hello I have being constipated now or eight days as I have being on vacation until this morning sailing on a uni trip on a 4 berth boat with out any facilities.Off course I used the bucket for urine but any thing else proved too embarrassing as i am a two or three time a week gal so need to strain for about half an hour which was out the question with three girls I do not know that well.

Hi all!

How are we this fine day? I took an awesome one yesterday! I'd just got home from my friends and was about to call my babe when I got this funny feeling in my ????. So off to the loo, I trundled. I sat down and pooped almost immediately. I hadn't been for about 2 days, so it was a good sized load. One 10 incher and 2 smaller logs. It came out really easily and I felt sooo good afterwards. Only took a few wipes to get clean!

Linda: Hi girly, dontcha just hate those portapotties?! They suck so bad! I don't blame you for not wanting to use them!!! You wouldn't wanna be claustrophobic, cuz they're sooo small! :) Great to see you back, sorry to hear that you were sick.

Kendal's Dad: Cute and touching story about you and Kendal when she was little. I think its fantastic that parents share experiences like that with their children. It's awesome that you've kept posting, I've found your stories to be rather entertaining.

Oops! I forgot to reply to Kendal! Sorry Kendal!!! I'm really not that mean!!! Thank you for being such a lovely person. You truly have a good heart. I love reading your stories. Keep 'em coming! Take care. Hugs, Gemi.

Renee and Carmalita
Hellowe everybody!
Buzzy: Thanks for saying hi. We like your stories too. You're so dedicated to the art!
Kim: I sure did love that great story of the restroom and the attendant. Awesome turd there girl!

Live on the spot!

Where I'm sitting typing this I can see into the bedroom bathroom. Carmalita's in there with the door open reading a magazine. It's funny because she dosen't know I'm writing about her. She knows I'm watching her though because she looks up every now and then and smiles. I'm your reporter on the scene! She's sitting there with her black stretch pants at her knees, and a pair of white panties twisted up in them. She's only wearing a bra on top because she's going to take a bath after she takes her shit. Today she's got her hair gathered up in back, with strands of corkscrew curls hanging down her face. Wait...there goes a nice, healthy plop. I heard it crackling out. She's smelling awfully ripe today. Now she's farting, quite a bit. Come on Carmalita, everybody's waiting…..There we go, another crackler….here come some big plops, 1,2,3,…4….5 and 6! Peeee-Yewww!!! Gross honey! It smells like she's been eating wild game or something! Now she's grunting....she's pushing...there! it fell, a big cannonball turd. She's laughing now because I think she figured out what I'm doing. Now it's time to wipe. She's digging in deep, getting all that nasty poo-poo out! Seeing her brown, latina ass makes me want to lay some logs myself. I'll turn this over to Malita!. Bye!

Malita here.
That big rat! She's been watching me for awhile, I should have figured out what she was up to because she's been sitting in here giggling while I've been pooping! Oh well, at least I left her a nice, fresh smell LOL! Renee's on the toilet now. She was wearing sweats, and a white Tank which looks great on her because she has such big boobs. She just pulled her long, blonde hair out of her face. Look at all those freckles. Okay, she's peeing right now....She's laughing and holding her nose too! Oh boy, she's going to raise her hip and let me see it come out....It's a fat one, damn! Push girl, push!....There it fell. I think Renee just lost 5 pounds of steamy, creamy poop. Hold on, I'm going to go check it out.

Damn, it was a big one!!!! As big around as a shoe, and twice as long! Thankfully she shut the door because that big one only gave way to the runs. She's got the toxic shits in there. That'll teach her to laugh at me! Yuuuckkk! It sounds like someone is pouring a big pan of pork and beans into the toilet, followed by painful grunts. Poor girl. We've both been home today, and she's been drinking too much coffee. Coffee does that to her everytime. I think she's going to be in there shitting for a long time yet, and I still have to take my bath, so I will say Adios Amigos for now! This was kind of fun!
Renee and Carmalita (aka Ren and Stinky!)

post pee stories please!

A quick note tonight, gotta get to sleep soon, but just wanted to say, CARMALITA -- I can hear you hurting, sweetie, and I wish we could communicate directly as well. There are things that are better said than kept in, but the board is not necessarily the right place for them. Please be assured I sympathize entirely with what you're feeling, and you have my support and best wishes -- if only it could be more than that.

