Sara T.
Recently, they took my sink and toilet out of my bathroom to do some work on the floor. I've been staying with a friend so I had a place to use the bathroom but yesterday I came home and really had to poop. I was left with no choice but to go into a plastic bag. I hooked the bag up over an old milk crate, sat down with my TP and let go. I was really backed up so I had two very large turds, both dark brown with bits of something in it (not corn, I'm not sure what). One was about five, six inches long and very thick, and the other was a bit shorter and the same circumference. I tied the bag up and put it out on the back porch.

hi all any women have any cures for one constipated lady!?

To Shawn: Loved your wal-mart story!! The kid should have just went to the bathroom at wal-mart...then you could have followed him and listend on. I was trying to do that yesterday to a co-worker(listen on).

Has any guys messed their pants lately? If so please post back.

These are questions that been around in my mind for some time.
It's all about cleaning habit or wiping after having a dump.
Do you wipe with your left or right hand?
Is it in reverse order if you are left handed?
Which hand you usually wear wrist watch and/or bracelet?
Do you remove them while doing cleaning duty, If you wear them in your cleaning arm?
also if you wear ring or other orament in your cleaning duty arm?
I never see any of these question asked in this forum or discussed elsewhere. Hope will be an interesting topic. We here discussing about doing number one or number two, our selves or others also everything that related to the habit.

Hi, everyone!

Kim: Thanks for the kind words. I've been playing tournament
chess since I was 16. My rating puts me in the top 10% of the country, but not quite at the Bobby Fischer level, thank you!
(LOL) I do take it seriously and love the competition (I was a
good high school athlete), though. I play in about 10-15 tournaments
a year, mostly in NY state and New England. As always, I'm eagerly
awaiting your next awesome bomber story!

Summer: Thanks for your greeting to me, also... I am very well,thank you, and very relaxed and happy living in beautiful, calm, Vermont.
I'm surprised you remembered me! I've always enjoyed your stories,
and your most recent one was very exciting to me... two great expulsions at once! Looking forward to more!!

PV: Great to hear from you, too, again, recently. Those two beautiful eleven inchers caught my attention, as well as your
determination to continue to do more... Wow!

I had a very satisfying poo tonight, my first really nice one in awhile. It kind of surprised me, because I didn't feel that desperate... but I guess I caught it at just the right time, because it slid out smoothly, and just kept coming... Ahhh! When I inspected it, it was very solid, thick as usual, just slightly curved, and I'd say a full fourteen inches. It fought hard to stay in the toilet, too, leaving its mark all around... (LOL)

Shawn, tell more stories like the last one please.


I have a small query this time: I'm extreme in pooing... i mean that normally I either have those small hard balls for weeks or suddenly i shift into soft poos, which range from the mushy kind to the runny ones. i keep like that for a few weeks, then back to "hardies"...

i've been like that since i was 10, so i don't think it's anything bad, just a bit uncomfortable. Some friends told me to eat more fruit to get my organism used to fiber, but fruis is so weird in my ????!!! i can eat apples, pears, bananas and oranges, lots of them, but if i try some fruits i get the runs in no time. that's especially true of melon and watermelon: just one slice and everything inside of me turns into liquid in less than 1 hour... anybody around with this thing for melon, too??


Carol the Housewife
The new girl at the top of the page looks as though she is wearing two pairs of panties, The outer pair of knickers at her knees having a wider gusset (crotch) than the inner pair with a thinner gusset at the top of her thighs. This isnt that unusual. In cold weather, and when Im on my period I wear two pairs of panties and when I was at school 25 years ago it was common for girls to wear a pair of white cotton briefs as liners under their navy blue or bottle green school knickers, (thicker briefs worn for gym, games etc). Perhaps though she is wearing thicker tights, (pantyhose) with a built in panty?

Nicola, to answer you questions, yes both of my kids, son of 17 and daughter of 20 do big jobbies, as does my husband. We are all of the fuller figure and eat well and consequently do big solid poos.

On your second question yes, like most people I have had accidents in my knickers. Since you ask and I guess from reading Old Posts that some other posters would like to read about it I will tell you about one I suffered a few months back.

