A few stories:

Once when I was eight, I was with my friend Becky at her house. Her sister was supposed to watch us, but a lot of times she would go to the mall with friends, but we didn't tell.

Anyways, when we were alone one day, we were playing in the basement when Becky said she was going to the bathroom. Being the kids we were, I quickly looked around and dared her to go in a nearby bucket. I said I had to go too and would after her. She agreed, and pulled down her shorts and panties before sitting down, holding the edges. As she giggled, a could hear a faint hissing, which soon turned to a gush as her pee flowed against the plastic of the bucket. I was expecting her to get up, but she started pushing, and I soon heard a thud/plop as she got up. I looked in to see the bottom filled with pee and a five inch turd on top. I quickly sat now, and let go with a huge gush of pee. I then got up, and we dumped it down the toilet.

Another time when we were alone, we were playing truth or dare. We were upstairs in my room, and it was my choice. I chose dare, as always. So she said she dared me to pee on the hallway floor. Knowing we could easily clean it, we got up and went into the hallway. It had a linoleum floor, so I just tossed the rug aside, took off my shorts and panties, and crouched into a frog position as I balanced with my hands. Becky laughed at my position as I took a deep breath and emitted a gentle flow of pee onto the floor. It splattered loudly as it formed a clear puddle and soon spread. Instead of spacing my legs, I simply began to stand as I spread my legs and the pee continued to fall from me to the center of the big puddle below. I soon finsished with a sigh and stood back. Knowing it was her choice, she said dare. So, of course, I told her to go on mine. She did likewise as I stood there with my bare butt and watched her take a squat. She began peeing softer than me, and she so! ons stopped as she didn't have to go much. Always stretching things, I quickly walked over, stood over the puddle, and stuck my butt out a litte before pushing out two three inch turds. They fell with a solid thud as pee splashed and I finished with a five incher on top. We marveled ur accomplishments as we looked at the huge puddle, probably four feet in every direction, and my three piled turds on top. We cleaned up, but stayed without our shorts or underwear for the rest of the time we had.

Later on that day as we played in the backyard, which has high fences, I had to pee pretty bad. Instead of letting go, I had an idea when Becky had to go. We lined up at one end of our concealed drive way. We lined up, and decided to have a race. The catch? Pee while running and see who made the biggest trail. Needless to say, the result was us showering the drive with us falling into a laughing heap at the end. My trail was about thirty feet, and hers about twenty seven, so I'm still the chapion. :-)

Does anyone else have childhood stories like this? I have a lot more, and we could share experiences.

TV Fan
On the subject of poop-related scenes in TV shows, did anyone see a Dharma and Greg episode from earlier this year where there was some reference to growing corn from kernals that were in Dharma's poop? They didn't come right out and say it like that, but it was implied.

I posted earlier that i had a stomach ache this morning then i got an urge to shit and i was holding on to it all day, it was on and off all day. Then i come home and get online for 2 hours and after i was done i finally went to shit. I sat down and had a bit of pre-gas then it started to come out. I had more gas in between. Then i pushed out a little smaller piece. I had 2 logs about 5 inches that were light brown and very soft. Then i wiped like 5 times. I knew it was the mcdonalds food cause i could smell it and see seeds from the bun in my shit. Then a few hours later i went out to dinner.....

At dinner i ate chicken, then i was just about done and i went to the bathroom to was my hands only...but when i went in there i decided i had to pee. I usally pee at the urinal but for somereason i checked the stalls out and i decided to use the regluar toilet. When i entered the middle stall i noticed some poop in the toilet, it had 2 5" logs that looked pretty solid and some toilet paper in the bowl. Then i flushed it...then i looked at the last stall(handicaped) nothing in there. Then i looked at the first stall and i saw that the door was closed shut and locked....I looked through the crack and i noticed a bunch of little balls of shit at the botom of the toilet...didn't notice any paper...I also noticed that the bottom where the poop was sitting the water was tinted green. I wonder why? Any one know why that could be?? The poop didn't look green. Could it be just the recation of poop in very old toilets or something?? Then it dawned on me that this is why the shit wa! s left unflushed: 2 boys must have come in the bathroom by them selfs and had to poop badly and left the toilets unflushed...And the one in the first stall must have been the youngest and his(say) his older brother was done and he was about to leave and the little brother didn't know how to unlock the door. Sound right?? Thats how i see it in my head since that stall was left locked and both toilets were unflushed.

Hi all,
I have been away at a motorshow with my husband at the coast for the weekend. What a pooping experience!! It was at a school there and as usual I went off to find the ladies. Not really interested in cars and such like things. Not long to find the lady teachers loo and what a loo. 4 thrones with lovely wooden doors each with a lock and a hook for clothing. Lots of paper and sweet smelling deoderisers. I decide a good poo is in order. Could not go outside too many people so got undressed and sat and relaxed. Just as I am about to blow the valve I hear two sets of very urgent footsteps echoing down the corridor and with a flourish they enter this loo and amid slamming of doors and locks turning I hear the groans and Oh dears of two in distress. As their bums hit the seats the most horrendous gas and liquid explosions take place almost in unison. This is followed by more groaning by both and the complete BM takes place. They comment about yesterdays snacks to each other as I let go a ladylike fart and the plug plus a mussy poo. The one says to the other some else also got the trots. I said no it is normally like that. Much wiping and we flush and leave. These two where part of the fashion parade that was taking place I just hoped no accidents on the walkway. Such lovely young girls brought down to earth with gushing bums. We are all normal!!!

I want to see the face of Hillary Clinton on toilet paper. I would wipe my butt with her face. That would make it fun to take a messy dump.

I know this will sound weird, but I went through a phase in my life where I was too embarrassed to buy toilet paper. I was about 18 and on my own for the first time in my life, and I couldn't stand the thought of the checkout clerk in the store knowing that I was buying TP. So I never had any TP in my apartment. I was pretty regular with my habits, and normally only pooped in the morning right before my shower. I didn't need to wipe because I just washed it off in the shower. If I had to go during the day, I would just go at work or at school. If I had to go any other time during the day while I was home, I just stood at the sink and lathered up some soap and washed my butt with my hands to get it clean and kept doing that and rinsing in the sink until it was clean. I did have one emergency roll of tp in the bathroom which I reserved for visitors, but fortunately I was a student and also worked full-time, so I never had much time for visitors to come over. I literally d! id this for a couple of years before I finally came to my senses and started buying tp. Weird, huh?

I made a big mistake(or almost one) last night...I ate at Mc Donalds...a big mistake. I had a Big Mac and french fries. I come home and go to sleep and then i get up in the morning and go to work and im fine. I get into work, like 5 min and i get this stomach ache...then i knew it was mcDonalds food. Then i felt an urge to poop...then it went away and came back several times. I was going to wait to shit on my break but i didn't have to go then. I just got in from work and now i gotta shit out that load from McDonalds.

Carol the UK housewife. I enjoyed reading your post about doing that big poo at Sunday lunctime. My guess is that after being rather 'bunged up' for a few days you were well and truly relieved. If you've any more experiences like that, I'd love to read about them. I like to read of mature women thratching out the sort of motions that put most of us fellas to shame.

Last night I went out for a meal. About an hour after I got back I felt the urge for a big dump come on and it was the sort of urge one couldn't ignore for long. Needless to say I went straight to the bathroom and sat on the loo. What followed next was the biggest outpouring of liquid poo I'd had for a long time. I hadn't got the 'runs' as such - it just chose to come out that way. Once it was all out, it certainly felt good. Obviously I'd been carrying more weight than usual for a day or two and the meal just moved everything along.

