Another nasty, rainy March day, had to cut my morning run short, it rained so hard. Good day to go to work, then catch up on issues. Some things:

Lisa - Good story about your "almost bad experience". I think most of us have been in that situation at some time, happy it all ended well. Thanks for commenting on my posts.
Buzzy - Great "Turkey and Corn" Poop story. You gotta like it when someone is really into it like you are.
Rizzo - No need to apologize, no offense taken. I don't take life or myself seriously. Like your boat story.
Hiker - So you want to hear from older women huh? I'll see if my wife will post, she has some stories.
Carmalita - Thanks for the nice comments on the "Hotel" Post. Glad you enjoyed it. So you have had experience in this regard? I always wondered how a mess like this was cleaned up. Nice story about Renee's kid sister using your facilities, written as only you can. It was great reading.

Saturday morning I was working around the house, as my wife and her girlfriend went shopping. After a couple of hours, I had a small snack, and an hour later I went into the basement to lift weights. I was about 3/4 thru the workout when Mother Nature made her 2nd call of the day. There is a lavatory in the basement, off the weight room. It has a door that opens out but it doesn't latch when closed. So I go in slide down my sweats, sit and start to take a nice dump, just a typical 2nd dump of the day. As I'm wiping, I hear my wife and her friend come into the basement, apparently to feed the cats. What a surprise, as I stand up to pull up my pants, the door opens and I am greeted by " Hi sweety, how you doing?". My wife's friend has such timing. She is quite good looking, early fifties, and she has a smile that lets her get away with plenty. "Hi Anne, how are you?" is my reply as I walk over to wash up. Of course, she looks in the bowl and exclaims "You had a real good one! , didn't you?", to which I can only smile. She is such a tease! I flush and ask the girls what they are doing. "Came down to bother you!", my wife says. So I go back into the weight room to work on my triceps, when I see my wife sitting on a folding chair in the head. Her friend says "Time for the show.", then peels her jeans and panties down to her knees and sits on the bowl! My wife and this gal are friends since grammer school, and she, her husband and my wife and I socialize a lot. We have gone camping many times, and we have all seen each other poop. While I am trying to use the Lat Bar, I hear a long soft fart and some giggling. I lose my concentration and look at the girls. "Here it comes, Rick", and with that my wife's smiling friend begins to push out a log, slowly at first with some soft crackling, then faster, with more crackling, and ending with a POP! The girls start talking and I resume my workout. Then it gets quiet, and there is more crackling as more poop is ! expelled, then the talking resumes. By now, I can't concentrate, and my wife's friend pushes out yet more crackling stuff. Finally, she starts to clean up, then raises her drawers. As she gets up, I say to my wife "I guess you're next?" and her friend says "Kathy went at the mall", to which I reply "Who called the emergency plumbing crew?" My wife says " Oh, be quiet!", as her friend laughs, and asks if I want to see her output. Of course I do, and it is quite impressive. A good 12 to 14 inch long, 1 and 1/2 inch wide log, with about 10 smaller ones, and a good stench. I am asked what I think, and just to get a rise out of the ladies I reply "Not bad, for a girl!", to which I am verbally and physically abused, very playfully I might add. I go back to the bench to do come chest extensions, as the girls clean up and leave. "See you later", my wife says as she leaves. "Later, Rick", her friend says, as she walks past the bench. "When's the encore performance?", I ask. "Smart Guy!! " is the reply I get, with a smile. I FINALLY! get to finish my workout, although I certainly didn't mind the entertaining interruption.

So Long!

Billy L.
Today, after school I had to get home. My cousins were here for spring break and are staying with us. As I left school, I felt a strong urge for a poop building. I got my little brothers, and went strait home. When I got home, my cousin billy was there too. I said I need to use the bathroom. Billy said he did too. My little brothers both need to go too. My little brother Josh went strait to the bathroom. He sat down on the little potty. Eric said can i go next? I said ok, but hurry up. He sat down and pooped out two big logs. He wiped and got up. Kevin said I am next. He sat down and passed three logs. Josh was still passing mussy poo when my turn came. I sat down. Josh was finished and I helped him wipe his butt. My cousin jake came in. He said he needed a poo too. So I told him to sit down on the potty (he is 3). So hed did. As I started wiping Josh, my brother tom came in. He said hurry up. I started passing a bunch of little things. They were about the size of my pinky. it! took like 5 minutes. While jake was pooing, my brother said uh uh. Then I heard a lot of crackling sounds. My dad got him some scrubs from a hosptial, and he was wearing those. They were kind of tight around his butt. My cousin said, hey, are pooping your pants? I think I see poop coming out. Then he said oh no! Another wave of poo came out of him. This time, it really leaked through his scrubs. There was a brown streak all the way down his front, and some of it dripped on the floor. I wiped and helped jake wipe. Tom said please wash your hands and get out of here. We did. It was the first time I saw one of my brothers poop his pants.

hi Kim! Loved that story of you in NYC having a giant log in the restaurant bathroom. Have you ever gotton a mirror and watched one that big coming out? Was your hole sore or swolllen afterward?

