As you may know, it snowed in New York state yesterday as well as the northeast. Our office closed early and we were sent home. I live in the suburbs and caught a train. When I arrived at my destination I needed a poo so I went into the parking lot of the store by the station. I went to the back, behind some cars, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and squatted in the snow. A fat turd quickly came out of my bottom and was steamy and smelly. It landed in the snow. I farted a couple of times and another turd pushed its way out. Without warning, a man came out of the store and came to where I was pooing to get into his van. As he was opening the door he glanced over at me while the 2nd turd was coming out and smiled! I just said "I couldn't wait" then I farted again. I'm sure he could see my vagina but I didn't care. He then got in his van and drove off while I finished my poo. I then peed which was all yellow in the snow. Without wiping, I pulled up my panties, adjusted my skirt and walked off. I glanced back at the steamy brown and yellow patches in the snow! The turds were fat sausages. Isn't it weird that I don't mind guys seeing me poo in public but I HATE them peeking on me in a restroom without my permission!

Twice shy: I know what you mean. The first time, I sat on the school toilet, I was in third grade. I saw other boys do so when I was in first and second. They used to hold conversations with other boys. some even, would sneak in a comic book. I had to suddenly go on a Friday morning. I pulled my pants and briefs, just far enough to go. As I sat, some boys younger than me came in and screamed and laughed at me. I said nothing. The asst. principal was making rounds and they ran out as they saw him. He saw me sitting there, said nothing and left. I then wiped and looked. I had made a thick brown whoppe of 12 inches long and 2 inches wide.

By fourth and fifth, I had no inhibitions of moving my bowels at school. I would put paper on the seat and keep my pants up to my thighs or knees and legs together. I used to have some explosive evacuations. I was apprehensive being in the bathroom with another boy. One day, in 5th grade I felt this log was pertruding out of my rectum. Another boy, was sitting in a stall and he invited me after he saw me holding my stomach and pacing the floor. As we sat in our own stall, we talked and made friends.

I was on a military exercise in Nevada and riding in a Hummer with my three fellow soliders in the middle of the Nevadian brush when I had to go tinkle...I mean, REALLY go. The only problem(s) were 1) There were no significant trees or bushes around and 2) I was fully layered in a uniform, long underwear, and a chemical suit, which is really thick and requires a college education to unbutton and unfasten.
So firstly, I decide that I am going no matter what.
"Bill, stop the Hummer, man," I ask.
"Why?" he replies.
"Cause I'm going right here. I gotta go like a Russian racehorse."

Bill laughs and stops the Hummer. I waddle out in all these layers of clothing and decide that directly behind the Hummer is the best spot as long as Bill doesn't back the thing up. So I get to work, unbuttoning, unlacing, unsnapping, and finally getting all these layers around my ankles. I cop a squat and do my thing, using the toilet paper squares that come from the military MREs (meals-ready-to-eat)issued to us. The used ones get shoved in a not-too-often used pocket for disposal later on. This concept does not work when one has taken a big hairy Frumpkin dump.

Suddenly I hear the rumble of another Hummer, but farther off. I look up and see the second Hummer about 200 yards away and closing fast. I stand up, my shiny white butt flashing in the must have looked like a beacon amongst the dry brush and dirt. I somehow got everything pulled up by the time the second Hummer arrived.

I get up and greet the Hummer's occupants. Turns out they are officers. I grin cheesily:

"How are y'all today?" I ask.

"Ohh....we're really are you?" the driver stutters.

"Peachy," I reply. A few more courtesies, a salute, and they are gone.

Now what young solider wouldn't give at least one opportunity to fully moon his commanding officers? It was a good day.


Sheila, you bet that many men get an erection when they pass a large solid turd. I have done so since I was about 5. At that age of course I didnt realise the full significance of an risen, stiffening, penis, merely that whenever I passed a big solid jobbie this would happen and I would feel really good. I also found, no doubt from the association of the sounds with the feelings, that when I listened to someone else doing a large solid motion, the grunts and strains and the loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" sounds I would also get an erection inside my underpants and do so to this day. As I understand it the pressure of the fecal mass through the rectum on the prostate gland causes the erection and is a pleasant sensation.