Today being Ash Wednesday I've resolved to give up chocolate for Lent. Quite apart from whether a chocaholic like me can manage without for six weeks, I don't know what sort of effect it will have on my bowel movements. If I get the 'runs' because of it, I think I'll have to go back to eating chocolate and give up something else.


Went on a business with a guy I work with. We were staying at a hotel and each had separate rooms -In the morning I went to his room to go over our day. He let me in and said that he had a big load to get rid of, had been constipated for several days, si=aid he had some cramps and hoped to be able to go this time. He told me to come in and we could talk at the same time. He sat down, spread his legs very wide and leaned all the way forward. We were talking normally, when his face kind of grimaced, his eyes were right on me, but not focussed. I saw his face turn bright red and the muscles in his neck and veins pop out. I could see a big hard nobbly log between his legs. He was in the middle of a sentance, I think we should, nnnnnnnng, nnnnnnnnngh, mnnnnnnnn, talk to these guys and, oh, oh, (with lots of crackling, pffffffft) ahhhhhhhhh, oh man, plop, plonk, nnnnnngh, oh yes, mmmmmmmmmm, whew I needed that. He apologized and I said no problem. He said he was not even closed to being finished. We sat fo a few minutes talking and then his sentance was interuppted with a grunt, I could see
ploded into the bowl. He kept up a steady stream of logs as he grunted it out and then moaned a few times and said ahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm. WOW, I was dizzy with excitement. He reached over to wipe and as he was grabbing tp he grimaced and let some more logs out. NNNNNNgh, guess I'm not, nnnnnghh, ahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm done. He asked me to run back to my room and get my map. I only pretended to leave so I could listen to the rest. He leaned all the way forward and strained very hard, pushing and grunting and then got off - I know he did not know I was there. Well, that was all I could take and I got off too - Went to my room and had some cleaning up to do myself. I recall this scene often and still makes me feel very good....

Teenaged Girl, you had quite a few trips to the woods, it sure sounds like! Do you think anybody saw you as you got out of the car and ran into the woods? Have you ever tried opening both car doors on one side, along the highway, and squatting down between them to pee? I usually pee that way, and it hides me pretty well. The last time I peed along a highway was not too long ago - that time I went into the woods, and I barely made it into the woods before I had a major accident. I had a pair of skin tight jeans on and I barely got them unbuttoned and out of the way in time, so that I could squat and let the pee start gushing out and onto the ground. I wasn't too well hidden from view, as the trees were really close to the road, so I turned around so only my bare ass was in view of the road - I'd rather someone see that than my face.

Hi to everyone! I've been very busy the past week or so, and my PC at home was down for a few days. I made a return trip to that law firm I mentioned last year. Even though things did not work out that time, they wanted to consult with us on a proposed upgrade to their electronic document management system. Anyway, I spent the past week at their site and found that not much changed, including everyone bringing in their cell phones to the bathroom and talking to clients while on the toilet. There was one time in which two attorneys were in adjacent stalls on a conference call using their cell phones.

Carmalita & Renee! Those were some nasty dumps you guys took the other day!

I haven't had a chance to read the past week's postings but will try, as I have more time and my PC at home is working again. Nothing unusual to report lately. My stomach seems to have settled down from recent weeks.

Jeff A
PV: In your defense, I don't think you were generalizing Americans. It's just the bulk of these stories seem to come from the U.S. I have to admit parents all over the world abuse their kids. I believe you were just reacting to the people who did do it, who just happen to be "yanks". (I love that word.) I also don't think you over react, or are heavy handed. Just be careful with your weights and don't hurt yourself! I myself, as I've mentioned a long time back here, am a survivor and sufferer of physical and sexual child abuse, and am a real strong advocate on the issue. But I don't believe you're picking on the U.S. One thing that might be of fun interest to you, completely off this topic. Since you like to stand and pee, I've seen in joke shops, little plastic enemy war ships that you can drop in the toilet, and try to pee-sink them. I'd like to see how you fare with this! I've never tried it myself.
CARMALITA: You are a wonderful woman! How happy I get whenever I see your name here. You and Renee both. I've decided to call you two "Ren and Stinky." No offense! Love you!

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

I am a 23 year old female and I have been coming in here for a few months and I love going to the bathroom. There is nothing better than coming home after a day at work, sitting on the toilet and reflecting of the days events. Smetimes I read and other times I smoke a big phat one...I love to poop when I am stoned, I love the sensation I get when I am all baked and have a big poo oozing out of my behind, it is the best feeling in the world.
I am six one,brunette and very attractive, I love to wear thigh highs,not only do they make me look and feel incredibly sexy, but they are easier to deal with when going to the bathroom. The toilet in my apartment is unusually small and my ass is large and when I sit on it my knees come up to damn near the level of my chin,I sit with my legs bowed and my knees tightly together.
The other day, I rushed home because I had to do a poo really bad, I tore into the apartment, through my purse down and raced to the toilet, I lifted up my skirt,pulled down my panties and when my butt restedon the seat I let loose with a long loud fart and then my log began to come out, it felt so good that my toes curled up and my eyes rolled back, I sat there for an hour, I also had a very long pee as well, it wasthe most satisfying pooI have done

Hi, does anyone know of any movies that show girls pooping?

Got up early this a.m (around 7:15 a.m.).and i felt pretty full.but no real urge to poo yet-so I figured I might as well go sit on the bowl and enjoy this-so I went and got my trusty mirror and put it towards the front of the bowl where I could see my anus well and sat down and just looked at my anus and waited for the moment-I do this every once in awhile and just sit and let things build up for a bit-it is so much fun to do-i just look at my anus as it starts to pucker out slightly as i start to get some cramps-then I let out this long dry fart and I see my anus push out at the end of the fart and then i feel my rectum start to fiil up with my morning excrement,but i decided to hold it back for a bit as i pee for a but and toward the end of the pee,i let out a hissing fart and see my anus start to open up with the head of the turd starting to push my anus out even more-At this point,i just exhaled and let the turd start to slide out slowly as I watched it grow and grow and just as the poop is first in the water i hold it back and let it hang there as I look at the smooth shiney turd now extending from my open anus to the water in the bowl-this is very exciting to me to do cause I can feel the pressure behind the poo as it hangs out my butt-it looks so cool-I like the sight of my anus really pushed outward with a foot long turd hanging out of it-Then I got another cramp and the poo starts to move again under it's own power-I don't have to push at all!Then most of it fells silently into the bowl except for about 2-3 in still hanging out my distended anus-I look in the bowl and see a 10 in turd wrapped around the bowl and I really feel like I gotta go now,so I push slightly and the 3 inches fells in the bowl followed by my anus looking like an open hole and then I see the wave of poop start to come to the front of my anus and I stopped pushing and just let it come out on it's own-it started slowly at first and sped up as i looked at it getting softer and softer as it came out-it was very shiney too-It would come out about 3-4 in and break off into the bowl and it just kept going and going and then I got another cramp and a fart came out between the turds coming out and then I explode into the bowl with lumps of poo and pudding poo-boy was it glorious-At this point I had a pretty good erection and when that happens-my anus tightens up slightly and the poo gets thinner because of this-then I let out a wet fart and just sit there and look at my hairless anus which is wide open and looking like an anthill-it's cool to look at-I knew I was done when I just pushed out some light brown mucus that stretched right down to the bowl-Then I wiped it off and proceeded to clean up which was pretty easy-It was a real good dump as I looked in the bowl to see 1 10 in turd with another 8 incher with pudding at the end of it and a big load of soft stuff and squgglies and mucus-I felt so wonderful after that-yes,it's great to be home-I would have liked to do a dump like this at the gym,but I didn't think I could hold it til then-I really enjoyed that-Sometimes I do enjoy getting the mirror and watching myself do a good poop-It's a lot of fun to do-Hey CARMELITA,you should try this with Renee,as well as a lot of you folks on here-Well I'm off-See you all later-hoped you enjoyed that poo session half as much as I did! BYE

EL DUDERINO -- Point taken, stereotypes should be discouraged, and I sure didn't mean to give offense to American folks reading this board. It's just that most of the examples we see here (probably, possibly, by sole virtue of the fact the majority of board users are in the US) seem to reflect some sort of disciplinary mindset in middle-class America that uses a weapon to control behaviour in a degrading way. I agree, this mindset is universal, found everywhere and equally worth repudiation no matter the country or people of origin.