I'll write to all my friends here as soon as I can!

Niters, all,


DIANE - Hi, yeah you are right about short skirts
being easy when you squat by your car to pee. I
think I have done it with my bare bum pointed
away from the car and other times the other way
around, or facing the same way as the car. I
do know that if my boyfriend has been with me
I have faced him and he has looked out for me.
Well that is what he has said he was doing but I
know he has been watching me pissing. LOL
I leave trademark puddles and pee trails too!
I can go about and look someplace because I
remember it and think "I've had a wee there"
because I left a puddle.

KENDAL - Hi there! Steve wrote about the peeing
contest, and I found it on page 536. I think it
is very good and I enjoyed doing it even if I did
not win on that day.
It may be that Andrew would win a pissing contest
between you now. Maybe in about 3 years you would
beat him, maybe Kirsty would now. Like Kirsty I
hiss a lot when I wee, because I wee quite hard
and I was told the noise is caused by air bubbles!
Steve and I are both hoping Little Lou recovers
very soon too. Steve is right, those girls will
get paid back in life somehow.



JEFF A - Steve is late home tonight, but I will tell
him you have written because I bet he will only get
the chance to write tomorrow. I was in tears of laughter
when I read about how he was afraid of messing his
pants when he had his Aikido grade exams. I was a
little bit like that when I was 17 and I had my
driving test. I passed it but when I was waiting
before I started I felt like I was going to have
diarrhoea and wished I had brought some spare knickers
with me. When I first started the car moving I thought
about if I could go through it all and not have an accident
in my knickers because I was so nervy. Near the end
I started wanting to wee as well. I do not think it
would have been too good for me to have had to stop
the car and have a wee by the side of the road!
Yeah, Steve is a nice guy and his friends are too. I
thought learning a martial art would be a macho thing
and I thought maybe they would make fun of me, but I
feel like I have been accepted by them. That is not just
because I am with Steve so I am enjoying learning.



Everyone is so open about going poop here. I was and still am so shy about shitting in public. I wouldnt shit at work school or at a friends house. But I wonder if thats why it excites me to imagine a women like this also? If anyone else is shy, please try and give me an answer. Thanks

Incredible - I am proud to announce that my farts have been smelling horrible for the past week... "I-I-I-I FEEEEEEEEEL NORRRMALLLL!!!" (uk M&S advert clone!)

Anyway, I have discovered what can excite my belly - absolutley dark green vegetables - especially Spinach!!

Last Thursday, I ate a Giant yorkshire pudding filled with cream and vegetables, and a side of spinach.

I got extremely worried that day because i thought my waistline was getting bigger, and needing size 36 trousers (i'm 34 size). This cause for concern was false... it was air!

I was so bloated, that i had to undo my trouser button, as if the trouser is years too old for me to wear.

5 hours after eating, i kept emitting HEAVY continuous farts!!! I had to fart, and was relieved that i was not getting fat! I felt number 1 that day!

TONY and ADRIAN: I have also found that including a country in my name is no longer accepted. Since my _uk suffix was removed on my last two posts, I am now changing my name to 'hiker1'. If the other 'hiker' from Chile is still around, I suggest he calls himself 'hiker2'.

SARAH: Thanks for telling us about your interest in bowel and bladder functions and about your peeing and pooping experience in the woods with Cathy. Sorry to hear that your relationship ended after 6 years. Did your partner know about your interest or did he (she?) share it? Have you had a pooping competition in the woods with a male recently? Would you like to? (I live in the London area too!).

CAROL (housewife and mother): I was interested in your story about being revealed when the train toilet door opened. I suppose it could have been more embarrassing if you had been caught while doing a standing poop! This sounds like the type of trains on the London - York - Edinburgh main line where the train toilets have power-operated sliding doors. Pressing the 'close' button from inside only closes the door but doesn't lock it. Not everyone realises this or maybe some are in a hurry and don't read the instructions! When the door really is locked, a sign lights up at the end of the carriage saying 'Toilet Engaged'. Whoever opened the door when you were in the toilet might have been noticed that the 'Engaged' sign didn't light up while you were in there.

Lawn Dogs Kid
Poor Kendal ! It seems every time she comments about the picture at the top of the site, it gets changed !

COUSIN: What did you reckon to the last picture of the girl with the short dress ? I think Kendal might have been right and that she had a hole in her panties rather than poop. The colour and pattern of the "poop" was very similar to the floor tile beneath her panties I thought. Sorry to all those who were convinced she had pooped herself !

