My usual routine is to poop shortly after i get up in the morning but yesterday i sat and did a nice long pee and a fart but that was all,so i had a cup of coffee and tried again since that all most allways does the trick but still no results.

So off to work i went and around 9:30 i let out a nasty sbd that luckily no one was close enough to smell and shortly there after i headed off to the ladies room and i could see by the shoes that my friend Cindy was in the end stall and i took the middle one and as i was pulling down my pantyhose and panties i did a loud fart and then
another one as soon as my ass hit the seat followed by a long loud blast of diaharea and by now i was bent over with my hands on my stomach,my friend who was silent until now asked if i was ok and i said ya i guess so,i must have eaten something bad yesterday, and at that second she said oh as she was pushing out her poop that i heard
make a slight plop in the bowl but i could not detect any odor from her direction since mine was filling the air and i knew she could smell it for sure,well i put out more liquid from my ass for the next 10 minutes or so with plenty of gas and i was sure glad that no one else came in while i was doing so,i could now hear my friend pulling tp from the roll and then the sounds of her wipeing her ass and flushing as i stood and started to also wipe i took a quick look in the bowl that was full of dark brown yucky liquid with some brown floating chunks,man did i feel better letting that out.

To Athea,yes i went to H.S. in the city,as a matter of fact in the Bronx,I posted a few stories about it sometime back,for almost my entire sophmore year i was to shy to use the doorless stalls to shit but i would do a quick pee as needed,i clearly remember rushing home after school holding it in and my mother finding out after seeing a pair of panties that i had an accident in and her talking some sense in to me something along the line of there's no reason to be embaresed we all have to do it and we all have the same equipment in our underware don't we and so on and that hepled me a little with it but what helped the most was in my junior year when i went out for the swim team and we had practice after school i would see some of the other girls on the toilets in the locker room totaly naked before or after showering and so after awhile i just wound up doing the same,you know there is something about doing that sort of stuff that creates a bond with females,and after a co! uple of years of this it totaly removed whatever modesty i had about going in front of other females.

Hi you all!
Great new authors on the site! I have managed to have a quick look at some of the postings. Great stories! As to what happened to little Lou and to April, I quite agree with PV and others who speak my mind.

ERICA, the wierdest place I have ever peed in was the centre board casing of a sailing dinghy. I was alone on board my boat, becalmed and needing a pee. My boat was surrounded by other boats also becalmed. Now I did not want to pee over the side in front of all the others in their boats, there being quite a number of girls around and I being somewhat shy. To explain, the centre board is a flat piece of wood or metal that is housed in a vertical casing as part of the hull. The board can be lowered in to the water to prevent the boat from being blown sideways across the water when the wind blows from the side. The narrow casing is usually open at the top and you can look down into the greenish depths through the slot. So I pulled my shorts to one side, pulled out my willy, shoved it into the slot and peed into the sea. Nobody noticed. It felt deliciously naughty to do this. I suppose a girl could do and feel exactly the same.

MAGGIE, if diarrhoea continues on the third day, see a doctor. When I eat something bad, it makes me feel terrible for 24 hours or so. But my case is probably different. Things that are bad for me are dairy products and eggs (this made o good part of my childhood very unpleasant, almost hell on earth). In your case it might be salmonella and that would be no joke. So please take care.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY, yeah, I think I know how you feel. I had haemorrhoids once. Managed to get rid of them with the aid of special creams squirted into the anus with an applicator. Spicy foods (careful with those jalapeņos!) are to be avoided or "ring sting" (thanks again Penny) will become an understatement. Since then, whenever I have my morning BM at home, and I almost always do, I wash my bum hole with luke warm water and NO SOAP (important!) in the bidet just next to the toilet. In this way irritating residues of bms feeling like acid are not rubbed in with TP but washed off, the skin is not depleted of natural oils, and I have never had trouble with haemorrhoids again. It helps if your diet lets you have soft bms. Drink enough water, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables! Avoid chocolate! I don't, being totally chocoholic. But again I'm different: as milk is a strong laxative for my digestive system, milk chocolate does not bung me up at all!

ALASKAN GUY, some pages back I came across your post about your emergency stop at the kiddies' playing field. Reading it I imagined it sung like a ballad to the sound of a guitar. Especially the beginning has a swinging rhythm to it I enjoyed. Post again!