Theresa (Tony's wife).

Mary, I most strongly advise thatt you DO NOT sneakily put laxatives in your daughter's food or drink! It will work once but she will never trust you again once she realises and this could lead to all sorts of eating related problems. There are plenty of old posts attesting to bad outcomes of a well intentioned action such as that. Is there a real medical problem that stops her defecating, bear in mind also that girls' bodies are undergoing big changes at that time and she may be constipated because of her periods, I still experience this, or maybe she is afraid of using the Girls' Toilets at school for fear of bullies. Does she drink enough water and other fluids? Now assuming this is not the cause I suggest using liquid parafin (mineral oil in the USA). Explain to her that in normal doses Liquid Parafin does NOT cause watery diarrhea type motions, but eases the passage of solid formed stools, the resulting jobbies being normal and cohesive, but easier to pass with no di! scomfort. Indeed, to convice her why not take a dose of Liquid Parafin yourself at the same time as it wont cause you any gripeing or discomfort and explain that to her as well. This gentle laxative doesnt cause urgent rushing to the toilet so she shouldn't have to worry about pantie soiling accidents as long as she doesnt delay going to the toilet when she feels the urge to defecate after taking it. It normally works overnight, (taking about 8 hours or so), so she should take it before going to bed and if all goes well should pass an easy , normal , solid motion the following day. The other possibilty is to use glycerine suppositories as these do not upset the Digestive System, cause griping pains, etc as most laxatives do, but are local in their action, generally resulting in the passing of a normal stool within half an hour or so of insertion, so ensure if you use these that she stays indoors with access to the toilet until she passes her motion. Good luck to you both and l! et us know how she gets on. Of course, assuming no medical problems , more fibre in her diet and drinking more fluid will prevent her getting constipated although too much fruit, veg, wholemeal bread and pasta can drive matters in the other direction to loose stools and diarrhea, so getting the balance right can be trial and error. All the best from Theresa, Tony's better half!

Linda GS
Lawn Dogs Kid
No Andy!![giggles] They don't run together as the ruffels are not dyed but of that fabric color and sewn on..don't ask.. my mom got me this dress and well anyway.

Oh that was such a cute and sweet story about you and you dad. it reminded me of my times with my cousin when i was little.. he says so you don't feel embarassed he's gonna post something. Hoooboy. I like the new pic.. it reminds me of Elena when she barely started to let my cousin see her.. she would cover up with a towel on her lap or something.[giggles] Well i ahve to go now(Calm down Andrew..I'm not going THERE.. not without you anyway[winks])

Pooper Dooper
I have a lot of troubles pooping in public too. I like to but I'm way to embarrassed. I know everybody poops, farts, and pee. It works, I just say that over and over in my head. If you have to drop a load anywhere other than your home just stand at a urinal and wait till everybody has left. Hope that helps.

I had a weird dream. This girl in my class is rreally mean to me and in my dream she farted in school a lot. Weird,

Happy Poops!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff A
LOUISE: Glad to hear that the workouts are going good for you, and that you like the practice. I don't believe martial arts are a guy thing. They're meant for everyone, and Wing Chun after all, was invented by a woman, so have fun with it! Like I said before, I believe you're an awesome lady, and will do well at whatever you take on! I've also had some near pants wetting experiences on the road, more so lately! People are nuts out there!

CARMALITA: Oh, sweet seniorita! You asked me to tell you more about myself? I'm sorry, but I really don't know what to say. I'm not that special, but thanks for asking anyway. I'm glad you like the 'Ren and Stinky' handle I gave you. Maybe I should draw cartoons, or sketches of you two on the pot! An artists interpretation of Renee and Carmalita! I like it! You've given a fair enough description of the both of you. I always print your stories and have them in my sacred "Carmalita Collection". I've decided that they're worthy of being leather bound. They should be in the top drawer of every motel room dresser to bring comfort to the lonely traveller.
I also agree with Mike D, that you are the hottest lady on this site! You and Renee, and the nutty adventures you two get into! I love your latest! You two spying on each other, and sneaking to get it posted here before the other finds out. I love it!!! I never know what to expect. You certainly tell the hottest stories I've ever read in here! When you describe it, it's just like I'm there with you, listening, and smelling all those nasty poo-poo's you push out of your little brown butt! Mui bien!
On a different note Carmalita, I also do community volunteer work in facilities that are less than desirable. I've seen heartbreak and personal torment, and have felt it in my own soul, and know how bad it can hurt. Just keep your chin up, and know that you're doing something worthwhile. It won't always make you smile, but down the road, it'll make you stronger, and the people you touch with your heart will never forget you. I can promise you that. I believe you're tough enough to make it work for you. Just keep smiling, and keep giving us those dynamite stories of yours! You're too zany and too loveable to be sad! Love you!

