Elena's friend BELINDA
Gruntly Bogwell
After reading your post about the girls you saw I don't feel so badly about myself. See I ALWAYS have a bunny poop, all the time.. which is why Elena and Nora call me Bunny Girl. it's embarrassing to use a public toilet and have people hear me go and them hearing the sound of something like a hundred pebbles being dropped inot a bucket of water..which is why I wait till I get home or to a GOOD friends house to do it..I only go in a public restroom if it's almost in my pants.

For those you may not know who i am.. i am a friend of Elena's. She has posted about me here a few times and I almost killed her when she told me. I promise to post a few stories here.. as Elena and Miguel have told me that it's great therapy to get over my shyness. Also Nora has promised to post too..I know a few of you out there are fans of her stories..and thanks to you..she has a SWELLED head.

I posted that i drank that laxitive...forget what it's called...Any way about an hour later i had to shit. I took a shit 3 times yesterday. Today i had to shit 3 could say i was "Pissing out my ass". This stuff really cleans you out!! I was at work today when i "pissed out my ass". Not much soild stuff was in my shit except some undigested v?????s. I take it things should be getting back to normal in a few days.

Anonymous poster: I agree. I think your suggestion of using TP with George W. Bush's face imprinted on it is just great! Do any gag stores sell this yet?
Mike: I enjoyed your story about taking a crap and then having to use a scarf left in the restroom because there was no TP. Lack of TP in a public restroom can lead to some interesting situations. I once needed to take a shit while jogging through a park. I walked up the path to the restroom at the same time as three young guys, who were buddies. There were three stalls without doors. None had any TP. The young guys also had to crap and started cussing about the lack of TP. One said that he had a paper towel roll in the back of his pickup and said that he would get it for us. The other guys decided to start crapping and so did I. I sat in the middle stall with the other guys crapping on either side of me. The other guy (who also needed to crap) came back after 2-3 minutes with his paper towel roll. He tore off 2-3 pieces of paper towel and handed them to me and his two crapping buddies. The three of us sat on the shitters farting and plopping away and the guy with the paper towel roll stood outside the stalls kidding his two buddies. He said to them: "Hey are you dudes giving birth to some nice, big, brown wads?" We were all taking our time and he said: "Hey. If one of you dudes don't get done crapping soon, I'm going to shit my pants." The two guys and me started wiping at about the same time and we all needed more paper, which the guy gave to us. The two guys were complaining that it was like wiping with sandpaper. It was real rough on the asshole. I was real pleased, however, to have something to wipe with, although it was probably not as soft as the scarf that Mike used.

CHRIS- A similar thing has happened to me a number of times. I am 24 and still have an occasional incident. Sometimes it is deceiving..that is telling the difference between a fart and the runs. I was roughhousing with a friend of mine once and when I pinned him down to make him say uncle I decided I put my butt in his face and tried to push out a fart. I ended up crapping my pants! It was very runny! I don't think he will ever forgive me although it was an accident.

One time I pooped my pants on a dare. I was 19 years old and hanging out with some college friends of mine. I think we were playing a game of truth or dare and I kept letting off some silent farts. My best friend, Mark, who was sitting next to me told me I stunk. I was embarrassed because I really felt uncomfortable about farting in front of people. Everybody laughed and told me to use the bathroom. Mark told them that I was too embarrassed to admit I had to poop. I argued and said I didn't care who knew. He said, ok, if your not afraid I dare you to stand up and crap your pants right now. There were only four of us there so I decided to show him a lesson. I stood up and started to push. This time I let out a loud fart; my face turned beat red. I pushed some more and everyone could here the poop coming out. My jeans were tight so the seat of my pants bulged out. This was a hard solid poop if I remember right. The guys laughed histerically. I kept pushing un! til it was all out. I can remember it stinking so bad. After it was out I just stood there feeling guilty with a wet stain in front from peeing and a lump in the back. After. they kept kicking me in the butt to smush the poop. I went and changed and was really never harassed about that again.