Kendal came to meet me off the bus today. We both came back to mine to read the posts. Unfortunately for me, she had been bursting for her poo as soon as she got back from her school, so she had done it already. However, she managed a nice 15 second tinkle for me ! Unlike me who put on an excellent pee show for her, very strong jet. Kendal just loves to see the appearance of 100's of bubbles while I pee !

LINDA: Sorry to hear you've been poorly babe. Hope you're feeling much better now. Your story was well worth the wait though. As for white pampies with the red, yellow and blue ruffles...... wouldn't the colours run in the wash ? ( I bet you didn't think I would ask that did you ?!). I'm sure they would look very fetching around your knees while you had your big gusher of a wee and started on that big poop as well. I hope your poor cousin didn't get a kicking while you thrashed your legs around in that tiny cubicle ! Oh, and if I had been there, I would certainly have held your hand very tight for you. Kendal was so happy to read your story and says she's sorry for badgering you when you were actually poorly. Did you like that lovely story to you from Kendal's Dad ? Kendal says she doesn't remember it at all, but she really wishes she did because it was such a lovely memory of her. Take care babe, XOXO

KENDAL'S DAD: Now then favourite Uncle ! Thank you for your kind words spoken to Kirsty's Dad. However, as for the extra ones to Kate, GRRRRRRRRRR !! ( I love that expression of Linda's ! ). How could you possibly hint at you and my Mum sitting on knees to wee and then not tell the story ?! You'll never hear the end of it from Kendal until you do now, do you realise ?! Hope it was as exciting as it was for Kendal and me. Love, Nephew !

PS, In fact, I'm starting a campaign, a "lets get Kendal's Dad to tell his own sitting on knees story". Anyone else out there interested in joining in ?!

SIMON: I explained to Kendal her misunderstanding of your post, much to her embarrassment ! She says she will revise what she said to you in light of the new knowledge ! So look out for it !

At the weekend Matthew, Paul, Phil and I were waiting for a bus to get home when I needed to pee. We waited and waited and the bus just didn’t come and so I knew I would have to go somewhere otherwise I would wet myself. It was a busy road with lots of traffic but hardly any pedestrians. But along the back of the path there was just a long high wall with houses behind and nowhere at all to dive behind to squat and pee. I stood in the bus shelter; it was glass but it made me feel a little less in the open and maybe concealed a little from the traffic and I slipped my pants down and off as discretely as I could and then stood with my back to the traffic and lifted my skirt up at the front and peed. I tried to make it go forward because my skirt was down at the back and I didn’t want to get it wet. It was a really big wee and because I wasn’t squatting it seemed really noisy and to splash a lot. No-one walked past and I don’t know whether anyone in the cars passing would have rea! lised what I was doing. Maybe not. Obviously the boys saw everything because they were watching from the front; they’d seen it all before anyway but they said they liked seeing me wee standing in the open like that. It was a big relief to me anyway.

Lisa – Have any strangers ever seen you poop behind trees – what happenned?

Kendal – I really liked your story about the triple-deck weeing. You’re right – we haven’t tried that but I’m never one to turn down a challenge. Not sure how much I like the idea of being the meat in the middle of the sandwich though. I meant to say before but I forgot that I liked your story a little while ago about peeing in the loo at school when the janitor was listening. Sitting back to make it louder sounds like something I would do. What would you have done if he’d looked over the partition. I loved the story your dad just posted. I couldn’t help imagining you with your bottom lip curling when he wouldn’t come to the toilet with you and putting your arms out so he could lift you onto the loo – even though I don’t know what you look like. They were lovely images. I hope you’re not too embarassed. Trouble is I think it might give Andrew even more to tease you about. Maybe we’ll have to keep the story about him sitting on Kirsty’s knee going a bit longer yet. My dad ! had to help me go to the loo a few weeks ago – it was the first and only time I’ve got drunk. I don’t think I really had that much – just a few glasses of champagne – I wasn’t sick or anything but when I got home I was falling around everywhere and and nearly wetting myself. My dad had to help me get my trousers and pants off and get on the loo. Fortunately my mum was at work – the boys were out as well but he told them so they tease me about that.

