William & Aleena
William & Aleena

I would like to share an experience when I visited India in 1999. I was coming from Madras Airport to the city in a morning. On the way our car had some problem and driver was checking that. I and my wife, Aleena were standing on the road side. After some time we saw a lady in Saree carrying a baby going into the small bush nearby. My wife told me that she may be going for a poo. We decided to follow her from a distance. We saw her sinking through the bush and it was confirmed that my wife was right. Aleena was in India for around 4 years doing her research. She is also interested in toilet matters. From a distance we saw the lady squatting with the child in her hand. My wife went near to her and told her that she will carry the child till she finishes her pooping. She gave the child to my wife. Aleena had a detailed look at the pile of turds under the lady's ass which was touching her ass. Aleena came to me and told me about the thick and long turds that the child's mothe! r produced. I was anxious to see it in hot. But Aleena prevented me advising that I can go and see after her leaving the place.

We waited for half an hour she was still pooping. We can hear her grunts and farts. Finally she came from the bush and thanked my wife for keeping the child and left the place with her child. I ran to the place where she was shitting. I was surprised to see the huge pile of turds in two places. That was the biggest and longest turds I ever seen. The land near to the pile of turds was wet with her urine. I took a photograph of her poop and came out of the bush. By this time our car was ok and we reached our Hotel.

After reaching the hotel, I had an urge to poop. I entered the toilet and saw my wife sitting on the Indian squat type closet. It was for the first time I was seeing my beautiful wife shitting on a squat model toilet. She was reading the tourist information book and listening some cassette in her walkman. She didn't knew my presence. Suddenly she looked up and saw me and a huge fart cam out of her. I looked to the closet and found a long yellow turd lying in the shape of a question mark under her ass. She again farted and told me to wait for few minutes as she had not pooped for two days. She gave me the walkman and book and started talking about our that day's tours. While talking with her, my eyes was concentrated under her ass hole looking her turds. She dropped a lot of long turds in my presence. The pile under her ass was growing. Suddenly she flushed and again started to shit. Some pellet type turds came out and she finished pooping after few loud farts. She wiped her ass hole three times and lowered her night gown and came down with a smile. I went and did mine. While sleeping that night she told me there was one more person viewing her pooping session in the morning. I asked her about that person. She told me that the Hotel room boy of around 18 years came in to the room for taking the empty coffee cups while I was inside the toilet watching her. She saw him and continued shitting. She told me that he was looking at her ass with a wide eye and opened mouth and she noticed the bulge in the front of his pants. I was shocked to know that our young room boy also saw my pretty wife taking a shit. We have many more experiences which we will share later.

My boyfriend Sylvester ate some Stagg Chili over the weekend. The result has been horrible flautulence and foul-smelling bowel movements. He stinks up the entire house. He always says that passing huge turds gives him an enormous erection, and he showed me. I don't want that kind of attention right after he has had a nasty dump. I want him to take a shower first.

He bought more Stagg Chili, but I think I will throw it out. The odor was overpowering. Has anyone else eaten Stagg Chili and had this problem afterward? Sylvester spent a whole evening farting and running to the bathroom. I had to go outside to escape the stench. His farts were extremely loud.