To expand a little on the incident itself: It seemed by April's telling that such incidents are far from uncommon for her, and I have to wonder just what a 15 year old girl can do that's so bad she must be 'corrected' with such beatings? By her mother's behaviour -- an obsessive desire to satisfy her own craving to shower affection on somebody else's birth, to the extent of refusing her own child the human consideration of letting her relieve herself (on a journey of hours a few minutes would make no damn difference) -- I read it as a parent with a skewed concept of priorities.

RJOGGER -- no probs with the 'fellah', buddy, I guess I'm a macho chick in training...!!!

KENDAL -- Hi sweetie, thanks for the kind words. hey, I can't help sticking up for thems that needs it -- people who hurt others get me steamed. (Hugs for my cyber-neice!) And Aye Caramba, your three-together wee off the garden wall was one of the most amazing things I've read here! I said do us proud, but my dear you're out there in front!

LOUISE -- hi hon! I couldn't agree more. How many women are there in this world for whom a bright, cute daughter would be their sunshine and their pride, to be cherished as family, best friend... You name it. Then there's what happens every day out there, and it's very ugly.

Yes, I loved that peeing contest! Steve's description was very atmospheric, I could almost see I from the angle he related. And definitely hear all the wee splattering on the tiles! How did you clean it all up afterward??? Somehow I knew your Mom would win! But don't worry, dear, you'll take line honors next time!

ELLIE -- hello darling. I'm so pleased, as I know others will be, to hear the Little Lou is feeling a bit better. And I appreciate that Kev feels it's his failing that she was hurt while he was looking after the family. But he can't be everywhere at once, he has his classes too, and these things happen. They shouldn't, and I hold the school responsible for the behaviour of its students. It *should* be reported, by rights, those girls should have their just paying out... Please tell Kev from me that he's a good brother to feel responsibility so sharply, but it's clear it's not his fault. Yet you'll both always feel you should have been there -- as you say, taken her place gladly, because you could fight back. It's natural, it can't be helped... You three love each other, that's all that matters, and you're helping her the right way.

Avoidant Paruresis is an anxiety condition that means you sometimes can't have a wee when you want one. You can be bursting to go but you just can't. It begins when you're frightened or embarressed by something connected with having a wee, and afterward the stress becomes associated with the action. Therefore every time you need to go, you become tense and scared... You can't enjoy it, and it takes an effort of will to be able to relax and let your wee come out. For some people it is a chronic situation and they need special medical help to handle the condition. For others it's a question of making sure they don't need to go in unusual places, like crowded, noisy or unfamiliar bathrooms. An AP sufferer absolutely can't have a wee with an audience. I spent the greater part of my life in this condition, very low-key, keeping it silently to myself, managing it, but then I made friends with people who understood it, and with their encouragement I wasable to begin to defeat the! condition, to th extent that I have had a wee with other women present several times now. I'm very happy with my progress.

That Little Lou has at least come back to the toilet with you when you go is a good sign, and that she doesn't feel compelled to go in the fields is a better one. Okay, it's open out there, but it was away from people, and that was a classic AP sign. From what you say, I think she'll be all right. If she can relax and enjoy a wee with you and Kev again, then she's going to be absolutely fine.

I do hope so! And that lovely fun you and Kev got up to is just the sort of delightful brother-sister sharing that would draw her back into the circle, maybe more tightly than before. If she could manage to sit up in Kev's lap and have a big hug with her brother as they wee together, her problems would be over.

All my best to you, love and hugs, and to all my friends here,


I just got over a nasty case of the flu. The worst part of the entire ordeal was it felt like I had horrible gas all of the time...but everytime I tried to fart I would end up filling my boxerbriefs with liquid shit! I had an entire load of shitty underwear to wash when I got well! Now, I'm faced with about a dozen pair of stained TOMMY HILFIGER boxerbriefs. I'm too embarassed to wear them to the gym! One accident even happend while I was at the doctor office. It was not fun sitting thru a checkup with shit in my pants either.

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again. TO LAWN DOGS KID & KENDAL-thanks for liking our posts. we like yours too!TO LOUISE-it is interesting to hear about steves wing chun. and yes i think he could be an excellent instructor. shoot!he could teach scott. scotts a weightlifter but if steve teaches him karate too WOW!!!haha!TO BUZZY-welcome back! TO PV- scott and i love ya girl but i think you may be trying to hard for that perfect huge log. just let it come naturally. this is just some advice from your pals thats all! well so long now. keep up the good posts all! P.S anne the busdriver and nicola from england are you gals still around?. if you are we would like to hear from you!bye now.

Pooper Dooper
You and Kev sound like great brother and sister to Little Lou. Well I hope it gets better and all fixed soon.

Well I tried to hold my poop in but I lasted about 5 hours. Oh well I have a lot of stinkers going as I type now.

Drink lots of water.

Happy and healthy poops!!!

How do I have an accident? I keep hearing about people losing control and wetting their pants, but no matter how long I hold it, I always seem to be able to hold more. I've been beyond the point of pain, where it no longer hurts to hold it in, but actually hurts to let it out. I'm male by the way.

To the person who flushed a mouse down the toilet... That didn't clog your toilet? Gosh, I can only imagine what it must be like to watch a mouse swirling down the toilet. I must have details on this!

To whoever posted saying I should go to the doctor, well, I am feeling fine today so I dont think I have to. I think the incident is over. Now, as for my boss's reaction when I went back to work... oh god. He was all sympathetic and was like, "How are you feeling?" in a voice that made me cringe. Ohhhhhh....

The Metamucil Man
Anybody ever have a poop that smelled like EARWAX?