SONJA, I haven't come across a suggestion to your hydro dynamic problem; maybe I missed it. I suppose that you have tried all variations and combinations of thighs together, thighs apart, leaning forward or leaning back. Have a closer look at your arrangements with a mirror. I can imagine that maybe you need to put your hand in between your thighs and pinch your labia shut at the front, maybe even pushing down at the same time to make your pee stream exit your vestibulum vaginae furhter at the back and at a steeper down angle. Give it a try.

Last week I was doing some engineering survey work on board a small passenger vessel. By lunchtime I had finished my job, and before leaving I decided to use the toilet on the passenger deck for a quick pee before leaving for a lengthy car ride back to the office. Three cleaning ladies had just left their buckets and mops next to the toilet to go ashore for lunch. The generator had been shut down and shore power had yet to be connected. I was alone. The toilet is a uinsex affair with just a toilet bowl and a wash basin. On opening the door to the toilet I stepped into darkness, so I left the door open wide. I put down my satchel, folded my boiler suit on top, stepped in front of the bowl, lifted the yucky seat which had not yet been attended to by the cleaning crew with the tip of my foot, and unzipped my fly. That was the easier part. Now it had been a cool day and I was wearing Y-front Jockeys with half legs. I grovelled around in my underwear and it took a while to neg! ociate the labyrinth those pants provide. Finally I managed to get my willy to the surface and pulled it out of the layers of material. It made me think of a blackbird pulling an earthworm out of the lawn. In the meantime my bladder was becoming impatient, the urge almost overwhelming. I pointed at the bowl and let fly. Aaaahh,......but where is the tinkle? I looked down and saw the jet of pee angle down and to the right missing the bowl completely. Emergency shut off! The stream had got me on my right trouser leg above the knee and the wetness was now seeping through. After readjusting the aim, I let go again and this time succeeded in being on target. What had happened? Somehow a pubic hair had got caught in my fingers and had been pulled across the pee hole pulling it askew. Well, with the boiler suit hanging over my arm and down to conceal the large wet patch, I made it to the car without any embarassing encounters. With the heater on full blast my pants dried in a matter ! of 15 minutes. A case of cocksureness that breeds carelessness I'd say. Will I hear a snort of derision from you, PV, from down under? Silly Rizzo, has prick, can't pee straight, and tries to teach others how to improve their aim!
That's enough for the moment, I am looking forward to posts about Mardi Gras or Carneval poops and pees! Have fun, take care, Rizzo

First Kirsty, and now Andrew ! Both of them have told about the weeing sitting on knees and neither has got on here. So, its up to me again !

Sitting on knees to wee 2, take two !

Andrew and I decided we would try to do a wee together again, but this time with him sitting on my knee. It took some time to work out how we were going to do it, because he is a bit heavy, and I was afraid his weight might push my little bottom through the hole in the toilet seat. But I had to sit back far enough so that he could wee inside the toilet. Eventually, I decided I could just about support us both with my arms holding the seat behind me. This time, I didn't get wet, and I didn't half surprise Andrew when I took advantage of being on the bottom to poo as well. And especially as he had joked with me that I sounded like I was pooing ( I was making straining noises which were half because I was pooing and half with the effort to support us both on the toilet). I have to say I enjoyed this way round better for actually weeing, less wet ! But it was much more comfortable for me to sit on Andrew !

Now after we finished doing this, Kirsty shocked both me and Andrew by saying she would like to join in as well, and how about a threesome sitting on knees ! Now we definitely couldn't manage that on the toilet, so we decided that it would have to be on the low garden wall, and Mrs Nosey, the next door neighbour was out, giving us the perfect chance. We all drank lots of orange juice right away ( Kirsty having emptied herself of wee on the toilet after Andrew and I got off ). In fact, we drank so much, Andrew had to go and buy some more before his Mum noticed how much we had drunk !