I have been up since 1:30 this(Sat.) morning with a bad case of insomnia. It was probably caused by the Chinese food that I ate for dinner. Anyway, after my second cup of coffee since 6 A.M., I just got the urge to unload. It felt like a lot, and I didn't have to wait too long for the turd to start slowly opening the back door and push its way out into the daylight. I just sat there and let the log do its's own thing, sliding slowly and smoothly from my greatly distended ring. It felt like it would never stop- talk about "full of shit"! Anyway, after a short while, it flopped quietly into the bowl.
When I got up, I was excited to see a long, smooth easy sausage (as you Brits term it) lying peacefully--from inside the hole, all the way up to the underside of the rim! It didn't have a strong smell, either, probably because I had used some papaya tablets and "Beano" to aid digestion when consuming the meal. I couldn't resist, and immediately had to go for the tape measure. I used a dinner knife to impale it and slide it up out of the hole. Then, I took my tape measure and read the dimensions: 21" long, 2 1/2" wide! Boy, it sure felt GOOD when that beast was slowly exiting my stretched asshole! I want to thank all the "Super Pooper" ladies for inspiring me to greater heights (widths and lengths, too).
The greatest pleasure seems to derive from letting a huge long turd slide out under its own power, with as little pushing as possible, especially if it is all one HUGE log. I know sometimes that is impossible if the log is hard and compacted; that can be a painful or painful-pleasurable experience. Making sure that the bum is adequately lubricated seems to be the key in heightening the pleasure.
Perhaps those of you who experience hard, painful dumping sessions, with the straining and grunting might consider different forms of lubrication, including enhancing your fiber and liquid intake. You may then find that instead of dreading to unload that huge turd, and holding it in as long as possible (which only makes it worse), that you might look forward to the immense pleasure and satisfaction derived from adequate lubrication.


We girls would like to see pictures of GUYS on the loo, as well!!!

Also, what has happened to this Board...??? ... It is mainly concentrated on stories of shitting...what about all of those accidents (pee accidents) that happen to soooooo many of us girls and guys in class or in assembly or during exams or whilst stuck in traffic ??? ... Let's talk about those again...surely you Posters to this Forum have new stories of these and/or sightings of peeing accidents?


Hi sweetie! Thanks for the hello, you're a favorite 'niece' of mine too! Your adventures are becoming much more, well, adventurous, and with a circle of great friends you're already doing things I still dream of! Well done, grrl, you do us proud!


Well, hi there, sweet thing! You'd have been entirely welcome to witness that torpedo-launching, and you'd have my full permission to help. Mm-mmm! I can just imagine how delightful it would be to bend afterwards for a moist wash.

KIM & SCOTT -- another titanic blast, guys, and unless I'm mistaken this is the first time Kim has produced two logs in the same sesssion...? I was about to ask if Kim ever poroduced more than one, and here's the answer. 42 inches of major poop -- incredible! I produced around 30 inches the other day in a series of segments, a small preliminary turd, then a pair of 11-inchers, and a couple more small pieces to finish off. Nothing over 1 inch thick, so I can't compare for volume, and I'm also not feeling it so intensely as I don't have the diameter. But all good things come to those who sit patiently!

STEVE & LOUISE -- writing soon darlings -- that was a delightful simultaneous pooing session!

ELLIE, LITTLE LOU & KEN -- I hope things are better for you, and that this terrible situation can be brought to a close. As evidenced by posts in the last batch, Lou has plenty of loving protectors, right here as well as her family. All our hearts go out to her.

Fine and mighty production numbers to all,


Hi Linda- I'm thinking abot ya was the two day old poop?
Did you really have to grunt and strain to get it out? I had one this AM that I really had to work on and I we thinking of you as I held my breath and pushed...tell us how it cam out-- JW

Hi, everyone!

Kim: As always, another GREAT story! Between the two of you, that
really WAS some overstuffed toilet! And I'm glad you thought of me,
too... I feel special! The state I'm from is the VT after my name-
it's the postal abbreviation for the beautiful state of Vermont. Do
I remember reading you lived in NJ? If so, we don't live that far away from each other. I've been to New Jersey a few times, mostly passing through. Have you ever been to Vermont?

I just drank a 10 ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate. I'm cleaning my bowels. Then i had to drink 8 ounces of Juice. Been waiting 15 min for effects, got along way to go i think. That was lemon flavored....tasted abit like soda, but naster i think.

To Mike: I liked your story, thats funny about having to wipe with some guys scarf. I was wondering if he found out and stuff, i see he did. What did you do with the dirty scarf??

