i've seen another lisa posting. i ALWAYS put the ?? after my name to avoid confusion.

Buzzy--wow babe what a load you had in the bedpan. I'd love to have helped you clean up. keep those great stories coming. love 'em.
rjogger--great stuff from you as well.
pooper dooper--sorry to hear about your diahrea.

ok i haven't had much to report lately..the usual stuff. today i almost had a bad experience though. I had closed up the store & was locking up when i felt the need for a shit. I'd already set the alarm so i didn't want to mess with going back in the store. i figured i could get home in time so i got in the truck & started off. i began farting like crazy. before long i had to go REALLY bad. i continued to fart as i drove along hoping i could make it in time.
it started to poke out a bit but i squeezed my cheeks together tight & drove a bit faster. i finially pulled into the driveway & farted a good one as i got out & walked to the door. I quickly unlocked the door as my turd began to push out a bit. rushing to the bathroom I stripped off my pants/panties & sat as a long turd began to creep out. my god it felt good as it eased it's way out my ass. after several seconds it plopped into the toilet. i sat there & farted a couple times when i got a bad cramp that doubled me over. with a fart explosion i shot out what i thought was soft poo but when i peeked it was a long smooth turd. still feeling the need to go i pushed a bit & another turd began to come. it was easy to come & continued until it touched water & curved into the bowl finially coming free. i let out another wet fart that shot a load of pudding out with it making a splat noise when it hit the water. i sat there a few more seconds fartin! g a few more times then wiped many times. this was by far the best shit i've had in days. when i looked i had 2 medium size logs & 1 that was about 13 inches & curved like a J with pudding in the middle. BUZZY i thought of your glorious dumps as i let loose. this one was for you babe.


To Jack: About the Santee Ca. School do we know theres boys that were killed, were shitting when it happened. They could have been smoking in the bathroom, peeing, washing hands, haning out in the bathroom(kids used to do this at my school).

Latly, every time i've had to shit, i've been dropping small little hard balls.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! I liked your restaurant letter too.
I thought it was really funny how the attendant thought
maybe there was something wrong when you were grunting
and pushing. I did not need to grunt this morning, I
had a shit that was just a couple of little lumps that
popped out.

CARMALITA - Hi again! Steve has taught me 3 Aikido moves
because he thought I should know them, and I made him
tired of me asking him to teach them to me! He calls
them 'immobilisations' to use if someone grabs my wrist.
Steve is teaching me Wing Chun Kung Fu mainly, he is
very advanced at that because he has been into it for
over 20 years.
I will ask Steve if he can write and tell you a bit more.
He will not be able to write until about Monday now.
I have had guys look at me a lot when I have done outer
hip abductions. It is rude isn't it?

DIANE - Hi! Yeah, I understand why you prefer to bare
your ass than your puss. Oh yeah, both guys and girls
have asses, but I bet guys like looking at girls' asses
more than guys' asses! LOL Oh, and guys a lot of the time
will still see your piss stream if just your ass is bare.
Do you ever do anything like have a wee in an alley? If
you do, do you like to have your back to the wall or do
you still bare your ass more and look at the wall? I
like my back to the wall because I like to see who is
there and my boyfriend likes to watch anyway.

PENNY - Hi! That sounds like a good way of peeing at the
roadside. If the footplate of the door is dirty, it would
make one half of your bum dirty too wouldn't it? I will
try it, but I will be sure the door sill is clean first!

LITTLE LOU - Hi there! I am very glad you have written
a letter again, and you are feeling better. We have
been worried about you. I liked your little story about
you and Ellie weeing together again, and the glittery
knickers! Love, Louise.

PV - It is like you are just as busy as Steve is. I am
missing our little chats.



Hi everyone !

I've been reading the posts on this site for a while, but haven't got round to contributing yet - until now !! I'm 23, 6ft tall, medium build, and come from the north of England. I really enjoy hearing about (and hearing !) you girls taking really hard, constipated dumps with loads of straining and farting - especially in work toilets when you can hear everyone else !

I'm quite lucky to have a fairly slow metabolism, meaning I only crap about once every two or three days by which time I'm semi-constipated and love to feel my hole slowly stretching open to allow several hard balls of shit to slowly and painfully squeeze out and plop loudly into the toilet.

Question for everyone - how long do you take on average to shit ? I usually take between 10 and 15 minutes.

I haven't had a shit for a couple of days now, but will keep you all posted with details of my next effort !! I've also got some good stories to post soon !! I love you all on this site and can't wait to get to know you all much better soon !

Love, Davey.

