Hello.all-well.i'll try to post again-the last few days have been crazy with getting 14"of snow here in the N.E and every time I tried to get on I couldn't cause it was so busy-
TO SANDRA-Funny story about you pooing in the snow-It's just too cold for me to do that,but kudos to you honey-BTW where in the N E are you?sounds like we are neighbors!You are a good pooper!
TO CARMELITA & RENEE-I just keep printing all your stories and they just get better and better-I see you tried the mirror thing-isn't it great to watch the turds come out of your own butt-I do it a lot myself-when the waether gets better,you 2 should try pooing out in the woods together-that's a lot of fun!Keep those stories coming!I'll just keep on printing then to read on the bowl as I push out my morning stuff(it's like we are all pooing together!)
The last few days my bowels have been pretty blah-nothing to report til this a.m.Had some tex-mex food last nite and as soon as I got up,I had to go,but i held it off for about 20-30 mins till i really had to go bad and then I got the bedpan out and put it on the computer chair and read some of the posts- as i sat down i let out a hissing fart followed right away by soft turds coming out along with a lot of gas-sounded like THHHHHHH_fart THTTTTTTTHHHHhfart fart and I wasn't pushing at all-then i started peeing at the same time and it was my morning pee which is quite a lot !Then towards the end of my peeing I pushed to get it out and my anus exploded with a wet fart and a tremendous amount of pudding poo that just kept coming out and coming out till I felt it start to fill up the bedpan and touch my buttocks-I tried to move the pan from side to side quickly to make the poo settle in the middle of the pan but just then I had to do some more-I farted again and out came some! more soft stuff-now when this stuff started coming out,I could feel it pushing up against my butt-it felt warm and soft-I figured at this point I would just sit there and I felt I wasn't done yet either-In a strange way the poo felt good against my buttocks-I felt another cramp and this time I leaned foward a bit and let loose with what felt like the tail end of my poop-I farted again and did a buch of loose stuff which spread across my butt-Boy was this pan full!At this point I felt done and got up slowly and I had some TP right there and started to clean up my messy butt-this was a drag to do-then I quickly went into the shower and cleaned off and came back and cleaned out the pan but I looked at it before I cleaned it to see what I did-Well it was full right up to the top-I think if I went any more It would have overflowed!It was full of mushy turds with 1 formed long soft one wrapped around the perimeter of the pan,but most of it was just soft ice cream stuff,but a lot of! it-what a good dump that was and just as i was finished cleaning up the pan,I had to go again,but this time I went to the bowl and as soon as I sat down I let out a wet fart with some mucus and squgglies-the tail end of my great BM-then I sat there for a bit pushing out my anus with some mucus and 1 more fart-It was grand!the whole thing maybe took about 10 mins-I was pooing almost the whole time I was sitting on the pan reading all your posts-the pan must have weighed 5 lbs when I went to pick it up to clean out!I'll tell you,tex-mex really makes me go big time-I knew as soon as I got up this was going to the dump of the week!Can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive so I can do these kind of dumps out in the wild!Hey maybe I can run in to Sandra to buddy dump with!Well have to run-happy pooing to you all-hey RENEE and MELITA-you guys should get a bedpan to poo in too-it's kinda fun!BYE

Hey, everyone:

I know that I run the risk of the moderator not posting this, but here-goes: I am sure that most, if not all of you, have heard about the most-recent, (widely-publicized) school shooting? You know, the one in Santee, CA? Well, as you have probably-heard, there were only two-fatalities, in this whole thing, and they happened to be "in the bathroom", when the suspect came it. By that, I take it to mean that these two dudes were taking a crap, when the suspect happened to come in. One died, @ the school, and the other, @ the hospital. I think that they were literally sitting-ducks. Now, if this doesn't make you scared to crap in public, then I don't know what would. Am I right, wrong? Please, give me your feedback on this. Talk about a vulnerable-position, right? I am sure that he was able to hit both of these two multiple-times, and, @ close-range, @ that. Everyone else, could @ least run. But, when you are sitting there, w/ your pants around your ankles, an! d next thing you know, bullets are hitting you, you would probably trip over your pants, if, when you decided to run. Do any of you agree?


