Hi, I have a weird question I hope can be answered. My bowel habits are very regular; I have diahrrea a few times a year and have never been constipated enough to warrant taking a laxative or drink prune juice. That being said, the following question may seem trivial, but it's something I've wondered about for several years.
I wake up in the middle of the night, between 1-4am, two or three times a month with the strong urge to poop. I usually don't eat a lot in the evening and it isn't unusual for me to go to the bathroom before going to bed. Well, my intestines acted as an *alarm clock* at around 2:30 this morning. I walked down to the bathroom (in a college residence hall, aka dorm), sat down, and began going. I spent about 10 minutes on the toilet and let out 3 medium (size and texture) logs; I then wiped 4 times (this is *regular* for me, irrespective of the time of day I have to go). -------
Does anyone else have to get up in the middle of the night to have a BM? I've never asked anyone about this before, not even my best friends. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Laura

Hey there,
Ohhhhh, man! Now this is right up my alley! Pooping accidents don't do anything for me at all, but a pair of dirty panties is just the sexiest thing! I guess I should say hello! My name is Brian, and I've been lurking for a short time.'s time to share, if you all don't mind! =) I have always had a thing for this, so I have had many, many experiences and opportunities to see all kinds of dirty panties from all kinds of girls! And it is true- some girls rarely have dirty undies, while others almost always have stains in their panties. As for me, when I was a kid, my undies were almost always dirty, which I suppose lead to my intrest. But I used to get into trouble & was really embarrassed, so now I'm just the opposite.....I'm almost always clean. In fact I'm surprised if I do have the occasional stain! But none of that has detered my intrest in the ladies' panties! I remember when I worked at a local convenience store when I was 17. This girl, Melinda, would always come into the store, wearing these little shorts. And almost always, her cheeks would be hanging out from the bottom, ever so seductively! And you could see her panty lines, and they would usually be riding up her cute little derriere. She was a cutie, too. Long blonde hair to her waist, a sweet face, and a fantastic chest. I also noticed that she NEVER made an attempt to pull her panties out of her behind, and that would set my mind to wandering! So of course, I had to get to know her, figuring that if I became friends, I could go to her house & then I'd have an opportunity to go hamper-diving! Until then, I would always give her tokens to play the video games, so I could keep her in the store & watch that cute little butt! After awhile, we did become close, and she invited me to come over her house one morning after I got off the graveyard shift. So, tired or not, there I went! I was very excited with the anticipation of finding a pair of her sweet panties. There was a delay after I knocked on her door, but eventually she a t-shirt and a pair of panties! (I remember becoming hard almost instantly!) She told me to just hang out, and she would be back in a minute, and she disappeared down the hall. As she walked away, I was looking at the panties she was wearing, looking for a tell-tale stain or wet patch, but I didn't see anything. I did notice that her bedroom was right off the living room where I was standing, so Instead of sitting down on the couch, I went into her room. My heart was racing! As I sat down on her bed, I noticed that her room was a mess. I was bummed! How would I ever find anything in here? Just as that thought was crossing my mind, I looked down on the floor, right by my feet...and there was a pair of discarded panties! I COULD NOT believe it! I immediately got bummed, thinking that there was no way they would be dirty. They were laying there in such a way that I couldn't see anything, even if they were dirty. I knew I didn't have much time...Melinda could come back any second! So I went for it! I bent over and picked up the panties...and I was stunned! The entire seat of her panties, from front to back, and from side to side, was stained brown! I was dumbfounded. This was one of the dirtiest pairs of panties I had ever seen! And they belonged to this honey of a girl! I held the panties for a few seconds until I regained my composure. I then felt them to see if they were wet, which they weren't. I didn't think that I had time to smell them, so I placed them back on the floor, just the way they were before. And it was a good thing- about 30 seconds, in comes Melinda, and she sat on the bed next to me. We chatted for a bit, but my attention was being drawn to the soiled panties on the floor. I noticed Melinda staring at me while I looked at her panties. There was an awkward silence, then we began talking again, though nothing was said about the undies. Later on, I went back into her room to get a tape, and noticed that the panties were gone. And it took me a little while to put the story together as I think it happened. Melinda had been in bed, wearing the dirty panties, when I knocked on the door. She wanted to answer the door in a t-shirt and panties (she is a flirt!).....but not those panties. So she jumped out of bed, and changed her underwear (that was the delay in answering the door, I surmise), leaving the dirty panties on the floor, never expecting that I would go into her room. But if I was her, and those were my panties, I would have ditched them in my bed, or at least under them! I have many, many more experiences with Melinda and her fact we are still friends, though she now lives a few hours away with her husband. Let me know if you'd like to hear more...and by all means ladies, please share your dirty panty stories!

