To: Karen

You should seek assistance from your mate. I often help my wife with her problem when she gets constipated, however, I will not discuss the details here since they would not be appropriate in this forum. For self help, you should consider a couple of over the counter items which are very inexpensive: Astroglide will lubricate the passage making it easier to pass those big solid logs. Also, you can get Fleet enemas, about 2/ $1 at any drug store. Use one of those and hold it in until you are about to explode then go to the toilet and you will find the relief you need. The best long term solution is a tablespoon of Metumacil in a glass of orange juice every night just before you go to bed. You'll never get constipated again and reduce your risk of colon cancer by at least 50% because of the high fibre intake and regularity. I once had to have surgery for a bleeding anal fissure and interrnal hemmoroids and the doc told me it was from going around constipated and then near ki! lling myself when it finally did come time to go. I will never forget the pain of that first bm after the surgery, something I will never have to experience again, thanks to Metamucil and orange juice.

Karen: Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and drink water with your meals. Quit the pasta, rice and junk food.

I had to plead and bargain with my Dad to get the chance to post this now ! So I won't be back again until the middle of next week !

I see my last post has only just appeared today anyway. So an update is required on what has happened. I'll tell it to Linda because the beginning of it arose from my conversation with Linda in my last post, but its also for Kate who I think said she liked my original story on this subject. All will be revealed !

LINDA & KATE: Well, Wednesday afternoon when Andrew arrived home on the school bus, I had everything planned as I described, a brush for him to do my hair while I had a two day poo ! Thing was, it didn't quite work out, mainly because when it came to it, I still didn't need to poo and couldn't do one even though I spent 15 minutes sitting on the toilet while Andrew did brush my hair ( and it did shine after !! ). I was wonderfully relaxed, but no poo ! Now it is a very long time since the last time I didn't manage to poo in over two days, and although it was getting a worry, when I thought of poor Elena not being able to go in 6 days, I realised I had a long way to go before getting to that stage, so I put it out of my mind !

So, yesterday ( Thursday ), I went to school as normal, and a little after lunch break had finished I began to get that pooey feeling in my ????. Fortunately, we didn't have PE today so it wasn't going to get jogged or shaken about ! However, I did have an after school activity later, which meant delaying my poo further, but it didn't feel too bad when I first started on the project after school had finished. Besides, seeing as I would be finishing about the time Andrew would be arriving back on the bus, we had arranged for him to meet me at school and walk me back to his house. When we had finished, Andrew still hadn't arrived, and my poo was now very desperate. The teachers prefer us to wait in school when we are being met rather than outside, so I was in the cloak room, sitting on the benches waiting and hoping Andrew wouldn't be much longer so I could share this poo with him when I was suddenly struck with a ???? cramp which had me dashing to the girls toilets at to! p speed ! Once inside, I tried to keep calm, and waited two minutes to see if the urge would die down a bit. As I stood in there waiting to see, our school caretaker came in with his mop and bucket. You will remember my story about the time I came in to wee while he was in here ? He looked surprised and offered to leave again just as he did last time, but again I told him it didn't matter, and to carry on with his work and explained why I was waiting ( for Andrew, not about my urgent poo !! ). He listened patiently and then he smiled as if I'd said a joke. When I asked him why he smiled, he said "Its a bit of an unusual place to meet your cousin isn't it, in the girls toilets ?!" That made me laugh, and the act of laughing suddenly made my poo come out of my bottom ! I've never pooed my panties before, not that I am able to remember that is, and I had no intention of starting now, so I excused myself and said not to mind me and went in the cubicle and shut the door. His la! ughing died down, and then I heard him begin on his cleaning duties, the mop swilling around in the bucket, and then the slap sound as it hit the floor, and the gentle swishing noise it makes as he wiped the floor with it. By now I was sat on the toilet relieved to see that my poo hadn't escaped far enough to stain my panties, so I hadn't pooed myself afterall !