I love to piss off of high places. Bridges, and balconys seem to work best. I have also pissed off of cliffs, from tree branches, and off of roofs. My favorite is pissing of of something high into a body of water such as a river or lake. I have never pissed on anyone nor do i want to... it just makes me feel kinda like superman to have such a long (physically) piss. If i am ever in a hot air ballon i will make every effort to piss off of it - that would be fun, espically if over a big lake at the time.

A few days ago I was taking a shower and I really needed to shit. It was an enormous pressure and it pressed so hard on my prostate that I got an enormous, throbbing erection!

Friday, March 9, 2001

Metamucil Man
Anybody ever make poops that looked like baby YAMS?

Cyber Fiber

I was dating Suzanne and had slept over on a Saturday night. Sunday morning we had breakfast and were sitting around reading the Sunday New York Times newspaper. She got up after a while and went into the bathroom with the crossword puzzle (a deliciously deviling one on Sunday). I figured she was going in for more than just a pee by taking the puzzle with her.

She was in there for some time and came out but left the puzzle behind. I went in after a few minutes and saw the puzzle on the back of the toilet--she had filled in about half of it. I called out, "WOW, you did all that?"

Very embarrassed she said, "Oh god, didn't I flush?

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again. TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-my boyfriend scott and i love your entertaining stories. keep it up!TO LITTLE LOU-scott and i are also happy you are ok from that bad girl beating. think of scott and i as your guardian angels too if you wish. we are from the usa in case your wondering honey.and we really do care! we love ya! TO JACK-you are right we have all heard of yet another shooting incident in the usa. but when you say only two people got killed?gee wiz jack two people killed is two people too many ya know!plus your right the people killed where in the toilet and it is in a vulnerable position. but so is the classroom and library etc. etc.they could of been shot anywhere in the school and still would of been sitting ducks! you know what i mean jack? thanks for the story though.TO STEVE- thanks for liking our story. good to talk to you again! how are you and louise?ya know you guys and pv are our very oldest friends on this site. its always good to hear from you!thanks for saying i look great in my dress. I know that louise looks FANTASTIC in hers because she is such a pretty girl. she described herself to me.and yes i did deposit one hell of a whopper in the bowl in that new york bathroom. plus the restroom was big steve and fancy their where many other stalls there. sorry i did not count the exact amount i was in a hurry i do not know how the cute female attendant handled the situation scott and i left shortly afterwards. not out of rudeness but we had to get home.(i did like the attendant i gave her a big tip if you remember)the attendant probably called somebody from the restaurant or the male attendant from the mensroom and he either chopped my log up or removed it completely and maybe threw it away in a garbage can outside. i dont know.i think the problem was solved fairly soon though.its probably not the first time this sorta thing happenned to them. i wonder if they will invite me and scott back to the place!hahaha!maybe scott but not me. right steve!!haha!and your welcome steve for making you see scott and i try to do entertaining posts. it seems to be working so far.the kim and scott posts are usually in my voice but scott is usually looking behind my shoulder or sitting next to me when i write em. the kim and scott posts are truly a joint effort!bye now. love, kim and scott

Hey to Buzzy, and Kim. Buzzy: we do outdoor dumps quite regularly, they're great! Kyosuke: Whatever happened to you? I want to hear all about your beautiful chinese wife! Has she let you watch her yet? Asian women are so beautiful.

RJOGGER: Thanks for saying hi. I'm glad you like me and Renee's stories. Sidekick? Yeah, I guess she is. I never thought about that before. She seems like a sister too. I loved that story of the hotel room! I used to work on a housekeeping crew at a coastal motel, so I've had to clean a few of those myself! You sound like you did a good man sized load. I liked your wife squatting over it plopping out a big pie too! Very sexy!

Logger: Cool! Another great nickname!!! Salt n' peppa team, I love that! Thank you.
Rizzo: Hi hon, what is a marine toilet? Is that on your boat or something, or are you an actual Marine?
PV: I was in a depressed state of mind, so don't mind me. I'm a big girl and can handle life's ups and downs. I just grew really attached to that little boy is all. So, you just keep smiling and pushing those weights, okay? I'll do the same. I pulled a muscle doing shoulder presses with 15 lb dumbells. I guess I went too hard and fast. Hey, speaking of weights, have you ever done your outer hip abductions on a machine? I was doing that the other day, and some guy was staring at me in the mirror, watching my legs spread with each rep. I can just tell what he was thinking! I hate it when they stare like that. That's rude in a gym. Love you!

Louise and Steve: Hi, I was reading your stories about your martial arts classes. I'm a newcomer to that myself. My brother Cruz is a 2nd degree black belt in Karate, and he does a lot of others like Judo, and Aikido too. I tried a karate class at the gym, but I'm really interested in Aikido. Louise, let me know your progress, okay?