Monday, September 08, 1997

I have been on holiday in Italy for two weeks. The hotel toilets were not well designed.. They had the water at the front of the bowl as in Dutch toilets (and some German ones), but they lacked the little inspection platform with a small puddle of water at the back into which your turds drop that are the characteristic feature of Dutch toilets. These just had a convex slope from the back down to the water at the front. The change of diet led as it always does to a change in the smell of my shit, but the consistency remained what it always is: rather soft. Consequently when the turds fell out of my poop-shooter, they landed on this slope and smeared it completely with soft shit, which on flushing partially failed to be washed away. This happened every day. Another design fault was the water pressure, which was much too high, so that on flushing, it always splashed over the rim of the toilet, even if you shut the lid down. As I always flush at least twice before I've completed my business, it meant at first that I always got both trousers and underpants wet. I finally learnt to remove them before sitting on the shitter.

But the inconveniece of the toilet was more than compensated for by a lovely bidet. Bliss to be able to wash the last traces of shit away from one's rear end with hot soapy water.
Italy: 3 out of 10 for toilet design, 8 out of 10 for the bidet. (The shower was good, too).

Something I have noticed [happened yesterday] is many young children around 4-9 won't get up to go to the bathroom if they are into something they like. At one of my friend's houses a year ago, his little brother [7] was playing power rangers on his super nintendo. He had this idea of standing up to play it[if he didn't i wouldn't be giving this post]. Well, he was moving around like he was moving with the game and stopped suddenly. We saw his pants bulge out about a foot and a half [thin pants, larger size than what he normally wears]. My friend,Jonathan, and I knew he went in his pants, and for extra proof, a piece of crap a foot long came out of his pants. We were the only people in the house, and so had to clean him up. He told us not to come near him because he still kept going. In the end, he had 3 foot and a half long pieces in his pants and about a dozen little ones.

At my school and in my city, I know very, very few people who are interested in the process of! going to the bathroom. I hope I find a few who are interested.


This morning I took my usual dump about an hour after breakfast. I did it at the university library. The restroom had just been cleaned. The 4 doors to the reatroom were opened. I walked in with the college newspaper. I then closed the back two doors then proceded to head for a stall. I entered, looked at an interesting article and sat down on the porcilin. The seat was up. If you are not on the toilet for long, sitting on the white is not bad.

When I peed; the sound was wierd, I can't describe it. When the time came for me to wipe, I put the seat down. If I didn't, my hand would go into the water. So I pushed my last few pieces and wiped with the seat down.

Tomorrow, I may try to go with the lid up on the small toilet at home.

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around to post. I'm settled in at college- I have a single room, little larger than a broom cupboard, but the toilets and showers are shared, so this should make for interesting fodder. No unusual bathroom stories yet, though.

Doug, I feel great after peeing AND dumping, although I'd have to say a long, steady pee is the better of the two, since my bladder is more sensitive than my bowels. Buff, thanks for your feedback- I take about 10 minutes to shit, about "average" from what I've read, a happy medium between hurrying and using the toilet as a "library." Happy Camper, I would "consider" going to the bathroom in front of a guy, but only if I end up in a "serious" relationship; My last boyfriend and I broke up last year after 2 years [no, we never watched each other go to the bathroom- other things? can't mention on this forum :) ]. John, I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR stories; we girls may seem "prim and proper" when around other guys, but when we're amongst ourselves, our conversations and actions can become quite "different;" I wouldn't dream of intentionally farting in "mixed company," but when amongst my girl friends, no problem...

Kelly, I liked your McDonald's story. I had two diahrrea attacks last month, one due to a stomach virus I had, and the other I attribute to Burger King. I eat at BK maybe once or twice a week (never cared much for McD's), so my stomach should be "used" to it. One day at around 11:30am, I went and got my usual two plain burgers (don't like ketchup or pickles), medium fries, and a soda. I was out running errands when I suddenly had the strong urge to shit. I posted something about this the day after it happened (please see the last archive)... This was, coincidentially, the time of the e. coli bacteria scare- I live on the east coast, while the bacteria scare (at least at BK) was restricted to the west coast, so maybe I just didn't digest it properly :)

Please keep up the good work, everyone. Glad to see so many new faces on here. Luv, Alex :)

Hi everyone! I'm here wide awake in the middle of the night (in New England, eastern USA) waiting to watch "the funeral." Stephy, my roommate, had to go home for the weekend, so this is the perfect time for me to share some stories from the past week..