near where I used to live there was a field that was often used for various events in the summer months last time it was motorcycles but on this ocasion it was horse,s
anyway I was out walking and near a small wooded area was one of those portable
toilets it seemed odd that there was only two provided one being near the tents the other being by the wooded area this being the one for the ladies as I saw quite a que forming outside I stood hidden from view as two ladies presumedly that had enough of waiting and were making their way into the woods just afew trees one was a about
30 35 and was wearing a light blue skirt suit and the younger one a t shirt and what looked like a very short skirt which turned out to be one of those skorts they were giggling a lot as they came nearer they stopped by some tree,s and turned to face the way they came the woman in the light blue suit seemed to struggle with pulling up her skirt but after afew moments she managed to pull it up all the way I could see that she had on avery lacey pair of light blue french knickers and stockings she slowly slid her knickers down to just below her knees and sort of half squatted then there was more giggling as I guessed she must of farted after what seemed like ages I saw her bum open up and a large poo started to form almost into a round ball before dropping to the ground then a second came out slowly like the first then her friend who was keeping alook out for her incase any one should be coming this way glanced at her friend who was now on her third rounded! ball of poop and I heard her loudly exclaim oooh ! sandra your pooping like a horse ! she seemed to try to shh
her friend but I guess she was still straining with her final poop which just finished with a small thin poop which fell quickly she stood up and wiped a few times then pulled up her knickers .then her friend decided to go also they changed places
her friend now keeping alook out she quickly lowered her skorts and white panties and squatted a little lower than sandra almost immeadiatly began pooing along almost round and smooth like tooth paste before dropping on her friends pile it was over in just a few seconds she stood up and wiped pulled up her whie panties and her green skort . the two of them admired their handiwork before leaving .after they had gone I had alook and her long poo was at least 12" sandra,s three round lumps were quite big I guess she felt a lot better after dropping that and I bet her skirt didnt feel so tight after that

Cool picture up top, it's a good one.

Yesterday i was home all day and in the morning i had to poop and i found some string in my shit. I had chicken last week and i remember seeing some string on my wing and i accidenly ate it. It was weird...there were 2 poop balls, one on top and one on the bottome and you could see the string in the middle(another words my poop was hanging on a string). Then i wipe and flush and all that...Then Later i get a stomach ache...and it was on and off all day. Then i ate dinner and afterwards i tryed to lay down but my stomach was aching so bad, i couldn't get comfortable. Then i thought maybe i still had to shit and i pushed a few pebbles out and i felt much better.

Hi, I'm back, was interrupted.

Dad of Kendal, may I call you that? Loved your story of being lured to the loo by little Kendal. And then you go on to admit that you too sat on knees to pee when you were young! That started me thinking about who could have been my ancestor from whom I inherited my interest in toilet activities, if this runs in families. Anyway, back to Kendal's Peeing Human Pyramid. If I were a sculptor, I could be sorely tempted to create the three of them as a casting in bronze for the centre piece of a fountain, peeing of course! Wouldn't it be an interesting new variation to the theme "Fountain of Youth"?

Kim, Queen of Turds, if anybody from that Broadway restaurant reads this forum, well, you will find out when you revisit the scene of your deed! It made great reading!

Gruntly Bogwell, you are a classic! Voyeurism at its best! Ha, it was as if I had been there looking over your shoulder.

Renee and Malita, (R and S) Enjoyed your real time report on morning activities, I don't think the marine toilet on my boat would survive such a treatment!