Kevin L.
Last week, my ear started hurting real bad. So I told my mom. She took me to the doctor, and he said I had an infection. So he put me on antibiotics. My bowels were fine until saturday. I had a normal poop saturday morning. We had a soccer game. Then we went up to our cabin. We were finishing some of the rooms. My aunt threw all the ice from the ice thing in the freezer into the toilet to melt. She said the ice was bad and the pipes had to be cleaned out or something. Anyway, we we got there, the toilet was full of ice. I had to poo again. So when we got there, I went into the bathroom and sat down over the ice. That is when the antibiotics hit me. I pooed out a bunch of real soft stuff. When I was done, there were 2 holes in the ice. One in the front where I peed and on in the back that had soft poo in it. I was not watery, just very soft. When i was done, my little brothers both had to poo. First Josh got on. He pooed a few little logs and widened the hole in front with his pee. Then eric did his stuff. Same thing. So there was the pee hole in front, eric and josh's poo and then my poo. When I was done and washing my hand and helping my brothers, tom, my oldest brother came in for a poo. He sat down and dropped a huge log. It fell on my poo and then broke in 2 and the rest went forward. Then dropped a bunch of muddy like soft stuff. We ate lunch and had a lot to drink. Then we all peed once or twice. Then around 4 I had another real soft poo. There was still a lot of ice left. When I finished, we went outside to play. ABout an hour later, I had to poo again. I went by the sewer pit where we are going to put the septic tank in the spring. The sewer pipe going into a hole there. Anyway, while i was dropping another load of soft stuff, I heard someone flush the toilet. A minute later, a bunch of poo comes out. There were about 3 big logs and a bunch of mushy stuff. I Guess all the ice didn't melt, because spice small ice cubes came out. We were playing for another hour. My cousin billy had to poo just before we went in. And my brother billy and brother josh had to pee. So we went to the pit agian. billy dropped his load. Then we peed on it. It was funny, because the ice cubes were still visible and it froze around the ice. I guess it was pretty cold in the pit.

Those antibiotics were wicked. When i told my mom, she gave me some yogart. It seemed to help, because my mushy poos stopped by lunch the next day. I had a normal poo after dinner. My poos yesterday and today were normal too. My last poo was real big. I just made it. Josh and eric were finishing getting ready for bed. Me and billy were getting ready too. We do that while my little brothers get ready for bed so we can go into bed withour waking them. Any way, I had to poo while they were brushing their teeth. Josh had to poo and eric just had to pee. So josh sat on the little potty while i was passing my big poos. Then eric peed on josh's poo. I helped josh wipe his butt (he is only 3) then I wiped mine. billy finished his shower, so I took mine. He had to poo to. He did this while I showered. When I got out, I had to empty josh's and erics poo and pee. Then I flushed. There was a lot fo poo there.

The Lizard King.
Hello all.

I have a question for anyone who might now.
Lately I've been having to poop very often liek 6 or 7 times a day when usually I only have to go 2 or 3 times a day. But what makes it weird is that everytime I have to go, it's sudden, like it just poped up on me, and its urgent!!!!
But when i go only one or two little tiny raisin size turbs come out.
yet it feels like there a lot in me.

and one more thing.
I think the weirdest place i've ever peed in would be the return box outside of a blockbuster.

to leo.(I think thats who asked me)
I live in sewell NJ.

Greetings All.

To PV,
Hello there! Yes indeed, I do consider myself lucky to have been part of such a remarkable event, to be invited to witness such a 'girl thing'. Not something I will forget in a hurry <snicker>. I'm sure you would have enjoyed being there, and yes, maybe with the right encouragement you would have been able to participate. They were a lovely group of ladies, very fun loving. Nice and pleasant, no bad vibes at all. Louise is quite right, I was terrified all the same!
I'm afraid there isn't much else to mention that comes to mind at the moment. We are expecting heavy snow where we are, so maybe Louise and I will be weeing in it and doing some name writing should any actually settle :)
Oh yes, thank you for your compliment, kind lady, but I think Louise will tell you that I am not _too_ sensitive (ahem)!

To Ellie,
Good to read how you and Kev have been doing your best for Little Lou. I can see I need not have had any worries on that score.
In time, Little Lou may make a complete recovery and not suffer from toilet avoidance for too long. I certainly hope so. Give her the time she needs.
Please do not hang onto any guilt feelings you might have about not being there at the time to stop the situation from happening. Though you might feel that you should never allow Lou to leave your sight again, you did not know what was about to happen on that day. There was no way you could have known.
Please tell Kev _not_ to go on blaming himself. I am not about to go into details, but when I was just 14 years of age, I witnessed a developing incident involving strangers for which I blamed myself as I believed I had failed to act. Failed to stop it. Although I never did discover what the eventual outcome actually was, I recognised that things did not look too promising, and for some time I held onto guilt feelings even though I also knew I was too young and inexperienced to deal with the situation in the first place.
Kev, please do not blame yourself. Lou's tormentors should own that guilt, not you. Take care now.

To Jeff A,
Hello again! To keep things relevant, and hopefully to inject a little humour into things, I must admit to suffering from 'untrustworthy' bowels on those days when I have been about to take some of my Aikido gradings. My 1st Dan grading was particularly bad. There was always the feeling that maybe I should take that one last trip to the toilet beforehand. Sometimes there was actually some substance to those feelings, and sometimes not. The fear of soiling my attire was probably worse than the anticipation of going for the grade itself. Once I was out there, then it was not a problem and I put myself into a reasonable state of emotional neutrality and detachment. I'm sure those feelings must have been quite common among the other students, but they were rarely spoken of. I always have sympathy for those whose petrified state is eched on their faces, and even more so for those who I know to be competent and suffer from mental 'freezing' on the day of the grading. Before anyo! ne asks, no I have not known anyone shit their pants during a grade. I must admit that I was not far from disgracing myself in that way when I went for my 1st Dan <snicker>.
I forgot to mention it last time, but I believe you described being on the receiving end of a nykkyo wrist lock. That is a feeling I know very well, as I was introduced to it the same way when I started out! _Then_ I nearly shit my pants unexpectedly when it dawned on me just how easily I had been taken down to my knees! <snicker> This year I may well try for my Aikido 3rd Dan. I hope I will have time!
If you have the room to use it and your opponent does not succeed in closing the distance, as he will so often do, then Northern Shaolin can be an awesome weapon. I have no formal training in that style myself, but I expect it must require much force training and sparring practice to be truly effective.
I wish you well with it!

Bye for now,


KENDAL - Hi! How dare Andrew call you Kendal Tiny Bladder.
500 ml is not tiny. LOL I loved you story of weeing while
sitting on each other's legs. It was really funny and I
laughed at Andrew washing the grass with the watering can.
I do not think a little drop of wee will kill the grass!

ELLIE - Hi! I was sitting with Steve when he wrote his letter
and I do not know what more I can say that he hasn't already.
I am thinking of all of you as well.



I was using the bathroom the other day at school when I heard another guy come in and use the toilet two stalls down from me. I was in the middle of pinching a huge log off. He sat down and I heard him pushing and letting a couple farts. Everything was quiet in the bathroom for a moment and I heard his turd splash in the toilet. Silence again. I am usually shy when it comes to dumping in a public bathroom but all of a sudden I let a huge fart that sounded like a machine gun. It echoed and sounded kind of cool. I heard the guy say..."holy sh*t man..that shook the porcelin!" I was very embarrassed and didn't say anything back. I wiped, flushed, and fled the scene as fast as I could!

Carol (housewife and mother)
I hope you all liked my post. Unlike the big jobbie I had to cut it short as a friend, who is NOT into such matters came round, so I sent it then logged off this website before letting her in.

I found Sarah's post interesting but unlike her I have always had a good look at my motions before pulling the flush,(often when the jobbie is so big that it sticks in the pan I am given a far longer look at it!). My mum did as her Aunt did and would accompany me to the toilet as a kid and later even into my teens if I was constipated. There was no compulsion in this, if i had not wanted her to accompany me she would have left me to get on with it but I was often quite happy for her to come in and rub my ???? when I was bunged up and needed a big hard poo. I also did the same for her when she was constipated and as a teenager would rub her ???? and watch and listen as she said, "its coming down!" and with an "UH! AH! NN! and crackling a big fat solid lumpy turd or two would come out into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" When she was finished we would both look at her big jobbies commenting on size, colour, shape, solidity etc, and she would do the same when I did one.! So I grew up as many here with an open attitude towards defecation and have brought my two kids a boy of 17 and a girl of 20 up the same way.