To Ellie, Kev, and of course Little Lou,
Like many other here I am disgusted at the actions of Kev's former girlfriend and her accomplice. Lou, I very much hope you are reading
this, because what I want you to do now is allow Kev and Ellie to be as close to you as they were before those girls got you. Please do not blame Kev and Ellie. I have read Ellie's post, and it is very clear that when she teased you she had no idea of what those girls had made you do. Nobody should be forced to wet themselves in such a way. Please allow Kev and Ellie to love you as before.
Ellie, I read your post and I was appalled at what it contained. I very much hope there have been no further incidents since. For fifteen year olds to target one so young is extremely cowardly.
Undoubtedly these excuses for human beings now think they have demonstrated their superiority, shown that they are strong. In truth, they are weak inside. Obviously they have so little self esteem that they need to bully easy targets in order to give themselves
a twisted feeling of importance. Add to that a conditioned streak of cruelty and events like this are the result.
If fact, they cannot even manage this by themselves. Not exactly brave is it?
There is a saying, "What goes around, comes around".
From what you have said, they are of a type which will commit other such crimes, moving on to street robberies, substance abuse etc etc. They may as well reserve their prison accommodation now, because their actions will rebound on them sooner or later.
You are so much better than they are, your comments demonstrate that.
Kev, you are better off without this girl, though I know there is one reason why at one time you found her appealing.
My advice is just to avoid them, and smile in satisfaction when they do eventually come unstuck. Believe me, they will.

To PV,
I realised that reading about the bullying incident would put you in a rage. My hope now is that Little Lou does recover, and does not suffer chronic Avoidant Paruresis as a result. I wondered why Louise's fingers were thumping the keyboard so hard as she was typing. Reading for myself, I found out why.
On a lighter note, I did promise you the story of what happened in the distance contest.
Well, I think Louise made it sound a little more dramatic than it actually was. As I said, once almost all the ladies bar Louise and those two netball team mates had gone, I was invited into their changing room along with Louise's mother, her sister and friend Jackie. Jackie also plays in Louise's team now, but is out with an injury. I must say, they do both look good in those short skirts (calm down, pal, that's enough).
I did not have much of an urge to urinate at the time, as I was not expecting such an event to take place. Typical of women, they always take advantage of you when you are unprepared <snicker>.
Anyway, there I was in their changing room, and it made me feel somewhat nervous. I felt like a fly entering a spiders' parlour with six spiders waiting for me. The atmosphere was quite boisterous. Louise and her two netball team mates were wrapped in their towels and their hair was damp, so I knew they had been showering already. When I appeared, the youngest netball girl made a playful move to whip off the towel of the team captain, which didn't succeed.
I seemed that all six women quite urgently needed to urinate, as Louise and her two team mates were all doing a little pee dance.
As I didn't know her team mates all that well, and I didn't want my presence to be off-putting to the women, I remained at the back while the shower area floor was used as a flat expanse to urinate down.
I cannot remember the exact order of the competitors, but generally it was the towelled group following the none-towelled group, and lastly myself. They all had their backs to me during their turn, so
that the towelled group could simply open their towels at the front while standing there, and piss their horizontal streams.
I could see all the streams, and they were quite impressive. The youngest girl, at seventeen years, produced a very focused stream which must have gone beyond seven feet in my estimation (there was no tape measure to put it beyond doubt). Louise seemed to have a little trouble focussing her stream. Such was the flow that she squirted a twisting sheet of urine that was short of her younger friend's by 12 inches approximately. Her older team mate achieved a similar result, and was badly affected by a fit of giggling. The 'trousered' group of women opted to remove their outer trousers and pull their knickers aside when it came to their turn. Louise's mother produced a stream that could not be set apart from the seventeen year old's effort. Louise's sister blew it somewhat, and managed a distance of around three feet. Jackie achieved a slightly greater distance, with some urine running down her leg, to the wild amusement of the audience. Now it was my turn. I had my back to th! e women, but Louise stood beside me to watch up close. My penis was out of the front of my trousers, and taking it in hand I eventually succeeded in producing a slow, weak stream which barely managed a distance of three feet. Obviously Louise's two team mates were not accustomed to seeing guys have a wee, as I'm sure that they really wanted to come forward for a better view judging by their facial expressions.
On her day I think Louise would have won the contest, but the honours had to go to her younger team mate and her mother. Joint 1st place.
After that I left the area so that the women could finish dressing, feeling somewhat blown away by what they get up to while the guys aren't looking! Finally I still have no idea who did clean up all the urine from the shower floor!