No unusual dumps for me, but I've got a couple of stories about my dorm-mates. I woke up on Thursday @ 4:30 AM and had to pee. I walked over to the bathroom and there was some one in one of the stalls. She must have heard me come in and said "hi." It was my friend Lisa from a couple of doors over. After I got into the stall, sat down and started to pee, Lisa asked me if I had any laxatives. I told her I don't believe in taking laxatives and then politely asked her when was the last time she took a dump. She responded "about two and a half days; I'm sitting here farting, but hardly anything's coming out."

I told her about my "methods." I suggested she get down into the *position* and push into her abdomen. I described the latter as "doing a Heimlich maneuver below your belly button. It really works!" As I washed my hands, I asked Lisa (who was still in the stall) if she minded telling me in the morning how she made out (I didn't want to hang out in there since I only went in there to pee- I wanted to allow Lisa some privacy)- she thanked me and I went back to my room.

I saw Lisa the next morning. She told me she started going about a minute after I left and how my methods really helped her go. She then volunteered that she went a LOT [after 2.5 days, what do you expect? :)]

Friday afternoon, around 4:00 PM. Kara (another neighbor) and I were playing an impromptu frisbee game when she told me she had to go to the bathroom. I had to pee myself, so we walked back to the dorm. As we both walked into the bathroom, Allison (the girl who listened to me dump over the phone) emerged from one of the stalls. I went into Allison's stall- she must have just finished taking a really intense shit- Kara sat next to me. I peed for about 30 seconds and then stopped, peed again for another 10-15 sec. As I was wiping my vagina, Kara (who peed during the same time I did), began letting out some turds. I noticed her feet moving into a *tip-toe* position before letting out each piece. I never was that observant of my dorm mates' bathroom habits "pre-toilet;" I am now!

Susan, thanks for answering my question. I'll be a little more specific in stating I'll be 20 next February; so there's a 2 yr, 8 mo difference between us. As always, looking forward to hearing your stories! Peace, Steph

My wife went Deep Sea fishing with me once and got sea sick.While she was bent over throwing up,she shit her bathing suit!I was rubbing her back while she puked when all the sudden she filled her bathing suit with a huge runny load!She had on a sheer white bikini suit that made her accident rather noticable.I was quite excited at this sight but have never had the guts to tell her how much her accident turned me on.

I usually poop 4 or more times a day. My butt is very hairy and after 3 or 4 dumps, it starts to build up in my butt and crack. I also work construction so I sweat alot. This always results in extremely stained underwear. I've never pooped in my pants but my underwear looks like it. I've always been embarrassed about it and try to go to the laundromat when no one is there, like early in the morning. One morning, the laudromat was empty and I carried in an overflowing basket of clothes. When I got through the door I must have dropped pair of my underwear because just then a lady about 20 years older than me (about 50) walked in with a big bag of clothes. Just as she walked in she bent over and picked up my pair of dirty shorts. She appeared to examine them as she brought them over to me. She smiled as she handed them back to me. I must have been totally red-faced because she said, "Don't be embarrased, my undies are just as bad". She reached into her clothes bag and brought a couple pairs of her panties and a girdle. I was amazed to see how dirty these were. I couldn't believe she was showing me her dirty underthings. I always thought females never got poop-stains in their panties, but her's were just as bad as mine. I also realized that her dirty undies were a huge turn-on. We talked and laughed about our underwear and she even admitted that the sight and smell of a man's worn underwear was a turn on for her. After this we met quite a few times at the laundromat and compared our dirty underpants, even sniffed each others rear-ends. I won't give any further details but I just wanted to know if there are other females out there who normally get brown stains in the seat of their panties and like the thought of a guy sniffing them. I'd also like to know if other females get off on the sight and smell of a guys worn undies. Sorry if I grossed anyone out but this is a true story.

I was using the toilet at school one afternoon after I served a two-hour detention. Don't even ask me what such a long detention was for - you won't believe me. Anyone, at my school, the bathrooms don't have any doors on the stalls. I really hate to use them, especially for bowel movements, but it was 5:00 and the school was practically deserted, so I figured it would be sage. Besides, I had been holding it in since right after lunch and by now, 4 1/2 hours later, I really had to go bad. If I had waited even five minutes, much less a 45 minute walk home, it would have been in my pants. Anyone, I'm sitting there having the bowel movement and at the same time the principal (male) was giving a tour of the school to a new member of the school board (also male). Assuming the bathroom was unoccupied at this late hour, they walked right in on me while I was sitting there going. In fact, I was right in mid-poop. Of course, they both apologized and left immediately, but it was so embarrassing.
The upside is that about a month later, at that board member's insistance, the school board ordered that doors be put on the stalls for privacy. And later when the board member found out the reason I had goten a two-hour detention, he had the board change that rule, too.

