I stumbled across this site some time ago, and after reading most of the pages, I am amazed that there are many uninhibited people like me out there.

I am going to post what I consider my most memorable experience. It happened almost 20 years ago but it seems like it happened yesterday.

I went out for my pre-work 6 mile run on a cool June morning, without having my usual massive, pre-run dump. I just grabbed a pack of tissues, in case Mother Nature decided to call. I ran 3 miles out then began the 3 mile return through a heavily wooded hilly area with trails.

About a mile from my house, I really felt the urge to go, so I got off the main trail and found a secluded spot surrounded by bushes. I loked around, saw no one, and pulled my shorts down to my knees. As soon as I squatted, I easily passed a good size log of about 18 inches, and about 2 inches around. A good pee and 3 smaller turds ands I was done. I wiped twice, stood up and pulled up my shorts, and heard someone coming! I instinctively squatted down and almost sat on my pile.

There was no need to worry. I woman I had seen running and had run with on occasion came into view in the clearing about 10 feet in front of me. She was about my age (early thirties), 5ft 6in, 125 lbs, dark red hair, and built. She had the most athletic legs and buttocks I 've ever seen. She looked right and left then pulled her dark green shorts and panties to her ankles, giving me a great view of her creamy butt. As she squatted, her cheeks parted, exposing her rose pink colored anus. As she squattd lower, her anus domed and widened, and a thick, long (Very Looonng!) light brown turd began its way out, and just kept coming. It made no noise, just a soft THUD! as it hit the ground. She sighed and began to pee and I looked at her doings and then glanced down at mine. I thought mine was impressive, but she had outdone me. She stopped peeing and easily passed 3 more good sized turds, each with a little sigh. She then reached into her jacket and took out tissues to wipe herse! lf. 3 wipes in the back, 1 in front and she was done. She stood up, pulled up her shorts, side stepped her pile and took off.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen! I got out of where I was and went over to admire her work. Ther was a 20 to 22" turd and 3 6 to 8 inch ones in the pile. She had just shit like a HORSE!, and all I could do was admire it. It must be true that some of the gals can outdo us guys, especially the athletic ones.

I then took off on the last mile of my run, and I passed this lady a short time later. I said hello, and she turned and gave me a smile and asked how I was, I said OK, and asked her the same. She surprised me by saying that she was much better than a while ago, and I had to stop myself from saying "I Know"! I just said that I had to get going and get to work, and I took off.

In the almost 20 years since this happened, I have seen this woman running and have run with her many times. We have talked about just about everything, but I will never bring this incident up. Aside from my wife, who is very open about her toilet habits (more on this some other time), this is the only time that I have related this.

Reading all the wonderful posts from all of you folks gave me the courage to give it a shot.

Amy, Kendal and Everyone,

I finally did it!!! Neil watched me poop's my story:

Maxie had a late night study session/sleep over with Friends so that left Neil and I with the place to ourselves. We both had dinner and he went to watch TV while I anounced I needed a dump. I ran to the bathroom (I'd been saving my poop all day for this moment!!!!) and left the door open on purpose hoping when Neil came to listen he'd get a surprise :o) I pulled down my jeans and white cotton panties to my knees and situated myself on the pot. I started off with a loud fart....pffffffffffftttttttttt then a torrent of pee. I heard Neil get up from the couch and head in my this point my pee was in the dribble stage and I was ready to start with the solid material. unnnn....ahhhh..ohhhhhhh I saw Neil take a quick peek in and quickly turn away...I yelled to him "come on in sweetie" He was taken aback and said "I'm sorry, Laura I didn't realize you had left the door open"...."I did that on purpose since I know you like to listen outside the door, thought you'd ! like to see me in action", was my response. Just then I farted and began plopping out turds one by one......Neil stood in the door way watching and his face was beet cute though...I think I'm developing a crush on him :o) I asked him to come sit on the tub and talk to me while I finish doing my business. He did and we talked for about 45 minutes while I grunted, pooped and farted.........after I was done Neil asked if he could help me wipe and I said "sure"!!!! He was so gentle, he wiped my bum in a circular motion and then helped me pull up my panties and pants....we both looked in the bowl to see my creations...It was one giant log about 9 inches surrounded by many smaller marble-sized balls. We flushed the toilet together, washed out hands and hugged.