Jeff A: I don't know what to say. That's twice you've given me very good advice. Thanks for your gentle words of support. Thanks for understanding too. I would love to meet you. I think about you, and what you say from the heart. Sketches? Yeah, dude, go for it!!! Man, I'd love to see them! I was also thinking of your pooping documentary idea. We recently video taped our big morning dumps. I think it was Saturday morning, I can't remember for sure. When we played it back, it was really hot!!! You could hear it real well too. Renee looks great on film! She's a hot body anyway. She laid a good 5 lbs of poop in the bowl, very soft, very smelly. In the middle of her turd falls, there's a big, juicy, wet fart mixed in with the crackling sounds! It's actually very erotic! I did one of my fat, smelly ones, and it was slow coming out. You can see it really well with just the bathroom lights on. I then crapped out a lot of extra. Good plops! Lots of Carmalita poop! Of course, I cam! e out dark. I'm dark skinned anyway, and I look even darker on tape. There's one point on the tape where my turd looks the same color as me as it's squeezing out of my ass! LOL! Renee's had great crackling sounds, and her grunts.

Renee's mom and her sister came over last night for dinner. Her sister (I won't say her name here) is just a knockout. She's 17, and looks just like Ren, only she has fiery red hair, long and straight. About an hour after dinner, I came in here to type up some notes for my group when she came in looking for the bathroom. The bathroom door is only about four feet from the computer. She went in and shut the door and I listened. It echoes good in there, and I heard the sound of her shoes on the tiled floor. I heard the unzipping of jeans, panties snapping, a short sigh, a long stream of pee, and after about a minute, soft little grunts. I heard a meek little voice go "uhhh….ploooop…ahhhhh." I couldn't hear any crackling noises or anything because she had the fan on. I could hear her grunts and plops though. It took her about 5 minutes of slow pooping, but she had to have dropped a good 15 turds. I had left my Marie Claire magazine in there, and heard her flipping through it! . I then heard more. "plop….uhhhh….K-pluuup-plop-plop…..oaaahhhhhh…." and so on! She knew I was working at the computer and called out to me. "Malita, I hate to do this to you but there's no toilet paper anywhere in here." I went out to the pantry to get a couple of rolls, and came back to the door. Tapping, I said "Here it is hon. I'm bringing it in. I promise I won't look." she said "You can look, I don't care." So I did. She was gorgeous with her white thighs spread out on the toilet seat, and her panties stretched across her knees. I was hit by her smell at first, a bit rank, but acceptable. I unwrapped a new roll for her, and put it on the spool when I heard another turd drop. She giggled and said "Oops. I didn't think I had another one in me." I also laughed and said "It's not in you anymore." I then left, giving her privacy. She left brown streaks all over the bowl. Awesome girl, awesome dump!

Another good picture... Seems like this gal is really giving it a go. Also more great posts.

LOGGER - I have never measured my wife's production, or mine. I can size things up pretty well by looking at them.
I have noticed over the years that I usually produce longer logs, while my wife's are thicker. But once a month or so, my old lady produces real long and thick logs. I can only attribute that to increased fiber intake. As to our ability to produce large ones, it seems to run in our families. We both have several relatives who have rather impressive productions on a regular basis. We also work on it by consuming generous amounts of fiber and working out regularly.
RIZZO - Conceited? I sure hope I didn't give that impression. I consider this a fun site, where I can enjoy stories from others who share a common interest. Being able to interface via comments and my own postings just makes it more interesting. That you enjoyed the last post is great; I also appreciate your comments.
GRUNTLEY BOGWELL - You outdid yourself on this last one. What a story! Two beauties engaging you in your favorite past time; and no NY FU looks either! Great stuff.

Thursday - I get to work from home, so no need to rush. I don't run on Thursday, just an easy NordicTrac. SO I get up, stretch and feel Mother Nature prodding my pipes. I enter the master bathroom and take my seat. Oh yes, our master bathroom has 2 commodes, a his and hers, an idea we borrowed from friends who did the same. I'm pushing out a decent log, when my wife comes in, dressed up for work. She is a therapist at a children's hospital, and usually dresses casually. Today, she has a gray dress, white blouse and heels on. I also notice she has her glasses and some papers with her. Reading material? I can count on one hand the times my wife has read while on the bowl. I get a kiss on the top of the head, then my wife says she has a presentation at work, hence the papers. She puts on her glasses, lifts her dress, takes her panties down to her knees and sits on the bowl. She really looks great, sitting with her knees together, elbows resting on her thighs, leaning forward.! I hear her pee as I wipe myself, then, as I pull up my pants she starts grunting out her poop. I look at her but she is absorbed in her work and doesn't notice. I flush and begin to wash up. As I dry my hands, I wish her good luck, and she looks up, blows me a kiss says "Bye, Love you!" as I walk out. I look at her say 'Love you too!", and think to myself what a great sight a well dressed lady sitting on the commode makes. I leave her to finish up, while I go into my mini basement gym to work out.


