Gruntly's post is almost identical to a thing that happened last summer. we live in what used to be a farm area, fast urbanized but still with deep woods on a hillside in back. my wife and I went for a pleasant Sunday walk as we often do, along several switchback trails there. We stopped and sat down to rest overlooking the valley, and on the lower trail switchback about 20 ft below us came two ladies, one about 45 and the other about 25. We had no reason to call their attention to us above, but just as they were below us they stopped, stepped to a wide spot in trail, and the younger took of her small back pack. Without a word she unbuckled and slid her jeans and panties down and squatted where we both had a good view of her butt. She was sweet, nice looking light blond but we commented later we both noticed she had a rather hairy patch around her privates and butthole, and the hair was dark. It was much too late to say anything then, and we were pretty well hidden by shadows and foliage, so we just sat quietly scarecly breathing or moving, while this beauty had a pee and then she shuffled a bit and squatted quietly some more, for maybe a minute while she grimaced. Soon we saw a large, long black turd appear in that beautiful anus surrounded by her sweet cheeks, and slowly it came out of her, curling on the ground beneath. While this was going on the two made small talk about the evergreen trees all around, though the younger one did say something mid conversation about needing to relax for a minute before she could 'do' anything. When done she wiped and then stood up, pulled up her pants nd said, 'Your turn mom, wow look at that, I told you I couldn't make it back home.'/ The older lady, but a very pretty dark blond, had her back turned to her daughter when she had that huge poop, but looked around then and said 'gosh, I don't think I can excel that,' removed her shorts, squatted and as we again watched, she had a little harder time of it, she groaned and grunted and finally a short piece followed by a rather runny bm ensued. She commented during her poop that it 'really felt good.' Afterward they covered their poops with rocks and leaves, turned around and went back down the trail. Good -because if they had continued another 200 feet and around the bend we might have been as embarassed as they. My wife and I both looked at each other after they left and admitted we had never seen anything like that before. On previous walks and camping trips nature sometimes called and we always did our business in private, but not after that. She said she did not realize it had the obvious visual effect she noticed on me and promised to do something about it --- Next evening before dark she said, I have been saving a surprise for you, let's go for a walk. We went back into the woods and she said to 'sit down and rest,' and I did, and she said 'I think those women yesterday had the right idea, what good is taking a shit if we cant enjoy it a bit,' and squatted about 3 ft in front of me and gave me a show like the ladies did the day before, complete with grunts and groans. Since that time she has had occasional little surprises like that for me, and always tantalizes me the day before by calling my attention to the fact that she is eating oatmeal, or large pieces of lettuse, a big glass of metamucil, or all three as a prelude to our anticipated outing. I guess she likes the results afterwards because of the effect on me - I am not going to complain. When she squats, after preparing herself with food like that the day before, she moans a little bit, her anus ring swells, undulates, and pooches out, and as she narrates 'boy do I need to do this bad' or 'it's coming - it'squeezing out now, or 'feels pretty solid, or 'really feels good,' she can slowly let out the most perfect, round, smooth,long poos I ever saw, which settle in a big circular pile, and when she wipes the paper is almost completely clean. Then she usually comments that her bumhole feels nice and warm, or that her ???? feels so much better. P.s. we encountered the younger of the two pooing ladies last fall at a PTSA meeting. (We have a 10 year old but dont take him alone on 'those' walks). - I supposed the nice lady would be shocked to know what we had seen -, but since 'everyone poops' that is no big surprise. Do I do likewise for my wife? Yes, but it doesn't seem to interest her, so not often.

Lizard King, please do share your pee stories and Chrissy as long as this site has been here no male pictures have been seen. I guess they only talk about using the tooilet, but never really need to or else we would have seen pictures.

Wouldn't it be nice if bathrooms were equipped with 2 toilets so couples could sit down and poop together? They could have romantic, loving conversations---wow, WHAT BONDING!

April said:
>My mother turned around and told me I would get whipped when we got >there. James cringed because he has seen the welts
> on my legs from the extension cord she used.