It was just before Xmas and I had gone out for the evening with some of the women from my workplace. We went to a bistro and had a meal and a few drinks. Afterwards I did feel I needed a motion but as the queue (line) was long for the Ladies toilet I decided to hold it in till I got home, at that stage it didnt feel urgent. I got a lift part way home and only had about a mile to walk, it being too late to get a bus. About half way home the food I had eaten obviously had entered my small intestine from my stomach trigering the gastro colic reflex and propelling the load of poo into my rectum. Now if near a toilet I would have simply gone and done a number two but my home was still a good 15 minutes walk away. No doubt the situation added to the urgency but I could feel the big turd pushing down against my ring. As often happens I also needed a wee wee rather badly and regretted having those long drinks as my bladder was quite full. The pressure of the lump in my back passage made me dribble the gusset of my panties and trying to stop that started the jobbie coming out. I hobbled on for a few paces then realising I had lost the battle I just let it all happen. There was no where I could have gone and squatted down as it was a built up area of suburbia. I was wearing a skirt and also as it was winter a coat and nobody was around so I stood with my legs apart. The wee wee gushed out soaking the gusset and seat of my panties and dribbling through them onto the ground, which as it had been raining was already wet I was relieved to see. Then the jobbie started to come out. I felt the lump touching against the inside of my buttocks then it encountered the seat of my panties. ( a pair of white Sloggi Maxi Briefs) Being made of elastiane (spandex) cotton mix these expanded for a bit then the turd started to bend and I could feel it pushing up the back of my knickers to the small of my back. It was a big one but thankfully firm and solid as my jobbies usually are. When it had finished I waddled home feeling the load hanging down in the seat of my panties. Now my husband was driving his taxi, (the Xmas season being a goldmine in his trade), and my daughter was at her boyfriend's for the holiday. My son was at home and sussed straight away what had happened. Now I have always been easy going with the kids about toilet accidents, not like some parents described in these pages, and have never been heavy with them if they have soiled or wet their knickers, but have helped them get clean and comforted them. This paid large dividends as my son without any fuss got me clean panties while I went to the bathroom, slipped off my skirt which had escaped any soiling. I could see that my panties hadnt. They were soaked with pee and there was a large bulge and brown stain in the seat and up the back where the jobbie had touched. Gingerly I stepped out of them and saw that the turd hadnt squashed but had folded into a sort of U shape and luckily it had been a firm stool, a softer one would have squashed up and made a real mess. My panties had kept all the poo in with no leakage. I emptied the jobbie out of my knickers by turning them inside out over the toilet pan then had a nice cleaning shower and changed into the pair of clean panties and dressing gown my son had got for me and put the smelly knickers in the washing machine with some other used panties etc and washed them. I did tell Keith my husband when he came in later, (we dont have secrets), and he was also sympathetic but did say that had I called him he would have happily picked me up from the bistro in his taxi or radioed one of his mates to do so. Since then I have always waited in line to use the Ladies toilet if I feel a motion come down and would even use the Mens toilets if I had to, ( I have in the past). I hope this interested readers. I have to say it DIDNT turn me on having a big accident in my knickers, but I do understand some people get a b! uzz from doing this.

Finally, I did a big easy one about an hour ago at home, I only work part time. Alone in the house I was doing the laundry and had loaded the washing machine when I needed a motion. I went to the toilet, pulled down my pink panties and sat on the pan. As I did my wee wee with a tinkle a big smooth easy jobbie slid down and out of me into the pan with a floomp. It was a 12 inch long , fat smooth curved jobbie. The interesting thing was that it was a light brown colour. Now yesterday I was working a long day and eating sandwiches so all the bread resulted in my passing a light coloured motion.