Bye for now,


California Dude
Yes about a year ago I pooped outdoors when hiking with my frind in the woods. In fact we both pooped together then continued with our hike. In California you have to drive awhile to get into the forest.
I am 16 I have always enjoyed pooping. One time a few months ago I ate a lot of peanuts before dinner and ate a lot of corn with the meal. A day or so later did I ever produce a corn and peanet master piece. Two large logs with lots of farting you could see corn all over both logs looking closer you could see the remains of the peanuts. Has anyone else had this experience? I am going to spend the weekend at my friends house hopoe to have some good stories next week. Take care.

ELLIE - Oh no what a terrible thing it was that happened
to Little Lou. She must have been really scared, and I
would have been if I had been Lou. I bet those horrible
girls must feel really big now they have bullied a little
girl. I was never bullied because I was lucky and I went
to a nice girls' school where there were not a lot of
problems like that, but I know that girls are often a
lot more violent than they were years ago. I mean even
if Kev finished with that girl there is no need to take
it out on Lou is there? PV is so right, it would be have
been good if we could have been there to sort it out, and
yeah, wish we could both walk you home, and my boyfriend
could be following to sort out any boys who may be with
them. I hope Little Lou does not keep having to wee well
away from anybody for a really long time. Please give her
some big hugs from me. You and Kev must make sure she knows
you both love her lots as well, and then maybe she will not
connect the toilet with a bad experience like that.
Love, Louise.

KENDAL - the most wee I have measured is 1.2 litres but I
bet I somethimes do a little bit more if I am really
bursting. I bet you have a lot more growing to do, so maybe
you will add a bit to your 500ml. Love, Louise.

PV - I am in a bit of a bad mood now because of Little Lou's
trouble. I'm gonna go for a wee ... ahhh that was a good sit
down one, now I'll go and do my weights. I am not a body
builder or anything but I like to be toned up.

It was funny last night. I had just gone upstairs for a wee,
I had just got changed ready to do my weights. Anyway I
kicked off my shorts and knickers on the stairs, and I left
the door open when I went into the bathroom. I sat down and
just let rip when Steve opened the front door. He had come
home a bit early, and I knew he had his best friend with him
because I heard his voice. Oh no, if they came upstairs they
would see me on the pot! Oh no, not in front of Steve's best
friend! Well it was lucky I could shut my wee stream off and
hurry to kick the door shut. I was quick enough but they saw
my pants on the stairs. Steve said "Oh she's giving the toilet
a rinse by the sound of it". I know they had a giggle about it
and they went back downstairs. I had to sneak out and get my
pants, and to do that I held the bathroom towel in front of
my pussy just in case they were waiting for me. I blushed a
lot because they did see me holding the towel there, and I
had to just back away. It was all right though, Steve's best
friend looked away because he is a gentleman too. LOL



California Guy: Hi - its great to have other young dudes posting here. The restroom at your highschool sounds real cool. Yes, its always great to be in a large restroom with a lot of other guys crapping at the same time. The sounds are often great if there is not too much background noise. At our College, one of the large restrroms in the Student Union has some holes drilled into the partitions between stalls. You can therefore often see who is on the shitter in the stall on either side. I always enjoy watching my neighbors' faces as they pinch off their logs. You can then correlate the sounds and the facial expressions and you know how far the turds have gone in emerging from the guys' assholes. There is usally a lot of grimacing and straining and then you hear the logs hitting the water. Then you see a look of relief on the guys's faces. You are right. Unfortunately, most guys are up and out too quickly. Please post any interesting stories from your highschool to! ilets. Are there any holes in the partitions between the stalls?
Amy: Hi - to another fellow Californian. I also live in San Diego and you are right the military and navy guys are real cool, especially the marines. I just loved your story about your boyfriend Matt and his friend Dave. It was real cool that they were both in the bathroom with you while you took a crap and that Matt lets you see the logs coming out of his asshole. Marines seem real uninhibited and its great that Matt changed you in that way. I often use the position you described for Matt when I dump. I remove my shorts and boxers and and raise the seat. I then have my feet on the rim of the bowl and spread my thighs and then allow the turds to come out without any straining. It sounds as if Matt does it in the exactly the same way! Was there anything interesting about watching Dave take a dump? Please keep up the stories about Matt and his marine buddies!