While I am not a lawyer or anything related to law enforcement, this certainly sounds like child abuse to me.

Pooper Dooper
Good for you!!! Man I wish my girlfriend and I would do that.

mr. player
does anyone have any sleepover stories

this happened when i was 6. iwas at daycare. i had gotten in trouble ,so i was in the corner. the corner was right by the girls bathroom. the door opened towards the corner, so when it opened i could look in. it was often used . when a girl went in i look through the crack. i saw a 5 year old girl pull down her pants and underwear and piss. it was sweet . when she was done she bent over to pul up her pants . i saw everything . it was the best

Plunging Plop Guy: I was real sorry to hear about your problem with hemorrhoids and an itchy asshole. Sounds like you are doing most of the right things - lotsa exercise, high fiber diet, lotsa liquids and avoiding straining when you dump. Another suggestion is to avoid pinching off your logs because of impatience. A former fraternity buddy of mine taught me about this. He told me that he never strained while dumping and just let the logs come out naturally. Also, he said that he never pinched off a turd -just tried to let it come out in one piece. A benefit of doing this is that the shit does not spread over your asshole and the surrounding hairy area thereby reducing irritation. He told me that when the turd gets real long, he stands up and lets it dangle into the pot until gravity takes over and it falls naturally. I've tried this and it usually works - it also saves one helluva lot of shit paper! Doing this, however, needs discipline. If you get impatient it won'! t work. Take a book or newspaper when you next dump and let nature take its course. Lots of luck, Justin

Mark & Plunging Plop Guy: Sorry I did not give more detail about Matt, my marine boyfriend, and his buddy, Dave, in my last posting. What happened was that I was on the toilet and the two guys came into the bathroom. Matt was nude, as he usually is in the mornings, and Dave had on a pair of boxer shorts. Matt went into the shower and I continued dumping with Dave standing and talking to me. He was telling me about the problems with his girlfriend, but I could see he was interested in seeing me partly nude. My panties were around my ankles and I had on a short T-shirt. I had a good pee and then dropped some average-sized turds. At that point, Matt came out of the shower. I wiped my behind and then in front and saw Dave watching me carefully. Dave then replaced me on the pot and was nude since he pulled his boxers down to his ankles. He started making real loud grunts and straining noises and also cut some loud farts. Matt, who was drying himself, said to Dave jok! ingly: "Hey man. Mind your manners! There is a lady in here with us." Dave just laughed and said he thought that I was lucky to see a US marine take a big dump. Matt then flicked his towel at Dave's thighs. We heard loud plops as Dave's logs hit the water and there was a moderate shit smell. Matt continued to kid Dave saying: "Hey Dave. Stop stinking this place out. You are not on base now." Dave just laughed. Dave wiped his butt sitting down so I did not get to see his logs, but they sounded real big. Like Matt, he has a beautiful curved butt and I got a buzz from seeing him wipe it.
In answer to your question, when Matt dumps while squatting on the bowl, the logs hit the water with loud plops. The water does splash up. I have seen it hit Matt's balls and his butt and it also sometimes hits the bowl rim. Once, my face was so close it nearly got splashed. Matt just laughs when these splashes occur, but has never said whether he enjoys it. Hope this answers all your questions. LOL, AMY

Hey Lizard King!

I'm 13 & live in Jersey too what county do u live in?