This was one of the most moving experiences I've ever had...I cried that evening too......I was just so moved and it really created a special bond between Neil and I...I look forward to dumping together in the future...he told me I can watch him go sometime.


Today I have two stories...

This one happened one August when I was about eleven. Me and my mom were driving back home from our vacation. It should have been an eight hour drive but it ended up being ten hours. Why? Because there were two traffic jams, of course - one small one, and then the biggest traffic jam I have ever seen in my life!!! So, anyway, befre the traffic jams, I had to go to the bathroom a little bit, and my mom said she would stop at the next service area, which was fifteen miles away. I figured I could handle that, since I didn't have to go very badly, but after about three miles we hit the first traffic jam (the smaller one), because two out of four lanes were closed. That lasted about ten minutes, by which time I had to go to the bathroom badly, but not REALLY badly - YET. After about two more miles, we hit the ENOURMOUS traffic jam. I seriously do not know what caused this one, I think there was a serious car crash somewhere up ahead, but all I know for sure is that we were stuc! k there for TWO HOURS. All the while I had to go to the bathroom, and by the time we finally started moving again, I had to go so bad I felt like I was bursting. One more mile, and I was nearly crying. Then my mom spotted an open space behind some trees on the side of the highway, and pulled over. I dashed behind the trees and pulled down my pants. I squatted and then I peed more than I can remember ever peeing at once before. It felt SOOOOOOO good.

My other story happened the Thanksgiving that I was eight. We'd gone to visit some friends in Ardsley NY, and on the way back we missed the exit for the Tappanzee Bridge. So my dad asked a woman in another car how to get to the Tappanzee Bridge from where we were. She gave us directions that were crappy, and we just ended up with even less idea of where we were. So my mom called the friends we had visited on her cellphone, and they gave us good directions. This all delayed us an hour, and when we got home I had to go to the bathroom so unbelievably bad. I rushed up to the bathroom and closed the door, but as I was pulling down my pants I lost control. I peed and peed and peed all over myself. I swear I peed for two whole minutes, maybe even three. Then my mom saw me coming out of the bathroom with sopping wet pants, and she got so mad it was not funny.

More from me later :-)

Okay, this story is sort of half going to the bathroom, half barfing, but I have decided to post it here instead of in the "Coughed Up Spit Out Forum." SO don't be surprised that part of it is vomiting, because the majority of it is going to the bathroom :-)
Friday I had the most humiliating accident in my panties. I'd just gotten to work, and the train had been delayed half an hour, and by the time I got to my desk I had to go to the bathroom pretty badly. Plus, I had eaten something bad for breakfast, so I was feeling a bit nauseated, too. Then my boss called me into his office, and kept me there for an hour, and I won't bore you with what he talked to me about, but anyway when I got out of there I was nearly bursting trying to keep it in. I ran for the bathroom, but running made it even harder for me too hold it in, so I slowed to a fast walk. Just as I was nearing the bathroom, I lost all control. I just stood there with diarrhea pouring out of my rear end, and all the while I was peeing and peeing and peeing. It totally soaked my pants, and then, (horror of horrors) it started dripping onto the floor. So did the diarrhea. Then the nausea started getting worse, and I puked all over the floor. I finally managed to stumble i! nto the bathroom, where I sat on the toilet and had fierce diarrhea, and I was barfing the whole time. Then I thought I was finished, so I pulled up my pants and started back towards my boss's office. I was going home; there was no way I was staying at work today with these messed up pants and being so sick, but I needed to tell my boss I was leaving. That should be fun, I thought, I am a woman and my boss is a man, and I'm going up to him with diarrhea and urine and vomit all over me, and vomit breath. My boss's look when he saw me embarrassed me out of my mind. The look was full of sympathy but also disgust, and I was so humiliated. I told him I was going home and he was like, "of course." So I went to the elevators and the movement of the elevator set of another diarrhea/barf attack. I puked all over the elevator buttons, and diarrhea poured onto the floor. The crotch of my pants and my undies ripped from all the pressure, exposing my vagina and butt. I am still a little si! ck today, but I am feeling much better. I am positive it was food poisoning from the breakfast I had Friday morning (bacon and sausage, they must have been rotten.) That was truly the worst experience with diarrhea and barfing that I have EVER had. I dread facing my boss's reaction when I go back to work Monday... disgust? sympathy? I dunno, but I sure don't want to face it... I will post my boss's reaction on Monday... let's hope it isn't too embarrassing, I've already been through enough!!!

