How Embaresing,yesterday i had no choice but to use a doorless stall to take a poop.

I was at this shopping center that i had never been to before because i was looking for a birthday gift for my brother and as i was at the check stand i started to feel my ???? rumbeling and let out a few farts that no one but me heard and i rememberd i saw the ladies room on my way in so i started to head thay way in a hurry and by the time i was there i felt a turd at my back door and as i was pushing the door open with one
hand i was undoing the top button on my jeans with the other and then i knew i was in trouble, four stalls with 4 people in line,i clenched my cheeks and i could hear the sounds of pooping from at least two of the stalls and the second stall from the end had no door and i could see a woman hovering over the bowl peeing and when she finished in less then a minute and none of the others made a move for her stall i just went for it puting my purse and bags just inside the stall enterance and quickly puting some toilet paper on the seat, i backed in and pulled my jeans and panties to my knees and sat my chuby butt on the bowl and started to fart,i tried to shift my butt to make them come out quiet but it didn't work and i said sorry girls and just looked at my shoes as a big log droped out with no effort at all and i heard my self let out a thank god louder then i wanted to and one of the girls a thin redhead in her early 20's said dont be embarresed i was just about to take! your stall and it would have been me sitin there, and just then as i was droping a third log the stall next to me became vacent and a few seconds later i heard the redhead do a loud fart followed by a very loose sounding shit that had that diahrea smell and combinded with my smell wasn't very nice at all,well i was still leting out some more litlle poops and gas and keeping my eyes on the ground as others came and went from the front of my stall and when it was time to wipe i got up all my 23 years of courage and pulled tp from the roll and when the person who was in line directly infront of my stall saw the tp being pulled she turned her head toward the other wall where the sinks were either because she didn't want to see someone else wipe their butt or she was just trying to give me some privacy,so i lifted up my right cheek as ususal and wiped as best i could without showing too much ass to the world and reached back to flush and when the girl who had turned her head heard! the flush she turned back just as i was standing to pull up my clothes and as soon as i was out of the stall she was in it and i heard her peeing as i washed my hands.
This was only the second time i've used a doorless stall in my life,and i just thought i would let you all know.

The other day I made the big double mistake of not peeing before I left work and then having a 16 oz bottle of Diet Coke on the train on the way home. As I got off the train and hit the cold air I knew it would be a close shave to make it home without wetting my pants. I drove home with my hand squeezing my groin. For some reason I thought holding my breath would help too. As I drove I realized there was some urgency at the back end as well. I sprinted from the car to the house, ran inside as a bit of pee dribbled into my Jockeys, tore off my coat, dropped trou as quickly as I could and sat down with a sigh. As my pee began to gush, I farted loudly with a big "Brrrrtttt" and felt a big fat one start out. What a relief! As my pee continued to gush (I counted 35 seconds...a good pint)my fat turd eased out, slowly bulging my anus. What a relief! Glad to share it with you.

Kendal: I just love your line about asking Neil to come in for the full show instead of just half!!! That's so beautiful you and Andrew are comfortable going in front of each other...I think it helps people share a special bond.

Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid: I have decided tonight is the night I'm going to invite Nneil in to watch me poop....I'm writing from the computer lab at school....some people just walked by......I don't mind if they see this site :o) I've never let anyone watch me go before so this will be quite an experience....I may even let Maxie watch too if she wants. I'll let you know how things go....I'm a bit nervous and I'm trying to save up as much poop as I can to make it one heck of a good dump!!!!!!!

Buzzy: My roomate Maxie has a laptop that she's going to let me borrow sometimes....perhaps I'll have a dump with you some morning :o)


Amy: Your posting about watching your marine boyfriend Matt take a dump was real interesting. Its great that you are no longer uptight about toilet activities. I've never heard of a "Dutch Oven", but it sounds real interesting. Do you guys still do this? Also, when you go into the bathroom with Matt while he shits does he ever allow you to see the logs coming out of his asshole? Does Matt ever come into the bathroom with you when you piss or take a crap? Please let us hear more about you and Matt.