Lawn Dogs Kid – So we know now – sitting on Kirsty’s knee while she was going to the loo was obviously part of your technique for chatting her up. Got to hand it to you for originality. Even Phil never tried that with me. Glad you liked my story about when I weed over the bridge. I would like to poo over it but I can’t think how to do it.

Hi everyone i read this site quite a lot and i just wanted to say hi to you all and let you know i enjoy reading all your stories. keep em coming!

Judy De Le Toilette
Hey everyone I had another awkward experience in the good old Ladies Room at my work! After lunch I had just eaten out with my co-workers and we just got back to the office. I had eaten a whopper which doesn't really go well with my ????. Well right when I stepped into the office I ran to the Ladies Room. My friend Jan was right infront of me, she had to go too! I ran in there saw that it was empty so phew, what a relief. Jan went into the first stall I ran into the fourth. As I was pulling down my panties and lifted up my skirt, I could hear Jan moaning and sighing, as her poop hit the toilet like a bunch of small bombs. Hah, well I popped a squat and just exploded with one big stream of diarea! Jan got up and left after about 10 minutes. I was still struggling with the massive explosions of farts and runny pooh. Well as I was pooping, with my luck, the door opens up and I here the voice of 3 guys! I here the janitor say its ok for you guys to go in here, the M! ens Room is closed. That retard didn't see my feet with my panties around my ankles there!? well I was sooo embaressed. Luckily all 3 men went into the stalls, and I just got up and ran out. The bad news, my panties were all poopy!

Some strange things going on at this site: Recent Posts not showing up for several days; recent pages not available, and then a picture of a gal with a skideroosky in her drawers! Unreal! Some comments:

Penny - Really like your stories about outdoor pooping, especially the Horse Shows. Great stuff, kiddo.
Kim and Scott - Your "Broadway Bound" was wonderful. Great detail, with a great story.
Gruntley Bogwell - Hats off to you, big guy! Some of your posts are amazing; ie, Mira, the Vietnamese Girl, and your latest offering. Got a New York FU Look, Huh? I have been both the originator and recipient of some of those. Just comes with the territory.
Buzzy - You have to run, especially the smaller trails off of the main. That is where the action is!
Caramalita - I must admit that the posts you and your sidekick, Renee, supply are the best. I'll read them 2 and 3 times because they are so entertaining.

OK, new post: My old lady and I spent the past weekend at a fancy local hotel, just needed some time to get away. We had a quiet dinner Friday evening, then had some serious, quiet time the rest of the night. Saturday, we each had a large breakfast, followed by the usual voluminous dumps. The rest of the day included swimming and a show. We also ate rather large lunches and dinners, which included large amounts of fruits and vegetables. This was somewhat out of character, as my wife and I usually eat 4 to 6 smaller meals during the day. Sunday breakfast was again unusually large, and as neither of us had our usual early afternoon session on Saturday, we were both quite full. As we went upstairs to get ready to check out, we both realized the need to dump. As usual, my urge was greater, so I went first. This one was larger than my usual morning session, with 3 very long and thick logs. My wife told me to go ahead and wipe, as she could not delay Mother Nature any longer. So! I wiped, gotup, pulled up my pants and stepped back. As my wife made her way to the head, she noticed that I had really produced. So she took of her slacks and panties, stood over the bowl and squatted. Without any effort, she passed a clogger, that was longer and thicker than the monsters I had passed. Three more good size logs, a long pee and then I got to wipe her cute butt. The bowl was really full, and then to make matters worse, it would not flush! So we showered, dressed, packed up and went to check out. At the desk, the young female clerk asked if everything was OK. I said yes, but the toilet in our room was out of order and it was full. She gave me a blank look, and the other girl at the desk started to smile. A lady in the room behind the desk came out and asked what the problem was. I said matter of factly that we had used the head and it wouldn't flush. Well one of the customers, a 60 something matron, gave me a severe look, like you shouldn't talk about such matt! ers. The 70 something guy with her was trying to hold back a smile, as was the other clerk and a few others at the desk. Meanwhile, the first clerk was redder than a tomato, and her supervisor, a lady in her thirties, was trying to avoid eye contact with me as she checked us out. I could see that she was trying to be serious as she asked about the problem, but she was also trying to hide a smile! We finally got it all squared away, and as we left, I could see the second clerk openly laughing as she tried check the old matron and her husband in. Another customer looked at me and said "I guess even the best hotels have their problems'. I put on my best cheshire cat grin, looked right at him put my arms out and said, 'Hey Shit happens?' With that, I could hear a few people really laughing, especially the the young clerk and her supervisor.
My wife responded with a playful punch in the arm and a "Watch your mouth, Richard!", which made me laugh even harder. As we sere waiting for our car outside, my wife started cackling like crazy, and asked if I had seen the look on the old woman's face. I said yes, but did you see the smile on her old man's face? We got in our 'vette, and talked and laughed about our latest "hotel clogger" on the short ride home.