Hi all! Everyone been enjoying some good times in the bathroom? I'm in such a great mood, probably cuz I took a nice crap this morning! :) It felt great! One big poop and a few wipes later, I was done!

Kendal: Hehe...silly me! It is easy to miss posts though, like you said previously. But seeing as though you posted to me, I felt a reply was in order :) You're such a sweet person. Tell your Dad we wanna hear his wee-on-the-knees story! It'd be awesome to have an adult perspective on that! Not that your account of weeing-on-knees was childish, not the least bit! You seem far older than you are. You're an awesome friend to everyone on here, and your stories ROCK!!! Take care, girl. Lotsa love, Gemi xoxox

Louise, yes I prefer that if anything be seen while I'm taking a pee by the road, it's my bare ass. I'm not that picky about being seen in general, but I just prefer that if anything be seen, it be my ass. I guess maybe it's because it's not a gender-specific thing - men have asses and women have asses.

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA: I see the new picture up top is another Elena look-alike (cover-up job !) Hope your nasty cold has well gone away now. You certainly seemed nice and bright in your last post. Haven't seen Kendal today. She's working hard on her school homework to make amends with her teacher. Take care babe, XOXO
PS Have you been "THERE" recently ? I have a comb in my hand you know !

GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Dear Mr. Bogwell, how ever did you get that story past the Moderator ? You lucky, lucky devil ! A story that w** dreams are made of !!

LITTLE LOU: Princess !! Oh, I'm so glad to see you post again on the site. I feel particularly sorry for Kendal now that she won't see what you have said for upto two weeks. But don't worry. I shall tell her that you have posted, and she will be wrapped ! And thanks for that special hello from you to the both of us. The story about the glittery knickers was brilliant ! But even better was to learn that you now feel happy enough to share a sit on knees wee with your sister. I know Kendal, she will cry when she reads about that, and she will cry again ( with laughter ) when she reads about how you and Ellie tried to grab the same towel to hide your boobies and bottoms from Kev ! You're an absolute gem, and we both love you very much ! Take care, and may you share and enjoy many, many more special and happy moments with Ellie ( and with Kev, don't leave him out ! ). A big huge off the ground hug from me to you ! Love from Andrew xx

TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-Now that is a story!!Tell me,when did this thing happen?was it a long time ago or last week?I'll tell you -that story is so good it's almost hard to believe! Watching 2 lovely woman poo into a camp tiolet with a glass jar-good idea-better for viewing!I hope you know how lucky you are!Man,i have to find women like that-where did you find them?I would have had a heart attack(like you almost did)Don't you wish you could have videotaped it!Super story!
Interesting pic on top now-looks like the girl is having a hard time going-I don't know if anyone can answer this-maybe the moderators can,but how do you folks get these pics in the first place?I'm curious-you must get a lot and i'm sure a lot you couldn't post on here cause they were probably too graphic-Can someone answer me about this?
had a quick loose poop that woke me up this a.m.As soon as I got up I sat on the bowl and it all came out in 1 quick 15 sec with 2 loud farts in between-it was alot of pudding-then i just sat there feeling like I had to go more,but I was done-Usually I go in 2-3 pasts,but not today-it all came out fast and furious,but i just felt like i had to go more so I sat there for another 5 mins pushing out my anus -sometimes i just enjoy doing this too-it feels good to me to push out my anus after a good BM-Then had a messy wipe too and jumped into the shower to clean up-it was a quick BM but it sure felt great coming out esp letting out all that gas along with it!Have to run!BYE

Pooper Dooper
Wow!!!!!!!!!! You must have had to felt good after that.

The first time I pooped at school from what I remember is first grade. I always wanted to poop at school, but I was so afriad. So I waited during recess. I sat my self down and pushed out a HUGE poop. Then someone came in and they said to me, "Hey first grader get of the pot!" Then he left. I was a little freaked out by that.

Later that year my teacher was sort of power walking to the toilet. So I went in to pee. Well I had no clue he would poop at school! He was pushing out a load of turds. I think he felt really good after that.

Well I'm staying home today because I'm have diareahe like once ever hour.

I have been surfing the web for poop related stuff. A lot of it is gross.

Hi guys !

This is a brilliant site, I love reading stories about you girls taking your good, hard, constipated dumps with loads of straining ! Keep 'em coming !