I have another story about Tony and Steve. The three of us and another friend played squash on Saturday morning. Afterwards, Tony, Steve, and I went to have coffee and some breakfast at Tony’s house. Afterwards, I went into the bathroom to take a pee and Tony came in after me to brush his teeth. A minute or so later Steve comes rushing in and says, “I gotta dump now!” Tony laughed and said, “Go for it, Stevie!” So Steve unbuckles real fast and whips down his pants and sits on the bowl. He let’s out a slight grunt and a big crackle starts. Steve looks up at us with a startled look, “Oh man,” he says during a grunt, “This one is big.” So there’s this steady slow crackling and Steve has this expression on his face like it really hurts coming out. So he’s grunting and pushing, and at the moment when this big brick goes splashing into the bowl, Steve’s whole body twitches, lifting slightly off the bowl with the effort of pinching it out. “OH MAN.” He groans loudly. He ! starts grunting again and a bunch of small ball turds start dropping, and he’s counting them as they come out. “One, and here’s two, three and four and, now five (big grunt) and SIX!” “Wow, Tony says with a big smile, that makes seven if you count that hole stretcher you just gave birth to. You got more, dude?” Steve sighs and says, “I think a got a few more waitin’ to make an appearance.” Tony and Steve both laugh and then Steve leans forward with a very serious expression, inhales and fires off a round of back to back farts. He grunts and groans hard again, and suddenly a whole bunch of shit starts pouring out of his asshole, one plop after another, along with A LOT of farts. Finally with one last big groan, Steve let’s a long skinny one slide slowly out and he grunts loudly as it exits his hole. “Finally done,” he says, out of breath. Tony walks right over to him and pats him on the back. “That was some workout.” They both start laughing while Steve gets up and w! ithout any inhibition starts wiping his ass. Steve points out his huge log in the bowl. “Check it out guys,” he says. We both look at his big log, which is thick, long and hard. Tony whistles and says, “That’s one hell of a big man-log, dude.” Both Steve and Tony start laughing again and they continue to talk about Steve’s other turds and the shape and sound they made coming out. This goes on for another few minutes and then Steve finally flushes the toilet, the scent of his shit still heavy in the air.

Hi are still the best...but...

Summer and guys are great too!

On the tampon question,if i just put in a fresh one and shortly after find i have to pee most of the time i leave it in and if some pee gets on the string so be it,i just dry it off the best i can when i wipe my vagina and i dont find it to be a problem,but on the other hand if it's been in for a while it's probaly time for a fresh one anyway so i pop it out before peeing.

When i have to take a shit i allways pop it out first since i find it quite uncomfortable when i start to push out some hard or semi hard poop since i tend to lean forward and i guess that puts presure on that area and i can really feel the tampon in me,and for the few others i've seen take a shit while on their periods (my Sister and maybe two close friends)they also remove it first.

The Metamucil Man
Metamucil Man, part 1

M-E-T-A mucil Man
M-E-T-A mucil Man
M-E-T-A mucil Man
M-E-T-A mucil Man

Hey, you, get off the throne
You don't know it, but I have to go
Who be cloggin' pipes, fillin' up the bedpan
Here I am, Mr. Cyber Fiber can
Pancakes, corn flakes
Metamucil Man
I'll scam Skippy, Jiff, and Peter pan
Peanut Butter, washed down my gutter
In fact I use up an entire Glade can
I'll eat yams, a side of spam
And I will drink raw eggs with ham
The urge'll hit ya like a freight train
You'll be like, "Oh gosh! What a pain!"
Turn your gut, now watch me eat all
of the food that'll light the bathroom up
Inside, outside, offside or farside
Pooping turds from every angle
There's no doubt that I am the only Metamucil Man
The Master of the Cramp, pimpin' men like a tramp
Crap with some piss and some scat
Hold that dump; I see a hidden camera trap
Over there, but I think she best to beware of the Voyeur Lax Dog right here.
Poopin' in the grass, in the dirt, in the snow
Like a stream the Hershey Squirts will flow
Comin' out fast . . . Oh! Ah! In the car
Tell me can you hold it this far (where you are)
This poetry's an ocean
roast to toast
Stretching out your ring with motions
What's the commotion, oh my word!
Another stool dropped, what a great big turd!
Will she wipe? I do doubt it
I'm Metamucil Man, ain't no "if" "ands" about it.

