I'm a 22-year old girl from Panama, I'm writing to tell you about the most disastrous carnival party I had!!!
Last week, my friends and I organized this costume party at my friend sara's just to get into athmosphere before going out to the parade, there was food and drinks and one of my friends brought this cool homebrewed punch... it was green, sweet and cool, and we drank tons of it, it was really the star of the party.
well, we left for the parade later and while driving i got the most sudden and awful rumbling in my stomach, but i just thought it was so much munchies in the party, we parked and went out. we were waiting for parade time, and my rumbling was going on. then sara tells me that she's not feeling all-too-well and that maybe we should not stay for long cuz her ???? felt funny. did you drink too much?? i asked... she told me, no, it's not like that... then i started to worry, we had all had the same stuff at the party and my belly was making noises... then my friend elisa came saying, girls i have to leave, i am sick, that plum wine i made did not agree with me. plum wine!! are you crazy?? we were all mad at her and i a panic... we knew that the clutching ghost of the runs was coming to visit us!!! so we looked for the closest shopping mall and stormed the restrooms... by that time i could feel my ???? churning as if a small animal was having fun inside, sara was holding her ! ???? with both hands and sweating profusely... and oops, just 2 stalls in the mall!! iwas closing the car, so elisa and sara won me in the race! i heard their underwear go down and their butts explode in the loudest wettest fart i've ever heard! then they cascaded and moaned... that was being an eternity for me, and i knew they were not going to be fast! i was holding my rebel ???? and holding my cheeks closed, and it required concentration, i was hearing my friends shitting their brains out and i had to hold it! after a couple minutes the cramp was murder, so i tried to alleviate pressure by passing some gas... big mistake: i thought i was in control and released a silent fart which felt as tiny, but one split-second later i felt a big wetness in my butt... i scremed "my god it has happened!" sara said, are you ok lupe? i moaned a no, and then i lost control and the explosion followed... i felt my nickers fill with a muddy sound and a trickling down my leg... i thought i sh! ould feel ashamed, but i just was so relieved!!! sara went out told me to go in but be fast, she still had a couple "visits" scheduled, so i ran, put down my nickers and up my skirt (which had not suffered much yet)and releasy noisy waves of runny stuff... i went like that for 5 minutes, i felt all dizzy and sara was thudding at the door, so i just discarded the nickers in the bin, used a huge amount of tp and go out fast, without even flushing. sara ran in saying "i'm starting to leak"...
we kept this "turn sequence" for like 20 minutes, then we felt confident enough to drive to sara's and spend a thrilling night with the runs. elisa was so sad about the prune wine, and a bit scared when we told her she had to have a mugful for brekfast!!! (we didn't of course, we had diarrhea for 2 days...)
soso, the only good side of the experience is that i came out of my lurker situation in the forum and wrote to you!!!

