Jane and Carmelita: You two guys have some wild bowel movements.
Sue: This one's for you, too.

I was still keeping company with a boy from grammar school. We were 22. We went to his house after a Sat. nite hobby club meeting. His parents were not home. I had to go. So into the bathroom I went. It was cold. So, I left my pants on. I dropped them and my white Eiderlon panties to my upper thighs. It was on then. I then evacuated 5 banana sized pieces of doo-doo, followed by a wave of thick muddy doo-doo. It felt good to be sitting in front of my boyhood buddy, exposing my womanhood. As we talked more muddy doo-doo evacuated like volcano lava. Then, I urinated for almost 90 seconds. My buddy commented, saying, "Althea, you shit healthy." I told him, "I am messed up inside." The bathroom started to smell. I used to eat bags and bags of junk food. That night I had 3 bottles of beer. There was no action for a few minutes. Then another crackling evacuation happened. More thick lava. When it was over, I reached for toilet paper then wiped my pussy first then my outer rectum.! The bowl was filled with thick dark brown doo-doo and toilet paper. Not bad for a girl who had just turned 22. It took three flushes.

At work, I meet my friends in the morning and afternoon when I check my bowels. There is this new Puerto Rican girl. She is adorable. We meet sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon. She sometimes strips to her silky flowered underwear, before she sits. She is shy, though. One afternoon, we followed each other in. I hung my woolen skirt, lifted my 1/2 slip, slid my panty hose and navy blue panties. I quickly released a wave of logs and loose doo-doo with gas. My friend took off her skirt as she entered her stall, revealing her yellow panties with blue flowers. It was a g-string. I told her I loved her panties. She said she was wearing a matching bra. I saw her legs spread apart. Then I heard an "UH, plop,UH, plop UH, plop,UH, plop,UH, plop!".During which she peed hard for a minute. "Oh that feels good", she said. Then she let out a buzzing fart. There was silence. She peed some more. I wished I could have seen what she made. When it was over, we wiped ourselves! , flushed the toilets and put on our lower garments.

Lots more at that place.

JENNY- Remove your tampon before peeing. You will find too that you will poo easier as the tampon takes up valuable space.

I have a question as to whether any other ladies here have problems peeing while sitting down. My plumbing is such that I pee straight out horizontally (or higher!) when I'm standing. That's great for hiking, biking, or tinkling in a urinal, but when I'm sitting down, I spray under or over the seat if I'm not paying attention.

Sara T.
I was getting ready to take my shower yesterday afternoon when the urge to poop came on. I sat down on the toilet naked and started pushing- it took awhile but eventually I passed one really long turd. It was about eleven inches long (it disappeared around the bend in the toilet) and not very wide but not thin. It was much lighter than my poop usually is, it was like a very light brown. It took a lot of paper to get clean but I didn't bother cleaning up all the way since I was going straight into the shower.

Penny -
We seem to be following the same path! As most people here know, I (like you) like to poo outside and do not mind if I'm being watched. However, the same thing that happened to you happened to me about 5 years ago. I was in a park and needed to poo. Normally I would go to one side, or find a bush and poo there. However, there was a "comfort station" nearby so I went there. It was a little gnarly with a distinct odor of pee and old poo. Several women were going in and out and I used the left hand stall (the middle one was occupied). I pulled up my skirt, lowered my panties and squatted above the seat as it didn't seem too hygienic. I peed, then felt a fat poo slowly emerge. I checked to see there was toilet paper and noticed a hole by the paper holder. Like you, I saw an eye peering through. I grabbed some toilet paper and stuck a wad into the hole. I didn't want to make a scene unless the person (who I assume was a man) got unpleasant. I forced out my poo quickly (it made ! a huge splash as it dropped into the water at a great height, wiped, asjusted my clothing and ran out without flushing. As I left, I told 2 women coming in that there was someone in the middle stall spying on women. They seemed alarmed and didn't go in. I walked away from the restroom then looked back, seeing a man in his early 20s running out into the bushes. Creepy!! He must have seen my vagina and the poo falling out. Yes, Penny, it's one thing to poo outside knowing people are watching, but to have a creep spying on you is totally different. I have noticed some posts here by men claiming to have spied at women through holes in walls. I would like to say to the moderator that these posts should not be accepted as they are a violation of privacy and the acts are agaisnst the law. There is a big difference in me taking a shit in a parking lot when there are people passing by and me deciding to do the same thing in private when some pervert is spying on me. It is my decision i! f I wish to be seen or not! Some days I do, some days I don't. Respect that!!

