Gruntly Bogwell
To Carmalita…I would love to see you on the toilet with a long stem rose in your mouth straining for one of those hefty poos, the curve of your tan ass pushed into the commode and hearing the little monster fall from your underside with a healthy plop. Then is would like you to smile and hand me the rose with the dents in the stem where your teeth had clenched to produce the hole stretcher seconds before…what a souvenir.

Here's one dedicated to you…I was holding on to a sapling in the forest behind our primitive camping area near a lake in the Adirondak Mountains of upstate New York with my jeans and white briefs around my knees and my squatting skinny white ass pointed at the forest floor. I was 14 years old and hoping no one would see me way back in the woods. A well-formed turd was oozing slowly out of my nether brown eye, my nostrils flaring with the effort and my grip on the sapling tightening…ooohhhhh…. ummmmm….uunnngggh, whew, grunt and "flop" as the 14 incher fell on the ground medium brown in color and tapered at the end…I raised up to look at my anal product and two more semi-wet turdlets pooched out with some gas. Just then I heard two women talking and coming up form the lake to find a place to let go of their morning build up. I quickly pulled up my pants after grabbing some nearby green leaves off a shrub and wiping my hole. I ran to this fern-covered opening in the trees and ducked into the ferns, which stood three feet high and spread an enclosing leafy canopy over their three foot high stalks, thinking I was safe from discovery. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard one say "Kathy, we can go in this patch of ferns, only our heads will stick out when we squat down"…their swishing through the ferns became louder, my heart pounded for feat of being caught…all of a sudden they stopped about ten feet away. "Manda face toward the lake" in case anyone come back here!" The pulling and hauling of jeans began as they assumed their squats. Two white asses appeared under the fern-gladed gloom about four feet apart , well-rounded bums, of the two thirty year old mothers from the next campsite down…I peeked up over the ferns and saw one with short brown hair and a red plaid wool shirt the other with shoulder length red hair and green plaid long-sleeve shirt…their shoulders and heads sticking out of the fern patch. I ducked back down and my eyes became accustomed to the sub-canopy gloom as Manda said "Oohh…I got here just in time," pee and a light brown poo began issuing from her underside." Kathy peed a furious stream, but 'Manda kept unloading herself, a soft curl began to form under her, she stopped peeing and grunted softly. Kathy grunted louder after she finished peeing and her brown hole opened up and there was a FLFLFLFLLLL of 15 or 20 dark brown rabbit-like turdlets fluttering out of her ass to form a little pile under her rump. My eyes shifted back to 'Manda, the blood pounding in my ears, her light-brown pile growing higher as the trapped contents of her bowels flowed out under their own power. Kathy grunted out another flurry of rabbit turds…'Manda commented…"I'm really getting cleaned out…(her ass raising a little to allow her pile to grow)…How you doing" "I'm OK," grunt, flurry…rabbit pile growing also…"I'm having a rabbit poop….more turdlets come out, with each strain. Manda doesn't need to strain hers is a really pile now and she shifted on her sneakers her left butt cheek coming in contact with the pile with an "OHHH RATS"…Manda lifting her butt up farther…"I just sat in MY pooo!…her voice raising as she grunted out more on to her six inch curling pile, a brown smear appearing on her voluptuous left cheek . Kathy's hole pooched in and out and her rabbit droppings continued, this time with gas and a "thunk" as a larger lump stuck in her hole cutting of the fart and distending her hole…it grew and grew and a six inch by one inch dark-brown piece turning to a lighter color slid out followed by some ohhing and ahhing and a few three inch pieces. 'Manda grunted some tailings out and her hole worked in and out as it searched for some more…but she was finally empty. She began wiping with facial tissue, first the smear on her left cheek saying "EEUWW" and then her hole…tossing the tissues onto the funking pile under her. Kathy was wiping too, her fingers working her white tissue into her crack and tossing them. Both stood up pulling up their panties, 'Manda's were pink cotton briefs and Kathy's were light turquoise blue, then their tight fitting jeans over their panties which made their bottoms look like two eggs in a handkerchief. They stuffed their shirts into jeans and adjusted themselves, the smell of their respective piles mingled with the dusky, musty forest smell. They swished away through the ferns telling each other how good they felt to have "that" out of the way. I stood up walked over to where they had been pulled my pants down in an excited state and laid three really soft, orange juice stimulated turds, left over from my interrupted poo, right beside theirs with heart-pounding satisfaction.