xoxoxoxoxo to everybody

Gruntly Bogwell
Just got back form a conference in New York City…pulled down my jeans to my ankles and then my gray briefs, lifted my gray sweatshirt and seated myself on the commode…I love the way my skinny ass fits "into" the toilet…my hole stretched open to emit some gas and a 12 inch medium brown turd oozed out, indicative of a 16 item dinner at an Indian Restaurant in Greenwich Village last night. All day long it was like the Dry Monsoon was blowing after my morning dump in the hotel room. This was the culmination of a windy day. However, the reason for my post is to relay yet another voyeuristic incident that I had in a Persian restaurant…Gorging on ethnic food in NYC for seven days makes "the hole weak." I had just ordered at the above mentioned Persian Restaurant, early in the evening with only two other people in the restaurant. They informed me that it would take some time and to please be patient. I sat back to take in the atmosphere and the door opened an in walked a 5'8" br! unette with long-black hair, parted in the middle pale white skin, took of her coat, revealing black jeans and a tight black long sleeve shirt, she was also well-bosomed. She put her book bag down and went back to the kitchen, obviously the college-age daughter of the owner, she was comfortable in the surroundings and her brother was a waiter, he called her Fozzia. A short time later she came out of the kitchen and went into the ladies room…I sat there imagining her on the pot having a pee, but she didn't come out any time soon, then all of a sudden the Thai food from the night before kicked in and I felt the need to bog myself. so I headed off to the men's room right next door to hers…I caught the faint sound of grunting as I went by…so I hurried inside and found a small room, with a commode that backed up to the women's room wall. I quickly undid my brown wool pants and pulled down my white boxers, lifted my maroon turtleneck hem above my ???? and settled my underside an! d associated equipment through the toilet seat. Just as I let loose a mushy load, a very audible grunt came through the wall behind me, indicated that the walls were really thin. So I grunted a reply and more light brown mush flooped into the water below my nether parts. It was real quiet from next door for a long time, before more straining took place…I was through and dabbed at my moist hole with toilet paper…hoping to hear more of the struggle going on next door. I was soon rewarded with a series of muted nnggs, ahhs, and oohhs and sighs. I sat there relishing the sounds in my own fuminess.
Then, being an experienced voyeur I lifted my ass off the seat and switched off the light in the men's room…whoa, there was a shaft of light coming through the wall from underneath the tank behind me. (I know some of you ladies have expressed outrage against men or boys sneaking into the ladies room for some beaver shots over and/or under the stall partitions as you sat there having a dump…but what about men spying from "there" side of the house?) I quickly got off the commode on to my knees, my pants still around my ankles, my skinny white butt sticking up in the air and peeked through the hole in the wall, it turned out to have been created by some shoddy plumbing. My black beret made contact with the wall and I had to adjust my glasses…and bingo I was looking down the pale white butt curve of the coed seeking relief in the adjoining room, she was facing away from me toward the opposite wall. I could see the edge of the toilet seat as it contacted her right thigh, t! hen down to her right knee where it joined her calf and down her leg to her scrunched up black jeans with her pink panties stuffed onto the top of them…a grunt caused a loud bowl-echoing fart bowl split the air. Fozzia shifted back and forth on the seat causing her white thigh curve to bulge over the toilet seat and resume its seated shape again. She strained some more and a fweeeeep fart indicated her load was in finally in the anal chamber, ready to come out. More straining produced the familiar crackle…my bent over position in the men's room trying to see Fozzia caused me to blow a gross Thai food fart into the dank air on my side. She panted and strained, with more unngghhhsss, aahhss, and ooooohhhs…this had to be a hole grabber…more rocking forward this time caused her thigh curve to thin out, obviously her effort had pulled her butt off the toilet seat with its butt plug still in place, in fact a long drawn out groan came through the wall, with a slow krickle, krick! le…until a loud floomp announced her success, her thigh curve resumed its fully seated shape. I fired out a wet fart and had to hurriedly reseat myself to allow for another soft-serve event. I wiped quickly and got back down to the unintended peep-hole to see Fozzia's hand with carefully folded institutional toilet paper slip between her thigh and the toilet seat, followed by the back and forth wiping motion. I stood up and pulled up my pants, fumbled to turn on the light, washed my hands thoroughly from having had them on the men's room floor to balance as I peeped on Fozzia's struggles for a poo. This took some time and as luck would have it I opened the door to the men's room at the same time as Fozzia opened the door to the women's. Our odors mingled and she gave one of those famous New York "F U" look's…I quickly looked down to avoid her eyes, and cast a side-long glance past her into the small ladies room, her large, dark-chocolate colored, knobby ended-turd was swir! ling around in the toilet! As I returned to my seat in the restaurant, her broether showed up with the kebabs and dinner resumed. A short time later her brother went into the ladies room with a plunger…to unplug the commode after the Persian Princess, Fozzia's hole-stretcher couldn't find its way out to the New York sewer system.

Adrian - Glad you enjoyed the 2nd post.

PV - Macho Chick in Training, eh? I like that label!

Buzz - That is a rather "different" feeling, being in the Men's Room, taking a dump, with an unexpected lady companion doing the same. Nothing like it.