ANONYMOUS - Hi! I have not used a plastic bag when I
have been in a car. I have used a bottle with a wide
neck though. It is a 1 litre anti-freeze bottle, so
it is a good size for the job!
I have weed between the car doors facing all ways.
The thing about facing the roadside is that my front
is more exposed. I mean I do not really mind if
someone sees my puss while I am weeing and I have
done it on nude beaches, but I bet Diane prefers her
ass to be seen if she is going to be seen at all.
Oh yeah, when I squat for a wee of course it
splatters quite a bit and my shoes have been wet
sometimes by it. It is a good idea to wipe them after.
If I have faced into the car then of course my wee has
run back between my feet to the roadside and it is
better to do it that way than sideways. If I do it
sideways it pools around the foot nearest the roadside.
Which way did your high school aged niece do it and
did she worry that maybe you could see her?
Yes you are right about the hissing noise changing
with position. I usually hiss loud if I am sitting or
squatting. If I stand and do it without splaying my
pussy lips with my fingers (hands-free as my guy calls
it) it is quite loud too, but if I am pissing forward
it is a lot quieter.

JEFF A - Hi guy! Oh yeah I can really see what Steve
gets out of the training. Oh thank you for calling me
awesome! I do not think I can be as good as Steve is,
but I want to be able to defend myself a bit. Sometimes
girls attack other girls in nightclubs and things like
that. Sometimes I do not like going to the toilet when I
am out at night if certain types of girls are in the
ladies room as well because I feel a bit vulnerable, you
know? I know you have had to use your skill but I do
not think I could be calm enough, I would mess up my

SANDRA - I liked making some yellow snow at Christmas
when there was a good covering of it. I had another go
at writing my name in it as I stood to pee. I liked
your own story too.

KENDAL - Hi!!! Oh you found the story. Yeah, Steve tells
stories better than I can.
Kirsty must be good to listen to. When I poo I often do
lots of little lumps that plop-plop-plop in the water
and hit the bottom of the toilet. I know Steve likes me
hissing when I wee. When I was at school I wished I was
quiet like Kirsty did, but now I like hissing because
he likes it. It is actually a nice sound, but I do not
think it relaxes him!
Oh yes we are both well, thank you, but Steve is a bit
tired just now. I bet he would like a nice holiday.
I hope you are all very well too.



kim and scott
greetings all! TO renee and carmalita,Rjogger,rizzo,and logger,summer,mia,thanks for liking the kim and scott posts. it is much appreciated!plus rizzo I like that name queen of turds. i tell you even my smaller turds like that 18 inch log i most recently passed is still enormous in size! and yes logger my ring is stretching wider and my logs are getting bigger too!all this and i am a sexy,well-endowed blond gal too! out of sight huh?plus rizzo -i am sorry i could not give the name of the fancy new york restaurant i had my giant turd in. in reality though you would need to go to a few new york restaurants because i have had gigantic logs in a few others as well!hahaha!. and of course i do not flush so that others can see my outrageous monsters! well thats all for now. thank you and others for liking our posts . more stories later! love,kim and scott

Sexy Baby SHIN
Well, You do kknow, when you are sitting on the loo, and you have to do your big business??? hihihihi well I sure do as hell!!
If I want to shit really badly right, It doesnt come out like 'that' but I always have to press really really hard...And whenever it comes out, it is really smoodly........Like I wanna cry, and always afterwards I piss the toilet full mate, ya'll know wot I mean
This is the most nicest feeling, I have ever experienced!!!!!!!!!
Loveeeeeeeee ya!

Gruntly Bogwell
This one is too all of the afficianados out there who appreciate my stories.

My last post detailed an incident in a Persian Restaurant in new York City while I was attending a conference…butt the best was yet to come. The next evening I had arranged to meet the daughter of one of my former Merchant Marine buddies who was living in New York. Her name was Lucinda, but everyone called her Cindy and she is a flight attendant for Icelandic Air. She happened to be home and between flights when I called, so we agreed to meet at a bistro in midtown Manhattan. Do you realize how great it is to be a middle-aged fart like me and be sitting in a restaurant, when this tall, statuesque, 28 year old, Italian-heritage beauty walks toward your tabled dressed to kill in a green silk form-fitting dress and says "Mr. Bogwell, I'm Cindy." Her hair, in dark ringlets, hung down to her shoulders, framing the flawless olive-tan complexion of her face...her eyes soft and brown and the odor of Givenchy perfume that trailed her across the floor, sweeps passed her outstretched hand and wafts over you. I flustered and stammered out some inane reply as the waiter helped her with her chair. Every male in the place had that "What's that old fart got?" expression on their faces. And when I recovered I beamed that "Eat your heart out suckers, " smile. It was awesome to say the least.