To Jack
Thanks for the post on the school shooting. I thought only one was in the restroom the other was shot outside the restroom. As far as sitting on the can if the school is anything like my High School ther would be very little time to dump between classes even a fast one. If the one guy was shot outside the picture I saw he was fully clothed. You may be right about the dump but I guess we will never know for sure. Any way the whole thing is a tradegy what a waste of life. It has been a very upsetting event for all of us who attend schols.

Buzzy keep filling up those pans with you know what.I may try that the next time I use the computer. You must have a lot of good gas?
All the best--California Dude.

Dear Little Lou, I enjoyed your story of you and Ellie together in the bathroom. That must have been some fun trying on those glitter-knickers!

Steve, yes, I found the peeing contest page. And that you were scared. Its a good thing that those beauties you tried to compete with are such lovable ladies. I would probably have only been capable of producing a weak dribble under the circumstances, which does not prevent me from envying you however. I would gladly lose such a contest, being there is everything.

Some time ago, whilst zapping through the TV channels, I suddenly came across a scene in a movie where a couple were arguing about I don't remember what in a dingy bedroom. She was still in bed, pretty face, short curly dark hair and wearing a white shift. I think that he was already dressed telling her to get up. I believe the whole dialogue was in French (I usually forget the language of a book or a movie). She suddenly gets up out of bed, you can see she is only wearing white cotton knickers under her very short shift. Then she walks across the room to a ladder backed chair, lifts it and moves it up against a washbasin fitted to the wall in front of a mirror. She adjusts the chair with its back against the sink. I thought: now what is she intending to do? She took me by surprise. She steps up on to the chair, turns to face the camera, you can see her back in the mirror, and sits down on the top of the back rest. She then bends over forward, fumbles behind her, and I onl! y realised she had pulled her knickers to mid thigh when the distinct hiss and tinkle of her peeing could be heard. Conversation with her partner continued through all this. After finishing, she pulls her knickers back into place and gets off the chair. Through all this you cannot even see her backside. The chair could not fall over because it was leaning against the wash basin, which was a somewhat rickety affair that would have collapsed outright if she had sat on it.
I thought to myself, what an interesting way to pee in the sink.
So much for now, bye bye Rizzo


How do u know that they were taking a crap

Jack: As a Highschool student in California, I always take a dump every morning in school. There are 5 stalls in the restroom and they don't have doors. I've never had any problem. Most guys either come up to shoot the breeze or just say Hi and go on their way. The chance of being shot while taking a shit in a public restroom is lower than the chance of being struck by lightning! That California shooting incident sure won't stop me from enjoying my morning dump at school. You are right that when a guy is on the shitter with his pants and underwear around his ankles, it sure ain't easy to get up quickly and go. Your posting reminded me of an experience I had last summer. I went to the beach with my buddies and as usual in mid-morning I needed to take a shit. When I walked up to restroom, I saw two guys on the boardwalk. They were in their 20s, goodlooking and dressed in ties, white shirts and dress slacks - unusual clothing for the beach! They were going from person to person. Anyway, I went into the restroom where there were 3 doorless stalls. I pulled down my swim suit and sat naked on the crapper. I was just getting going when these 2 guys stopped in front of my stall and offered me a booklet from some Church organization. They were real friendly and I tried to be polite. They stood at the stall entrance telling me all about their church, while I was trying to squeeze out my logs. They went on talking even when I had finished crapping and started to wipe my butt. They then shook my hand and went on their way. Normally, I would just have moved on and kinda given them the brushoff. Its kinda difficult, however, when you have a log half way out your asshole. Take care and don't worry too much about being shot while taking a dump.

Interesting site,hello Just a couple of questions
I have recently moved in with my girlfriend shes quite cool generally about things such as sexual matters and is generally confident a bit of a socalite.But I have noticed a few peculararities
we both had a week of work to decorate our flat during that time she only went twice I know this because I was with her all the time she are flat is quite small so I heard her once early in the morning before i got up it sounded like she was making hard work of it usual for girls only to go a couple of times a week also she avoids eating any sort of fibre rich food such as bran is this some sort of girl thing

Louise and Diane- roadside technique. What I have found works best if there are no bushes etc is to open both doors and partially sit on the footplate of the door. You now are facing outwards at almost loo hieght so your pussy will not be on display from that side nor will your bum. You position yourself so that your annus just clears the body of the car and you are able to place your feet far apart to prevent splashing them. Your knees are together and you pull underwear to just clear the working bits. Unless someone is under the car you can manage a lot of privacy. Wiping is easyly done from the front for the pussy and just swing your bum slightly to clean up the back. Of course if you can go into the bushes and do the outdoor poo in style even better. ie leg out of panties or pants feet wider than your buttocks and settle down for the natural position to poo completely. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2001

oh, I recall this funny experience for last year. I was going into my dorm room in the early evening, and i heard the voice of the girl next door shouting in the corridor: she was talking to one of her friends, who lived in our same aisle: she said: "Maria, are you taking a shit??" Pause "Cool, the laxative I gave you worked at last!!" I could not help thinking of the poor girl, being there in the bathroom having a massive pooping attack and somebody heralding it around in a loud voice! The girl took like 10 minutes to go out and then I heard her trot to the bathroom with urgency two more times that evening... the stuff really worked!