TO TRAVELING GUY-Yes-A few folks on this forum have mentioned that men's room in NYC and since I live not too far from there, I have often thought of going there-maybe this summer-I like you may not get enough nerve to poo there,but it sound like it would be fun pooing along with others in the open like that-I really must try to check this place out when the weather gets warmer!
Yesterday,i didnt poo all day and went to a beer and burger joint last nite and as soon as I woke up this a.m. I really had to go BAD-I climbed out of bed and made my way into the toilet and sat down and right away started to let out some really loose stuff which sprayed all over the bowl-it wasn't that much and all of a sudden,it stopped and i felt like i had to go more and I pushed and pushed but nothing more would come out-so i sat there and just waited with my anus wide open getting ready to go more-after a few mins,i let out a long hissing fart and did some pudding that ploped ploped ploped into the bowl and farted again at the end of it-then i started to do my morning pee-had a few beers last nite and I was peeing like a racehorse for a good 10-15 secs and towards the end of peeing,as i was pushing the last part of pee- my anus opened up with a real long smooth turd that came out slow at first and sped up and ploped into the bowl as i was peeing-i really enjoy when I have to pee and poo at the same time-it feels great!that turd came out as a surprise-i didn't feel anything til it started coming out -then i farted 2 long farts and started to do another smooth turd which was thinner but just as long as the 1st one(8-10 in. or so) Then as it was coming out ,it stopped and I just let it hang there asI looked between my legs at it-this was a funny BM cause it started so loose and got more and more firm as I pooed-then i pushed the rest of this turd out as i pissed some more at the same time-then I just sat back and totally relaxed my anus as the innermost part of my movement was starting to come down and let out some squgglies and mucus along with some hissing farts-then i had to push again and another smooth,long turd came out with a lot of crackling and farting coming out the sides of mu anus as the poo came out-this one was about 10 in.long and thinner-then I farted again and felt a strong cramp and then I started doing loose chunks and t! hen the tail end of my movement which was like peeing out my anus and exploded with a long wet fart-that was a relief-then I finally felt done-then i looked in the bowl and saw a lot of assorted poops in brown water with some squgglies and a pile of pudding toward the side of the bowl-I don't uauslly eat that kind of food and boy did it clean me out!I felt wonderful as I wiped my slighty sore asshole-it was nice to get rid of that stuff-esp since i hadn't gone in 2 days-then I flushed and the whole thing went down no problem,thanks god-then jumped in the shower to clean up the splashback that was all over my butt-it was a messy one,but i enjoyed every poo that came out my butt today!this would have been a good one to do at the gym,but ther was no way I would have made it there in time!BYE

I just have to tell about a shitting episode:
I and a friend of mine (we are both boys) were hiking out in the woods - it was a really nice summer day. It was quite hot and when we came to a lake, we decided to have a bath. We hadn't planned this, so we had not brought our swimmin suits. It was a faraway place so we bathed naked. After a while my friend said that he really needed to shit and went ashore, found a place by some bushes and squatted. His back faced the water and I could see the brown shit coming out of his white, beautiful ass and the yellow stream afterwards. That was a real turn-on!

None of my posts have made it on here yet, I think I keep contravening some Mod rule but I will try to get better at it :)

This one might make it tho: lots of you keep mentioning using a mirror to watch yourselves 'going'. I have never managed this!!!! Like, when Buzzy says he puts the mirror behind him? WHERE do you put it? On the seat like at the back, in front of the cistern? How do you balance it there? And then where do you look? Lower head and peek between your legs?

See, if you want to look at the back of your head (like in the hairdressers' when they show you what they have done to your hair) you need TWO mirrors. And your anus is also behind you, right??

I just can't quite see how it's done but I would so LOVE to do it. Any tips from anyone out there?

Nicola - I respect your view about my recent post.

Now that I have spoken to Elizibeth about her problem in class,
it turns out she was only kidding about wanting to change her
tampon. She just wanted to draw some attention to herself.

The reason I laughed at the time is because I didn't think she was being serious.

The reason I said in my post that she WAS being serious is because
she looked that way when she made the remark.

The teacher didn't let her go because she knew she was lying.

Sorry for any inconvinience!!!


I see Lou has posted, telling you all about the glittery knickers incident. If it wasn't for the fact she looks like a little angel, I could have wrung her neck for that! I've never been so embarrassed! Craig and I got a bus to the coast together at the weekend. The beach was absolutely deserted, as it was quite cold, with a cold wind coming in off the sea. We made the most of that, and we weed together in the sand.

Little Lou is much happier now. She's peed with me in the park, she's done it sitting on Kev's knees, and she's even done it with Craig in the derelict house on the edge of our village.

Kev has banned me from going to the bathroom with him. He found out that I slept with Craig, and he's not happy. He doesn't like me weeing in front of Craig, and he was even less pleased when he found out that Craig and I had tried the sitting-on-knees wee. When he found out that me and Craig 'did it', he went mad. Kev said that I'm not allowed to wee sitting on his knees, or even be in the toilet with him, until I've told him I won't do it again. As far as I'm concerned, he can get stuffed, because Craig's my boyfriend, and we'll do what we like together. I've even come up with a solution for going at night. I usually get Kev to come with me because I'm so scared of the dark (our pub is haunted too), but Lou's said I can use her potty, which she has in our bedroom to use if I'm not awake to take her. Kev thinks it will come to a point that I'll be so desperate to wee in the night that I'll come and tell him I'll never sleep with Craig again, but he doesn't know about the ! arrangement Lou and I have with the potty.

well, I'm going to go now, as I'm going round to Craig's while his parents are out. And Kev, if you read this, learn to mind your own business!