Bye for now.

KENDAL - By the time you read this, you may have realised or been informed that it was only part of me that would be standing!
I don't know whether I could ask my mate's mum directly, but I might just happen to make the suggestion if we're fooling around (like we do occasionally).
Actually I might also get her to try a standing wee in the shower if she's not willing to sit on my knee. She said she'd tried a long time ago, but had made a mess. Well, what better reason to practice?
BTW, how are you doing with your standing wees? Have you been practicing, or do you not really like the idea?
All the best, Love Si :)

Pooper Dooper
Guess my post didn't come out. I'll say it again. I remember a new girl come here telling us a story of hers and she mentioned that she smoked drugs while using the toilet. I think that person should get some kind of help.

Well a few of my friends and I are making our own kind of "Jackass", well were not going to do stuff as bad as they do but we'll do some stuff. I'm going to purposly poop my pants.

Have your tried a verity of vegetables and fruits? Well for me stir fry really makes me have a good sized BM in less than 1 hour. when I do it doesn't come out in diareaha form.

Well Happy Poops all!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 05, 2001

Um... Lisa... please check the date stamps below and on the last two pages.

Another horse show. Years ago Linda and I where at a regional championship, she was riding and I was just helping. We had done our normal outdoor dump in the seclusion of some bushes that morning and the show was progressing nicely. At about midmorning Linda was due on again but I could not find her. I walked up and down the stables and eventually asked a groom if he had seen her. He said yes she was in an empty stable next to ours. I went to look as she could run late and as I entered the stable the pong hit me. I could not see her in the gloom at first and eventually saw her behind a bale of hay. I said what are you doing? She replied with a groan that the nerves had got to her and she could not make it to the bushes so had come in here and dropped her load. As she spoke I heard another wet fart followed by a gush of liquid shit. I went to see what was going on. Luckily there was a slope as she had shat a bucket full of dark brown liquid that had run down into the corner. Another long fart proceeded a little squirt and she started to wipe. At least 6 wipes to get clean and an inspection by me for clean buttocks as she had white jodpers on. The smell was incredible and I said to her that something must have crawled up her asse in the night and died there. She giggled as she agreed. Pulled up her thong and jodpers and went out and won the event. She often would find an empty stable for a quickie before riding as she says the nerves get to her. She then will go for two days after these enormous emptyings.

Hey everybody!!! I haven't posted in a while but I've enjoyed reading everyone's latest and greatest. I have also enjoyed our latest photos up top. The girl on there now looks like she messed her panties! I had a very good dump this morning, it also was a buddy dump! I went to the food court for breakfast with one of my roommates, Sarah. After eating we had about an hour to kill. By this time I needed my first shit in three days. Just as I was about to excuse myself, Sarah said she needed to go to the restroom kinda bad. I said me too, let's go. We left the food court and headed for the girls room. There was no one else in there but we selected ajoining stalls anyway. Sarah closed her door and said that she thought she had ate something bad, I told her that I hadn't pooped in days and hoped she didn't mind hearing me go. Sarah ripped a gassy series of farts just as I finished my words. My dump was not going to be runny like hers, I could feel a long session on its way. Sarah flushed a couple of times but she kept on exploding! By this time, I strained a little to get things going. I dropped 3 turds about 5 inches each with loud splashes. I farted loudly 2 times and then felt my hole begin to stretch open again. Sarah had not made any sounds and I asked if she was okay, she said yes but didn't feel like she was through. I grunted loudly which made Sarah laugh, she asked me if I was giving birth. I said that I had a monster that wanted out! After about two minutes of grunting and straining, I dropped a 10 inch long and 2 inch wide turd. Sarah had exploded some more by now, but managed to say that it sounded like I was enjoying myself. I told her that I love to pass big ones, she said that she did too, but today wasn't her day. I farted again and added two more golf ball sized poops to my building pile. I wiped and tried to flush but my monster just swirled around, I decided to leave it. Sarah had also finished by this time.! We had pooped without interuption from anyone else but we left a stench that would remain for hours. Sarah caught a glance of my poop still floating in the bowl and said "damn that must have really felt good." I couldn't lie, it did. I think we both enjoyed our "buddy dump" maybe we'll try for an encore soon! Happy pooping to all!