Sitting on knees to wee 3, take one !
The orange only took an hour and a half to kick in, with me being the bursting one as usual ! Outside on the wall we talked at length about the order of sitting ! I said I didn't want to get wet again so Andrew would have to sit on top ! But then Kirsty said she wasn't going to sit on the bottom and carry all the weight ! And I certainly wasn't !! So Kirsty then thought of the best plan. She's been brilliant all week considering how embarrassed she usually is over all things "toilet" ! It was decided to go in order of the biggest. So Andrew on the bottom, then Kirsty, then me, but to avoid the Andrew problem of before, Kirsty sat astride Andrew's legs and I sat astride hers which left a big gap in the middle for us all to wee into. Perfect ! I did feel a bit unladylike sat like this, but no one was going to see, so who cares !! We decided that as Andrew would take the longest to start, Kirsty and I would wait until he did get going before starting ourselves. But he! started quite quick thank goodness because I was dribbling involuntarily with the strain of trying to hold it. His wee shot right forwards, missing the path and going straight on the grass. I think I was next to go, gushing down on the path, followed very quickly by Kirsty. Her wee hissed alot and went further forward than mine, but still on the path Anyway, the path was swimming within seconds and all our wee ran into the grass. When we had all finished, the only thing wet was Andrew's legs which Kirsty and I splattered as our wee hit the path, and Andrew's feet, which were the only ones on the ground ! ( and the path and grass of course !).

Afterwards we filled the watering can, and Kirsty washed down the back of Andrew's legs and his feet. ( He must have been frozen with that cold water on him ). After that, Andrew filled the watering can 3 times, and washed the path with it, and then kept pouring water on the grass until it was absolutely sodden. He said that was to dilute our wee in case it killed the grass and his Dad got suspicious ! I think he would be more suspicious if it died through drowning !!

KATE: Glad you liked the story, and yes, its all your fault !! But my goodness, are we grateful to you for the idea because Andrew, Kirsty and I have had such enormous fun this half-term. I only managed not to wee on the floor by using my hand as a shield. But I bet you and Matthew had such a laugh when you did wee on the floor ! I didn't want to go back to school today. It would be boring compared with the holiday antics. I know, I bet I could spice things up a bit by starting a new school club. I could call it the WEE SOAK club, standing for "Wee Sitting On A Knee" ! Where do I get them from ?! That's so funny ! Still, I don't suppose the teacher would allow me to start that club ! Anyway, loved your story about weeing off a bridge. Now I'm pleased the boys looked after you well. You wouldn't get me doing that even if Andrew held me ( well, maybe I would if Andrew held me, but I wouldn't trust anyone else to do it). I'd be too afraid. Hope you liked the other two stor! ies above. Andrew sends his love and says trust you to carry on with the Kirsty story ! (My Dad will be pleased with you !!) Love from Kendal xxx

ALTHEA: That was a good story about the boy next door when you were little. Your surprise wee while pooing for him made me laugh ! I have the other problem, surprise poos while weeing !! Love Kendal x

LOUISE: 1.2 litres, My God !! I'll never do that ! Andrew says that makes my wee look miniscule ! In fact, he's calling me a new nickname, Kendal Tiny Bladder ! He says he'll stop if I stop encouraging people to remind him about how he sat on poor Kirsty's knee in the dark ! Hmmmmm ? No deal mate !! Love Kendal xx

PV: That was so nice of you to say that I'm like a favourite niece ! And good on you for standing up to all the nasty things happening to people on this site. I hope Little Lou is much better too.

LITTLE LOU: Andrew and I both hope that things are getting better for you. He wrote another special message for you on Friday, but it didn't get on. So he sends another special hug for you ( you lucky girl ! They are very special, the most comforting thing I have ever experienced. It feels like nothing nasty will ever happen to you again !). We hope you have made up with Ellie and Kev, and that all the wonderful people on this site have helped to make you feel better. Love from Kendal xxx

LAURA: Wow, you finally managed to engineer Neil to watch. Well done ! Glad you felt encouraged to do it. Its exciting to watch someone else, but just as exciting ( if not more ) to be watched yourself by someone you want to watch you. Has Neil let you watch him yet ? And what does your other room mate think to this ? It took a while for Kirsty to want to join in with me and Andrew, but now she's part of our little secret, she's become obsessed ! Look forward to hearing more about you and Neil. Love from Kendal xx

KIM: Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid) left a message for you as well that didn't get on. He said to say how funny it was to picture your neck chain jangling while you had that huge poo, and that you are the most entertaining writer on this site ! That story made me laugh too ! Love from Kendal x

LINDA: So where is the Spanish Dress story ? Andrew can hardly contain himself waiting ! Neither can I ! He wrote to you too, and added an extra XO to the end of the usual XOXO for thinking he was cute ! We both think there is enough poo stories on this site at the moment, so we'd like to hear about one of your extra special wees in that dress ! What do you reckon to my idea of a school club called the Wee Soak club ? I needed my hankie to dry my eyes after I thought of that one ! Hey, loved your story about your little sister and how your kind cousin looked after her. I made Andrew laugh this evening when I invited him to come and comb my hair for me when he popped in on his way home from school to see if I was ok !! He says he enjoyed combing my hair, and could he comb yours sometime too ?! Hope you and your family are well. Lots of Love my dear friend, from Kendal xxxxx.