Saturday, September 06, 1997

When I was about 13, my family and my sister's best friend Darcy's family went skiing together in Lake Tahoe. Darcy's family had a cabin there where we were all staying. We all went skiing together one day. After going down the hill a few times, I saw Darcy's mom waiting to get on the ski lift by herself. Darcy's mom was a liitle overwieght, and had a big butt, but she was attractive. I came up next to her and we started talking while waiting for the people ahead of us to get on. She said that she got seperated from everyone else and was tired of looking for them so she decided to ski. After a few minutes, we got on the ski lift (it was a 2 seater) and headed up the mountain. When we got about 3/4 of the way there, the lift get stuck. We were hanging about 200 feet from the ground. It was very windy and cold. Darcy's mom said it usually doesn't take long to fix. After about 10 minutes, it still wasn't fixed and I noticed Darcy's mom was fidgeting a little while we were talking. I remembered her telling my mom that when she gets cold, she has to pee very bad. I started to wonder if she had to go. A few minutes later, she kept clompaining that she had to pee. After being stuck there for 20 minutes she put both of her hands down by her crotch and I could tell she was rubbing herself. She was trying to be discreet about it but I could tell. It was getting much colder and Darcy's mom started yelling to have them fix the lift. A few minutes later, she got a concerned look on her face and scooted a little away from me. I looked down at her crotch and I saw a wet half circle in her ski suit, and finally I saw a pee stream coming out. It was shooting out onto the snow below. She must have peed for 3 minutes. I couldn't take my eyes from her crotch. I got very exciting and got a raging hard on. After she was done, she looked at me like she was embarassed. I than saw her look at my crotch and I know she could see my hard on. She just looked at me and smiled and had me promise not to tell anyone. After about 30 minutes, they fixed the lift and we skied down together. I remember looking at her butt and seeing it very wet. When we got down the hill, she went to the ladies room and I went skiing. Later that night at the house, I went to the bathroom to take a shit. While there, I opened up the hamper, and right on top were Darcy's mom's black planties that smelled of piss. I pulled them out and put them to my face, they smelled so good, I looked in the seat and I also noticed some shit stains, I always wondered if she shit her pants that day.

Back on Sa-turd-ay July 3, 1993, the Arkansas Democrat & Gazette put on an Independance Day musical in one of their parks along the scenic Arkansas river.

The blind and low vision groip was in attendance, I was among them. We arrived at about 5 pm; the music was loud so I went behind some people to muffle the noise, then one of the stall offered to share her blanket. I sat down and talked to her a bit, then she said she had to go to the bathroom. I said that I had to go also. We then looked for a restroom; we looked all over. Then I asked people in concessions where the reatrooms were then they directed us to the porta-pottpes. We both see pooply however her vision tests a bit better than mine however they are close enough that I was on the look out and I spotten the tops of the potties. She and I entered, I could not go; I could hear her peeing; I left and waited for her finish. She picked a pottie labeled "ladies". While she was in there doing her daily duty several women open the door, saw her in there and left. Finally I said to an attractive lady "She is in their!" then directed her to another stall. I wondered why she did not lock the door. When she got out she said there was not a lock on the door. Immediatly, I realized the pottie was labeled "ladies" because there was no lock. However the label attracted the women, especially young women. My date took it in stride. She was not offended. She said she felt a lot better; so she was able to go. Hopefully she is married, she would make a good wife, she does not become offended easily.

I did not need to go during the evening because the weather was tipically Arkansas, the temprature in the 90's cooling to the 80's when we left when it was pich dark.

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for the last week or so. I was sent out of town at the last min. on business. I was very busy and not able to get to a computer to post. ( I was working on a computer, but at another offiece etc, I didn't feel comfortable about trying to post.) I have to get unpacked, check the mail etc. After I have settled in I will send along some good stories from my trip. Steph, just to quickly answer your question we are quite close in age. I just turned 22 at the end of June. I don' t feel that any of your questions are to personal. I feel that are so much alike. Well I'll be back shortley. Take Care,


Hi Jodi - Glad U have a sloution to your problem! The farting reminded me of a time a while back when I bought some "store brand" Metamucil type laxative. The brand was "Natural Vegetable Powder" I took it for a few days and started farting up a storm. Really loud, long ones. For a while I couldn't figure out the source of the farts, until I stopped taking the powder. That stuff ferments inside U and generates a lot of gas. Regular Metamucil doesn't have that effect on me. Also, a friend was over for a few days, and he eats unbelievably fast. He downed a hamburger in like 30 seconds. While he was here he was farting like every 2 minutes.