ERICA: I actually did have a secret place to poop and pee when I was little - shoeboxes!!! Me and my friend Lena ALWAYS peed and pooped in those, until we didn't throw away a used box quickly enough and it collapsed and my parents discovered our secret. I got in deeeeeeeep trouble with my parents, and Lena with hers...

I remember one time when I was seven or eight, when I was at my friend Emily's house. My mom came to pick me up, and I didn't want to leave, so, as little kids will, Emily and I locked ourselves in our room, taking a towel with us in case we needed to go to the bathroom, so we could go on that. So, ten minutes later I had to poop, so I sat on the towel and pulled down my pants, and to my great surprise had a severe attack of extraordinarily liquidy diarrhea. It stunk really bad, and Emily's mom and my mom smelled it, and I have never was allowed to have a playdate with her again :(

First I just want to say this is agreat site!!! I was in the library yesterday when I had an urge to shit. I knew I wouldnt be able to hold it until I got home so I went to the bathroom. Luckily there was noone in there. I pulled down my pants and let go with a massive fart and an explosion of loose crap. I had strawbeeries before I left and apparently I'm allergic. After all my crap was out, I couldnt see the bottom of the bowl!!! Even worse there was no toilet paper and noone else in there. Someone had left a scarf hanging on the wall so I had to improvise. The scarf got all of my crap off my ass and it was really soft!!! I just feel sorry for the guy who left it behind!!! I went back in before I left and saw the guy who left the scarf!!!!!!!!! He said if he ever found the guy who did this to his new scarf his girlfriend gave him for his birthday he would kill them. When he left I locked the door behind him and shit in the sink!!! This time I could wash my ass off. A most m! emorably shit indeed!!! I'll post again soon 8->

Pooper Dooper
You should go to someone. That is very mean of those girls that did that to your sis. Please. You probably don't know why I'm typing to you about this. Here is why, me and my family have always been bullied. So I know how your sis is feeling. You should tell an adult.

Like all your stories. Keep em' coming.

Happy Poops!!!

California Dude-
Welcome California Dude!! Tell us about yourself. Have you ever pooped outside?

Not any good poops lately.

Who face would you like to see on toilet paper? I would put George W. Bush.

Nick my dear,
You obviously do not understand outdoor shitting as you so rudely put it. Sandra and I are into the art of refined outdoor pooing. We look for a place to do it. If somebody (maybe you) goes out of their way to find us well and good but if ww decide that perhaps privacy is the order of the day to either change a tampon or if we need to do something else then I beleive that we are owed that. I believe that you chaps use the loo for a litle "relief" occasionaly. Would you likr us to watch you. I have a horrible feeling that you may be one of those that make holes in ladies loo partitions. Enough fighting here let's enjoy the good post.
Love too you all especially Sandra.

Laura & Plunging Plop Guy: I'm real glad that you folks liked my posts about my marine boyfriend, Matt. Yes, he is a real hottie! I am much more relaxed since he came into my life and I have been able to overcome my repressed Catholic upbringing. To answer your questions: Yes, Matt does sometimes let me watch his logs coming out of his asshole. After I had accompanied him to the bathroom a few times, I plucked up the courage to tell him that I was curious to see the shit coming out. He just laughed and told me that he would let me watch the following morning. Since then I have watched several times. He is usually nude when we get up and he lifts the toilet seat and squats over the bowl with his feet on the rim and his thighs widely separated. I therefore have a good view of his asshole. It is a great sight when I see his asshole opening up and a log just peeping out. His turds are usually large and masculine and come out gradually. He usually produces five or six in a session and makes a lot of noise while pushing them out. When he shits in this position, I usually kneel on the floor in front of the bowl for a good view. Because of the distance from the bowl, the logs drop with loud plops and sometimes splash the water. No, I have never wiped his butt, but I may ask him to let me do so to see how it feels. Yes, we still do the "Dutch Oven" regularly and it is as much a turn on for me as the first time. Yes Laura, Matt is often in the bathroom when I pee or poop. He sometimes sits on the edge of the tub and holds my hand. Recently, he and a marine buddy, Dave, were on leave from the base for a weekend and they both stayed over at my apartment. Dave is also a real marine hot guy. That morning I went for a dump and while I was on the toilet both Matt and Dave came into the bathroom. Matt took a shower and Dave waited for me to finish crapping. I hung around while Dave took a crap and the two guys were kidding around all he time. Hope I've answered all your questions. LOL, Amy

