Gruntly Bogwell
Just got back form a conference in New York City…pulled down my jeans to my ankles and then my gray briefs, lifted my gray sweatshirt and seated myself on the commode…I love the way my skinny ass fits "into" the toilet…my hole stretched open to emit some gas and a 12 inch medium brown turd oozed out, indicative of a 16 item dinner at an Indian Restaurant in Greenwich Village last night. All day long it was like the Dry Monsoon was blowing after my morning dump in the hotel room. This was the culmination of a windy day. However, the reason for my post is to relay yet another voyeuristic incident that I had in a Persian restaurant…Gorging on ethnic food in NYC for seven days makes "the hole weak." I had just ordered at the above mentioned Persian Restaurant, early in the evening with only two other people in the restaurant. They informed me that it would take some time and to please be patient. I sat back to take in the atmosphere and the door opened an in walked a 5'8" br! unette with long-black hair, parted in the middle pale white skin, took of her coat, revealing black jeans and a tight black long sleeve shirt, she was also well-bosomed. She put her book bag down and went back to the kitchen, obviously the college-age daughter of the owner, she was comfortable in the surroundings and her brother was a waiter, he called her Fozzia. A short time later she came out of the kitchen and went into the ladies room…I sat there imagining her on the pot having a pee, but she didn't come out any time soon, then all of a sudden the Thai food from the night before kicked in and I felt the need to bog myself. so I headed off to the men's room right next door to hers…I caught the faint sound of grunting as I went by…so I hurried inside and found a small room, with a commode that backed up to the women's room wall. I quickly undid my brown wool pants and pulled down my white boxers, lifted my maroon turtleneck hem above my ???? and settled my underside an! d associated equipment through the toilet seat. Just as I let loose a mushy load, a very audible grunt came through the wall behind me, indicated that the walls were really thin. So I grunted a reply and more light brown mush flooped into the water below my nether parts. It was real quiet from next door for a long time, before more straining took place…I was through and dabbed at my moist hole with toilet paper…hoping to hear more of the struggle going on next door. I was soon rewarded with a series of muted nnggs, ahhs, and oohhs and sighs. I sat there relishing the sounds in my own fuminess.
Then, being an experienced voyeur I lifted my ass off the seat and switched off the light in the men's room…whoa, there was a shaft of light coming through the wall from underneath the tank behind me. (I know some of you ladies have expressed outrage against men or boys sneaking into the ladies room for some beaver shots over and/or under the stall partitions as you sat there having a dump…but what about men spying from "there" side of the house?) I quickly got off the commode on to my knees, my pants still around my ankles, my skinny white butt sticking up in the air and peeked through the hole in the wall, it turned out to have been created by some shoddy plumbing. My black beret made contact with the wall and I had to adjust my glasses…and bingo I was looking down the pale white butt curve of the coed seeking relief in the adjoining room, she was facing away from me toward the opposite wall. I could see the edge of the toilet seat as it contacted her right thigh, t! hen down to her right knee where it joined her calf and down her leg to her scrunched up black jeans with her pink panties stuffed onto the top of them…a grunt caused a loud bowl-echoing fart bowl split the air. Fozzia shifted back and forth on the seat causing her white thigh curve to bulge over the toilet seat and resume its seated shape again. She strained some more and a fweeeeep fart indicated her load was in finally in the anal chamber, ready to come out. More straining produced the familiar crackle…my bent over position in the men's room trying to see Fozzia caused me to blow a gross Thai food fart into the dank air on my side. She panted and strained, with more unngghhhsss, aahhss, and ooooohhhs…this had to be a hole grabber…more rocking forward this time caused her thigh curve to thin out, obviously her effort had pulled her butt off the toilet seat with its butt plug still in place, in fact a long drawn out groan came through the wall, with a slow krickle, krick! le…until a loud floomp announced her success, her thigh curve resumed its fully seated shape. I fired out a wet fart and had to hurriedly reseat myself to allow for another soft-serve event. I wiped quickly and got back down to the unintended peep-hole to see Fozzia's hand with carefully folded institutional toilet paper slip between her thigh and the toilet seat, followed by the back and forth wiping motion. I stood up and pulled up my pants, fumbled to turn on the light, washed my hands thoroughly from having had them on the men's room floor to balance as I peeped on Fozzia's struggles for a poo. This took some time and as luck would have it I opened the door to the men's room at the same time as Fozzia opened the door to the women's. Our odors mingled and she gave one of those famous New York "F U" look's…I quickly looked down to avoid her eyes, and cast a side-long glance past her into the small ladies room, her large, dark-chocolate colored, knobby ended-turd was swir! ling around in the toilet! As I returned to my seat in the restaurant, her broether showed up with the kebabs and dinner resumed. A short time later her brother went into the ladies room with a plunger…to unplug the commode after the Persian Princess, Fozzia's hole-stretcher couldn't find its way out to the New York sewer system.