A few years ago, my younger son and I went upstate for a bowling tournament, and our wives came with us. I had taken a pretty bad fall a few days before and was taking painkillers that were upsetting my normal routine. We had an uneventful 6 hour drive, with a lunch stop, and then the girls wanted a pee stop 2 hours later. I delayed this a little by filming some freight trains as they raced along the rails by the Mohawk River. We got to our hotel at dinner time, checked in, had dinner, and went to bed early, as we had an 8:00 AM check in the next day. I took a painkiller before bed, so that I could sleep. Next morning I pigged out on the buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I was sipping a second decaf, when I felt a rumble and passed a silent stinker. Well, my wife, son and daughter-in-law noticed and started laughing. I got up to go and my wife asked if i wanted the key to the room. I said no, I would use the men's room off the lobby. I went down the and into the men's ! room. It was nothing unusual, just 4 urinals, 3 stalls, condom dispensers and sinks. I went into the 2nd stall, droped my drawers, sat, and past several waves of semi-solid slop (YUCH!) The painkillers were blasting me. I strated peeing, and heard the door open, so I flushed to releive some of the stench. It was then that I heard high heels clicking, and I panicked, thinking I was in the Ladie's Room! But there were no disposal bins, or anything of that nature. I looked out thru the crack in the stall, and sure enough a woman, about 5'5", 115 lbs, brown hair and glasses, was by the sink, looking in the mirror. At this point I didn't care and I let out the last wasve and started wiping. As I did, I heard this lady walk off, or so I thought. WRONG!, she went in the stall next to me, closed the door and latched it. She lifted her skirt, pulled down here pants and sat. I heard a soft, almost silent PFFFFFFTTT!, then the crackling, crinkling of a log, a splash and a grunt. She did ! this twice more, peed, then silence. Had she seen me? The tiles behind the stalls were almost like glass, and you could really see a person's profile. Then she farted again, and there were 4 rounds of crinkle, plop, grunt! I had finished wiping, and started pulling my pants up, when I heard her reach for the joyroll. I Flushed, left the stall and washed my hands. As I was drying my hands, she flushed and came out of the stall. You should have seen the look on her face! She asked what I was doing, and I said I was in the men's room, to use the toilet. She insisted it was the ladies' room,but I when I pointed to the condums and urinals, she covered her mouth and began to laugh. She said she just went in the first door, without looking, and now she seemed embarrased. "You must have heard everything!", she exclaimed, and I said yeah, but you heard me, evertone has to go, so no big deal. Now the trick was to get her out unnoticed, so I opened the door, the hallway was empty, and she came out. As she did, I pointed the "MENS" on the door, and she covered her mouth and laughed. We were both heading back to the restaurant, so I just said SEE YA! and went to my table. When we left I told my wife I had something to tell her, and I did in the elevator. She started giggling and said I must have gone in the wrong door. TO cap this off, we were in our room getting ready to leave. I was brushing my teeth, when my wife rushed in with an urgent look on her face. She and I have gone in front of each other for years, so no big deal. She lowered her pants, sat, looked at me with that impish half grin/grimace that she does when she is on the toilet, and let out a whopper with a long EEENNNNGGGHHHH! She did a long titnkle a few more turds, and then she asked me to wipe her, something else we do often. As I did, I saw that she had done one of her toilet cloggers. There was nothing to bash it with, so we just left it for the cleaning crew. This is nothing new, as my old l! ady and I have been clogging hotel toilets for years. We washed up, left and laughed about the morning's experiences.

Anyone else like enemas? I hadn't had one for a long time but decided to buy an enema kit at the drug store, since I had a bad gut ache and knew that I needed a good cleaning out. I was not constipated, but had a bacterial imbalance in my system causing the pain, stinky gas and weird bowel movements. I filled the bag with 2 quarts of water and got on the bathroom floor with the tube up my ass. I was able to take half the water and then needed to get on the toilet. I shot out a bunch of gray stinky shit and brown water. After a few minutes I wiped, got on the floor and put the rest of the water up my ass. A proper enema takes about one hour so I tried to let the water run up my colon to dissolve any remaining nasty shit. The water has to be warm and you have to take it in slowly or else you will get bad cramps and maybe have an accident. Once before I nailed the wall and tub with liquid shit after a major cramp due to injecting the water too fast. I held the water for! 15 minutes and got on the toilet again and passed a lot of soft shit and water. It's like pissing out your ass! I wiped and flushed the whole mess and then got into the shower. As I was having my shower, I got a bad cramp and squatted toward the drain and let out a lot of liquid crap and plastered the tub above the drain. No problema. I just washed it all down. I felt wonderfully better, lighter, and well cleaned out. I got dressed and ate lunch, then farted up a storm since you can't avoid injecting some air with the enema. From now on I will do the enema thing whenever I feel the gut ache and need a good cleaning out. I think it is a lot better than taking antacids or pepto bismol like I had been doing. It's been a few days now and I am back to passing normal loads.