Any one have experiences of seeing or spying their mothers doing a poo? Please share them. I am from India, the place where there are more people who shit in the open place. Once while attending a sports event, i had a sudden urge to poo. There wasn't a toilet. I rushed to the nearby canal, pulled down my shorts and panties, showed my ass hole to the water and started to push. many long turds falled from my ass. Suddenly there came a loud fart. I turned around whether anyone is near to me. But there was none. When I finished, I looked to the water beneath and saw my long big turds as a pile. I understood that the water level is very low. When I got up and weared by shorts I saw a very old man looking at me from the other side of the canal. I was so shy that I gave him a food show. He shouted to me, " girl, your fart stinked the entire place". I ran from that place to the ground. Any one have such an experience?

To Kim and Scott,
I've just enjoyed reading your "Broadway bound" posting, and I enjoyed it very much. I'm sure you must have looked fantastic in your black evening dress. Louise has some black evening wear, and she too looks gorgeous when dressed that way. I can picture how you must have looked.
It sounded like you deposited a real whopper of a turd in the restaurant toilet. Speaking of that room, how many other stalls were there? I was wondering how much of a problem it gave them, as it seems to me that the toilet attendant was left with the problem of a blocked bowl. I'd be interested to hear just how they handled that situation. I have to smile to myself as I'm just imagining a little queue of ladies standing outside and desperate for a pee. Meanwhile there would be you two sitting there and observing the aftermath of your production. Perhaps you can fill us in on whether it happened that way, or even if you left immediately afterwards. Either way, thanks for making me laugh.

To Anonymous,
It's an interesting little discussion thread that has started between Louise and Diane. Louise does seem to prefer to squat between the car doors in a position facing the interior of the car and away from the roadside. I've a feeling that most women would prefer to do the same regardless of the splashing effects that you have already pointed out. As Louise has said, this is probably due to the desire not to leave the genitals on display to anyone who might have a direct view of the side of the car. I was once treated to such a view and the poor young lady, who was making a good job of pressure washing a spot of road surface, appeared absolutely mortified. The other time that springs to mind was the time I saw a lady squatting between car doors. She was over a drain, her bare butt on view. She was urinating a gusher down the drain and was in obvious need of the relief, as her driver, another lady, caught my eye and broke into laughter.

To Jeff A,
Thanks for the compliments. Likewise, it's a pleasure talking to you.
I'm actually 2nd Dan at the moment, and I must tell you I have found it far from easy to get this far, as I took up the beautiful art of Aikido coming from a pretty well established Wing Chun background. I know you will appreciate why I found it hard at the beginning, but I have adapted. I will probably go for 3rd Dan in the near future. I will have to see how things go, and I'll let you know how I get on if I take the exam. Perhaps I do need more practice, to freshen myself against several uke.
Haha, you hit the nail right on the head when you mention not wanting to mess my Hakama. In fact that is one of the benefits of wearing one, that with the seat of my pants hidden underneath, nobody would be able to see if there had been any anal leakage to leave a tell-tale brown stain.
I agree with you, before testing or a tournament it is best to avoid a heavy meal for such reasons as not wanting it to pass straight through because of the stress! I always found a good energy drink, rich in Glucose, to be better preparation. Of course then you need to be sure you don't get a full bladder half way through!
Personally I have never competed much in tournaments, though in my early to mid twenties I did a few. These days I am more interested in learning more about what I previously thought I knew all about. A concentration on deeper development, if you like. More about less, rather than yet more techniques. Also I try to pass things on to others who might benefit. I only hope my coaching skills are up to the job <snicker>, but I'll have to let others be the judge of that!
You have obviously experienced a live situation as well. A nasty feeling, isn't it? Whatever the outcome, you have to deal with the aftermath. Shaking like a leaf in my case, and hoping the stain in the underwear wasn't too large!
Alway nice talking to you, Jeff.