Now, you will also remember how I described the cubicles as having not very high partitions that none of the children could see over, but which a tall adult could easily see over, and our caretaker is very tall, well over 6ft I think ! As I sat there deciding to let my poo come out of me of its own accord rather than pushing, I began to get a real buzz over the thought that this time, our caretaker would hear me poo rather than just wee ! It was so exciting ! As my poo inched out further, the first bit of it broke off early, and landed in the water with quite a fierce plop ! My poos never plop much, but suddenly overtaken with another cramp, my ???? began to pump away, and my poo descended in several pieces, quite quickly, with resounding and varied plop noises, each one of them ! It wasn't the noise I made that was so embarrassing for me, it was the rather disgusting stink ! But the rush of poos made me feel so much better and relieved, and as the last of the casca! de dropped, I took time for a bit of a breather, and recovered my senses enough to hear the mop continue to swish around. Just then, the mop suddenly appeared in view below the door. It circled around and went back and forth in view under the door, until it actually began to clean slightly under the door. It was then that I looked up, and could see our caretaker's head above the door, from about the bottom of his nose upwards ! One single glance in my direction, and he would have been able to completely see me sitting on the toilet. My heart did an absolute skipperty-skip, firstly with fright at this discovery and the thought that he could see me, and then again with wondering about whether he would look. I was rooted to the seat, not wanting to move, fearing any movement I made would attract his attention ! But then an extremely strange feeling came over me, and the more his head remained in view, the more I wanted it to turn and look, for him to see me on the toilet ! So ! I did make a movement, pulling my skirt back down over my legs a bit from where I was holding it over my ????. But the only reaction was a sudden frown on his forehead, and the mop disappeared from under my door, and he moved away out of view. Whether he could actually see me out of the corner of his eye, I suppose I shall never really know. All I do know is that I never saw those eyes move or even give a hint of moving to look in my direction before he disappeared. He really is a good man ! It has just left me to wrestle with my conscience for a while as to why I suddenly wanted him to look. One thing is for certain, he definitely heard everything, because he made a joke about whether he would have to unblock the toilet now after all my poos ! It completely relieved all the tension I felt, and I laughed quite histerically at him, which made him laugh too, at my reaction to his joke ! I apologised for the smell I had made, and he just smiled at me. As I looked at him, thou! ghts rushed through my head. He didn't look, and for that I was glad. I wanted him to, but if he had ... well, that doesn't need to be thought about now. But then I thought, I've only got four months left at this school. This after-school project finishes at Easter, and I shall probably never need to use the toilet again while he is cleaning. As I smiled back at him, I again thought "You didn't look at me on the toilet.... You missed your big chance mate... tough look.... see ya !!". His smile broadened. I hope he's not one of those special men like Mel Gibson in that film where he can hear what women are thinking !! I skipped out of the toilets and back into the cloakroom where Andrew was sitting waiting for me. The peculiar euphoria I was feeling suddenly turned into disappointment. Here was Andrew, waiting for me, probably been looking forward all the day to the thought of being able to witness the once in a 1000 chance of a Kendal 3 day poo ! As I wrestled with my conscie! nce again wondering how I could let him down gently, he simply pulled me to him and gave me a hug. "Is that ???? of yours feeling much better now Princess?" he asked me. He was just so totally cool about it. My Cousin is just the best !! And so is my school caretaker ! Lots of love to both of you, Linda and Kate, love from Kendal xx

ELLIE: Don't you dare strangle Little Lou ! That glittery knickers story was just wonderful ! And so was your news. I'm so very happy that you are so in love with your boyfriend. I think you are right, it isn't anyone elses business. It is private between you and Craig. However, I do think that Kev is only concerned for you. Look what happened to him after he slept with that girl. Maybe he is worried that you might get hurt. At the risk of sounding like your mother, just be careful ! Whatever, I hope you enjoy being happy with Craig, and you keep that as private as you want. Except for the toilet stories. I want to hear all the gory details !! On second thoughts, perhaps that wouldn't be wise. It would never make it on the site anyway !! Perhaps a nice sit on knees wee story would be alright ! Speaking of which........ ( love from Kendal xx )

LITTLE LOU: You've had a sit on knees wee with Kev ?!! Oh, I'm so very happy for you ! Now you simply can't keep Andrew and me in suspense. You must tell us all about it ! And don't make it too long before you do. I can't wait even now !! Lots of love from Kendal ( and Andrew ) xx

Anon, this is one of the reasons myself and many other men go into a cubicle, (stall), and sit down to pee rather than stand at a urinal. If an "ambush poo" happens either a solid one forced out by the pressure of peeing or a loose stool similarly passed it will go down the pan in the normal manner and one's underpants or knickers will not be soiled.

