg" and the other woman's jobbie that had been there before I sat on the pan were bobbing up and down. Another lump came down KAPLONK! and another smaller one SPLOONK! I sat for a bit, did another small wee wee and thought "That must be all I'll pass for the present" I took a moist wipe from my bag and wiped my! bum and got up off the pan and was pulling up my knickers when I felt another load move into my rectum. I sat back down and felt my ring open again and a very fat jobbie slowly come out. It was going to be a long one I just knew and I gently went NN! UH! to help it on its way. To my delight it all came away in one big turd, a single 12 incher, to use Tony's expression a "classic woman's jobbie" mid brown in colour, compacted at the start, smoother at the end and tapered at the end. As this was an old style toilet pan with a long drop the jobbie made a lovely KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! as it dropped into the pan. Relieved and now happy I had no more to pass I wiped my bum again pulled up my knickers and smoothed down my skirt. In the pan as well as the three eggs and the original jobbie from a previous user, there was my big fat brown panbuster. I pulled the flush and them smaller lumps went away leaving the two big logs jammed in the bottom of the pan. While I was washing my hands a co! uple of teenagers came in and went into adjoining cubicles including the one I had just used . "Here Cathy come and see these two big turds" said the girl who was in "my" cubicle and her friend came out and went in to have a look. "Bloody hell! " she exclaimed, "Here do you think that woman did them?" I walked away out of the ladies laughing.

Sara T, I have had to use an alternative container on a few occasions when the proper toilet has been out of commission for some reason. When I was living at home as a teenager we were having a new bathroom installed and of course there was a few hours when the old WC pan was removed, indeed it had to be broken out while my father and uncle installed the new one, bath, shower, washbasin etc. At one stage therefore the toilet was a gutted room with gaping pipes and of course the water had been turned off. Now it was a pouring wet day so my mum and a boy cousin were in the house. Mum had got a large pale blue plastic bucket for us to use if we needed the toilet while the proper facilities were out of order. She had envisaged us taking the bucket into our bedroom and peeing into it them pouring the urine, which we knew is bacteriologically safe when freshly passed by a healthy person down the drain outside the back door and rising the bucket with water. Now guess who needed ! a motion? That's right, ME! I tried to hold it in and asked Dad when the toilet would be usable. He laughed, "Oh a good few hours yet. Just do a pee in the bucket like Mum said" I replied "I need a number two!" This caused a gale of laughter as Dad was well aware what his ???? daughter could produce. "You'd better go down the road to the Ladies Toilet in the park then young lady" Now had it been a dry day I would have done so but it was a downpour and I would have been soaked after a few yards. Mum heard this and rebuked him "Anne cant go out in that, she'll get soaked and she's only just got over a bad chest cold. You dont want her off school again" She then told me to do it in the bucket and then get rid of it when the toilet was back in working order. This amused my cousin as I took the bucket into my bedroom. I gathered my grey skirt round my waist, pulled down my white cotton interlock school knickers (briefs) and did a wee wee which made a rattling sort of sound agains! t the plastic then I felt the jobbie come out and fall into the bucket with a loud thud. I wiped my bum , pulled my knicks up and had a look. I big long fat lumpy jobbie lay in the bottom of the bucket in a small puddle of pee. It was a good firm one but steamed in the cold air and not being covered by water as normal the strong fecal smell of a healthy solid motion wafted up and soon filled my bedroom. When I opened the door I was not surprised to find my cousin outside and he had a look in the bucket, (I didnt mind, if he had asked I would have let him come in and watch while I did it). He gasped at its size although he had seen my jobbies in the past when they had stuck in the pan, but hadnt seen one that close up and out of the pan. "POO! Anne what a stink!" he exclaimed. I replied, "I suppose your turds dont smell then?" Mum wasnt too happy about having this smelly poo hanging about until the toilet was fixed and my Dad, who also had a look at my "product" remarked that ! it might get stuck anyway. My uncle came up with the solution of lifting the cover of the interceptor trap in the back garden and emptying the turd into this, as that was where the sewage went from the toilet and drains anyway and when the toilet was flushed for the first time it would be bourne away on the torrent of water. I did this, lifting the metal cover and emptying the big jobbie into the trap. I also used this method from time to time if I knew I was going to do a really big jobbie or a large solid load of lumps after being constipated to avoid clogging the family toilet as the new toilet pan my Dad had installed was the type with a small exit hole and I often blocked it, to the amusement of other family members. This didnt embarass me , but out of consideration for them if I could do my motions in the Girls Toilet at school or when I was older at work I used to do so, although I did still did panbusters at home from time to time when it was impractical to go elsewher! e.