Now a poster asked if any woman had noticed boys hanging about outside the toilet door listening when they did a motion. I have read that both Tony from Scotland and CC did and do this. My son did so when he was younger so I let him come in and watch. His curiosity was satisfied and when he got into his teens he wanted privacy as many adolescents do then and wished to have privacy in such matters himself and no longer came into the toilet when myself or his big sister were doing a motion, although he still was interested in seeing the jobbies we had done. I would also add that we have an open minded attitude as a family to nudity and have gone many times on naturist holidays in the UK, Studland Bay in Dorset and Fairlight Cove near Hastings, and overseas, so being seen naked was no big deal. Defecation is an enjoyable healthy and natural function so being observed doing so is no problem to me though I am far more discrete regarding strangers. Again this is a question of c! ontext. In a naturist situation I have no problem about finding a spot in the sand dunes and doing a big poo and as has often happens, if someone else walks by and sees me doing it, so what. I would not, like Sandra, do one openly in the street etc as she has.

I can agree with the person who asked if women's bellies swell up a bit if they are needing a big load. Mine does. I am a bit ???? anyway, having had two kids in my twenties and now with a bit of middle aged spread.

You might be amused by an incident which occured a week or so ago. I had gone to London by train and was coming back. I felt a motion on its way so, my seat being reserved, I went to the toilet on the train. As the train was crowded there were some teeanged lads sitting on their luggage outside the toilet.Now this was the modern type with a sliding door. I closed this, or so I thought, hitched up my skirt round my waste, pulled my white panties (full briefs) down to my knees and sat on the pan. I did my wee wee then a lovely big fat jobbie, a 12 incher, naval shell shaped as others would describe it . As the pan was one of the smaller sized types found in trains there was no sound, indeed about 5 inches of the jobbie stuck up out of the water. I wiped my bum and had just pulled up my knickers when the door opened and revealed me standing in all my glory, black skirt round my waist, white panties, stockings and suspenders (garter belt) in full view. (I dont wear tights- pan! tyhose). This obviously gave the lads a buzz. I quickly pulled my skirt down, washed my hands and came out. I didnt pull the flush but the turd was too big to go away anyway. One of the boys, about 16 or so Id guess, went into the toilet and I heard him call his mate to "come and see the big turd that woman did". This pleased me I must say and they were welcome both to the pantie show I involuntarily gave them and to see and admire my big poo.

On the latter I agree with all those who have said that seeing a big solid turd that a woman has done or more so, actually seeing her doing one turns a lot of men on. I noticed this in my husband, who is a very physical man, when we stayed in a hotel with an ensuite toilet and I was needing a motion and sat on the pan leaving the door ajar. It gave him a real buzz to lie in bed and watch as I did a nice big one with some "OO! and NN and UH! sounds and a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". When I had finished he went in to the toilet and had a look and , let's just say we had a very good night afterwards!

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toileteers!

Lots of messages to respond to, Thanks for your advice for my complaint.

JUSTIN, Thanks for the tip about not pinching the logs off but to let gravity take over. I'd like the chance of doing logs more often and certainly don't hurry as I like to take my time on the toilet and so it can't be my impatience to drop the turds that makes for problems with me.
Yesterday, I took my time and did medium to quite small turds with a certain amount of effort and after I'd finished, and was walking home, I realised I'd got that ticklish feeling in my arse again which lasted several hours.
Today, I went quite easily and dropped bigger but quite easy turds with no straining and with no itch or tickling after, but with an immense amount of cleaning up- it was that dirty!
I'm certainly inconsistent otherwise I'd be sorted out by now but I'm keeping on with the big fluid intake and my doctor said he couldn't fault my diet, but thought it might be a bit too perfect?!

AMY, Thanks again for more info. about Matt and Dave. Do they know their toilet sessions are being discussed here? They sound the type of guys who'd be proud to know their healthy and superb dumps are being shared with those of us who appreciate it!
You are very kind and generous to reveal these details and hope you have many opportunities to see Dave as well as Matt shitting their turds into the toilet. Great if you can actually see the water splashes on Matt's beefy butt when he drops them. Enjoy!

DANIEL, What a great toilet you've found and hope you continue to see all those guys on that toilet. Like me and quite a few others, you appreciate the whole thing of a guy going and seeing the expression on his face is as much a part of the procees as seeing his turds drop out. To see him side on is probably the best way so as to see his thighs on the toilet, his facial expressions, his posture and finally his arse-wiping technique. I wonder if sometimes when you hear a big plop, the guy stands up briefly to look at what he's just dropped?!!!! I bet a lot of men do that after a really big one. Fit young attractive life guards shitting on that toilet, you say! You've found a terrific vantage point!

RIZZO, Thanks for tip about diet, and the use of warm water to help clean up after a shit. Glad you've never had piles since and interesting that you think it may be due to wiping. I tend not to wipe as much as dab and so avoid too much friction on my arse. I still do that when I'm in perfect health down there and sometimes dampen the TP with water to help clean up. One reason why I don't like houses where the toilet is separate from the bathroom!
I have a great diet but I do like chocolate, so will give it up for Lent and continue with my water regime. Cheers for your help.

BUZZY, Good to read your comments to my thoughts on spying as I know you don't like being spied on yourself but when it's in the right context, we seem to agree.
Like you, I object to looking up and seeing someone staring at me, It can be quite unnerving. It wouldn't be so bad if those who want to have a look can be a bit less earnest looking and deadly serious, so as to put me at ease! Anyway, sometimes when that's happened, I've stood up to let them see what I've done in the toilet. That way I can tell immediately if they're interested in that or not!

Some years ago I read in a newspaper about a ladies' toilet that had a bus stop right outside and that people had asked the local authority to have the bus stop re-sited as several women had felt embarrassed about the sounds that could be heard by the people at the bus stop, coming from the toilet!
I wonder how many bus stops there are like that that allow someone's toilet session to be overheard by people waiting outside. I'd love to be a daily passenger on a bus where there was a men's toilet right by the bus stop and every day I need a good shit and the acoustics were good and the traffic in the road was light!
I'd love the reputation of being the man who has a loud plop before getting on the bus and would wink at the first person who makes eye contact with me when I came out! Imagine sitting next to someone every day whom you've heard and want to bring the subject into a conversation as you chat on the way home!

About a year ago I was at the toilet I visit when I heard from the next cubicle a guy having a try and dropping about one or two turds, then wiping up and going out. I saw he was young, wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket and certainly the type of guy I like to hear and see if possible on the toilet. I went and sat on the warm toilet seat where he'd been sitting and had my shit and felt great about it. I flushed and went out but decided to wait around a bit longer in case I heard a more impressive shit. I sat in the toilet I'd previously been on when I heard a guy go on the toilet I'd used after the other guy when I heard this terific session, loud plops and kerplunks and lots of them- one of the best I've heard and thought I bet he's getting a splashed arse! When I saw who it was when he came out- It was the same guy! how I wished I'd waited and got off on having my shit after his second visit!
I realised he'd thought after his previous attempts, there was more to do and that perhaps he'd decided to have a walk around in case that brought it on for him or perhaps he'd been sitting down outside so he could get back on if he wanted to go.
If I'd known it was him on the bog plopping away, my desire to look over the partition at him would have been immense!
At least, I did one like he did last week and I'd have loved some attention at the time!