The Crank
Had a really strange dream a few nites ago.

In my dream, i was in my house, although it is REALLY big, and my female classmates are actually statying with me. Somethin like a hostel. It's strange, but there's a peephole in the toilet where I can look from my room. I saw one of my frens actually bathing. She dresses and leaves the toilet. The next girl was really funny. I went to sleep, in mt dream tat is, and when the whole house is dark, i went to tat spot where i can see the toilet and saw another girl, whom i also know in real life bathing. I have no idea why, but i went to make a cup of coffee or somethin. she walked out of teh bathroom totally naked and smiled at me like it was really normal. She picked up a newspaper said to me, "I've got a stomachache"

The next scene, I was on my bed looking up at from my window where i can see another toilet, with the 2nd girl sitting on it shitting. she was reading teh newspaper, or magazine.


really great dream...

>and I suppose the term used "Bombs away!" when we start to drop our >"Arsehole artillery" ( as my biker friend has called it) is >significant in its aggressive terminology.

In China, taking a shit is referred to as dropping a bomb.

Great posts as always from Buzzy and Gruntly Bogwell.

I have been searching AGES to re-find the posts where someone was at a campsite and watched a few people, men and women, have a crap in the open air - ? It wasn't that long ago. He (male poster) watched some women and a man also and the man seemed to be thinking of having a w*nk cos he had a mag there with him as he crapped and enjoyed the turd stretching his hole - ?

anyone know which page I should be looking for? LOL mind you I enjoyed the search..... :)

BTW I just wonder (this is no big thing for me) why the pic at the top of this page is always of a female?

Anne the bus driver. Hi! I'm delighted to see you back after what seems like a long absence. No doubt you've been busy. I think perhaps you're right about abstaining from chocolate being more more likely to constipate me than give me the 'runs.' So far I haven't experienced any real side effects (apart from hunger) one way or the other. I may as well come clean and admit that giving it up for Lent had more to do with losing a few pounds than any higher motive. Also, I rather hoped it would give me the 'runs' so that I'd have to go back to eating it. Like you I don't smoke and only drink small amounts so I've got a sweet tooth and chocolate is my one real weakness.

I enjoyed reading your account of having a motion at a friend's house and her son listening. It sounds as though you really hammed it up and gave him a good performance. The amazing (and delightful) thing is that you were able to have your motion and wee with such ease knowing that someone was listening in. I think some people would simply be unable to 'perform' knowing they were being listened to.

Have you had any really good or interesting motions the last day or two? I had a really big motion last night - in fact I lost count of the sausages that came out and I made a fair old stink in the bathroom. Earlier in the day I'd been out and eaten quite a large lunch with roast beef, pudding and wine so it's hardly surprsing that I needed a big motion last night. The wonder is I didn't feel the need earlier.

Tony (Scotland). As you know I used to post as Adrian (England) but like you with Scotland I found that the Moderator dropped the England bit so I stopped trying to add it. It hasn't caused me any great angst but like you I used the (England) suffix so that US or Canadian posters who weren't familiar with British loo terminology would understand why some of the phrases I used weren't necessarily familiar too them. However, it's no big deal and no major principle is at stake so I'm prepared to let it drop.

Best Wishes to all (and especially Anne)

On Friday I used a ladies room in a restaurant in Chinatown. I opened the door and was startled to see a Chinese woman in her mid-50s squatting on the toilet seat, with her feet on the toilet facing outwards, Oriental style. She was pooing and you could see her vagina and the poo dropping. There were 2 toilets with no stall doors. I sat on the other one and peed, although I did fart.

Kevin L..
The girl in the picture looks like she has a pretty nasty streak in her panties. Actually, it looks she had some diarrhea. Yuck.