Carol, love your stories. Moira had an accident like that one time and so did my Aunt Helen when I was a kid. Nice to see you wear Sloggis, so do Moira and I.

Karen, try Liquid Parafin for gentle non diarrhea causing relief, drink more fluid, try more fibre in your diet, brown bread, pasta, rice, instead of white.

Karen, If u Wanna Cure Constipation...Use a Laxative....That Always Works...

Carol the housewife. Although it can't have been very pleasant for you at the time, I enjoyed reading about your accident after the pre-Christmas party. I know that sort of thing happens from time to time but there can't be many 40 year old housewifes who actually admit to pooing themselves.

Anon. Yes, I had an 'ambush motion' once on a day out many years ago. I was 18 at the time and it rather distressed me to realise that I was still capable of having accidents at that age. Fortunately it was near the end of the day and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Ironically I'd had a motion at lunchtime but obviously I'd not quite passed everything!

Personally I think the matter of 'ambush motions' is one area where women have a distinct advantage over men. This is because most women sit to do #1 and if an unexpected #2 accidentally slips out it lands quite hamlessly in the loo without any danger of soiling.

I like the new picture. My guess is she's doing #2 as she'd more than likely wet the seat if she was sat in that position for #1.

Summer- I saw "Girl Interrupted" and liked the pooping references they made. The comment about the head nurse supervising them while they pooped and the one about how eating in a cafeteria with 20 other girls was similar to pooping together. Not to mention that one of the girls was always desperate for laxatives...

Karen: I am a man, but my girl friend often gets constipated, and I give her a type of enema we worked out on our own. We tried the fleet enemas, but they are expensive and there is not enough liquid in them to start moving things. So in the drug store, right next to the fleet enemas, I found a rubber syringe that has a plastic nozzle designed to go in the rectum. I fill the basin with worm water and a little ivory soap as a lubricant, she lies down on her left side, and I generally give her 4 or 5 syringes-full. She then tries to hold it in as long as she can so the liquid can loosen up the hard stools. I think this best way to deal with contripation - much better than laxatives and suppositories. Of course, eating plenty of fiber should help as well, but my girl friend does (she has metamucil every day), but still gets constipated.

I hope this helps.

Plunging Plop Guy

HI, Everyone

I've got a lot to catch up on but a few items I'd like to respond to now.

To STRUGGLER, Re your query about where to position to watch yourself shitting on the toilet.
What I did on a few occasions although it took a lot of work setting up was to unscrew the bolts that support the toilet seat coupling, and jack the seat up on two blocks of wood, one at the front, one at the back. I stood a large mirror on the floor to one side and got a good side view of my turds sticking out before they dropped.
Sometimes, the light not being very good, I shone a lamp so as to get a better view but it seemed a lot of trouble to go to and didn't do it many more times!
I like sometimes to position a large mirror to watch myself sitting there as I shit. Obviously, I don't see the action but like to see myself as others would if they were watching!

To DAVEY, Great to read about your once every two day shits! I used to go usually every other day in my teens, and I like the idea of you dropping solid turds that drop in the toilet with a loud plop.
Presumably you use public toilets sometimes so do you like the idea of other guys hearing you plopping, or do you like to hear them at it? There are quite a few public toilets in the North East with stainless steel pans which can give you a good splash too so it would be good to know whether you enjoy getting your arse splashed when you drop them! I certainly do!
I look forward to reading some of your detailed accounts of your sessions on the toilet! BTW, For a firm dump, I can take upto 15 mins

RING STRETCHER, I understand your surprise at why people enjoy the sounds of someone's constipated efforts on the toilet trying to drop a hard turd, if as you say you've had a painful time trying to go and feel sore and uncomfortable.
I too have to be careful not to put too much effort into it otherwise i can get piles, but I love the dramatic sounds and the concentration that goes into the effort required, either from myself or from others I'm listening to, and the grunts, sighs, heavy breathing and the loud plops, the sense of satisfaction and achievement and for men especially, the sensations of a big firm turd slowly being pushed out stimulating the prostate gland as it comes out!
When I hear other guys having a tough shit, naturally I hope they're enjoying it and that there's no discomfort, and so I sympathise with you if you've been having a hard time.