Bye for now,


Hey guys!
This is a cool page. I can't believe a page like this exists on the internet. I was browsing for dirty joke pages and came across this. Anyway, I have this really cool Japanese roommate. We've been friends for years. She's like a sister to me. We comfortably use the bathroom freely in our one bedroom apt. with the door open. She would think I was crazy though if she saw me writing on this page. So anyway, she always eats a ton (and it's always food I can't touch cause I don't know what it is). When we first moved in together we both had a good laugh one time because she had to take a good dump while I was in the bath. I knew she had to cause when she pulled her pants down she already let a modest, airy-sounding fart out. She was serious though and a little embarrassed but she went on. When she sat, a few more modest farts came then the crackling of her turd got loud quick. All of a sudden, there was this huge crashing gulp sound and a big slapping sound of the turd hitting! the dry part inside the bowl and then a massive wet fart followed it (which must've relieved all her pressure). The then giggled a little and smiled then apologized because the smell spread fast. After that, a little diarrhea-like waterfall came out and she was done. It took her 3 flushes. We just recently moved in and we have one of those smaller toilets they use in the city for small bathrooms, so I told her to take it easy cause our toilet was only a baby. She cracked up. Even though I didn't think it was that funny she got me laughing so hard because I've never seen her laugh like that before. I got out of the tub cause the smell was killing me. Anyway, there are more stories after that but this was the most memorable. Hope you enjoyed. See ya soon!!!

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal came to see me yesterday afternoon. I had only been in two minutes and had taken the most refreshing pee when she wandered into the house. I could tell she had been crying, although she wasn't in tears when she arrived. I asked what was up, and she took my hand and led me upstairs. "We can talk while I poo can't we ?" she asked me. "Course we can !" I replied. I then told her that I had just peed and probably wouldn't be able to produce even a drip for her, but she clearly wasn't bothered about that. She lifted up her dark blue school skirt, pulled her white panties down about two thirds down her thighs, and settled on the toilet seat. Then rather than lift her skirt high above her ???? as normal, she kind of wrapped the material around in her arms and then clutched her arms round her ????. There was then an enormous sigh, and she fixed her beautiful blue eyes on me, and just as I heard her wee begin to tinkle below she began "I've been such a silly girl today". I enq! uired "Why, what have you done ?". She paused, concentrating. I heard her first two poos, Flump...Flop - pant. Deep breath in "I went on the computer this morning to read the posts and make one of my own". Flop, puffy trump. "So what's the problem with that ?", I continued. Again she fixed her eyes on me, and silence reigned for at least 10 seconds before there was the dainty sound of a small plop, the last of her poos. She reached for the toilet paper, and as she cleaned herself up she explained how she hadn't been keeping an eye on the time, and had made herself 20 minutes late for school. She pulled her panties back up again, and smoothed down her skirt before looking at me again. "The headteacher's given me a note to give to Dad", she said as she turned and flushed the toilet. When she turned back, her eyes welled with tears "I'm going to be in such trouble with Dad when I get home". And then she reached forward for one of my famous hugs. I lifted her clear off the ground,! and we stayed like that, cuddling for several minutes while she sniffled down my ear 'oles. I know when she is feeling better. The sniffling stops and then she will rest her head more on my shoulder. And then she will loosen the grip of her arms from around me, and its time to put her down again. As I did so, she beamed a wonderful smile at me, and with her eyes flashing mischievously, she said "I guess this is your lucky day !". "Why's that then ?". "Because", she said "Because..... I need another poo !!!", and she returned to the toilet, and this time normal service resumed as she cutely sat with her skirt held up high over her ????. What wasn't normal service was the three quite loud plops she made rather than her normal floppers ! She was dead chuffed at that !

Anyway, the upshot is that when her Dad read the note which basically confirmed that she was late for school, he demanded to know the reason, and has banned Kendal from using the computer for two weeks as a punishment ( that is internet usuage, she can still use it for school ). He has included my computer in her ban as well, and Kendal is such a good girl, she wouldn't even read the posts today when she came visiting again ( just a wee this time !). So to make life a little easier, she has asked if I would reply to any posts made to her. She says she is happy with the punishment because she deserves it, taking it on the chin so to speak. Anyway, if I know my Uncle, he will probably let her off after a week or so for good behaviour, and for not complaining about his decision. We'll see ! Kendal won't even let me tell her what is happening on the site even ! But she says to say hello to all of her friends here, and she will be back again soon, especially to Linda and Kat! e, and also Kev, Ellie and Little Lou, and all her "Aunties and Uncles" as well !