Lots of love (to all my friends, who I'm sure will still like me whatever I've done with my boyfriend) Ellie xxx

Traveling Guy
CABRAY - I was an RA once. I'm mostly with the others posters on this, but is the shower first-then-dump policy just in your section or dorm-wide? If it's just yours, ask the early poopers to use the next nearest female bathroom. I know, they'll be invading someone else's territory. Otherwise, I agree that your rule is a nice idea but maybe impractical. We had a different problem in my dorm. The university spent a small fortune on fancy marble toilet partitions, rounded at the corners, really classy, for the new dorms. Trouble was, the ones in the men's baths had no doors and most guys hated that. One student politician petitioned administrators with the slogan "Sh***ing in public is for the birds." Someone finally came up with the cheap solution of hanging curtains. Meanwhile, the women's had doors from the start. Unfair, I say!!

SUMMER - Your image of 10 girls pooping at once reminds me of that line about 20 girls dumping together from the movie "Girl Interrupted." (Is it in the book, too?) I've always held early morning dumpers in awe. I used to be an afternoon person, lately a mid-morning type, but very rarely do I have to take a dump first thing on hopping out of bed. Even in this, variety is the spice.

LOUISE: Fancy having to poo in the bushes ! I'm just a bit curious. You say you went in your usual place. Have you pooed there before, and if so, were your previous poos still there or had they gone ? I've never had to poo outside before so I haven't been able to go back somewhere to see ! Love Kendal x

RIZZO: Of course I'm a well behaved little girl !! And yes I do have a wonderful and kind Father. But then I think you know that really don't you ?! Love Kendal x

LINDA: Just wait 'til I see Andrew next time ! Calling you "helmet hair" !! I'll make sure I give him a good telling off ! Feel free to tell him GRRRRRRRRRR yourself as well !! On second thoughts, perhaps you better hadn't say GRRRRRRRRRR. Andrew says he likes you when you're angry, something about the way you go GRRRRRRRRRRRRR at him that he thinks is cute !! Actually, I'm a bit embarrassed about the way he has likened me to the new girl in the picture. Obviously I don't look anything like her, but I can see what he means about where she has got her panties. However, you can see that her panties are clearly in front of the seat, whereas mine are usually on the seat, if I'm weeing anyway ! But he's dead right about Kirsty ! Not quite over her knees, nor above them. Sort of hanging from the knee caps really, thats our Kirsty !! I've decided that I'm going to get Andrew to brush my hair rather than comb it. I didn't poo yesterday, so I'm expecting a pretty big sessi! on "there" today. With all the brushing that will be necessary, I expect my hair will be positively shining by the time I get off the loo ! I only hope I can hang on long enough while he gets home from school ! Lots of love from Kendal xxx
PS Has Elena managed to have her poo yet ? That sounds terrible, not going for six days. I can't ever imagine not going for that long. 99% of the time I go everyday. But that 1 in a 100 occasion .... lets just say Andrew can expect lots of quality time this afternoon !!

KATE: We don't seem to have heard from you for a little while. Have you managed to work out how to have that poo off that bridge yet ? And has there been any more bus shelters receiving your specialist treatment ?! And have you seen Lawn Dogs yet, with Devon (Mischa Barton) weeing down her Dad's cars windscreen ? Hope you are well, and enjoying yourself with those boys ! Love from kendal xx

GEMI: Hope you are happy too ! Love from Kendal x

LITTLE LOU, ELLIE & KEV: This foot and mouth thing here in Devon is terrible isn't it ? We haven't got a farm in our village affected as yet, thank goodness. But everyone here is being very, very careful, and not walking along any of the lanes or in the fields. I miss my walks with my Dad on a Sunday afternoon. We don't seem to have done it for weeks now. I bet it's especially hard with those horses to look after ? Oh well, I suppose if there isn't anything else better to do, a nice group session at the toilet helps to pass the time of day ! Ellie, got any good secrets about going to the toilet with Craig that you can tell me ?! I wonder if they would involve glittery knickers ?! Do tell !! But if you're too shy, perhaps you can get Little Lou to spill the beans. I loved her last story so much !! Love from Kendal xx

One time when I was 14 and I am now 21, my sister had a party and all but 1 person had left so I looked in her bag out of interest and I found a pair of her undies they were covered i shit and smelt nice.