Last week we got a little break from the somewhat severe winter that we have had in the Northeastern States. On Saturday morning, the temperature was in the 50s already, so I dressed in running shorts for the first time in months, and a light slicker, as it was drizzling. I went and had my usual pre-run dump, a 15" log with several smaller companions, cleaned up, washed my hands and went out. Since I had time, I decided to run down the hill a little from my house, and stay on the wooded trails for the entire route. A few miles into my trip, I was running down a narrow trail that connected with the main trail, when I noticed 2 women running ahead of me. As I got onto the main trail, I saw the woman on the left, a brunette, point to her companion, a blonde. I thought she was pointing out some wildlfe or something else. She grabbed her right butt cheek, as though she had a muscle cramp, then the 2 made a sharp right into a small clearing surrounded by low bushes. Being the curious type, I slowed my pace and noticed the brunette wiggling her backside, while her companion smiled and shook her head. I didn't want run by and startle them, so I ducked into a clearing not to far behind them. As I was doing so, the brunette lowered her blue shorts, squatted and let out a soft poo, with a loud expulsive sound and an audible OOOOOOOOOO! This was followed by another soft plop then a steady stream of pee. As she was doing this, her companion lowered her shorts, squatted and arched her butt a little, exposing her light brown anus for all to see. Her hole expanded and a somewhat knobby poop started, got a few inches out, then the rest of the log came out softer, and ended with a Flloopp!, as it hit the ground. Meanwhile, the brunette let out another loud, soft poop, and as the blonde peed, I heard her ask her friend if she was all right. She got an affirmative nod, as the brunette let out still another soft poop! The blonde reached into jacket and produced a pack of tissues (most runners seem to come prepared for moments like this) and wiped herself. When she had completed her 2 wipes, she handed the tissues to her pal, who wiped 7 times to clean up the mess on her backside. She stood up to inspect and wiped once more, before pulling up her shorts. They walked out of the bushes and started to walk, then run on the main trail. I stepped out on the trail and started running up a hill that would join the maintrail a ways down the road. When I reached the main road, I was these 2 girls a short distance in front. I caught up with them, and the blonde turned around, and said "Good Morning", in a voice that spoke of the Southeast. I greeted her and her companion and ran about a mile with them, before heading home. I found out they were from North Carolina, and were here to tour the Hudson Valley with friends. We chatted briefly about our interests in running and the outdoors in general, before I said so long and headed for my house. On the way home, I reflected on the sight I had just seen and considered myself one lucky runner.

Plunging Plop Guy, I'm glad the combined efforts of everyone are taking effect in making you feel better!

Ellie, I'm very touched by the way you and Kev have been showering our budding violinist Little Lou with love. I believe that this is the best remedy for healing the results of her traumatic experience. Keep it up!

Kendal, your threesome knee-sitting pee story made my day! I think of it as a trio in P-major!

Teenaged Girl, so you peed yourselves in the car. You'll need to wash the carpets, or it will start to smell as if someone had peed in it :-) Someone suggested that you could have gone between the open car doors. It is the method my wife has used. I have not been to Florida for quite a while, but I remember the areas with trees had pine trees interspersed with palmettos. The leaves of those are of course of no use as a substitute for TP! My wife and I got caught in a slow moving traffic jam (in Europe) passing a seemingly endless stretch of road building, where peeing between car doors was not possible, because we were chugging along all the time and there was no room to stop. We only just made it to the next gas station with rest rooms. This got me to think about emergency solutions. The obvious is to carry some sort of receptacle, bucket or bin to pee into. Even a plastic water bottle with the top cut off (so you won't need a funnel) will do. But such items take up space! and are liable to tip over when full, or splash when you slam your foot down on the brakes. I have found another solution: plastic bags. Here, and I suppose in other places as well, dispensers for dark brown plastic bags to collect your dog's turds have been set up, where people take their dogs for walks. These plastic bags are water tight, cost nothing, fold to a small square to keep in your back pocket, in the glove compartment of a car or in your hand bag (purse). Fold the opening of the bag over outwards to enable you to hook your index and middle fingers under the fold. With two hands you can stretch the opening to a rectangle which you can hold to yourself. Don't forget to get your pants/undies down first. I poured two 500ml bottles of water into such a bag for a test run, holding it only on one side, whilst pouring with the other. The bag did not slip off my fingers, so it can be handled that way as well. There was enough bag left above the water filling to enable me t! o tie a simple overhand knot which did not leak. I managed all this easily at the sink without a spill. I now have a couple of such doggie-poo-bags in the glove compartment of my car. As we have a dog, they also come in useful for the purpose they were designed for.
More later, have to log off, bye bye and healthy bms to you all. Rizzo

I use TP for two wipes. Not for the first couple of wipes when it's really smeary, but for the third and subsequent wipes, I tear off a long strip, fold it up into about 4 layers and use one side for a wipe, then fold it over and wipe again.