Just a few opinions on the watching and being seen issues:

Indecent exposure:
As far as I'm concerned, as long as you take reasonable precautions not to been seen, you're not in the wrong. My opinion of indecent exposure is activities like "flashing". So if you've dived behind some bushes to relieve yourself, and someone accidentally finds you, all they have to do is go away.
Similarly, if you've hidden yourself behind a wall, bin, car, etc then all you're really guilty of is messing up the street or someone's property.

Just a thought: how would the indecent exposure charge stand up relating to public restrooms without stalls of any kind?

Men being in the Ladies toilets:
They shouldn't be... but I can't see the harm if the man concerned is in there *with the consent of all the ladies present*

I don't like the idea of being spied on. But I can't see any harm in anyone sat in an adjacent stall listening to some sound effects.

ERICA: When I was a kid, we used to build dens and hideouts, and would usually build something for a toilet nearby (but not too close). Usually we'd make some sort of urinal cut out of a 1-gallon plastic oil container which lead through some old drain pipe into a hole in the ground.
I can't remember any of us pooping out there, until we started an old heating oil tank that had been abandoned. The filler hatch was about 9 inches square, so it was ideal to squat over. Plus it had a lid on it!

Si :)

College emergency
Hello, this is my first post here, so I decided to write about an embarrassing moment that happened to me last year during my Sophomre year in college.

One day, while I was driving to my first class (I am a commuter student in the USA), I started to get these terrible stomach cramps. So while I was driving, I just tried to ignore it. Well, eventually I did reach the campus, and immediately bolted towards the mens room. As soon as I got there, I discovered that both stalls were in use. (The largest mens room only had two stalls). So, I knew I was going to "explode" soon, so I decided to use the other mens restroom on the other side of the campus. Upon arriving, I noticed that the restroom was out of order because someone had backed up one of the toilets spreading water throughtout the bathroom. So, since the college only had a limited amount of mens restrooms, and knowing that there were many more women's rooms, compared to that of mens rooms, despratley I went back to the other side of the college to the main men's restroom. Now, upon arriving, I was hoping a stall would have been available. No luck, a small line ! had formed. Literally, I felt like crying. My stomach was in agony, and I knew that I was going to have the worst diarrahea very soon. So, I ran to the nearest ladies restroom. When I arrived, I knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked again, nobody answered. So, slowly, I opened the door, and I noticed that someone was using one of the 4 or 5 stalls. I calmly explained to one of the girls in the stall if it would be okay to use this restroom, especially since the mens room was in use, and also since the other men's room was out of order. While she was in the stall, she gladly said to me that it would be okay to use one of the stalls. Well, I felt funny about using a ladies restroom, but, my stomach was telling me to use it, and fast. So, I entered the stall, and did my business.

This was the worst diarrahea that I can ever recall. I was constantly letting out wave after wave of diarrahea. The girl in the other stall, being extremely polite asked if I was okay. I told her that I was, and I said that I apologized for the inconvenience that I caused, and hoping she wasn't embarrased. She told me that it was okay, and not to worry about it.

Well, back to my story......Just when I thought I was back to normal, the stomach cramps kept coming, and wave after wave of diarrahea followed. I heard people coming into the restroom periodically, but, I did not care who was in there. My stomach was hurting, and I did not care about how much noise I was going to make (Diarrahea sounds, farting, etc.) Well, the Diarrahea started to come to an end, so I decided that I would finish my "business" back in the mens room. I used about 20 pieces of toilet paper, flushed approximately four or five times, and left the restroom. I couldn't believe the time, I was in the ladies restroom for over 50 minutes with the worst diarrahea that anyone could imagine.