Hi to Carmalita & Lisa. Glad someone liked my stories. I'll try to post more often.

today i was making deliveries with my buddy/coworker. we deliver supplies for construction sites. we go all over & hit many open areas. well we'd had a quick lunch at taco bell (big mistake) & hit the road again. we'd been driving for about 1/2 an hour when i felt the urge for a shit. there wasn't a rest stop near so i just held it. after a while longer the need was becoming severe. i told my pal i really needed to take a shit he said he did too. seeing a sign for a rest stop 10 miles ahead we know thats our chance. i've started farting like crazy as we pull into the stop. there is one other car there. we quickly get out of the truck & almost run to the toilets. as we get tehre a boy about 15-16 goes in at the same time. i let out a good fart & we all go to the stalls (3 in a row). i end up in the middle stall. my buddy pulls his pants down & quickly lets a wet fart. i hear the kid pissing as i getmy pants down. i sit just in time for a really wicked f! art that shoots crap out like an explosion. the kid next to me has started to grunt a bit & my buddy has been farting a plopping for several seconds. i begin to piss as another fart shoots out more shit. this goes on for several minutes. then the boy who has dropped 2 good logs gets up & leaves. my buddy is also through. hey dude you still crapping he asks me through the door. yea almost done i told him. he says he'll wait in the truck. just then i let go with a really huge load of pudding type shit & feel done. we leave & get make it back to the warehouse before i have to shit again. my buddy drove us in that day so he gives me a ride home. we're about 15 minutes from my house when i have to shit again. this one hits quick & i tell him to pull over somewhere. he says we're almost there & to try & hold it. i squeeze my ass closed as tight as i can. he drops me off in front of my house & i hurry to the door. fumbling for the keys it fells like i'll loose my battle & shit my pants but my girl is home & opens the door for me. i almost run her over in my haste to get to the toilet. she follows me asking whats wrong & i tell her i have diarreah & have to shit bad. she helps me get my fly open & my pants down & i get my ass seated just in time to avoid disaster. i had to go 2 more times that night & 3 during the middle of the night. not a fun experience.
sorry if this is long but i wanted to tell the whole thing.
please tell me if my stories are ok or not.

3 Days ago on tv i saw an ad for a store called Best Buy. It talked about liking to try things out. It first showed this man looking at toilets trying to pick the best ones. He found one he liked and decided to try it out by pulling his pants down(didn't show any thing) and him crapping on the toilet.

Speaking of craping, i just took a good shit my self after having this big dinner. About 3 hours after dinner i began feeling a minor discomfort in my stomach, gas and a slight urge to shit. I went to the toilet and i really had to go, i pushed out one log, which was pretty hard a solid(hadn't been for a few days) and it was a dark brown in color. Then more came out, this time it was much softer and looser and a lighter brown. Then i sat and pushed a little more out and it was really soft(not like diahreah). I sat for about 10 minutes. Then i wiped like 10 times. Well I better get this posted now cause i feel like i gotta shit again(real suddenly).

Ces't Moi
In regards to women getting spyed on by men in the womens toilets, I think this bad and wrong (not to mention illegal). If there was a hole between the mens and womens toilets I'd look through it and I'm sure many women would look through into the mens toilets. But to sneak into the womens to look is wrong I agree. I have had a similar case in the mens, when I found a hole under the paper holder. I didn't see anyone looking but there was a guy in the next stall. I'm sure he would have had a peek at some stage. I've also found a hole in the wall dividing the women and mens rooms which I took advantage of (theres nothing saying a women wouldn't do the same) but saw little.

This happened a few years ago. I'm a homebrewer and keep my beer in 5-gallon kegs. I brewed a porter, which was okay and drank off it for a couple of weeks. I had the urge to brew again but no available kegs. So one Saturday I resolved to polish off whatever remained of the porter so I could brew on Sunday.
The problem is, there was more beer in the keg than I thought there was. I pressed on, getting drunk, nauseous, and flatulent. After puking a couple of times I finally poured out the last pitcher. Before I could drink it though, I felt what I thought was a fart brewing in my innards. I was alone in the house, so I just let it rip.
BIG MISTAKE! Instead of a fart, I squirted about a pint of porter into my shorts I don't think it paused at all on the way through me. What landed in my pants was pure brown beer. It even had a little bit of a head!