TO LEO-Try to convince this person to poo in the woods by doing one yourself first-unless the other person is not into that scene,it my encourage the other person to reciprocate-let us know how you do!
TO SUMMER-Boy you really can poo!Enjoyed your ladies room story-Do you eat a lot to go like that?Does anyone ever watch you poop?Good stuff!
Had a nice dump this home-Had some turkey with lots of stuffing and corn on the cob last nite and after i got up I could feel the fullness in my gut-so I waited till I had a full rectum and got my mirror out and went to the bowl-I sat down with the mirror in front and positioned it so when I sat down with my legs spread apart i could see my pouting anus-at first i just sat there looking at my anus and seeing it start to push out slightly-i resisted the urge to push and jsut let my asshole open up-I could see the head of the poo starting to emerge and i had no pre-poo gas-I just sat there letting this turd come out on it's own-as it was coming out I could see it was a smooth solid piece and after about 3-4 inches were out-I could see the corn-it was all over the poop-this was a perfectly formed turd-about 1 1/2 in round and it just kept growing and growing as it come out on it's own power-then it was just about down to the water line and I stopped it just to look at! it-I would guess it was now about 10 in long and shiny and sooo well formed with corn all over it-I wish I could have taken a pic of it-then as i was looking at it - i felt a cramp and then my ring pushed out a bit more and i passed some hissing gas around the side of the turd-my anus at this point looked like a big anthill pushed way out-I could feel pressure building behind the turd so I let it start to move again and it fell silently into the bowl-Ilooked in the bowl and saw a 10-12 in poop wrapped around the bowl-it felt so nice coming out too!-a lot of corn was all over the poop too!Then I looked at my anus and saw it was wide open- waiting for more- I could almost see up into my rectum-then i felt another cramp and pushed slightly and another turd started to come out-this one was softer than the 1st one and it came out slow at first and then picked up speed and got softer and softer as it came out and then my anus exploded with the innermost part of my bowels-Ohhh boy! was that great!!Then I looked and saw another long turd that got loose at the end with a lot of soft stuff piled up in the middle of the bowl and there was corn all over the place!My anus was still open a bit and I pushed out some more soft stuff with kernels of corn in it-then I let out a wet fart with some long strands of mucus and then my asshole was just pushed out spitting out bits of corn-then I felt done and I looked in the bowl and saw all kinds of poo in there-2 long turds with a pile of pudding and corn all over the place!Then I peed my morning pee with went on for about a minute or so and as i was peeing i felt another poo urge and as the pee was coming out another well formed turd cmae out-this was a bit strange cause usually my poo gets real loose at the end-this was another solid turd that came out very easy and fell into the bowl-it was about 4-5 in long-then a small ball fell out right after it-then i felt done and wiped and admired my load-These kind of dumps! I really love to watch as it comes out my butt-It's a real turn-on for me!Then I jumped into the shower and came in the the computer and read all your posts and to tell you all of my unloading-i feel great and ready to get on with my day-Hope you all enjoyed that story-have a good day all! BYE

Anonymous moviegoer
Declan asked about the German film of the truck driver "dropping a log". This is a Wim Wenders film, and the title is Kings of the Road. Not easy to find in video stores, alas.

Penny - maybe I'll give the poop on the sill thing a try sometime - I just hope the poop clears the car and falls to the ground. Here's something time I was caught in dire need along a highway and snuck into the woods there. I found what I think was an azalea bush, so I dropped my jeans and proceeded to actually sit on the bush itself. It had these nice smooth leaves on it, so it felt fine - nothing rough. There was enough clearance between the leaves that my poop came out and fell right down into the bush. It was almost like having a mini toilet-seat! No squatting needed!

Last night I wasn't so fortunate though - I attended a concert and the bathroom line was rather long, so I waited until it was over, disappeared between some parked cars in the parking lot, and let out a massive piss!

Lawn Dog's Kid
Andrew the reason she reminds you so much of Victoria is cause SHE IS!!! Yup... so that's 3 spice girls as a masthead.. sadly to my knowledge there isn't a pic of Baby Spice which I'm sure a few were waiting for..but then again i could be wrong. Okay..I'm starting to worry about my poor wife Elena.. she hasn' "gone" in 6 days.. she's tried but nothing comes out.. push comes to shove (No pun intended) I may have to get drastic but her aunt says she has something for her so we'll see. Also to whoever posted about spying on their mother pooping.. I believe Elena can help you there.. I could to..but only on seeing Elena's mom when i was young. Sorry more later.
P.S. Andrew..... Linda's off for Spring Break and is um.. "there" she says bring your comb and expect a LOT of qaulity time.LOL

Something SO funny happened in Social Ed class last friday!