Hello again to everyone. I had made a post on Friday but for some reason it didn't make it. Oh well! I wrote about a buddy dump I had with one of my roommates, Sarah. It was a good experience. I pushed out 6 turds, the biggest was 10 inches long and two inches wide. Sarah on the other hand had the runs. This morning I used the toilet that is apart of our dormroom. It is shared with three girls in another room. There is actually two toilets, which is kinda cool since girls practically live in the restroom anyway, it reduces the waiting period! It was about 9 am and nobody was up yet. I was wearing shorts and a tshirt, with no panties. I went in to the restroom, closed the door and sat down. I soon broke the silence with a series of farts. With little effort a long smooth turd began its way out of my anus. My poop was softer today, kinda like softserve. The turd was an inch thick and kinda swirled itself around the bottom of the bowl. I passed it in about a minu! te, I would guess that it was about a foot long. I ripped another fart and started to poop again. Like my first one, it was also smooth and long. It was slower and I had to push a little. After about 2 minutes it dropped. It was also an inch thick but about 15 inches long. I was making a big pile and I was really stinking things up. I sat for about 5 minutes and again felt an urge to push. I ripped a very loud fart, followed by 3 shorter ones. I had to grunt a little to finally get things going again. Finally I began to push out what would be the final turd. It was only 5 inches long. I had to wipe about 10 times. I flushed, leaving MANY skid marks! I returned to my room where Sarah was awake. She laughed and said you are definetely the poop queen. She said that she had to go after listening to my session. She went in to the restroom and said "my God you stink!" Sarah stayed in about 20 minutes. She also made alot of noise and more stink. Hopefully there wi! ll be more soon! Happy pooping,


On Jay Leno tonight this girl admitted to breaking several toilets. Leno asked if she was using too much paper and she said "I don't think that's the problem."
She broke two withing 24 hours. She must be producing some whoppers.

Did anyone watch The Tonight Show on Friday when Jay Leno interviewed a girl from the audience who said she had broken several toilets. He asked if it was from using too much paper and she said, "that's not the problem."
The audience seemed taken aback and not impressed with her confession.

HELP! I can't stop crapping or farting! In the past two days I've crapped six times, all solid! This was preceeded by two days of constant farting. My farts were long, smelly and vibrated the room walls.
I crapped last night before bed and woke up with the urge to crap. It's like I've had a laxative, though none of it is diarrhea.

I think the medical term that PPG is looking for tenesmus, a painful repeated urge to defecate, even if the lower bowel is empty. If not already seeing a doctor I suggest he does so.

Today in PE I saw something that was a turn on. Well today was bowling day and we dropped our stuff off in the locker room and waited about 3 minutes until the coach took role. Well right before the bell rang this kid was in the bathroom talking and he was standing in the stall and I heard the end of his sentence, something about the toilet seat. Then he pulled his jeans and underwear down as he was sitting down. As I saw him sitting on the toilet it looked as if he was either too tall which made his legs stick up a little, or he wasn't sitting on the toilet "seat". Or he had his legs raised up. Anyway, I remember seeing him holding the sides of the toilet as he was pooping. Then as we left the locker room he was still pooping and was saying the s**t word because he was still pooping and we were leaving. And we almost left without him but the coach waited for him. But no one really said anything to him as he was taking his crap. Which I never thought anyone would do. I remeber! a few weeks ago the same kid was complaining the whole hour that he needed to crap really bad and was putting his butt in front of other guys acting like he was crapping. Then he got on the ground and acted like he was pulling his log out. It was funny. But he never did take a dump that day. Anyway. Just thought I'd let you know about that. See ya.

Yes Cori, I wipe more than once with the same paper. I simply fold it over and use another clean side.