I am finally done with my antibiotics. I took my dose before school on Thursday. Yesterday, we went on a field trip to a museum. I made a small poop before school. On the bus, I had to poop. I used the bathroom on the bus. I hate those things. My poop was still real loose. I had to poo 2 more times at the museum.

We got back to school just before quitting time. We picked up my little brothers and walked home. About a block from the house, we stopped to talk to some of our friends. My little brothers said they wanted to walk ahead. Then Josh started pounding on the door. He was saying, I have to go to the bathroom, let me in. I heard and said mom is not there. I will be there in a minute. As I was walking real fast, he said hurry up. I really have to go. I said, ok I am coming. WHen I got the door open, I said you can go in now. He said, I don't need to go potty anymore. I said, you didn't wet your pants, did you? He said no. I said, let me put my books in the house and go to the bathroom real quick. We can go outside and play. He said, change me first. I said what? I am stinky. He used to say that when he was in diapers. I said did you just mess your pants? Yeah. I said It's ok. We went inside. My brother billy came. He went strait to the bathroom. I got Josh a new pair of underware and brought him into the bathroom. Billy was sitting there pooping. I said lets get into the tub. As he was walking past billy, i heard a loud fart from josh. then I heard some crackling noise. I said to billy, was that you. Then billy dropped a log and splashed. He said, that was me. I said ok. I lifted him up and put him in. I took his pants straight down and off. Then i we pushed his underwear right down. The was blob of poo, but it was only in underwear. I asked him to bend over so I can see how much of a mess he made around his butt. Head uhoh. While he was beind over, another turd came out. I said do you still have more poop to come out? He said, yeah. I said do you, you did not make much of a mess. How about sitting on the potty while I make poop (i had to poo too) and I will clean you up when you are done? Billy was done pooping. He said ok. Before I pooped, I got some toilet paper, picked up his poo he dropped in the tub, and and put it in the toilet. Billy, sit down, i will take care of his underwear. He rinsed them out in the sink and and threw them in the laundry. I sat down and passed some more mush. It took me about 3 seconds, and i was done. I wiped my butt. Then josh came over. I wiped his butt. I took like 10 wipes. My other brother eric came in. He was pulling his pants down. I said, wait a second. Let me empty the potty first. He said ok. I emptied the potty into the toilet. THen he sat down. While I was washing my hands I heard a bunch of plops. He was still going when I left. My mom got home. She said we should stay inside. SO we played video games.

Kendal's Dad
Kendal has been badgering me to read the posts for the past three days only to be disappointed when they hadn't been updated ! She said I had to read what she said to Linda. And now I have, I'm forced to post !