However, this was not the end, as soon as I stepped foot out the door of the restroom, the stomach pains came back as sharp as ever. Fustrated, I knew that I would not make it through the long corridor to the men's room, so I just ran back into the ladies restroom once again where I had many more diarrahea attacks. I decided to skip class, and stay inside the restroom as long as possible. Eventually, the diarrahea came to an end, and I was back to my normal self. I was thankful that I did not have cross country practice that day because whatever I had eaten really screwed up my stomach. I do remember, early that morning I ate breakfast with my girl-friend. I took her out to a restraunt that morning. Whatever I ate must have upset my stomach.

Joe B.
I just had an interesting experience that I think is worth posting. Usually I poop every day, but yesterday was traveling all day and never had the time or the urge. I had a nice poop this morning but could tell there was still more up there. This afternoon at work I suddenly got a mild urge to poop, but decided to hold it till urge was stronger, something that I do often. I'd even thought of taking a recreational suppository just to increase the feeling and the fun.

Then suddenly I coughed without warning, and I felt poop comming out of my hole. This felt really good pooping in a standing position, but I pinched it off immediately to minimize the mess. I thought I'd pooped my pants full. I don't recall ever pooping in my pants, not even as a child. Fortunately, I have a private bath room at work, and the mess wasnt as big as it felt like. I rushed to the toilet and finished my poop which wasnt all that much, 3 or 4 pieces 3/4" thick maybe totalling 10". I still feel like I need to go some more.

I really liked the feeling of that poop comming out between my ass cheeks while standing. I'll try this again when circumstances are right for it.

Dear Ellie,

There is nothing in his world that makes me madder than what's happened to Little Lou. This is mental torture and those girls who did it are a disgrace to the female race. There are rules and there are people to make them stick, and those girls have done something so terrible they deserve the most severe punishment possible. I wish I was there to put my angry redhead knuckles to good use. Though maybe it's a good thing I wasn't, I couldn't vouch for what damage I'd have done if I'd been the one to come along when Lou needed rescuing.

I feel so awful, so absoluteley helpless... I so want to give you kids a hug and a smile and do anything I can to assure Lou it's okay, that nothing has changed. I was bullied terribly at school, and an incident when I was only 5 (nowhere near as bad as what poor Lou endured) left me with Avoidant Paruresis for thirty years. I pray that Lou won't develop this condition, but her behaviour is already classic AP.

Say, how about if Louise and I meet you all at school and walk you home? Damn, I wish we could. I hate schoolyard bullies with a passion, and it would be my pleasure to hand back their venom, on a spike.

Goddess keep you, and all my prayers are with you. I know you and Ken are there for her, and it's as hard on you as it is on her. What a mess, what an awful situation. Give Little Lou my love, and if she'll let you, give her a great big hug from her aunt-protector, PV. She probably has quite a few aunts and uncles here who would be there for her in a flash.

I'm going to go and lift a heavy bar for a while to get this anger to go down. 12000 miles between us and I can't come help you. Damn!


John (VT): Hi sweetie! I have to say that I didn't take a six pound dump, I guess it just sounded that way. I don't think a human being could do one that big. It just felt like a six pounder! Renee sends her love, she's right next to me about five feet away sitting on the toilet doing her morning poop. She says: the reason for the cardboard ornament is because she was thinking of those scented trees that hang on rearview mirrors. Now she wants to make a rearview mirror shaped like a butt. That makes sense don't it? I rather enjoyed your banana dump. Yeah!!! My crapalytic converter is completely out of whack. Guess I'd better call another repair shop.
Too bad I can't call you hon, but them's the breaks.

Two points I'd like to comment on: One, wondering if anybody we know in the world will discover us on this site. I'm a little lucky I think. Try searching the Northwest for a small Latina named Carmalita, and tell me how many matches you come up with! Even the FBI wouldn't take that file on! LOL.

As far as bathroom peepers go, I've been walked in on by a creep who followed me unaware into a rest stop bathroom, and watched me poop before I knew he was there. He was reall quiet. Unfortunately, he didn't get caught. He'd been there long enough to hear, and smell me, dropping turds and started jerking off. That's how I discovered him, when I heard him whacking himself then looked up to see his ugly face looking down at me! I scereamed loud and he ran. I'll never forget that, and to this day, i'll go outside before I use one of those places without a man with me!!!