Could be that a lot of guys are sitting around or walking around near toilets so as to be able to get in there when the urge to go has told them it's time to get on the toilet.

About 5 years ago I saw a young rather worried looking guy go into the same toilet, and come out again and look rather uncertain as to where he was going, as he seemed to be walking this way and that. I went in there and sat on the toilet and suddenly I was joined by someone next door to me as he sat down and had a quick loud plopping session that sounded really urgent. Washing my hands to coincide with his exit from the cubicle- I saw it was , yes, the same guy I'd seen a few minutes ago! So, he was wondering if he could go and didn't want to be too far away when he knew he was ready and Wow! did he do it!

All for now, It's been, as usual, great to share all this,
Good Anal Health, P P G

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Daniel: I enjoyed your description of watching teenage lifeguards taking a shit in a handicapped toilet at the beach while you were peeping through a hole in the partition. Listen Dude - in no way was that a transgression! It seems as if the guys were not aware that anyone was watching and so no harm was done! Your descriptions of these guys were realistic. I have watched guys dump through small holes in the partitions between normal-size (non-handicapped) stalls. Uusually, by moving around you can see their faces, chests and thighs, but never all at the same time as you did. It sounds as if you had a great view! Its real interesting how small differences in the layout of restroom stalls can make some great places for listening and watching. Of course, the best are the doorless stalls and even better are the bowls next to each other without partitions. I would be real interested to hear further stories about the teenage lifeguards and their dumping activities.
Amy: Thanks for the additional details about the time you watched Dave take a shit. Dave was right. You are real lucky to be able to watch a cute US marine take a dump. I'd like to be there the next time Dave and Matt spend their leave off base with you!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just now got the opportunity to catch up on all of your awesome posts! There were some great stories in there...keep 'em rolling :)

Jenny: Regarding the tampon string question...I always pee with my tampon in unless like its been in for a while, then I pull it out and then put a fresh one in when I'm done...if the string happens to get wet then I just dry it dramas :)

LindaGS: Hi! Keep up the awesome posts, girl! Sounds like you, Elena and Cousin have some fun times!!! Wish my family were like that, I reckon it'd be cool.

Also, To Kendal: Just wanted to say a special hi, you and LindaGS are the only ones who've ever posted to me! I'm not gonna run off because of it though...I enjoy the posts :) Keep up the really awesome posts. Great story about the sitting-on-knees wee. Yours and Andrew's posts are always entertaining :)

I don't have any really notable experiences to share of late, but I'm glad that my toilet habits are back to normal, I was seriously concerned about them before! It's all good now though. I took a nice relieving shit yesterday. Don't ya love them? I felt so good after.

Kind regards and warm wishes to you all,


My usual routine is to poop shortly after i get up in the morning but yesterday i sat and did a nice long pee and a fart but that was all,so i had a cup of coffee and tried again since that all most allways does the trick but still no results.

So off to work i went and around 9:30 i let out a nasty sbd that luckily no one was close enough to smell and shortly there after i headed off to the ladies room and i could see by the shoes that my friend Cindy was in the end stall and i took the middle one and as i was pulling down my pantyhose and panties i did a loud fart and then
another one as soon as my ass hit the seat followed by a long loud blast of diaharea and by now i was bent over with my hands on my stomach,my friend who was silent until now asked if i was ok and i said ya i guess so,i must have eaten something bad yesterday, and at that second she said oh as she was pushing out her poop that i heard
make a slight plop in the bowl but i could not detect any odor from her direction since mine was filling the air and i knew she could smell it for sure,well i put out more liquid from my ass for the next 10 minutes or so with plenty of gas and i was sure glad that no one else came in while i was doing so,i could now hear my friend pulling tp from the roll and then the sounds of her wipeing her ass and flushing as i stood and started to also wipe i took a quick look in the bowl that was full of dark brown yucky liquid with some brown floating chunks,man did i feel better letting that out.

To Athea,yes i went to H.S. in the city,as a matter of fact in the Bronx,I posted a few stories about it sometime back,for almost my entire sophmore year i was to shy to use the doorless stalls to shit but i would do a quick pee as needed,i clearly remember rushing home after school holding it in and my mother finding out after seeing a pair of panties that i had an accident in and her talking some sense in to me something along the line of there's no reason to be embaresed we all have to do it and we all have the same equipment in our underware don't we and so on and that hepled me a little with it but what helped the most was in my junior year when i went out for the swim team and we had practice after school i would see some of the other girls on the toilets in the locker room totaly naked before or after showering and so after awhile i just wound up doing the same,you know there is something about doing that sort of stuff that creates a bond with females,and after a co! uple of years of this it totaly removed whatever modesty i had about going in front of other females.

el duderino
Hi. I have been lurking here for a while. a comment made here realy bothered me. well i mean nobody should be whipping their child, and april, i feel terrible for you! that should never happen! but pv, its not fair to stereotype americans as the only ones who do it. in fact, in many other countries its considered ok to do so, but not here in the US. just because you dont hear about it wherever you live and your parents didnt do it to you doesnt mean it doesnt happen. so please dont stereotyope us because thats just not fair. ps does anybody have any well detailed poop stories to tell when they were desperate and shit themselves?