Quality Time
We hear a lot nowadays about "quality time". I count as one of my major pieces of quality time each day, the time I spend shitting. This is because it is relaxing, enjoyable and health-giving. I give high priority to the time I spend on the shitter, and if it is twice per day, so much the better. I feel sorry for those people for whom their number two is a chore to be got through in minimum time, and to be neglected or missed out if they are busy.

Mike D.
I am a frequent visitor to this site but a not so frequent a poster. I have a very busy schedule and my bathroom trips until recently have rather uneventful. The last week or so has been a deviation from the norm though. When I poop I usually pass 3 to 5 pieces that are usually 4 to 5 inches long but the last week has been a different matter. My poop has not been runny but it has been much softer than usual and I passes 10 to 15 logs at a time instead my usual 5. I don't if its the food but I haven't pooped like this in years. I always poop after work and it normally takes me less than five minutes from start to finish, latlely it has taken me 15. Carmalita, if you are reading this, these poops rate a "10" on the stinkometer. I have to say that I really enjoy taking these massive dumps because I feel very cleansed afterword.
Like many of the men here I am also turned by women pooping. I love listening to women fart and enjoy hearing poop crackle out their butts. Hearing the poop splash in to the water also excites me.
I used have to a girlfriend that let me watch when she pooped and it was as much a turn on for her as it was for me. Even though she was only 5'1" and 105 pounds she had the meanest bowels movement of anyone I have known. She was like clockwork. When she got up in the morning she had a coffee and an hour later she was for business. She always wore thong panties and she always looked so sexy on the toilet her thong wrapped around ankles. Anyway, she always spent about 20 minutes pooping. As soon as she parked herself on the toilet she usually started off with a loud "PPPPPPPRFFFFFFFTTTTT", followed by a deluge of crackles and plops mixed with alot a farts. Her poop was always very soft but not runny, the texture of soft serve ice cream. The smell was also something fierce. She was a strict vegetarian and I think that was her bowels movements were so massive. Sadly, she wanted to move to Wyoming(I was living in California), but I didn't and we went our separate ways.
I now live in Portland, Oregon and I would love to find a women who enjoys having a man watch her poop. In the meantime I am content to fantasize about it and I happy to find that there are several women here whose stories get me all fired up. The undisputed queen is Carmalita. I must admit that you take some awesome shits. Since I consider Latinas the sexiest women in the world, that makes the sexiest pooper on this site. To be honest, I always read your posts while I poop becuase you stories give me goosebumps. I am looking forward to your next great pooping adventure. You are THE BEST.
Love, Mike D.

Carol (housewife and mother). I think more people are 'turned on' by bodily functions (women as well as men)than really care to admit it. So long as they're sensible and discreet and don't break the law in pursuit of their particular enjoyment, there's nothing wrong with that in my book. Like some other chaps who post here I've been turned on by ladies 'needing to go' for a long time but I would never intentionally embarrass a lady, particularly if my interest in lavatorial matters was likely to be difficult for her. As another lady poster (Anne the bus driver) pointed out some time ago though, if you 'go' in public (other than on a toilet) some likelihood of being seen goes with the territory.

I really enjoyed the story about experience on the train from London. No doubt it was an incident you won't forget! As for your husband, he is certainly one lucky man.

Hello everyone!
Not much to report here, so I'll respond to some questions:

TC: If I've ever had to poop outdoors and had no means of wiping with me, either I use leaves if there are any decent sized ones around, or else use my finger and wipe it off on the grass.
Before using my finger though, I trim my fingernail by biting, so that there's no risk of scratching, plus no poop gets lodged under there.

RICK: I always look at the TP. I can feel when it's dirty, but not when it's *almost* clean.

CORI: Usually I use two sheets for the first wipe, then decide whether I'll use none, 1 or 2 sheets next depending on how dirty that first one is. If there's very little on it, I re-fold it and use it again.

PAT: Not weird, just different! It's probably more hygienic and better for you anyway. Just think of all those trees you saved, plus the other environmental benefits too!