Twice shy
It occurred to me that this board might be the proper place to describe one of my early childhood traumas. I think I was in the 3rd grade, at 7 or 8 years old, when I couldn't hold in what turned out to be a substantial log-dropping in the boys' room at school. The "stalls" there were really nothing more than doorless stations enclosed by low walls on each side. Well, some of my fellow school-mates who happened to be on hand gathered 'round to observe this prodigious production, and the poo became the "butt" of a severe round of laughing and jokes. Totally devastated by this incident, being shy as a general rule to begin with, I thereafter made every effort to hold it in during the day, and I didn't make regular use of the boys' facility until I was a sophomore or junior in high school. To this day, I don't like to have others listening (and smelling) in while I'm using the men's room at work for fudgulent intentions. I took an adult-ed course at one of our county high s! chools and saw the same doorless "stalls", something I understand is to curb drug deals. This, I should think, is a fine motive, only such a layout is counterproductive to ones like myself, voted "shyest guy" in my senior class. Proper socialization as a human being, which seems to transcend ordinary academics these days in American public schools, would dictate a less humiliating environment for one's evacuative proceedings.

kim & scott-"broadway bound"
greetings all! this is kim and scott again. last friday my boyfriend scott and I planned to see "beauty and the beast" on broadway.scott has seen it before with his family but he decided to take me this time. scott usually takes the bus when going to new york (we live in new jersey)but this time I decided to take my ford mustang car there. what can i say i like to drive.when the time came to pick up scott i hopped into my car wearing my black evening dress and black pumps. when i got to scotts house he got in wearing his blue suit and black shoes. scott told me i looked gorgeous. I told him he did not look bad himself! as we both laughed as my car sped on to new york. in new york we enjoyed the play then we went to a fancy restaurant to eat. (the place will remain nameless ok?). inside the restaurant scott and i ate steak,potatoes, and vegetables. scott had regular soda while i tried their wine. i thought the whole broadway and fancy restaurant area was really romantic. scott and i could not help smiling. after dinner i had to take a massive shit and walked into the restroom. i must tell you in these fancy restaurants bathrooms there is often a bathroom attendant there. naturally a male attendant for the mensroom and a female attendant for the ladies room. these attendants turn on and turn off the faucet water for you. and have a towel so you can wash your hands. they recieve tips for these services. scott and i like these attendants but we rather do this stuff ourselves. well anyway when i walked in the restroom i said my hellos to a cute,short haired blond female bathroom attendant there.she said i looked nice in my dress. i told her thanks as i walked in a stall. i like to shit nude but this time i only yanked down and took off my panties and sat on the bowl. i then began to push as an enormous,thick turd was slowly coming out of my ass! i pushed harder as my log grew bigger & bigger! each push sending great tingling sensations in my ass! I was moaning all the while. gee wiz- my logs are so enormous i cant help but moan my pleasure in banging these sized babies out! i then looked down at my log as i continued to push and i saw an enormous brown torpedo sticking out of my ass! my log was very thick too. and just when i thought my ring could stretch no wider. it stretched wider!haha!then without warning i heard the cute,female bathroom attendant say "are you ok in there?" no doubt she heard all my moaning and stuff. i told her i was fine thanks as i continued to push my massive log out of my pink quivering butt-cheeks! i then took a deep breath and held the sides of the bowl for dear life as my body shook violently from the huge size of my log. at the sametime my hair which was tied up on my head loosened completely and fell long at my shoulders. hell i liked my hair long anyway. "WHAMMO!" i said aloud as i crashed my colossal log into the bowl. i tell you the electric charge i get in my ass when i squeeze out a big log is incredibly great! i then got off the bowl to look at my log and saw a gigantic brown sausage in there. that was very thick too! i then got my measuring tape out of my pocketbook and measured my log at 18 inches long. nearly 3.5 inches thick! i then wiped myself and put on my panties again. my long hair was a little ruffled since i used to have it up so i made it right with my brush. i then held the soiled paper in my hand and did not flush. i wanted the cute,female bathroom attendant to see my great big log. this was not my biggest log but it was plenty big enough to impress! i then opened the stall door and threw the used toilet paper away. the cute bathroom attendant saw me then. "excuse me miss. you forgot to flush" she said sweetly.I played my part perfectly "ohh i am sorry. i forgot in my rush to get back to my boyfriend outside." "Ohhh thats ok. you go on and i will flush." the cute attendant said sweetly. i told her thanks as i went past her and washed my ha nds. i gave her a big tip in her tip basket . i liked her. i then waited in the bathroom and saw her go in my stall. just when she did i heard her say "oohh my goodness!" in a loud excited voice. i could tell she was turned on by my log. her eyes where probably popping out of their sockets as she looked at it. she did not flush right away so i know she liked to watch it. I knew she would not forget me or my log very soon. my log was probably one of the biggest logs she ever see, i then left the bathroom and rejoined scott. i told scott the story. he got a kick out of it. i know the female attendant did. and i hope you fellow posters did too in hearing my story. scott and i then left the restaurant got into my car and took off for home. scott had a great time in new york but i had an even better time!haha! bye now. PLUS- thank you anne the busdriver and tony from scotland for posting your great stories. scott and i and i am sure the rest of the people on this site missed you!