Brielle, believe me, I *will* be on the lookout for girls using the urinals in the men's room!!! [:.)]
I wrote a few days back that I'm hesitant to take a dump at school. Yesterday, my second day back, was no exception. A good crap built up in me by the time I left school... The plan was to hang out at (my friend) Jonathan's house after school, so I figured I'd take a dump there. Johnathan, his younger sister Melissa [a 10th grader who's the spitting image of Mariah Carey, in other words, a real BABE :.) ], and I walked the 15 minutes or so from the high school to Jonathan/Melissa's house.

I guess the other two really had to go as well, since Jonathan ran to the upstairs bathroom while Melissa went into the downstairs. I figured it was their house, so I'd let them go first. Jonathan came out about 10 minutes later, but Melissa was still in the bathroom. I could have went upstairs to that bathroom, but wanted to plant my butt on the same seat that Melissa was just on :.)

A few minutes after Jonathan came out, I heard flushing from the downstairs bathroom, then the sink running for a long time. The toilet was again flushed, this time with the *muffled* sound of the lid down. Melissa came out, said "that felt good!" and ran upstairs, (I thought) presumably to her bedroom. I went into the bathroom and it reeked! The crap smell was noticeably "feminine," but strong just the same. I lifted the lid and noticed skid marks on both side of the lid and a couple of little, stray turds still left in the bowl. WOW, how *exciting*!!!

I sat down and began taking my massive, teenage shit! I was on the toilet for about two minutes when I heard a knock on the door. "Eric, are you in there?" Melissa asked, in her sweet, feminine voice. I responded yes, and Melissa said she's leaving a roll of toilet paper outside the door, and would I please put it on the roll when I'm done. It was then I looked at the TP roll and noticed it was empty. "Thanks Melissa, I'll be needing it"(referring to the TP) She let out a giddy "you're welcome" and left me to finish my business.

After I was done, I flushed the toilet (filled with my 8 or 9 turds, plus Melissa's little "presents") and opened the door to get the TP. Wiped seven times and flushed again. After I came out, Melissa, who can be quite a flirt, said "hope I didn't gas you out in there; I really had to go!" I told her, in a serious voice (but actually in mockery), "I never knew a GIRL could stink up a bathroom!" "We can do anything a guy can do!," complimented by a wink. (I've been in the bathroom after my sister and her friends (Steph, etc), and know a girl can let out as much of a stink as any guy, thank you very much!!!)

That's my story for today. Later

RE: Diana's "Why Don't They Flush?..."

Answer, Diana: Because most guys are lazy pigs, bathroom-hygiene-wise, I'm sorry to say but it's apparently the fact from long observation. Even in downtown D.C. in the "nice" office buildings, it's constantly amazing that so many 'big-shots' feel it's just too damn much trouble to hit the flush handle, whether it's a urinal or toilet. I'll also lament at this point on the lost art of the 'courtesy flush'. That is, flushing the toilet once immediately after one has dropped the initial main load (the smelliest part) but before one has finished and wiped. This eliminates most of any drifting odor which may assault other innocent b'room inhabitants (secondarily, it also prevents pluggages).
But back to the subject, Diana: I'll bet your boys don't have to clean their own bathrooms, which is why they show no consideration. I recommend that you hand them a bucket & brush on next b'room cleaning day & bestow that resopnsibility on them. It'll be GOOD for 'em!

This is to Karen, Kelly, Rachael, Alex, Steph, Susan and all the other ladies who have been giving us detailed stories about their movements, positions, etc. I will be contributing stories, but I want to comment first on some of the feelings they have expressed. As a man, I am not excited about sharing a dump experience with another man. I think this is very different among women, maybe. Or maybe I am different than most men: comments from other men. On the other hand, I feel it sexually arousing to share the experience or even the descritions of the expeeriences as you ladies have been writing. One of you characterized the experience as being intimate - as distinct from erotic? How about if you were sitting in a stall next to a lady you found attractive who was trying to take a large dump. Would you find the sounds of the effort intimate (?) or sexually arousing? I have a number of experiences I will be sharing with you that I have had pertaining to women and their bowel movements, and in all cases, my interest has always been erotic.

How did women during the renaissance, dressed in elaborate clothing, pee in public? Interesting question. From what I studied, I understood also that it was considered improper for them to pee anywhere but at home. I heard that some of them just let it go if it was an emergency, wetting their knickers , and most of it would run down their legs onto the ground. I don't know if this is true, but it probably happened in emergencies. I'm sure many of them had some method of removing their knickers, stockings, etc., and then standing with their legs apart, firing away in some hidden spot. I don't think they drank as much as we do. At least they didn't have Pepsi and stuff back then.