ANDREW, KENDAL & KIRSTY: You really enjoyed yourselves in the garden the other day, by the sound of it! I can't get away with anything like that at my house because it's a terrace and loads of people can see into my back yard.
However, I do have someone in mind that might do the sitting on knees wee with me - my mate's mum!!!! She's about 10yrs older than me, and he's about 10yrs younger.
Problem is, I don't know if she'd sit on my knee with me standing to attention - she's really attractive!
Oh, and I hope the F&M outbreak isn't causing you any problems. I heard that some people in farming communities (lots of them in your county) were basically housebound.

Did anyone see Hollyoaks this week? Alex's pet snake disappeared down the toilet, so all the housemates are scared to use the toilet.
Tony finally gave in and peed in the kitchen sink, while Geri commented that she'd gone in the shower that morning. The others were like "Ewww!", but she said "What? It's not like it was a number 2!"
The shower I have is fitted over the bath, so when I get around to the bathroom refurbishment, I might fit a separate shower cubicle.
If I do, I'll fit one of the drains that has a removable hair trap. Along with a shallow u-bend, it should be able to cope with almost anything!
Oh yeah, and I'll be fitting a traditional toilet with overhead cistern, for decent flush performance.

Si :)

Plunging Plop Guy

Hello to you all,

SHAWN, What you described where you were complimented on by the other guy shitting in those toilets was great! What a pity you felt awkward and had to get out and didn't respond to his friendly comments! I only hope that you will feel a bit less inhibited next time and that with enough "embarrassments" you will feel proud and confident to share in mutual toilet comments.
I read once about an author who was painfully shy in his youth and decided to cure himself of his shyness by deliberately getting on the wrong bus and when the conductor told him later he was on the wrong bus;he would apologise to each passenger in turn before getting off.
He knew he would't need to talk to the other people for long, so it wasn't much of an ordeal for him and he soon found his self-confidence.
Try making or responding to comments in toilets like you described and staying that bit longer each time until you feel easy about it.
Be proud of the sounds you make and enjoy it. Good luck and I hope you soon feel really great about it. Let us know how you get on.

LIZARD KING, I've had that happen to me as well. I think it's called "Tegismus" or a word very similar, meaning frequent urges to defecate during the same day and each time being not very productive.
In my own case I think it must have been due to having too much fibre and I can remember on christmas Day, every time I went to the toilet for a wee, as soon as I relaxed to urinate, I felt my rectum start to open. To avoid yet another waste of time and cleaning up after an insubstantial BM, I just tightened up again and pissed when the feeling went off. Later on my bodyresponded and the urge to shit stopped until I went again the next day.
Perhaps you too have had a bit too much fibre and that's what has affected you.

Regarding Pareuresis,or inability to piss due to inhibitions, I have always had this but not as a cause of inconvenience, quite the reverse! Often I've felt desperate to go but there's been no toilets around, or I've come out on a cold day, my bladder shrinks and I wonder if I can make it until I can find somewhere.
What I find a great help in these situations is to be in a place where there's a lot of people around. The urge just goes away! Sometimes I'm a few streets away from where I live and there are people walking about, then I turn a corner and suddenly I'm on my own and I desperately need others around so I can make it until I get home. As soon as I open the door, I'm breaking into a dance routine as I try to hold on , then run to the bathroom and by the time I'm at the toilet, I've almost literally lost control.
Therefore, in my own case, it is very conditional upon privacy and to my advantage although I have at times been standing at a urinal wanting and needing to go but been praying no-one's going to stand next to me which will make it impossible unless I'm really desperate then there's no stopping me!
So there can be advantages but that is probably the reason so many guys use cubicles to have a piss, as perhaps we feel that to have someone standing next to us is threatening and so we hold back.

There's been a lot of posting recently about faces of people on TP. As an expression of our strong dislike for someone, often someone we've never met, we subconsciously want to degrade and humiliate them, I suppose, but not to the extent that would be more appropriate to discuss on another forum.
I suppose a more satisfying way of showing our contempt would be to have the person's face superimposed on the bottom of the toilet pan so we are , to use the phrase, dumping on them.
I don't want to explore this subject here, nor to suggest various people whose images I would want under me when I'm on the toilet,as we all have our enemies that we collect as we go through life, but it's interesting how the subject of defecating can be a way of expressing our anger and aggression.
I really like the idea of letting go our anger by having a really good satisfying loud shit on the toilet straight after some incident has really annoyed us, and I suppose the term used "Bombs away!" when we start to drop our "Arsehole artillery" ( as my biker friend has called it) is significant in its aggressive terminology.
On one of his tape recordings my friend sent me, there is a session where he's on the toilet when you can hear a neighbour's doorbell being rung but with no answer. The caller then ringss my friend's doorbell, and he says under his breath but quite audible on the tape-"F--- off!", and immediately drops a big turd. A few seconds later and they ring again and he drops another loud plop.
Whether or not my friend is conscious of how it comes over, to me it certainly sounds very much like he could be angry about being interrupted when he's on the toilet and responds in a powerful way; he drops a bomb! (Or a "depth charge")
Shitting as a sublimated attack mechanism or a release of pent up anger? Either way no harm is done and to wipe our dirty arses on pictures of people or drop our turds into toilet pans with faces painted on is I hope a satisfying way to contain and eradicate our anger and frustrations.