KENDAL - LOL your reply was so funny. Yes I can see why
you did not time your wee! I forgot there was a poo on
the way as well. I do not reAlly know for sure but I
just guess that when your body grows your bladder will
grow in proportion.
Does anybody else know?

SARA T - I bet that was a nice pee you had in the tub. It
is a lot of fun to do it that way isn't it? I do not know
if you are the same as me but in my twenties I have got
more daring about where I will wee. I think it would be
exciting if there was a chance I would be caught doing it
off the back deck but if you are too worried don't do it!

PHILLIP - The biggest wee I have measured for volume is 1.2
litres and then I was really bursting. I really needed to go.
I do not know for sure but I think maybe I have weed more than
that quite a few times. I mean if I wee quite hard for about
a minute and then wee slower for about another 30 seconds it
must be quite a big volume. Yeah, I do hold for quite a bit.
If I drink quite a bit during the day then I will wee more but
if not I have sometimes gone all day at work without weeing.
Then I have flooded the park on my way home or I have done a
really big geyser into the toilet at home.

JEFF A - Yeah, my boyfriend Steve told me about where Wing Chun
came from and says it is good for women. Steve is not as big as
you, he is 5 feet 9 but just nicely muscled and fit. I like
Aikido as well, it looks very graceful but Steve wants me only
to do Wing Chun just now.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Steve is going to be very busy until March
with his work now so we do not get the chance to get up to much!
You will like this though- at netball on Saturday one of my
team asked whose was the massive torpedo in the toilet. I went
for a look and I think it was about 15 inches long and about
2 inches thick. It was bigger than one I could do. I think one
of the other team must have done it but I do not know who. I
bet she must have felt a lot lighter once she had done it!



The Crank
Been a long time since I posted. I havent gone for a day, felt an urge in school but no matter how i grunted and pushed, nothing came out. I even tried the soap in teh anus trick. Still nothing.

Will be waiting...

Greetings All.

To PV,
I haven't forgotten my pledge to complete the tale of the distance peeing contest. I'll write that one up for you when I know that you have come back on line. We will no doubt be conversing again very shortly. Until then, enjoy your weeing, sweetheart.

To Phillip,
Just to add to Louise's reply to your question, I agree with her when she says that some of her greatest floods have not been timed or measured. There have been numerous times, this last weekend included,
when she has very badly needed to empty her bladder while walking home. When we do find a place for her to relieve herself, she usually 'pressure washes' a spot on the ground for what seems like an eternity. Saturday evening was no exception, and she was joined by her closest friend. I was lucky enough to have a full frontal view of them both squatting in an alley, each blasting a spot on the ground. The puddle that resulted was quite significant and in a way it is a pity that the volume could not have been measured.
I will always recall her first ever act of urinating on a nude beach, when we were in Spain around 18 months ago. She was much more shy about urination back then, but she soon changed her attitude. We had both been needing to urinate for some considerable period of time, and when we saw young men and women in a group who had been casually urinating together, we did the same. Louise squatted in the sand and in the end quite enjoyed squirting a huge, long gusher while others could see. The dry sand was absorbent, so there once the fizzing pool soaked in there was no chance of guessing the volume she passed, though it must have been significant.

To Jeff A,
Louise has drawn my attention to your posts as it seems we share a mutual interest. I do not wish to go off-topic for too long, but I agree very much that Aikido is one of the more practical styles and it is very useful for restraint. Even so, on those (thankfully few over the years) occasions (characterised by an explosive feeling in my rectum) when I have been left no choice but to be physical against aggressors I have tended to rely on my Wing Chun background. Most styles have something to offer, but basically I think it is each to his own, whatever works for the individual. Pity we can't really talk at length on this subject, but rules are rules.