Buzzy--keep up the nice stories.

Gruntly---you have all sorts of fun watching women shit, don't you? LOL! What's the best part--the grunting, smell or size of a jobbie?

Hello again to everyone, hope you all are having a great week! I've been reading back over the past few days of posts, everyone has some really cool stories!

TO KIM & SCOTT - I still love your stories of the HUGE poops, they are great, please keep'em coming!

TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL - Your post with the two girls was awesome! I would have loved to have seen that!

TO CARMALITA & RENEE - I really enjoy ya'lls great experiences, I would love to be able to join in! It was cool to hear about Renee's sister's big dump!

TO JOHN (VT) - Hope you have been doing well, it's good to hear from you again.

TO CABRAY - I can really relate to your dilemma. I live in the dorms too but we don't share restrooms with our whole floor, just between two rooms. I did live in a dorm last year that was like yours though. Our toilets were seperate from the shower area, so smell was never really a problem for us. Most girls took BIG dumps in the morning there too, I must admit, I remember being one of the girls who took some big poops before showering, it just feels better to do it that way since you can "refresh" afterwards in the shower. We had 10 stalls and it was not uncommon to have to wait for one to open up. 10 girls pooping at once is not a sweet smelling experience!

TO BUZZY - I'm glad you like my posts. I don't really eat all that much, but I don't shit everyday either. I usually have to go about every three days on average. I guess I just naturally "save up" enough until I'm ready to go, I kinda like it that way since I love to take big dumps! I have never had anyone watch me nor have I watched anyone poop before. I certainly have heard others and others have heard me though. Me and my roommate have plans to buddy dump soon, we both are looking forward to it! I'm trying to get her to post here since she seems to like pooping as much as me!

To all those I didn't say hello to, I say hello! I haven't pooped since my last posting, but I hope to soon! Hope you all have a good week!



My friend isnt in to that scene. I've told him many times and hye said that sick as i am. His name is Anthony. In October, i was in to this thing. I started to crap in a bag and throw it in the middle of a very busy road. We were jumping on the trampoline when Anthony says he gots to shit. I tell him im getting the bag. He counts to ten but when i get back he cant anymore. How can I attract him to shit infront of me in less that 12 days cuz i am moving to Chicago, IL!!!

To Hiker - I think that you are somewhat mistaken about attitudes toward toilet functions in certain age groups. Both my husband and I are in our early fifties, and we were both born before 1951. In my family, there was never any disgrace in using the toilet, and it was discussed openly, since I was a little girl. In my husband's case, only his mom was uptight about toilet habits, and he is as open about them as I am. We have enjoyed watching each other use the john continually since we met almost 37 years ago, which is one reason our master bathroom has two toilets. Most of our friends are the same way. A number of us go hiking and camping together, have for years, and yes, we have all pooped in front of each other. I think it's how the subject is approached. If you are taught that using a toilet is a filthy subject, you will be uptight. If not, you will have no hangups. I do think this spans past and present generations. But you should have seen that old nag, and I do mean o! ld nag, at the hotel. What a prude! Almost everyone else seemed to be enjoying my husband's exchange with the desk supervisor, including the gentleman this matron was with. I would say he was in his early seventies, to my father's age, and he was really trying to supress a big grin. That's why I do not think the the "older generation's" are uptight about toilet habits, per se. It's all in the upbringing.

Carol, love your posts and your open attitudes to your natural functions. As a matter of interest do your son and daughter also do big jobbies and have you ever done a big poo in your panties?

Woodrow Mullins, why didnt you find a place at the side of the road and have your dump in the woods rather than shit your pants in the car (automobile)? I can understand the toilets being too dirty to use, fair enough, but at that point I would have looked for an outdoor alternative if at all possible, a bit difficult sometimes in an urban environment but I would have thought the wide open roads in the USA would have afforded plenty of suitable places.