We were sitting there working (The classroom was very quiet)
and this girl Elizabeth, put up her hand.
The teacher asked what the problem was, and she said that she
needed to go to the bathroom... to change her tampon!!!

We all burst out laughing (because she wasn't kidding) and
the teacher refused to let her go!

She spent the rest of the class squirming in her seat, and looking
very uncomfertable.

It was so funny!

I have but a short time ! However, its so wonderful to be back.

PV: You're right, it wasn't nice keeping me away from here, but I know I deserved it, and Dad is still lovely !! Love from Kendal x

LOUISE: I don't always hiss when I wee. In fact most of the time, I'm pretty quiet. Depends how urgent I need to go ! I shall tell Kirsty that she's not the only one whodoes ploppy poos then shall I ?! Love from Kendal xx

GEMI: I'm so glad you enjoy my stories and that they "rock" ! You're very kind. And well done for asking my Dad to tell his story about him and my Aunt sitting on knees to wee ! Love from Kendal x

KELLY: You do have some horrible boy cousins don't you ?! How dare they come into the bathroom while you are having a poo ! I know my cousin Andrew and I are always in the bathroom together ( it seems ) but that is because we both want to. And your cousins were uninvited !! It's not very nice at all in those circumstances. Hope you are able to get your own back on them one day ! Have they come in on you any other times ?

RIZZO: Loved the story about the bright speckley green bits in the sea where you had done your wee ! Also, that statue idea is a classic. The thought of Andrew, Kirsty and me in bronze is just brilliant ! Apart from the thought that everyone would then be able to see me in my unladylike position ! Still made me laugh loads though ! Love from Kendal x

LITTLE LOU: Andrew knows me so well. I did cry when I read about you having a sit on knees wee with Ellie. I cried because I was so relieved that you have become so much better now that you could even do a sit on knees wee, yet alone have someone there with you while you had your wee. And as for the glittery knickers story, well, I needed my hankie again, just like Andrew said I would ! I really hope you've had a lovely weekend with Ellie and Kev. Lots of love from kendal xxx

LINDA: I'm back !! Now where's your post asking my Dad to post his sit on knees story ! You're a naughty girl, I'm relying on you !! ( just kidding, I think you're blooming marvelous really !!) Looking forward to Kirsty's next visit, next weekend. Mind you, I don't think we will be able to get upto any "mischief" because the olds will be around all the time !! Isn't Andrew naughty, telling you he was waiting with a comb ! Are you going to give him the chance to use it ( winks ! ). Love you loads my friend ! Love from Kendal xxx

I had a horrible experience. I was driving in Cincinnati on a cold night. I had eaten some hot Mexican food that must have been rancid. My bowels were cramping badly, and I was nauseous. I needed to poop, so I stopped at a McDonalds. The bathroom was so nasty that I refused to use it. I got back in the car, and kept looking. I stopped at another place, but the toilet was overflowing. I could not find a decent bathroom.

Finally, I was driving down I-275 toward Kentucky when I lost control. My bowels forced out long greasy, nasty turds. My bowels strained to force out that vile crap. The smell was enough to peel paint off walls. I coughed and gagged from my own crap. Since I live in Mt. Sterling, KY (about 3 hours away) I pushed the accelerator hard. I was sitting in about 10 pounds of nasty feces and I wanted to get home and clean up.

Almost immediately, I saw blue lights in the mirror. An Ohio cop pulled me over. He came up to the window. I rolled it down, and he put his face near the window, and then RECOILED!!! OH HOW NASTY!!!

That cop chewed me out, and made me get out of the car. HUMILIATION! He thought I was drunk because I had pooped all over myself. He yelled at me, and asked me if Kentucky Hillbillies made a habit of pooping all over themselves. He shone his flashlight on my butt, and laughed at me. He even talked about it on his police radio.

Has anyone else pooped their pants, and then been pulled over by a cop?