JEFF A - Hi guy, thanks for saying PV and I are
Oh I don't know how I would ever be brave enough to
go out of the house again if I was video taped on
the toilet and the tape got out. Some best friend
that poor lady had eh? I guess that the 'best friend'
thought it was all one big joke. I would be really
shattered if my best friend stabbed me in the back
like that.
You know it makes me think. I think I had better
check for cameras the next time I take a piss on
a beach.
I bet you will be pleased to know Steve is not just
teaching Wing Chun to just me, he has about 3 or 4
young proteges as well who he helps and spars with
at the club. He is not an instructor but he could be!
He is not back until very late tonight but I will tell
him you have written so he can send a letter tomorrow.
Love, Louise.

PV - Hi! No, I did not find it easy to shut off
when I had to go and kick the door shut, and I
dripped a line of wee across the floor!
Oh you are so right about April. There really is
something wrong with a mother who can be that
nasty to a child. Think about those women who
can not have children and would love them if they
could. It is not justice is it?
Wasn't Steve's letter about the pee distance
competition a good one? I really enjoyed it, and
yeah I think I would have won if I had splayed my
pussy a little bit better. I was a little bit
slippy and my fingers slipped. I had a practice
last night in the bathroom and I know that I
should have wiped my pussy first with my towel
for the contest. It was a lot of fun though, a
great laugh. Steve was terrified . LOL

Big Hugs,


Sometimes I see a dead fly in my toilet. I just pee on it and flust the toilet. About four or five years ago my mouse trap caught a mice and I put it in the toilet and took a BM on it and flush it down the toilet. Does anyone have anything in the toilet? Do you flush or take care of your business then flush?

Carrie. I'd love to see Tony Blair's face printed on TP. With an election looming in the UK it could be quite marketable - not to mention funny.

Maggie. Judging by the symptoms described in your latest post, I think I was right. What you've had is more likely than not a gastric infection. You will feel tired for a few days having lost a lot of fluid and nutrients so quickly. Your main priority should be to get rehydrated and rest now, even if that means taking a day off work. With any luck your system should return to normal in a day or two but in the meantime it's a question of being patient. I've 'been there' and I'm well qualified to speak from personal experience.

Jersey Man. I've never heard of the condition known as GERD and I don't know whether having the 'runs' or abnormal bowel movements are in any way related to it. My suspicion is that you may have IBS but if your symptoms persist I'd advise seeing your doctor.

Sarah (London). You're quite normal.

RJogger. Liked your latest story.

To Kendal, Andrew, PV, Louise, Pooper Doopeer, Linda GS, Steve, Maggie (sorry if I've missed anyone out)

Thank you all so much for your messages of kindness to Little Lou. Me and Kev want to thank you all very much. Both of us feel dreadful about the incident. We should have been there to look after her, but we weren't. Those horrible girls are just the lowest of the low, and I really hope that one day they will feel sorry for what they have done. If they had started on me it wouldn't have been so bad, because I'm nearly as old as them, and could've fought back. But what hope did my baby sister have? She's only 9, and very small for her age, perhaps the size of a 6 or 7 year old. What chance did a tiny little girl of 3'10'' stand against them? If I could have changed places with her, I would have done so gladly. I can't bring myself to think about how scared she must have been. I can't help thinking I should have been there to help her.

Me and Kev have made a special efort to be really nice to her. Kev drew some of his pocket money out of the bank, and he went into town. He bought her this doll she's wanted for ages, as well as glittery hairclips, sweets and lipstick, which she loves. I've made fairy cakes for her, took her to play in the park, and taken her to Craig's, to see his pony. We've found out Mum and Dad are staying in Ireland for a month. They rang Maria, the lady who works in the pub. She told them we'd been really good. They said our relatives have asked them to stay a little bit longer, so they agreed. It's one of the only times I've seen Kev cry since he was 7 or 8. I found him in his room. He says he wants to look after us both, but he says what happened to Lou is his fault, and now he's worried something will happen to me. I told him it's not his fault, and he seemed to cheer up. It's probably the best thing that Mum and Dad aren't coming back immediately. I want everything to be back to ! normal before they come home. I was going to take her out for a ride in the fields, but since there has been an outbreak of foot and Mouth Disease in sheep in Devon, Craig says it's best if we don't. Lou loves his pony, Imp, and seeing him has cheered her up a bit.