To Kendal,
I believe I have been missing some of your adventures with Andrew and company. I understand you have weed over half a litre. At this rate it looks as if Louise's reign as the urination queen of the forum could be at an end sometime soon. Just curious now, but what is your current height and are you of proportionate build? I'm not certain that Louise's idea of bladder capacity in direct proportion to overall body size is too realistic.

To Kim and Scott,
Congratulations on your anniversary of joining the forum. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the opportunity to post a short description of the most recent buddy-dump Louise and I had.

Bye for now,



BILL. Many thanks buddy for describing your construction crew's toilet set up. It was real good of you to take the time to satisfy my, and I guess quite a few other guys on this site, curiosity about the goings on in the men's toilets. Your description was so good that I could almost have been sitting on the toilet next to you listening to the grunting and farting and toilet flushing. Boy are you one lucky guy to share your dumps with all those guys. Ken sounds real cool too. I can't wait to hear some more of your stories - I get a real buzz from reading them.
SHAWN. Hi. In answer to your questions, I'm 47. 5'9", blond hair and blue eyes. I do fart quite loudly on occasions. I did have an accident in my pants when I was 15 years old. I didn't enjoy it at the time, but now when I think back on it, I wonder if perhaps I did get some sort of thrill from it.I used to do a newspaper delivery round and one day I was cycling up a hill, when I felt the need to fart. I raised my right buttock and let rip. As the fart was being released, I felt a strong, sharp stomach cramp and next thing I knew, warm shit was oozing into my pants. I sat down hard on the saddle, but it just kept forcing its way out. When I got home, I rushed upstairs and stripped off. I had to have a bath to clean myself off as I was covered in shit. I had to secretly wash all my clothes so that no other members of my family would find out. I have shit my pants since, but never as bad as on that occasion. I couldn't figure why I had shit uncontrollably, then I remenbered ! that I had eaten a full half pound bag of Licorice Allsorts earlier that day. I've been careful ever since then. I generally don't like shitting my pants as I prefer to sit on the toilet or crap outdoors. I'm not really into the messy side of shit. More the act of shitting. Watching and being watched.
PLUNGING PLOP GUY. Hi Matey. Sorry to read about your pile attack. That happens to me from time to time. I keep ANUSOL suppositories on hand. When the pain comes on, usually without warning, I shove a couple up my arse and the pain quickly subsides. Worth a try. Let us know how you are.
Take care all

I absolutely agree with you. It is thoughtless and illegal to invade someone's privacy like that. It is one thing to stumble across someone doing a wee or jobbie outside, or to be in a situation where one cannot avoid seeing or hearing, quite another to invade someone lse's private space pathologically and on purpose. Hope it doesn't happen again to you. Nevertheless I would not be the only poster here who would like to be nearby at one of your horse shows at the right time. I just might head to SA for the chance to be in the right place at the right time. Keep posting. I enjoy them a lot!

Kevin L.
We just got back from our weekend celebrating Bob's end of chemo. 4 of his freinds from the hospital came, 3 doctors, and 5 kids from school, besides my cousins and brothers. After they all got their on Sunday, we went skiing. My and bob's mom surprised eveyone. Not even me or my brothers knew about the skiing. 3 of the kids never went skiing before. So we all had lessons. We were in 3 groups, the good, the bad and the ugly we called ourselves. When we were having our lessons, Bobby's hat flew off and so did Steven's. Steve also has cancer. Bobby's hair just started coming in and Steven has no hair. The teacher said what is with the hair? We told him. He said, no way. Steve said, hey we could be home feeling sorry for ourselves by ourselves or we could go skiing. Going skiing is not going to kill us. He said, ok. I still don;t think he beleived us.