Lucinda turned out to be very, down to earth, and an excellent conversationalist…I was in hog heaven to say the least. Finally, after a scrumptious dinner and too many glasses of wine, the conversation went South (so to speak) as Cindy, blurted out, "My father warned me about you, he said you had a predilection for peeping on women who were sitting on the toilet." I don't know which happened faster, my jaw dropping or the color of embarrassment rising on my face…I was totally undone and didn't know what to say. Cindy laughed uproariously at my discomfort and furtive glances around the room to see if anyone had heard her pronouncement of my perverted tendencies. "That's OK Mr. Bogwell, your secret is safe with me," she smiled, then laughed out loud again. All, I could manage was a weak…"Well since you know so much, you might as well call me Gruntly." "Gruntly Bogwell, she answered, the name fits…you dirty old man!" Again I became bright red…"It's OK," she said smiling and reaching across the table and patting my arm, "I'm used to dealing with dirty old, men on those trans-Atlantic flights. Don't you think they all would love to see us flight attendants seated on the commode in those stuffy and cramped airline toilets…thank goodness for the roar of the engines. And how many times, even in the middle of the night, have I come out of the toilet, to find a dirty old man, waiting right by the door to go in with nostrils flared to pick up any scent of my business." I was flabbergasted at this turn of the discussion, regardless of how true it might be. She laughed again at my shock…But, then she totally blew me out of the water, by saying, "Look, its too late to take the subway back down town, why don't you spend the night in my apartment…you can sleep on the couch…no problem…and I owe you something for the embarrassment I have caused you…besides I make great espresso, we can have some with bagels in the morning.

I was in no condition to stumble around the NY subway system…so I accepted and we left the bistro, but not before the waiter gave me a knowing wink on the way out. When we got to her apartment Cindy, turned out to be a great hostess and soon had the couch made up before retreating to her bedroom and locking the door (sorry folks, this is a poo story). I went into the hall bathroom and sat down on the toilet to pee, because I was a little bit tipsy and didn't want to spill any on the carpet. No sooner had I emptied my bladder, than I heard the click of heels on the tile of the bathroom adjoining Cindy's bedroom, which shared a wall with the one I was using. There was that quick step click of her high heels as she turned around and the click, click shuffle as she backed up to the commode to seat herself. I leaned over, raising up on my left butt cheek and put my ear to the wall and heard the gurgle of a strong pee, followed by a vociferous fart…my imagination ran wild! as I pictured gorgeous Cindy seated on her side of the wall using the toilet…hmm, just like those dirty old men on airplanes come to think of it. Just then my raised up and leaning position to hear through the wall, caused pressure on my lower intestine and I did a BLAAATTTT hole-vibrating fart. This was followed by silvery laughter from the other side of the wall. I pulled up my shorts and crept back to the couch.

In the middle of the night I was dimly aware of the rattle of keys, a creaking door and different perfume than Cindy's, followed by a soft knock on the bedroom door down the hall…but I was too drugged with sleep to come out of sleep. The next morning was a Saturday, I awoke at nine and needed to get back to , but a large buildup of poo in my rectum dictated a trip to the commode to find relief from the copious amounts of food I had been consuming during the trip. I tip-toed down the hall with the blanket around my T-shirt and boxers and into the hall bathroom…pulled down my boxers and settled my self on the toilet. A stream of pee emitted from my wang, hanging down in the toilet. Just before a started to strain to unload, I thought I heard giggling somewhere in the house. Then my anal orifice doomed out and a turd welcomed itself to the outside world below my bottom. That coming from way-up-inside feeling was well underway as I stunk up the bathroom…WHAM the bathroom door flew open and there stood Cindy in a see-through white peignoir dripping in lingerie from frilly light blue corset to satin light blue garter belt, to light blue panties and light blue stockings ending in satin blue pumps…all of this contrasting quite nicely with her olive-tan complexion. "Having a good grunt, Gruntly!" she laughed. Naturally, I evacuated the rest of my load rather quickly in surprise, with a pppoootttt, krickle, shlummppp, fllllopppp…the air was ripe to say the least. Cindy stepped into the odoriferous room, followed by this gorgeous blond with her blond hair in a bun, baby blue eyes, a wicked smile and black lace underwear…"Hi. I'm Erika an you must be Gruntly, the Peeping Tom and whew…what have you been eating…" I was in total shock, and I emptied some more poo on top of the previous log. (I had a flash-back to the time I got caught peeping on the two-blond camp counselors, detailed in a previous post last year). "Gruntly," Cindy announce as I trembled on the toilet, "my room-mate, lover and fellow flight attendant, Erika, from Iceland are going to make your wildest dreams come true." "Ya, dats da truf," Erika agreed