Lou's still a bit wary about going to the toilet. She's stopped going to the park every time she needs to go, but she won't let anyone in with her. By the way, PV, what is that Avoidant Paruresis you were talking about. What exactly is it? How could I tell if Lou has it, or might get it? How can it be cured. If she might get it, I want to know what it is, so I can help her. Thankfully, she hasn't had any more accidents in bed since I last posted. She felt dreadfully ashamed of herself last time, but I told her not to worry. There is progress though. She came in with me when I went to the toilet, cos I said I'd be lonely if she didn't come. So she came in, and we chatted about her new lipstick and hairclips. As a treat tonight, I'm going to do her hair and make-up, and let her wear my sparkly dress and sandals. She loves that.

On a lighter note, me and Kev had a laugh. He said to me lastnight "why don't you and me do what Kendal and Andrew did?" I wasn't very keen on the idea, but I went along with it, as I think he's been upset enough by recent incidents already. I will admit, I was actually quite uncomfortable with the idea at first. We went into the bathroom, and he undid his jeans, pulled his boxers down, and sat on the toilet. I took my trousers and my knickers off completely.I sat do his lap and he cuddled me. It was a bit strange, because my feet didn't touch the floor! We both started peeing. My pee went through the gap between his legs. When we finished, he gave me one of his lovely big-brother huhs and said thank you. It was a truly amazing experience. I've never felt that close to anone before, not even my boyfriend Craig. I'd love to try it with Craig, but I don't know how he'd feel about it. We told Little Lou about it, and she said she'll try it when she feels ready to, which is a ! good sign.

Well, bye for now, and thanks to everyone who has been so kind to Little Lou.