PV: So glad to see you back!!! I missed you girl! What a great dumping experience! I wish I could've been there. With your permission I could have helped. It's really nice to have someone with you sometimes. Love you girl!

Rich: That was one awesome post dude! I read it twice. I love the "Oh man, it's a big one!". I wish I could find a guy who'd do a big one in front of me, (boo-hoo).

to the anonymous guy (or gal): My turds by any name don't exactly smell sweet!

Love you all big time!

Linda GS
That's just awful!!! Please tell her I feel for her. I'm sure kendal will talk to her and make her better. She's a good person.. and an even better friend.

Lawn Dog Kid
Awww Andrew.. are you al blushing and shy about Elena? Silly. But cute none the less.[giggles] Sorry just ignore this silly giddy girl, I had a half day of school and I'm off's Charro Days and I get to dress up in spanish dress like the one I worse to school today. I may have a story for you and Kendal about me in this dress as I have no gone in 2 days so.. cross your fingers.

Gee I hope Christy didn't have to go bad.. or else Andrew would have gotten wind of her holding it in till he left. My little sister Hortence HATEs going to go poop and holds it and has accidents. My mom is going crazy with her.. but my cousin kinda made her feel more comfortable about it. One time.. she was all antsy. and he took her and said.. let's go comb your hair. I learned from her that Miguel took her so that she could go poop.. and poop she did.. but to cover up.. he brushed her hair wile she sat. She doesn't wnat everyone in the room to know what she's going to go do....that and she says it takes too long. My cousin took care of her and after a while.. she'd go with no problem.. but she'd go.. "Cousin..... I wanna brush my hair.. can you help me?"I'd giggle cause she'd mean she has to poop. heh I'm starting to think my little sister has a crunch on him.. like i did at HER age. Hoooboy.
P.S. Mr. Kendal's dad sir. thanks for the note.. no Im not scared away.. I'm here. I wish my dad was like you.. but.. poor guy all he got was girls.. and I think he feels he can't relate to us. I'll tell you a funny story about one time he had to take me to the bathroom when I was small. he never did that but that time he had no choice.. he was so embarrased. Idon't know why..I'm HIS aughter and Iwas the one exposed. Oh wlel later.

I recently needed to poop badly while driving, so I pulled over to a "no-name" fast food joint and went inside. The men's room, which had one urinal behind a half partition, and one toilet in a doorless stall, faced the order waiting area. I entered, locked the door from the inside, and sat on the toilet. A moment later a guy jerked the door open (cheap, worthless lock) as I was expelling a loud fart, and there I sat exposed with my genitals hanging out and a loud, large splashing sound being emitted from the turd I dropped. Not only was I exposed to him, but also to two women and a couple of teen girls in the serving line staring at me on the bowl. The guy mumbled a "sorry dude, but I gotta pee" and took his time closing the door as my audience continued to stare and I swear, giggle and mumble. Oh well...what can ya do?

LAURA: Glad you liked my chat-up line ! Looking forward to hearing what happened with Neil.

PV: So glad to see you back again. You're one of my favourite "Aunties" ! Love from Kendal xxx

Andrew and Kirsty are with me while I write this. In fact, we checked in here now to read what Kirsty had said after watching me and Andrew wee together sitting on knees on the toilet. But it looks like it didn't make it. Whatever did you say ?! This has been a two minute pause while she told Andrew and me what she said. We both think we know why (perhaps) it didn't get on now ! But we won't say, otherwise this won't get posted either. Great, thanks a lot you two ! I've just been volunteered to tell the story on the basis that Kirsty's was too rude and Andrew's usual detailed account wouldn't get on either. You don't know until you try ! He's still shaking his head ! I'll dedicate this story to Kate seeing as she has been so good with her advice to us. So sitting on knees, mark two, the edited version !!