Ellie, I think what happened to your sister is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who bully others like that do not deserve to be alive.

Kendal – I really enjoyed reading your post about peeing sitting on knees and thanks for dedicating it to me. I’m glad you seem to have had fun doing it to. I think you really must teach Andrew some manners though. First he sits on Kirsty’s knee without her permission and then when you sit on his knee he wees on you! I think your story from the powercut has been the best running joke on this site since I’ve been looking in here and without that we’d probably have never got onto this subject.
I did warn you that if you tried sitting on Andrew’s knee on the loo it would be difficult to get your wee to go in the loo but you seem to have got round that problem. I remember the first time I sat on Matthew’s lap to try it I started to do a strong fast wee and it all started to miss the loo completely and went onto the floor and I had to try and stop (not very successfully) and get over to the bath quickly at the same time. It was actually quite a laugh but of course we had to do quite a bit of mopping up afterwards; thankfully we had lino on the bathroom floor.
Last weekend we went for a walk in a wood not far from here. That’s me Matthew Paul and Phil. I needed to wee and I thought it would be fun to sit on this bridge and pee into the stream below. I took my pants off and climbed up onto the wall of the bridge and sat on it with my legs over the side then I peed. It made a lovely noise and splash. It wasn’t as dangerous as it might sound; the bridge wasn’t very high and the boys were holding my arms and round the waist. Then I had this brainwave – has anyone else seen it coming? – pooh sticks with real poo. Maybe I could poo over the bridge upstream and then we could run to the other side and watch it float downstream. It is so obvious somebody else must have thought of it before. Only thing was I didn’t need to poo at the time. The boys said it would be too dangerous anyway because it would be difficult to get my bum out over the bridge far enough safely even if the boys were holding onto my legs. They’re probably right and we! didn’t try it and don’t anyone else try it either. Most poo doesn’t float anyway does it.
It’s been half term this week and isn’t it great not having to get up early. I’ve been staying with a friend some of the time so I had to try hard to remember to shut the bathroom door.
Nice to hear from your dad again – he really does sound great – really caring for a man – I wish he’d post here more often.
Love Kate xx

kim and scott,
Nice to hear from you two again; damn, that sounds like a real whopper session you two had! You must have felt three or four pounds lighter after that. I would give anything to see the results of one of your "Super Pooper" sessions! The sight alone of these giant logs must truly be awesome, never mind giving birth to them, too! Maybe you need to "graduate" to one of the big, deep "English" style toilets that our huge pooping girls from across the pond are so fond of!
Out of curiosity, doesn't the unloading of almost four feet of huge turd quickly change your waist size? Talk about a "crash" diet!
Great story about sliding out that huge thick monster! It must have been very "gratifying", to say the least.
Speaking of English toilets, where have all our Monster Log Queens from Great Britain been? I hope their government hasn't started
censoring free speech.
To ALL the Huge Log Queens on this site-my very best wishes for your continued ring-stretching monster dumps, and the satisfaction that they bring to you!

my best for your continued giant logging!
My very best to all the mega-log pooping girls on the sight!

The Lizard King
Hey I'm new here, I've been floating around for a while reading posts and finally decided to start writeing my stories for all to read.
Just some general info.
im male
im 18
and live in Jersey.
It also may be a good idea to inform everyone that im a terriable speller, so bare with me when I type up a story.
but enough about that.
I'm not really into pooping that much but I'm a big lover of peeing in strange and public arena for the simple risk of getting cought.
its fun a neat risk, and have peed in or on just about anything you can think of.
if anyone is intrested in hearing some stories just ask and I'll type.