LINDA: Don't let my Mum hear you call me "Andy" ! She hates it ! I've always been Andrew, but my Mum has often called me Drew. The only other person to call me Drew seems to be Kirsty actually, who cottoned on to my Mum calling me by that name, and much to Kendal's amusement, she seems to have adopted that as her pet name for me, even calling me Drew when we see each other at school ! I told her about her Dad's call to Kendal's Dad, and she was horrified and very rude about her father. But after she calmed down, I told her what Kendal's Dad had told Kate in reply, including the "except for sitting on knees" bit. "He didn't !", she said in complete shock. So I looked at her and said "Noooooooo". I got a huge clout for my troubles ! So, ruffles don't run in the wash hey ? Cute thought that, you sat on the loo with coloured ruffled pampies round your knees ! Tell Cousin to post his story to Kendal anyway, even though she won't see it for a while. She will be happy to kn! ow that she has something to look forward to when she comes back to the site again. Take care babe, XOXO.

KATE: I would have thought that pooing off the bridge is simply done by making sure that enough of your bottom is poked over the edge for the poo to get away ! Oh yea, and I often see girls stood in bus shelters with their dresses held up at the front spraying a big fountain of water onto the ground ( I wish !!). Phil, Matthew and Paul are lucky lads. It would be good to hear more details about your Dad having to help you to the toilet when you were drunk. Any chance ? Of hearing more about that story that is, not taking you to the loo when you are drunk myself ! Mind you, I suppose you won't remember much if you were that drunk ! As for chat-ups, yeah, well, mine are pretty unique ! What would you have said if Phil's chat up had been to lower his trousers and sit on your knee ?! Kirsty's reply was just endless giggling while I apologised for all I was worth !! Happy bridge pooing Kate, love Andrew.

RIZZO: Brilliant mate ! Kendal will love to read that line of yours ! A bronze statue of the three of us in our peeing pyramid, filling a fountain for ever and a day. That would be the most wonderful and fitting tribute to all three of us. If only I was hugely rich, I would commission it straight away !! Great one ! Oh yea, I also loved your story about the sea glowing in blue green sparkles as you peed into it ! Another wonderful image to behold.

LITTLE LOU: How are you Princess ? Still haven't heard from you yet. Hope you might pluck up the courage to post here soon and tell me, Kendal and all the others who care for you very much about how you are getting on. Take care, and big hugs, love Andrew xx

ELLIE: How are things ? Hope you and Kev are baring up under the strain of what has been happening. Kendal and I care very much about you two as well you know ! Love from Andrew x.

As Casey said on page 459, water up your rear feels cool. I do it all the time out of the shower for monster farts. Only problem is, if done with water, it feels awful to get out.

Has anyone ever perfected the art of the standing poo?

I always hold my poo till the last minute at home. I can hold it for a week after the urge, and can go a month between poos. I normally go 2x a week. 3x/day for pee.

Little Lou

I want to say thank you to all the people who have been so kind to me. Ellie told me that I have a guardian angel so that the big girls will never hurt me again.

Ellie has been getting up to all sorts, first with Kev, then with Craig. She finally got brave enough to ask Craig if they could do what she did with Kev. Craig loved the idea and they both really enjoyed it. They kissed each other lastnight. I saw them.

I enjoyed the story about when Kendal was little. I thought it was funny. Our parents never took Ellie or me to the toilet. We were taliking about it. Kev used to take Ellie, and Ellie used to take me. I don't ever remember Mum changing nappies when I was little either. That was Ellie or Kev to. Ellie says even as far back as she can remember, Kev took her to the toilet. Kev says that he used to go by himself. I dont think mum and Dad enjoy things like we do. They'd be very cross if they found out. But they never will because this is Kev's computer in his room and they dont look at it because its not there's.

I tried what Ellie did with Kev too. Lastnight I was having my bath and Ellie was washing my hair for me. The water made me need to pee, and ellie too. I told her I needed to go. She said she did too, and she said she'd go downstairs in the pub. I said no stay with me. She said yes but i cant wait, so I said we'll go together. I was wet from the bath, so ellie took off her top and her trousers. I laughtd because she was wareing glittery knickers. She said Craig likes them! She lifted me onto her lap, and made a gap between her legs so I wouldnt wee on her. She gave me a cuddle and said was i sure i could do this. I said i wanted to. Ellie squeezed my ???? realley gently to make me start weeing, and she started her wee at the same time. We both finished at the same time. I jumped off, grabbed ellie's glittery knickers and pretended to be her. I put them on and I pretended to ask Craig to marry me. At which point Kev comes to see what all the noise is. ellie had no clothes ! on, and i was wearing just her glittery knickers. We both tried to get the towel at the same moment so Kev didnt see our boobies and bottoms! i think Kev knows what we did though as he gave ellie one of those looks. Well I'm going now. Im sorry if there are any wrong words. PS special hello to Andrew and Kendal.

Lots of love and kisses and cuddles, Little Lou xxxxxxxxx.

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