KATE: Well, it was yesterday afternoon we did it. Kirsty came in to watch and to be the girl holding the starting pistol to tell us when to start ! Andrew took off his trousers and his undies, and he sat on the toilet as far back as he could go. Then I took off my panties, but I decided to keep my dress on. I then parked myself on his knee, and he opened his legs a bit for me to settle a little inbetween them and to make room for my wee to drop between. However, I decided that although there was three or four inches between my bits and the front of the toilet seat, I would put my hand down between my legs in front of the rim of the seat to make sure that I didn't stray out of bounds ! Now we were ready, and Kirsty said one, two, three, go !! And I began my wee ! I didn't know whether Andrew had or not, but mine started almost straight away, and some was hitting my hand, so it was a good job I put it there. Then Kirsty asked what was happening, and Andrew said he was hav! ing difficulties getting going, poor boy ! So I tried hard to stop weeing, and managed it ! And I told him I would start again once he had managed to start. However, I got a real shock when he did start to go, because instead of going downwards into the toilet, it actually went upwards and wet me ! When he realised what was happening, he stopped again. But I told him not to worry and just let all his wee out. After all, I could always wash down in the shower afterwards. So he did manage to start again, and then I began again so we were both weeing at the same time. That felt so cool !!

When we had both finished, I got up and wiped myself dry with toilet roll, then I got in the shower to wash down. As I climbed in, Kirsty noticed that Andrew was crying, with joy and the emotion of it all. It made us both cry then, but Kirsty soon put a halt to that by announcing that she would now go to the toilet in front of both of us, and she pulled Andrew off the seat. What a lovely surprise that was for Andrew. But he and I were in for a bigger surprise when Kirsty actually pooed as well. Just one piece. In fact she made us both laugh later because just after she pooed, Andrew had taken some toilet roll to blow his nose on, and when she saw him taking it, she thought he was going to wipe her she said !! Now that was very funny, and we all had a good laugh about that. So there, thats the story of our wee on the toilet sitting on knees. It was really good fun, but I don't think we'll be doing it too often, because it was really difficult, and we don't really want to ! wet each other. Hope you liked the story Kate ! Love from Kendal xx

ELLIE: Andrew and I are both very sorry to hear the awful news about Little Lou. Andrew is stood at the side of me now, seething with steam coming out of his ears ! He is very angry about what those big bullies have done to Lou. He loves and cares for her very much like she was his own little sister because of how kind she was to him when I had to go away with my Mum. If he was there, then he would soon sort those girls out, not violently you understand, he's far too clever for that. No, he learns and builds up like a database of information about them which he then cleverly uses against them to pull them into line. I suppose it's blackmail, but without money. Anyway, it certainly worked when he and Kirsty's sister, Bev, got back at those girls who bullied Kirsty and Andrew's old girlfriend, Chloe. So you and Kev dig the dirt ! In fact, I bet Kev must have some dirt on one of the girls if he went out with her ! The main thing that Andrew and I think is that neither you n! or Kev should be blaming yourselves. The bullies have done this, not you two. And secondly, you both make sure that Lou really does know how much you love her. Shower her in kisses, hugs and cuddles. Tell her how you will do your best to look after her and stop these bullies. And thirdly, all of you go and have the most fantastic toilet session together, a kind of group hug on the toilet ! That's done by the other two kneeling either side of the toilet ( as far as possible )with one arm each around the one sitting to wee or poo, and then with the other free hand, each one takes hold of a hand of the one on the toilet as well. The two then tell the one how much she is loved, and then encourage her to have a lovely wee or poo. Just a minute, I need a hankie ! There, I can't cry on the computer or it might go bang ! Ellie, I don't claim the last two of these ideas. Andrew has dictated them all to me, and made both me and Kirsty cry with how beautiful it all sounds. But I shar! e the thoughts with Andrew entirely. Now he wants to write to Little Lou himself.

LITTLE LOU, Hi princess, its Andrew. I'm very, very sorry to hear all about those nasty bullies, but I'm sure that now Kev and Ellie know all about it, they will do their very best to help you. You only need to read what Ellie has said to know how much she loves her little sister, and I'm sure that goes for Kev too. It breaks my heart in two to think about your big blue eyes filled with tears. You mean the world to me as well, just like Kev and Ellie. Please don't try and face this all alone, because you are not. We all love you very much. Are you ready for this, because through cyberspace, here is one of my very special hugs better that Kendal knows all about. And it is a very special hug, because only Kendal has ever had one of these before. There. Hope that is making you feel much better, and I hope that you and Kev and Ellie can now make up and know how much you love one another. If you decide to reply to me, then I want to hear how much happier you are, and how life i! s much nicer now you know that you really do have a loving family who care for you very much. I want to hear how you are all happily going to the toilet together again. Please tell me all about it and what happens. I'd love to know. Now you take care, Lots of love and hugs from Andrew xxx.