Sandra (and Penny) - Boy can I ever relate to having an idiot spying on me when I was using a public bathroom!!! About a year ago, I was shopping, and I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. I went to the ladies room and immediately went into a stall and started peeing. I suddenly had this bad feeling and i glanced around, and sure enough there was an eye peering through a hole!!! I finished as quickly as I could, flushed, and got out of the stall. Normally I would just get out of the restroom, but this man had seen me after I had REALLY needed to go to the bathroom and I was really embarrassed so I waited patiently outside the stall until the man came out. When he did, I gave him a piece of my mind (seriously I do not know where I got the courage to do that, I am usually very shy). He LAUGHED and walked out of the bathroom. I told the caretaker and I was able to point out the man, who was at the doors. He was seriously in trouble, which I am very glad about.
By the way I am 24

Peeping - a pervert replies

The post from 'hiker' on Page 531 was mine but for some reason, my _uk suffix was missing from my name so I ended up with the same name as the other hiker from Chile.

To Penny. Thanks for some great stories about your outdoor pooping activities. I was sorry to hear about your experience at the mall with someone spying on you through a hole from the next stall as I realise that this must be very distrubing for a woman. Although I like spying on women in the toilet, I only do so from places where I have a right to be, such as in unisex back-to-back mobile toilets. I always make sure that no woman could ever know that she was being watched. I know that doesn't make it OK but boys will be boys and I think that a lot of men on this forum would do the same if they had the chance.

In the UK, I believe that it is an offence for a man to be in a toilet designated for women, unless authorised to be there to do cleaning or maintenance. If any woman suspects that there is a man in the next stall of a ladies only toilet, I suggest she looks under the partition at the size and style of footwear which would be a giveaway. If no feet are visible, that is suspicious. If it is a male, he is trapped. If you wait outside with one or two other people, he will have to come out eventually. Then you can tell him what you think of him and he will probably be scared sh--less.

Lawn Dogs Kid
ELENA & COUSIN: Don't worry, nothing has been taken the wrong way about what Linda said ! It was Kendal and I joking around as normal ! I'm pleased I got your permission over Linda, but I would still have asked her if it was ok first to go in. Kendal and I observe that rule so strictly so that we will never feel that the other is taking advantage. Its a matter of respect. There isn't enough of it around nowdays ! As for Elena, well, I've hidden my head behind a cushion ... !

LINDA: I'm so disappointed to learn it wasn't you who sent the other valentines card to me ! ( Even though I knew it couldn't be, it was nice to think it was you !! ). Hey, what about Kendal's Dad singling you out for a special message ! I thought that was really nice of him, you'll have to reply !! Which reminds me, I still need to have words with him about continuing this thing about me and Kirsty's knee ! It was definitely the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me in my entire life ! Just imagine, you wake up and realise that you are desperate for a pee. You crawl out of bed, and try and switch on a light that doesn't work. Outside on the landing, that light doesn't work either, so you realise that there is a power cut. I think to myself, better sit down for this pee so I don't miss. I can't even remember bothering to open my eyes in the end, seeing as it was dark. I pull down my undies ( sorry, I forgot what colour ! ), reach out behind me to make sure t! hat I'm actually going to sit on the toilet, and instead of a toilet seat, I feel a bare leg. Then in my shock, ( because I'm already bending to sit ) I stumble back and sit my bare bum right onto Kirsty's knee ! She didn't even scream ! The only scream came from Kendal, screams of laughter that is ! It's a wonder I didn't squash her as I did sit very heavily onto her. Now what would you have done if I had accidently done that to you ?! Kirsty has been wonderful about it. Couldn't have been nice for her with my bare ass in her face while I bent to pull down the old jocks ! Oh well, such is the rich tapestry of life ! Hey, loved your story to Kendal the other day. Been making any more diamonds lately ?! And it was very kind of you to include me in your story, even if it was as a peeping tom ! ( Nice to know you didn't mind me peeping, I think !). Anyway, I'm off to Kendal's now. Take care babe ! Love Andrew xx PS, XOXO !

Hi everyone!

I haven't been about for ages,I've been so busy! It's great to be back. The reason I've been away is, poor Little Lou has been very unhappy recently, and I've only just found out why. It all turns out that the girl who slept with Kev and then dumped him has been bullying Lou.