April, did you think about poking a hole in the cellophane?

RJOGGER's post about clogging the hotel toilet (page 544) shows the contrasting toilet attitudes of different age groups, where the 60-something matron seemed to disapprove of any mention of the subject.

I find a sharp difference in attitudes between people born before or after about 1951. Those of us under 50 are more likely to have been influenced by the more relaxed attitudes that started in the 'swinging sixties'. Those now over 50 are likely to be more inhibited about sexual matters and also about toilet matters.

It seems that there are only a few people over 50 here, Olde Oak, Rizzo and possibly Gruntly Bogwell but they are all male, so are there any women over 50 here? Do mature ladies all think the subject is too disgusting to talk about? Come on ladies, don't be shy, let's hear some of your stories!

JacobG in Florida
Hi everyone. It has been a while since I posted. I've had modem and computer problems. In addition, I didn't have anything to post. I do now.

Last Friday afternoon while at work, a friend called to find out what we were going to do that weekend. At the time he called, I was doing some intense work on our website. Just as I was about to ask him if I could call him back later, he made some remark about needing to use the bathroom. He then asked me to hold on a second so he could pull down his pants. At this point, I abandoned my website work and started paying closer attention to him. In a casual way, without letting him know I was interested in the fact that he was about to use the bathroom, I asked him if he was for real. He responded yes, and said that he was now sitting on the toilet, but that we could continue to talk. He does not know this interests me. I made some remark about what we could do during the weekend. While I was talking, I could clearly hear this soft, but vocal grunting, followed by exhaling and panting. He said something, then I heard him take a breath, followed by grrrrrrrRRRRRRnnn! nnnn. Suddenly, I heard a cannon-ball type kerplop, then another, and another, and another. Then, I heard the sound of him exhaling and panting, then the sound of him peeing. I said something like, are you okay, and he responded that he had just pooped. I said, "well, I guess I better let you go so you can take care of the paper work." He laughed and said he would call me later. That was really a great thing to have happen at work on a Friday afternoon. It gave me a buzz that lasted the remainder of the day.

April, sorry you had to go through the prank of the saran wrap toilet. I witnessed this when I was in H.S. at work. I worked at a Cafeteria and the girls left about an hour before the guys did when closing. One of the guy decided to to the girls employee's bathroom. He did one hell of a job that you couldn't see wrinkles or anything. We heard that a girl took a shit into it.

About a week later, I was over at a friend's house and he did the same thing at his parents house. We were talking about what happened at work and he decided to give it a try. After being done for an hour, he took a leak and forgot about it. It was funny :)


Ive been a reader of posts for a time and I thought Id add my own hoping you all might like.
I was in Jr. Highschool, and school started in the fall that year and a new boy came to school as his family moved here inthe summer. His name was Teddy, same age as me, same intrerests,same class an so on. We became good friends. One day after school he invited me to walk with him home from school and come to his house to see his new skates.
We got to his house went upstairs to his room, no one being home from work yet, and he showed me his skates. Then Teddy said, "I have to take a dump". Ok with me, and Teddy says, "comeone with me and sit with me while I do it". So I go in the bathroom with him and sit on the bathtub as he sat on the toilet. He drops his pants and then in a minute he goes, UGH, Ugh, Ugh, and plop plop plop some turds hit the water with a little splash. This all sort of turned me on a bit-got a little excited. Teddy says, hey, "you got to pee?, here do it between my legs while I sit here, its ok". Ok so then I take out my penis and force it down between his legs and do my pee. Just then his sister comes home and is downstairs, yellin, are you home? So then Teddy pulls up his drawers, and we go downstairs and I head for home. I had never been in a bathroom with another boy taking a dump before and that was all new to me.