LINDA: My dear girl, I reiterate what Kendal said in her post. No need for Mr. or Sir. Your story reminded me of an incident I shared with Kendal when she was just a little girl, probably just turned three years old. I don't suppose she will remember, but I certainly do. While Kendal was in nappies ( diapers ), I would often be required to change her. It didn't quite fit the image of my ex-wife to be seen to be changing dirty nappies. However, once Kendal was old enough to be toilet trained, I was ousted from my responsibility. It was now "a girl Thing" according to Kendal's mum, so I never really had the chance to take her to the toilet. That was until one day when her Mum had to go out one morning, and I was left looking after Kendal. We had some lovely fun together until she suddenly announced she wanted the toilet. "Come with me Daddy" she said, and I don't know why I should have felt like this. I am her Dad for goodness sake ! But I felt incredible guilty to take my! own daughter to the toilet. One thing was that she would tell her mother who would then give me disapproving looks for the rest of the day ! So I told her she was a big girl now and to go on her own. But she insisted "Oh please Daddy, why won't you come ? I want you to come" and then pushed out her bottom lip so far I feared she would cry if I didn't agree ! Reluctantly I did agree, and thank goodness I did, otherwise I would never have had this beautiful fond memory to tell. When we got in the bathroom she pulled down her pyjama bottoms ( it was still quite early ! ) and then she raised her arms towards me waiting for her Daddy to lift her onto the toilet seat, which I did. Once on the toilet she shuffled her little bottom about all over the place until she was completely comfortable and gripped hold of the seat with both hands whereupon I was greeted with one of her gorgeous smiles and she began to kick her little legs to and fro as she began her wee. She babbled the whol! e time incessantly about this and that. Kendal could talk the hind legs off a donkey ! But it was while it was my turn to reply to some question she asked that I knew for sure that she was attempting to poo. There was a little puffy trump and she panted and grinned again "pardon me" she said ! I couldn't help saying back to her that she didn't need to excuse herself when she trumped on the toilet. When she replied, she said "but I don't want to be told I'm rude for doing it" ( another of her mother's inhibitions ! ), and while she said all of that, her voice was strained sounding the whole time as she fought with her poo ! Only a few seconds later there was a very audible plop of her poo entering the water and she grinned widely at me again. When I made no reaction, she continued to grin and said "Daddy did you hear it ?". I was at a loss for words for a second or two, and then she plopped again. "Hehe", she giggled, "There, you must have heard that one !", she said. "I poo! ed Daddy, two times !". I told her what a clever girl she was and as I contemplated what she would say or ask next, she suddenly shuffled forward and dropped down off the toilet. She pulled off about four sheets of toilet roll and scrunched it up a bit before paying lip service to wiping. What I mean by that is that she used it to wipe the front and then the same piece of paper to wipe her bottom as well without really wiping either place at all ! And then pulled up her pyjama bottoms. I asked her "Did you wipe your bottom properly ?". She looked at me with her best serious face and said "Yes, of course I did" ! And then she skipped to the wash basin and ran her little hands under the tap before wiping them herself on the towel and skipping off out of the bathroom, leaving me to flush the toilet for her ! She had made two lovely dainty little poos, only about three or four inches long each, and they looked pretty hard which would be why she struggled with them. Well, I decid! ed that seeing as they were hard, her bottom probably didn't need wiping at all. But I remember fearing her mother examing the seat of her pyjamas later in the day and discovering skid marks !! I hope you liked this story Linda. Kendal will be surprised when she reads it ! I hope that you will be able to post to her soon. She worries about you when you don't appear for a long time. And I have to say, I'm rather looking forward to hearing about the Spanish dress story myself now ! Take care honey, and my very best wishes to Elena and Miguel as well. Love from Kendal's Dad.

KATE: Just for you, and to embarrass Andrew further, I had Kirsty's Dad on the phone to me last week to thank me for having Kirsty to stay with Kendal and I during the half term school holiday. He was commenting how much Kirsty talks about Kendal, and especially Andrew ! Then we got to the crux of the conversation. He asked "Do you know if there is anything going on between Kirsty and Andrew ? Do I need to be worried, because he is four years older than her" ! I said to him "Well, Mr...... , it really isn't that unusual for a girl of Kirsty's age to develop a crush on an older boy, especially such a good looking one as Andrew, and even more so when he is such a pleasant and well mannered young man as well. However, you needn't worry yourself. I'm sure there is nothing going on between them and Andrew would never take advantage of a young girl like Kirsty, except to sit on her knee in the dark while she is having a poo on the toilet ! ( Joke ! I said everything other th! an the words beginning from "except..." ). Sorry Andrew !! Kate, I hear it's your fault that Andrew and co have taken to sitting on knees to wee ! Thank you for that. It kept them all happily occupied during half term, and I didn't have to worry myself then about them getting up to mischief with one another !!! I used to think that Kendal was her mother's daughter. But not a bit. Some of the things she does reminds me so much of me, and even more her blood Aunt, my sister, Andrew's Mum that is. I have posted before how my Sis and I went together to the toilet so often, particularly in the middle of the night. What the kids don't know is that we also sat on knees to wee.... but that's another story !!

At long last !! Dad has been so long on the computer I thought I would be waiting until next week for my turn ! And now he says I can only have five minutes, when he's had nearly an hour and a half ! How fair is that ?! He says that I'm a quick typer, so I don't need as long. What has he been writing to Linda about ? It must be an essay for her to read, the poor girl !

Anyway, I feel embarrassed about my last post because I said about the girl on the toilet having a lovely grin ! Well that was the last girl of course. Does anyone think like me that this new girl looks a lot like a young Emma Chambers, that is the lady who plays Alice in the Vicar of Dibley TV series. Also, does she have a hole in her panties that you can see the floor tile through, or has she had a nasty accident in them ?!!

RIZZO: I'm glad you liked my three sitting on a knee pee story ! It was definitely a trio in P-Major. With the amount of wee that we all did, it was hardly a trio in P-Minor !! Love from Kendal.