I'm glad to see that you guys are responding to my posts. Hello Jodi, and to Donny, I hadn't pooped the day before so maybe the combination of a day's worth of poop and the McDonald's grease caused those 15 minutes ones. Compared with your exotic stories, my poop today would be uninteresting except for the fact that while I was sitting in the stall of the lockeroom, I heard 4 other girls my age come in and apparently poop with me because they made a lot of noise. It really smelled quite bad in there after the five of us pooped. That's all for now. See ya later


Hi, Joe again. I'm back in school now. I had to leave to go live in the dorms last week. I had to crap after lunch. It was a crowded dorm bathroom because nobody had classes yet. There was a five person line for a ten stall bathroom. So, I waited. Finally, I got into a stall. I just sat down and started crapping not having to worry about sound or smell. The others didn't either. Strange thing was that nobody did any courtesy flushing to cover up their farts, splashes, and smell. I think that courtesy flushes are useless. If you're taking a crap, people know already, so it really doesn't matter if they hear or smell it. Plus, my ass gets splashed with toilet water. That's it for now.

Useless fact: there are twice as many posts on this forum as there are completed survey responses. Please fill out the survey if you haven't already.

What's up, guys? I got my GI results back yesterday (over the phone) and was told I do have a minor intolerance to lactose. I've religiously stayed away from any dairy products for nearly a week, and my daily (sometimes twice daily) bowel movements are less gassy than they were.

I again told my doctor that I LOVE pizza [!!! :-) ]; he advised to take an anti-gas pill (ie, "Beano") a few hours prior to eating dairy products and I should be fine. Let me reiterate I've NEVER had an accident in my pants, but have come damn close several times! If the Beano helps me have a relatively "low-gas" crap after eating my beloved pizza {I do plan to cut down on eating pizza; not only because of my crap, but I don't want to move up to another pant size :-)], then it will be worth it. I plan on "treating" myself to a pie this weekend after taking the Beano and see if it works out.

Blake, may I suggest you try Beano? I know the Lactate pill failed (you) miserably, but maybe Beano will help *neutralize* whatever dairy products reach your intestines. Just a thought, my friend.

Hi Karen and Kelly! Nice to see some other girls around my age on here. Hi to all the other old and new faces on here as well. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is a great forum. Amidst all the humorous irreverence is a lot of useful info- take care, everyone. Jodi

I haven't posted for so long and am sorry. My brother and sister are back from Italy. I think my last post was the worst thing I ever wrote in my life! That's aside. I truly wish this site and what has been talked about in it was spreading. It is not popular where I live [Pennsylvania]. I think it can, though. I feel obligated to be on this site just because few people represent the younger ages [about 6 to 15]. That isn't why I am on this site though. I [like probably everyone else here] Think going to the bathroom is interesting and shouldn't be kept secret. It being secret is probably tradition. Since I haven't posted a story for a long time, I will now.

This isn't one of my experitnces, but a practical joke one of my teachers and his friends played on someone. They were in college and had a person living in the next dorm. He got home late form work and school everyday and picked the lock to my teacher 's apartment. He ate all he could find in their refirgerator. One day They got 6 bars of the strongest laxative they could get. They made 6 peanut butter sandwiches and placed them in the reftigerator. When the student came in, he ate the sandwiches. 10 minutes later, 11:00PM, the student ran to the bathroom and stayed there the rest of the night. Every second you heard him talking and flusing the toilet. Next day he was taken to the hospital and barely survived because he was so close to totally being dehydrated. My teacher did pay though. He and his friends had finals in all their classes the next day and had no sleep the night before.

Friday, September 05, 1997

Some Guy
Hi again... Karen I just wanted to say add that either the Greek or the Roman (I can't remember what I heard) politicians often discussed politics while at the public toilets. It was just men most of the time but women sometimes came to the toilets, too.

Hi everyone, just found the page. Really enjoyed hearing about the accidents that people have had. I got so wrapped up in the excitement of reading them that I pooped in my pants It was a good smlly poop and it oozewd out and made a stain on my shorts. Will be checking this page from now on CYA later

Well, I am back :) from a trip to W. Kentucky/Southern IN. I had some interesting craps this weekend. Steve, I live in Colorado. As for this weekend. I visited the Fraternity house that I use to belong to. Place has not changed too much though. I had to pinch a good loaf while I was there. As with most frat houses, bathrooms are messy. I went upstairs to the cold dorm to use the john since it is one of the cleaner johns. I proceeded to take a dump. Unfortunately, no one came in while I was on the john. There are no stall walls or anything. Just a room with 2 doors, a john and sink. The doors had no lock.
I'll save the next crapping story for later.