So the next few days are uneventful until friday nite he invited me to ride my bike with him on the road to the river. There was a huge sandpile where a dredger has stockpiled all this sand. We arrived there and go off the bikes and went and slid down that big sandpile to the bottom. After a bit, Teddy says, Oh,"I got to poop again". Teddy goes and takes down his pants again and stoops down with his butt almost touchin the sand. In a few seconds he farts and then there is a little pffitt and a large yellowish log dropped from his butt. I couldnt believe what Im seeing. In a bit a second log drops from his butt into the sand, then a few more making a pile. With that done, Teddy raised up and scooped some sand and wiped his butt with it. Pulled up his pants and covered the job up we moved down the river bank to survey the area a bit. As we walked down the shore I had a little cramp and I mentioned to Ted that I thought Ihad to poop now too,I think I might find a! place as I dont think I can hold it much longer.
A little ways down the shore are some thick bushes and I drop my jeans and underwear and squat and start to drop my load. Teddy stands behind me and sort of watched for any on lookin in the area. After I dropped my logs I got up and used some leaves to clean off my butt and pulled up my pants. We got into a discussion about how many times we had to go and when during the day including school times.
At this time, Teddy confided in me that he had a few accidents in school the last few years including here at his new school. Once at his old school (up near Lake Erie) he had to poop during class one morning and was leaving some stinky farts. He let a few slip thru and then he felt he was ok and had one more that was building up. Wrong, it was a fart alright, but out came some soft poop with it into his pants. He just sat there until lunch time with this load in his boxers till the bell rang and rushed out to the boys room. He dropped his boxers and cleaned out the turds best he could and cleaned up. The rest of that day was uneventful as he made it home and did another jobbie after school.
But the one thing that made me wonder how I missed it, was like last monday he had wet his pants in class somewhat. After he told me what happened, I remembered seeing what he was doing. He was sitting there in class and raised his hand to be excused, only this old maid crabby teacher wasnt letting anyone leave her classroom and disturbing everyone, (she says). Teddy just sat there and started to hold his weener tightly and crossed his legs. After a bit I did notice Teddy taking one leg and bouncing it up and down with his foot like doing a shaking motion. First one leg, then the other. I didnt know what was going on cept he was maybe "nervous?" Teddy said as he sat there there were a few sqirts of pee going into his boxer shorts. As he sat there he did quite a bit over all with his crotch getting wet and his butt of his pants. Thing was though, he was wearing dork blue cordory pants that didnt show much of anything and did soak up a lot of pee. After classes duri! ng a break to another class he made it to the boys room and unloaded a good quart of pee. I said to him, "howscome you wear boxers? they dont soak up anything if you had an accident". Well, he got to thinking, ya, you are right, and asked at home if he couldnt have some jockeys instead. They came in handy about a month later as he told me what happened again.
The classroom was quiet and in english class as the teacher was having a migrane and assigned us to just read our books. In the quiet of the room this one boy up front in the class rips a loud fart. All the students went and fell out laughing, like falling out of their seats and just screamin with laughter. Teddy was one of them that just howled with tears in his eyes, and suddenly grabbed his crotch. The big smile, grim on his face turned to a look of surprise. Teddy had wet his pants with a large squirt of pee into his jockeys. I myself had the same experience, having lost a bit of pee into my underpants too, as I suspect a number of other boys and girls did also. Teddy after school says, "you were right about the jockey shorts, man I would have totally left a big stain on my pants". After school that day I walked him home again and upstairs to his room he took off his jeans and his jockeys had a huge yellow stain all the way down the crotch and to one side of ! his thigh. Teddy, says, " ok lets see your damage". I went and pullled down my blue jeans and had a slight wetting in front of the fly, nothing serious. Teddy and I were close friends for the rest of the High school days with a few more episodes. Not counting some typical teen boy sexual things. I had really lost being shy at this point and it never bothered me to dump in front of a friend or at home again. As for the other, you have to leave a email and name and I would tell you directly.. Donnie,,bye for now............