It all came to a head last Friday. We had orchestra, and Lou is very good on the violin, so she always comes up from the juniors to play. I was sitting there waiting for her, getting really angry that she hadn't turned up. I'd been carrying her stuff all day. After orchestra had finished, I went storming down to the juniors to see if she'd forgotten, or got a better offer. She wasn't there, so I assumed she'd walked home with one of her friends. When I got home, she wasn't there either. I phoned her friends, and they all thought she's gone to orchestra with me. I eventually found her in the park, crying her eyes out.I went to pick her up, which is when I discovered that she was completely drenched. All her pinafore dress, tights, legs, knickers and bottom were soaked. I put her straight back down, which made her cry even more. I feel really bad about that now, because this girl told her that me and Kev don't love her, and she thought I wouldn't cuddle her because I hated h! er. Apparently, she was about to go to the toilet before orchestra, but this girl wouldn't let her. She dragged her outside, and they threatened to burn her with their cigarette lighters. She says she begged them to let her go in to the toilet. One of the girls told her they wouldn't let her inside, but she could go there if she wanted. She was about to pull her knickers and tights down when Kev's ex forced her onto the ground and said that either Lou wet herself, or they's cut her hair off. One of them got a pair of scissors out, so poor Lou did what they told her. She was totally humiliated by those girls. She said they were laughing at her and said she wet herself like a baby. I feel dreadful, because when I first discovered she was wet, I yelled at her that only babies wet their knickers.

Kev blames himself. He says it's his fault for ever getting involved with that girl in the first place. He also thinks it's his fault as he's supposed to be looking after us. Mum and Dad are in Ireland for a fortnight for a funeral. Maria is running the pub. She usually works most days, so we know her, but we don't want to bother her with all this. Poor Lou keeps having nightmares, and lastnight, I had to change her bed twice as she had wet it. What sort of sick 15 year old bullies a tiny little girl?

The worst of it is, she now refuses to go to the toilet with me or Kev as she is convinced we hate her and wish she'd never been born. She won't even go to the toilet in the same building. She goes to the park or the fields every time she has to go, so that me or Kev don't do to her what that girl did. I know because I follow her at a distance, to keep her safe. She's too frightened even to let us know she's going. The night before last, she got up in the night. The landing floor creaks, so to stop me and Kev from hearing her go to the toilet, she pulled up her nightie, and did her pee on the floor in our room. She didn't realise I was awake. I wasn't angry. She just got up early, and cleaned the puddle up. I pretended I didn't know. I suppose it's ok, as it's a laminate floor and can be cleaned, but we all used to enjoy going together. Apparently, this bullying has been going on for some time. How could I be so stupid not to notice. In future, I'm always going to be there! for her. So's Kev. Kev said to me it might be better if me and him don't go together for the time being, but I said that we would give Lou the idea that it was bad to go to the toilet together if we stopped, and then we might never do it again. I know she's a pain sometimes, but I love her so much. She's not just my sister. I've said this before. She's my best friend. We catch up on what's going on in each others lives when we go to the toilet together, and I'm missing that already. I suppose it's my fault for spending so much time with Craig that I didn't notice she was being bullied, but you don't really expect your little Year 4 sister to be bullied by 10th Years, do you?

KENDAL AND ANDREW: Please can you talk to Lou, see if you can make her feel better. I haven't seen her smile in days, and her big blue eyes always seem to be full of tears. You might cheer her up. She listens to you two.

Bye for now. Lots of love, Ellie xxx

Carmalita, Carmalita, where art thou Carmalita? Would your turd by any other name smell as sweet?

Peeping Tom
Are any of you afraid that someone involved in your storys will find this site and see what you have written.

thanks for another great story Kevin L.

That is why everyone here is anonymous.

JANE: Your story is on page 253, because I searched for it after you said about it. You're right, Andrew and I have a really special relationship, and we are both very thankful for it. By the way, I thought it was a good story about Ben !

LOUISE: I'll get Andrew to time me next time. Steve seems to think I did a lot of wee. How much did you do ? Love Kendal x

STEVE: Haven't measured myself in ages, but Andrew says I'm about 4ft 8", and of slight build, although I'm filling out quite nicely now I'm growing up he says. (I'm sure he's being rude about my chest !) Love Kendal x

COUSIN: Andrew's with you about the nice Japanese girl who was on the top of the site a little while ago. In fact, because you said you already had the picture, he'd love to know where you got it, although he knows that this site wouldn't print it even if you were willing to tell him ! Love Kendal x PS I think Andrew likes Linda too !!!