William and Aleena, I like your detailed account of the Sari wearing lady doing the big load in India. Now I havent been there and I have always thought that diarrhea would be the usual situation given the open air defecation, the prevelance of flies, etc. I asssume the natives, unlike the Europeans, have an immunity to all but the most virulent ???? bugs and thus still pass solid, formed stools where a visitor would be spraying out mush or liquid stools.

That incident reminds me of a time I was camping with my husband in the West Country (Berrow Sands in Somerset, and area with plenty of sand dunes). Toileting meant going into a secluded area in the dunes and doing your wee wee or motion there. I was doing a nice big after dinner poo one summer evening when I heard a kid approach. I had gone to a hollow in the dunes off the pathway but this lad had ran ahead of his parents, a couple in their 20s as are myself and my husband. I was aware of him being behind me but as the jobbie was actually coming out of my back passage I just stayed squatting and continued doing it. He ran back to his parents on the path and I heard him say "Mummy, there's a woman doing a big poo down there".I heard a male laugh and his mum reply, "well, that's her private business, there arent any toilets around here and its too far to the town" By then I had finished and two big fat jobbies lay on the sand, one about 14 inches long, the other about 8, ! both well formed and the longer one a bit knobbly to begin with, the second one smooth and slightly curved together with a damp patch in front of them on the sand from my wee wee. I wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers, white Sloggis as I remember and my jeans and walked away at the other side to avoid causing the couple any embarassment. Now to get back to our tent I had to wheel round to the path so I heard the two adults and the kid and was amused that they had gone down into the hollow to have a look and I heard the woman remark, "Wow, look at the size of those turds! She must have been bunged up!" I was laughing when I got back to the tent as I could have told her that jobbies that big are quite normal for me every day or two. I would say that, if I hadn't needed to make a quicker get away than usual I would have heaped some dry sand over my jobbies, not that I wanted to hide them from being seen, that doesn't worry me, indeed as readers know I am quite proud of what I! pass, but to keep the flies off as it was summer. When I went back next day in the morning it was interesting that another big fat jobbie of about 12 inches long was lying next to my two. As there were no other tents nearby I wonder if one of that couple had done it, and whether it was the man or the woman, (it was far too big to have been the boys!)

Metfan. I dont find what the teacher did to that girl was funny at all. If she had the open mindedness to say that she needed to change her tampon in front of a class of mixed gender teenagers then she shoud have been applauded not laughed at. Menstruation is an ordinary, commonplace, natural event for half the population from their teens till 45 to 50. Also, from the health point of view it was bad for the teacher to prevent her from going to the toilet to change her tampon. In the 21st Century teachers who prevent pupils from freely going to the toilet when they genuinely need should be a bad memory. I wonder if such conduct breaches Human Rights laws here in the UK and Europe if not in the USA?

TO WILLIAM & ALEENA-Cool stories-yes,let's hear some more stuff too-I would have liked to have been the hotel boy too!
TO SHELIA-Chili does that to most people-including me and that's why I rarely eat it!Tastes good,but later,forget it!-just lots of stinky pudding with uncontrollable gas and a lot of cramps too
To JACOB G-That must have been cool-check my old posts about me pooing on the phone with a female salesperson trying to sell me something-it was fun to poo while she talked to me-i think she liked it cause she called me back a few mornings after that and I did it again,but after that I never heard from her again-fun stuff
TO DONNIE-Your story reminds me of when I was a kid about 11-12 and I first saw another person poo and I knew I was interested from that day on!I had a friend That I hung around with all the time-his name was bobby and he used to poo in front of me all the time-then one day I did it in front of him as he pooped at the same time-we used to go out in the woods and pull down our pants and squat across from each other and do our logs-he always pooed a lot more than me-I would be done and he would still be pushing out a big load-he would do some turds a foot and a half long too that would take forever to come out-I did some whoppers too- sometimes we would do our loads on top of each others like he would go 1st and i would poo on top of his poo and vice versa-it was fun-we did it up til when we were about 14 or so and we went on to discovering girls and we never did it again-then it was on to trying to see women poop for me which i saw my 1st woman poo when i was 18 and I was h! ooked!
TO TERRI-Try using those handi wipes or wash and dries right after you poo outroors-I poo outdoors alot in the summer and I always use those handi-wipes and they clean you really well-i never get skid marks ever!-try 'em!Later-nothing else to report today BYE

To Carol Housewife, so I will have to be careful if someone like you comes on board! The same applies to Kim, Queen of Turds the Toilet Clogger! Great pooping sessions of yours! I enjoy them all.