With that they both approached me and lifted me off the toilet, commenting on the amount, color and smell of my leavings. They bent me over and proceeded to wipe my ass for me…I was to much in shock to put up a fuss, as if I wanted to. It took seven or eight passes. They stood me up and pulled up my boxers and led me into their bedroom where a large piece of plastic was one of those camping toilet seats for use "in privacy of the tent" You know, with crossed aluminum legs and a seat to which one attaches a plastic bag to poo in. Except there was no plastic bag below the seat, but a large, clear glass bowl of water. Cindy said they were not going to hurt me they just wanted me to watch from whatever angle I deemed appropriate. My heart skipped several beats…was this for real. "I'ff really got to go…said Erika in her accent…she whipped off her peignoir, tossed, it on the bed, stepped onto the plastic, her high heels making deep dents, slid her black lace panties down to her knees and lowered herself onto the camping toilet stool. and began grunting. "Go ahead look1!" Cindy urged…"you are the representative for all those dirty old men out there who want to see flight attendants on the toilet!" I noticed her hands were fumbling under her peignoir as she watched Erika…who strained again and a crackle started under the seated blond Icelander. Trembling with excitement, I got down and all fours and peered under the camp commode. The corset made her waist small and her lovely cheeks pooch out in a reverse curve…she hung over the sides of the seat...and a monster poo was cramming its way out of the part of her buttocks cheeks that pooched through the toilet seat above the bowl of water. I could see the workings of her anal opening as she groaned this two incher of a reddish brown color out, the smell was overwhelming as I looked-on transfixed. I glanced up at the full-length mirror opposite the squatted stewardess an saw Erika in all her glory, eyes close, face intent, and reddened with effort. The log inched out farther, crackling and growing…Erika panted and bore down again. The eight incher contacted the water of the bowl and fizzed…another UUNNNNGGGHHH and it slid into the water hit the bottom of the bowl and began to curl around as a 14 incher, which tapered off to a point as her delicate hole close. " vus a good vun" Erika sighed as she settled back from her grunting mode. A low moan from Cindy behind us left no doubt as to what she was doing.

Erika rested a while and smiled at me…"How vas dat Meester Gruntly!" she said with that infectious accent…with that she said "Encore!" and leaned forward, scrunching up her face, reddening again and nnnnnggggghhhed out another turd, only an inch in diameter…it too curled its way into the glass bowl with a flimp. Erika's nether hole stayed open for more turds of various sizes to come out before it closed and pooched in and out from the act of pooing…she signed and Cindy whispered, "Oh yes." Erika bent over and peeked between her legs, back at the bowl and said "I don't alvays have time for a good cleaning out on those long flights. Do you vant to vipe me Meester Gruntly, she breathed, handing me a box of facial tissues. I obediently stuck my hand (and yes I was very much tumescent by this time) between the class bowl and the camp commode seat and contacted her crack with its blond public hair. Gently I rubbed the poo from her hole with tissue after tissue…she seemed to like this and ummed and ahhed her delight while giving me cleaning instructions. She blew a popcorn fart as the raised herself off the seat and pulled up her black lace panties. She took the glass bowl with her turds sloshing around into the bathroom, emptied it into the real toilet and ran water to wash it out before brining it out 3/4ths filled with water and replaced it under the seat. "Your turn darlink," she said sweetly to Cindy who moved to take her place on the camp toilet stool. She too, peeled off her see-through robe and placed it on the bed…backed up to the commode and slid her light blue panties over her voluptuous ass, down her gorgeous thighs, past the garter belt, over her knees and down to her ankles above her blue high-heeled pumps. Erika farted again in the background, butt all of my concentration was on lovely Cindy. I watched closely as her sculptured ass contacted the commode seat, her nether parts and dark public hair pooching through. "Gruntly! , I know this is what you have wanted to see since we met…and probably wished you could see when we were peeing in adjoining bathrooms last night, you dirty old man" she said tenderly, then uttered a loud NNNGGGHHHGGGH as she tried to make my reams come true. "Whoa, this is tougher than I thought, you won't tell my father will you or I'll cut off your… NNNGGGHHHH a wave of need cut short her sentence and the contents of her bowels came out, light brown, and gassy...slightly turtle-headed, but with the raggedness of a wine shit…stinky and crackling. FOOOOahhhfiiip the 16 by one inch load zipped into the water of the glass bowl. Her asshole was darker brown than blonde Erika, but just as cute as it closed up awaiting further assignment…I glanced up at her rounded posterior curving vivaciously below her light-blue lace corset and swallowed hard…this was a once in a lifetime, if ever, viewing…all for me. "Dot vas fun und stinky too" said Erika from over my shoulder somewhere.! "And here…ere is some more," said Cindy her voice rising with the strain…the dark-brown hole opened to let out another chain of wine- induced shit, light brown and ripe and fizzing as it wound down into the glass bowl. "Oh ye…esss" as another offering poured forth from her lovely bum to fall into the water. Overcome with what I had seen I fired off unintentionally and collapsed on the floor. Erika rushed over to se if I had had a heart attack…I lay on the plastic sheet quivering, but looked up to see Cindy raise herself into a half squat above the camp commode and begin wiping herself…she pulled up her light blue lace panties and came over to see if I was OK, the sights, the sounds the scents of poo and perfumes mixing, I passed out.