LINDA: Kirsty arrived last night, and already we've had some great toilet visits ( without Andrew, poor boy, I think he feels left out... Mind you, seeing as you included him in your last story, I'm sure he's not missing out that badly !! ). Kirsty had a really good poo this evening after Andrew left. She waited on purpose, but she says that she'll let him see her wee tomorrow, so long as he promises not to sit on her knee while she does it !!! I wonder if he will read this before he arrives ?! I've warned Kirsty about Andrew and me wanting to experiment with sitting on knees, and she thought that would be hilarious and she can't wait to watch. So, DAD, our antics aren't going to upset her !! I bet Andrew will be pleased to find out that your Cousin gave him permission to pop in on you to see if you were o.k on the toilet. He would have been very excited ! I know, you will have to treat him to another of your desperate wee stories, just for him. He really liked your las! t story to me. Drink lots and lots, and save up all your wee, and then tell him what happened. Don't tell it like he was there though, otherwise the story won't be allowed. He can imagine himself that he was there when he reads it ( and theres nothing to stop you from imagining the same ! ). Wasn't my Dad's message to you lovely ? I'm so lucky to have such a nice Dad, and I'm also lucky to have you as my friend ! Love you loads, love Kendal xxx PS Kirsty says Hi !

KATE: Andrew and I are actually going to do it sitting on knees tomorrow, with Kirsty watching. I think I'll let Andrew tell you what happened, and if I can persuade her, I'll get Kirsty to tell what it was like to watch us ! Love Kendal xx

I've been reading some of the posts and I've noticed two posts from Sandra and Penny. You both say you love to shit outside and you don't care if you're seen but you hate it when people see you in a public bathroom it's wrong and illegal. It's illegal for you to go to the bathroom in a public place indecent exposure so I think you should both take a good long look at yourselves and stop talking about other people until you think about YOu!

California Dude:
I have been reading the posts for awhile now and I really enjoy them I am glad there are some young posters. I attend a large High School in California. The rest rooms are very large the one I use has 12 unirnels and 12 stalls. The stalls have doors. I usually poop at home before school, but after lunch I have to go again. The morning brings on gas that is hard to get rid of so I usually have to poop after lunch. Most of the stalls are used. I find it interesting to listen to the noise that is made--lots of farting dry farts and wet ones lots of plooping and some loose poops also. After awhile the smell gets heavy with so many guys going in one place. I like to sit for awhile and just listen to everything. Most guys seems to do their business fast and get out. But there are a few that linger awhile. Mayby they enjoy the sounds also. I am glad I am not the only one who enjoys farting and pooping. All the best to all of you.

Hi all,

Back online -- it's hot in Aus, too hot for comfort. More leaves through the pores than the bladder, it seems!

Just wanted to tell you about a recent poo session. While I was away I passed lots of nuggets, and was a bit sorry to not be pooing well, but the day after I got back the floodgates opened!

It was my second opening for the day, I dropped a small piece, then felt something major happening. I looked between my legs and a huge dark brown snake was powering out of my aft torpedo tube. About an inch thick, it slid out very rapidly and with only moderate bowel pressure. It touched the water -- 11 inches -- and kept on going. Hit the bottom and turned a right angle, and had just started to disappear when it plopped free of my bottom and collapsed with a few inches sticking up out of the water.

My total guesstimate? 16 inches! I really enjoyed it, but the experience was over too quick to be savored. I gave birth to this thing in five seconds or less, and though it was fun, it could have lasted longer.

I had a wee on a roadside while I was away. It was late, after dark, and I looked around carefully to make sure I was quite alone, then unzipped and produced a forceful gush on the ground from a standing position, behind a tree. I was only a quarter mile from my lodgings, but I couldn't wait. It was quite casual, really, and I zipped up and walked on without a care.

I'm reading from page 582 onward, and there's lots of great stuff to mention. To all my friends, Louise & Steve, Kim & Scott, Carmalita & Renee, Penny & Linda, Kendal & friends, and everyone else, it's great to be back, and I'll post in more detail asap.



Pooper Dooper
Since this has come up lately I'll tell you a problem that a lot of guys have on this post. When I poop I have to push my dick towards the bottem of the bowl. I don't know why.

Who ever that was should have been caught by the police. He needs help.

I now will be a regular poster and reader. Here is my name Peter. I'm a little constipated, still.