One more incident I remember of about 12 years ago when I was on holiday and stayed the night in stratford on Avon.
I was the only guest and the landlord was keen to offer me some of his home made beer before going to bed. I think I had about half a pint, ( that's a British half pint, 10 fluid ounces or 284 ml.!!!)
He went to bed and I stayed up on my own and watched the tv.
Before going to bed I spent a very pleasurable 10 or more minutes on an old toilet with wooden seat dropping small arse splashing turds with rhythmic plops which were easy and yet controllable to drop.
I attributed this really enjoyable shit so late at night as being due to the home made beer and wonder if other people have been affected the same way. I've heard of the after-effects of drinking a lot of beer as being "pebble dashing" the toilet, but this was really nice, slow and firm.

That's my lot for now,except to say my itching, sensitivity etc is still with me but my shits are better and I did some big ones today! I'm continuing with drinking lots of water to swell up the fibre and so far am enjoying the happy medium between constipation and urgent needs to get to the toilet.

Look after yourselves, P P G

DIANE - Hi! I have had a wee between car doors like that.
Hehehe. A couple of times when I have needed to wee and
we have just stopped so I could get out and squat between
them. I have done it when I have had jeans on, or other
times my short skirts but never a long one.

KIM AND SCOTT - Yeah, Steve likes his Wing Chun Kung Fu.
He thinks there is quite a lot of clubs in the USA, so
Scott could find one and start.

PV - Hi girl! Well the snow did not really get to us, so
that wee Steve thought we would do in the snow did not
happen. LOL if we had been in Scotland there would
have been lots of it.
Oh the peeing contest - how did we clean up the wee
on the floor when we were all done? Oh we saw a bucket
maybe the cleaners use, and so we just filled it up
water and swilled it all away. There is a drain at the
far end so it was all right. We did not want the changing
room to stink after a bit. LOL
Last night Steve was late, so I went swimming just with
my sister. We were feeling brave, so we went into the
gents together and stood at the urinal for a wee. It
was a good wee, I wish I had done that one when we had
the contest.



Aaron- I know what you mean. The flu has been hitting everyone and I think there are lots of people who have a lot of shitty underwear to wash. Don't you hate how that stuff just creeps out whenever it wants. Hope you feel better!

I've been taking a lot of advice about not pinching off logs. Out of habit I always pinch and push a lot. The other day I had to go so bad and I just relaxed and let it out without pinching. Cleanup was easy and it was a much more relieving feeling when it came out. I noticed this is hard to do with a really hard poop. Thanks for the advice and keep the great stories coming!

The Crank
My morning shit was a painful one. Having not been crapping properly for a week, I finally felt the fullness in my rectum, indicating a big one. I went to the toilet, took off my shorts and briefs and placed them on the floor. Then I sat on the toilet reading my newspaper.

My first push produced the head of the WIDE turd, something I was not expecting. It hurt so much and I cant suck it back in, so I strained with all my might and the whole log slid out, leaving a tingling sensation in my anus as it plop into the toilet. The smell was really stronge. I pushed out some more bits of turds as I read my newspaper. Then I washed my anus with some water, wore my shorts and flushed.

Felt sooo great after that. Hoping for a better poop another day.

My girlfriend is very shy about going in public. I don't know is it because of the mess or the thought that everybody knows she just crapped. Whenever she stays overnight somewhere, she will NEVER crap in that place. I wonder how long she can hold it in. Wishing one day to see her crap a really huge one with grunting and all after holding back for a long time. Would LOVE to watch.

She's sooooooo cute.

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