Karen, getting your husband, boyfriend or for that matter girlfriend if that's your scene to help as suggested by JCurt is a good idea. Even just massaging and rubbing your ???? as you sit on the pan is often helpful. I wouldnt use the fleet enemas, these while very effective and better than any oral laxative can be a bit drastic. JY jelly inserted into the rectum will help you pass a big hard jobbie as will vaseline (petroleum jelly) and as others have said Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) is a gentle way to relieve constipation without causing diarrhea as most laxatives such as Senna will cause. You could even try a glass of Virgin Olive Oil as Carol suggested. If your motions are usually very hard and lumpy and difficult to pass then metmucil will make them easier but still cohesive and formed and eating more food with fibre and drinking more fluid is a help. Also do you take enough exercise? Walking is a great help as is riding a bicycle as I do myself, and I find that if! I am bunged up and ride my bike even just down to the local park and round a few times I often find I then need a nice big solid poo. The cycling action seems to get the bowels to move and perhaps it makes the fecal mass in the rectum move about and makes it easier to pass. You could use and exercise bike if you dont want to actually ride the road. Let us know if you do have a good poo, Karen. BTW what happened to the woman with the constipated teenaged daughter, did she find an acceptable way to sort her girl's problem?

Carol, I love your toilet tales, keep it up!

It's natural
A few years ago I was doing some laundry in the basement of my sister-in-law's house and, while I was waiting for the washing machine to fill, I idly glanced at her pile of soiled laundry. My eye's couldn't help noticing a pair of panties, with a thoroughly yellow-stained crotch. Curious, and aroused, I picked them up and could see they had been thoroughly peed in, nearly to the waistband. Curious, and hard, I looked through the rest of her laundry, with the treat, hidden under the pile, being a pair of knickers, severely brown-stained bearing the tale of having been messed. The sight made me feel like ejaculating on the spot. I put the soiled panties back, and later, casually mentioned that I had nearly been caught short while downstairs, and that it was a long way up to the bathroom. She blithely replied that we worry too much about such things. Since she lived alone, she often, if she didn't feel like getting to the toilet in time, would pee and even poop in her pants, sinc! e nobody would be the wiser. "It's all natural," she said.
BTW loved Carol Housewife's story of her pooping accident. Great detail, beginning with the wee wee, and right through to the big poop easing into her knickers. Thanks for sharing the whole story, Carol.

Carol, thanks for the story. Sorry you did a big job in your panties, but you dealt with the matter very placidly. A similar accident happened to my mum when I was a kid and she also didnt make a big issue out of it. Shit happens!

Like you I find if I eat a lot of sandwiches, which I have to do sometimes if I am working somewhere on site with no canteen and far away from take aways etc, my jobbie the next day is a very light brown and a big smooth easy one like you did. Shortly after I took up with my wife Theresa, (then my girlfriend), I did one like that, a big toffee brown jobbie in her toilet as I had been working on site that weekend and had been eating turkey sandwiches. She saw it as it stuck in the pan and I was bemused when she looked at the whites of my eyes. I asked what she was doing and she said she was looking for yellow and had my urine been dark as she had seen my motion in the toilet pan it was very pale coloured. I laughed as she thought I had jaundice and next day when I did another big jobbie this time the normal darker brown she was satisfied that I wasnt ill.

Adrian, for some time I have copied my friend George (Moira's husband) and used a cubicle to pee and sat down. I got caught once by an ambush motion, not a loose one but soft formed but which came out in my briefs when I was standing to pee. That was enough to convince me of George's peeing method and it is far more comfortable and seems to empty the bladder properly and also prevents splashing the trousers with pee. In George's business office and workshop there are toilets for both genders although he only employs 4 men and one woman. These toilets are identical, 3 cubicles with WCs in each, no urinals and one cubicle being wheelchair and disabled accessible.

I like the blonde girl in the Gallery. I think she has just done a nice big solid jobbie by the happy and satisfied look on her face. I have often see such a look on Theresa's face when she has had a good motion. As she has clothing over the top of her body, where are her knickers and skirt or trousers. She looks too happy to have wet or soiled them. I havent known women take of their skirt or panties to do the toilet unless of course they happen to be going to bed or having a bath or shower. Do any women out there take off their lower garments before doing the toilet?

Saturday, March 17, 2001

Sara T - did you pee when you went in the plastic bag? That would have made it messy to tie up etc. Where have you been peeing with no toilet there?

The best shit I ever had was at natural bridge caverns in San Antonio Texas. I went on this sily ass tour when I had to take an explosive shit. I asked the tour guide if there were any bathrooms down in the cave and I was givin a propmt no. I couldn't wait for the tour to end so I stayed behind a little and as the group drifted futher away I dropped my pants and let loose. Three days of beer & bologna sanwiches made for one of the nastiest shits ever. I left a pile right in the middle of the path complete with a dairy queen curly Q on top. I used my flannel shirt to wipe my ass & chunked it to the wayside when I was done. As I was moving along to catch my group a another group was coming along, I just made the clearing when I heard the tourists gasping in horror. I heard one lady say some persone releived themselves right here on the path and the tour guide try to be defensive and blame it on an animal. The lady replied no racoon or bat shits a pile that big.....