SIMON: Why don't you ask your friend's Mum ? You never know, and you'll find that its much easier to do it sitting down rather than standing to attention. How do you sit on a knee standing anyway ? Love from Kendal.

My time is nearly up so....

LINDA: Hope you've been enjoying all the stories from Andrew and me. I'm sorry we haven't heard from you for such a long time, but I do understand my friend. Hope you get on here again soon. Lots of love from your friend Kendal xxxx

I've been allowed two more minutes !

LITTLE LOU: I hope you have had a lovely weekend and that Kev and Ellie continue to spoil you rotten ! Do write to Andrew and me soon. And I'm with Andrew. I'm sure you would love it so much if you do like Ellie and have a wee sitting on Kev's knee. It's such a wonderful and beautiful experience. And what ever your sister and your brother are getting up to in the toilet, ask to join them. You know they won't refuse you, and even if you don't yet feel like joining in as well, at least you won't feel left out. That is just like Kirsty. Andrew and I invited Kirsty to come in with us so she didn't feel left out, and after watching us, she was desperate to join in as well. You never know. Perhaps you might feel the same if you see Kev and Ellie doing it. But don't worry, it won't matter if you don't. Neither of them will make you do anything you don't want to. But take it from an experienced girl like me, its brilliant !! Lots of hugs and love from Kendal xxx


Hi everybody, I hope everyone is doing well. Lots of great stories lately. What’s up with that picture up top? It looks like she took big one in her panties! That’s a real Lolita pic I gotta admit!
David: Where have you been hiding? Come out and talk to me hon, I miss you.

Mike D: Thank you for the very sweet things you said to me. I don’t know what to say, you flatter me too much. I’m glad you like us Latinas. You have a stink-o-meter too! Awesome! I love smells, they can be so sexy, even though they’re raunchy, don’t you think? You know what other smell turns me on like crazy? A man’s underarm when he’s sweaty. I have to admit I read your post and it made me very hot. You do 10-15 logs? I’d love to sit on your lap while ya’ crap honey! Your girlfriend is 5’1” and 105 lbs? That’s exactly what I am! I’m usually 110 lbs just before I take a nice, healthy shit. (just kidding!) And she likes to wear a thong? I don’t much care for butt floss myself, but they feel great with jeans. Since you print out my stories, I printed out yours, and my morning poop is just for you.

I had gone to a brunch this morning, and when I got home around noon I was really feeling the need for a big one. I dressed up for the ocassion, wearing a black stretch suit and slim skirt with a front split and matching black leather pumps. My hair was parted to one side, hanging straight down, long, black and curly. Just for the hell of it, I dragged our full view mirror in and stood it up next to the toilet to catch my profile while I took a nice, big poop. I slipped off my jacket and hung it on the bathroom door next to Renee’s robe. I hitched up my skirt, pulled panty hose and white panties down to my knees, and parked my brown fanny on the seat. I first gushed a nice half gallon of pee which felt reaaaallllly good. After I could feel my ???? churning, I leaned forward, and arched my back. My round butt was off the seat by a good six inches and I braced with both hands on my knees. First I heard little “spllffff” sounds as something was happening. Then, looking into! the mirror at my butt, I could see the tip of this fat, brown thing creeping out. It was really slow, and stinky. I had to really grunt and push, but it was hard. It was a long sausage! Three fingers wide, full of corn and really dark brown in color. Whenever my poop is dark brown it has a very ripe smell. It was coming out very slowly. From the reflection in the mirror I could see my butt with a big hunk hanging out going “cccrrkkkllll-splffff-krrkkkkllll-spfffff...” I had to grunt hard “rrnnhhhhhhhh...” and it slipped out another half inch. It wasn’t a very well lubricated turd considering that it was making a wet, crackly noise. Man, I pooped and pooped and couldn’t budge this thing. It kept getting wider until my little brown hole began to get tight and sore. So, I decided to take a rest, and see if it would fall on its own. It didn’t. I could smell poop in the air. Very nasty. I grunted hard again gritting my teeth, and it slid out more, getting thinner thankfully! One m! ore hard grunt, and “K-PLUUUMMPPP!” that fat loaf hit the water. I was so worn out I hung my head down, my hair dangling over my legs, breathing foul fumes. Then, I felt another contraction and looked in the mirror. After a little wet fart “sppplllttttt”, about 10 softer logs came falling out of my brown ass in succession. “plop-ploop-plop-plop-ploooop-plopp-pluuuppp-plop-plop-plop!” They were average size, but made a big pile, and really smelled gross! Mike it was just like you described. It looked like brown soft ice cream. I usually always have one really big turd, and a soft pile. I don’t know why my turds get so big, but they can be monsters sometimes. By this time I’d really lost some serious weight and was feeling real good. I looked down between my legs and into the water, and saw that fat log floating. The soft pile made the really strong smell. I spread my butt cheeks by spreading my legs, and wiped real thoroughly. There was lots of chocolate on the toilet paper, an! d took almost eight wipes before it was clean. It was big, fat smelly poop! I had just finished and come out when Renee came home with her new guy friend. He had to use the bathroom, and I was really embarrassed! That bathroom was reeking! When he came out he knew it was me who did it, but didnt’ give it away. I was still very embarrassed and wanted to hide my face! Mike, I hope you liked my morning poop. I was thinking of you when I did it. Do you have a beard by any chance? I was picturing you with a beard.