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again. TO PV-my last two huge giant log sessions of one 23 incher and one 18 incher was not the first time i passed two giant logs in one session. remember the post before this? i passed a 2o incher and a 13 incher? ok? thanks for liking the stories. scott and i love yours too.TO JOHN (VT)-I should of known the Vt stands for Vermont. and yes i have been there.vermont is lovely!! and check this out scotts dad is a school principal with alot of free time in the summer and his family as a kid been to all the states except hawaii and alaska.really!! and yes we live in new jersey. thanks for writing us a message back john. scott and i really like you!. TO LIZARD KING-hi! as we said before scott and i are from new jersey.just like you i see.lets hear more stories.TO LOGGER-thanks for your nice comments. i always like hearing from the sight of my logs are really awesome! scott just loves to see his blond cutie squeeze em out and look at it in the bowl. the sight of my log is usually enormous and thick ranging from a foot long to my current record 25 inches long. 3 inches thick. and yes my waist is a little larger then 20 inches now with all the godzilla turds i pass. but only a few inches more. i am still a voluptous, curvy thing ya know!haha!plus i agree with you--.I hope the pooping queens from britain were not censored. i miss anne the busdriver,nicola and others. they gave me real competition with their mighty dumps. your right too. i do need one of those deep english toilets or just a bigger toilet .wow! can i shit huh? and it is wonderful passing one enormous log after a.nother. PLUS -AMY i think? with the marine boyfriend matt.-love your stories. my boyfriends brother was also in the marines. i guess matt trained in parris island like scotts brother? well so long now. keep the good posts coming.

CHRISSY: I agree with you, why not have a pic of a guy on the toilet?
At least half, maybe more, of the people who read/participate here would welcome that.
PLOP GUY: I have also wondered whether my looking at guy on the toilet is a transgression. Only on a couple of occasions have I actually looked over a partition. I have discovered a toilet at a beach in the States (near Chicago), where the setup allows a perfect view of a guy doing a number two. There is a small peephole in the center toilet which looks right into a handicapped toilet, and the toilet in there is mounted right against the far wall of the partition, which is huge. So when you look through, you see an entire side-view of the guy as he sits on the toilet, from his head all the way down to about mid-ankle. In the summer when the beach is busy around lunchtime, I've seen quite a few guys dump there, including a few very attractive teenaged lifeguards. Sometimes they talk to each other when they're there in groups. Most of them grimace and you can see their faces and necks tense up as they push. Some just sit and stare and then they open their mouths as they feel it come. One kid just stared straight ahead and once in awhile went "uungh" as he exhaled, before two huge splashes and a healthy piss. Another guy turned his head and looked right over at me and I though he'd seen the hole, but his toilet was too far away from the partition; instead he seemed to look right at me and then squinted his eyes shut and gritted his teeth, pushing for all he was worth.
I agree with the guy here who said he likes seeing a guy's facial expressions as he takes a healthy dump. Not carried to excess, it's just an interesting thing to observe someone else while you sit
and dump. Any other guys ever seen the kind of toilet setup I describe. See ya.. Daniel

I like the new picture. It looks as though the lady, a nice mature sophisticated one, is leaning back and straining to pass a good motion. Also the loo appears to have an interesting design. I've never seen a cylindrical one like that before.

RJOGGER. Liked your story. It sounds as though you witnessed a great treat. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences with your wife's output. It's my opinion that women can often out perform men when it comes to their motions.

Maggie. I was sorry to read about your unpleasant experience of having the runs and throwing up at work on Friday. People vary in their reactions to that sort of thing but at the end of the day you can't help it if you're taken ill. Your boss was probably unused to seeing people in your predicament and I suspect he was a bit fazed by it. However, I'm sure that if he's a kind, half-decent man, he will at best be concerned for your welfare when you go back to work and at worst he should say nothing on the subject. Your problems could have been caused by eating iffy food but I think they're far more likely to have been caused by a gastric ???? bug, given the symptoms you've described. I think the important thing now is to replenish your fluids and lost minerals at this stage.