Teenaged Girl
Hey all;
Got a good story for you guys. It's long. It involves myself and my friend Rachael who I've mentioned in a previous post. Any of you who live in the great state of Florida know about the brush fires that have shut down a section of the major interstate I-4. Due to thick smoke, there's a 10 mile strip of the interstate, which is the main route going from Tampa to Orlando, shut down and you're being diverted off the road onto a detour route. Sounds simple right? Any of you reading this who may have to travel this part of this particular highway, take my advice. DON'T!! The catch is when merging all these cars off the highway, you're doing about 5 MPH. My friend Rachael and I were heading towards Tampa last weekend for a three day vacation. We knew about the road closure but heard that traffic was not too bad. That was a joke! It took an hour and a half to move 2 miles! It was the worst traffic jam I have ever been in. As soon as we hit the traffic, I noticed Rachael get a ve! ry worried look on her face. Of course, things never work out for our favor. Rach and I had just had lunch and each downed a few bottles of water. We already had strikes against us. In the back of my mind, I began hoping that we would be out of this jam by the time I started to feel the effects on my bladder. I'd say 20 minutes went by when Rachael asked if I thought we'd be out of this any time soon. I didn't think so. Her response to that was, "I have got to pee." I really felt bad for her. Because I knew we would not be getting to a bathroom any time soon. I asked if she had to go bad and she said it was getting there. She tried to get her mind off the need. She put a cd in and started making conversation with me. Not too much more time went by before she told me she was not going to make it much longer. Of course, it was seeing her in this predicament that made me realize my own need to pee was arising. I began to worry for myself now too. She asked me what she should do. I honestly didn't have an answer for her. It was broad day light out with an interstate packed with people all sitting there just looking around. I myself would never have been able to just get out of the car and pee on the side of the road. I checked my backseat but I didn't have any cups or anything of that nature. Whenever the inevitable would arrive, it would surely be a full fledged accident. I could tell she was trying her hardest to hold on. Thankfully, my urge was not too bad at the moment. She did everything she could to make herself more comfortable. She undid the buttons on her shorts. Shifted from side to side, crossing her legs, uncrossing her legs. She started to cry saying how embarassed she was and how she was going to ruin the upholstry in my car. I gave her a sympathetic friend hug and told her not to be embarassed and that the car can always be cleaned. I told her everyone has to pee and even told her about my need starting to build. I reminded her of the pee predicaments she had seen me in in the past. I think her embarassment subsided a little bit but the pain caused by her bladder was agonizing her. She once more asked if I thought we would get out of this mess anytime soon. I glanced at the time and noticed we had already been sitting there for 45 minutes and had moved no more than a few feet. We still had a long way to go before the exit ramp to get off for the detour. She was holding herself, tears still falling from her eyes. She started apologizing for what was about to happen. The next time she went to shift her body position, she gasped and cried more and I heard a faint hissing sound. I looked down to see her totally peeing her pants. Pee streamed down her legs and all she could do was just watch in horror. I felt so bad for her. She finally stopped peeing and I tried to cut the tension by asking if she felt better yet. She said she did. However, watching Rachael be relieved of her pee did not help my situation any. My need to pee had grown rapidly. I realized that what happend to Rachael was going to happen to me. The need got very strong. Like a piercing pain in my bladder. It became painful just to sit. For some reason though, I was determined to try and hold on; stupidly thinking in the back of my head that I stood a chance of making it to that exit before the flood broke. After a few more minutes, I just couldn't hold on anymore. The tables had turned and Rachael was now trying to comfort me telling me it was ok and not to be embarassed. Knowing I had no hope whatsoever, I fell back into my seat, spread my legs and relaxed. It only took a second or so for my bladder to start emptying it's contents. I started crying, just like Rachael had, in disbelief that I was nearly 19 years old and wetting my pants. The pee went on and on. I started regretting drinking as much water as I had earlier that day. Pee kept streaming down my legs. My shorts were soaking wet, as was my car seat. Finally, my pee stopped. After that, I surveyed the damage on myself then on Rachael and we just tried to laugh it off, knowing that this was a secret that would never get back to even our closest friends. It took another 40 minutes after that before we were finally off the interstate. Neither of us ever would have made it. Rach and I checked out a map I had and decided to take a different route than the detour suggested. It was a quaint little 2 lane highway. Kind of like a back country road. The sun was setting. It didn't take too much longer for my bladder to fill itself back up again. And to make matters worse, I now had to poop. Rachael had expressed her rising need to pee as well. I told her of my need and we decided we would just stop at the next bathroom we found. But for miles on end, all there was were woods. As my need to poop grew, my need to pee became severely urgent. We rounded a corner and as far as I could see was all woods. I couldn't hold on anymore and I certainly was not going to poop my pants. I pulled the car over and dashed out into the woods. I ran until I made sure I was still in sight of my car but that no passerbys on the highway could see anything. I ran behind a bush and pulled my pee soaked shorts and panties down. I hadn't even squatted when pee started pouring out of me. It ran down my legs. I fumbled to get my shorts out of the way and squat. I finished peeing and felt my poo already sliding out of me. It took a few small pushes and I was finished. Amazingly, I managed to pee a bit more after that. I pushed a bit to make sure there wasn't a drop more in me. With that, I pulled my wet clothes back up and went back to the car. When I was in sight of the car, Rachael dashed out holding herself and ran over to the first tree she saw. By the time I turned around, she already had her shorts down and was squatted with pee gushing out of her. I saw her finish, pull her shorts back up and come back to the car. I got a change of my clothes out of the trunk and decided to just change right in the woods. I certainly didn't want to be in those wet clothes anymore. As I was changing, I got to see what a mess I was. Every part of my bottom was soaked from the accident I had earlier. I already felt more pee in my bladder. I should have known. That always happens when I drink a lot of water. My bladder fills itself back up very quickly. I squatted and again peed before finally going back to the car. We had both gotten out of our wet clothes and were on our way again. Before we got to the connecting interstate, I had to pee once more and again found myself having to pull the car over to relive myself in the woods. We managed to finally make it to our destination without anymore mishaps. What a day! I've never had more bathroom predicaments in one day! Now, I know I'm not the only one whose been stuck in traffic and had to use the bathroom. I read Maggie's post on a previous post and her and I had similar incidents. I want to know how all of you have dealt with such situations before. Did you end up peeing yourself like we did or did you just suck it up and pee outside of the car? I'll be looking for your answers! Hope you enjoy the story. Take care!

POOPER DOOPER: Thanks!!!! The way I got Neil interested in watching me is I would start leaving the door open just a wee bit more each time I went and eventually his curiosity got the best of him. Try this with your girlfriend......Good Luck :o)

Neil and I had a buddy pee this morning...I was seated on the toilet with my sleepshirt hiked way up and my panties down to my ankles...Neil came in to brush his teeth before class and talked to me while I peed. Afterward I didn't flush so he could go...I watched as he pulled his jeans and shorts down to his ankles and went over to the toilet and peed a river....this was so exciting!!! This was the first time I ever saw him go..........afterwards he flushed and we washed our hands and hugged. I could get used to this :o)

I think I'll fix a tex mex dish for Neil, Maxie and I tonight....that should be good for some interesting poop sessions afterwards!!!!


To Maggie with the diahrrea and the puking.

You need to go to the doctor or the emergency room for an answer to you question about what is wrong with you.

You should not delay this. Two days is long enough. The Internet is not the place to get a medical diagnosis.

Good Luck.

That poor honey in the picture needs me to help her get her load going!

Gruntly Bogwell: So you'd like to see me with a rose in my teeth pushing out some fatties huh? Teethmarks in the stem even? Well honey, this morning I didn't have the rose, but I had the big ones. I loved your story of the woods and the two women coming by. Were there a lot of evergreens around? I love the smell whenever I poop around evergreens. I don't know why, I just do. Anyway, your story made me one hot tamale! I read it twice, especially the part about soft poop coming out of your sweet butt later.

Sunday afternoon was a great day! Renee has been seeing this guy and they seem to be getting along great. She says she's told him about some of the thngs we like to do together, and he took it really well considering that she's only known him for a couple of weeks. I'll call him J. because he doesn’t want his name mentioned. Anyway, they'd gone out to a movie, and I was home alone reading. My ???? started rumbling, and I knew it was time for a serious poop. I went into the bathroom, slid my cargoes down and stretched my light blue panties across my knees. The first fart was nasty followed by a really rank turd that was huge. It stuck to the side of the bowl and smelled strong. It was pretty thick, and gross. I sat for almost fifteen minutes grunting and pooping, grunting and pooping. One plop led to another, and after a few minutes it was reeking in there! I filled up the bowl again, but my first turd was really, really thick and long! It was like a big brown cucumber an! d just as fat, and folded in three sections. I wouldn't have been able to get my thumb and forefinger around it that's how big it was! It was so awesome that I left it in the bowl for Renee to see when she got home. Sure enough, later when she came in she headed for the bathroom and I heard her yelling "Eeewww Malita! My god, girl, have you been holding this thing inside all day?!!" when I wandered into the bathroom she was on the toilet crapping on top of it. She had real runny shits from too much movie popcorn. She pooped a lot of soft stuff and stunk it up worse. I was very hot watching her hovering over my pile adding to it. She'd grunt through her nose and out would come this "ssssppprrkkklllrrkkllll" and a ton of runny shit.
It was fun! My giant turd was gross, and I had to use a plunger to break it up.

Pooper Dooper
Jersey Man-
Don't be embarrassed about talking to your docter about your poop problems. What are docters here for, there here to make us better. And you don't know , but maybe it's not good for your health. You should go to a docter it is much safer anyways. The doctor isn't alloud to tell anything about their paicents.