Linda GS
Okay okay..geez i get sick with a cold and man. Okay I'm back and here's the story. We went to Sombero Fest and me in my pretty dress. Drinking lots of soda.. and eating tons of food. Wasn't long before.. yow i had to pee. but I held on.. i was having fun. Elena was sitting this round out. there were NO bathrooms just those awful portapotties and I'm scared to death to use them.. cause of stories i hear about girls getting attacked. Then a but later i felt that feeling.. sigh poop wanted out. i was mad.. i actaully said out loud.. why do you wnat me to have a sit on the toilet now?!??! I covered my mouth and looked around.. good thing there was a lot of noise or someone would have heard. My cousin did.. and he told me if I has to go? I nodded holding my ????. He asked if i wnated to go home? I whispered to him.. I don't think i'd make it. It was already trying to open my tushie.. and it felt dry and hard.. not to mention i had to pee. I asked my cousin if he'd go with me. he ! nodded.. and so after a bit of looking around i found a nice clean one.. and I went in.. the opened the door and pulled my cousin in too. So i put LOTS of paper on the seat.. raised my skirt.. half way then told my cousin to be a gent and close his eyes for a sec.[winks] Then I lowered my pampies.. ( okay folks.. i had a special pair on.. they were white like my dress but they had ruffles on the back.. each ruffle was a color like the ruffles I had on my sleeves.. red, yellow, and blue.. and if you poke fun.. you'll get it) and sat down. I smoothed my dress around me then told my cousin he could look. then my pee just wouldn't com eout.. here I was bursting and it wouldn't.. never ahd to go so bad.. i couldn't go before. I had to kinda push then gusssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh. i closed my eyes and gave out a soft but long ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I peed for at least a minute and a half. Felt good. I relaxed too much as my poor tushie was shook as the poop forced it's way out. I bent ov! er garbbing my knees going OOOOOOOOOOO. My cousin asked if I was okay. I tols him.. huffing.. that my poop was coming out.i sat there shaking.. and shivering.. thrashing my feet about as it came and came and came.(If I ever needed Andrew to hold my hand.. it was then)Let me tell you it shook me up good.. it felt like my poop was alive as it just forced it's way out.. i wasn't even pushing.. i was along for the ride.. hanging on for dear life. My legs moved about so much that.. my pampies slid drown from around my knees and down to my ankles. My cousin saw them and giggled. i snapped at him.. then grabbed my ???? going OOOOOOO again. My anger amde the poop come out faster and finally.. and i do mean finally it closed and I felt so nice having pooped. I sat there shaking. My cousin wathcing the whole time finally spoke. he asked if i wa sokay. I pulled my pampies back up to my knees and said yup.. never better. So after he turned around i got cleaned up.. it's not that i don't ! trust my cousin.. it just feel odd doing this when he's like right on top of me. Anyway we left and when i got home i sat down and pooped some more 8 more peices to be exact.. with company watching of coarse [winks] helps to pass the time when you have someone to talk to.