Olde Oak, fellow of my generation, where are you? I miss your posts!

And to all others I fail to mention, thank you for your posts!

Now for a little peeing story. It happened some years ago, but it remains in memory as a most pleasant wee.
We were sailing down the Iberian Peninsula, it was a warm night, a light balmy breeze was moving the boat silently through the water, the long swells gently lifting her from time to time. It had been my watch, my "trick" on the helm the four hours since midnight, my favourite time. There was no moon, but a wide sky full of stars tantalizingly near but yet beyond reach. On the port bow the light of S.V. winked on the horizon. In my pocket a Walkman played Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony, which I heard through earphones. Soon my wife came up the companionway to ask if she should relieve me now because it was time. We do not keep absolutely rigorous hours, but remain flexible when it comes to changes of watch. She came to join me on deck and to get used to the darkness. Whilst her eyes were adjusting to the gloom, I decided to pee directly into the sea before turning in. So I clipped my harness into a pad eye on deck so that I could reach the side of the boat. There is a spot ! behind the cockpit where it is possible to lean over the side for a pee in safety. I undid my fly, groped for my willy, pulled it out and aimed at the dark night. Aaaah, a splattering sound came from the sea about 4 ft below. I looked down and called, 'Hey just look at this!' Where my pee hit the sea, the water errupted in blue green flashing sparkles like fireworks. A trail of luminous squiggles was left behind as we moved along at about 4 knots (about 7ft per second). After about 150 ft of sparklers the trail petered out into single flashes! I was awed! Never before had I peed fireworks! It was marine phosphorecence. Fantastic!
Bye for now, Rizzo

Peeping Tom
Mia I saw Jay leno friday.I didn't know what she was talking about.

Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I went to the mall in the next town and as usual needed to poo. Off I went. Very uneventful no booming rippers or monsters just the normal plug plus mush. Finished wiping and pulled up my jeans (no pants it is summer) and felt something on my right buttock. I pulled down my jeans and lo and behold there is a piece of soiled loo paper stuck to my buttock. I nearly shat my self again. All I can think is that after wiping I just dropped it and it brushed my bum to stick there. The loo is a little small so I must have thrown it down and towards me. I flushed and then used some wet paper to clean up. Lesson: Half stand to wipe that way you will be certain of throwing the paper straight into the loo.

That was a great story! Congratulations on your new record width monster turd! That thing had to have been the same diameter as a one liter soda bottle! That must have felt unbelievable! Glad to hear that your ass is stetching ever wider! Some day I'd LOVE to see a mega-log like that!
Renee and Carmalita,
Great stories! I love the "Salt and Peppa" buddy dumps! Keep up the huge log production!
Can't wait to hear about the results of your "stoppage"; I hope it's a nice huge log!
What sizes are these big logs that you and your wife lay? What fun it must be to BOTH have that unusual ability!
Very good story! Keep up the big log production!
What sizes were the logs from your session?
I dropped a 13x2 log this morning, and a 14x2 1/2 log yesterday; must be the change of seasons; they slid right out; it felt GOOD!

Another change of picture... another smiley face. Its great to see pictures of people enjoying being on the toilet isn't it ?

Right, I've got a few people to write to and not a huge amount of time before I go to school.

SIMON: I see Andrew has told you that he has explained my misunderstanding. ( I went very red, I can assure you ! ). I do know about these things of course, its just a case of building up my experience of the various expressions people like yourself use ! Anyway, thanks for your further hint that it was part of you and not all of you that you were refering to ! My advice is to still ask your friends Mum anyway, especially if you know she is broad minded. However, you had better warn her about the consequences, and they are that she will get the backs of her legs wet. That was my experience with Andrew anyway. As for suggesting a stand up wee, well, I'm sad to say that my practising of this skill has been limited to say the least, more limited than it needs to be now that my Mum has gone away ( Sorry Louise and PV ). Good luck, and let us all know what happens. Love from Kendal.