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post! recently my parents went out with friends for awhile and would not be home until late so I decided to call my boyfriend scott over my house. we made plans for what we wanted to do and hung up the phone. at the time I was wearing my yellow turtle neck sweater and tight blue jeans with brown cowboy boots on my feet. but in a flash I went to my room and came quickly out wearing my pink tights. i was barefoot and as curvy as a capital S. I then waited downstairs to wait for scott. scott arrived soon in his blue sweats we lifted weights for awhile in my basement. then i made scott a huge lasagna dinner. as soon as we finished I felt an enormous motion coming on. and i knew this log would be huge since i havent had one in two days. scott and i then walked upstairs to the bathroom. as soon as we entered i stripped nude and sat on the bowl.(I like to shit nude) scott got nude too even though he did not have to use the toi let!haha!. I then put both hands on the back of my legs and raised both legs up bending my knees up to my chin. I liked to squeeze out logs this way .It gave me more leverage.scott then thought of an idea. he went downstairs and came back up with old newspapers. he put the papers on the floor in front of the toilet bowl. scott then told me to bang out one of my huge logs on the newspapered floor while he uses the camcorder to tape it. and when my log lands on the papered floor scott would measure it. i agreed to do this as scott went to get the camcorder from my room. when scott came back he pointed the camcorder right at me. "ready when you are honey!he said with a smile. "Ok scotty. you can begin filming!" i replied as my upturned ass quivered excitedly as i let out a booming fart as i began to push out a brown log. I then moaned "ooohh!" as my ring expanded and my log grew bigger & bigger! I then squeezed real hard going "NNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!" as i saw scotts face break into a huge smile as he saw my log grow into a humongous beast! my pink butt-cheeks where quivering like mad trying to get this baby out! my log was also coming out nice and slow so scott got a good look at it! I tell you my huge log must have been coming out at scotts camcorder like a 3-d movie!haha! I then started to giggle. delighted ,my log was coming out soooo enormous. scott laughed along with me as he kept on filming my huge growing sausage! i then moaned "OOOOHH!" as i pushed with all my might, and i have a lot of might thru weightlifting,as my powerhouse log zoomed out in full force. while still sticking to my ass. i think even scott was shocked on how big my log was and how wide my ring was expanding to get it out! I then let my now gargantuan log just dangle in front of scott. teasing the living hell out of him! "see anything you like?" i said flirtatiously. I knew that scott obviously loved the enormous log i was squeezing out because his eyes where popping out of his head and he had a huge erection. "you bet i do kim." he said excitedly. i tell you my log was so big,thick and heavy i think scott needed a wider lense to film it all!haha! then without warning my whole body shook from the enormity of my log as my ring stretched real wide and my log grew bigger without me even pushing! aye chihuaha!" scott exclaimed. enjoying the show i was putting on for him. i giggled at what scott said as i braced myself for the nuclear explosion coming on in my ass. "WHAMMO!" i cried aloud as the rest of my mammoth beast shot out of my ass like a cannonball blast. my log hit the newspapered floor with a loud "plop" "wow! what a whopper kimmy!" scott said excitedly. "OHHH wow! yess!" i replied as we both looked at my elephant log on the newspaper. scott then got the measuring tape and measured my log at 24 inches long. 3.5 inches thick. what a whopper! I tell you folks within the past year my logs have been increasing in size,length and width. i gues s its due to my metabolism diet and exercise. my record log is still 25 inches long. 3 inches thick.but this record may be in jeopardy the way i squeeze em out!haha! scott then chopped up my logs on the paper. then picked up the paper and dropped the chopped logs in the bowl . as he was doing this i wiped myself and then flushed. scott and i then enjoyed a shower together. after this we watched the camcorder tape of my banging out my huge log. we loved it! it was like a total 3-d movie baby! with my huge log filling the whole viewing screen as it came towards you! it was awesome to say the least folks!hoped you liked the story. special hellos to louise and steve,pv,john (VT)lawn dogs kid and kendal,carmalita and renee,buzzy,logger,tony,nicola,anne the busdriver, adrian,rjogger.pooper dooper,summer,mia ephermal and rizzo-who calls me the queen of turd and i love it. plus to MIa-i have looked at my logs come out in a mirror but not recently. plus my ass and anus do get sore from pushing my monster logs out sometimes but the pain only lasts for seconds. thanks for caring and liking our posts mia and the other people here who do so! bye now.

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