Kendal's dad
Sorry for being all proper and nice.. but my cousin raised me to respect my elders.. espcially my friend's parents. I just wnat you to know.. when I include people here.. I also mean you. So.. your loebly daughter says you have a story for me. hee hee

Hiya nice hearing from you again

Where have you been I mised ya. Hugs and kisses to you

Well i best go..I'm sleepy..later

Hi,all-hey funny pic on the forum now-it's looks to me that this lady didn't quite make it in time to the bowl-look at her panties-she has a poo stain there plain as day-she looks ilke she is doing some good pooing! cool pic!It seems like a few days are missing from the forum-i posted a couple of days ago and it never appeared-It was about a great poo at the gym- I wonder what happed to it?-oh well-Some responces
TO RJOGGER-Oh yes-you lucky guy you!I bike in the woods all summer but I have yet to be thatlucky!I seen guys pooing and Ive pooed along with hthem ,but I'm still waiting to see a woman in the woods-consider yourself lucky!Cool story!
TO RENEE-Super story of your post coffee poop!You and Melita are the best!I print most of your stuff to read on the bowl as i poo and they are great to read as i push out my stuff-wish I could get a video of you guys!I'd lose my mind!
Hope all is OK with the forum-semms like we've missed a few days of posts-well got to leave-I'll have some more stories soon when i have to do a good poo-haven't had a good poos ince i did that great poo at the gym the other day which never made it on here-BYE

don't you guys just hate it when you are sitting on the toilet nice and peacful then suddenly the phone rings and it's for you?
I have that problem. I am a 13 years old male. I have a lot friends and they call me 24-7 askin me if I could hang out with them etc...
I dunno why but it feels as soon as I get in the bathroom and i start to poo, they call!!!!! My mom doesn't allow anyone in the house to take the cordless phone in the bathroom because it's gross to hold when you are taking a dump! so everytime I have to get outta the bathroom without wiping, wash my hands quick and with my under wear down i run quickly to my room to pick up the phone. I told my family I hate people knowing I am in the bathroom and they don't like to lie. and most of the time they don't know where I am so they just yell my name and tell me I have a phonecall. I take about 15 min to clean my butt because I would hate messing my boxers. So ya I have to walk to my room like that everytime. my mom saw me like that before and my face turned read as blood she got me in trouble but what else can I do???

Hi everyone! Oh,what a week it's been. Updates sure are slow. Is the moderator taking a big dump? I'll bet she is. I think she's a woman, what does everyone else think?
I've been doing some heavy volunteer work with Hispanic kids, and ths afternoon, little Juan, the cutest little boy I've ever seen, has dropped anchor in my heart. Sadly, I learned that he and his mother had to flee to a shelter because of her battering husband beating her and that sweet little boy. They don't speak good english, and I can't speak spanish, and I feel so helpless!!!! I know I'm not supposed to talk about this here, but I'm so upset. I've been crying for hours. Renee is out on a date with her new guy, (he's a hot one, let me tell you! What a damned good looking hunk of male flesh!)
Buzzy: Good to see you back again, I missed you so bad! You're my special friend.
Jeff A: What a sweetie you are. I need to dedicate a special poop to you. Ren and Stinky. That's the best!!! Me and Renee laughed ourselves silly! You have a very good heart my friend. It shows in how you speak here. Tell me more about you, okay?
John (VT): We love you honey. You are the best. Tell me about your really big male poops okay? I could use it right now!
PV: God how I wish I could talk to you one on one. I want to speak to you so bad right now. Oh well, enough of that. I hope you never feel any hurt in your life. I'm sorry I'm so weird tonight. I can't get that little boy's face out of my head.

Sorry for such a bummer post. I'll be better tomorrow I'm sure. These poor kids, I hate what life has done to them!

Louise, been there, done that, girl, is what I have to say!!!! Like you, I've done it wearing many things, but with jeans it's harder because you have to get them down before you squat. Short skirts make it a quick matter....just hike them up and go! I think my trademark is literally leaving a puddle right on the side of the road, usually on the asphalt and not even in the grass. I usually point my bare ass away from the car just so I don't get any pee splashed on the car. If someone sees it sticking out from the doors, oh well!!!!

What page was the post about Heather's death on?