Dear Kendal, thanks for liking my night time pee in the sparkling sea. Glad you are back. So you must we a well behaved girl or you have a very kind father or both!

Dear Jane, I remember reading about your embarassing but cleverly covered up fart in the blouses department of a department store. Yes, silent farts tend to be stinky. Silent but violent, as I've heard saying. Your story brought to my mind the following fart episode.
During my years at a boarding school I came across an athletic guy who was an expert in anything that had to do with farts. He could somehow relax his sphincter and draw air into his rectum by raising his diaphragm, then close the sphincter again and press the air out with a loud but non-smelling fart. His record stood at one fart per second, a rate that he once managed to keep up for over a minute until he accidentally shit his pants! It was said that on learning in biology that farts contain methane which is inflammable, he wanted to test this. I did not witness his experiment, but was told by two other boys about it. He himself did not volunteer any more information because it had been a most embarrassing and traumatic experience that had made him the laughing stock of his classmates for months. In fact his round face went very red when I asked him about it, although it had been a year before I had joined that school. What had happened: he had started by waiting for the! right dinner, one that contained beans in the menu. He then proceeded to gorge himself on beans. During the following night his belly started to rumble and he started to blow the most terrible stinkers out of his anus. So he got out of bed, took off his pyjama pants, went into a half squat and held a cigarette lighter underneath his bum. The lights in the room were put out. As soon as he felt a good fart building in pressure he said, "Ok guys, look now!", upon which he sparked the lighter as his booming farts rent the silence. A bright flame errupted around his bum and he yelled and dropped the lighter. Immediately after, a pungent smell of burnt hair permeated the room. He had to be taken to the sick bay where he was treated for first and second degree burns around his ass. Most of the hair there and on his balls had been singed away. For days he had to attend lessons standing because sitting was too painful.
To me it was never quite clear whether it was the lighter flame that burnt his ass because of an excess of lighter fluid, or if it really was a cloud of burning methane that had done the damage. In any case, I do not recommend anyone to try this.
Bye, Rizzo

I have seen the film that Anonymous Moviegoer mentioned: Wim Wenders's King of the Road. The scene in question is rather disappointing. You see the truckdriver squat down and pull down his jeans, but when he starts to shit, all you see is a shadow. You see a long turd emerge from his arsehole, and get longer and longer before finally breaking off. You only see the shadow, and it left me with the impression that it had been faked.

Donnie, RE: Teddy and Me

Ive been a reader of posts for a time and I thought Id add my own hoping you all might like.
I was in Jr. Highschool, and school started in the fall that year and a new boy came to school as his family moved here inthe summer. His name was Teddy, same age as me, same intrerests,same class an so on. We became good friends. One day after school he invited me to walk with him home from school and come to his house to see his new skates.
We got to his house went upstairs to his room, no one being home from work yet, and he showed me his skates. Then Teddy said, "I have to take a dump". Ok with me, and Teddy says, "comeone with me and sit with me while I do it". So I go in the bathroom with him and sit on the bathtub as he sat on the toilet. He drops his pants and then in a minute he goes, UGH, Ugh, Ugh, and plop plop plop some turds hit the water with a little splash. This all sort of turned me on a bit-got a little excited. Teddy says, hey, "you got to pee?, here do it between my legs while I sit here, its ok". Ok so then I take out my penis and force it down between his legs and do my pee. Just then his sister comes home and is downstairs, yellin, are you home? So then Teddy pulls up his drawers, and we go downstairs and I head for home. I had never been in a bathroom with another boy taking a dump before and that was all new to me.