Wednesday, September 03, 1997

Ever since I came across this site I guess I have been noticing details about mine and other people's bowel habits. I mean today, after field hockey (I'm on varsity thank you very much) I really had to poop. I normally do at about this time (5-530) So, I went into the locker room stall and sat down and began to poop. I found it quite amusing that the girl sitting next to me was also pooping and that she took a really long and smelly one. (Mine took 7 minutes and she took 10.) I would never have noticed this without this site. I also noticed that I like to take a long, slow poop. I usually sit there the first 2 minutes gently pushing without much coming out. Then, two or three big logs come out followed by small ones. This takes about 4 minutes with an average of about a 7 minute poop. I never noticed that before! Well, I have to run. I thought of a story about me and Nick that I will tell at a later date. By all.

I have 2 teenage sons and they never flush the toilet. (after peeing). Even if they have friends over, they will go to the bathroom together and just leave it. Their bathroom smells and I must run in and flush the toilet when I'm expecting visitors. From what I hear, this is a very common thing. I checked out the boys bathroom once at their school, and, you guessed it, they don't flush the urinals there either! There were 8 urinals in a row, all of them had yellow urine in them. Anybody know why they won't flush???

This summer I went to camp for a week and the cabin I was in kept a large coffee can out at night for kids that had to go but couldnt make it to the bathrooms or didnt want to walk to them in the middle of the night. There had been some bedwetting accidents in the past and it was just there for occasional emergencies I guess. Anyway, things went pretty normal for a few days then one night I heard the sound of someone tossing around in their bunk for awhile then getting down and going over to the can and letting a large piss go. After they got back into there sleeping bag there was some more tossing around and a little bit of a groaning sound and then some farting that sounded like when you are taking a dump. Then everything got quiet for the night. I think that the kid took a big crap in his underwear and then went to slepp in it because the next morning he was trying to hide something and it smelled over near his bunk and I guess that he threw that underwear away and put on some new ones which really took some abuse from all the shit still left on his butt from the crap he let fly. He wouldnt admit anything and after another day it was all forgotten because other then his crapping accident he was a pretty ok kid. No one else used the can the rest of the week although one kid did have real yellow underwear on one day near the end so I figure he peed himself at some point. Has anyone else see or heard of anyone peeing or crapping at camp?

Happy Camper
To John with the pretty sister-in-law. John - you say that your wife is very private and has a closed door policy. My wife was private with her poops for 15 years. I finally convinced her that it is real bonding and fun to share this private moment. She recently started leaving the door open when she poops (she has left the door open for peeing for several years) because she knows how important it is to me. That is why I am a happy camper now. To Steph, Alex, and Susan, it is a lot more fun to share your bathroom habits with someone of the opposite sex. Why not try it?

Welcome Kelly, that was a cool poop story. I was wondering how long it had been before you had these bowel movements on this day you were at the museum. Sometimes we put off going to the bathroom, get constipated for a day or two, and then take massive dumps in one day.

Bill Clinton
It has come to my attention that far too many Americans are wasting time on the toilet. I need you to get off the toilet and get back to work. Take a second job, too. Send your whole family to work. We have a huge political machine to run here in Washington, and we NEED half your paychecks to feed it. Keep sending those taxes in. Thank you.

Hi everyone! No unusual bathroom experiences for me to report since last time (almost 2 weeks ago), but I have a couple of comments...
Karen, I liked your question about toilet habits during ancient times. Although I've studied ancient civilizations, I'm afraid I haven't read anything about toilet habits two millenia ago. You may be aware that, at recently as 150 years ago, cholera outbreaks were commonplace throughout the United States. There was one point where every city between Boston and New Orleans was affected by a cholera outbreak, originated from a "cholera ship" carrying diseased immigrants from Ireland during the potato famine. Donny, you're correct about us taking for granted modern plumbing and sewage- disease outbreaks, unfortunately, still occur in third-world countries, largely due to unfiltered and untreated human waste in the air and water.
I have nothing else to say right now - this is a very interesting URL, please keep on posting! Thanks. Laura

Thanx everyone for the info. Yes Greg, I would like to hear about the book, please. I don't have much to report on the bathroom front. Everything's working fine for me!

Some people have posted information on toileting procedures in ancient and medieval times. Does anyone knowledgeable in that sort of history know how women from the Reniassance period forward dealt with the urge to urinate while clad in those multi-layered dresses that took an hour to remove? I have heard that it was considered impolite for women to use restrooms outside the home.

The best feeling was after a pot of coffee and 3 hours in heavy stop and go traffic with no place to go. I have never felt so good.