April....I've never been the victim of a potty prank but do remember a pretty bad one that made the newspapers here in Australia. This one happened to a 17 y/o apprentice car mechanic. One of his fellow workers though it would be funny to pour paint thinners under the toilet door and then light it. It must have went up like a flash, the poor guy had to be taken to hospital and was severly burnt over half his body, almost died during emergency surgery. What's just as bad is that when the perpetrator appeared in court, he was only sentenced to a $2,500 two year good behaviour bond. The victim was the one who got the life sentence, his life is pretty well stuffed now as he's unlikely to work again and is scarred for life.

Carol Housewife
If that is Victoria Beckham "Posh Spice" sitting on the toilet in the latest picture then she will wet and poo one of those famous Thongs that her husband Man Utd Footballer David Beckham so likes to wear. I dont suppose he would be too keen in sharing a pair of her panties then?

Tony from Scotland, Adrian, CC ,PPG and others who enjoy the sounds of well built mature women, (IM 40), doing a good solid motion would have enjoyed my toilet activities over the last few days.

As is quite common for me I hadn't had a motion for a couple of days at the end of last week. As the other "housewife" Anne says, it is quite normal for many people, especially women, to only have 3 or 4 motions a week. On Friday evening I had taken a wine glass of extra virgin olive oil, a very gentle way to lubricate the bowels in case of constipation, (Mary you might like to try this for your daughter as it has no nasty side effects).On Saturday morning I got up about 8am and made the breakfast for my husband and two kids. I felt the need of a motion come on as a large solid fecal mass slid into my back passage so got up from the table, in the process farting a loud fart which had the smell of a solid poo. My teenaged son laughed, "Mum's off to bomb the toilet, phone the sewage works and tell them to put the blokes on overtime" and this amused the others and I must say I giggled and slightly dribbled the gusset of my white cotton Marks and Spencer panties as I walked t! o the toilet. I hitched up my skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees and did my wee wee , hissing and tinkling into the pan. I knew it would be a big hard stool so I sat for a few moments as I felt my ring stretch and the first lumps come out PLOONK! PLONK! PLOINK! three hard eggs came out. There was a lot more up there though, so I sat on. I farted again and then felt the load start to shift. IT WAS FAT! my ring stretched and I felt all the knobbly texture as this big hard turd slowly slid out with my going "NN! UH! AH! to help it on its way KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! KUR-SPLOOSH! KER-SPLOONK!" 3 hard jobbies came away in quick succession then I did another short wee wee. I got my breath back wiped my bum with a couple of moist wipes, pulled up my panties and had a good look, as I always do, at my motion. There were 6 dark brown jobbies in the pan,with a film of oil from the olive oil I had drunk to ease their passage, the original 3 "eggs" and 3 far larger turds, the biggest be! ing about 9 inches long and 3 inches fat at its thickest part and like a knobbly cylinder, the second about 6 inches and slightly thinner and the third 4 inches long and conical. I washed my hands and pulled the flush but it all stuck in the pan. When I came out I got a round of applause from the others who had obviously heard my performance. It didnt surprise me when my son went to the toilet about 5 minutes later, supposedly to use it himself but I know to have a good look at what I had passed, and I heard him remark to his big sister, who also had a good look, that "Mum lost a few pounds there!" even my husband had a look and remarked to me afterwards, "Carol, I bet you feel a lot lighter for that!" As Ive said before, this doesnt bother me one bit.

The others went out, my husband to drive his cab, he had 3 well paid fares to the airport, and the two kids to stay over with their respective friends for the weekend. Just after lunchtime, having done all the housework I was having a cup of coffee then I went for a wee wee. As I sat on the pan with my panties down (same white pair- I had shower and got changed later), I felt I again needed a motion. This time as I sat there I felt another big load come down but this time easier and passed a single long, fat but smooth jobbie of about 10 inches long and 2.5 inches thick slid out with a "Floomp" on top of the biggest of the hard turds I had done that morning which was still there despite the toilet having been flushed a few times. This second jobbie was a lighter brown, and curved like a big sausage. My husband came back as he sometimes does if he has a return fare which takes him near the house and popped into the toilet for a pee. I heard him remark, "someone else do a wh! opper on top of yours then Carol, did Michelle, (my best mate and our near neighbour who also does big jobbies), call in and do one?" I replied "No, I did a second motion, there must have been a lot inside me" Now all this so aroused my husband that he took his hour break and I'll let you guess what we did! Afterwards we had a shower together and we had to throw a couple of buckets of water down the pan to clear the load of my big jobs away.