Oh god, I need my hankie again. Sorry, yes, its me Kendal back again. I just wanted to say a special Hi to my wonderful friend LINDA. Hope you've been enjoying great big whizzer wees and some jolly big, toilet clogging poos as well ! We want to hear all about it ( especially Andrew !!) I hope you know how much we love you too ! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO.

There is going to be a show at Worchester, MA on the history of the toilet sponsored by the American Sanitary Plumbing Museum. I don't know any specifics, but any toilet from chamber pots to fancy gold toilets with oak seats are to be featured!

Lucmarc, good thing you didn't get stuck in traffic or a real accident would have occurred.

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post. last saturday my parents said they would be out all day doing something so i called my boyfriend scott over my house. when scott arrived wearing his white muscle top and tight exercise pants i showed him in wearing my spandex yellow top and black spandex pants. scott and i planned to exercise at the YMCA but first we had a big bowl of total cereal. a cereal loaded with fiber. after this we went to YMCA to exercise and swim. when we got back. i fixed us a large chicken lunch. after this scott told me he had to take a dump. "Goody!I do too!" i replied. scott and I then went upstairs. when we got upstairs we took off our clothes. the only thing i had on was the gold chain saying "Kimberley" around my neck. scott then sat on the bowl first while i sat on his lap facing away from him with my back resting on his chest. scott and i then started to push out our logs. we had very different groans from each other. scott had a low manly groans while i had high-female cries. i then heard scott groan and looked down and saw a big brown log coming out of his ass. i was impressed! My log was still actually small until i pushed really hard and my small log turned into a big log. i then pushed harder as my big log grew into a gigantic beast! i was now pushing out a horse sized turd from my quivering ass! i then heard scott groan again as he pushed out his mighty log. i looked down and saw a big brown log floating in the bowl. "good job honey!" i said as i continued to push my massive beast out! "oohh wow! look at the size of that thing! scott said excitedly in awe of my log. "Ohhh I see scott!" i replied as we both watched my log grow to a ridiculous size.I then took a deep breath as my gold chain saying "kimberley" jangled crazily around my neck and my ass shook as i blasted out my mighty log. and just when scott thought i was done and started to get up i sat him down again because i felt some more log inside me as i began pushing again and another brown log started to come out. i pushed harder as this log grew real big like the first. i then took a deep breath and crashed this mighty log out too. scott and i then got off the bowl while scott got the measuring tape. scott measured his log at 16 1/2 inches long. 2.5 inches thick, scott then measured my first larger log at 23 1/2 inches log. 3 inches thick and my second log at 18 1/2 inches long. 2.5 inches thick. 42 inches of pure brown dynamite. hey if you think my logs are big Mellissas logs from new york are bigger. my record log is still 25 inches long. 3 inches thick in one piece. boy! did scott and i fill that bowl with shit. i dont think my bowl can hold in my logs much longer.all my logs are real folks. no joke. i guess its due to my metabolism,diet and exercise. I am some physical specimen!! i then took a few pictures of our logs before scott chopped then up and flushed then down. i then ran the shower because scott and i needed one after the YMCA and the toilet bowl workout. we then climbed into the shower and had some more fun together. hoped ya liked the story. love,kim and scott. P.S. by the way i an 21 years old and scott is a bit older and we did get some studying done for college later on in the day. plus JOHN (VT) just curious what state are you from? scott and i are from new jersey. plus billy L. and kevin L. i enjoy your posts. you two are great writers . keep it up. special hellos to Louise and steve,pv,john (VT),lawn dogs kid and kendal,renee,carmalita,mia,jane, buzzy,dazz,logger,pooper dooper,dave, and penny.byeeeee

to STEVE..thanks for sharing the buddy dumping story with you and louise..scott and i really liked it.!!