I saw Hollyoaks, and wondered if Geri was the only one to pee in the shower. Everyone said that nobody had used the toilet since the snake went into it, so the others must have peed somewhere.

TO T.C Yes i have pooped in the bushes and behind trees lots of times, as a rule i dont worry about wiping at times like that, iam just glad to get my panties down and do my poo.

I admit i do stain my panties and sometimes it does smell a bit, but i think thats better than risk pooping my pants. lisa

Billy L.
I saw Jane'e embarassing moments. Last night, we went to church. I usually poop in the afternoon, but last night. ABout 1/2 hour before church, I started to fart. Sometimes I start farting about 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours before i have to poop, and the farting stops when I poop. Last night the farts were barely noticable (I mean that I did feel a huge buildup of pressure), but once they came out, they real smelled. I started farting more and more as we walked to church. We were outside, so it did not stink too bad. When we went into church, I could tell that I would have to poop pretty soon. I did not want to go before mass started, so I waited. About 15 minutes, I told my dad that I had to go to the bathroom. He said, ok. I started out, and my little brothers josh and eric both said they had to go. So i took them too. Josh had to poo too, eric just needed a pee. I let josh go first. I have to help him wipe his butt because he is not good at it. So after he dropped 3 logs, he got up a! nd I sat down. Then I wiped him. I dropped about 10 logs, about the same size as josh's. Then I wiped. I kept farting while Josh was pooping and while I was pooping. The room really smelled. Eric needed to pee, so I lifted the seat and held him so that he can pee. Just as eric was finishing, some guy came in. He said, excuse me. I said, come in, we are finished. He said ok. He put the seat down and sat right down. We did not hear any sounds as we washed out hands. About a minute later we were done washing our hands. The guy was done pooping. He wiped once. He got up as we were leaving. He dropped 2 large logs. I think they did not make much sounds because they hit the water before they completely left his butt. As I left, I said sorry for the stink. He smiled and said his poop smells too.

Jane: I had a department store job at Alexander's. It is now defunct. I was a HS junior. I was in a storeroom with my partner Denise. I laid an SBD. Denise said, "That was you, Althea. Go, now." I went to a women's room stall, pulled down my white panty hose and pink nylon panties and sat. I pushed out five banana sized pieces of doo-doo. They did not come easy. My rectum hurt wish each evacuation. Finally, on the fifth piece, relief. With the pressure, I was forced to urinate like a fire hose for 30 seconds. Then, I let out a gas buzzer with a one inch piece of doo-doo. 15 minutes later, Denise walked in as I had finished wiping. I was letting down my skirt and white slip. I opened the stall door. Denise said she would use the same stall. When she saw what I had made, she said, "Althea, so, this is what you were carrying in you all afternoon."

At a movie theater, with my friends I did the same thing. I told them I was going to the toilet. It was Friday school half day and there was no toilet paper in the school. There was a financial crisis. It was a warm day. I was wearing no bra or slip. It was in June and I was a senior. All I wore was a polo shirt, a skirt and yellow panties. I took a stall and removed my skirt and hung it on the coat hook. As I started to urinate, my bowel movement started. Multiple waves of chunks happened. They would cease then start again. This process was repeated 5 times. On the third, my friends came looking for me. I said from behind the stall door that I was alright and it would be awhile. Meanwhile, bowels kept evacuating. On the fourth evacaution wave, Jill, one of my best friends said, she knew it was me because stinked up the row of seats we were sitting and she knew I had to go to the toilet. Jill said, "Althea, you have heavy bowel movments. The girls in gym and on the cheerle! ader squad say this."

The Crank: I have cousin who was afraid to sit on a toilet other than her own. She either pissed or shit standing up. Only, at my house would she sit.

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