DECLAN, Hope you can get hold of "Kings of the Road" but when I saw that scene on TV, I told a friend with the same interest and he was amazed, as he said in his area, that scene had been cut!
Anyway, I don't want to hype it up too much as you might not be too impressed.
As regards films of guys and women on toilets, there are quite a few recommendations in previous posts, so you might find others you'll enjoy, even if not so graphic.

I've just seen the doctor again about my sensitive guts.
Apparently I've just got to experiment until I get the diet right! That's what I've been doing for months, then suddenly it's perfect, then it all goes wrong again.
Meanwhile I'm drinking lots more water, it's the only thing I can think of that might be the crucial factor.
Any advice from anyone about alternative or complimentary therapies? I've tried a few but there may be one that will sort this out.

That's my lot for today, Keep well, everyone, P P G

TO BUZZY: I've read many of your posts, I don't know anyone who poops as much as you, how do you do it. I would love to poop as much as you do. I read that post about your morning poo the other day. You pushed out alot of mushy stuff then three long logs. I could never produce such a mass as that. Tell me, is their a secret to all of it or is it just a natural thing for you?

Nothing new with me, I posted about me crapping in my underwear last Friday night but it didn't make it through. I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe it was just an error or something.

CASEY, where have you been, you had some really great posts. You encouraged me to poop in my underwear when I read one of your posts about it last Friday night. Give us some more stories.

To gemstock: I liked that story

That lady up top looks familar..either her picture has been here before(can any one confirm that???) or she might look like someone who i went to school with.

The other morning, i woke up for work and i was up about 15 minutes when a strong urge to shit came on. I went to the toilet, sat down and pushed it out slowly. At first a few little small pebbles fell out of my anus. Then the rest of it came out, slowly. I felt it slowly hit the water. Then i was done, i was amazed that all that stayed together. It sorta looked like it was braided cause it was bumpy. Then the bottom of my log curved around slightly. Then i wiped and showered.


For wiping or cleaning after doing number two, I tend to use my left hand. I might be influenced by the fact that in many countries, you don't eat with the left hand, because it's used for cleaning purposes.

At home, in order to help minimize getting "skid marks" in my briefs, I will wet the TP a bit and wipe. I now bring wet towelettes when I travel to use to do a more through job after taking a dump.

For those who may be travelling abroad:

In many if not most Asian countries, you will encounter squat toilets. If you're not familiar with them, you can be put off by them (particularly if someone before you has had lousy aim) but they have the following benefits:

1) no part of your anatomy touches the fixture
2) it may be easier to empty the bowels more completely because the squatting position allows more leverage of the abdominal muscles

Thanks for the information on "Kings of the Road", Anonymous Moviegoer. I have already tried to find it through a specialist video library, but I'm not sure that I am going to have any luck. From what Coprologist says, I may not be missing very much. Maybe I am better just to settle for good written descriptions, on this site or in books!

I am one of those who:
- thinks shitting can and should be a pleasant, companionable experience
- enjoys the sounds, and better still the sights (rarely experienced) of someone having a good shit, especially if there is a bit of effort involved
gets extra pleasure out of shitting outdoors, even on my own!
Like lots of others who read and post here, I think. Other people's descriptions are not as good as the real thing, but some are a pretty good substitute. My first prize among the posts I have found would go to Daniel, page 183. Other favourites are RB, page 104, Bear, page 264, Karl Camper, page 366, Justin, page 367, Rick, page 414, and Kyle, page 454. Thanks, all of you.

Isn't it strange how characters in books rarely seem to shit, or even piss. I can kind of understand a taboo about pictures of these acts, but when nearly every novel these days describes people having sex, why are we so deprived of descriptions of other normal, everyday activities? There are honourable exceptions. Someone back there in Old Posts referred to a classic description from James Joyce"s Ulysses, widely regarded as the greratest work of 20th century literature. I know a few others from different kinds of books. Let me share one of them. It's from "A Soldier Erect", by Brian Aldiss. He's better known for science fiction, but this book describes the adventures of British soldiers in India in the Second World War.