After the lesson, we went in for lunch. About an hour after the lunch, I said I have to poo. No one else said they had to poo, so we went to the nurse's station thing. Billy, me, Steve and Weimin were all skiing together as a group. So we all went together. I sat down on the toilet (the bathroom there is just a single seater). As I was finishing up wiping, Weimin said I better go too. So he pooed. When Weimin was done, Steve said my turn. He sat down and pushed out 3 huge (like 1 1/2 ft logs). He said his chemo makes him constipated. I guess so. We peed after that. Then when we flushed the toilet, one of the logs went accross the hole sideways and sort of stuck. We had to flush two more times to clear it away. When we were done, there were still huge skid marks. We thanked the nurse and left.

We had a party for Bob, and everyone stayed over, except the docs. Just before the docs left for home, I had to make poops. So did eric. Eric was on the toilet when I got in the bathroom. He was having a hard time cleaning his butt. He asked me to wipe him. I said, ok, let me sit down, so I can poop. Then I cleaned his butt. He made a pretty big mess. But his poop was really sticky. Soemthing he ate, i guess. When I was done, eric washed his hands and I was wiping my butt. One of hte doctors walked in and said excuse me. I said you can come in. You are a doctor, so you must understand what happens here. he said, yeah. Plus i poo too. I got up, and he sat down. That was the first time i ever saw a doctor poop. He made a smelling one. Plus he was farting a lot. I said, see you later when I left. A little while later all the docs left. I guess they had to get back to the hospital. After breakfast, we went outside and played. After we were out there for 2 hours, i had to poo a! gain. WE were playing capture the flag. I said lets break for about 5 minutes, because I had to poo. I went over by the septic pit and dropped my pants. We were only about 50 ft away anyway. Steve said he had to go again. I said, come on. I dropped three pretty big logs. He dropped another huge one. This one was 2 feet. It was weird. He had corn at the beggining and end of it, but none in the middle. I said he had corn at Saturday night and yesterday. I was surprised at how much poo he can make. He said that he had his last chemo 3 weeks ago, and just before he goes in for more chemo, he constipation clears and he poos a lot. I see what he means by a lot.

On the way home, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. With the adults, there were like 30 of us. Just about all the boys and guys had to pee. Only Billy to poo. There was just one toilet and a urinal in the open. A 4-year old kid was on the toilet. It was a girl. She said she is done pooping now. The father said, ok. He wiped her. Billy said to the guy, do you have to go? He said, I have to take a quick poo, is that ok? Billy said fine. The guy sat down and pushed out two logs. While he was pooing, he asked if we were skiing. We said yeah. He said that when his daughter is a year or two older, he will start taking her. He wiped his butt. I sat down. The girl said, he has a weiner just like you. I said, we all have weiners and smiled. When i was done, my little brother Josh said I have to go. It was one of those high toilets. I said, put your pants done and I will lift you up. He said what for? I said, if you don;t take your pants down, the poo will come out in your pant! s. He said, I only have to pee, and can't reach that (he pointed to the urinal). I said that is called a urinal. I said, ok. I said open your zipper and pull out your weiner. He did. THen I lifter him up on the rim (i put up the seat, and heald on to his shoulders while he peed). When we were done, one of the doctors came in. It was the same one I caught in the bathroom yesterday. I said, what are you doing here? He said, in a second, pooping. He then put the seat down, said, looks like steve had to go again. He flushed. I said, no that was the guy who was just in here. He said, ok. Then he sat down again. While he was pooping and I was washing my hands, I said did you know we were here? He said, no. I live about 2 miles from here. That was kind of weird. But he joined us for dinner. That was kind of a weird coincednce. After dinner, Justin, josh, my cousin billy and bobby all had to poo. The rest of us had to pee. So we went in the bathroom. Josh went first. When he was done! , the doc came in again. He said, do you mind if I go next? We said, no go ahead. He sat down and really smelled up the place. He made a lot of loose poo. Then wiped and said thank you. He washed his hands and left. I guess docs are human after all. The rest pooed and we peed in the toilet.

Pooper Dooper
OMG!!!!!!!! I can't believe that!!!!! I would never sink that low!!!! Who ever did that is a perv.
A little constipated.

Happy Poops!!

Monday, February 19, 2001

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