LOUISE: I managed to find the story myself after going forwards and backwards a few times ! Steve tells a good story doesn't he ? Yes, Kirsty is quite a hisser, yet another bathroom noise that she used to hate about herself. She used to have difficulty using the bathroom even when she was at home if everywhere was quiet, prefering to go when the radio or tv was on to hide the noise. She used to flush the loo before going so that the water would hide what she was up to. However, when pooing, that meant about half a dozen flushes sometimes, and she had to stop that when her Dad told her off for wasting water. But now she's experienced Andrew and me at our best (!), she is so much more confident, and will use the toilet when she needs to rather than when she can. And in front of Andrew and me, she really goes to town. It's so wonderful, and she makes me very jealous. Most of my poos flop in the water. But Kirsty's sound like huge rocks sploshing in. I used to think that my ! old friend Chloe (Andrew's Ex) was queen of the plopsters, but Kirsty is bum-splashingly the best ! Hope you and Steve are well. Love from Kendal xx

GEMI: Don't you go worrying yourself. I would never take offence at not being replied to. For a start, how would I know if you had read my post or not ? Anyway, it was kind of you to make a special mention to me at the end of your post. As for Dad, he says thanks for your nice words. He doesn't post here very often. He doesn't want to basically, so I think Andrew's campaign to hear about him sitting on knees with his Mum when she and my Dad were kids will not wash with him. He's promised me to tell the story eventually, in a week or two perhaps. So Andrew, be patient ! I will have to be (unless Linda will help ?) !! Take care Gemi, love from Kendal x

KATE: I know all about splashing wee ! Or rather Andrew does seeing as it was his legs that took the brunt of the splashing from Kirsty and me ! Anyway, I loved your wee at the bus shelter story. Now, surely those boys should have been knights in shining armour, shielding you from the gaze from all those passing motorists ! All I do know is that if Andrew had been passing by in a car, he would definitely have noticed you, no doubt about it ! O.k, so if you don't want to be the meat in the middle of the sandwich then by all means be on top. The only thing is, as I said in my post about it, having your legs over the top of other legs to create that gap in the middle for you all to wee into does leave you very exposed, and feeling rather unladylike ! Still, knowing you, I don't suppose you would care too much anyway !! Not that I'm saying you're not ladylike of course. I'm sure you can be the perfect lady when you want to be. Its just you don't seem to be bothered about! showing off your bum in bus windows, or for Phil to see your poo coming out.... I think I'm digging myself a deep hole here !! Kate, I love you, I think you're wonderful ! As for continuing to tease Andrew, yes please ! Good Girl !! As for what I look like, well, to keep the story short, Andrew and I got a video on rent called Lawn Dogs, staring Sam Rockwell and Kathleen Quinlan, and also a little girl called Mischa Barton. As we sat and watched it, Andrew ( and I ) were quite shocked at how much I looked like Mischa Barton. And she was 10, just like me then. It was me re-enacting a scene from the film that caused Andrew to post on this site for the first time, calling himself Lawn Dogs Kid. So there ! If you want to know what I look like, get the film ! As for your Dad having to help you on the toilet, well, I'm sure you conducted yourself in a ladylike manner the whole time ! Take care Kate, lots of love from Kendal xx PS, Andrew won't tease me about what my Dad wrot! e. He thought it was beautiful, and said how happy he was that it is him who I ask to go to the toilet with me now. So, he knows if he teased about it, I would probably curtail that pleasure for him ( or maybe not, I would miss him being there when I go too much ! ).

LINDA: I'm so, so sorry for going on and on about your story when you were poorly. Its just that I imagined you trying hard to tell Andrew and me all about it and it not getting posted like Andrew and Kirsty have suffered recently. Now I've read it, it was definitely well worth the wait. I love your thrashing feet images and the description of your pampies falling off the end of your knees !! However, who did you say it was who kept you company while you did your eight other pieces of poop at home ?!?!! Bet it wasn't me !! Andrew went all red when he read your post with me yesterday afternoon ! Wasn't my Dad's story dead cute. And it was your story about getting your Dad to take you to the toilet when you were a little girl that sparked off his memory, and why he wanted to tell just you all about it ! Now, I need a favour from you ! As Dad told you his story, I think you should reply and say to him "Cute story, loved it etc etc etc.... Please tell me about you and An! drew's Mum sitting on knees to wee" !! Seeing as he asked you about your Spanish dress story, joining in mine and Andrew's campaign to you to hear all about it, perhaps if you ask him nicely, he will tell you all about it, seeing as he thinks that you are a lovely respectful girl being well brought up by your Cousin and Elena. ( He was really actually impressed when you called him Mr Kendal's Dad Sir, but now he's asked you to call him by his first name, "Kendal's Dad" (!), you are definitely in his good books. My God, I'm late for school. Don't even have time for a wee. Dad's right, I talk too much. Love you loads xxxxxxxx.