Jeff A
Hi all,how's everyone doing?
STEVE: Thanks for saying hi! I agree that Wing Chun is a wonderful art. It's just incredible. I especially love the hourglass stance, and the blocking within a shoulders width. Very precise. It was always my favorite Kung Fu style until I began with Northern Shao Lin. I'm still partial to Aikido because it's so beautiful, but mostly because they use only their hands. I'm very proud that you're keeping the Wing Chun tradition alive. May it live forever!

PV: How ya' doing buddy? You be careful with those weights now, and don't hurt yourself! I agree that the thing with Little Lou was sickening, and disgusting. I recently know of a woman who was completely humiliated because she allowed herself to be videoed on the toilet, and her supposed best friend got a hold of the tape and showed it around. People can be really F----- up at times, and need a wake up call to their own humanity. I admire the hell out of you because you are so vocal on here. The same with you LOUISE! You're both very awesome women.

Speaking of awesome women...
CARMALITA AND RENEE: You two are wonderful! Carmalita, I love you!!! Thank you for posting here! You're just the biggest kick in the pants I've encountered in a long time, not to mention you bring in some downright sexy stories! RENEE: Please post more! I agree with John (VT). We need to hear more from you.

BRIDGET: I know you haven't posted forever on here, but if you're still reading I wish you'd stop in and say hi. I always loved your postings, and miss you alot.

Take care,

Taking a massive dump
Here are some useful French phrases you all can use.
Je dois chier: I have to shit
Je chie de ma cule: I am shitting out of my arsehole
Je veux chier avec toi: I want to shit with you
Ah homme, oł est la toilette: Ah man, where's the toilet
Je vais me chie: I'm gonna crap myself
Est-ce que tu dois pisser: Do you have to piss?
Excusez-moi, je chie dans ici: Excuse me, I'm taking a shit in here
Nous aimons nous chier souvent: We often like to crap ourselves
Quoi est mauvais? Est-ce qu'il veut peter?: What's wrong? Does he want to fart?
C'est bon chier et pisser toujours: It's good to always piss and take a shit

whitney ann
why does your butt get sweaty and smell like fish????

Last Night I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I went to wal-mart and went into the bathroom and saw Jimmy Fallon (I hope I spelled that currect) and some Nsync Memeber both on the toilet, and they were doorless toilet stalls. Both them were grunting while singing.
It was a strange dream I just thought I would let you know.

Maggie, Lawn Dog's Kid and Kendal: I moved to the neighborhood at age 6. I made pals with a boy of 8. I went to his house on a school holiday. He showed me how he made doo-doo. He slung toilet paper over the seat hole. Then he lowered his trousers and white brief. He made two 5 inch pieces of doo-doo. When he finished, he tipped over the paper into the bowl, wiped himself and flushed. Later as we were watching TV, I had to go. I preferred to sit. I lifted my dress. I had no slip, since it was no school that day. I then squeezed out 5 pieces of doo-doo. They were shaped like carrots. As we talked, I let out a surprise piss. My butt was so tiny for a 6 y/o, he stood over me and watched my action. I was in no hurry. If this were a school day, I would have held it until I came home. We had many experiences in grammar school with normal bowel movements and diarreah.

Lori: Good to hear from you. Tell us more. You went to HS in NYC. Any experiences?