Here's a question for guys:

Have you ever been standing at the urinal taking a piss and farted, execpt you mistakenly crapped your pants? I always feared of doing that..

hey hiker
i was reading your french toilet stories at T.O.P and was wondering if you could post all your other old posts there too. Thanks. your stories are absolutly fabulious.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

This is kind of cool. I was at Walmart yesterday looking at camping stuff when a kid, I'd say he was about 14 or so, came up and stood a couple of feet away from me looking at tents. His mother and sister were in the other aisle. I noticed he was very antsy but I didn't really think twice about it. He hollered to his mother..."Mom, are we leaving yet? I gotta go to the bathroom bad" At this point he was kind of dancing around..marching in place like a one man army. I continued to price merchandise when I heard him say ut oh. I looked over expecting him to wet himself but instead his face was beat red and he grunted. I saw him feeling the seat of his pants and sniffing his fingers..(something kids do I guess). It was very noticable that he soiled himself. He didn't pay any attention to me at all. His sister came around the corner. She curled her face and said "eww, you tooted" (she was about 7 or so). "tell mom to come here for a second" he said....His mother appear! ed and said, "Seth, come on, what's the matter..did you have an accident?" At this point she whisked him away to change apparantly. I must say he did have to go bad and he stunk pretty bad. A message to parents, when your kids have to go do it immediatly! This is not the first time I witnessed this. Anyway...thought this was an interesting occurance.

Mr Pee Pee
William and Aleena I am planning a trip to India in April or May of this Year. I was wondering if it is Ok for me as a forigner to poop ououtside and where are the best places to poop outside. Is It ok if other people watch me?.

Lawn Dogs Kid
COUSIN: They've changed the picture quick before anyone else could comment about Victoria Beckham ! Actually, the new one is positively wonderful I think. She reminds me of Kendal and Kirsty at the same time. Kendal because of the way her panties are up her legs, and Kirsty because she ( Kirsty ) has her panties half over her knees rather like this lady has positioned her tights ! Very sexy. Seeing as you are sort of passing on messages from Linda, and she was "there" at the time waiting for her hair to be combed and to spend a lot of quality time with, I thought you would be the best person to advise, you being the family expert on hair combing. Is there any particular way that "helmet" hair has to be combed ?!!?! ( Sorry Linda, just kidding !! ) Actually, Kendal has said that I can practice combing hair the next time she lets me go with her while she's "there". She said she imagines that it would make her feel lovely and relaxed and therefore make her poo more easily, not that she has any particular difficulties when pooing anyway. Funny really, Kendal and I are both the same, we both of us love having our hair stroked, and I suppose hair combing is something similar. Tell Linda that I'm sure we would have enjoyed the quality time together, and that if I am as good at hair combing as I am at hair stroking, then she will have enjoyed the most maginificent and relaxing poo of her life ! Take care all of you, and I hope that you have now been able to take a comb to Elena by now. 6 days is an awful long time !

Traveling Guy
Hi, all. Haven't been here in a while. My wife and I were in New York City recently, walking around Greenwich Village in our spare time. I needed a pee while we were in Washington Square Park so I entered the men's. The urinal area was ordinary enough, two rows of 5 or 6 on opposite walls and busy for s Sunday morning. There were no towels by the sinks for hand drying (wasn't expecting that), but it was a cold day so I looked for TP. Several rolls were hanging on a heavy chain near the doorless entrance to another room. As I pulled some off, I glanced into the room and saw something I hadn't seen since military days - an open row of toilets with not only no doors but no partitions of any kind. There were no users at that moment, nor did I care to see any. Truth was, I also needed a poo but didn't want to take it there. Not street smart, too much vulnerability, I reasoned. I guess the room was wide open for policing purposes. Give NYC this much: the place was prett! y clean. Has anybody taken a poo on a completely open row like that lately?

Back home, I produced a l-o-n-g turd yesterday, one of my longest in a while. When I flushed, it collapsed on itself and two parts tried to go down the trap at once, side by side. Major stoppage. Had to free things up with a coathanger.