"Even shitting was fun. The latrines were situated not far from the cookhouse. Wally Page and I were there late one afternoon, balanced with our arses over the pole, crapping into a pit.
'Another bastarding night march tonight,' I said.........
All of India sprawled before us, over low bushes. My trousers were round my ankles. Sweat ran down my chest. You could see a bit of the lake among the dispirited trees. Beyond it rolled the hills. Our turds dropped smack down into the lime-covered mess below. Huge flies zoomed about. The sun was getting low, but even the nights were hot.
Wally reached for a bit of newspaper. 'At least we're saving money here. My old man and me are going to leave the factory and open up a fish-and-chip shop when I get home.'........
All the pretensions had gone. The complexities of middle-class life, designed to hide what one was hoping, feeling, enjoying, suffering - all bowed to the army code."

Has anyone else any descriptions to offer, either from novels or from autobiographical or travel books?

TO STRUGGLER-I usually put thet mirror in front of me-it's one of those with a swivel on it with a 8 in arm too-i just put it under the seat a adjust the swivel til I can see my anus-I rarely put it behind unless i'm outdoors in the woods and I can put it anywhere-yes i guess 2 mirrors would be cool,but a bit of a production though-Also,get the mirror with one side that has a slight magnifictation-It's a great view-To me the best is when you poo outdoors on a nice sunny day-the view with the mirror is super-it's a turn-on to watch your anus open up as you push out you r stuff-let me know how you make out-I hope this helps you to enjoy the finer points of pooing!
TO BMG-I am left handed and wipe with that hand most of the time-I am not a jewelry person at all,but I do wear a watch,but I don't take it off to wipe-no need to-hope this answers your question
TO GEMSTOCK-Yea,there is something really cool about seeing another guy dumping out in the woods-I'd rather see a woman myself maybe cause it';s been so long,but I have pooed with aother guys in the woods and it's fun to see the turds coming out their butts as you push one out too-try pooing along with your friend at the same time next time you guys go out to the woods-it's great!
TO ANON-Its' happened to me only if I was sick to mt stomach-but there ahs been times where i've been peeing at a urinal and all of a sudden i fell the urge to poo and then i have to stop peeing and go to the stall and poo,but it happens rarely to me
Did 2 long snake-poos at the gym yesterday-didn't feel like i had to go til it was later in the morning and I was doing my routine and all of a sudden i had to go so i went down to the toilets and at that time of day,it was quiet-so i went in and sat down and right away did 1 olng turd with a fart at the end and then I decided to sit there and wait for someone else to come in and join me-as I'm sitting thereI fell another urge,but I decide to hold it til someone else comes in-after about 10 mins,i had to do bad again, and just then someone comes in and sits down in the stall next to me and starts doing a good dump with a lot of farting and grunting-sounds like he had to go bad-then i let out my load which was a soft long turd with some hissing gas-you could hear both of our loads ploping into the bowl-it felt good-then I was done-as I'm wiping this guys is still farting and doing a lot of loose stuff-it was cool-then went to the shower-it was an unexpected pleasure-i didn! 't feel like i had to poo and then to wait for someone else to poo along with-it was fun!I see at the top of the forum a girl on the pot that has been here before-nice pic,but i hope it's not re-run time here-Hey moderators-you say those pics are computer generated-those look like photos to me,unless you guys have some incredible military-type software- i have never seen computer generated photos look quite as clear as these-Hmmmm-BYE

Friday, March 16, 2001

I pooed in my panties leaving work yesterday. Unfortunately I misjudged it and assumed I was going to pass ne of my usual fat logs. No! While I was walking to the train, I farted and felt a soft, squidgy mound of poo explode into my panties. I walked with this smelly mound to the ladies room of the train station. In a stall, I took off the panties, tipped out the poo and wiped my bottom thoroughly with tons of paper (it was covered in poo). I adjusted my clothing, walked over to the garbage and put my poo-covered panties in the garbage can.

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