I am an avid reader in this forum, after hearing these experiences of embarrassing moments I thought I would share mine. Last week my mom’s sorority sister who lives in Waco (I live in Laredo) went into labor. They had some pact they would all be together when the babies were born. I was awaken at 5:30 in the morning (I was out late drinking with my friends the night before) by my mom who was almost in a panic, she was saying: “get up, get dressed Cindy is in labor and Michelle (her other sorority sister) will be here in 10 minuets to pick us up” Well I nodded back off when she comes back and said lets go, now, Michelle is here. I jumped up put on a simple sundress, and my sandals and we ran out the door. I didn’t have any time to take my morning pee, mom pulled me out the door they were acting like if it was a crisis situation. I was pretty full but I figured I would just pee at a gas station. We got in the car to my surprise Michelle brought her son James. he is my age (15) they just didn’t trust either of us home alone.

We were about 10 miles on the freeway when I asked when we would be stopping for gas so I can pee. To my shock Michelle already stopped & filled the tank before she picked us up. My mom made it clear we were not stopping, PERIOD!!! I didn’t push the issue till we were going thru San Antonio, I really really needed to pee. I asked my mom if we could stop and again it was a firm no. I knew I wasn’t going to make it Waco which was another 3 hrs away but mom was not missing this event for anything. I was biting my lip when I said I going to have a accident, Michelle exclaimed “oh no not my new Lexus” My mother turned around and told me I would get whipped when we got there. James cringed because he has seen the welts on my legs from the extension cord she used.

I sincerely did not want a beating so I asked if she could pull over, again a firm NO. Finally, I was running out of options my mom handed me an empty 1 liter spring water bottle. I refused I said James was here & I was not exposing my privates. She again reminded me what would happen if I had an accident. She said everybody pees and what’s the problem? Finally out of desperation I took the bottle I asked how can I hit the target? Michelle reached in the glove box and pulled out a paper funnel like they use for oil. I wasn’t able to sit on the edge of the seat because the front seat was all the way back due to things for the baby were on the front floor. She said to do it standing. So, I pulled up my dress and tugged my panties down to my knees, I was so embarrassed there I was trying to stand hold my dress up hold the bottle and balance, all of this while speeding up I 35. Finally my mother says for me to hang on to the front seat and hover and have James hold the bottle. I thought I was going to die James didn’t make it any better by saying “ don’t be embarrassed everybody pees” If there was a rock I would have crawled under it. Here I am hang on the front seat then I had to fix the bottle James had it almost at my ass. Giving James a grandstand front row view of my bottom I finally closed my eyes a let go. As I was relieving myself James said I am getting close to the top and needed to stop I told him I can’t. once I start to pee I can’t stop. I tensed I squeeze but I couldn’t stop. James remembering what my mom said, was a quick thinker got his coffee from the cup holder switched the bottle while I kept peeing. I finally stopped peeing and James was sitting there with two containers of my when he said “what now?” I said I need toilet paper. My mom hunted in her purse while I stood there with my wet bare bottom I never felt so humiliated, but the clincher was when my mom said Sorry honey, I don’t have any. URRRR!!!! So I pulled up the p anties & sat back down, yuck!!!! Never have I feel so humiliated.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to everyone again,

Feeling better than I was, still rather tender but the last few days I've been drinking a lot of water before going to bed and that seems to have made a difference. had a good dump in the public toilet the other day and felt better than I had, then a few hours later I got the urge at home and with no force or strain had a terrific shit that sounded great with lots of big splashes up on to my buttocks and some farting to go with it! I'd love to have been watched or listened to while I did that one and certainly would have felt great next door to someone at the time!
Anyway, perhaps my liquid intake has still been too low and that might be the answer. I certainly eat a lot of food so the only thing that could be missing in bulking up the turds must be water.
Great to be so much inproved and more positive again.
CHRIS, It's not just the soreness with piles that I've found such a "Pain" but that sensation of something feeling as though it's sticking out even though it's not. Hope all that's behind me now, well you know what I mean! What causes yours? Is it straining?
Keep well and best wishes.

Another great story, RICH, about Steve and Tony. Especially the reference to one of them saying what a big one he'd done and with such pride and enthusiasm.

AMY, Thanks for your response and further details about Matt and that you actually see his big turds dropping out of his bum as he hovers over the toilet. I bet the plops are great from that extra height, I've always found that to be the case and mind you don't get splashed yourself when you watch, although I'd regard that as an honour! Ive sometimes heard some of the bog water splash on the floor when I've hovered and once I got my face slightly splashed as I dropped a big one.
I once heard a young guy in a neighbouring cubicle have a really loud plopping session that I felt certain he must be hovering over the toilet. When I went in there after he'd come out, the toilet seat was covered in splashes of water. Does the seat get wet when Matt drops them?
Great to hear of his mate Dave sitting there on the toilet and that he and Matt were talking and joking. I'd like to have heard their conversation and comments!