WILLIAM & ALEENA - Oh, yes, the joys of squat-type toilets. I came to love them in other lands, as mentioned here in past posts.

Hey, good people, lets put our hands together and give it up for the moderators here who keep this forum in line and online for all of us to enjoy. Thank you!

KENDAL - Oh yeah, whether you hiss when you wee will
depend on how hard you are doing it, so if you do a
slowish kind of trickle it will not make a lot of noise.
LOL oh yeah, Kirsty is not all by herself. A lot of the
time I do 'ploppy' poos, hard little ones that come out
and make a big pile at the bottom of the toilet.
Today was good because it was a nice sunny day. On my
way home from work I wanted to wee, and I wanted to
have a shit as well. I stopped by in the park, and I
went in my usual little place in the bushes. I took
my skirt up, pulled down my knickers and I squatted
down. I pushed out a smallish turd about 4 inches long
and then I did quite a big hissing wee that went on
for ages. I did feel like I wanted to do so much but
I wished I had my bottle with me to measure it. I did
wet my shoes a little bit but I am going to clean them
in a minute. I did not have anything to wipe myself
with, but my shit was a totally dry one with no mess.
I will be with Steve in the bath when he comes home
soon, so then I will be sure I am clean.

DIANE and PENNY - I tried the sitting on the car door
sill on Sunday afternoon. It does work doesn't it,
and yes I did wipe the sill first. Oh and your car
park wee between the cars? Been there done that!
More than once I have pissed a big puddle between
cars. Once I forgot to think about the car
drivers having to step in it to get back into their
cars! Oh dear.

PV - I was happy to read your letter and I know what
the problems are when you do not have a lot of time.
Steve is good with his time, but he always says he
wishes there were more than 24 hours in a day!
I did not like the last picture with the Spice girl
on it. Remember when I told you I had seen them all
on the toilet with the doors open? It reminded me
of that, but then she had her dress pulled up so
she did not wee on it.



Today i was at work, i was sent to this other building to train this fairly new employee, every door in that building has locks on it. We arive there and are about ready to start when this guy(he's probably my age) asks me for my key, he said "let me see your key, i gotta go to the bathroom". Real exciting for me....i offten fantising something like this. So i open the door to the hall, then i open the door to the bathroom, he goes in and closes the door. I wait there so i could lock it back up. I then am waiting for him to finish, i decided to listen in on him. I heard him pee, a loud stream hitting the bowel, then it was dead silent for the longest time. Im thinking...what is he doing, taking a shit. Im waiting and waiting. I didn't hear him shit or any thing. Then it was getting late and i knew i needed to start so i started and he came back in and i said i'll be right back...I wanted to use the facility and lock it back up. To my surpise i go in there and the toilet is unf! lushed with pee in there. Im really starting to think...what the heck was he doing in there sooo long(couldn't ask him). Then i thought well maybe he was smoking or doing something else. By the way, this bathroom is a one person bathroom.

To Donnie: Good story, it's the best one on here ever..i think

Ring Stretcher
Today I shit a softball-size turd. I got back from work, anxious to unleash my load, as the bathrooms at work were being repaired. I sat down and started grunting loud and rocking back and fourth as sweat poured down my face, trying to get things going. My ring domed and opened up, wider and wider, as the giant turd opened me up. I grabbed a little mirror and watched as my ring opened up even wider and gripped the turd in place. It was real stuck and I sat going NNNNGGGGGGGNNNNNGGGG UHHHHH! for several minutes as it shifted but wouldn't budge. I put the mirror down and gripped the bowl and pushed with all my might. It slowly landed with a loud splash that sent water up my ass. The dark brown beast was 3.5 inches thick and about 4 inches long. OUCH!

For those who were asking about a movie that shows a male shitting, check out "Henry Fool". It is a mainstream movie and is regularly available at most video stores. It shows a scene where a man pulls down his pants and defecates quite loudly while talking with someone. The movie also has a fairly graphic vomiting scene where a man throws up after he is forced to kiss a woman's naked ass (I guess the smell of her ass grossed him out). He basically pukes right onto her ass.

As for movies with girls shitting, the only one I've seen in "Senseless", and that one isn't too explicit. Does anyone know of any other movies with girls shitting or where girls talk about shitting?

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