On Sunday I didn't do a motion, hardly surprising after all I had passed the day before, I may well do one today Monday at work, but my husband did. We were alone as the kids were staying over so had a lazy day, lying in as he wasnt working again until Sunday night. We got up about 10am and I cooked breakfast then dressed only in our undies we were sitting reading the newspapers when Keith (my husband), said, "Im needing a poo, want to come in with me love?" I always do if we are alone so accompanied him to the toilet, me in my black bra and matching panties, him wearing his pale blue slip briefs. He sat on the pan but like many men was unable to peeas he needed a motion. He grunted and as I often do I gently rubbed his ???? for him. I smelt the odor of a solid stool and I heard a crackling as he passed a lovely big fat jobbie into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOOMP!" then he peed like a horse. When he had finished he got up off the pan and we had a look. It was what a prev! ious poster called a "classic jobbie shape" about 12 inches long, 2.5 fat, and shaped like an artillery shell, tapering for the last 3 inches or so and pointed. As he is a professional driver he never drinks a lot of alcohol and also has to hold it in as he cant just stop the cab and go to the toilet if he has a fare on board unless he was really desparate, hence he does big solid turds like me. As I didnt need myself I couldn't budy dump with him but did do a wee wee on top of his big jobbie. Again we both went back to bed, NOT to sleep!

April, I had the clingfilm trick played on me once at work and I was doing a poo! It was big one and my arse got soaked in pee and as it was a big soft but formed stool I also got the inside of my buttocks dirty. (The effects were similar to doing a jobbie in one's knickers). Now fortunately as my panties were at my knees and my skirt hitched up round my waist these escaped being soiled, but I had to use a lot of toilet paper moistened in the handbasin to clean myself. I was very angry but never found out who the culprit was. Since then I always check the pan before I sit down.

Rizzo, we have friends with a boat and once I did clog the toilet as one of my big hard lumpy jobbies stuck in the small hole and no amount of pumping would shift it. This caused amusement to all present but in the end I had to remove it by hand and push the bit stick in the hole down with a plastic rod. After that if I am on their cabin cruiser and need a motion I do it in a plastic bucket and dump it in the sea afterwards, (everyone having a good look at my whopper of course!).


Do you ever have problems with leaving skidmarks in your pants when you go outside? I go outside on occasion, and for some reason I always have more of a problem with this. I think it is from wiping standing up, but I am not sure. I don't mind a little mess, but my panty marks can be quite severe doing this. What do you suggest doing to prevent this?

Monday, March 12, 2001

First, for Cabray, you mentioned that your girls on the floor should shower first and then dump. I think it would be better to dump and then shower.

Next, I am here at school working on a class project. At the StudentCenter, they have science fairs which kids range in age from Jr High to Sr High. I had to take a dump and I went into the bathroom. A kid and his firend was in there and one kid was taking a shit. It was intersting to hear the joking that was going on. Kind of reminded me when I was their age.

Well, need to run.

Roadside poopers recommendation...

I carry a roll of toilet paper inside a plastic sandwich baggie, for roadside pooping. I learned a little trick I'll pass on here.

Remove the cardboard paper from the middle of the roll by sliping a pair of scissor inside down the middle, after you've cut the cardboard carefully tear it out. This way you can leave the roll of toilet paper INSIDE the baggie and pull the tissue out from the middle of the roll. That saves you from taking it out of the plastic baggie and unwinding the tissue from the outside of the roll.

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