Lots of love, Ellie xxx

Hi,all just got back to NY late last nite and had a good stay in LA and SAN DIEGO-I'm trying to catch up on reading the posts-a read some last nite and the rest this a.m.Boy some great ones-BTW Don't care for the pic on top-looks like kermit sitting on a lilly pad-doesn't even look like a toilet she is sitting on-C'mon guys- get some better ones!Now i'll try to respond to some posts
TO CARMELITA-Boy your last post was sooo good-it was like you were in heaven while pooing that load!Great discribtions!I printed that one too for when i have a good dump to do and i'll really enjoy reading that while i push out my morning stuff!Super story!
TO P P G-To address the peeping thing in the public toilet-I kinda feel the same way about it as you,but I have cought a few guys peeping thru a hole in the stall and I feel violated in a way-I don't know exactly why-If I am dumping and one sees me and I don't see them looking at me it is a bit easier for me than seeing the person staring at me and if they are masturbating-i get turned off and right away wipe and take off!If they do it in private-it's OK( hey i've been in a toilet and I hear a guy really pooing a good one and Ive gotten off from it but privately!) But it's a strange thing isn't it?I think some guys want to see you catching them looking at you and seeing them jerking off-not for me!Hey i've pooed outdoors a lot and i'm sure someone has seem me and maybe enjoyed it-and that's OK with me-but no pervs please!
TO RJOGGER-Great story about seeing those wamen pooing in the woods!I haven't been that lucky lately!I'm seem a few guys doing it but no ladies!I really enjoyed your story!I also enjoyed your woman in the men's room story-That happened to me in the gym a few years ago when a female instructor rushed into the men's room and I was on the bowl pushing out my morning load and she when right into the next stall and did some serious pooing (check old post)It was grwat!
TO JUSTIN andLOGGER--That's exactly the way I poo also-I just relax my anus and out it comes and I let the whole thing come out-I never pinch it off-and most of the time my wipes are easy cause of that!Isn't that the best!
TO MAGGIE-sounds like you just have some food poisoning-sometimes it takes a few days to get your system right -just drink a lot of water and try some fresh ginger-it works great! keep us posted!
When i was out on the west coast,the first few days I pooed normally and then i got slighty binded up-every time i went after the first few days it was like pushing out little burrs of poop-it was hard and lumpy and i really didn't enjoy pooing at all-i guess the change in location did it-most of the time when i would go away,i wouldn't have that problem-so I took some metameucil the last day i was there and the next morning i felt like i had to go pretty good-so i went out inthe morning and went down to Venice beach and got a bike and went out biking and letting this urge build up-it was 7 am and the beach was pretty quiet-then i found a mens room on the beach and went in and saw 3 stalls with no doors in them-it was fairly clean and there was 1 guy in one of the stalls just siting down with a newspaper and he said"Good morning"I said "hi" and went over to the next stall and saw right away there was no paper to wipe with-then i went to the 3rd stall and again there was n! o paper-So i was about to ask this guy in the next stall if there was any paper in his stall when I heard him grunt and let out a big,loud fart and then i heard whet sounded like a lot of crackling sound of a long BM-This made me have to really go bad and so i had to go over to his stall and ask him for some paper-So i was in my stall and I said"Excuse me,do you have any toilet paper over there?"He said"yes,got plenty-need some?"I said "yeah,thers' no paper to be had anywhere over here"He said"come on over ther's a fresh extra roll here" So i went over to the next stall and this guy was sitting there with a tonk top on and his shorts down to his feet and as i'm getting in front of him, he reaches back behind him to get the roll of paper and when he does i saw between his legs pile of poop rising above the water line-it was some load this guy did!He was about 35 or so and when he turned back around i guess he saw me looking at his poop in the bowl and he said"Yeah i really made a mess here and i hope it flushes down" and he laughed and I said "I hope they flush too cause that;s what I got to do right now"and he said" well it's good to have some company"then I heard him fart again and he pushed out some more soft poop-it was great-then i went over to my stall and took off my shorts and sat down and right away I let out a long dry fart and then i heard him say"WOW i guess you got to go huh?Now at this point this guy sounded like he was enjoying pooing along with me -and so i really was going to enjoy this!Then I felt my anus dome out and the first part of the poo again felt hard so i had to push a bit and I guess i grunted a bit and the guy said to me"having a hard time?" and then I told him I was from NY and I was binded up and while i'm telling him this he is farting and doing some more poop-it was great!we are both kinda grunting as we are talking to each other-Then I finally felt this hard knobby poo start to come out and when it finally came out with a big splash I farted a hissing fart and then a big snake of poo started to come out slowly with a few farts in between and a lot of cracking too-then it sped up and I exploded in the bowl with a lot of pudding and I groaned slightly and then I heard him say"boy you really had to go didn't you" and laughed as he farted and exploded in the bowlwith what sounded like real loose stuff I said " boy I really needed that!"Then I looked in the bowl and saw 1 foot and half turd with a lot of pudding around it-then I heard this guy start to wipe and I had to go more and farted and pushed out some more mush and farts-this was feeling soo good too!Then I heard him flush and he was saying "go down go down" and I guess it didThe he come over to my stall and said"boy that was close I didn't think it was going to go down" and he looked at he and said "It was great talking with you-hope you have a good time here in calf.-hey want my paper? and I said sure and he came over and handed it to me just as i was farting again and doing more mush"he then said"Boy you really did have to go huh!I said"yup i'll be here for a bit-the paper will make it easier,thanks"he said"hey enjoy and then he left-It was great no funny stuff-just 2 guys enjoying each others BM esp the time we were both farting and dumping at the exact same time!-I then wanted to get off but i decided not to cause of the open stalls-I wonder if he did-I sat there for about another 10 mins and pushed out some squgglies and wiped and went out biking for awhile-I didn't see this guy again-That was the only good poo I had out there,but boy was it fun!Well i'm back home and I took some more metameucil this am so I can get cleaned out-I'll keep you all posted-maybe tomorrow a.m.I do a good poo while reading all the posts I printed ! Good to be home!Great stories all!

Carol (Housewife and mother
Hi, I posted back at Xmas about doing a big Yule Log and I have been reading this page but havent felt like posting although I have passed some mighty jobbies in the last few weeks.

As someone asked about the British pooping queens I felt I should post.

By the way I like the dark haired girl on the masthead, who is sitting on an interesting toilet pan that looks like a large pipe. She really looks as if she is doing a nice big solid poo.

Now those whom like stories of women doing big hard jobbies with lots of loud sound effects will love this account of the motion I had at home yesterday afternoon.