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Did anyone here have secret places that they used to pee or poop in as a kid for fun that wasn't in the toilet?

I'm a 16 year old girl and new here, so I just gonna tell you my most emberassing moment ever.
When I went to school yesterday I felt the urge to pee and poop. But, as I was late I didn't have the opportunity to go before school started and at the end of the 2nd lesson the teacher asked me to come to the board. I thought I could do it, but when I stood in front of him, it just happened. With a loud fart I let all the load in my panties and peed all over my jeans.
It smellt really horrifying and everyone laughed at me, I was so emberassed.

Have you had similar accidents in school?

Judy La Toilette
Yesterday on the way home from work I had to go to the bathroom real real bad so I pulled over to this reststop on the highway. Oh dear the ladies room was a mess. It stank horribly and the stalls were all dirty. Of course I couldn't hold it in so I ran into the 3rd stall, the only one that wasn't occupied, slammed the door, pulled my pants down and let the poop rip! Oh my oh my did I feel extremely better...fart after fart. This was no hard poop either, it was very runny and everyone else in the bathroom could hear it. Although the woman next to me had a pooping problem of her own, only she was constipated I think because she kept on grunting and moaning. Well any who this is the embarresing part. All the other ladies left, and I was just about done squirting all over the toilet boll, and I went to grab that hard, rough and most uncomortable toilet paper wasn't there! I panicked. I couldn't just get up and let this go, because it was so runny and wet. I didn't know w! hat to do until I got up, peered over the stall door (because they were low, which was also uncomortable, and then quickly opened it and ran to the next stall, which was most disgusting because the lady who had just recently used it did not flush. I grabbed the toilet paper and as I was walking back to my stall with my panties around my ankles, a mother and her little 4 year old boy came in. I almost pooped all over the floor again i covered my private area and ran itno the stall. Icould here the little boy saying whats wrong with that woman.

Hi. I'm new here, but I've had lots of toilet experience. The last time I went to the bathroom in a toilet was a year ago. I either go outside, in my pants, or in the shower. Just last week I was walking to my fiance's house when I had to pee and poop. I held it until I got to his apartment, but by then I really had to go. He was still in the shower so I decided to go in his bed. He loves when I do that! I got under the covers, pulled off my pants and underwear, and started to go. I wet the sheets pretty well, and left two big poops. I then made the bed for him to discover.

I had the most satisfying outdoor poo today. I was walking on the farm and felt a slight pressure so being 10 miles from anyone I dropped my shorts and pooed a long soft brown mess into a heap on the ground. No farting just a complete emptying of the bowel. A wee and a wash in a nearby stream and I then stood for ten minutes in the hot summer wind drying off. Got my but sunburned. The complete evacuation. So nice never to have a stuck gut.

Hi, everyone! LOTS of interesting posts lately... I haven't had much time to play here, unfortunately. I think next week may be better...

Carmalita and Renee: I really enjoy your enthusiasm and your ongoing
adventures! Thanks for your complimentary comments about me, too!
You're both GREAT!

Renee: I enjoyed hearing about your "two feet of turd," but I had trouble picturing it because you didn't give any details... (Darn!)
Looking forward to hearing more about your super dumps! Also, have you made your rear view ornament yet? And why cardboard?

Carmalita: WHAT A LOAD that six-pounder was! With a 20-INCHER in the
middle of it! WOW! AWESOME! I was sad to hear about it going down the toilet, though... I was hoping you'd send it to me in a big to-go
restaurant container! (LOL!) I also got a few laughs about the phone
call to the auto parts store while pooping... is your crapalytic
converter working better yet? Funny stuff! Of course, I WAS jealous it wasn't me on the other end of the line...(sigh...)

I had a thoroughly satisfying session Sunday night... I hadn't gone for awhile, and so thought it would be a big one... it was very wide,
and I let the beginning out slowly, as I felt my ring widening to an impossible diameter... then I gave a big push, to get it out in one piece, and it crackled out smoothly. I did push out a couple of smaller pieces after a couple of minutes, too. When I got up to examine the bowl, I felt it looked rather artistic... the big piece
was a fat 13-14 incher, curved like a banana, and the smaller pieces
decorated both ends, kind of like garnishes... my latest masterpiece!

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