Also, I have a question. My daughter, she's 12, gets constipated a lot. We've tried to just "let nature run it's course", but then it just means her next BM will be big and hard and painful. She needs a laxative, but she refuses to take one. So my question is, is there any food I can give her that works as a laxitive that works in a couple hours, or is there something I can mix with her food that she won't taste that does the same thing? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

pat : i will not buy toilet tissue from a man. i will only go to a female saleslady.

will teen
Im a 16 yr guy, and I have been reading post for quite awhile now and i'm really glad to see others have interests in this most pleasureable bodily function as i do. I have many of my own experieces to tell which are to my delight are simular to most posts i have seen so far. I have done things i've never thought others did like, looking at my anus open up in a mirror while i let one go, and gone in my pants attentionally, and almost any other other way thinkable. Anyway I just like to show my graditude to you all and that i'll send my own pooping experince with myself and others in further detail.

happy popping, will teen

My boyfriend says that when he gets constipated, he gets an erection when he finally defecates.

Could that be true?

Peeping Tom
I alway love to hear about weting accidents,I wish more were posted here.Well I should share my best one if I want to hear more,if you like it please tell me.

I was my 18th birthday and I was cleaning a school for my summer job.
The restroom was lock so I had to ask my boss with the key everytime
I had to go.I was a bit shy about going to the bathroom,it seem nobody had to go as offen as me and I tryed to wait for good time to ask for the key. Well that summer I was take antibiotic pills for my face and it make my have to go more offen.On my birthday I trying to
wait for the right time to ask.Near the end of the day when we were
hoseing down the windows,something funny happened and I started laughing and loss control.A wet streak was on the side of my pants.
I move near the water.Luckly thay thought water from the hose had got me,but keep on saying It looks like you wet your wets.

Is this A good story?

Scots George here. The Forum hasnt updated for 2 days now, are you "constipated"?

There was snow up here in Scotland recently and I went for a walk in it. At the side of the path I saw a patch of melted snow and closer inspection revealed a big solid jobbie (a 12 incher) and a yellow patch where the person had done their wee wee. By the proximity of the turd to the pee Id say some woman had been out in the snow, needed a motion and done it there. I bet she had a cold bum!

On the lady who said about her aunt taking her to the toilet, my Aunt Helen who brought me up from the age of 5, would always come in if requested and rub the ???? of myself or my teo older girl cousins, if we were constipated or having difficulties doing a motion. Unlike this woman's aunt however she would look at what we had passed and encouraged us to do the same, as she rightly said that the stools could indicate a lot about the person's health. If we passed a ggod solid motion she would praise our efforts, "that's a good motion, a nice big one, George, (or Nicola or Debbie)" She also had no problem about us seeing what she had done and like Carol didnt mind if one of us was in the bathroom say washing their haor or having a shower or bath when she did her motions.

BTW has the new girl at the masthead had an accident in her panties, observing what appears to be a large brown stain in the seat of her white knickers?

Love the new picture of the girl on the toilet, but tell me has she pooped her panties??? they look like they have poo in them.

I had a major poo at work today, there i was sitting on the toilet and trying to be very lady like.

As i pushed a loud fart came out followed by two big splashes as my poo dropped from my bum, i wiped once pulled up my black panties and skirt and left a very bad smell. lisa

Sunday, March 04, 2001

Last night I almost had an embarrassing experience farting in a public place. After work I met up with my friend Sara, and we went shopping at the mall. While we were at the department store looking at clothes, I suddenly felt some gas and a strong urge to fart. I almost did it on the spot but held it in. As I was walking to another rack of clothes, I slowly eased out some gas and did a silent fart. It lasted about ten seconds and relieved the pressure. However, it also left a big stink in the air. There were quite a few folks in the air, and Sara sniffed loudly and said, "What is that smell?" A few others did the same thing, including a little girl who said, "Mommy, someone made some doo-doo!" I looked around with everyone else so that I wouldn't give myself away. It was impossible to figure out who did it.

A few minutes later the urge returned, only this time it was time to make some doo-doo. I told Sara I have to go to the ladies room, and we went quickly. We took adjacent stalls, and we sat down at the same time. Sara began to pee, while I pushed out a couple pieces of poop, then I let go a huge booming fart that echoed throughout the room. A couple of girls who were at the sink started to giggle. Sara said, "It was you who did it out there!" I said, "What are you talking about?" She said, "Over by the blouses, someone made a big stink. It was you!" She got up and flushed the toilet. I pushed out one more piece, then I wiped, got up and flushed. We talked some more about it while we were washing our hands. Sara said it was pretty good of me to cover up what I did by looking around like everyone else, and we thought it was funny that everyone else looked around and couldn't figure out who farted. We thought it was so cute that the little girl made the doo-doo ! comment.

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