When I woke up I was laying on the couch fully dressed and Erika and Cindy were having coffee in the kitchen. They looked in on me and I asked what happened? "You fainted but we used our flight attended training to bring you around, Cindy said. They were both dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and gave no indication of what had happened. I had a bagel and espresso with them, they talked about flights, places to eat in Europe and in New York, but neither one of them mentioned what I thought had taken place. Finally, I said my good-byes and the door of the apartment shut behind me…I heard this uproarious laughter behind me through the closed door…I smiled and went to the elevator.

Just had a neat experience while taking a dump in the university bathroom. I sat down and pushed out a nice thick log which came out fairly quickly, making a good crackling sound and a good splash and thud as it hit the bowl. The guy in the next stall chuckled. I was just about to say something about my dump when he asked me "how's it going?" Needless to say I was surprised. I told him I really needed that and he laughed. I then added that it felt great. I asked him how he was doing and he said he was just reading the newspaper. I said to him "are you not taking a dump?" and he replied "oh for sure." I wanted to carry on the conversation when we were washing our hands, but he managed to clean up quicker than I did and had left before I came out. I'm glad that someone else had initiated a conversation for a change.

I think the idea of using a plastic bag as a urinal in the car is a great idea for whomever suggested it. How many other women out there have tried it?

Louise and Diane -
When you have your roadside wee between the car doors, why don't you face toward the roadside? It seems that facing the car could lead to spattering (or worse the stream) on the car. Also, since most roads are sloped to the side, peeing towards the car would be uphill, leading to a pool of pee around your feet (would it not?) instead of a river off the roadside. When you take the big pees crouching, don't your feet get wet anyway? My high-school aged niece peed in a parking lot on the way home from school. She had held it all day and I was shocked by the amount. She jumped back into the car with wet feet which irked me a little. Also, the hissing during peeing has to do with the exit opening shape. Changing your position or spreading the lips usually eliminates or lessens the sound. I know several brides that have used a towel behind a dressing screen with this technique to have a final pee before the ceremony.

Here's something my girlfriend told me one time.

When she was about ten years old, she had this dream. she was walking around her house, and she decided she had to go to the bathroom. She went into her parents bathroom and pulled down her panties and sat down. She started going. It felt sooooo good. She finished, and she realized that even though, she had pulled her pants down, her thigjs were this point she woke and realized she'd had an accident. What was worse for her was that she had pooped a little too, and it was only partly out of her butt. I feel sorry for her gettin in trouble for it, but it really is a turn on.
Another thing she told me is that last year, she and her mom were at the mall. She really reallyr really had to pee. She was already leaking a little, and she was standing there crossing her legs trying not to pee in her pants. She eventually did get to the bathroom, but by the time she got there, her panties were already very wet, and if she had done any more, it would've showed on her clothes. She pulled down her pants, but before she could get her panties down, she started peeing. She just sat down with her panties still on, and took a really long pee. then she took them off and put them in her purse. I thought that story was really great.
We talk alot about pee and poop, but I think she's pretty much not into it as an interest. I mean, she said that she'd never poop in her pants, because she doesn't want it to get into her vagina, and cause problems. She doesn't really mind peeing in her pants, but I don't think she particularly enjoys it. I really wanna see her peeing or pooping, but that's ok. I love her very much anyway, and I don't have to see her on the toilet to make me attracted to her.
Well, just thought I'd share that with y'all. C ya!

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