This subject of peeping toms has come up again and so it might as it is a part of our experiences of using toilets.
I certainly agree with those who have said that for a man to spy on a woman using a toilet is contemptible and probably illegal in certain situations, but to declare my own interests, or lack of interest, I'm not into seeing women on the toilet so it's easy for me to condemn the practice.
Without being too pedantic, what do we define as "spying"? To listen covertly to someone on the toilet could be described as spying, or doing anything else when they think they're alone. If I lived in the US and had the privilege of using toilets with no doors and sometimes no partitions and couldn't help seeing other guys on toilets, I wouldn't need to spy, whereas here where toilet use is much more private, I have on occasions looked over a partition at another guy on the toilet. Yes, I have intruded on their space, but I have had loads of men watch me on the bog without my consent. My feeling is that if someone watches me and I don't want him to I can tell him to f--- off and he should get the message. Likewise, if my attention wasn't wanted by someone, I'd immediately stop and probably leave. however, sometimes I've asked if I could look, and some men, like myself are quite happy to be watched.
If as has often been the case there's been a hole in the wall between the cubicles either of us who doesn't want to be seen can stuff TP into it but to make occasional glances shouldn't be regarded as spying.
I would only ever take the risk of looking over a partition if I felt really safe to do so, if I was really inspired by the sounds I was hearing, and I'd immediately apologise and stop if the other guy looked annoyed. I wouldn't want to watch a guy masturbating as that would be of no interest to me and that I would regard as a violation of his privacy. Neither would I want to look at anyone young enough for it to be considered seriously by those suspicious of such activities, I wouldn't wish to violate the privacy of women, and having said all that- No, I'm not in the habit of looking over partitions, I've done it on rare occasions in the past and never to gain a cheap thrill or for more than a few seconds.
When I looked it was with a sense of reverence and respect and envy.
Having said all that, I realise it sounds like I'm attempting to justify myself and say while I wouldn't do this I would do that etc.
but there are loads and loads of times when I'd love to have seen a guy on the toilet but have made do with hearing him and not spying over the wall. Supposing he wanted to be seen as I would? Then we've both missed out.

To sum up my feelings about it- For a man to have no more than a glance at another man sitting on the toilet without his express consent and providing he's not sitting there doing something with his hands that he's entitled to do in private, I think is not a serious intrusion. To make a habit of it and be persistent and annoying to someone is wrong and could lead to retribution.
To watch women in the toilet without their consent is I think, wrong and rather creepy to say the least.

I was on a toilet once in a puplic convenience when I realised the man next door was looking over the top, and I heard him say to himself so I could hear-" Wearing blue jeans and a brown jacket. That'll be very interesting to tell the police."
He obviously considered himself a guardian of public morals and was entitled to spy on me and to assume that because I was merely sitting on a toilet with my jeans down; that I was a causing a public nuisance. And it was he who was potentially annoying me!

All these possible acts of intrusion in men's toilets can pale into insignificance compared with the attempts to make contact and intrude I've had from others via the gaps under partitions.
Notes being passed under asking questions and making suggestions, feet tapping and touching my shoes, men sticking their heads under and wanting me to expose myself to them and others trying to push the door open when I'm on there.
That's the sort of stuff I don't like, and old men standing at the urinals staring at me when I go in or come out and who sometimes make suggestive movements as to what they'd like to be doing etc.

Like I've sometimes said to men who want to try it on with me in toilets- Toilets are for shitting in.
I'd strongly advise anyone who feels he'd like to watch a particular guy having a shit, to consider the consequences if he's caught looking and examine his own reasons for looking. Is it out of respect and admiration and would he in turn like to be seen himself?
Intimacy and respect CAN go together, I feel.

No doubt, There will be views about what I've said but I've always tried to be honest here and hope I've not shocked anyone and would far rather not resort to taking advantage of someone in the way I've described. I suppose we've all done things we'd rather not, but after all, this is the place where we can reveal all!

All best wishes and respect to all P P G

Friday, February 23, 2001

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