College emergency: My cheerleader buddy at Chinese food after a meet. Soon after, she had to duck into a bathroom at a department store. She was holding her stomach. I held her things while used a stall. From under the stall door her blue nylon panties hit her shoe tops and I heard a gassy, watery evacuation. It lasted for 30 seconds. She said, "Oh, God!; Althea, that pork was bad." she rolled off toilet paper. But, as she did this she evacuated more. One was so brutal, she quivered her legs. I heard chunks on chunks come out of this young 19 y/o. A well dressed lady asked me if my friend was hurting. I told the lady, my friend ate something. She felt sorry for us. My 19 y/o then wiped herself after 45 minutes and we went to her house. At her house, I took a long piss. When I finished,she had to go again. I was washing my hands and in no hurry to leave. She sat on the bowl and just let it run out. The bathroom stinked good. She said, if she could only get it all out. I to! ld her it is better for it to come downward than come upward.

Dharma: I only wet myself twice in kindergarten and in 7th grade. If you have to go, leave the classroom immediately.

Irene: I use doorless stalls in the parks. That is all we have. One park, I go to hit balls had a women's room with ten stalls and no doors. Then, these flat pieces of lumber with hinges were installed on half of the stalls. We have some park toilets without stalls, just one or two bowls in a common room.

Here is a story about the first time I was really aroused by a woman's BM. I was about 12 years old. I was at a party at my next door neighbor's house. We were all downstairs playing pool, it was just us kids. The pool table was right next to a small bathroom. While we were playing, an attractive lady in her late 20's or early 30's came down the stairs, carrying a plate of food from the buffet. She went into the bathroom and locked the door. At first I didn't pay much attention, but the longer she was in there the more interested I got. I had no idea why. After about 15 minutes I heard the toilet flush and soon the lady came out. Right after she left I went into the bathroom. As soon as I got in the smell of her shit hit me. It seemed that I had never smelled anything so pleasant. I went over to the toilet and noticed that she had closed the lid. I raised the lid hoping to see her logs of shit. To my dissapointment she had flushed. However the bottom of the toi! let was stained by her light brown skidmarks. I breathed deeply, inhaling as much of her shit odor as I could. When I looked over at the garbage can I saw the plate that she had been eating from. I remember being facinated, that she ate new food while shitting used food from her ass. I "sniffed up" for a little while then went home to take care of myself. Question for the ladies: Have any of you noticed young boys taking an "abnormal" interest in what you do on the toilet and what have you done about it?

Peeping Tom
I heard A few years ago that the military invented A gun that makes the enemy have diarrhea.I went arounded talking about it but no one belived me.South park did a show about a note that makes people poop
there pants last week.

I would love to have one of those guns, when your in a place with open stalls,just start shooting and people have to use the open toilet.

I would like to hear some wetting accident storys.

GRUNTLY BOGWELL: Thankyou for sharing the wonderful account of the two women pooping in the fern grove. Your imagery was so vivid I was almost right there myself.

Thanks, Jimmie

If I told you wouldn't be a secret would it?[winks]

Oh hey I enjoy reading on-line comics and well i came across one called eMenagerie..and well.. heh.. yup a toilet scene. Funny as heck though.


P.S. I got a story for next time that's just about to happen.. i haven't taken a poop in a few days and it's screaming to get out..OW!! I'll let you guys I can"let go"

Billy L.
This morning, we got up early because we had an indoor soccer game at the local rec center. It is an old gym. When I got there, I had to poop. The bathroom was old and disgusting. But if you have to go, you have to go. The toilet did not seem to have been cleaned in a while. I sat down just far enough back so that my wiener and balls would not touch anything and pushed out a big fast one. Then I got up, turned around and peed. I flushed. Just as I was pulling my pants on, my coach entered the bathroom. He had to poo too. I washed my hands (there was no soap), and left. Kev had a game after me. When I was done with the game, Josh had to pee. Usually he has to use the toilet to pee, because he can't reach the urinal. This bathroom has one of those urinals that goes to the floor, so he got to pee in the urinal. After we got done, he told eric and all of a sudden, eric had to pee too. I hope I don;t ahve to poo there again.

To the guy who asked who we would want on toilet paper: I would say clinton and bush. Bush, because he did not win the election and stopped the vote so he could be pres and clinton because of the lying cheat that he is. However, I would suggest that we stop answering htis question, because all it turns into is what person do we hate and that has nothing to do with pooping and peeing.

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