I had been constipated for the previous 3 days, passing only a couple of hard billiard (pool) balls , "Kerploonk! Kurplonk!" It had been my period (Im 40 and still menstruate) and like a lot of women get a bit bunged up at that time of the month. This had finished by then and I usually have a large motion when I come off my period. Now I had cooked Sunday lunch and was sitting down with a cup of coffee when I felt the "Call" the movement inside my ???? and into my back passage, and issued a loud rather smelly fart. I went to the toilet, and hitched up my black mini skirt and pulled down my panties, (white full briefs with blue flowers for those who like such details) and sat on the pan. I farted again very loudly and started to do a wee wee, a loud long tinkle. This ended and I felt the motion begin to come out as my ring stretched. "UH! PLONK! NN! PLOONK! OO! AH! KUPLONK! KAPLOONK!" some hard balls came away. I waited a few moments then I felt the big one start to slide down. Slowly it emerged with my giving a push, "NNN! UH! OO! NN! to help it along. I could feel the knobbly texture and the smell of a good solid stool wafted up between my legs. It was a lovely feeling as it slid out and eventually I felt it taper off and it plunged into the pan with a loud KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" throwing up some water which wet my fat bum. There was more to come and a few seconds later an easy but formed softer smooth jobbie followed this big hard lumpy turd out of my back passage and making the crackling sound many people remark about it slid out into the pan with a FLOOMP!. Feeling now emptied and relieved I wiped my bum, only needing one moist wipe and pulling up my knickers I had a look! WOW! Apart from the hard balls there were two big jobbies in the pan. The first a fat 2.5 inches thick knobbly torpedo, like the balls that had come out before it dark brown and compacted and I could see the boluses it ws composed of. I suppose it was in effect like a casting of my rectum. it was about 12 inches long, and tapered at he end. The second jobbie was totally different. About the same length and thickness but light brown, smooth and curved like a big sausage. It took 4 flushes before it all went away

Relief Man
>Also the loo appears to have an interesting design. I've never seen a cylindrical one like that before.

I think the loo is probably one of those chemical types that you find in national park areas.

I've noticed that often when I have had very spicy food, e.g. Korean, Thai, when I take a dump afterwards, it burns my rectum when it comes out. Anyone have that experience also?

Monday, February 26, 2001

Oh, C'mon, Elena! :-)

Well, me and my one friend used to pee in many places when we were 8-10. We were often able to stay alone after school, and she came over my house. I remeber we used to take potted plants and pee into those. We also had distance contests in my basement. There was a small back hallway with a cement floor that nobody used, so we would stands side by side and just pee forward. Once we were done, awards were given for biggest puddle, longest stream, most time, etc. Most commonly we would play truth or dare with our other friends and get into some pretty interesting situations. During the summer we always went swimming at her house bcause she had a huge outside inground pool, so we would just run around the yard all day and pee right through our suits.

What's the weirdest place or thing you've peed into as a dare, joke, or just for fun?

BTW, I'm 12.

hi, i am a 17 year old girl and have not had many experiences, but there is one that i recall specifically. i was about 15 years old and was on vacation with a friend whow was 14 at the time. her mexican food dinner must not have agreed with her and once we got back the the rental house and into the room we were sharing, she immediately ran for out bathroom with her hand clenching her stomach. she didnt even have time to close the door. i heard her in there for about an hour having the most explosive diarrhea i have ever heard. i felt so sorry for her.
does anyone else have stories about mexican or fast food really not agreeing with them?

I am new to this site, and was reading some of the old posts, and I noticed that a couple people were recently mentioning whose face they would like to see on toilet paper. I must say I would like to see the face of a girl named Jessica who is in my homeroom, she is the biggest idiot on the face of the earth!!! She's not famous but I certainly would like to see her face on toilet paper!!!
I spend so much time on the computer, I keep a can herethat I go to the bathroom in. WHen I am finished working on the comput er I just empty it out into the toilet :-)

i dont know what is wrong i am still puking and having diarrhea, same as the story i posted yesterday about work, i guess it isnt food poisoning... would food poisoning last two days? somebody answer me please