Hello everyone,

I've only just found this site on a search engine as i ahve been looking up stuff about Chrone's Diesease. I wanted to know if anyone was able to help. I have been diagnosed with Chrone's for a year and i hate it. I continually have wrenching stomach pains, followed by immense pressure building up on the inside of me. I fart continually and it smells like my insides are rotting away - it's that bad. I am always going to the loo for what in theory is a shit, but could not be classed as one by its consistency. It's like sloppy poo, but never total diarohhea (dont know if that's spelt right. When i feel like i need a turd i cant hold it in like used to be able to, because the muscles in my anus have nothing to push against, so it jsut starts to ooze out. Often i have to run to the toilet and, on my arrival, i yank my pants dwon and just let a gushing torrent of awful smelling sloppy shit plaster the insides of the toilet bowl. i hate living like this - but the doctors dont kn! ow how i got it or how to get rid of it. They sort of basically said i have to just live with it and see if it goes on its own. Do any of you have or know about any other people in my situation who i could talk to. I dont really know why i wrote this, i think just to find out that hopefully i'm not the only one in my sticky, smelly situation. I'm 18 and my name is Rob.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my distorted bodily functions.

yours in shit,


Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone and thanks to those who have given me tips for my present problems! I won't bore everyone with more details but I'm not too bad at the moment.

Thanks, NICOLA, for your advice. If temesmus is a painful urge to evacuate an empty bowel; then I've not had that. What I did have and what I told my doctor at the time was an urge to go the toilet upto 8 times a day sometimes, and when I sat there I only did a small amount. Certainly no pain, just the feeling of really needing to go. More recent occasions have been when it was so soft that when I stood for a piss I could feel it moving down but again, just a small amount. Perhaps when I've had piles, I've unconsciously held back and thus not emptied the gut and so keep making return visits!

Thanks, ANNE, I'll try some of those moist wipes to clean up more effectively, but they cost a lot so I won't have to use them to the degree I use ordinary TP so will try using both.
Glad several people have come across public toilets at bus stops and bus stations where sounds can be heard! I've not found one yet, or I've not heard anything yet,although there are certainly a lot of bus stations with toilets very close to the waiting area.

Once in the waiting room at Victoria Coach Station in London, two boys about 14 were sitting opposite me. One told his friend he was off to the toilet, and when he came back, was asked how his shit was. He made the sound of a huge splash but I couldn't hear the rest of their conversation. Coach station toilets are in my experience, well used but with so much slamming of doors and hand dryers working, I've not heard much. The one at Birmingham, Digbeth has only a few cubicles for the large number of people who travel and I usually find bus stations better provided for.

I can't remember the details, but someone recently mentioned burying human excreta in their garden and presumably feel it will rot down and be good for the soil.
From what I've read on the subject and learned when I once visited the Alternative Technology Centre in Machynlleth, Wales; It is inadvisable to bury human waste as it can contain bacteriological nasties that take a lot longer to break down compared with other animal manure. It is considered unwise to even spread it on the soil until it's rotted for at least a year and become bacteriologically inert.
If you want to bury it in your garden, put it as far away from the house as possible to prevent animals and flies bringing any
contamination into the house.
BTW, Tomatoes grow very well at sewage farms as tomato pips pass straight through the human body, and so have the ideal environment to grow in, but to cultivate them that way woudn't be very healthy!

Another snippet from my mental archives is that the author Jonathan Swift was a medical doctor or did medical research.
Apparently he used to collect stool samples and in his laboratory, used to examine and dissect them for analysis! It was said the smell was "of a most offensive odour".
He observed that the stools which had the most boluses and were most impacted,(in other words, the nuttiest hard turds) were those from the toilets at boys' schools.
In the reminiscences of Sir John Betjeman, he referred to the "compulsary constipation" at boarding school. Does this indicate school diets were constipating years ago?