Twice in the last week, i've come to this website and got error messages...i thought both times that this site was gone for good....but i hit reload and it reloaded nicely.

That lady up there is ugly....

yesterday i was getting ready to take a shower when i felt a slight urge to poop. i sat down and pushed out some 4 inch logs that were a little bumby(not smooth). they were dark brown and mixed with light brown.

Next week im thinking about going to the store and buying a ennema or something good so i can clean my system out(doing it my self and for the hell of it i think). Any one ever do something like this on their own?

To Kim and Scott,
Not I have the time, I can tell you about last time Louise and I had a dump together. The occasions when Louise and need I to dump at the same time are not very frequent, and this time we decided to make the most of the opportunity.
We had just crawled out of bed, and without a word needing to be spoken, we realised we were competing for the toilet bowl. Louise took a standing position above the bowl while I stood on her right with my left leg behind her right. Hands free, Louise squirted her own fierce jet of urine into the bowl while at the same time she held my penis and aimed my urine stream. Who would ever say women cannot do two things at once?
After wiping each other's genitals, we sat on the toilet, occupying one side each. Buttock to buttock we sat, and it was quite an amusing situation for a few minutes. We simply sat there, vying for space in a light hearted way. Then I felt Louise moving, obviously making an effort to force out some solids. I did the same, and I beat her to it because my own turd was a quite modest six incher. Hers was preceded by a number of small pieces, and her main turd was around nine inches in length.
After a quick wipe of each other's anus we went into the shower together, and that made us both slightly late :)

Bye for now,


SONJA - There was another lady who wrote here a few days
ago and she peed forward just like you. Your best bet
is to hover for a pee if you do not want to stand up
because when you bend over it makes the angle go
downwards. It may be you have tried that and it still
goes forwards.
I like to pee standing but to get it to go horizontal
I use my fingers to lift my pussy upwards. There have
been more ladies on here asking me how to pee standing
and I have helped them but it looks like there are others
who can just do it without help. My boyfriend has seen
lots of women pee (more than me!) and like me he says
there is a lot of difference between women as to the
My boyfriend says I have a 'typical' angle, that means I
go a little bit forward when I stand but do not aim with
my fingers. What you could try is to push down with your
fingers either side of your pussy and see where the stream
goes. Do it in the shower the first time so that if you
spray then there will not be a bix mess! Please tell me how
well you do. If it works then maybe you could try it when
you are sitting down.



Today (Wednesday) the Daily Sport ran an interesting story. It's London Fashion Week here in the UK and amongst other things a big balloon-shaped dress has allegedly been modelled. Not wishing to be outdone, the Daily Sport got one of their own glamorous girls, Amanda Dawkins, to model a dress of this type on the streets for a day. They reported on the various difficulties Amanda had with this dress, including getting on public transport and using restaurants. Sooner or later Amanda needed to go to the toilet and she reported having great difficulties going with this ballon shaped dress. She told the paper it took her ten minutes to get into a cubicle and sorted to do whichever 'number' she was doing. Needless to say she made the point that it wasn't a dress to go to the loo in! They even printed a picture of her stood outside the ladies loos in this huge, impractical dress. Obviously she can't have been too desperate or the outcome would simply have been unprintable! !

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

First, a progress report on my recent problems.
Thanks CHRIS for your advice about Anusol which I've used along with various other ointments etc but I want to get rid of the problem altogether rather than alleviate the symptoms. I get this when I've really strained with constipation over a few days and that's what's been happening over the last few days.

Anyway, since my last post, I didn't have a BM for almost 48 hours, then yesyerday morning I was in town and near the public toilets I like and thought I might need to have a shit and was pleased to find that by the time I'd got there after a 5 minute walk, (I often find a quick walk a good laxative) I wanted to do something. I got on the toilet and with gentle pressure started very gradually to do one and without hardly any pain or discomfort. I was going quite well dropping faily loud medium size splashing turds and had a look at what I'd done. The turds were almost up to the top of the water level so flushed and sat down again to continue. Still a bit sensitive I waited after I'd finished for a while, then stood up to look down and saw I'd passed blood so knew I'd had piles and that as in the past; would be better now as the pressure on them would be less. I wiped up, walked home rather slowly and for most of the day felt sore and still with this skin complaint and it! ching so I'm going through it at the moment! ( Sorry to be such a dampener on the proceedings!)