I'm thinking of holding my poop in for awhile. Beacause (this may sound stupid)but I want to poop other than my home or outside. I don't know why.

Happy Poops!!!!!!

Sudden Urge
Hello everyone, been quite a while since I last posted just thought I'd drop a few lines. Have any of you ever purposely staged a walk in on a woman while she was on the toilet? I used to do an aunt of mine that way. I posted a while back about her having to use the toilet while I was in the tub one time, I was about ten years old then and ever since then I can't get enough of her. when Me and My younger brothers would visit her family in Georgia, she seemed to take more time with me than the others, I just kinda grew close to her. She was (and still is) a very beautiful woman who dresses well with a beautiful body and long brown hair with soft curls in it. One Saturday afternoon while everyone else was outside, she came in from town and went straight to the bathroom and stood at her vanity mirror adjusting her make up. I thought that this may be an oppertunity so I went in and stood beside her starting a conversation. As we stood there and talked as she fixed her mascara I ! had that feeling that any minute she was going to either excuse herself and make me leave so she could poop or wait until I left on my own. And then it happened, She looked at me and said "If you don't mind sweety close that door, I need to use the commode". I was about to bust with excitement. She walked over to the toilet, while not revealing anything pulled her skirt up and eased her pantyhose down to just above her thighs and sat down. She put her feet together and perched forward resting her arms on her legs with her hands clasped together, she looked beautiful like that with her high heels on and her skirt pulled up just barely revealing her thighs and rump. as we talked she started to pee and as she finished her voice became breathy and had a grunt to it. You could hear the crackling sound that seemed to go on forever. She looked up at me and said, "I think my poo poo is bigger than you are" and we both laughed. I never did hear the turd fall into the water so I knew it! had to be a long one. As we continued to talk she slightly raised her butt cheek up and as she did I heard a "ploop" followed by a faint fart. By this time the bathroom was beginning to smell of a healthy poop tinged with perfume. She wiped several times and got up and turned around and said to me "I hope it dont stop the toilet up" I got up from the edge of the tub to peer into the toilet to see a fourteen incher, smooth and light brown with some smaller pieces right beside it. She flushed it and we watched it get sucked down the pipe leaving skid marks all over the bottom of the bowl and inside the pipe. she walked over to the vanity and washed her hands and adjusted her skirt like nothing had ever happened.
Have any of you ever had an experience like this when you were Young? If so let me hear about it.

Adrian - Glad that you enjoyed the post. Yes, it was a great treat, as you put it, something that I will never forget.

PV - Thanks for the kind words, fella. I have many more stories to post and I will over time.

Adrian, you asked about my "old lady's" output, so I will post about the first time that I watched her use the head.

I met my wife shortly after my Junior Year in High School. I had recently turned 17, and was between girlfriends. A friend arranged a "blind date" with a supposedly pretty girl, and of course I was wary. Well to make a long story short, I was introduced to this beatiful dark haired girl at her friend's party, and we hit it off. A short description of my wife: she is about 5' 2", 105 lbs, and quite curvy. She has a rather olive complexion ( she is part Native American), with black hair and fabulous brown eyes. As our relationship blossomed, we found that we had many common interests, which included enjoying watching the opposite sex use the head. We had been going out for about 2 months, when I had a Friday off from my summer machine shop job, and my girl had a day off from her summer job at a hotel. I picked her up and we drove to the local pool, met some friends and went swimming the whole mornimg. At noon, we drove back to my house for lunch. My mom, bless her, had taken! the 3 younger siblings upsate for the day and we had the house to ourselves. We ate a big lunch, which included a whole pineapple for desert. Shortly after, I told her I had to go, and she teasingly said "I know what you're going to do", and I said "Come with me!". She smiled and said next time. I went and had a pleasent 5 minute dump, and as I was cleaning up, there was a knock. I said "It's Open, come in", as I pulled up my shorts. My girlfriend came in and said she had to go. With that she looked in the toilet, and said "Wow, you made monsters!". She flushed as I washed up, then she undid her shorts, pulled them and her panties to her knees and sat on the warm seat. I glanced over at her, and she gave me a wrinkled half grin half grimmace. She folded her arms across her lap, and a look of concentration came over her face. With that, I heard a soft crackling sound that went on for quite a few seconds; then OOOOHH, she gasped, and a soft splash sounded as the turd fell in. S! he peed quite vigorously for about 30 seconds, then passed a juicy fart. She laughed when she did, and said she usually didn't pass much gas when she pooped. She grunted out a few more, then I watched her as she carefully wiped her cute butt and her vagina. When she stood up, I glanced at her production, and saw a good 18" long log, that was about 2 " around. It was surrounded by 6 smaller chunks and toilet paper. My girl looked at me and said "I almost outdid you; next time I will!". I laughed and she did too. I then flushed for her, as she washed up, and we resumed our outdoor activities. Oh well, just another day in the life of a 17 year old who enjoys watching the opposite sex use the head!

Bye for now.

PV - I apologize for calling you "fella". Sorry!


DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!! Your body has been biologically set to expell harmful "shit" from your body. It is food poisoning, and I did suffer from it once, and can last for days. Mine was two days because i was told to just drink water - doing this and noticing your bum shitting "clear water" shows it is working.

Do not ingest anything else - just water. remember, you body is trying to get rid of the poison.

Try drinking hot plain water after boiling. Drink it and it should kill the bacteria inside you. Please write back to see if the hot water works - I may reccomend the remedy.

The Meister
Hi all,
I found this site a couple of weeks ago and was fascinated and amused in equal amounts.
I too have an interest in seeing the opposite sex on the toilet (I'm male, 28, UK) and figured that at least a small part of me wasn't right. So it was reassuring to find a group of folks who had the same interest and could discuss it in such a mature and humorous way.
As a child, I saw girls peeing on several occasions and once even pooping. I think it was the association of seeing their 'parts' whilst doing this that drew me back to it once I was old enough to start dating and now I always find the act somewhat erotic. I must stress that despite this, golden showers and scat play don't interest me at all.
The first girl I had a relationship with was very open about peeing in front of me and once went outside just for my amusment. However she was too embarrased to take a dump in my presence and after a while I let the issue drop.
Anyway, I'll curtail my post for just now - just wanted to let you know I'm out here reading and I'll post more later, including about my last GF who occasionally dumped in front of me.
All the best,
The Meister

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just now got the opportunity to catch up on all of your awesome posts! There were some great stories in there...keep 'em rolling :)

Jenny: Regarding the tampon string question...I always pee with my tampon in unless like its been in for a while, then I pull it out and then put a fresh one in when I'm done...if the string happens to get wet then I just dry it dramas :)

LindaGS: Hi! Keep up the awesome posts, girl! Sounds like you, Elena and Cousin have some fun times!!! Wish my family were like that, I reckon it'd be cool.

Also, To Kendal: Just wanted to say a special hi, you and LindaGS are the only ones who've ever posted to me! I'm not gonna run off because of it though...I enjoy the posts :) Keep up the really awesome posts. Great story about the sitting-on-knees wee. Yours and Andrew's posts are always entertaining :)

I don't have any really notable experiences to share of late, but I'm glad that my toilet habits are back to normal, I was seriously concerned about them before! It's all good now though. I took a nice relieving shit yesterday. Don't ya love them? I felt so good after.

Kind regards and warm wishes to you all,


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