So the next few days are uneventful until friday nite he invited me to ride my bike with him on the road to the river. There was a huge sandpile where a dredger has stockpiled all this sand. We arrived there and go off the bikes and went and slid down that big sandpile to the bottom. After a bit, Teddy says, Oh,"I got to poop again". Teddy goes and takes down his pants again and stoops down with his butt almost touchin the sand. In a few seconds he farts and then there is a little pffitt and a large yellowish log dropped from his butt. I couldnt believe what Im seeing. In a bit a second log drops from his butt into the sand, then a few more making a pile. With that done, Teddy raised up and scooped some sand and wiped his butt with it. Pulled up his pants and covered the job up we moved down the river bank to survey the area a bit. As we walked down the shore I had a little cramp and I mentioned to Ted that I thought Ihad to poop now too,I think I might find a! place as I dont think I can hold it much longer.
A little ways down the shore are some thick bushes and I drop my jeans and underwear and squat and start to drop my load. Teddy stands behind me and sort of watched for any one lookin in the area. After I dropped my logs I got up and used some leaves to clean off my butt and pulled up my pants. We got into a discussion about how many times we had to go and when during the day including school times.
At this time, Teddy confided in me that he had a few accidents in school the last few years including here at his new school. Once at his old school (up near Lake Erie) he had to poop during class one morning and was leaving some stinky farts. He let a few slip thru and then he felt he was ok and had one more that was building up. Wrong, it was a fart alright, but out came some soft poop with it into his pants. He just sat there until lunch time with this load in his boxers till the bell rang and rushed out to the boys room. He dropped his boxers and cleaned out the turds best he could and cleaned up. The rest of that day was uneventful as he made it home and did another jobbie after school.
But the one thing that made me wonder how I missed it, was like last monday he had wet his pants in class somewhat. After he told me what happened, I remembered seeing what he was doing. He was sitting there in class and raised his hand to be excused, only this old maid crabby teacher wasnt letting anyone leave her classroom and disturbing everyone, (she says). Teddy just sat there and started to hold his weener tightly and crossed his legs. After a bit I did notice Teddy taking one leg and bouncing it up and down with his foot like doing a shaking motion. First one leg, then the other. I didnt know what was going on cept he was maybe "nervous?" Teddy said as he sat there there were a few sqirts of pee going into his boxer shorts. As he sat there he did quite a bit over all with his crotch getting wet and his butt of his pants. Thing was though, he was wearing dork blue cordory pants that didnt show much of anything and did soak up a lot of pee. After classes during a break to another class he made it to the boys room and unloaded a good quart of pee. I said to him, "howscome you wear boxers? they dont soak up anything if you had an accident". Well, he got to thinking, ya, you are right, and asked at home if he couldnt have some jockeys instead. They came in handy about a month later as he told me what happened again.
The classroom was quiet and in english class as the teacher was having a migrane and assigned us to just read our books. In the quiet of the room this one boy up front in the class rips a loud fart. All the students went and fell out laughing, like falling out of their seats and just screamin with laughter. Teddy was one of them that just howled with tears in his eyes, and suddenly grabbed his crotch. The big smile, grim on his face turned to a look of surprise. Teddy had wet his pants with a large squirt of pee into his jockeys. I myself had the same experience, having lost a bit of pee into my underpants too, as I suspect a number of other boys and girls did also. Teddy after school says, "you were right about the jockey shorts, man I would have totally left a big stain on my pants". After school that day I walked him home again and upstairs to his room he took off his jeans and his jockeys had a huge yellow stain all the way down the crotch and to one side of ! his thigh. Teddy, says, " ok lets see your damage". I went and pullled down my blue jeans and had a slight wetting in front of the fly, nothing serious. Teddy and I were close friends for the rest of the High school days with a few more episodes. Not counting some typical teen boy sexual things. I had really lost being shy at this point and it never bothered me to dump in front of a friend or at home again. As for the other, you have to leave a email and name and I would tell you directly Donnie,,bye for now..........Josh..

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Ladies and Gentelmens', step right up and direct yo' undivided attention to the FAQ. It answers all your questions about the following, GS, BS, AB BD/SM, etc., as well as why complaining about the picture is completely and utterly futile. It is a computer controlled decoration. As a result it does what it is programmed to do. It cannot be bent, spindled, cussed out or mangled.

One observation, some people miss the name field on the posting form. These posts most often seem to get missed by readers. If you use a name, take a second and fill it into the name field. If you don't use a name pick one, it doesn't have to be your real name. You are anonymous, so no last names, 132153241396125 after your name. Many, country codes have gone the way of posting ages a-la pages 200 and something: Just like duct tape, people put them on just about everything even where it wasn't needed.

Also some people are on different hours, or are on the other side of the earth in Europe or Asia. As a result our day is not your day. An update of this forum can be as little as 8-12 hours from the last one and usually we don't skip more than one day, (read "usually" and day=24-36 hours) after that the date stamp will reflect the date even if it is not yet over. That is why the rules regarding posts say 48 hours if we update the forum without skipping a day.

Rusty, exactly... and thats only from the the stuff we could/would print.

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