Needless to say I'm having bran and more fruit again and had a reasonably good shit this morning at home and feel better than I was but wiping my arse took a long time again as it was so dirty.

I really enjoyed my bog sessions for a few days until the constipation set in and with me, piles is always a consequences of several days' straining and so I still can't find the ideal diet to keep me going properly. I almost wonder if I'm going to have to measure out precisely the right ingredients of my cereal to give me the optimum breakfast if I ever work out what that is.
I hear of so many guys having constipation without any of this hassle as a result. No problems for me about working hard on the toilet as long as I don't get this happening after.

So, again I ask, what's the answer to being able to have a satisfying clean enjoyable shit that I thought I'd found last week?
Enough about that for now, I want to respond to these great posts I've been reading!

Hi, BILL. Terrific to read of you and your mates at work in the toilets and especially Ken dropping his big plops in full view and proud of what he'd done. You certainly live in a very open masculine world and it sounds brilliant. I don't know how I'd cope if I was working in that environment and with such great shitting company! I'd certainly keep my thighs close together to conceal my enjoyment of plopping together with such uninhibited masculine guys. If I was doing big loud plops together with Ken and we admired each other's sounds- that wouldn't just make my day- It would make my YEAR!!!
Great to hear from you again and anything of interest to Chris is almost certainly to be of interest to me; he and I are on an identical wavelength as regards the subject of guys on the toilet in company and the whole interaction.
You say the toilets at work are stainless steel, would I be right in thinking (hoping) that the pans are the type with a generous water trap to give a good splash up the arse when a big turd gets dropped!? What greater reminder of one's own masculinity than to sit there on the toilet dropping loud plopping turds that splash water up on to your balls!! I wonder if Ken enjoys that, hope he and the rest of you do!

MARK, Great to hear of you on that toilet and the young janitor coming in, and reaching across you to refill the TP dispenser just as you fart and plop!!!! Hope it happens again, perhaps he'll make some appreciative comment. Like "Do one for me, I've got a load to do myself!" Or "Sounds like the way I do them!"

AMY, Hi!, I really enjoyed your account of your boyfriend Matt with his beautiful butt sitting on the toilet and his loud plops as you had the privilege of holding his hand as you watched him. I like the way you described his turds as masculine and that you watched him wipe his arse after. That is really great and I wish the two of you every happiness and wonder how often it's a closed world between couples who'd love to share such intimacy but are too shy to broach the subject.
Perhaps you might suggest wiping his arse,that is a fantastic way to express one's feeling for someone and done in a very carressing and tender way, almost a sacrament.
I loved reading of someone who was constipated and his friend massaged his buttocks. It worked, but what a compliment to someone to appreciate them in that way.
The world is still, unfortunately, short on intimacy and overstretched with avoiding personal contact, mental as well as physical.

I once thought when I'd discovered this forum that I'd soon run out of things to say but the interaction here is great and I can still recall events I want to share with people here.
It is said that the saddest phrase in the English language is "If only" but when I think that at the age of 13, and latently from my early schooldays, I would have loved the opportunity to share what we discuss here in such detail as we do, but had to keep it to myself unlike the young teenagers who post here who will grow up in a healthy, open and natural way knowing how we all think and behave in that "taboo" of activities: Using and enjoying the toilet!!

Peace to you all, and thanks again for "dropping into this wonderful Cybertoilet!!" P P G

Some Guy
Yes, it is illegal to spy on someone in the bathroom, but it is also illegal to take a dump in public, like in a telephone booth- but I'm not here to criticize. I believe all nonspamming posts should be posted. And I'd never spy on someone in the bathroom. Too much risk.

Sandra - Not Wiping you bum after 3 months, eh?? How do you handle the occasional messy incident? It's hard for me to imagine you don't have at least 1 slight attack of diarrhea during that period. Not a runny, watery mess - rather loose semi-solid stools.
Do you even end up with any skid-marks?
I've tried something similar several times for a period of just a week with each attempt. Each & every time I ended up paying for it with a flair up of my 'roids after several days (regardless of how well I cleaned up in the shower every morning.)

Buzzy - That little incident taught me to be much more cautios about getting a hard-on at the office... I'll say that much.


Wednesday, February 21, 2001

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