OK, now that im warmed up to this forum, I have another story to tell. I went out one night with my boyfriend Nick. He's a nice guy who means well, but sometimes he just doesn't have very good luck. He took me to dinner and a movie and afterwards we drove up to this small hill that overlooks our town. We were just sitting there, looking at the stars and making out (sorry it adds to the mood!) when he suddenly stops and stands up. "I really got to go to the bathroom!!" he says. I told him to just go over to the tree and pull open his zipper and piss right there. Then he says that he has to poop. I had felt some small rumblings in my stomach prior to this but had thought nothing of them. Now, with his mention of the word poop, I really had to go badly. So, I told him I had to poop to. We then walked back to the car with the intention of driving up the road about half a mile to a public restroom of the visitors center in the forest preserve. Unfortunately, his 1986 chevy nova wouldn't start. No matter what he tried, when he turned the key, it wouldn't start. With one last try, it roared to life but died when he put it into gear. By now he and I both really had to crap. So, we got out and walked around the forest. We came upon a tree which had been hit by lightning and was lying flat on the ground, a perfect log lying there. We both got the same idea and soon we had our pants around our ankles and were sitting there pooping. I took a little longer than he did. ( he took about 5 minutes whereas I went for 8 because i really had to poop.) Ever since that night we never have any trouble discussing our bowel habits and we always go up to that hill in his '86 chevy and if by chance it won't start...well, you can guess the rest.

this is a little embarrassing to say, but, here goes... today was my grammas birthday, and so of course, we had tons of food, and of course, being the PMS-y female I was, I ate *a lot*. well, later today, I finally got my period <sorry guys> and I seriously needed to take a dump from all the food...I have a habit of putting my head down between my legs and watching my shit come out, and so, no differently, I did just that. But this time it was really weird, cause I guess at the same time, I was "leaking" and my turd was dripping blood! I panicked, and checked to see if the blood was coming from the rigght hole, and it was, so all is well...

Hi Karen. I've seen some things that talk about the ancient "bathrooms". The greeks had public bathouses which had toilet holes. It was sort of like the modern pit toilets. These toilets were washed out regularly. They did have running water, but this was not used for the toilets. In England, some castles had a species of pit toilet. It was a small bathroom, usually on a second story level or higher, where the toilet hole led down a chute to a pit underground. Otherwise, people would just go outside. In a later version, there were two large halls, one for men, one for women. There were ledges going down both walls. There were several holes cut at even intervals along these ledges, no partitions or anything. The hall was situated above a pit. The pit was cleaned out regularly, either with shovels or by use of a diverted stream. The royalty in the castles had chamber pots. In later European civilizations, the sewers were open trenches running down the middl! e of the street. There were some outhouse style toilets situated in the streets above these trenches. Some houses had trenches in the basements where the toilets emptied into the trench, or they had them cleaned out regularly. They were kept away from the living areas because of the obvious smell. Well, this was as much as I could find up to now. Have fun!

Hi guys! I'm settled in (at college) and have a few minutes to spare, so here I go again...
I'm sharing a room with a girl who's name is (also) Stephanie. Since her nickname is "Stephy" and mine is "Steph" (nobody dares call me "Stephy," not if they want to be my friend, anyway), I will refer to her as Stephy. I knew her from last year, though I didn't room with her. After we set up our room, we both decided to go to the bathroom at the same time. (I swear I didn't prod her whatsoever- we were just on the same *schedule*)

The bathroom has 3 stalls and a couple of showers. We sat down in adjacent stalls and dumped together. We didn't talk much while we were in there, and we ended up wiping at the same time. We washed our hands and then walked back to our room. (note: We both have computers in our room, but I'm typing this from the library)

Karen, welcome!!! It's so cool to have another female college student on board. I loved your posting about going to the bathroom with the door open (in front of your roommate); please understand her shyness about discussing habits with a relative stranger- hopefully, you two will be able to discuss bathroom habits more openly as the semester progresses. I also liked your question about ancient toilets- sorry I can't furnish any info. I hope we can exchange plenty of toilet stories... again, glad to meet you, Karen!

Kate, your post about menstruating into the toilet was interesting. Thanks for finally opening up this subject; I was hesitant about doing so, but since you've brought up the subject, I have bled into the toilet during my period (though not every month)- nothing to worry about.

Well, gotta move on to more eruditic pursuits [though I'm always enlightened by learning of others' bathroom habits :) ]. Eric, I miss you and love you - thanks for posting again. Peace, Steph

Karen, If you've got a bathroom with urinals, why not try using one? Look in the pld posts for my (and a few other women's) instructions on how to do it.

look long enough and hard enough, and you'll find a girl at a urinal. Us ually when you walk into a bathroom, as most urinal using girls I know will only go if the bathroom is not in use at the time. Good luck to ya'll..


Tuesday, September 02, 1997

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