Jersey Man
Hi everyone. I am the teacher who posted a while back about the time I got diarrhea at a Barnes and Noble and had to use the Men's room. It was when there were two girls and a father waiting outside my stall and one of the girls goes to the school where I teach. Anyway, I wanted to share something with the forum againand get some responses. I have recently had a severe heartburn problem every time I eat or drink and sometimes when I don't. I went to the doctor to fin dout that I have a digestive disorder called GERD which causes stomach acids to back up your esophagus. It's pretty painful. Also, I have noticed that I am suffering from diarrhea and urgent runny poops fairly often. Does this sound normal as a side effect? Does anyone else have GErd or a similar problem that causes diarrhea? Please respond with any info. you might have. I would appreciate it. I wanted to ask the doctor, and I amy have to, but I am embaressed to say that I have such a pooping problem. ! It's more comfortable here. Everyone understands here and does not judge people on such things. Also, it is anonymous here which helps myself, and I'm sure others, too, to be able to share their experiences. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. As a teacher it can be tough to deal with the runs when you are with a classroom full of kids and I have already had a horrifyingly embaressign experience with that at the Barnes and Noble.

Hello to everyone reading this! I have been reading all your posts for quite a while now and have decided its time to share my own experiences. I am 28yrs old and live in central London in the UK. Its far from my idea of heaven but I am happy with my life. I am single at the moment after recently coming out of a relationship which spanned over 6 yrs (geez doesn't time fly!).
The reason why I have been reading your posts on this site is that I too, am very interested in our bodily movements - bowel and urinating. After a long time of feeling guilty about my interest and enjoyment on this subject, I am now comfortable with it and realise exactly Why I am interested in it - my childhood!
I was brought up with my Auntie Louise who was very kind to me but was old fashioned in her ways. I lived with her from the age of 4 until I left home at 16yrs. I guess you could say that she almost done everything for me and this often included bathing me and making sure I had been "good" and done my bowel movement regularly. From an ealry age, my Aunt wouold come into the bathroom with me and sit with me while I pooped. In the early days it did not bother me but later on got a little embarassing and she eventually got the hint that I was old enough to do this by myself. I always enjoyed sitting on the toilet and hearing the tinkling sound of my pee hit the water below. First thing in the morning, I was able to pee for almost a minute constantly (I still can!) My Aunt would often massage my ???? saying that it would help me pass my movement. (SHe never used words like poop or shit!) I would feel excited and relieved whenever I pooped and even as a child, would try to dangle a log before letting it fall into the toilet bowl. I was always advised by my Auntie to wipe myself well from my vagina to my anus - never the other way around. She told me I should do this by leaning forward and wiping and then to flush the toilet straight away. She said I was not to look back into the bowl as it was "dirty". This became my own routine up until my late teens.
One day I was out in the countryside with my best friend, Cathy. We had been spending our day just walking through the woodlands and laughing and joking about the usual things - boys, periods and sex (although we were both virgins). We were walking along the small path when I suddenly began to have the most agonising pains in my stomach. We sat down on the grass and I rubbed my stomach gently. I farted loudly and we both giggled a bit. Somehow the laughter helped a bit with the pains but I knew I was going to have to have a poop urgently. Being miles away from a public toilet, I was going to have to do it in the wood. I asked Cathy what she thought I should do and she just calmly said - "Go for it - there nobody around here apart from you and me"
I lifted up my dress but it kept on rolling back down, so Cathy held it up for me while I pulled down my panties and awkwardly began to squat. I started to pee a gently stream of yellow pee and then another fart errupted from me and then it happened - I started to strain and I could feel the hard log of poop easing out of my bum hole and falling down below me. All this time, Cathy was sat close to me holding up my dress. Another log came out, then another. In total - 4 eight inch logs of smelly but perfectly formed carrot shaped poops landed on the ground. I managed to stagger a pace in front of myself and wipe my anus with a tissue. Cathy was stood admiring my poops and she said quite naturally - "Well done - thats the most amazingly formed shit I have ever seen". I then looked around (unusual for me after my Aunts training) and I actually felt proud of what I had actually produced.
We laughed and then Cathy decided she was going to try to match my perfect poops - SHe then squatted and took a poop. I had never seen another person either pooping or peeing and that day was an eye opener for me.
That was the start of our frequent competitions to see who could do the best poops and longest pee. It was usually on a Saturday and went on for a couple of years until we drifted apart. Once we were joined by the local "hearthrob" - He was more than happy to watch and take part in our games - maybe I will tell you more about him another time - Better go - Love to you all X

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