About 3 years ago I was in an art gallery, when I noticed a guy of about 30 in the same room as I was and looking at the same display as I was and that he was wearing tight blue jeans and looking fit. My attention was then on him as I immediately thought about him sitting on a toilet, when he suddenly left the room and went to the gent's on the landing. I didn't miss an opportunity like that so a few seconds later went in and found he'd gone into the solitary cubicle and I could see his jeans down at his shoes under the partition. Had I telepathically made him want to go at that moment when I'd noticed him?
Anyway, there was a photoelectrically operated hand-dryerin there which I'd set off as I walked past it, so decided to stand absolutely still whileI listened to the guy on the toilet. As soon as the dryer stopped, there was total silence in there, except for the long low farts he was dropping like a series of zzzzzzzzzz's
and frequent plops and a long pause followed by more farts and quick plops. Did I want to say something like show appreciation!!
Anyway, I stood motionless while he sat motion-ful! and after a few minutes, heard him wipe his muscular bottom and pull up his pants and jeans and flush the toilet.
Should I pretend to have just come in or to continue standing and let him know he'd been heard throughout? Yes, let him know I've been in there all the time and in noticing a momentary surprise at seeing me standing there and going in to the cubicle as soon as he came out.
He probably recognised me from the art gallery and may have realised I was keen to listen. I sat on the toilet seat warm from his bum and wished I could have done one but I couldn't but what I wished even more was that we could have communicated about it,but if I had said something or let him know I was there it might have put him off.

Someone asked here recently whether anyone was concerned their posts may identify them when recalling people and incidents. The moderator replied that we are all anonymous, but I have sometimes wondered whether anyone might recognise himself in my recollections.
That is why I've avoided using names except for places I've visited as I can imagine sometimes it's possible for someone else to read something here and think-"That's me!"
Let's hope such coincidences are very happy ones, but I think it's great that many here are quite easy about describing people and situations.
Perhaps the guy I saw and heard in the art gallery is reading this now!

Meanwhile, Good health to you all, Power to our sphincters!!! P P G

Hello all!
Penny, I enjoy your horse show episodes. I know what it feels like before its your turn when show riding: it literally scares you shitless.

Rjogger, your story of your Hotel Clogger Incident made my day! You are one of my favourites, but there are also plenty others, so don't become conceited.

PV, the AP condition you describe sounds very much like a vicious circle. But as you say, you have already made some progress in breaking through. I just hope this forum can help you overcome your AP. Wish you all the best!

Rose, I remeber you asking some pages back how a mouse could be flushed down the toilet. My answer: easily. Some years ago my family lived in an old house with an old plumbing system. It had rained heavily that winter and one morning we heard a banging sound from the downstairs toilet. I went to investigate. The banging was something hitting the lid on the seat from underneath. I carefully raised the lid, and there glaring angrily at me was an enormous scruffy wet rat which had backed up from the drains. It immediately dived down out of sight. From then on and during the next days my wife would only use the upstairs toilet. I only approached the downstairs loo gun in hand! Not what you think, it was only an air pistol, quite legal, but powerful enough to stun a rat if you hit it in the right place. A real gun would shatter the loo of course. So you can see, if a rat can make it through the drains, a mouse, even dead, will just pass through very easily.

Mary, As others have said, plenty of fruit and vegetables in the diet plus enough to drink (that is usually more than you think) should help. Then of course there are the harmless little tricks: on getting up out of bed in the morning, drink a glass of luke warm water before breakfast!
Then you can eat soaked prunes for breakfast, or a dried fig in the evening (that turns my wife into a rocket), enough exercise, and avoiding dark chocolate.

Laura, its a pity your sailing vacation was marred by being bunged up due to the facilities on board. It is normal for this to happen during the first week, until everyone gets used to the close quarters and relative lack of privacy. It takes another week and keeping what I wrote to Mary in mind to turn such a holiday into a pleasant memory. I know, have boat, can sail!
Ok toileteers! Have a good one, Rizzo

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

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