Mr Flush
hi have you ever had a prefect poo? well im going to tell you about my perfect poop... ever since i was a lad my poo always hurt or burn my bum, or it was just to messy i hated going to the bathroom when it hurt. But about a year ago something wonderfull happend "my perfect poo" it was a normal day just like any other and i had to use the can. so i went to the bathroom sat down on the tiolet and two seconds later the most smoothest wonderfull feeling was happening. it did not hurt or burn and the strange thing was when i wiped my bum there was no poop on the tiolet paper. i thought i was
dreaming it was like god had blessed my bum. if any one has had a prefect poo tell me

APRIL -- Okay, I give up, people. What the F*** is it with Americans and "whipping" their children when their kids need a bit of leeway? I keep reading things that make me mad, and there are a lot of adults in this world who need their beating implements taking off them and applying back with a kind of righteous anger that might not make better people out of them but would coincide with the common concept of justice. April, tell your mother from me, with my compliments, that anybody who takes an extension chord to her daughter doesn't deserve to have one. Her obstinacy in maintaining a situation of extreme embarressment for you, and the open threat of physical punishment if you should lose control, are signs of a person with a severe deficiency of simple human spirit.(Mr. Moderator, if that paragraph doesn't make the grade, please trim it, but after the things that have happened to many whose stories have appeared here, I had to get that off my chest.)

LOUISE -- I had to smile as I read your account of having a casual wee with your pants left on the stairs, as I've had similar experiences when circumstances change in mid-pee! I've found I can turn it off and make adjustments, but it's never easy, is it?

Oh, I can see you and me looking after those kids, all right. I know you've studied martial arts for a while now, and the abusers were young, albeit in a pack. I can remember predators in my own school days, I went to regular "comprehensive" schools and it was not an experience I treasure. I've never been an "in your face" person, and I don't want to hurt anyone, but... You know what I'm trying to say. They'd find they took on the wrong women if they tried it again.

STEVE -- Thanks for being sensitive! (Cough, cough!) Yes, that was a delicious contest the gals got up to in the showers, and you're one of the luckiest guys around to be welcome in the midst of a 'girl thing!' Your description was absolutely delightful, and I can just see it in my mind's eye. How I'd have loved to take part -- I'd be scared my AP would leave me simply unable, but maybe with good-natured encouragement I could relax and put a racehorse to shame!

JEFF A -- hi guy! Thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for your support. I know I come over very oppinionated at times, but there's a saying, 'when it comes to abuse, their ain't no excuse,' and what happened to Little Lou was abuse of the worst sort. I'd like to wring their necks, no appologies. So (slapping hands/giving fives) great to have you on the team, we'll make the world safe one bit at a time.

RJOGGER -- wonderful first story, guy, welcome to the site and we look forward to your future postings.

Okay, poo update! I've been having some biggies lately, and my bowels seem to be adjusting toward large poos as they are happening more frequently. This morning I had one of my biggest shits ever. It was also my third bowel opening of the day, so something must have been going on!

I knew I had been holding for a while, and when I plonked down and let my ring open I dropped free a couple of chunks before one of my inch-thick torpedoes started to slide free. I always hatch between my legs now to judge the size. It touched the water and dropped free -- 11 inches. Immediately another followed it, just the same. I'm up to 22 inches. A third turd slides away and drops free before it touches the water, I guess 10 inches. That's around 32 inches! Then some more chunks... Taking the pre- and post-chunks into account, I'm conservatively guessing I passed 36 inches of shit in one hit!

If it would just get about half as solid again, and maybe just half an inch more in diameter -- still nothing by volume compared to Kim's beautiful expulsions, but it would be far and away my biggest. If I can maintain my trend toward larger turds, then maybe I'll train my anus to open wider, and then -- anything is possible!

My best to all,


Sunday, February 25, 2001

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